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ok now the not angsty hell prompt: andrew calling neil pretty boy in an argument (maybe near the other foxes bc id like to see their reactions?)

  • they are trying to decide where to go to dinner
  • its really not a big deal
  • andrew is having a bad mood day where everything feels bad and he doesn’t even want to be out he wants to be home and in bed and listening to some music and be hugged by neil josten (though he would never say that out loud)
  • “andrew if you just want pizza then say you want pizza,” neil says, knowing andrew usually wants pizza
  • “i’m fine with anything, really” dan says trying to make the tension in the room lessen, honestly everyone Please Get Along
  • “did i say i want pizza, josten? no i fucking didn’t. i jsut said i’m not eating chinese for the third time this weekend. nicky can go fuck himself.”
  • nicky just didn’t say anything and looked at neil for help
  • in fact most of the foxes looked at neil for help bc like andrew is mad and we dont know why what did we do neil please you can make him do anything
  • “no chinese. subs? how about indian?” neil says, throwing out whatever comes into his mind because he has no fucking idea what is making andrew act like this
  • “don’t make me make the decision”
  • “then why can’t we just have chinese food” aaron says with a sigh and literally every single person’s jaw clenches like thanks aaron for making things 100x worse 
  • “i could cook something?” matt offers up even though he knows absolutely no one wants that to happen
  • “andrew what do you want to eat?” renee says in her calm voice, knowing she might get bit for doing it but doing it anyway (love her)
  • “i dont fucking care. whatever pretty boy wants,” he says with a hand flying out in the general direction of neil before going over to the window to smoke out of the window in his bedroom
  • the rest of the foxes just eyeball emoji at neil so he beckons them all into the kitchen
  • he tells matt to take everyone who wants chinese out and jsut eat in the resturant bc its always better that way and everyone agrees, but renee doesn’t want chinese either and neither does allison so they agree to drive to the mr sub near them and get subs with some pops
  • so everyone leaves and it’s just neil and andrew smoking in the window saying nothing and then there is a knock on the door abt 25 mins later and when neil opens it for their stuff its allison with a cheeky grin, saying “here you go pretty boy. dont take all of it at once by the way, you’ll choke” neil just blinks and she sticks her tongue into the side of her cheek and he slams the door

I’m not sure this is going to be a deleted scene or if I’ll put it in the book. Either way, enjoy a scene that may or may not be in The Boy Who Wouldn’t Grow Up:

Peter was able to pull himself out of the nightmare, though he still ended up screaming. He opened his eyes and screamed again.

“Peter,” Pan cried. “Are you all right?”

The impish boy was floating right above the hammock, his nose an inch away from Peter’s. His eyes were as large as Neverland.

“Are you okay?” he asked. “You were shouting.”

Peter took a deep breath, trying to keep his voice as calm as possible. “Yeah, I’m fine. I just had a nightmare.”

Pan’s brow furrowed. “What’s a nightmare?”

“It’s when you dream something really bad and scary,” Peter yawned. “It’s nothing; I have them all the time.”

“But dreams are supposed to be good,” Pan said, still confused. “They’re never bad. That defeats the purpose of a dream.”

“You’ve never had a nightmare?”

He shook his head. “I dream about flying and the stars and Neverland and Wen—”

He broke off.

"Do you want to finish your sentence?” Peter asked with a smile.

“No, I’d much rather push you out of the hammock.”

Peter had just enough time to brace himself before crashing to the ground.

“Thanks for the warning,” he said.

Pan gave him a hand up and he sat back down on the swinging bed.

"What was your nightmare about?” Pan asked, lazily kicking the hammock with his foot.

“The same thing it’s always about,” said Peter. “The hospitals and my doctors and—”

He broke off, realizing that Pan would never understand. Still, the boy seemed to want to, which was almost as good.

“Can I help?” he asked.

Peter snorted. “I don’t see how.”

“I do.”

Without further ado, Pan pulled his flute from his pocket. He crossed his legs and began to play a gentle tune. Peter honestly didn’t see how that helped. In the end, he chalked it up to Pan becoming distracted again. Still, he didn’t mind the music. It was a sweet melody. The waves of music wrapped around Peter, hugging him close. His head soon crashed into the pillow. He was asleep within minutes, images of Neverland dancing in his head.

He woke up several hours later, hearing the other children romp and play. To his surprise, Pan was still sitting nearby, playing his flute.

“Pan,” he whispered. “Have you - have you been playing that all night?”

“Sure,” he said. “Did it work?”


“Nothing, never mind,” Pan said. He flew into the main room and crowed, “Who wants some breakfast?”

It was a moment before Peter joined them.

“Good morning,” said Wendy brightly. “How’d you sleep?”

Peter didn’t answer. He didn’t mean to be rude. It was simply hard to talk when one had a lump in their throat. 

It’s Love, Not Gratefulness (Soldier!Shownu x Reader)

This was requested by @yoongi-oppa, and boy was a psyched to write this bad boy! (BTW, sorry for taking so long, I was having a really hard time figuring out plot since this is mostly story driven.) I really, really loved writing the plot for this one, I took all my prior and very minimal knowledge of playing Halo and CoD to write this one lmao! Pardon if any terminology is wrong in here, this is probably not how one properly cleans a bullet wound tbh I hope you’ll enjoy this though! 

p.s. GIF is barely relevant to the story, I just thought he looked so good lmao. I couldn’t resist Shownu in a white shirt, god bless.

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When Shownu was drafted for the war, he didn’t realize it would also be the moment he lost most of his humanity, his compassion.

During boot camp he had been notoriously stoic and quiet, but that was just his personality. He was a man of few words and his superiors saw him as something to conquer, to break. For them he was one of those rare challenges that only come every few years and they tried there hardest to make him suffer. Shownu lasted through those three months of hell only because of his pride and sheer will to defy expectations. He couldn’t say he didn’t have his moments where he caved in on himself, what man didn’t have a few though?

