headcanon: the evil queen watches over king henry in the wish realm. he is hell bent on vengeance against her, but she evades his traps and instead makes sure he is safe throughout his life. when his carriage nearly falls over a ravine, she saves it with magic. when a neighbouring kingdom challenges his leadership, henry finds the leaders suddenly compliant the next day. good fortune follows him around. the evil queen becomes his guardian angel, protecting him from afar. she can’t be his mother, but at least she’ll make sure he lives the best possible life.

Ok, I love Adam and I ship him with Hannah (because there’s something wrong with me; let’s not analyze it), but I think this is a red herring.

There are three episodes left, and if they really wanted them to be endgame, I feel like it would be the last episode. I think Adam wants to save the women in his life, and now that Hannah is pregnant, he thinks he needs to save her. And not to armchair shrink fictional characters, but I think he’s confusing that with love.


My cat scared the living tar outta me today, seems like a regular problem that would pop up when living with a Tamaranean


who thought it was a solid plan to put Anakin in charge of thousands of impressionable 12-year-olds honestly i ask you

I know for a fact as soon as I shut my bedroom door I will fall apart right there thinking about every little thing you’ve ever said to me….
—  I miss you so much // Xspeak (speakquotesx.tumblr.com)
Do you have sex because you love her or do you love her because you have sex
—  Just a question -Xspeak ( speakquotesx.tumblr.com )

i know it was mostly taliesin talking but i just love the idea of percy just yelling for them to get vex up again for 90% of the fight


Favourite characters: Summer Smith (Rick and Morty)

You don’t love people in hopes of a reward, dad. You love them unconditionally.

Iain is like my best friend. He comes over a lot. And he really loves hanging out with Sylvia (5), they’re like best friends. Which is kind of cool actually. He like saves her artwork and all that. They’re like really buddies. I hang out with him the most socially.
—  Brett Dalton on his favorite Agents of SHIELD cast member, Toronto ComiCon 2017

Let’s all pray that what I am about to say will have become obsolete by next Sunday night or the end of the series, but still, it needs to be said.

This scene is nonsensical garbage.

So much progress destroyed in a heartbeat. And turns out it’s not even Sherlock’s doing.

You know what I hate the most about it? Molly Hooper is a tool. And I’m not even talking of her having to deliver John’s message. Which is dreadful enough.

I’m thinking ‘narrative tool’.

Molly is undermined as being Victorian Mrs. Hudson’s worst nightmare: a plot device. This scene erases what Molly fundamentally is only to emphasise the drama going on between John and Sherlock. All I’ve read since are wonderful attempts in fanfic to fix this mistake. Because let’s face it. The Molly Hooper we know would never have agreed to say such a thing without at least providing some sort of comfort to Sherlock. Amirite? I call that a royal screw up. This is Mofftiss yet again shifting things around to serve their purpose. 

You can’t blame them for distancing their writing from ACD’s. They did their own version. Fine. But I am not going to let slide the fact that they managed to betray their one and only original creation. In one single line! All because everything needs to revolve around the two blokes. 

Utter bullshit.

Now, putting that disgusting fact aside and focusing on the story: by the end of the first episode, not one but two main characters are sacrificing themselves for the sake of keeping this toxic relationship at the center of the stage (and female ones at that. Talk about feminism. Is that what TAB was about Mofftiss? To get you off the hook for what is to come?).

One of them is even sacrificing herself in the most literal sense. 

And you know what? I should have known. They keep repeating it and yet I didn’t listen. It’s all about the two blokes. Molly doesn’t count. Mary even less. I’m heartbroken. 

What’s the point of my rant? This:

It is of course too late for Mary. And that’s a massive shame. But Molly. Molly Hooper is due. She is fucking due. If nothing comes out of this, and I’m talking BIG, I’m done.

3/9 happy miku day

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"Chat, are you... jealous of Adrien?!"

“Chat, are you… jealous of Adrien?!” Alya giggled.

“What!? No! That would be ridiculous!” Chat’s voice rose an octave.

“You know Marinette only has a crush on him because she has a hero complex,” Alya said smoothly. Chat’s eyes widened as he gave her a sidelong glance.

“She- she does?” Chat asked hesitantly.

“Uh huh! He saved her from a storm with an umbrella, if he hadn’t done that she wouldn’t even be remotely interested. I’m telling you save her once and she’ll be smitten,” Alya assured him.

“Who said I wanted her to be smitten with me?” Chat asked indignantly. Alya fixed him with a look.

“Please Chat, it’s written all over you’re face! You totally like-” Alya started only to be interrupted by Chat Noir.

“- am totally in love with her,” Chat whispered as he stared longingly towards the trap door on Marinette’s balcony.

“YOU WHAT!?!” Alya shrieked.

Wow there are a lot of these!!! But for now I must sleep. More to finish up tomorrow.