More butterfly!Levi Au stuffs. Eren looks a whole lot younger than I intended but ehhh he’s cute XD. Eren’s not used to receving kisses from a handsome butterfly prince, especially when he has feelings for him hohohoho. Bonus butterfly in a handmade sweater from Eren -w-

I’m probably gonna do more goofy doodles like this heheh

Gust of Wind - Pietro Maximoff x Reader

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Words: 1019
Pairing: Pietro Maximoff x Reader
Featuring: Wanda
Warnings: swearing, fighting, fluff
Requested by @maximoffweasley via messages
Maybe like the reader is a normal civilian and she is organizing books at the bookstore and it’s about to be attacked by hydra and Pietro goes in to save her but she is stubborn because she has to finish her job and after he saved her, she’s very grateful. And of course he’s a flirty cocky shit about it xD
Authors Note: i honestly dont have much to say but ive been really busy lately and i should probably get some more sleep. I love Pietro.


“We get a lot of weird people in here,” Your boss told you on the first day you started your new job, “Don’t listen to a word they say. They’re usually trying to get you out of the store so they can either take stuff from in here, or take stuff from you. You’re safe in here, just don’t listen to some people.” She told you.

“Okay?” You replied. It’s a bookstore, how bad can it be? “I’ll be sure to take care of that?”

Every time someone new entered the store, you tended to remember the conversation from with your boss. You now worked there for a few months, and nothing strange happened. Sure, there was an occasional drunk trying to buy a book, but that could happen anywhere. No one ever came up to you and tried to get you out of the store, unlike your boss said.

Usually, the store had a few people in it at a time. But today, it seemed like a ghost town; not many people were even outside. Was something going on?

Opposite to your thoughts, you started to take inventory of the store and stock the books that needed to be placed on display or re-located. Over the months you had been at the bookstore, you grew to love it more than you thought you could. It became one of your favorite places to be, even if your boss was a little whacky.

You usually kept to your side of town, not venturing too far into the city. You never went near Stark Tower or anything related to the Avengers, as you actually didn’t believe in many of them. Sometimes, it all looked too much like a popularity and false hope stunt; it was hard to believe it was real. A god, a super soldier, enhanced people? It was all too strange for you.

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My ocs (*゚ー゚)ゞ

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Well, since I been getting asks aplenty on the subject, I might as well spread the love- what are your personal assessments of the various incarnations of Sonic out there? Not so much a matter of measuring like or dislike, just... how do you see them?

Hmm! To be honest considering the vast number of continuities out there I haven’t thought too deeply on the vast number of incarnations there are of him XD

SatAM!Sonic is probably my favorite just due to the amount of depth he’s got going for him. And let’s face it, in general, Sonic isn’t a character who gets much in the way of depth, so SatAM is most definitely appreciated. Like I mentioned to you, he shows a lot of symptoms of PTSD and he strikes me as a lot more fragile than he generally lets on. Sonic’s Nightmare was especially revealing of this. He has nightmares and flashbacks that can literally shut him down in the middle of a crisis. That episode also did a lot to show his overall insecurities. I think he feels as though the entire outcome on the war is riding on his shoulders. The statement Sally makes in the nightmare is also telling - “Where were you when the brains were being handed out?” speaks volumes because we know Sonic to be a guy who underestimates situations and overestimates himself. And to be honest, I think he does that intentionally. I feel as though there’s a fine line keeping him from shutting down altogether and he literally HAS to keep himself from thinking deeply in order to keep his head clear on the goal. It’s a coping mechanism. Out of all the Sonics, apart from StC Sonic maybe, SatAM Sonic would be the easiest one to snap

Sega!Sonic is a bit on the opposite end. Unfortunately, he’s the most shallow of all his incarnations, but the way I see it that makes him more of a blank slate to work with. I mean, we don’t know ANYTHING about his past. Nothing. And as far as we know his only motivation is that he’s a hero for the sake of being a hero. And honestly, that’s really enough motivation. You don’t NEED a reason to want to do the right thing, and Sonic happens to have it within his power to take on enemies that are world threatening. Although I guess you could say that he does it for the thrill and the adventure since he’s also clearly an adrenaline junkie. I also like to think that has time has progressed it’s also become a sort of game to him. I feel as though he and Eggman have developed a sort of co-dependency and if one ever truly and completely defeated the other than they’d be miserable. Out of all the Sonics he’s definitely the most laid back and free spirited. Probably because of the fact that apart from his hobby of saving the world that he doesn’t have much complication happening in his life. If I were to pick a character who was the physical embodiment of the wind it would definitely be him. 