They were only humans, not machines.

He remembered his parents crying, saying he was too young to be in the war. His mother’s read streaked face as she held onto him for dear life before he got on the train, like she was never going to see him again. He might have been young, but Shownu was the eldest in his squadron, under his captain of course. The rest of the so called men, were boys; still fresh faced, full of patriotism, and eager for action. Shownu thought he was ready as well, albeit not yearning for bloodshed as much as the others, he just didn’t know.

He didn’t know this would be the most terrifyingly beautiful time of his life.

He remembers being assigned to the mountains, where towns dotted the valleys and even clung to the sides of the mountains like industrial parasites. He thought it strangely haunting when they first flew into the mountain range by helicopter, the low lying clouds twisting near the ground as if hiding whatever lie beneath. They were there to clear out any remaining enemy forces that were lingering behind, a simple task for rookies.

As soon as they touched down though, his squad was lit up like a Christmas tree. There was gunfire on all sides; somehow the enemy had gained knowledge of their destination and arrival time, planning for an ambush. Shownu clearly remembers fumbling for his M4 Carbine, his eyes widening as he saw Minhyuk, the closest thing he’d call to being a friend, get tossed into the air like a rag doll. Grenade, he thought mechanically, body moving away from where Minhyuk’s lay in multiple pieces. He felt the contents of his stomach rise in his throat but he managed to hold it down, eyes dragging away from the mutilated bodies that fell to his left and right.

Shownu had been at the top of their graduating class, excelling particularly in marksmanship, but now his fingers felt numb and he couldn’t find it in himself to shoot. He admitted he was afraid to fire at another man, finding the thought of having another’s blood on his hands completely revolting. A sudden burst of gunfire to his right made him instinctively roll behind a low brick wall beside him. Sweat poured down his face already and his uniform was covered in grime from the rubble around him. He scanned for the owner of the firing, finding no one much to his chagrin. The broken down buildings offered pretty optimal coverage, but still allowed a sniper to pick people off easily from the rooftops. 

He realized then how vulnerable he was at that moment, heart quickening as he searched for safer cover. He was a sitting duck essentially and he started as he heard the sharp boom and echoing of an M24 Sniper, no doubt having hit its mark. If he stayed in one place longer than a few minutes he was already dead, so he decided it would be best to enter a building and find his way to high ground so that he could scan his surroundings and formulate a better plan.

Shownu remembers somehow slipping, his combat boots sliding along something wet and slick. He fell to a knee, dust and rubble flying into his eyes. His fatal mistake was when he attempted to stumble away with his back open and only one hand on his weapon, free hand swiping at his eyes. He heard the whistle, felt the impact in his leg like a sledge hammer, the searing pain that raced up his thigh and into his chest. He went down almost instantly, body feeling heavy and feather light at the same time. He somehow recalls he’s still in the middle of a battlefield and through his blurry vision, sees a broken down alley. He began to drag himself across the ground, groaning as he felt the wet hotness of blood soak through his pants and down his leg. After what felt like an eternity, he found himself propped against the alley wall, his gun laying uselessly beside him. It’s not like he could lift it right now to accurately defend himself, he knew he was dying too, so what was the point? At the rate he was bleeding out, he estimated he had been hit in a major artery and only had ten minutes at most before he passed out from blood loss. He took a shuddering breath, realizing he didn’t contribute at all. He had been the top graduate from the academy, yet he hadn’t been on a battlefield for thirty minutes and was already down.

Before darkness pulled him under, he thought to himself, that it was better this way.

He was better off dead.

Your eyes stung with sleep deprivation, knees weak with hunger as you waited for the droning of helicopters overhead to fade off. You hugged your arms around you for warmth as you picked your way out of the broken down building you used to call home, glancing at the sky to make sure there were no stragglers. The firefight had only lasted about three hours, if the sad excuse for a watch you used still worked properly. The incoming wave of soldiers walked right into a trap the moment they landed, and you felt nothing but pity for them. At least they had managed to clear out the rest of the enemy forces that had been lingering here. Saved you a lot of trouble, maybe now you didn’t have to hide in a closet for hours on end anymore. From the amount of bodies around you though, they had suffered a lot of casualties. You walked down the main road of your town, your bare feet numb to the broken debris underfoot as you scanned for any bodies. You were the last living inhabitant of your small town, and the only one for a few miles around too probably. You had explored outside and to the town over and even the one up the mountain, but the people there were hostile and unwelcoming. So you stayed, waiting out your time and chipping away at leftover resources and whatever soldiers had on their person, usually standard military provisions that were made to only last a few days. You figured when you finally ran out of food and water you would then think about moving elsewhere, but for now you were content with the autonomy and isolation.

You didn’t usually find survivors, you waited long enough that they were all usually dead by then. You really were softhearted, regardless of your cold tactics, so when you stumbled upon a man that was still barely breathing in an alley way, you felt your stomach sinking at the sight. He was propped against the wall, eyes shut as his breath whistled softly between his parted lips. His leg was a mess to say the least, a clean shot through a major artery in his thigh. You crouched down and gently peeled back the torn fabric of his pants and winced as it stuck to the bullet hole. You heard him give a small whimper in his sleep, your heart skipping at his vulnerability. You realized then you couldn’t just leave him, he looked so young, probably your age.

You carefully searched his person, looking for any medial supplies through his pack that was abandoned and unopened beside him. You realized he hadn’t even tried to help himself at all and you felt sadness curl in your stomach. When you found nothing you pursed your lips, as you mumbled to yourself, “They’re really starting to get slim on provisions now, aren’t they? Not even giving basic medical supplies to soldiers anymore.” He wasn’t bleeding, which surprised you more than anything really. How he wasn’t dead was an anomaly.
You stood up, talking more to yourself than him, “I’m going back to my house to get medical supplies. Don’t die while I’m away, okay? I’m putting myself out there for you, buddy.” You don’t know why you expected a reply, but you somehow tore yourself away and headed back out onto the main road that led to your house at a light jog. From all the attacks that happened at your town, you had scavenged quite a collection of medical supplies. You first began to do so when the war had initially started because your mother was the town’s doctor. You knew so much now, having picked up basic wound care and suturing from her. Now that it was just you, those skills just weren’t as useful anymore. You’re sure your mother would’ve wanted you to actively go out and aid wounded soldiers, but to tell the truth, you were too afraid after seeing all the destruction they caused. 

