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Whats the whole thing with the monkey?? Ive legit never heard of this

a couple of days before the boys were going to go back on tour, louis was papped at lax. everyone was really confused, because he didn’t need to be papped (his name wasn’t as near as big then as it is now) and it didn’t look that great given the band was about to go on tour and it was clear they weren’t in rehearsals. then, louis posted a picture of himself with eli the monkey from the steal my girl video. later, an update account posted a picture of briana with the monkey but quickly deleted it and all of them refused to post it again. it was basically like, ‘leak it yourself if you want it out there.’ briana at the time had an instagram, but it was private. after the pictures of her and the monkey didn’t circulate, she went turned off private and put her instagram on public to get them to spread around. i can’t remember if that ever worked. but, either it did or she realized no one was going to post it, so she went back on private. anyway, it later came to light that the trip was highly publicized and talked about because i think it’s supposed to be when louis “found out” about the baby, even if i think she would have missed her period like days before he showed up. and instead of keeping that on the downlow and sorting the situation out, his team thought it was a good idea to get him papped.


Yeap!  It’s this big ol’ things birthday.  |D  I remembered it was his birthday today and I wanted to draw something for him, but unfortunately I dont think I’d be able to finish it by the end of today, so I just kept it a sketch uvu;;

A bit of backstory in this picture, actually~  Y'see, back when wittle Undertaker was 10, she found this beast.  He was stuck under some fallen power lines and a bunch of him was ripped up.  Obviously it was pretty creepy, but its not like he was bloody or anything because he’S METAL ON THE INSIDE.  So after getting shocked pretty badly by trying to touch him, she got a stick and pushed off the wires and attempted to pull him away.  She nearly gave up trying to get him to live after awhile, and was about to leave when he rebooted and stood up.

His core was all messed up after such a large shock, so he didn’t ‘remember’ anything.  He just followed her after she grabbed his reigns and pulled him away to take home to Underlord to see if she could keep him.  |D

And after many a years, Undertaker was finally competent enough to understand his make-up and went to work on actually FIXING the damage on the core and stuff and yes.

I like to do things from the past on people’s birthdays, so dont judge me >:U

Anyway have some of undertaker’s pet. 

Regarding my novel

Oh okay. A new character kindly introduced himself to me in the middle of Brit Lit. He’s creepy and a little bit frightening. I don’t even have a name for the guy – I just know he’s perfect for the novel.


Feel free to ask whatever question y'all can think of about my novel. Characters, setting, story, whatever, it’s fair game. Just remember, there’s only three questions per ask, and by the way you guys still don’t know the names of anything at all. XD I’d start with something basic, like, “Name Character #1,” then next week maybe we can move onto the more complicated stuff.

Plus the more you ask me, the sooner I have to write it, so there’s that.

I’m bored of typing now.

And here we see a TV head doing some public service by attempting to pacify another smaller, much angier TV head.


The red one is named Calix and he is very tol and naïve, and the fuchsia one doesn’t have a name yet but he is smol and wants to fight everyone because he thinks he can, and they are best friends.

Arrow 4.11 - 4.12 Filler Ficlet

Inspired by this post and the ensuing conversations.

Honestly this is the first piece I’ve written in three years, but I had fun writing it!

Word Count: 648

“We’re gonna need to get some ramps.” 

This simple observation from Felicity had repeated over and over in his mind until finally Oliver snuck out of bed at three am and drove to the nearest home improvement store. While what he really needed a lair improvement store, Oliver wasn’t going to argue stores names when he was standing in line with an aptly named “Build Your Own Ramp” construction set in his orange shopping cart.

If only the construction set had come with it’s own “Connect To Your Motorcycle” kit. Oliver stood near his currently useless bike and snatched his phone out of his pocket.

“Hey, John. I need your help.”

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No but I don’t think it’s completely understood all that Lincoln has done for Octavia and the Ark. Lets talk about this for a second. It is my canon that Lincoln was the one to throw the spear at Jasper in season one because Jasper was getting to close to the Mountain and straying too far into HIS territory. At this point he’d seen Octavia be brave enough to walk out of the drop ship and I think he knows- from what little they know of mountain men- that it could have been fatal for her. He saw her stand up to her brother. He watched as she went on a mission with people she hardly even knew all for the sake of adventure. 

This wasn’t enough to make him fall in love with her but it was enough for him to be intrigued. He was already considering her as ‘his’ in a possessive way when she was attacked by the sea serpent and Jasper went in to save her. This was brave on his part but Lincoln has a jealous streak. Not only that but he knew nothing of their culture so if this boy was a warrior (a bit spindly for one, yeah, but who knows) he would also count as competition for her affection. 

There are also a few times where Lincoln blows the fog horn to let the hundred know that the acid was coming. 

Finally we get to his abduction of Octavia and let me preface this by saying his actions are not condoned by me BUT he was raised in a culture where taking prisoners of other cultures was frowned upon. I imagine grounders are progressive towards women in a lot of ways since their leader is a woman and I don’t think Lincoln would have acted differently if Octavia was a male or female that he was in like with. He knows that his people will ask a lot of questions about the woman in his home if she got out. He knows that he’ll have to explain about the hundred and why he knows so much about them, why he’s helped them, so he makes a judgement call. Lincoln is acting as a warrior. Let me say this again because I don’t think you heard it. 


There isn’t a lot in this world that he cares about that we’ve seen. We know he enjoys art because he has a book and charcoal which he uses to document what he sees. We know that he has some experience as a healer. We know that he looked to Indra as a Chief and I’ve added in that when he was taken from his parents at a young age for training she became somewhat of a mother figure. He had family in the clan. He fought in many wars, killed many men but he also puts a great deal of stock in the power of knowledge. He had his whole life with the trikru. If he never came upon the drop ship he’d be married to some nice young woman with a few kids at this point. 

Instead he gave up everything to help Octavia. He was willing to leave the clans, his home, to start over across the seas so that he could be with her but when she refused? He stayed and fought against his brothers because he couldn’t bare to see Octavia hurting. Lincoln was tortured by her brother and yet he never once laid a hand upon him. He put aside his pride because, again, he didn’t want to hurt Octavia. He was called traitor by his FAMILY and bares this mark still. 

Lincoln has no friends save for those he is in service to on the ark. He is given a uniform. He is told that they fought for the right to call THIS their home but- he already had a home. And now Octavia is upset with him for wearing the jacket her brother gave him. It seems that he can not win no matter what he does. Lincoln has no one and feels like a tool most of the time, used for a purpose and then discarded when he is no longer needed. It’s Octavia. She’s the reason he stays. She’s the reason he bares this. She’s the reason he hasn’t just left. 

That- and he knows there’s no one out there that would take him in now that the kill order has become public knowledge. He’s not living in his own world anymore and he is still trying to find his sea legs in this one. There are many traditions and customs that he is unclear about but he doesn’t particularly want to learn them. Not unless they are important to Octavia. 

She’s it. She’s his clan now.