Archie!Sonic is a bit hard to pin down. I mean, prior to Ian taking over as head writer his character was pretty much all over the place. When Ian took over and began to cement his character more he struck me a lot as a meshing of SatAM And Sega Sonic. The free spirit and will to do good of Sega, with the complications and hard fought life similar to SatAM. He’s more grounded than Sega, but up until shit really started hitting the fan he didn’t have quite the burden on him as SatAM either. I speak of course of pre-reboot. I.. uh… still haven’t read post-reboot. I’M AWFUL AND HORRIBLE AND LAZY I KNOW AAAAA

When it comes to Sonic Underground, I feel I’m in a minority where I actually like the show, but I have to admit I haven’t seen the entire series @_@ I’ve meant to sit down and marathon it and it’s just not happened. I’ve seen you mentioning on your blog how him, Manic and Sonia actually get a lot of character development and that’s got me eager to do so now because WOW the first episode pissed me off in terms of that haha. I feel like Sonic discovering that he’s a prince and that he has two long lost siblings should have caused WAY more of an existential impact than it did, on top of loosing not only his surrogate parents but his (probably not blood related) uncle as well. But he’s pretty much all “hey this is cool!” which had rubbed me wrong. The premise is definitely interesting tho

StC Sonic amuses me as much as he irritates me haha. I mean, most Sonics are assholes in general, but wwoww StC takes it to his own level XD I haven’t read the entirety of StC, but it’s more than clear this Sonic’s got some issues. I mean, he’s fighting what used to be his best friend who was accidentally turned into an evil murderous tyrant. You can’t expect the guy to have the attitude of sunshine and posies, yannow?

X!Sonic I’m honestly not even going to go into. Not being I dislike him per se, I just don’t have a strong enough impression from him. I’ve seen a handful of dubbed episodes, but those were.. ehhh. And as far as the subs I’ve seen… maybe the first three episodes? Subs are hard for me to set aside time for aaa @_@;; So yeah, how about I stick an IOU on this one XD;

Boom!Sonic… aw boy. There’s a reason I’m getting to him last. Again, most incarnations of Sonic are assholes on some level, but when it comes to Boom it just.. I dunno, he rubs me wrong. I mean, when I look at StC, that’s a Sonic dealing with a world of issues and appears to be acting out at everyone because he lacks a healthier outlet. Boom!Sonic is just… passive aggressively mean for the sheer sake of it? He doesn’t have a complicated life, Eggman is more of  a nuisance than a threat. What reason does he have to be so incredibly mean? To be honest I feel that way about the majority of Boom. Probably why I’ve slacked off on watching it >_>; Passive aggressive humor gets old and tiring, especially when it’s unwarranted. And this is coming from a massive asshole haha.

*counts fingers* Did I miss a continuity? I feel like I missed a continuity

Bonus Swap #2: Bowser and Dalex

This swap is probably the worst. At least for Dalex. What was once a sweet young man who was basically the world’s shoulder to cry on, has now become a crazy pyro that must be restrained frequently, especially when near lava pits or flammable objects. Dalex is very aggressive after the swap, and if you aren’t a friend of his, it’s advised that you approach him with caution. Those sharp teeth aren’t for show. The others are currently looking for sources behind this behavior, because Bowser sure as shell ain’t a violent pyro; he just likes being near lava. His kingdom is full of the stuff anyway…

Bowser basically becomes the Dad of the Year (not like he wasn’t already X3). He knows when to be serious with his kids and when not to. He isn’t even fooled by fake crying anymore, nor does he give in if his kids start throwing a fit after they don’t get what they want. (Yeah, yeah, the whole ‘I hate you Dad’ thing will wear off in oh, say… an hour. They’re still not getting those explosives.) Since he’s the only one with enough strength (aside from Boom Boom), Bowser has to keep Dalex restrained while their swap is in effect. (He once tried locking Dalex in his room, but the little maniac just chewed through the locks and through the door.)


Have some Dannys. One of these pictures you’ve seen before, but it’s colored now. XD SO I posted about this one time forever ago and never explained it but I still think about it a lot so

I want a ‘floaty au’ where everything is the same, but 80% floatier. The reason for this being that Danny’s ghost aura omits enough energy that it automatically makes him, and things in super close proximity to him, like his hair, weightless. When Danny transforms he has an automatic ethereal breeze moving his hair around, and he has a hard time NOT floating (his tears float too jsyk). It can leak into his human half, but only when his emotions become more volatile, so it’s not usually an issue.