You quickly retrieved the supplies you needed from a room in your house that used to serve as your mother’s clinic. You stuffed everything into a bag and left to return to the wounded soldier in the alley way, mind pondering and repeating the basic steps of treating a bullet wound.

He was still in the same position as before, propped haphazardly against the crumbling wall. On your way back from your house you had ran as fast as your bare feet would allow, suddenly scared he actually was dying, making you desperate to return. As you knelt beside him again, you took your knife and carefully cut into his pants a hole big enough to access his thigh. You inspected the wound closer and eyes widening, “You don’t know how lucky you are, soldier. The bullet went clean through and you’re already stabilizing…how?”

This man was one tough son of a bitch, you thought as you began to clean the wound. He jerked subconsciously and you cooed, “Now we’ll have none of that…,” you fiddled for his dog tags in his shirt, fingers brushing against cold metal and the hot skin of his chest. You pulled them out and read his full name, and date of birth, but tilted your head at the name in quotes, “Shownu…?” You let them bounce back down against his chest with a metallic clink. “You must’ve been quite popular if you got a nickname printed on your dog tags.”

You noticed how hot his skin had felt and your eyebrows suddenly furrowed in worry, “Don’t tell me…” As gently and as quickly as you could you removed his helmet and military jacket, leaving him in a plain white shirt that was startlingly white against the grayness of your surroundings. You felt his forehead and noticed he was panting, “Shit, it’s infected. We need to lay you down, buddy.” You don’t know why you were surprised, most bullet wounds got infected within a few hours and it had been roughly four since the battle initially began. Assuming he’d been here most of the time, the bacteria was already doing quite a number on the wound.

He was a lot bulkier than you initially thought, full of heavy, taut muscle, which caused you to struggle to get him into a laying position. He groaned as you plopped him down with an audible thud and felt relieved, “At least you’re still feeling some pain, that means you aren’t too far gone yet.“ 

You needed to get his leg above his heart and looked around you for anything to prop his leg up with. You saw the forgotten pack of some soldier, it would work perfectly. You dragged the heavy pack over and diligently worked to lift his leg and slide the bag under without causing too much discomfort. The trickiest thing to do now was clean the area around the wound and keep it all as sanitary as possible. You wish he was still conscious so you could possibly find a way to get him back to your home, but seeing as he was unconscious just from pain and blood loss, there was no chance he’d be moving anytime soon.

Over the next few days he stabilized and the wound was fighting off infection well with the antibiotics you were siphoning him. You managed to get water down his throat, but you were worried because he hadn’t eaten anything yet. You stayed by his side and watched him carefully, only sleeping and bathing when you absolutely needed to. You don’t know why Shownu seemed so special to you, but you had the feeling your mother would want this, so you remained.

You had been laying half asleep next to him when he suddenly started awake with a loud gasp like a man saved from drowning. He looked around with wild eyes finally finding your scrawny form next to his. He attempted to move and groaned at the pain that followed. You raised your hands in an attempt to calm him, "Hey, take it easy. I’m not here to hurt you, my name is ______." 

He didn’t seem to relax at all, his eyes darting around trying to take in his surroundings, "What-…How-?”

You gently pushed him down by his chest, talking soothingly and methodically, “I found you after the fighting had died down when I was scavenging for supplies.” You saw his eyes soften and his body relax, “I’ve been taking care of your wound, you’ve been unconscious for almost five days.”

He raised a hand and passed it through his hair, his breathing shaky, “I should be dead.” His eyes were full of disbelief as he took in his surroundings. You could tell he wasn’t fully convinced yet that he was safe.

“I’m not going to lie,” you reached for a water canteen, unscrewing the cap, “You should be. I don’t even know how you managed to hang on for so long. But you’re stable now, don’t worry,” you pressed the canteen to his chapped lips, “Here, drink. You need your fluids.”

He gingerly sipped from the bottle, his big hand molding over yours as he drained it in mere seconds after realizing his thirst. He looked you over, taking in your tattered, dirty rags you used for a tunic dress of sorts and your dirty brown feet. Regardless of your current appearance, he saw past the grime and took in the soft features that were stained with the harshness of war, the eyes that looked so boldly into his. If anything, he might consider you a guardian angel.

He cleared his throat, it was hoarse from disuse, “I thought this town was abandoned.”

You were removing his old bandages, your voice light, “It was, except for me.”

His interest was piqued, “Why stay?”

You smiled wryly to yourself, “I can’t seem to let go. Really though, I’m just too stubborn,” you squinted up at the clouds, the sun was uncharacteristically bright today, “Plus the other towns aren’t too friendly to outsiders. They’re afraid of spies and apparently I look like one.” You gestured to yourself with another smile, and saw his confusion and quickly added, “It’s not that bad though, I like being alone.”

He gulped, eyes scanning your face and wondering if he was just hallucinating, “Thank you for saving my life. I’m Sh-”

“Shownu,” you grinned, glancing down to his dog tags that lay on his broad chest. He gave a small smile and you were struck by how much light was in it, his eyes crinkling sweetly. A surprising feature for such a stoic face. You felt almost entranced by the warmth he put off, even to a stranger like you.

“What did you say your name was again?”

You smiled, your face flushing as you felt something kindling in your stomach, “I’m ______.”

