Don’t fly too close to the sun, you could burn yourself.

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The nomad’s eyes were focused on the omnic, as if his glare could burn a hole in the shiny metal of his faceplate. The blue hue of his goggle visor blinked faintly as a distainfully laughter came out from his scorched throat. Now this omnic’s bravado, and his words, contemptuously thrown in Genji’s direction, yes, that was what got him going. What made the blood still running in his veins run, violently burning underneath the metal and what was left of skin.

The egyptian sun was blazing bright in the clear sky, and if Genji could no longer suffer from it as he did before, he still felt the sizzling heat penetrate his body, practically suffocating. Yet there he was, standing proud in front of the reigning omnic Sunyatta, defiant, proud, untamed.

He slowly readied his stance, all muscles sliding in place. No useless movements, all rough yet gracefull preparation. A few shuriken slid to his hand as he made a gesture towards Sunyatta.

“Think I can’t take you? Foolish. Bed or battlefield, you are no match for me.

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(counterfeitguardian) 950 Yen? That's a bargain. Load me up with everything you can Boss.

“Everything, you say? YOSH! I accept your challenge!”

The Archer fired up the grill, his eyes lit up with burning passion. Quickly slapping on one of everything possible in the space, setting the meat first, they all sizzle as he scoops up a hefty amount of rice for a bigger bowl. Afterwards, he expertly flipped everything grilling, saving the meat for last for maximum grilling. After a few minutes, all the contents on the grill is stacked on top of the bigger rice bowl.

“Here ya go, one of everything.”


Steven peered outside of the cavern, still close to his flora but away enough to stare out to the ocean. He felt heavy and clunky, so he spat a small hint of magma into the water to watch it sizzle. He turned and looked over at another island- one where another flower was out in the open. Slowly, the champion in monstrous form made his way sluggishly towards it. Surely it wasn’t his flora.