Part 1- Carter Baizen

Pairing: Carter Baizen x Reader
Part: 1/?
Warnings: Smut
Summary: You and Carter ride home in his limo after a gala. 
A/N: This is the first part in a series based on this post. Each part will be a different character and we’re starting off with Mr. Baizen. Please come let me know what you think!
Word count : 1,642

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“Mr. Baizen! Mr. Baizen!” the paparazzi were but a caucus of noise to Carter who was used to the attention by now. He shielded you and escorted you directly into the limo. You shifted your satin gown and sat back against the leather with a smile.

“Finally,” you shot Carter a smile who you could tell was thinking the same thing by the deep breath he let out.

“I thought it’d never end” Carter chuckled, running his hands through his hair before discarding his coat. The gala had run for hours and both of you were eager to leave so when Carter put his hand on the small of your back and whispered, “let’s get out of here” you both practically ran.

He leans back against the leather seats, his warm hand on your thigh the high slit of your dress allowing the access. You watched as the boyish smile faded from his face replaced with a predatory glare, his blue eyes darkening as they travel down your form. “Did I tell you how beautiful you look?” he asks his hand stroking your thigh gently, raising goose bumps in their wake.

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Day Off - Alfie Solomons

Can I ask for something on the lines of Alfie being with a very sweet but tough girl that kinda boss him around cause he can’t find the heart to say no to her even when he tries? Like, maybe them talking in bed how he should take a day off and the man doing his best to remind her he has lots of work, but ending up staying home for the morning? Thanks!

For the first time in a long time I wake up with Alfie still beside me, no urgent matter has kept him away all night or caused him to rise before the sun has. I cuddle close to him and savour the few seconds before the incessant church bells signify that it’s seven o’clock.

Alfie begins to stir begrudgingly, battling furiously to get his eyes open.

“You’re awake,” he states, voice still choked with sleep.

“So are you. Just about… Alfie, I think you need to take a day off, you look exhausted.”

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when he’s not around

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everyone thought they knew you like the back of their hand, they thought you were smart, strong, poise and beautiful, 

of course all of them were true but, on the inside, deep down where most people can not get to, is far much more.

not many people knew how deeply sad you were because you hid it so well, no one knew, not even your dear husband of two years, he never knew you cried yourself to sleep at night, praying to the gods for something better, no one knew……………well, except one.

when you had first arrived in kattegat everyone thought you were very odd, see, your mother was a shieldmaiden, and your father a christian priest, they defied everyone who forbid their love, that’s what got them killed and made you set sail for the north.

it was odd to people how beautiful you were, your eyes held so much power and blood lust, but no one saw the sadness in them, except for him, even your husband found you odd when you had first met, but slowly grew to love you, oh so slowly.

then you met his family, his friends…….you met him.

ivar lothbrok, oh how you loved the way it sounded coming from your lips.

he was everything your husband wasn’t, he was dark and mysterious, and overall a sad boy, who just happened to befriend a sad girl, you.

the both of you became glued to the hip, where you went, he went, where he went, you went, even your jealous husband couldn’t help that, no matter how bad he wanted to.

you never admitted it, but you loved ivar more then anyone, including your husband, oh how you wished you’d met ivar first and married him instead.

at gatherings was the worst.

the both of you would get insanely jealous when someone else talked to you, of course you denied them all because you were married, an excuse but not a lie, you sometimes liked making ivar jealous, but when he did it to you, there was the hurt coming in again, flying through your veins like snake venom.

and the worst part is that neither of you could ever be together.

at least, not with people around.

to answer your question, no. the two of your have never had sex, or even kissed for that matter, but you wanted to, desperately.

but when you were alone, if made you the happiest you’ve ever been in your life.

you sighed as you walked into the large arch of the throne rooms doors shutting them behind you, running your chilled hands along the wood. everything was now eerily quiet now that the celebration was over, all that remained was empty mugs, and plates scattered with bits of food still present.

your husband wasn’t exactly being the nicest person in the world right now with mead still heavily resting in his system, so you decided to come here and let your mind relax.

you walked over to the large dining table and grabbed a large pitcher and poured some mead into a mug, taking a slow sip, enjoying the silence.

you sat down by the fire on the floor staring into the hot embers, silently wishing your husband would come and get you, and apologize, but you knew that would never happen.

“what did he do now?” you whipped your head around and seen ivar sitting on aslaugs throne chair, a mug in his hand as well.

you placed a hand over your thudding heart taking in a deep breath, a small smile etching itself on to your lips

“ivar!, you frightened me” you said a chuckle leaving your damp lips. he smiled as well and shook his head at you in amusement. he looked so handsome in this lighting, the shadows flickering over his features making him look divine, like how he always looked.

“i apologize, i should have made myself known earlier. but you didn’t answer my question, love. what has that husband of yours done now?” he asked bringing the cup to his lips his dark eyes never leaving yours.

you sighed heavily and shrugged “nothing really, same old, same old” you said knowing that if you lied to him he’d bring it out of you eventually.

he nodded, biting at the inside of his plump lips, then patted his thighs

“come here, love” he said setting his drink beside him, you quirked a brow at him, a smirk gracing your face “you should use your words, ivar” you said even though you knew what his intentions were “i want you to sit on my lap, you’ll be chilled on the hard wood floor” he said patting at his thighs again.

you thought about your husband walking in, seeing you sitting on ivars lap, what would he say?, what would he do?. but the way ivar was looking at you, the way he was stroking his thighs made all thoughts of your husband vanish.

you stood brushing dust and dirt off of your dress and slowly walked to him, your hips swaying in the dark lit room. when you reached ivar you set your drink down smiling when his hands gripped your hips and pulled you forward.

your legs resting on each side of him, your bottom resting on his crotch, you leaned your head foreward and layed it on his chest taking in a deep breath of his wonderful scent, and thought, your husband would never let you do something like this.

if you would try to do something like this with your husband, he would simply push you away and go back to talking to his friends or family. you had tried it before, the result being him angry at you for some reason, but ivar was different,, he loved holding you as he said before, he was so different compared to your husband, he was better then him.

ivars hand came up and started to slowly stroke your back pushing you closer to him, to the untrained eye, you both looked like lovers, so deeply in love and ready to be wed, but you both knew it would never happen.

“i wish it was different” he whispered against your hair, you leaned up and stared at him sadly, wishing the same. you leaned in so close, your lips an inch away from his and kissed his cheek letting your lips linger much longer then you should have “i wish the same, ivar. but it doesn’t matter anym-”   “it does to me” he said cutting you off softly, he was angry, not at you, but at the situation you were in.

ivar has told you how much he actually loves you, on more then one occasion, but you never said anything back, you always just smiled and kissed his cheek, bidding him goodnight acting as though you didn’t care, but in reality, you did.

you shook your head at him and stared at his hands that were clutching your waist, fingers softly kneading at your clothed flesh, you wishing that you both were completely naked, him taking you upon this throne, not caring if someone walked in.

“why are you shaking your head?” he asked his voice low and slightly shaky, you looked up at him and shrugged “just thinking about how bad this is” you whispered glancing at the door every few seconds, fearing about someone walking in, he scoffed and slumped back against the chair.

what is so bad?, i am holding you, something your husband never does, and we’re just talking.” he said making a fair point, you scowled deeply at him and pointed your finger right at his nose “don’t speak of my husband right now, i don’t want to think about him” you seethed, taking in deep breaths through your nose, trying to calm yourself. 

ivar smirked and leaned forwards, pressing a kiss to your pointer finger, then nipped at the tip of it, your face relaxed and watched as he slowly started to kiss and bite at your flesh.

you moaned when he took your finger in his mouth, swirling his tongue around it sucking on it lightly.

