Yeap!  It’s this big ol’ things birthday.  |D  I remembered it was his birthday today and I wanted to draw something for him, but unfortunately I dont think I’d be able to finish it by the end of today, so I just kept it a sketch uvu;;

A bit of backstory in this picture, actually~  Y'see, back when wittle Undertaker was 10, she found this beast.  He was stuck under some fallen power lines and a bunch of him was ripped up.  Obviously it was pretty creepy, but its not like he was bloody or anything because he’S METAL ON THE INSIDE.  So after getting shocked pretty badly by trying to touch him, she got a stick and pushed off the wires and attempted to pull him away.  She nearly gave up trying to get him to live after awhile, and was about to leave when he rebooted and stood up.

His core was all messed up after such a large shock, so he didn’t ‘remember’ anything.  He just followed her after she grabbed his reigns and pulled him away to take home to Underlord to see if she could keep him.  |D

And after many a years, Undertaker was finally competent enough to understand his make-up and went to work on actually FIXING the damage on the core and stuff and yes.

I like to do things from the past on people’s birthdays, so dont judge me >:U

Anyway have some of undertaker’s pet. 

Regarding my novel

Oh okay. A new character kindly introduced himself to me in the middle of Brit Lit. He’s creepy and a little bit frightening. I don’t even have a name for the guy – I just know he’s perfect for the novel.


Feel free to ask whatever question y'all can think of about my novel. Characters, setting, story, whatever, it’s fair game. Just remember, there’s only three questions per ask, and by the way you guys still don’t know the names of anything at all. XD I’d start with something basic, like, “Name Character #1,” then next week maybe we can move onto the more complicated stuff.

Plus the more you ask me, the sooner I have to write it, so there’s that.

I’m bored of typing now.

Drew a Ampharos/Lucario hybrid baby. I drew him as a riolu and then as a mega Lucario/mega Ampharos evolution. The mega stone used is located on his belt.

He needs a name. I would really love to draw more of him too ;w;

I can see him being bullied for not being a purebred like his mother so when he grows up he stays cold and distant. Also, he stays in his mega form most of the time so he’ll be at his strongest.

anonymous asked:

He who must not be named ( Aro ) really needs to chill. Someone put a restraining order on this man.

I’ve filed many. I’m afraid Charlie can’t do much since Aro is in Italy and is quite oblivious to our current– state.