10 Characters, 10 Fandoms

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Got a bit carried away here but analyzing these characters was soo much fun! xD

In no particular order:

1. Dazai Osamu (Bungou Stray Dogs)

Originally posted by hyakuraii

Was this such a surprise to anyone? Dazai has certainly stolen my heart so fast it was scary and has even become my #1 husbando ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ) When will I get over him? Probably never. He is such a complex and flawed person, constantly going off in search of a quick and painless suicide but is actually finding for a reason to live. Funny, mysterious, perceptive, and an incredible mastermind. Dazai has come a long way from his mafia days to where he is now and I’m just so incredibly proud of him. 

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hi! maybe us weird but, noctluna headcanons in pokemon world? fav pokemon, what type would they prefer, are they leaders or part of the league, stuff like that (?)

Noct is Dark/Steel and Luna is Fairy/Ghost.

Not really sure what their role would be, I don’t know Pokemon world lore well enough to come up with a good spot for them in it :O

Should Pryna and Umbra be Midday and Midnight Lycanrocs? Or maybe normal and shiny Poochyena/Mightyena?

Some kind of cat pokemon has to be Noct’s fav… (maybe he loves Espurr… >:D)

Not sure about Luna :O Bewear, maybe? XD

They probably each also have a dragon type pokemon (to rep Bahamut ofc)

I’m not sure!! There’s soooo many Pokemon now and I really don’t know most of them well enough that I’m sure I’m missing tons. What about others? I’d be curious to know what other people with a lot better knowledge of it think :D

Maybe Luna should be a Pokemon Breeder and Noct a League member or something and she supports him directly? Takes care of his Pokemon for him, they raise and train Pokemon together, etc? :D I think that’d be cute~

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Ooh Destiel or Solangelo YouTuber AU? Pls?

Dude..Yousa killing me..PEOPLE CHOOSE A SHIP NOT GIVE ME A CHOICE BECAUSE YOU KNOW IT WILL GO TO DESTIEL DX DX…But Candy…Just send me this again with Solangelo? Okays..Because I wanna do both :>

-Dean would prob be gamer
-And he would be like a rising star and crap
-Probably post a lot of like Fallout 3 or 4 play throughs..Maybe COD..Who knows :P
-Cas would be a guest star..Expect really be in almost every vid even though he has his own channel XD
-People would start shipping them like nuts..
-Even though they are already dating..
-Dean would probably also play games like MWO (Mech warrior online in case you wanted to know..Go check it out..ITS REALLY AMAZING) Or WoW..Maybe NW (Neverwinter online) Because Cas would play them in his spare time..
-Dean’s second favorite type of Video game is fantasy..
-Because why not..Like Demons, and angels, werewolves and elves..Why the hell not?
- Horror games don’t scare him like they do others
-Cas holds onto Dean when a jumpscare happens XD (IMAGINE IT GUYS)
-Now Cassie’s channel would be more artsy..Like Music, DIYS (I hate that word..)
-Singing vids!!!
-He is like a really good artist..
-Des is currently dead..Please take the time to revive her..
-OH OH OH!!!! CLAY CATS!!!!!!
-Lots of cat drawing vids..
-Please stop me…
-He can like do everything perfectly
-HIM DRAWING DEAN IN A FLOWER CROWN!!! (Why am I obsessed with flowers RN???)
-Probably a video of him sending Bee’s in a box to Dean..
-That would ended up going horribly wrong..
-Paintings of Bees
-Dean walking in on him filming and kisses him right then and there
-Cas posts it and gets fangirls yelling “ITS CANNON!! ITS CANNON!!!” In the comments XDD
-Gets a conmisson to draw Demons one day
-Draws it..But there is a faint devils trap in painted in the background XDD
-AGLJSHMHN:K DEAD..#Helps Des live people…

Okay..There..For now…There will prob be more..Knowing me…Anywho’s…There! Ta da! I’ma tag some people who might need some headcannons right about now XD @jimminovak @seraphmisha @castiel-left-his-mark-on-me @soldierdean Don’t murder me please for tagging chu..Please no murdering of Des..

Free! Characters as Other Athletes

So today, when I was riding my bike to school some dingus opened his door right in front of me and I flipped off my bike and smacked my head on the pavement. I ended up being sent home from school to observe for a possible concussion. Fun. Therefore, more headcanons today for you! Enjoy them!

Haru: Water Polo. Okay, yeah, this is kinda cheating, but here’s the thing. We all saw it in Eternal Summer. Haru sucks on land and as a competitive swimmer or not, Haru loves the water. So the only other sport I could really see him doing is water polo. He’d probably play perimeter positions, he’s a little too short not aggressive enough for hole guard, but perimeter positions (especially drivers) need a lot of speed, which he definitely has.