It had been a few weeks since you first found Shownu close to death in an alley way. A few days after he woke up, you managed to salvage pieces of wood to construct a homemade crutch that could hold his weight. You remember feeling so anxious as you watched the sweat pour off him as he struggled to not put his full weight on you. He didn’t complain at all though, making your heart swell at his braveness. You didn’t realize it then, but he was beginning to chip away at your heart slowly but surely.

Shownu now stayed in your sad excuse for a house with you, his recovery going well. You only feared that the damage to the muscle and tissue around his thigh would impair his walking because he still was unable to walk around without assistance.

The two of you mostly spent long nights around a small cooking fire in your backyard, digging into cans of beans. You talked for hours on end, Shownu telling you about his life before the war and the strains of boot camp, how much he missed his parents. You listened with great interest, having not paid much attention to the war for a while now only out of spite.

“You know, I always thought all soldiers were the same, enemy or friendly,” you admitted one night. “That they only caused destruction and didn’t care for the damage they were causing others or their surroundings, their homes.” You looked wistfully down into the town. Your house was perched high on top of a hill, giving a once beautiful view of the place.

To your surprise he nodded in agreement, “You’re pretty much right. But I can tell you there are some who really do want to help, to protect.” He gave a wry smile, sadness leaking into his voice, “But most of the good men are the ones who die first.” He thought of Minhyuk and his warmth, how he always attempted to ease everyone’s worries.

You in turn told him of your life before your small town was hit by enemy forces and turned into a battleground. You told him of your mother and her selflessness, how you even had a fiance who died in the first attack protecting her. You remember crying in front of him for the first time in almost a year, built up emotions spilling out of you as you babbled and babbled on. Shownu held you, his big arms wrapping your frame into his chest and whispering softly how brave you were, that you weren’t alone anymore. Tears leaking into a shirt you had given him that your fiance once wore. So much for saying you liked being alone. You realized you craved companionship after all this time, and Shownu gave all his time to you.

It was one of those nights again, you sat huddled into Shownu’s side, his large presence comforting. The fire crackled almost cheerfully as you stared into the flames deep in thought. You didn’t want to admit it, but you were falling hard for the soldier. You doubted he would ever look at a sad thing like you as more than a savior, someone who had rescued him in his time of need. But you liked to imagine that he thought of you the same way, that he was staying with you because he wanted to, not because he needed you to move around and care for him.

You thought of how you helped him bathe earlier that day before dinner, your eyes trying to stay above the torso as you blushed at his nakedness. He noticed your nervousness and smiled secretly to himself, satisfied to see you’re hidden shy personality. You took note of how content he seemed when you were with him like that, and you felt flattered that he would allow you to see him when he was most vulnerable. You never spoke when washed him, afraid that you would begin stumbling over your tongue and making a fool out of yourself in front of him. You could tell he enjoyed seeing you flustered, and it secretly made you happier than you cared to admit.

Shownu suddenly broke the silence, fingers picking at a loose thread on his pants. “They all probably think I’m dead,” he mused, looking into the red flames. “My parents probably think I’m long gone. I’m sure by now someone in my squad alerted our captain after I went down. They don’t ever really go back to check bodies, they just see who’s still with them or not.”

You felt guilt prick at you suddenly. Should you have been helping Shownu develop a plan to get back home this whole time? Had you been keeping him prisoner without realizing it? You didn’t know what to say, so you broke the question that was weighing heavy in the air, your voice feather soft, “Do you want to go home, Shownu?”

He was silent for a few moments, a habit you now knew was him piecing together his thoughts before speaking. “I don’t know anymore.”

You remained quiet and let him continue on, “I want to see my parents again, but I also don’t want to go back to a war filled place. The capital is safe, for now, but if I go back I’ll only have to be drafted again.”

You felt anger bubble up in your chest, “But why? You should be exempt because of your injury, there’s no way they would send you out again.”

He smiled endearingly down at you, his right eye crinkling just a little more than his left, “I wish it were that simple. But the military is desperate for more numbers. Before I left, they were thinking of extending the draft both up and down, meaning younger and older people could be having to fight soon as well.”

“But,” he turned to you now, taking in your features that seemed to glow, “I don’t want to leave this place.”

Your throat felt tight, as his dark eyes penetrated you, “Why?”

“Because I don’t want to leave you, _____,” his brow furrowed and he reached a hand up to cup your cheek, “I think I love you more than anything else. Through this hell that’s happening around us, I love you.”

Your hands were shaking as you processed his words, “I-.” It was all you wanted to hear and more, but why weren’t you happy?

Oh, that’s right.

Tears spilled down your cheeks and Shownu looked down at you in concern, “_____? What’s wrong?”

Your voice was barely a whisper as you stood up slowly, “You don’t actually love me.” Your shoulders shook with the effort it was taking to not sob.

Shownu’s eyes widened in confusion, he didn’t understand at all what you meant. He thought you would be happy he finally confessed to you, having bottled up his feelings since he’d gotten to know you. He believed you felt the same way as him, why were you so upset? His voice was rough, “What are you talking about? Of course I do, how could you say that?” He struggled to stand up by himself, frustration running through him as he failed to do so, wanting nothing more than to take you into his arms and embrace you like a man. He fell back onto his bottom uncomfortably, seeing you backing away like a caged animal made his heart sink.

You didn’t know what to do, help him or leave. Your heart throbbed with sadness as you let out a strangled sob and ran back into the house, tearing through the halls until you reached your room. You didn’t even bother to close the door, knowing guiltily that Shownu would be unable to follow you. You collapsed onto the pile of blankets on the floor you called your bed and wailed pitifully. You ruined it all, what was wrong with you? Why couldn’t you just except his love and have everything fall happily into place?

You buried your face into a blanket that smelled of soot and sadness, muffling your sobs as best you could. It had only been a few minutes before you heard pained grunts down the hall and you bolted upright. There was no way in hell he’d been able to stand himself up, his crutch was propped in the kitchen at the front of the house…was he walking by himself?

