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do you have any criticisms about pjo like you do with hoo? for example, plot hole where nico and biana have the lethe affect them but not permanently (that's the only plot hole i can remember), or other bits that were poorly written or stuff

  • Yeah look Nico and Bianca’s entire timeline is messed up, the setting of that flashback to them with their mum doesn’t quite match up with the timing of when they apparently entered the casino. I’m sure there’s a few things that don’t match up with their time in the casino, actually.
  • I really, really wish that Rachel and Annabeth had been given slightly more page time together so that Annabeth’s jealousy of her could have been given more closure than ‘you’ve sworn yourself to a life of celibacy so i guess we’re cool now’.
  • The thing with Annabeth crushing on Luke is fine, because she was young and naive and he literally saved her from the streets and was canonically good looking, like it’s believable that she’d develop some type of crush on him. But Luke liking her back???? No???? Fuck no he was so much older and should have purely seen her as a little sister jfc like Sophii said in one of her posts, that means Luke was twenty three in TLO and he was crushing on a sixteen year old girl like what the actual fuck no. Speaking as a twenty three year old - NO.
  • I think there’s an issue with Sally’s pregnancy?? Like somewhere it’s mentioned she met Poseidon in August but then Percy was born in August which is either the longest or shortest pregnancy ever. But then again maybe demigod pregnancies are totally different, we don’t know.

So yeah, there’s some small inaccuracies or issues that I dislike but honestly overall the PJO series is damn near perfect for me. The characterisation is simply incredible, the growth they all go through is so great to read. The re-interpretation of the myths is amazingly well done. The plots of each individual book are compelling and the over arching plot is amazing. PJO is a really well put together series and you can really see the heart that Rick put into it.

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Ok so Dylan knew Val Schnurr???? They apparently talked often in economics class?? WHAT. Is that not the girl he asked if she believed in god??? I'm veeery surprised by this

Yep.  Strange, awkward things happen during a massacre with your classmates when you become a hunter and everyone else potential prey.  He’s shooting under a desk, just another endless desk.. he’s shooting nameless, faceless fearful targets.. and out falls Val Schnurr who is holding a stomach wound and screeching in disbelief and pain “oh my god.. help me! oh my god!” hysterically begging for mercy not to be finished off. He can’t exactly stop what he’s doing and save her (he’d already done that with John Savage in sparing him) so he reloads and stalls, asking her why she believes in god..and then..he moves on.  

or..he’s poking his head up in the kitchen bathroom where the tiles have been removed up above by fleeing students through the ceiling. He’s peering through the crawl space holding his Tec poised for action and then from a little distance, he spots a familiar face..someone he knows quite well actually..Tim Kastle..his Fantasy Baseball team member. There’s his friend staring back at him in mid-crawl on the precarious ceiling boards ..wtf?..Tim?  is staring back at.. wtf..? Dylan? - suspended in time in silent recognition of one another. Dylan then gestures for Tim to leave. Tim does just that, crawling away and hoping not to be shot from someone he considered a good friend that he thought he knew quite well.

That is the kind of high strangeness that occurs when these dudes were in battle mode on that day.  The chance that you could run into someone you knew was probable. In fact, those two were pretty darn lucky that it didn’t happen more often..  Everyone was fair game on that day. A target fleeing or a target cowering under a desk - it didn’t much matter to them.  It didn’t matter if they knew you or not or even if you had brief chats with them in Government Economics class to pass the time.  The indifferent banality that was that day. 

REQUEST 91 ~ Strong

A/N: Sorry this took so long to be written, you know real life and all that annoying shit. I hope you enjoy! It might be a bit short.

Warnings: Angst, might be triggering to some people.

Another flood of tears streamed down my face and sob ripped through my throat. Dan’s arms tightened around me in comfort as he tried to calm me down. Earlier that day i had received a phone call telling me that my closest friend had died. It broke my heart.

For months i had been by her side helping her through it, i donated blood, visited her everyday and even raised money to help her. Unfortunately it didn’t work, she was gone. The thought of it caused me to cry harder. 

 “y/n, breathe, breathe for me sweetheart.” Dan said as he rocked slowly back and forth. 

Through out the whole traumatic experience he had stayed with me. Dan supported everything i was doing in an attempt to save her.  He was pretty much the only thing that was keeping me sane. 

I drew in a shaky breath and released it again, the tears on my cheeks falling off my face as i did. 

“w-w-hy h-her!” I sobbed as i held onto Dan’s now damp shirt. 

“I don’t know y/n, it’s awful.” He sighed sadly. Dan had been pretty great friends with her before she passed which made her death even worse. 

“I s-should have b-been t-there!” My voice being drown out by my cries. 

Dan lifted my face to meet his and wiped the tears away. “y/n there was no way you could have now what was going to happen today. Don’t blame yourself, you did everything you could to help her. She wouldn’t want you to blame yourself for not being there with her.” Dan’s soft words soothed me lightly. 

He was right but i still felt like there was more i could have done.