“make that sound again” he whispered pulling away from your finger for just a moment, you repeated the noise when he bit higher on your finger, this time almost connecting with your palm.

his eyes darkened at the sound and met your eyes, your wet finger exiting his mouth “i want to try something” he said out of nowhere, his eyes lighting up with mischief, you leaned back slowly, feeling a bit aroused from his workings on your finger

“and what would that be?” you asked your voice slightly breathless, at that question he knew you were willing. 

he wrapped one arm around your waist and lifted you only a few inches off of his lap, his other hand moving the fabric of your dress out of the way and felt if you were bare underneath your dress, and you were.

you felt slightly panicked at his actions “ivar, we-we can’t have sex-”   “we are not going to. i jut want to try something. trust me” he said, i looked down to the ground and felt like a whore, i was sitting on a mans lap who wasn’t my husbands, my unclothed pussy resting on his rough fabricated pants, and i was enjoying it.

he placed his finger under my chin and made me look at him “you do trust me, right?” he asked his voice and face completely serious, eyes full of love and concern.

i trusted ivar more then anyone, more then myself actually, and i was really curious as to what he wanted to try so badly.

i nodded at him and placed a kiss to his palm making him smile gently and placed his large hands under your dress and on to your bare hips, leaning in close lips pressed to your ear

“just move along with my hands, focus on me, woman.” he whispered nipping at your lobe making you gasp in the process.

then, he started moving your hips up and down on his, the rough material of his pants causing a delicious friction against your sex.

you moaned and threw your head back placing your hands on his shoulders

“ivar” you gasped softly moving along with him now.

when he moaned out your name you swear you felt more aroused then you have in years.

yes, ivar could be rough sometimes, yes he could be scary and ruthless, but during moments when he was with you, he was more then careful, he treated you like glass, your husband treated you like a ragdoll.

ivar touched you like you were going to shatter at any moment, making you feel so loved and so special.

“(y/n)” he groaned out when your hot wet pussy rubbed against his hard clothed cock, he leaned foreward, so your lips were just brushing against each other.

you knew that if you kissed him, there’s be no way you’d ever let go.

and you were okay with that.

he finally pressed his lips against your, for the first time, your whole body felt as though it had been set aflame, your legs were trembling, your lips twitching against his, his belly rolling against yours.

you felt complete.

you both moaned into each others mouths finally feeling each others warmth and love, nothing could ever compare to his feeling, absolutely nothing

“oh, fuck” he moaned detaching your lips closing his eyes tightly as you felt him get harder. you gasped loudly and rocked your hips slower and deeper against his, really wishing he was inside of you, but you’d take what you could get, right now you were with him and nothing else mattered.

you cried out when he leaned in and softly sucked at your neck, right at the base of your throat, sucking and licking at your pulse. you could feel how big he was through his pants and knew, your husband was so much smaller then ivar, they weren’t even close in size.

he wrapped his hand around the back of your neck and pushed you even closer to him, your pussy slowly dragging against his thigh, making you clench.

you wanted to cum, you wanted to watch ivar as he came, sighing out your name, you needed it.

you moved his head from your neck and kissed him again licking at the roof of his mouth, his saliva mixing perfectly with yours. the room felt all the more hotter when he reached his hand higher up your dress cupping at your soft breast

“you’re mine. not his” he whispered against your lips, he then licked the corners of your lips making you moan and writhe against him

“i’m yours, ivar” you silently promised a loud whimper following at the end of your words making him smile and thrust up against you.

you hummed and wrapped your fingers up in his hair, rubbing your ass against his lower thigh making him grunt and grip your ass grinding harder against you, oh you never wanted this to end, you just wanted to stay in this moment forever, kissing him, grinding against him, make love to him, fuck him, anything and everything, you never wanted to leave.

you sucked in his lower lip and reached down palming him through his pants,

 the whine that left his mouth was enough to make you shudder.

and the aching pleasure was now forming into a tight ball in your stomach……you were going to cum.

oh, yes. the dull pleasurable ache forming was shaking you from the inside out, your thighs were shaking by his sides, his hands reaching down and gripping them holding them closer against his hips.

you could feel him throbbing through his trousers making you smirk lightly through your pleasure. your sex was clenching uncontrollably now, feeling every groove of his cock made it so much more intense

“yes, fuck, love. so good” he rasped breathlessly wriggling his hips wilder then before, you wanted to cum, together. your stomach was rubbing against his softly, only adding to the friction.

his hand cupped your cheek and he lovingly stared into your eyes

“i love y-” he was cut off by a loud banging sound at the door.

we both froze and turned towards the door slowly starting to see it open. you hurriedly jumped off of his lap, cursing at your weak legs trying to make yourself look half decent. the door opened and revealed, none other then your husband

he looked confused as he finally made eye contact with you and ivar, you could only imagine how you looked right now.

“wife?. what are you doing here?” he asked sounding a lot more sober then earlier, you cleared my throat looking to ivar, your nerves shooting through the roof. thankfully ivar came to your rescue

“she needed some help about sword fighting, wanted to know more about strategy in battle” he replied smoothly, staring at your husband with a harsh look, thankfully you husband was still slightly drunk to notice

“i wanted to say sorry for earlier, (y/n). i don’t know what got into me” he said looking a bit sheepish, he was talking about how he pushed you, pushed you so hard that you fell to the floor, your head smacking against the cold hard ground, but of course, you had to forgive him.

“it’s okay, hvitserk. let’s just forget about it” you said straining a smile at him, hvitserk smiled at you and nodded to his brother “will you come back to bed?” he asked you jerking his head towards the door. you looked to ivar with a sad smile and nodded to your husband, know that if you said no, you’d be in trouble

“yes, i will come back to bed” you said making your way towards ivar again, you leaned down and pressed a kiss to his cheek, close to his kissable lips and whispered “goodnight” like you always did, he nodded to you and whispered the same knowing that you both and to switch back into being just friends. pretending that you wanted nothing to do with each other. you walked over to your husband and grasped his hand, following him out the door,

 you didn’t know how long you and hvitserk would be husband and wife, all you know is that you couldn’t wait for it to be over, you wanted ivar and only ivar he was the only man you loved and the only man you wanted, 

you looked over your shoulder at ivar one last time and smiled mouthing the words

“i love you, too”

you were going to leave your husband.

and that was a promise

hope y’all like it!!!

Part 1 preview - Carter Baizen 

He leant back against the leather seats, his warm hand on your thigh. You watched as the boyish smile faded from his face replaced with a predatory glare, his blue eyes darkening as they travel down your form. “Did I tell you how beautiful you look?” he asked his hand stroking your thigh gently, raising goose bumps in their wake.

“About five times, Mr. Baizen” you lolled your head to the side to smirk lazily at him.

His hand stilled at the nickname, his jaw clenching slightly as his hand slid up the high slit in your dress. “Say it again” he murmured, leaning towards you. You mirrored him, leaning closer leaving your lips hovering over his.

“Mr. Baizen”

Vampire!Brendon Part 6

This is so so good omg! Part 7 coming soon guys!

A little fluffy, a little angsty vampire!b… hehe

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His hand slides gently down your leg, releasing your injured thigh back onto the blanket under you and giving you soft little apologetic kisses over your lips. “I don’t EVER want to hurt you,” he whispers against your mouth. “Even if it means we have to wait a little while… until you’re all healed up again.“

“I know, Bren,” you breathe into him, your heart absolutely racing against his chest. The perfect scent of him envelops your senses, as he’s lying on top of you, with his legs long along yours. He’s slipped his one hand underneath the small of your back, and the other into your hair, making you feel so warm and protected as you kiss slow and soft.

Getting lost in the moment again, you slip him the quickest little lick, making him catch his breath. He can’t help but start to spread his knees, opening your thighs under him. Feeling the sharp prick of his teeth against your lip makes you whine, wanting him to manhandle you a little bit, despite the pain. The sound about drives him crazy, making him grind his hips hard down into you. 

Suddenly he stops, touching his forehead to yours, panting. He closes his dark eyes tight, knowing the sight of you - your pink cheeks, parted lips, the pleading look in your beautiful eyes - would be impossible to resist. Your scent and hard heartbeat tucked underneath of him is making him crazy with lust for you. It’s taking everything inside of him to fight the heat raging inside of him, screaming to take what he senses you’re so desperate for anyway.

He bites his bottom lip, forcing himself to regain relative composure. “We should go inside,” he sighs finally.

“But I’m okay,” you begin to protest, tracing his gorgeous, full lips with your gaze.

He shakes his head, pushing up off of you and then offering you a hand which you take. He lifts you gently, but you still stumble into him when your weight shifts onto your injured leg. Wrapping an arm low around your waist, you walk together back to the house. You lean heavily into him, nuzzling down into the warmth of his hoodie you’re wearing. The night air is so much cooler now that you’re away from the fire.

When you’re about half way up the path leading back to the house, he pauses mid-step. You very nearly ask him what’s the matter, but you glance up and see the serious expression across his face. Glancing over his shoulder, he squints into the darkness, listening for something imperceptible. 