You heard pants and groans, hands sliding harshly against the peeling paint of the walls as he leaned against them for support. You were afraid to stand up, afraid to confirm your thoughts. So you waited the longest minute of your life, tear blurred eyes landing on the tall figure that leaned against the frame of your doorway. 

Shownu’s shoulders sagged with effort, his hands shaking as he gripped the door frame and attempted to pull himself into your room. His voice shook, but his words were laced with conviction, “______, look at me.”

You shook your head, burying your face in your hands as your body was racked with sobs, “S-stop.” Fear and concern raced through you as you thought of all the ways he could have reopened his wound. He could be bleeding out again and you were doing nothing to make sure he was okay.

He placed a hand on his chest, fingers gripping at his dog tags desperately as if to anchor himself, “I love you, ______. I would put myself through a world of pain, drag myself from hell, just to be with you.”

“You don’t love me Shownu!,” you cried out, hands swiping furiously at your eyes. “You’re  confusing gratefulness with love!" 

He looked at you in disbelief, "Is that what you think?,” he was close to you know, on the verge of collapse. “______, I am grateful, I will be forever thankful to you for saving my life. But I didn’t fall in love with you because of that. I fell in love with _______, the girl who is stronger than any soldier, who suffered in silence by herself, who fought off this war just by existing.” He fell to his knees before you, hands coming up to grip your biceps tightly, “The girl who made me feel like the man I was before this war. Who made me remember who I was. Damn it, _____, I love you!”

His hold on your arms reminded you that even when crippled and weak, he was still strong enough to hold you this securely. Your voice was barely a whisper as you croaked out, choking on your words, “God, I love you. I love you so, so much.”

Shownu jerked you into his arms then, wrapping you up as if to try and pull you into his body. You pulled away enough to look up at him, noticing a familiar haze in his eyes that you hadn’t seen in a long time, you tugged him down into your lips. 

The soldier complied happily, surprisingly soft lips melding harshly into yours. He kissed you aggressively, desperate to feel as much of you as he could. You felt his hands slide up your back and tangle into your hair as you tugged on his simple white shirt anxiously.

He pulled away, eyes taking in your swollen lips and glassy eyes that looked up at him adoringly. “_______…”

You kissed up his jaw, nosing your way to the soft spot behind his ear as you sucked and bit gently. You heard him sigh into your kisses and you were suddenly pushed onto your back. He attacked your lips again, taking his time to kiss you passionately. His actions were sure and he stopped only to let you tug his shirt off to reveal his broad tan chest to you, which you hungrily attached your lips to. He let you mark his chest and collarbones, fingers softly stroking your shoulders as your hands wrapped around his neck. Compared to Shownu, your lips moved quickly and feverishly while his moved slowly but surely. 

He pulled himself out of your reach, making you whine softly. He smiled at this, and tucked your hair behind your ear as he whispered, “Let me show you just how much you mean to me, ______.”

You nodded and his fingers touched the tattered hem of your rag dress. Heat crept to your core as you thanked your past self for having ran out of underwear. The thin sheet you had turned into clothing was the only barrier between him and you. His touch was hot on the cold skin of your thigh and you shivered at the contrast. 

He gazed down at you seriously, his eyes hard and full of passion, “Let me make love to you.”

You blushed, having never heard those words spoken out loud to you before. A small embarrassed smile crept across your face and you laid a hand across your mouth to cover it from the heat of his gaze. You could only nod in response, afraid that you would stumble over your tongue trying to find the right thing to say back.

His fingers were quick to remove your sad excuse for clothing, face suddenly heating up as he regarded your nakedness, “You’re so beautiful.” He let his hands trail down your ribs and into the graceful curve of your hips, nails leaving light red marks. He looked down at you sheepishly, “I want to feel you.” He gestured to his pants and you realized he would need help removing them without causing himself pain. 

You sat up with a smile, moving to the side so he could lay down where you were, “Lay down.”

He settled himself back and watched you with hooded eyes as you carefully unbuttoned his pants and slid them down his legs. He couldn’t help but feel himself grow hard at the sight of you between his legs, tongue darting out to lick your lips as you helped him undress. You slid his army boots and socks off as well, throwing them carelessly behind you, causing a smile to rise to his lips. Shownu was in nothing but his underwear now and you gulped at the prominent outline of his member that was pressed against the fabric. He saw your hesitance and gently gripped your hand, bringing it down to his member and moving your hand against him. He groaned as his much larger hand covered your own and you shivered at the feel of his member twitching below you. He massaged his member with your hand and let out a long groan of satisfaction as his length strained against the tight fabric of his underwear.

You suddenly felt bold and reached up to the waistband of his briefs, fingers teasingly tracing his hips before sliding the last bit of fabric down and off his legs. You sat back on your heels and took in his body with a gasp. Tan, rippling muscle that made you feel safe just by looking at it, his chest heaving with want to touch you, and his member twitching at the thought of being inside of you.

You crawled toward him and he rolled you over, ignoring the pain that shot through his leg as he caged you into his arms below him. You looked up at him in concern, “Are you okay? Does it hurt?” He didn’t respond, but kissed the tops of your breasts tenderly, sucking briefly on the skin so that a dark pink mark sat just above your heart. You gasped when you suddenly felt his hand cup your core, a finger sliding languidly into you as you arched into his touch. 

“More,” you mewled weakly, rolling your hips into his fingers. 

He rubbed your clit, generously complying to your demands as pleasure shot through your stomach. He gave a small crooked smile, watching as you twisted beneath him and fucked back into his fingers, “So needy.”

You surprised him when you reached down and took hold of his length, pumping him to the same rhythm as his fingers sliding in and out of you. He gave a small groan and rocked into your hand, his head falling into the crook of your neck as your bodies moved in synchronization. Everywhere his bare skin touched yours made your heart race, you hadn’t had this much skin on skin contact in so long. You felt incredibly affected by every little thing he did, whether it was his moans or the feeling of his chest brushing against your perked nipples. 