“But i should’ve-” Dan cut me off by pulling me closer. 

“But nothing, i know it seems like there was you could have done but honestly there wasn’t. You did so much to help her. You went the extra mile to support her. Feel proud that you tried your best. It will be difficult to accept that but i am going to help you through this ok.”

I nodded and hugged him tighter. However he moved out of my grasp. Shocked, i looked up and saw Dan with a sad smile on his face but an idea was clearly swirling around his head. 

He grabbed both edges of the blanket i was at on and wrapped it around my shaky body. He swiftly picked me up and brought me to the lounge. Then he sat me down and brought out some of my favourite snacks. Dan took his place next to me and turned on the t.v, finding a liked film of mine and holding me close. 

“I know this won’t stop you feeling totally sad but i hope this might help.” 

I cracked a small smile at his kindness. I can’t believe he was going through all this to help cheer me up. 

“Thank you Dan.” Dan smiled and kissed my forehead.

“It’s ok sweetheart. Everything will be fine, just focus on happy thoughts for now.” 

I nodded and settled into the blanket. Even though my heart was heavy, the feeling of having Dan here helping me was helping me get through it.

I know for a fact as soon as I shut my bedroom door I will fall apart right there thinking about every little thing you’ve ever said to me….
—  I miss you so much // Xspeak (speakquotesx.tumblr.com)

We know Stiles isn’t the only one who saved her. Lydia knows too. But I think that it wasn’t only about Eichen.
You know, “he saved me in every way that a person can be saved”. 
Even if he has not knocked out any walls or doors or kicked any guards. 

Maybe he saved her for the first time when he told her she was beautiful at the dance, ‘cause it was all she needed in that moment.
He saved her when he let her know it was okay to be smart and to show it to the world, and it was okay to cry and to feel vulnerable.
Then he saved her from Peter and from freezing in the forest.
He saved her from being alone at her own party and he saved her when he made sure she knew that there was someone that would have gone out of is freaking mind if she died.
He protected her from any kind of danger even if sarcasm is his only defense. Crazy animals, dark druids, animal traps.
He even saved her from herself, when she started doubting on her own powers. And when she lost everyone, he was there holding her and reminding that she wasn’t alone. 
He kept her standing countless times.
And yes, he saved her from eichen. He saved her from that hell not leaving when she asked. And when he came back for her she knew that he was the one that would’ve never gave up on her. Even when she seemed barely alive, even when she seemed dead.

So yeah, Stiles Stilinski, without any kind of power or samurai sword, saved Lydia martin in so many different ways and she just knows it.

Do you have sex because you love her or do you love her because you have sex
—  Just a question -Xspeak ( speakquotesx.tumblr.com )
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The Blacklist | Red/Liz - Things in the Darkness

for dashboard—confessions

“[Red] seems to have a deep undying love for her that she can’t justify or understand.” - Megan Boone, May 2014 (x)

“[…]the interactions with some of the worst criminals… everyone has to have something to keep them grounded and in the real world. If not, you’ll go insane[…]” - The Long Winter of Her Discontent by harrietspecter (x)

the incredible joker-pining-for-harley moments of suicide squad: 

  • joker’s aboutta leave her in that chemical vat but physically stops himself and growls like “shit, i can’t live without her, i can’t believe im about to do this” and just jumps in there to save her 
  • he thought some guy was making a move on his lady/insulting her so he just. shot him. but not before looking really jealous
  • joker sitting in his jazzy apartment just flailing his gun around, probably shooting holes at the wall, and looking depressed af without his girlfriend
  • i mean he was arranging knives in a neat circle and shit, you know he’s broken when he’s creating order instead of chaos
  • joker demanding to know where harley is and spending the entire movie trying to rescue her. batman who? 
  • joker texting harley reminders like “omw to steal back my girl, don’t worry babe i got you”
  • he said “i’d do anything for you” -  like, he was really feelin’ the love, man. that’s a pretty direct declaration of love right there for the joker if you could call it love, bordering on an almost…caring joker
  • amanda waller confirming that harley is the Queen™ in the pimp joker empire
I caught her hand as the pavement fell, crumbling into dust. For a second I thought she was going to pull us both over. Her feet dangled in the open air. Her hand started to slip until I was holding her only by her fingers. Then Grover and Thalia grabbed my legs, and I found extra strength. Annabeth was NOT going to fall.
I pulled her up and we lay trembling on the pavement. I didn’t realize we had our arms around each other until she suddenly tensed.
“Um, thanks,” she muttered.
I tried to say ‘Don’t mention it,’ but it came out as, “Uh, duh.”

page 204, Percy Jackson and the Last Olympian


first of all, I had to make this into two parts, I just had to much fun writing this one. Second, I spent three hours searching for the Joker gif. 

Requested: Can you do a Joker x reader imagine where he leaves the reader because he thinks she’ll be safer without him in her life but she ends up being taken hostage and she comes close to dying but he saves her?  