A log shifts in the fire, falling down onto the red flickering embers and the flames roar back to life. You think for a moment you see something flash in the tree line, but can’t make it out.

“What…” you breathe, almost pointing it out but he tugs on your arm.

“Let’s get you inside. Right now.”

His gate is quite a bit quicker and he pulls you into himself strongly, very nearly taking all of your weight. Once you’re inside, he clicks three locks on the door and checks his phone.

“Do you mind waiting for me in our bedroom, y/n?” His tone more tells instead of asks.

Your thoughts pause on his words: ‘our bedroom.’ It makes your chest flutter inside. Again, you want to protest, to stay with him wherever he’s going, but when he lifts his dark gaze from his phone, you know him well enough by now to realize he’s concerned about something.

You nod and squeeze onto his hand. “Come find me when you’re done.”

“I promise, baby,” he agrees, stepping into you and kissing your forehead.

In a moment, he’s turned on his heel, striding down a darkened hall as he dials his phone.

You sigh softly and wrap your arms around yourself, returning to the airy bedroom where you first found yourself earlier this morning. 

Shutting the door gently behind you, you lift off his hoodie and step out of your shoes. Padding over to the bathroom, you turn on the shower and take a long look at yourself in the mirror. You look tired and pale; no wonder he’s been so concerned about you. When the steam has fogged up the mirror completely, you strip the rest of the way and take a long, hot shower, being careful with each bruise, cut and stitch.

When you’re done showering, you make your way into his closet and pick out a gray, well-loved, band t-shirt and carefully pull it over your wet hair. Returning to the large bed which has fresh sheets on it, you peek into the bag of clothing his sister has given you, and pull out a pair of pink panties. You step into them painfully, leaning into the edge of the bed. Your body is telling you its had enough for one day.

You pull back the tightly tucked sheets and slide underneath, sighing deep when the full weight of the comforter settles on you. Almost instantly you pass into a deep sleep.

A few hours later, you wake gasping for breath. “Brendon!” you cry out, your chest aching and tears stinging your eyes.

“I’m here,” his voice comes immediately, a hand reaching up from the floor beside the bed grips onto yours. “I’m right here, y/n. It’s okay.”

In just his shorts, he lifts up onto his knees and you reach out for him, sobbing and burying your face in his neck. He strokes your back, hushing you soothingly, until you’re awake enough to realize it was only a nightmare. Rubbing your eyes, you notice the blankets and pillow on the floor where he’s been sleeping.

“Why aren’t you in bed with me?” you mew softly, suddenly feeling so guilty for kicking him out of his own bed.

He strokes the hair away from your face with his thumb. “To be honest? I don’t think I can trust myself to keep my hands off of you if we were sleeping in the same bed together,” he admits sheepishly, letting his dark hair fall in front of his eyes. “I need you healthy first.”

Despite the pain in your ribs, you hold his beautiful face in your hands and give him the sweetest, softest kiss on the lips. He strokes his hands up your thighs and moans wrapping his fingers around your hips.

“See?” he says breaking off the kiss. “This is what I’m talking about. We can’t do this. I’ll get carried away. It’s inevitable.”

You begin to tear up. He’s just said how badly he wants you, but somehow it feels like rejection. You look at your open faced palms in your lap and tears roll down and fall into them. 

You don’t see the positively pained expression across his furrowed brow. “What do you want me to tell you, baby? I’d sooner die than see you hurt again.”

“You won’t even hold me?” you whimper softly. What is this mewing mess you’ve become? All you know is that you need him and can’t stand to be even a second apart from him.

“Oh my angel,” he breathes, heartbroken watching you cry.

Climbing up past you, he slides his legs under the covers and opens his arms. Immediately, you cuddle into his bare chest, curling your arms up close as he settles you both down under the sheets. He feels your eyelashes against his skin, blinking longer and longer each time until you drift off again. With the heaviest sigh, he pulls the blanket up over your shoulder and tries desperately not to think of your bare thigh pressing against his cock.

That next morning, you’re barely awake as he rolls you gently onto your side, leaving you with a soft kiss. He’s heard Spencer and his dad talking out in the hall about the alarm system being triggered and needs to get caught up on what Spencer knows about what he thought might have been a hunter in the woods last night.

He comes back to find you sitting up in bed when it’s time for breakfast. His eyebrows lift and he gives you a bright smile. “You look like you’re feeling better, y/n!”

“I really am,” you smile back, stretching and falling back on the pillows. He laughs out loud and climbs up over you, playfully nuzzling and tickling your neck. You giggle and lift your shoulders up to your ears, pawing his bare chest.

“Time to get out of bed,” he says, taking your hand from his chest and kissing inside. “You haven’t eaten properly in a week and you’ve got to be hungry.”

“Hungry… yes…” you reply with a slight seductive tone in your voice.

“Oh no you don’t,” he warns, reaching to the end of the bed for your jeans. “None of that until you’ve had a good breakfast.“

This is a request for my lovely @chaos-in-pink thanks for requesting and helping me develop the idea to write it! Check her out for Brendon Urie short fics! She takes requests too! Enjoy <3 <3 <3

Music Is My Religion

It was late evening when my parent’s dropped me off at Brendon’s house, I was staying over while they went away for the weekend, they didn’t trust me staying home alone since they found out about my ex, it pissed them off a lot that I had had a boyfriend in school, they wanted me to follow this whole no sex before marriage, marry your first boyfriend crap. I hadn’t had sex but hey I could have fun right? We pulled up and I came bounding in with my bags, hugging Brendon’s parents, I knew what room I would be sleeping in from staying there before, I quickly went and dropped my bags in the room, heading to Brendon’s to see him.

“Hey!” I beamed, popping my head round his door with a smile, he smiled back, sitting up on his bed, he had his glasses on and a baddy hoodie, writing down music on a scruffy notepad. He looked so cute.

“Oh hey, you’re staying this weekend? I thought it was next.” He smiled, running a hand through his messy hair, I giggle, sitting on his bed with him.

“Nope, my parents are away this weekend until Monday, I’m here for 3 nights.” I giggled, we hadn’t seen each other in a week, which was an eternity for us, we were used to seeing each other pretty much every day even though we went to different high schools this year, he finished earlier than me so he’d come over and pick me up and we would listen to music or do school work at one of our houses. I was almost 100% sure he liked me as much as I like him but religion got in the way, he seemed to hesitant around me.

“Oh… ok, I forgot, had a lot on my mine.” He looked away from me, sighing slightly, I was about to ask what was wrong when his parents disturbed us.

“You two, we’re gonna watch a movie.” We both stood, heading out of his room and downstairs, his parent’s tried to get us to be downstairs as much as possible whenever they were in, they seemed to have a problem with us being alone together. Maybe they got the idea that two teenagers, who weren’t supposed to be having sex, in the same room and alone was probably a bad idea. We padded down into the living room, Brendon grabbed a blanket from one of the chairs, inviting me to share it with him, we sat top and tailed on the couch, he nudged my legs gaining a small giggle from me. We toned down a little when we noticed a stern look from his mom, they trusted us, but we couldn’t push it, whenever we even showed the slightest hint of flirting we were sharply reminded they were in the room. His parents had put on the newest James Bond movie, I don’t remember the name, Brendon was transfixed as we watched it, giving me the off playful kick or touching my leg with is foot. Was he flirting, did he like me, was I just mistaking innocent things for more than they were, I began to think maybe having a boyfriend and experimenting a little had changed my thought processes. Things seemed to escalate quickly, a sex scene came on the screen, I wasn’t overly bothered by it but Brendon seemed uncomfortable and fidgety while it was on screen, his cheeks a little red and flushed, eyes flitting around the room, I supressed a giggle as I watched him. The movie finished eventually, it was late by then, his parents insisted we got to bed and get some rest, we would be home alone tomorrow, I wondered wht they thought about that.

My room was freezing that night, I stirred and wriggled in bed, hugging my blanket close to me, I checked my phone, it was 1am, I just couldn’t sleep, there was so much on my mind. I was desperate to find out what was wrong with Brendon. It tossed and turned for another 20 minutes before I eventually decided to get up and go to Brendon’s room, it was only when I got to his bedroom door that I realised I was quite skimpily dressed but I’d already knocked so it was too late now.

“Hmm…” I heard a groan from inside the room, I opened the door, poking my head around, I could see him curled up in bed, the covers wrapped up around his face.