Shownu’s voice shook as he retracted his fingers from your core and stilled your hand on his cock, “P-please, I need you.”

In response you hooked your legs around his leg and pulled him close enough to feel his member brush your wet folds. He gave a soft moan, taking hold of his cock and pushing into you carefully. His movements were sure as he began to rock into you slowly, his eyes shut in ecstasy as your walls sucked him in tightly. 

To your surprise he came down and embraced you, his arms sliding around you, one of his hands cupping your head and tangling in your hair. You wrapped your arms around him as well, his thrusts increasing in speed as you moved in tandem with him. He pressed butterfly kisses to your face, letting his lips trace over your skin lazily as he lost himself in the feeling of you. Your fingers scratched distinct red lines down his broad back, a moan rising in your throat as the snapping of his hips suddenly became much rougher. His power took you by surprise, your body easily manipulated by the lightest of touches.
He brought his lips to yours as he cradled your head, tongue dancing with yours as his high approached. He let out audible pants, his hips crushing into you at a neck break speed. He suddenly stilled with a shudder, filling you with his seed as he road his high out.

Barely taking time to bask in his afterglow, Shownu slipped out of you and snaked his way down your body. His lips attached to your clit, teeth teasing your sensitive bundle as he maintained eye contact with you. Your back arched as he pumped three fingers into your slickness, his voice as soft as velvet to your ears, “Come for me, _____. I want to see you come for me.”

His fingers quickened and his mouth didn’t stop working on your clit, causing you to cry out as your orgasm approached. Seeing him work at your soaked core in between your legs sent you over the edge and you came with a silent scream, head thrown to the side as the feeling washed over you. Shownu continued to pleasure you, allowing you to follow ride out your high for as long as possible.

When you finally came down, your body heaving from loss of breath, he let his lips drag up your body until he met yous. He kissed you soothingly, his arms bringing you to lay on his chest as he pulled you on top of him. You brought one of your well used sheets with you, covering your bodies from the night’s chill.

He smiled contently up at you from where you lay propped up on his chest, “I love you.”

You blushed happily, the dusty rose color of after love making a beautiful contrast to the plainness of your room. You pecked his swollen lips, “I love you more.”

You suddenly had a thought, settling into his arms, “If you want to go find your parents, it’s okay.”

He began to protest, but you quickly shushed him and grinned, “You’ll just have to take me with you.”

Shownu’s eyes crinkled as he smiled, chuckling at your demand. “You’re definitely not going anywhere _____, not without me at least.”

The two of you discussed plans for the after the war, not really caring that much for the future though because what mattered was now. Life was too unpredictable, which could be good or bad. It’s just what you happen to make of it; like turning the life of a near dead soldier upside down and consequently falling in love with him at the same time. 

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Can I get a Happy letter (if they're still open) about his old ladies migraines and mood swings (one of the guys could tease her in a friendly playful way but she takes it too seriously and starts yelling?) I get horrible migraines and had mood swings all day today.

Sorry this took so long! I’ve been having some technical difficulties lately. 

Babe? You can come out now. You don’t need to hide in my dorm room. I explained the situation to the boys. They understand. Although I think you terrified Juice and as much as I enjoy the boys knowing exactly how ruthless you can be… I need to know that you’re alright. You’re migraines have been really bad this week. Is everything ok? Do you need me to get anything? I’ll gladly punch Juice in the face if you need it. He’s had it coming to him for a while now. I just need an excuse. On second though - you don’t have to come out but let me in. Let me know what you need, even if it’s nothing. I kicked all the guys out anyways. It’s just in here. No one to tease you and set you off. I’m going to stand outside this door until you let me in. Bad mood or not, you’re still my old lady. - Happy

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So I've been thinking....how about,instead of the Evil Chat Noir in the post someone did a while ago about the original possessing Adrien isn't really evil? Like,maybe he deceived everyone about him eating all the ice cream in their fridges,and while that may be a jerk move,he also donates to charities and gives kittens and puppies a loving home. In fact,the only reason why Ladybug turns him back is because he flirts and puns at her at EVERY. SINGLE. OPPURTUNITY. HE. GETS. And you know what the

(Continuation of the Evil Chat Noir Isn’t Really Evil AU) He cheers her on when she defeats her! Basically,he’s a sickly sweet goody two shoes flirt,with a love of puns,but puts a bad boy facade because he’s trying to ‘look good for the public’,and his idea of ‘bad boy’ is stealing from everyone’s fridges and badly lieing about it. At night.(He did like the ice cream,though he got a massive tummy ache afterwards.)

So basically this boy is just completely incapable of being actually bad and instead runs around rooftops screaming, “how bad me be”



part of me wants so badly to learn how to filter my words 

but the other part of me doesn’t because that’s just really not who i am

if i feel something, i say it

i’ve always been like that 

i still remember in 7th grade i had this crush on some boy and i decided i was going to tell him i liked him even though i had no idea if he reciprocated the feelings

it’s who i am

so even though i may sit here feeling regret for speaking up or hit my head for saying things i know is bad in the moment 

i know that at the end of the day, i will never not want to let the people i love know how i feel 

you really never know when it’s going to be the last time with someone 

sometimes you’re completely blindsided 

and sometimes you’re prepared

but the last thing you should do is hold in those thoughts and feelings 

it’s going to sting either way 

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Aaaaaaahhhh I can’t really help because I wouldn’t know how to!!
I’m so weak for boys wetting the bed, it is soooo cute I could talk about it all day XD

I feel so bad that he’s upset though! Poor thing~ :C
If I were you I’d hug him and help him in any way I can, and tell him that it was just an accident and it happens to everyone! He may be embarrassed now but I’m sure he’ll get over his embarrassment soon, and he can look past it ( ^ - ^)
Then it’ll be a secret you and him share together :3

You should tooootally update me on the situation though because I want to know how it turned out!