Makoto: This baby would make a really great basketball player. I mean him and Kiyoshi Teppei are kinda interchangeable as far as character archetypes go xD and he’s definitely got the height for it. He’d be a starter for the team and Team Mom here would definitely be point guard. While he is a bit of a ditz I think Makoto can be pretty strategical when it comes down to it honestly. (Also don’t you just want to see those beautiful arm and back muscles in a basketball jersey?!

Nagisa: Volleyball I think. He’d do wonders at it, especially beach volleyball. I think he’d be especially great as a libero since height doesn’t matter so much for the position and it’s a bit more strategic (and Nagisa here is one smart cookie!) Also he’s a sucker for standing out so he’d probably enjoy having a different colored uniform from the rest.

Rei: THIS DORK DOES GYMNASTICS!!! His specialty is vault but I think he really enjoys uneven bars. Also he did rhythmic and floor routines when he was a kid and secretly wants to get back into them because the routines are so beautiful. He’s pretty renowned in the gymnastics world for his absolute precision and perfect landings. Even when he lands incorrectly and injures himself, he always manages to make it look beautiful. Also, we already know that he’d totally wear that butterfly number for a leotard. xD

Rin: Okay I don’t know why, but sharknado here just SCREAMS cross-country at me. Maybe it’s because we see him running on screen almost as much as we see him swimming, but in particular I think he’d be great at long-distance running. Although  most high school cross-country courses are 5K, I think he really loves running 10K’s and marathons. It gives him a lot of time to think (and run off his emotions xD)

Sousuke: He plays hockey and just the thought of it makes him SO MUCH HOTTER in my mind!!! He’s a pretty damn aggressive player too, he is so not afraid to get in anyone’s face, so I could see him as either a really aggressive center or defenseman. He’s so cool and collected in everyday life I think that hockey would be his way to vent, so he ends up with a lot of penalties during games (and a lot of injuries too.) On a side note, can I please get some fanart of this guy in an LA Kings uniform with some missing teeth? It would make my millennium.

Nitori: Tennis! This cutie would be such an adorable tennis player, he’s got the perfect little voice for all those tennis grunts and would just look great in the uniforms!! He’d be a really great defensive player honestly, since he’s not super aggressive and he loves (not to mention excels at) playing doubles.

Momo: This guy would be a beast at soccer (football).  He has just so much energy and the perfect body type for the sport that he’d get the ball and take it all the way across the field with ease, and laugh the whole time through. He’d probably be a winger since they need to be adaptable and Momo is if not unpredictable.

Seijuro: American Football. Quarterback. No question. He’s big, he’s got the strategizing captain role down to a tee, and he, like his younger brother, has endless amounts of energy and stamina that he’d easily make one hell of a player. Also the guy is such a natural frat boy and would look just so adorkable with greasepaint stripes on his cheeks. Its official. I need to see this guy in full Patriots or Rams get up.

Kisumi: Okay so he played basketball in middle school, he and Makoto were teammates, but I think he’d be a really great baseball player! He’s got a great slender build for it and let’s be honest, who doesn’t wanna see him in baseball tights?! He’d be an exceptional pitcher, but his batting average is nothing to sneeze at either! (And boy can this boy run!)

timewantstohappen replied to your post: timewantstohappen replied to your post: …

And then Rip makes him promise not to steal famous stuff unless he wants to listen to five hours of him complaining about why it’s dangerous to do that! XD

Mick getting up and basically doing the Will Smith pose at his stuff like ‘does this look famous to you?  I’ve basically been stealing discount goods already thanks a lot’ cause stealing it before 2016 at least might fuck things up and hes no fool(except maybe once or twice…Yeah probably good Rip makes him promise anyway)

I picture every mission near a famous anything tho there being a moment where Mick is staring at said famous thing obviously wanting to take it and someone has to remind him that theyre on a mission
Mick glares bitterly at the thing like ‘i got my eye on you im gonna get you one day’

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what do you think about lucas satherley ?

…..hi dear anonymous…:D….at the beggining i like him a lot….but after saw some of his work i was not much convinced…..i still like Lucas…however i’m not crazy for him as i used to…XD….his runway work is good…unfortunately his printwork is not that good…:(…idk who’s fault is…probably the ph or the stylist or maybe him sometimes….i rly don’t know…but if he improve it he could be better…also i think his hair is amazing ….he has a great hairstyle…XD……slry hope he doesn’t change it…*praying*…..now  is casting time and with all the stunning new faces …*screams*….. we have to wait and see what happens…:)… this fw will be interesting …..* tears of joy*….HUGE THANKS 4 asking and have an incredible day and life!!!