“Brendon… I can’t sleep.” I whispered slightly, slipping through the door and smiling at him through the dim light of the room.

“Mmm, come in.” He mumbled, sitting up, he was shirtless, his hair sticking up and messy, I sat down next to him on his bed, pulling the covers over my bare legs, his eyes ghosted over my body slightly before looking back up to my face.

“I couldn’t sleep, my room was freezing, sorry if I woke you.” I smiled, noticing now he was wearing sweatpants, he gave me a sleepy smile back, tilting his head slightly.

“It’s ok, you can crash in here if you want, I have a thicker blanket.” He smiled so sweetly, gently touching my hand, we sat in silence for a moment, I thought, I wanted to know what had been bothering him, I hated it when he kept secrets, we told each other everything, that was just the way we went.

“Brendon, what’s wrong?” I asked, shuffling a little closer to him on the bed, my leg brushing against his own.

“It… look it doesn’t matter. Don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine.” He looked away from my eyes, trying not to meet them, I touched his arm again.

“Hey, don’t keep things from me, you know you can tell me, we tell each other everything.” He smiled a little, his eyes warming slightly. “Come on, you know you can trust me.” I gave him a gentle hug, nuzzling into his neck a little, he moaned softly, his arms touching my back as I pulled away.

“Well, it’s complicated.” He sighed heavily, both of us huddled close on his bed.

“I’ve got time.”

“Ok, well, promise not to judge me?” He blushed, I nodded. “Well, I’m having doubts, about all this, the religion, being a Mormon, going on a mission for the church, I just don’t know if this is for me, I think my parents might kick me out if I tell them. Fuck, I’m a mess.” He babbled out in one long sentence, that whole sentence relieved me so much, I felt the same way.

“Brendon… I get that completely, I feel the same.” His eyes widened, a small smile forming on his face, he seemed to sit up straighter and gain more confidence. “I have felt like that for months, I don’t want to be a part of this anymore but I don’t know how to tell them… maybe if we do it together, with both our parents?”

“That’s actually a pretty good idea.” He looked away, thinking another smile forming on his face. “Seeing as we’re being honest, can I tell you something else?”

“Of course.” I tilted my head to the side, wondering what was about to come out of his mouth next.

“Well, Y/N… I um… I like you. I have done for ages, I got so jealous when you had a boyfriend, I guess I always wanted it to be me.” I grinned widely, another wave of relief washing over me. I shuffled closer to him, pressing my lips against his, he seemed shocked but kissed me back, his arms resting in his lap. The room was dimly let, that blue hue that came with the moonlight filling the room, his face looked so perfect in this light, hair floppy and slightly messy, dark eyes meeting mine as I pulled away, smiling at each other. His breathing was slightly elevated, one warm hand moving up to tuck my hair away from my face, resting on the back of my head, pulling me back to him, out lips meeting, moving in time with each other. His hand slid onto my waist, holding it lightly as we kissed, my lips pressing harder against his, our tongues touched lightly, my hands sliding more firmly onto his shoulders, pulling him closer to me, I moaned softly as he we shifted on the bed, he pulled away sharply, looking at me as he blushed.

“We should stop… my parents…” I climbed out of the bed, moving over to lock the door, I couldn’t resist moving my legs either side of his hips, he looked up at me blushing, hands resting on my hips, his breathing fast, eyes widened.

“Relax… its late they won’t catch us.” I purred softly, kissing him again, his hands holding me close as I kissed him, his moans filling the room as I touched his hair.

“But… we can’t… I know where this is going, my parent’s will flip.” He looked up at me through hungry eyes, biting his lip without realising.

“Brendon… everything will be ok, how would they even find out, I mean if we like each other then its ok right? I mean, what difference would a piece of paper make. I want this. I want you to be my first.” I stroked his hair and face gently, he smiled, his eyes meeting me own, hands moving up to my waist, pulling me closer.

“I want this too…” He whispered shyly, I pressed my hips down lightly, feeling him hard in his sweatpants, one hand ghosting over my bare legs.

“Then relax, they won’t find out, I, I love you.” I smiled, he blushed at me, I couldn’t resist pressing my lips against his neck softly, grinding my hips against him, I hadn’t had sex but I could use my experience of other stuff to make him feel good right.

“But…” He started, his hands stroking my thighs, biting his lips. “Ugh fuck I can’t, I can’t argue with you, I’ve wanted you for so long.” I kissed him again, sliding my hands down over his sweatpants, gently stroking, feeling him hard under my hands, his head lulling back as he groaned. “God…” He breathed softly, gripping my thighs lightly, his hands slid onto hem of my shirt, gently pulling it over my head, breathing out slowly as he looked at my chest and stomach. “You’re… you’re so hot.”

“So are you.” I teased, stroking his chest, biting my lip, I was getting so turned on, wanting him more and more.

“Lay down baby.” He whispered, husky and low in my ear, stroking my back, I giggled, slipping off of his lap and flopping down on the bed, he shifted on the bed, leaning over me, he held his weight off of me, leaning down to kiss me, the muscles in his arms flexing slightly. He slowly slid my shorts down my legs, leaving me completely exposed on his bed, hands touching my body shyly, his breathing fast.

“Brendon…” I whimpered, his breath catching in his throat as I moaned his name, holding his shoulders, he climbed in between my legs, looking down at me in the dim light, he looked so nervous, I touched his cheek gently. “What’s wrong?”

“It’s just, I’ve never done this, I… I don’t want to suck at it.” He stuttered slightly, blushing again, his bare skin slightly sweaty already.

“I haven’t either, it will be ok, we can just take it slow.” I pulled him into another kiss, his body pressing against mine, feeling warmth in between my legs, pressing them together, I needed more, this was turning me on so much. His tongue touched mine, our hands exploring each other’s bodies, he touched my thighs and chest, slowly moving his hands, as if he were memorising every part of me, he watched his own hand, moaning slightly. I couldn’t stand this anymore. “I’m ready.” I whispered, taking a deep breath, he looked at me nervously, nodding his head.

“Ok…” He panted slightly, looking nervous, his pushed his sweatpants down, gasping as his erection sprang free, I felt him hard against my thigh, his breathing rapid, his hand slid between us, gently rubbing the tip against me. “Fuck.” He whimpered softly, his forehead leaning against my own. “You sure you’re ready?” I nodded, feeling his hips shift against me, I gasped out, gripping his shoulders, my eyes widening as he pushed inside, my back arching as he pushed all the way in. “Oh jesus. That feels so good. Are you ok?”

“Yeah… it just stings, I’ll be ok.” I smiled, stroking his hair and forehead, gently touching his back slowly, he waited, perfectly still, breathing fast in my ear. After a little I felt ok enough for him to move, nodding for him to move, his hips shifted back slightly I gasped, his lips meeting mine his lips tender against mine, it felt pretty good, he pushed back in, stopping.

“Um… there’s, something in the way… I umm.” He stuttered, he was so cute and nervous, I gripping his shoulders knowing what it was.

“Just push through it ok?” I encouraged him, bracing myself, I knew what was coming, he nodded and drew his hips back, pushing back in, he pressed harder, I yelped as I felt the resistance give, that tearing sensation spreading through me, he froze, looking down at me concerned.

“Are you ok?” I nodded, shifting my hips slightly, moving my legs so they rested on his hips.

“Yeah… you can carry on.” He nodded, his hips shifting, moving back, then forward again, he began to build up a slow rhythm, his head lulling forward, moaning loudly into my ear, he quickly got used to it, his movements steady and slow, hand stroking my body, kissing my neck. He was making me feel so good already, I heard myself whimpering against him, my fingers gripping at his back, he began to speed up slightly, throwing his head back. “Y/N… this feels so good.” He groaned, his forehead leant against mine, both of us giggling breathlessly, he stopped for a moment, smiling at me, our breathing rapid, stroking my hair gently. “I love you.” He whispered, kissing me gently, his hips beginning to shift again.

“I love you too.” I gasped out, his hands held my hips, his moans growing louder, eyes wide, his dark hair flopping everywhere, starting to cling to his forehead as he was sweating. He gripped me tightly, one arm sliding under my waist, pulling my body closer, shifting my hips so he hit a sweet spot, I whimpered loudly, my head lulling back into the pillow back arching up. I felt my body beginning to tighten, like my muscles were all focussing on the same spot in the pit of my stomach, his hips moving faster and faster, breathing rapid, like he was losing control, his groans turning to growls, one hand sliding onto my thigh, his finger tips digging into my flesh slightly, I felt so good I couldn’t handle it. I never expected my first time to feel like this, I never expected sex to feel like this at all, why the hell did I wait so long for something that would feel this good.