The king of Gotham was used to getting threaten, he dealt with mob bosses and criminals, of course, it was bound to happen. Every king had a queen, King Francis had Mary, Arthur had Genevieve, and Joker had you, (y/n). It all changed when his enemies began to threaten you, no one would ever say those threats outload. God forbid the fool to disrespect his queen, however like every villain in love he believed that you were simply better off without him.

 The break up was messy, you threw bottles hopping to hurt him. As for J, he laughed throwing your things in the fire place. The sight of you crying broke his heart, but he had to get you away even if it meant hurting you in the process. His last words to you still haunted him, “I never loved you Doll, now scram before I skin you alive”. It had been a long time since he felt pain, but that day hit him like a ton of bricks as he watched you walk away crying. It had been two months since he last says you and the moment you left so did the last bit of sanity.

“hey Harvey, I’m leaving.” Y/n, jolted him from his trance, looking up at her he began to grab his keys. “let me walk you to your car.” He offered her, y/n looked around his office, case fills filled his desks, she shook her head, “its fine I have mace.” She joked, Harvey returned the smile and continued to work on the case. A part of her hoped if she ever was in trouble J would still come rescue her, but that dream died long ago. “God why does it have to be so fucking cold.” She cursed, pulling out her car keys when she heard a kid yell, she looked around to see were the scream came from. Before she could even let out a yell, y/n felt a needle stab her neck. When (y/n) woke up she let out a gasp, taking in her surroundings. Hands bounded behind her back, he was strapped in a metal chair; when she looked down her heart broke, copper wires tied her legs together and in front of her stood a camera pointing directly at her. Panic finally set in, the room grew cold by the second. 

“Boss.” Frost’s voice seemed panic as he began to knock on the double of the bedroom, “what” J let out a groan, his hair was a mess, the purple under his eyes darkened, and his once bright blue eyes were dull. J came closer to Frost, “Someone just sent this in.” J opened the computer, there stood his queen tied in a chair unconscious. J’s blood ran cold, he did everything to keep her from harms way, but it wasn’t enough; his sadness so was replaced with anger. How dare anyone disrespect his queen! “Find her. – “, the men in the apartment stared at him, to many he resembled a rabid animal thirsty for blood. “NOW!”

Joker x Harley Quinn: The Next Day

The day after Joker rescues Harley from Belle Reve. 

The next day, Harley woke up in a comfortable bed with warm blankets. She opened her eyes to find the sun shinning in the window of a master bedroom. For a moment she was confused, she had to remind herself that she was actually out, in her home, back with her clown boyfriend. He had broken her out, he had saved her from hell. She rose to find her knight seated next to her, watching her with a look of wonder on his face. He smiled wide when her eyes opened. He had bags under his eyes - she had love bites to match - she noted as she stroked his cheek. He had purred and kissed her palm, inhaling her scent. She knew he was as happy as she was to be back home.

The next day, he promised her all of his security. Said she would never be out of his sight again, declared he would never let anyone touch her, swore if she thought he was protective before then she hadn’t seen anything yet. He told her she was his and his alone, and she agreed wholeheartedly. She would be his until the end of time, she told him so.

The next day, they bathed together. They enjoyed each others company. She laid back against his chest in the water, with soap she scrubbed off the lipstick kisses on her chest, stomach, lower. She washed his hair, he had purred while her fingers massaged his scalp. When she was finished, he turned around, bringing their naked bodies close in the bath. She rested her head in the crook of his neck, he kissed her shoulder and told her jokes.

The next day, her puddin followed her around. Not letting her out of his sight for even a minute. She would walk into their kitchen and find him a step behind her. She put on her makeup and find him over her shoulder, watching from a comfortable distance away. She walked into the closet to change, her body still aching and sore from the battle, her puddin leaned against the doorway, frowning as he saw her bruises. Then he walked forward and kissed each one, swearing to her that he would kill whoever laid hand on her.

The next day, she lost track of how many henchmen died. One offered his congratulations that she was free, he was stabbed. One sat at the same table that she did, he was beaten. One stupid soul merely looked her way too long, he was shot. The Joker killed all of them and would immediately follow up the stabbing, beating, shooting, by turning to her and  smiling. Glee shinning on his face. He was smiling all day. For himself, for her. She would smile back and they would sadistically laugh.

The next day, he would touch her. Run his fingers down her arm, stroke her hair, hold her face in his hands, as if he had to remind himself she was actually there. She was making lunch and he walked up behind her and wrapped a tattooed arm around her waist. She forgot about the meal, laying her head back against his chest. She would kiss him on the lips and remind him that was she was here, in his arms, safe. He would kiss her back and smile euphorically.

The next night, they laid down in bed together. The Joker wrapped an arm around her shoulder and she traced the tattoos on his chest. They kissed and laughed into the wee hours of the night. She made a mental note of forever remembering that moment. They were content. Happy. The two crazy clowns finally had their smiles back in place.

Two days after he saved her from hell, they went on a date night.

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