[3G + VoidKid and Sentry ]

Now that this adorable cinnamon roll finally appears (bless you guys he’s so cute thank u for making him), we got to see 3G around these two~

Void Kid is a neighborhood kid who really likes hanging around with Goop. Literally XD He’s mute so he communicate with writings and sign languages. Goop is the first person around who can use signs and VK loves him so much.

SentryGaster in this AU  ives in an orphanage because he’s brother is… away out of country and he has no more relative to take care of him. And he has a lot of part time jobs. Paperboy, store cashier, bookstore employee, babysitting, you name it, he probably has done it. He’s still 15 y-o here so he can’t only stick to part time jobs so he could save enough money to buy a small house for him  and his brothers (if they ever returned that is).

Sentry babysits VK a lot because VK’s parents mostly not around I guess. And when they go out, Sentry brings VK to the 3Gs because he loves it there :D

((btw read the captions~))


D.Gray-Man | Lavi + Allen 

…for Rowan who’s an amazing person and writer and I wish you the best for your birthday!
I hope you like these two dweebs I drew for you! :D

@the49thname | @bookmanjunior

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My favorite thing about your comics is your papyrus. He's still in character, but there is an edge to him that makes it completely plausible that he's dangerous and capable. It's probably my favorite fan done Papyrus out there.

Thanks, my kind friend! You see, I believe the canon Papyrus is pretty capable when given the circumstances. We saw Undyne admit that Papyrus is strong, and Pap has great control over his attacks that he manages to stop just before Frisk/player gets killed. I just implemented those elements into my UT Mob AU.

(Also, I got a lot of help from my good friend @pontata who is pretty much an expert with analyzing these characters. XD )

During class, I imagine lots of different mikayuu scenarios and one time, I thought of Mika and Yuu having a one night stand during some kind of civil war. Mika as a legendary soldier and Yuu as a prosti or something. And they sort of just clicked but Mika couldn’t stay for long because he was called to duty after a week of being together.

Then after a few years, Mika can’t forget about the man he slept with so he visits the place where he met Yuu, only to find him with a five year old child that looks a lot like Mika with green eyes.

XD this probably has some alpha-omega elements since Yuu had a child with Mika. Also, the reason they clicked was because they were mates but they both don’t know that ;P

Chapter 14 Random Thoughts

Chapter 14 seems to mark the end of the set up chapters. The big battle will likely start next week. Sasaki doesn’t seem to be a part of the bigger battle, but knowing Ishida-sensei, he probably will in the end.

Suzuya teaming up with Mutsuki… It has been foreshadowed since chapter 9, so I’m excited to see the prospect.

Suzuya seems to be very interested in meeting his “mama”, and he’s going to crossdress, too. I’m starting to think that all this crossdressing business is a lead in towards this development. At a glance, it looks like a useless fanservice, but looking at how it brought us now, Ishida-sensei has seamlessly merged it together with the plot.

The introduction of Washuu Matsuri… looks like he already gained quite a lot of haters. XD;;; Actually I thought it’s about time to finally have a real threatening figure in CCG. So far, CCG has been anything but bad… In fact, everyone is too nice! Shimoguchi might be a jerk, but he isn’t someone that I can take seriously. Matsuri on the other hand is looking like serious business.

It’s nice to see the history of Washuu and CCG. I’m curious about the “unique” skill they are talking about. I’m also interested that they mentioned Washuu family isn’t the only “Ghoul Exterminators”. So, whatever happened to the other clans?

November 11… I wonder if there’s a specific reason why that date was chosen. Ishida-sensei has obsession with numbers and metaphors, so it might have some deeper meaning that can give us a glimpse of what he has in store for us.

So, the trend of introducing one new character and one old character per chapter continues. This week, we got a few panels of Eto. I wonder if they will also take part in the Auction. Also, I’m curious why Eto is the one who delivers the message from Tatara. I often get the feeling that Eto isn’t the leader of Aogiri Tree because of it. e_e;;;

Last but not least, the talk with Akira.

“…If you don’t want yours be taken away, you have to take others away…”

This is pretty much the mindset of Kaneki post Aogiri. With all these foreshadowing… I really fear for Sasaki’s future. QAQ

P.S: Saiko has a sad past, but she sure is the luckiest to have Sassan as her maman~ XD;;;