“Baby… I can’t hold back.” He groaned, his hips bucking slightly, throwing his head back in pleasure before his lips crashed down against mine, our tongues touching as he moved, his movements desperate and hungry, the way he looked at me was like he couldn’t get enough of me, like all he wanted was me and this moment and how it felt.

“Brendon… It feels so good.” I whimpered in pleasure, feeling my stomach tightening again, I had no idea what it was but it felt so good I didn’t care, he gripped me, almost yelling out in pleasure as he hit that sweet spot again.

“I’m close… god you feel so good.” He grunted, his hips speeding up again, hitting into that spot over and over again, my body tensing up tighter and tighter, I felt like I was about to break, my eyes wide, mouth open as I panted desperately, writhing in pleasure under him. A few more movements and I couldn’t take it anymore, I felt like my world was crashing down, waves of pleasure hitting me over and over again as he moved, throbbing and twitching inside me, groaning in pleasure.

“Brendon!” I yelled out in pleasure, gripping his back, my nails digging in slightly.

“Fuck Y/N!” He groaned out too, I felt him twitch, warmth pooling in my stomach as he came inside me, his breathing rapid and desperate, his muscles tense, he kept moving for a little longer, breathing heavily against me, I shook under him, clinging to his body, he shuddered as he stopped moving. His lips met mine, kissing me softly, stroking my hair, both of us breathless and gasping, clinging to each other on his bed.

“Brendon… that was amazing.” I gasped, he rolled off me propping himself up so he could meet my eyes.

“I know… I can’t believe we just did that.” We both giggled again, he pulled me into his chest, cuddling up to me on the bed. “It felt so good. Did I hurt you?” He looked down at me through concerned eyes, placing a soft kiss on my forehead.

“It hurt but it wasn’t your fault. It felt so good after though.” He smiled with pride, holding me close, feeling his naked body against mine our damp skin touching.

“I can’t believe I waited so long for that… I’m definitely not waiting for it again. I teased, stroking his chest, he chuckled. “I love you.” I whispered, stroking his chest and hair, he pulled the covers over us gently.

“I love you too.” He mumbled, the covers over my shoulders now, we cuddled up, not speaking for a while, it wasn’t an awkward silence, just contended.

“We should sleep.” I nuzzled against his neck, kissing it softly, our breathing slowed and relaxed now.

“Yeah… goodnight Y/N.” Telling our parents everything was going to be fun, one us being together and two us both wanting out, at least we had each other to get through it I guess, I felt so content, I knew I’d be ok with him with me.

I hope you enjoyed it guys! <3 <3 <3

anonymous asked:

If you're as upset about Ashton's bun as I am then please please write a lil something about pulling his hair while he goes down on you I will be forever indebted

    “Wow…that’s actually really pretty, look Ash,” you said, pointing a finger out towards the television. Your boyfriend, who was sprawled out on the couch with his head on your lap, looked up. 

    He swiveled his body in a small twist, his long hair falling to the side and resting on your bare legs. He was in nothing but a ripped muscle tank from an old show they played and basketball shorts. You opted for one of his long sleeves and your favorite lounging panties. Barely there and very comfortable for the fact. 

    “What…that ring?” Ashton asked. You nodded while still smiling at the glowing screen, fingers absentmindedly braiding his curls. Ash scrunched his nose up at you, then giggled.

    “What?” You questioned, now casting your eyes on him. He looked so cute, you had to smile.

    “It’s kind of dorky looking…” your boyfriend whispered, as if his opinion would get him in trouble. It just might…

    “No it isn’t!” But even in your defense you giggled with him. Couldn’t help it. You had to admit, it was pretty comical, watching the jewelry channel at midnight in your undies. Ash turned his head to press a kiss into your thigh, hands curling around your tailbone. 

    “Mmm…sorry baby. Didn’t mean to make fun of you…” Ash mumbled into your skin, voice sounding sincere. Your heart beat a bit harder then. He was always doing that…making sure you felt good and loved and secure after a bit of teasing. You didn’t know how much you needed that until a man like Ashton came along. That protection.

    “I’m perfectly good, sweetheart. Don’t worry.” Your hands massaged his scalp with mild pressure, nails scratching his hairline gently. Enough to make him purr into your flesh, lit up in the flickering shadow of the t.v. 

    “M’glad,” Ash whispered, body twisting again so his chest was parallel to your lap. Watching him now instead of the lady trying to sell an overpriced necklace, you took a deep breath. He looked so gorgeous crouched before you. His arms smooth and shower fresh, lips puckering to meet every curve of muscle your legs bared. Hair long and wavy, ends curling like lush blades of grass in heat. You felt heated now, your mind having an idea of where this was going.

    “You deserve the best. Always…” Ashton’s caresses got heavier, lips parting to allow his firm pink tongue to drag along your inner thigh.

The idea was definitely becoming a reality. 

    “You’re my gorgeous, sweet, intelligent girl.”

His words caused the breath to nosedive from your chest and into your stomach. Lower it sank, dripping through the veins beneath your hipbones. Lower….lower…

    “I want to lick you, need to….eat you,” Ashton’s confession sent little shock waves of anticipation through your head. Images of every time he ate you out popping like street fireworks in front of your eyes. The sensation of his mouth ghosting along your panties, chilling you in the most perfect way.

    His eyes met yours when you looked down, hair framing his beautiful face. His eyes looked so innocent and eager to please. Excited and adoring. That was your Ash.

    “Babe,” you breathed, having trouble just getting that out. You wanted it so bad, wanted him more than anything. Needed it. Suddenly the buzz of the t.v. was gone, the only sound you could hear being his fingers tugging the waistband of your underwear down. 


    “Shh…shh baby girl…you don’t need to do anything. Just relax.”

    Ashton had your silk panties pressed between your knees, his palms rubbing them so they’d fall to the hardwood floor. That’s when he crawled off the couch and sunk down onto his knees. His feet flexed on the rug, hands running up and down your legs. The entirety of each limb got his touch, his love. His eyes never left yours as he lowered his face, kissing your skin. From the toes, the backs of your feet, up the calves. His tongue laid flat on your shins and painted a stripe past your kneecaps and ended just before your soaking wet sex.

    “Fuck….” You whined, needing more and being overwhelmed already. Ashton always knew how to string you apart like a tangled mess of Christmas lights. Perfectly blinking and in a row, fizzling in radiating heat.

    “Yeah baby, that’s my good girl. Such a good girl for me, aren’t you?” Ashton cooed at you, lowering his gaze to your pussy, spreading your legs to get a better look. He inhaled sharply when he did, teeth camping down on his quivering bottom lip. His rough fingertips came down on your pussy then, wetting the callouses and feeling your lips, the sound obscene due to how aroused he had you.

    “So wet, god I love how wet you get,” he moaned, removing his hands to suddenly yank you closer by your lower back. You gasped softly, butt lifting off the cushions and plopping back down much closer to his face. To his tongue. You were shaking now. Thighs red and trembling from his massaging, from his love bites.

    “Aww, baby girl,” Ashton smiled, proud. He looked up from your sex, into your eyes. Fingers drenching themselves in your heat before sinking in. You let out a shout, the squeak echoing in the dark apartment. Ash looked up at you with fondness pouring out his eyelids. The dimples cutting into his rosy cheeks. So in love, and so in awe.

    “You love it when I finger you, don’t you pretty girl?” He encouraged, his two fingers sliding in and out of you deliciously slow. They crooked when he was knuckle deep; fuck he had the longest fingers in the world. You were shocked and writhing over it every damn time. They brushed against your g-spot. Of course they did…this was Ashton. He could have you unraveled on the floor with just his fingertips. With his tongue? You’d be a puddle.

    “I…I r-really do…” you groaned, panting as your fists closed around the pillows. Wringing them out and knuckles turning white. Ash winked at you and brought his tongue down on you.

    “Ashton!” You yelped, ankles linking behind his neck, against his broad back. He hummed in response, that deep tone resonating against every nerve you held down there. Your clit was enveloped by his tongue, the strong muscle flicking and sucking you hungrily. His fingers fucked into you faster, a third circling your entrance languidly. 