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Ion so confused ! I dress and feel masculine lots of the times (I even cut my hair short) and I would want to be perceived as a boy but male pronouns make me uncomfortable? And many (but not all) ftms said they knew they were trans bc they "felt like a male" what does that mean specifically. I know I get really bad dysphoria to the point of anx attacks but I'm having such a hard time. Anything would help! Thanks '!

Kai says:

everyone’s experience with gender is different but equally valid. If you don’t like he/him pronouns, that is valid and fine. You could try they/them or any other pronoun you like. Though you could certainly be a binary guy, you could be a nonbinary guy, nonbinary, demiboy, etc. There are many labels, and if you choose to use one, I hope you find something comfortable.

continued from x || @mcltiple

one of the first things alejandro noticed was that mal looked surprisingly… peaceful when he slept. having seen the brooding boy just being so… himself had made a constant impression on alejandro, so seeing him this way was really a change. a pleasant one, though.

he couldn’t help but stare at the dark boy in wonder. why did he never sleep? that was all he could think. clearly nothing bad is happening, so what gives? the more alejandro thought about it, the more he just realized that mal was really calm as he slept, and he wished that mal was constantly like this.


I ran 10 miles! Double digits! Can we get marathon training back on track now?

The last 3 miles were horrible though, I’d be lying if I said this was an easy run.

Went out for the boy’s boss’s birthday last night. I hadn’t met him before and I’m rubbish with new people so was a bit nervous about it. He was really nice and I ended up having such a good time!!

Firstly he’s into punk and ska and his favourite band also happens to be Bad Religion so there was lots of talk about that.

And secondly him and his girlfriend are runners, they met at a running club. His girlfriend ran Boston this year so naturally that was a big topic of conversation! She was awesome, I really liked her! Runners are the best ;)

Dalton was scribbling in his notebook, his hands shaking. He could barely draw a stick figure but when he learned the boy he had a crush on was an artist, he started drawing more to impress him. He hated this class because he sat next to Matthew’s best friend, Alvera. They ended up being lab partners and he wanted to bad to reach out and ask for some pointers about Matt but he just couldn’t. He felt a little more confident today though since it had been a really good day for him so far so he decided to finally speak up. “So-” he stopped because his voice cracked. Dalton’s cheeks heated up and he almost didn’t continue. But he cleared his throat and kept talking. “What’s Matthew Foss like?”


heres why im really fucking iffy about dirkroxy even being a thing

in this pesterlog roxy is talking about how she felt embarrassed about her past behavior because she would constantly flirt with dirk and hassle him every day until she realized that “oh shit my boy is gay i should probably stop my advances on him”

and you know thats ok because she realized what she was doing wrong and decided to stop flirting with him and thats good she did a good thing

a reason why i think dirkroxy would be really fucking bad and toxic though is because roxy would be happy in that relationship, yeah, but dirk wouldnt be because he isnt “staying true to himself”

it would feel pretty forced for him because even though he isnt happy himself he would feel like hed have to stay in the relationship because as he said before its something that she “deserves”

dirkroxy just sends me bad vibes all over because theyve both felt like shit over this

Topp Dogg reaction to after a bad fight with their s/o they cant contact them

the-dorastefani said:

Hello!!!! How would TOPP DOGG react to their gf not having any contact with them for days after a really bad fight?(like messages and calls) thank yooouuu 

This was a little harder to answer hopefully you enjoy <3


*I feel he would ignore you first but after he realizes you aren’t coming back he would call and be very worried and upset you don’t pick up he would go on a manhunt to find you and checking everywhere you might be and getting the boys involved*

‘It’s all my fault… what if she/he/they are injured? Where are they? Urgh i am such an ass i should’ve gone after her/him/them’

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*Though his tough imagine his love to his sister show that he has a big heart and wouldn’t go after you when you left cause he wanted to curl up and cry. Once the boys came and checked up on him cause of the crying they would tell him to call you or go to your house and apologize he would but once he called 5 times and went to your house and if you weren’t there (maybe you at a friends or parents house) he would close himself in till you talked to him.*

‘i-i-i feel guilty…. where is/are she/he/they’

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*He would hold his anger for a long time but if you didn’t get back to him in two weeks he would contact your friends or family member and when they said they havent heard from you or seen you in those weeks he would be furious at himself for being selfish on would check everywhere for you*

‘Y/n this isn’t funny… Where are you?’

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*He’d worry the moment the door slammed shut  he would call you everyday each call getting more frantic his need for you growing more and more each second. He’d regret everything he said and everything he did.*

‘Jagiya, if you hear t-this voice mail please know im sorry. I dont know if you blocked me or if your phone died please know i love you and need to see you again beautiful… i miss you so much’

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*He is very quiet at times but he calls nonstop after you left and would go searching for you to apologize for how unnecessarily rude he was and how he would want to talk you out on a date to make it up to you. He would panic when the messages didn’t say read and you didn’t return them he wouldn’t sleep well till you did. he would be a zombie*

‘Please at least message me’

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*This boy would try to convince himself to hold on that You’re just trying to get back at him for the fight but he has feelings and feels bad for fighting with you though he put on his pokerface and acts like he doesn’t bother him*

‘This is killing me inside will he/she/they forgive me?’

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*Worried sick and i bet he’d be like a worried mum when you got back he would be mad and disappointed but he is only worried about you*

‘Baby you can’t just disappear like that and especially if you don’t come back the next day! You made me worry so much’

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*This sweetheart would blame himself right from the moment you left. He wouldn’t sleep right till you were back in his arms where you belong*

‘Why am i such an idiot?’

