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In your tags on that video you said something about biracial bitty.... Tell me more

i wrote a fic abt this!! it’s not finished yet but have this sneak peek (if i even decide to post it bdnchd who am i):

Eric likes his Dad’s side of the family, more. He likes how thick the macaroni is, and his Auntie Jay teaches him how to drop chicken in grease without popping himself. He laughs as it sizzles and his Aunties look at him fondly. “You have such good hair,” His grandma says, staring at him proudly at running her dark, wrinkly fingers through Eric’s blond locks.

The air of the cookout tenses when his Auntie Alba shows up. She’s holding Eric’s other Auntie’s hand, and although his Daddy pulls him away from them, his Grandma hugs them both, and then chastises them for being so late. Everything picks back up again.

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Barry has the same outfit of the porch kiss when he hugs his parents in the sizzle 👀 maybe he fixes the mess he caused and that's the explanation for their recent porch kiss scene???

Yeah he also is wearing that same shirt when he meets Iris at Jittters. But we know there’s a three month time jump. I do think it will be fixed in one episode since FS is coming in episode 2 and I doubt they know each other in flashpoint. I think their porch kiss isn’t in flashpoint either since she doesn’t even know him. 

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Match was sitting in a dark alley, trying to hide from the rain that came really suddenly. He felt really cold and he knew that his flames will die pretty soon. Maybe he shouldn't have set that bed on fire in the orphanage... He is such an idiot.

Delta was on his usual daily patrol between the universes when it started to rain slightly. He took out his umbrella to avoid the drops. It’s true that he wasn’t in danger but he’s half fire-monster so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

The day nearly ended when he passed near the orphanage, but suddenly stopped  ecfause he heard a sizzling noise from the alleyway.
It wasn’t the best idea of him to go in because Shade probably waits him to arrive home. That bastard always comes out of a sudden to visit him and he can’t even send him away!

He stepped into the alleway but didn’t see a thing until he reached the end of it to see a little kid under the fire escape. He was so small and tried to save his flame, as little as he had left.
He stepped closer to the kid and  held the umbrella over him. He needed it more than him.

*Hey….who are you kid?

He tried to sound less scary or aggressive as usully. The kids whom he talked with ran away from him without a word. He didn’t want to scare this fire kid away, that’d cause his death.

*Are you lost?

  CASSIDY immediately regrets ever stepping into the sun.  the last time he felt this WEAK was in paris where he was, not so surprisingly, covering jesse custer’s ass.                                                                                                                                           i’m the best worst best friend he’ll ever have, he muses to himself, lying in recovery on the floor of tulip’s home. 

  it HURTS.    everything.     he’s sizzled before but he’s never BURNED. he knows he’ll need to feed soon, to heal, && is still working on a plan to go about doing that.        rolling onto his side, he groans, cold tile against blistered skin bringing him relief, if only for a moment.    his mind is all over the place he hopes his tattoos aren’t damaged.   he’s got billie holiday stuck in his head && for a second or two he wishes he HAD burned to a CRISP


maybe you don’t have to rush 004 | (babe/roe)

Babe’s not sure if the fish is overcooked or undercooked and he eyes the sizzling lumps of meat in the pan skeptically. He figures the same general rule applies to it that chicken goes by; if it’s white it’s alright, fleshy and pink nuke that meat. He’s still skeptical though, about the fish, about cooking in general, about everything he has planned out for the evening.

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Ballers Season 2 Ep 2: Enter The Temple Review

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Spencer checks out his badly bruised hip from the tussle with Sizzle. He grabs a bottle of pain pills and pops a few in his mouth.
Arriving at the pharmacy for a prescription refill, Spencer is anxious when they tell him he is overdrawn and they will need to call his doctor. Feeling uncomfortable, he leaves.
Sizzle shows up at ASM for an appointment Spencer set up. Without running it by Anderson first, Spencer tells Joe its time to make a go at getting Sizzle on as a new client. Joe is concerned about moving ahead when they aren’t officially cleared by the league yet.
Tracy has lunch with her boss to discuss receiving unequal pay compared to a male coworker. But when his response is just as sexist, she ends up quitting her job.
Reggie, tired of being taken for granted, asks Joe’s opinion on how much he should be paid for helping out Vernon. Joe follows up with Vernon to suggest Reggie be put on payroll.
After Spencer admits that he is constantly in pain, Dr. Robbins writes him a prescription for 20 pills, on the condition that he has a full exam.
Jason pitches new locations and teams to Ricky, who dismisses most of them. He puts Buffalo on the backburner, but smiles at the thought of working in “The Big Easy” – New Orleans.
Meeting with Coach Berg, Charles discovers they aren’t going to drop him, but want to try him on right tackle.
Reggie and Vernon don’t see eye-to-eye on Reggie’s salary. While “negotiating” playing paintball, Vernon injures his leg.
Spencer and Joe drop in on Andre to discuss Sizzle’s future. Andre clearly doesn’t take the pair seriously. Spencer looks Andre in the face point-blank and says, “on behalf of Sizz and all the other football players out there, you’re ******* fired.”

Credit: HBO