    “Baby?” You heard Ashton call, voice muffled and well…wet. You blushed but didn’t have it in you to feel too bashful.  

    “Yeah?” You whimpered, head spinning. 

    “Think you can help me out, princess?” Ash asked, voice soothing and bright. It made you need his approval, his gratitude, always. 

    “Anything…” you promised. Ashton chuckled, in a kind way.

    “Can you tie my hair up, please? Maybe I can use the hair tie in your hair now…please pumpkin?” He suggested, cocking his head at the braid resting on your shoulder. Not even a second past before you tore it from your hair, reaching for your man.

    “Hairs getting in my eyes, sorry love.” Ashton was apologizing with three fingers now thrusting in and out of your slick pussy. Curls bouncing around his eyes. Your heart felt so full of love it could burst. 

    “D-daddy…” You sighed, back bending forward to rake his hair up and out of his face. You gathered it at the top and tied it into his favorite style of bun. Baby hairs still stuck out at the sides, only making him more handsome. The grateful expression on Ashton’s face made your entire body glow, inside and out. He stroked your thigh with his free hand. Leaned his head down and rubbed his cheek against it, like a pleased kitten.

    “Thank you princess…thank you for taking care of me.” He told you.

You started to speak but couldn’t battle the moan bubbling your throat. You let them spill out and rattle the air between you two. All you could hear was his voice and his fingers fucking you. All you could feel was AshtonAshtonAshton.

He was going down on you in full now, not stopping or slowing. Just his tongue lapping up your folds and sucking your clit as if parched for your juices. His fingers flexing and hooking inside of you at every perfect angle. Rubbing against that spot until you were a quivering mess on the couch, teeth clamped down on his long sleeve. Your screams weren’t muffled though, too loud and urgent to be dulled. 

Without thinking, you thrust each hand out and closed on his bun, fingers finding the strength to tug and pull. They shook and cramped but with every breath Ash knocked from you, they dug into his hair deeper. Pulled harder.

    “Keep doing that…fuck…” Ashton growled straight into you, tongue flicking particularly firm on your pulsing clit. You gasped and pushed yourself into his face, now grinding. His long sleeve slipped off of one shoulder, hair cascading down your back in all of your twisting. Completely gone and fucked out. Or getting there very, very soon. 

    You did as you were told, and kept pulling on his hair. The bun stayed in tack, you thanked yourself for tying it so tight. Yanking and screaming his name, skin bright red and pussy rubbing up against Ashton’s scruff, you felt the knot clenching in your stomach. Tensioned balled up so close, nerves clambering on top of one another before the big break

    “Daddy, d-daddy I’m close,” You said, breathing shallow. Ashton went harder at hearing this, fingers stroking your walls with more pressure, tongue getting to every dip and contour you offered. Vocal chords pushing his groans past his plush lips to vibrate against you. 

    You tipped over the edge before being completely thrown over. Each finger dug into his locks and pulled like life depended on it, the tension snapping each chord within. The fire licked up your thighs and spread throughout your entire body. You came onto Ashton’s tongue, down his throat, into his mouth. He was quick at work, lapping up every drop he could find. Not letting a speck go to waste. 

    All you felt was his name knifing through your lungs, his mouth cleaning you off, is thumb pressed bluntly to your clit to help alleviate the empty feeling as his finger slipped out. 

    Your own fell from his hair, tangled and messy from the pulling. You stroked down his shoulders, his chest, his ribcage. Leaned forward and gave him a filthy kiss. His tongue rolled over yours, his taste mingling with your own.

    “Thanks daddy,” you giggled, biting his bottom lip and tugging. He braced each wet hand on the couch, framing your body in every perfect way. He giggled back. 

    “Of course, baby girl,” Ashton said, turning his jaw to kiss at your neck. He whispered into it.

    “You deserve the best.”

And yeah…you definitely had it. 


REQUEST: Can you please make a smut were you’re just chilling in bed reading or whatever and then one of the boys walks in in their superhero costume and talks dirty to you and you get super turned Ono

Having alone time during the small time period that Ashton was home was very rare, except for the times he went to the studio. He had been there all day, so of course you took this time to curl up in bed with a good book and a cup of tea.

But little did you know what was going to happened when he got home. You hadn’t heard him come through the door, mainly because he tried his best to be quiet in order to his his little surprise for you.

While he was at the studio their manager had a lsurprise for them as well.

“Baby girl?” he whispered, loud enough for you to hear him. Your mouth dropped at what you saw in front of you. “Ash.. why are you wearing your Don’t Stop costume?’ you asked holding back giggles. There your boyfriend was, standing proudly in his costume, looking absolutely ridiculous.

"Well I asked our manager if I could borrow it. Thought maybe you and me could have a little fun,” Ashton smirked, “Do I turn you on baby girl?”

You laughed, “Not in that costume babe.” Yes you found your boyfriend attractive as hell and while he did look nice in his superhero costume, it didn’t exactly turn you on.

“You sure?” his voice much lower than before. Ashton moved closer to you so he was sitting beside you on the bed. He gently stroked your thigh, his hand moving closer and closer to your core.

“You know Y/N they don’t call me Smash for nothing,” he mumbled, his voice low and husky. Ashton was now rubbing you through your shorts and you gasped. “Ash-” “I bet you would like it if I smashed into you, huh? My cock filling you up." You moaned, "Ashton.”

“I know how you liked to be fucked baby girl, your legs over my shoulders and me banging the head board into the wall. You love that don’t you?” “Mmm.” Ashton smirked as his words made your core become wet.

“Don’t deny it babygirl I can feel your wetness through your shorts. So ready for me.” His fingers began to circle your clit making you shift. “Ashton ple-” “Uh uh,” Ashton tsked moving his hand away, making you whine at the loss of contact. “Come on Y/N you know what to call me.”

You glared at him, rubbing your legs together to feel some friction on your heated arousal. You did your best to give him the innocent doe-eyed look as you pouted like a child. “Smash please do something.”

This made Ashton smirk. “As you wish baby girl.” He hooked his fingers around your shorts and pulled them down along with your now soaked underwear. Spreading your legs he grinned at the sight of your glistening pussy. “So wet, so ready for me.”

He leaned forward and licked a straight line up your slit making you gasp. Lapping and sucking at your core he rubbed figure eights on your clit. You were a moaning moving mess under him, he always did this to you.

“That’s right Y/N you love that don’t you?” It was hard to say anything so you just nodded, eyes screwed shut. Just as you did so though, you lost his touch again making you audibly whimper. “Aw don’t worry baby girl,” he spoke softly, caressing your cheek as he smirked. “I just wanted to give you my cock.”

Ashton began to to remove the rest of your clothes, the only things covering you both falling onto the floor in a heap. You were both naked now and he teased your slit with the red tip of his now hard cock.

“Ready babe?” he whispered. Before you could even respond he slammed into you making you let out a loud scream. “Fuck yes Y/N that’s what I love to hear.”

Ashton started to pound into you, filling you up with each thrust he gave you. Your nails were scratching down his back, clawing away at his skin as he worked your throbbing core.

The only sounds in the room was both your ragged breathing and the headboard hitting the wall. “I think we need to change positions huh babe? What do you think?”

Flipping you over Ashton was now on his back and you were straddling his waist. You caught your breath before he got impatient. “Come Y/N do I need to keep doing it myself?” He began to thrust up into you making you bounce before you took over and did it yourself.

“That’s right, baby, ride my cock,” he growled in your ear along with a hard slap to your bum. You let out a yelp, stopping all your movement before resuming, grinding your hips down onto him each time you went down.

“Ash I have to-” “Does my baby girl need to cum?” You nodded your response. “Go ahead baby come around Smash’s cock.” And you did just that. He kept you bouncing on him as you came around him, moaning and raking your nails down his abdomen.

As you came down from your high he delivered a few spanks to your bum, making you breathing even more irregular. He smirked. “Ready for another round Y/N?” Before you knew it he had you flipped over again, his cock still inside you as he threw your legs over his shoulders and pinned your hands above your head.

“Harde- fuck Ashton faster please.” He started to slam into you again, going much faster and harder then before. "Do you like that baby girl? Do you like it when I fuck you like this?“ You moaned out, "Yes Ash I fucking love it.”