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*He is a sweetheart but he would be mad over the argument and not notice he may call once but he would think its the best to get air then see each after you two have calmed down*

‘First i want to apologize i was a bit out of line’

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*He would be broken Much like Sehyuk but would give up on emotions tile you show up again much like Hojoon and he would get snappy with everyone around him*

‘….. Nothing is bothering me! I can get that! Stop touching you’re gonna break something- Nevermind’

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*he puts up a bad guy image and act cool but he is a cute and cuddly guy like Sehyuk but he would be like Hansol and be able to hold a grudge but he would want air so he wouldn’t blame you for not picking up the phone he’d wait for you to comeback*

‘I miss you let’s sort things out as mature as we can’

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*Though at times he can be very witty and sarcastic he would feel this very deeply and his mind would always wonder to the bad things that happened when you walked out. When you first walked out he would push it down the next day he would think maybe you got hurt but then he would think you are too strong and that made it home right then when the next day come around the same anxiety came back and to which he phone only for it go to your voice mail he would let his emotions out and cry wonder where you are*
‘She/He/They are definitely not fine…. They are definitely not fine… where are you?’

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*This little buttercup-snutchkin-cutiepie has been know to take hate into his beautiful heart so whatever you said in the fight he would take in into consideration and take it seriously. He would be angry and hurt that you guys fought and with you having no contact and not telling or forewarning him he would get more hurt and angry and would need air*

‘I love you, let’s sort this out?’

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Hi I have a quick question what was Zayn like when you met him? I always hear that he is sweet from fans that met and interviewers seem to fall in love with him there seems to be a disconnect between his social media and how he acts in person it's like him/his team try too hard to to portray him as a bad boy? Have a lovely day or night!

I think everyone can see the disconnect like honestly when I met him he was so sweet and he just wanted everyone to have a good time and enjoy his music. He was really quiet though, and super nervous and a bit awkward. If you don’t know zayn the way his fans do and just look at his ig, you’d never expect the boy I met that night lol but at this point we all know how zayn is, so I wasn’t surprised by how he was when I met him, I was just totally endeared lmao

This was kinda all over the place I’m sorry lol I hope this helped!

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We know the boys are no heroes, but I feel like the way David took in Star and Laddie and let them live with him, maybe vampires are capable of compassion. Do you think they'd rescue damsels in distress from being held at gunpoint/rape? Almost anti-hero than flat up bad or villain.

A lot of people make David out to be completely careless with that, I really don’t give a shit attitude, and though it’s partially correct, it’s not entirely correct. He actually does have a sympathetic soul, as stated by Kiefer himself. He’s more of an antagonist than a straight up villain despite being a vampire. And I hold my theory that they do draw the line when it comes to certain things. Especially children. I’ve had visions of Dwayne killing people off for abuse to them. Although I don’t really see any of them playing the hero that often, but I wouldn’t put it past Paul to save a girl or two from certain circumstances. The question is, would they be able to control their own desires after? And I’m not talking about rape. I don’t believe that because they are vampires they rape people. That’s just stupid. I’m talking about the blood lust.

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Do you think that they will face consequences for their actions? I am new to kpop but I heard the agencies are rather hard on their idols.

Honestly. Like JYP has settled worse problems in my opinion. *blows dust off my Kpop history book and opens it to page 4* 2PM was a mess and JYP handled it. Bambam fucked up and he needs to be held accountable for his actions. I doubt he’ll be forced to make an apology video but it’s bambam so I know he will mention it at least. I do think JYP will scold the boys though…even though it’s not their fault but it 3k+ people are talking about something and it’s trending worldwide…that’s a no no no. Plus from my knowledge this is their first bad thing to really happen w/ them.

My biggest fear is that bc of marks dusty ass friends recording them like fangirls, we won’t get to see their like normal personalities anymore bc they will be afraid they will fuck up. Like they either will be boring af when they come back to America bc they won’t want any bad press or they will be super contained all the time. WHICH WOULD SUCK BC THIS AINT OUR FAULT.

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i went to china over spring break as an exchange student and my friend was going to be hosted by a young chinese boy named seth rollins. seth rollins the chinese boy called my friend on the train to the city to tell him that he had to find a new host, but felt really bad so seth rollins wrote my friend a scroll of calligraphy as an apology. seth rollins also wore a peacoat every single day even though it was hot and the school had a uniform. he ALSO had a mustache that was just acne

oh AND seth rollins only spoke one sentence in english and it was “seth rollins wwe superstar”

this is an amazing story, thank you for sharing it with me.


Harding had caught Ripley with Eric at the Notell Motel, which is why he spent Leon’s party fuming. He really doesn’t have a leg to stand on, though, and it’s all material. You can get four or five songs out of a really good bad relationship.

Apart from that, it was an excellent party, and Leon headed off to an apartment downtown, where he needs to find a team within a week or kiss his dreams of sports stardom good-by.


I have a thing for deep male voices, as I am sure will come as no surprise to anyone who knows me.  (For those who don’t, my husband has like this totally gorgeous speaking voice, I melt at the sound of Keith Hamilton Cobb or Chris Hemsworth speaking, and that boy who does the original pronunciation video of Shakespeare is just *fans* distracting)  So, voices, yeah.


Benedict Cumberbatch does like… Nothing for me.  I mean, for me, he’s like… minus attractive.   Seriously.  I mean like old gropey bad breath guy levels of turnoff.

Not sure why. (never met the man or anything)  But even though he genuinely has a lovely voice, I find him a complete turn-off.

I know a lot of people who are into men find him really attractive, and that’s cool and all, but holy moley… not me.

Bad boy- Jack Gilinsky- teaser

No matter what no one was ever good enough for their little girl. You could be a prince, the best human ever and nothing is good enough for my parents. Which I always confused about because i wasn’t awesome, I was actually very flawed.
I was messy, didn’t really like sports, anti-social, but I was smart and pretty which went far with my parents.
I always went for the top guys because it was my senior year and I wanted a date to prom and I want a boyfriend. But damn was a drawn to danger.
Jack Gilinsky. Typical school bad ass, bad boy, anything with fucking girls, drugs, wearing black, being an asshole, and getting in to fights, he was all over it.
He was so hot though.

A/n: WASSUP BITCHESSSS!!!! So this is a preview of my new imagine. Y'all get ready for this bc it’s my favorite so far 😁