I do admit that DR has this huge problem of taking characters that they don’t know what to do with, but their presence would definitely change the story or tone, and just…get rid of them.

Togami and Fukawa are examples of this, but they’re not as obvious as Hagakure, who they outright said they conveniently kicked out for no reason aside from “because no one likes him” (or more accurately his presence would have changed the tone)

Komaeda is also a huge example of this, because even in the game they kept having to find reasons why he couldn’t be present (but also can’t be the culprit) until investigation time, and in dr3 he conveniently disappeared until they needed him again. In his case, it’s because he’s ridiculously OP and not removing him from things adds a factor in how certain situations play out, so in order to get anywhere you either have to remove him or negate him.

You might even be able to argue that this all started with Junko in dr1, when they killed Mukuro (and as such “Junko”) until they needed her again, instead of having her keep up the charade for a whole game.

This is a really persistent writing issue, huh.

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"El S-Segador." Ale whispered, staring at the diablo from behind a wall. The creature seemed to float over two pale corpses on the ground of what she assumed had been gangsters. What was Death doing here? She squeaked however when he stopped moving and quickly hid back against the wall. Oh crud. He saw her. M-Maybe he hadn't.

A dark smog escaped the Wraith as he stood up, the moonshine contrasting against the darkness of his coat, revealing his all myth.Those punks were the prefect snack for Reaper as he was carving for some souls, yet the small squeak had caught his attention.The mercenary dissolved in the air, leaving the corpse lying on the floor before re-materializing behind her.

”Usted no debería estar aquí en su propio hijo, es…peligroso.”Chuckled Gabriel, licking his lips beneath the skeletal mask.



Ewan “I am supposed to be an actor and be able to lie but I can’t because I’m too excited about Star Wars and my Obi-Wan Kenobi movie” McGregor

it really bothers me how k-pop idols have to hide who they’re dating

imagine having to sneak around at all hours of the night just to meet with someone you really like but you can’t even be seen with them in public or else your entitled 12 year old fans who follow you around literally everywhere and won’t leave you alone would get upset and stop buying your albums because they don’t actually like you