“I’ve been thinking about you all day Y/N. I couldn’t wait to get home and see you like this. All hot and moaning my name. I fucking love this. i fucking love you baby girl.” Ashton leaned down and kissed you, much softer and sweeter then his thrusts.

“Baby, I think I migh-” He couldn’t finish his sentence before he came, groaning in your ear as he filled you. “Come baby, again just for me.” Ashton hit your spot perfectly making your toes curl and back arch, signalling your second orgasm was approaching.

With the help of his thumb circling your clit you came again, both your moans being swallowed by the other as he gave you open mouthed kisses. Collapsing next to you he was breathing heavy as he wiped the sweat off his forehead.

“Well that was great, maybe you should wear that costume some more baby,” you giggled, “There’s always tomorrow Y/N,” Ashton grinned, wrapping his arms around you.

I really liked this request and I did it with Ashton because I honestly could see him doing this haha. I’m sorry the dirty talking was really awkward. Hope you liked it at least!

- Michaela x

A weekend away from her

He checked the time on his cellphone once more, grinding his teeth in irritation as he realized he was still 10 minutes away from Villa Altaria.

“Alberto…” He began, a hint of a whine to his voice. His butler met his gaze calmly - he was accustomed to his master’s wheedling tone, and was prepared for what came next.

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simplymissy  asked:

Hi! I love your blog and the Seth/Kate fics & gifs you create:) can I request the "Will you marry me" prompt for Seth/Kate!? Thanks :)

Alright I blame all you assholes on tumblr and twitter for this absolute piece of fluff you’re welcome also fuck you. I love y’all.

Kate felt the bed shift but didn’t break her concentration. There was something almost peaceful about the methodical nature of cleaning her gun. She knew well enough from her time with the Geckos to take good care of it. It was a sign of how much her life had changed that she took it seriously and found it even comforting to go through the process. But when an arm slid around her waist, she faltered and nearly dropped the piece she was working on.

“You’re going to distract me,” she said softly.

Seth slid the strap of her dress from her shoulder, pressing a kiss there.

“That’s the point,” he said.

He smelled clean and his hair was still damp from the shower that he just took. Kate could feel that he wasn’t wearing a shirt, especially when he pulled her back into his chest and continued pressing soft kisses to her shoulder and neck. Without her permission, her skin tingled in the wake of his lips and she couldn’t help but shudder.

“Do you want to finish this for me?” she asked, though she couldn’t really find it in her to complain about what he was doing.

“Leave it for later,” Seth said, brushing her hair aside.

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Heirs of Durin AU: Bruises: Explicit
External image

Heirs of Durin Master Post

Fili comes home with a graduate degree, two years after their love affair began.  Additional warning for rough (?) sex, absolutely consensual in nature.


Fíli did research.  Kíli watched porn.  Somewhere in the middle, they figured things out.

They found a place to live together two days after Fíli was awarded his graduate degree at Gondor University.  It was more accurate to say Kíli found the place ahead of time, overseen by Vali to make sure they didn’t end up in a leaking cave 14 feet square that Kíli, in his enthusiasm, thought sounded interesting.  Their home wasn’t big or lavish, but it was well-appointed and cozy and perfect the moment they moved in, with nothing but a big bed, piles of pillows, and each other.

They didn’t leave for a week.

They did emerge, finally, pleased with themselves and perhaps too sore not to escape the house for a while. Soon they were out and about daily, Kíli at his classes, Fíli with the orchestra, but every evening they went home, home together, where Kíli cooked and Fíli composed and they came together in a clash of lust and love and laughter.

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anonymous asked:

companions react to SS cumming in their mouth without warning?

Niceee. I love you for this. 

Preston: His eyes widen a little in surprise but he rubs his hands over their thighs, encouraging them as they come. It turns him on like nothing else to know he’s making them feel that good. He swallows it all and shushes them when they start to apologize. It’s alright. He liked it. Loved it actually. 

Piper: She lets out a surprised little “mmph!” but she swallows it all. When she’s done she purses her lips and raises an eyebrow at them. “A warning would have been nice.” She’s not angry though, not really. She gives them a playful swat and crawls up their body. “Turnabout is fair play, Blue.”  

Curie: Is surprised and pulls back a little not because she’s grossed out but because she’s curious. She probably goes back for a little taste though. After she’s done asking questions… “May I have a sample of this?” She giggles a little when they groan and toss the pillow at her. 

Cait:  Is more than happy to swallow it all but when she’s done she gives em’ a playful punch. “Thanks for the warnin’, jackass.” But she doesn’t really mind. Although they better be prepared to give her some loving because she’d be a liar if she said it didn’t turn her the fuck on. 

Danse: He’s startled but he swallows it. Chokes a little since it’s so out of the blue but he can’t bring himself to reprimand them even playfully when they have an arm thrown over their face and are mumbling apologies. God, the sounds they made when they came..he made them feel that good. It fills him with a sense of pride. He rests his face against the inside of their thigh and grins. “It’s all good, soldier.”  

Maccready: He’s surprised, it drips out onto his chin but he’s determined to swallow it all. He’s really messy with it, groaning as he tries to lick it all up. Afterwards he gives em’ a lopsided grin. His face is covered but the kinky bastard loves it. He’s so proud of himself. “Damn, I’m that good, huh?”

He’s really, really turned on too. It’s his turn right? 

Hancock: Doesn’t mind in the least. Oh hell no. He loves it. “Yeah, that felt good, didn’t it, baby?” He’s more than happy to continue if they want more. Hell, he wants more. They taste so good. He absolutely loves it when they come. In his mouth, on him, in him if male, he just wants it everywhere honestly. Sex with him is messy as hell in the best way possible. 

Nick: He’s a little taken aback but he’s really flattered and he can’t quite bring himself to pull away. He strokes their thigh with his good hand and swallows. He mumbles some praise when he pulls away but then he awkwardly excuses himself to uh..well, there’s a hole in his neck and…um yeah there’s a reason they normally don’t come in his mouth. it’s a little embarrassing and really hard to clean.

Deacon: Chuckles but is more than fine with cleaning up the mess. “I see why you’re a member of the minutemen..” he gets a kick for that one. He just laughs and asks for permission to keep going. He makes a game out of it. how quickly can he make them come..the answer is very quickly. 

Maxson: Lets out a little hmph of surprise but swallows it all. When he’s finished he tries to look stern. “Did i give you permission to come yet?” In reality he’s smug as hell and more than happy to find an excuse to “punish” them. So, he continues his ministrations, making them whimper and squirm since they’re still so sensitive from their orgasm. If they want to come..well, then he’ll make them come. Again and again..till they beg him to stop. Be careful what you wish for. 

x-6: Raises an eyebrow “You could have given me a warning.” He smirks a little though as he licks the remaining come up. He’s not really angry, he likes the taste and it strokes his ego too. He’s a little annoyed at the mess though. It gets everywhere

Where Do We Go From Here?

Magnus had said he would be right there, so he didn’t think he was breaking that promise by sitting on the bed, near the foot, sometimes watching out the window, sometimes looking back at Damon. He’d been wondering about what they would do together. Magnus honestly had no idea how much of Damon’s money was still accessible, if they were too paranoid to think like that. If the security had been shoddy enough that could get off, would they really go after a millionaire or billionaire in Singapore? Or would they just go back and snatch up or take out Aria? He winced as that thought crossed his mind, but he wanted to believe that both her and her family would take every precaution for her safety. At least, he hoped so.

If they were not going to try and use a lot of Damon’s money, which he didn’t know yet, how would Damon feel about Magnus’s less than honest way to go about getting it? Funnily enough, even after meeting him on a mountain Damon went to voluntarily that specialized in sex slaves, he didn’t feel he knew his moral code very well. He didn’t know if he should be expecting to find Damon disappearing into whore houses or anything else, and he had no idea if Damon would look down on him for recreational drugs. Hell, he wished he had a little something then. He’d gotten up to drain the glass of wine he had had earlier before coming back to bed after putting the glass away, looking over his very own sleeping beauty and the time, wondering if he ought to wake Damon when the man had said he only wanted to sleep an hour. He decided to softly stroke his thigh with the sheet between his hand and Damon’s skin, figuring if he didn’t stir in a few moments, he’d let him keep sleeping.

I wasn't hired for this : Harry Styles

A/N: This is for Nayana, I hope you like this my love!

‘Are you ready Nayana? I know they’re just five boys, but they can be a bloody rowdy bunch.’

It was my first day, and Paul had just taken me through the items that the boys would require in the dressing room for every show. I was their new personal assistant, and to be honest, I was absolutely terrified. We were closing in on their dressing room, and I heard them before I could see them. It sounded like they were fighting, or running around like idiots. Paul looked at me, rolling his eyes, making me giggle. He turned the handle to the door and burst in. Tables were turned on their ends, eggs splattered all over them. A woman stood in the corner, terrified of moving, as an egg was hurled at one of the tables. I could see a head peering over a table, and immediately knew it was Zayn. There was no mistaking that quiff. He jumped over the table and ran to get more eggs, but being pelted with a load before he could make it back unscathed. 

Paul marched into the center of the room, and the battle cries died down. All five boys stood up from behind their tables, Harry, Liam and Zayn on one team, and Louis and Niall on the other. They all looked at each other, then to Paul. He stood there with his arms crossed, an angry look painted across his face.

'I want this room cleaned from top to bottom boys. And it had BETTER be spotless.’ They all nodded, a look of worry on their faces. They all turned slowly to see the blonde haired, blue eyed girl who was stood shaking at the door. I don’t know why I was shaking, I wasn’t in trouble. As if remembering that I existed, Paul turned to me and said 'I told you they were a rowdy bunch. Guys, this is Nayana. She is your new personal assistant. And no making her run across town for silly requests, if I find out you’ve mucked her about, there will be hell to pay.’ He walked out of the room, leaving me squirming, five sets of eyes staring at me. The woman in the corner took this as her queue to leave. 

'So, Nayana’ Niall spoke up 'have you had a tour of the stadium?’

Just remember what Paul said, don’t take any shit, and don’t let them get away with anything. 'Don’t think you’re using me to worm your way out of this’ I said, gesturing my hand towards the mess. 'Paul wants it done, so I suggest you do it.’ I sounded a lot more confident than what I was feeling. I turned on my heel to leave, when the boys all chimed in with a collective 'OOOH’.

'She’s a feisty one she is’ said Harry, winking at me.

'Come on, get to work, I’ll fetch you all some rubber gloves and a cloth’ I said turning and walking out of the door, hiding the blush that was creeping across my face.


*Two weeks later*

'Alright guys! That was a brilliant show! Do you need anything?’

'No Nayana, we’re good thanks sweetheart’ said Louis. I’d grown close to the boys these last two weeks. It felt like we had known each other forever. Especially me and Harry. I’d found him lingering around, after the others had left, asking me rather personal questions. Did I have a boyfriend, was I a virgin, etc etc. And he always sat next to me, and touched my arm or leg at any opportunity. I’d been around enough guys to know that he was interested in me. But I certainly wasn’t brave enough to make a move. He was Harry freaking Styles! Do you know how many girls would love to kill me? 'Come on lads, it’s time for GTA!’ Louis cried! The boys all ran off and I started to walk to the bus I would be staying in tonight.

'Nayana, wait up’ Harry said, jogging to my side. 'Can I chill with you? I don’t fancy running over any old ladies tonight’ he smiled.

'Yeah of course, I’ll only be watching some shitty movie, but sure!’ we walked back to the bus in silence, admiring the bit of the night sky we could see on the way. After clambering on, I realised that Lou wasn’t here. She must still be backstage, probably hiding from the boys. Harry settled himself on the sofa, as I plodded around the little kitchen area. 'Do you want a drink?’

'Uh, no thanks. Actually there’s something I want to talk to you about Nayana. Come and sit yourself next to me.’ He patted the seat next to him, and looked me up and down. I hesitated, not really knowing what to do. I moved towards him slowly, and sat next to him. He stroked my thigh with his hand as he spoke to me. 'So you know I like you right?’ I nodded, and tucked some hair behind my ear. I didn’t really know how to reply in a situation like this. 'And you like me too?’ I nodded again. He shuffled himself, turning towards me.

'Do you know how many nights I have laid awake in my bunk, dreaming of you? Wishing that you were with me? Wishing that I could feel your soft warm skin under my hands? Wishing that it was your hand stroking me, and not my own.’ I blushed at his admission. 'Baby, if you blush at my thoughts, I wonder what you’d do if they became a reality’ he said, kissing me deeply, invading my mouth. I sat there paralysed, not daring to move or respond. He pulled away, searching my face for a clue as what to do. 'If you don’t want me to I won’t’ he said. I stood up and walked to the door of the bus, locking it.

'I don’t want anyone to walk in on us.’ I retorted, confidence looming it’s head from depths I didn’t know were there. I walked over him, pulling my shirt over my head and discarding it on the floor, then moving to the zip on my skirt,and letting that pool at my feet and stepping out of it. I stood there, in my blue underwear set, and let him drink in the sight of me. His mouth fell open as he scanned my body.

'Oh baby, so much better than what I ever imagined. Come here, sit on my lap, facing me.’ I kicked my shoes off, as he undressed himself in record time, and straddled his lap, perching my ass on his knees. He cupped me, and moved me closer, so his bulging erection was pressed to my wet pussy. 'Blue is your colour, but I want to feel what’s underneath’ he said, slipping his hand into my panties, and running his fingers over me. His touch was as light as a feather, driving me crazy. I needed him to press harder, so I moved myself as close to his hand, pushing myself into his hand. 

'So eager Nayana, so desperate for me. Do you want me in you now?’

'Yes Harry, I want you in me now. Just do it, don’t waste time.’ My words awoke some carnal beast inside of him, as he growled and wrenched my panties to the side. He slipped himself out of his boxers, and lined himself up with me, thrusting upwards. He stilled allowing me to get comfortable, and started to pound. His animalistic growls echoed in my ear, which turned me on even more. To say he’d just performed a two hour show, the stamina he had behind his thrusts was incredible. 'Ohh fuck Harry, yes, right there. Keep, doing th-ahh, yes!’

'Come on Princess, I want to hear how good I make you feel. Tell me, tell everybody who is making you feel so good.’ He roared. I buried my head into his neck, biting down onto his skin. Every time he thrust in to me, he hit all the places that no man ever had before. I moaned out his name, and he gripped my hips tighter. I felt him harden inside, and then shoot his load into me. It was warm, and he slowed down his thrusts, realising I still hadn’t cum. He moved his thumb to my clit and rubbed hard, still thrusting into me. The contrast between the fast work of his fingers and the slow movements of his thrusts was an exquisite feeling, bring me to my downfall. I felt like I was on fire, my body jerking as he hit my spot over and over again, helping me through the body shattering orgasm. I panted and slumped over his shoulder.

'Wow, I’ve never had that reaction before’ he chuckled. We sat there like that for a couple of minutes, not saying anything. He stroked my spine lightly and I pulled back to look at him.

'I don’t think I was hired for this.’ He burst out into laughter making me giggle, then brought my lips close to his.

'You were hired to keep us happy Nayana, and you’ve certainly made me happy tonight.’ He retorted, kissing me deeply, and hardening inside me once more.

Klaine Road Trip 2015 - Seattle, WA

“Birds, Coffee Beans, and Breakfast in Bed”

Written by teaandleaves

Read on AO3

3200 words 

Summer 2015 - Masterpost

Stop # 21

Kurt bundles lower into his raincoat, sipping some hot chocolate with a stubborn, aggressive expression. Blaine comes up to him from behind, braving the wind and rain of the ferry deck.

“What are you doing?” Blaine murmurs. “This is Seattle. You should be drinking coffee, not hot chocolate.”

“No, the last thing I should be doing is drinking coffee, because all that’s available is cheap ferry coffee and honestly I don’t trust any food product that uses a whale as its logo.”

“I thought the whale was cute,” mentions Blaine.

Kurt turns around and a globe of water pools on the lip of his raincoat and splashes at their feet, challenging Blaine to go on. Blaine gives his husband a comforting, placating smile.

“Don’t look at me like that,” says Kurt.

“You’re only upset,” says Blaine, “because it’s raining. But it’s good it’s raining, because you and I have been driving nonstop and we could use a few days of…” He puts his hands on Kurt’s slim waist. “…staying in, and drinking coffee, and admiring the skyline from bed.”

Kurt considers this. Then he takes Blaine’s face in his hands and kisses him. Their noses are freezing and wet, and it feels nice to nuzzle into each other.

“Love you,” murmurs Kurt.

Blaine’s heart jumps. “I love you too.”

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