Honestly, Dylan is one of the most talented actors of our generation and he has a lot of potential and I know he’s gonna keep doing great things and I can’t wait till I’m old and I keep seeing him in movies bc he has a brilliant future ahead

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Merwest is a dream boat ok!

Tommy Merlyn and Iris West were made for each other. 

They would have so much fun together. Both goofballs being silly and funny. They would be the couple that decides to have water balloon fights and Tommy would spend so much money getting the perfect ammunition only to have Iris drop a bucket of water on him from the rooftop of their apartment complex. Iris would also know when Tommy needs to be cuddled and kissed because there are days when she knows what is like to feel like the first day you found out your mom was gone. So she just big spoons him and plays with his hair while they watch some silly movie he loves.

okay.bye. I just love Iris and Tommy a lot okay. And they are perfect. I need tommy to come back from his long vacation. 

That deleted scene btwn herbert and dan is so important bc it is so personal and it shows their relationship in a way that the rest of the movie never does and it makes herbert seem a lil bit more human. He has vices and weaknesses. And implying that herbert is slightly more than just the calculated automaton that he seems to be helps shed some light on why dan doesn’t just up and leave him tbh?? Herbert is an intriguing man by virtue of his eccentric nature and his brand of strange, cold charisma but that alone wouldn’t hold dan to him imo. Consider: neither of them have anything except each other now (dan lost everything and herbert probably never had any other significant connection to another human in the first place). Their research is the only thing they’re really living for at this point and it’s fucked up and unhealthy but they need each other ((and herbert needs dan more than dan needs him and herbert knows it))

i’m sorry i haven’t really been able to comment since i’m in london but i am honestly so proud of pj and i was an emotional mess throughout the video because he literally has come so far since i began to watch him and also he’s working with the studio that made my favourite movie ever (labyrinth!!!) and i can not contain my excitement for this series! pj liguori is a literal ray of sunshine ok bye

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so I'm watching the fosters and they've been talking about a new character for a while and he's just been introduced and it's zEKE FROM HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL and no one else I know watches this show and I'm pretty sure you don't either but I just needed someone to know, you know??? no okay I'm sorry bye

Lol I’m sorry I don’t even watch the forsters and I can’t remember who Zeke from high school musical was?? I was never as obsessed with high school musical as other kids were, only watched the movies once?? When I was like 12??? So I can’t really share your excitement here IM SORRY bubba


Yo my dad doesnt want me on tumblr anymore cos of the 13-age limit rule thingy so yeah i love you all please dont unfollow and no i wont have a queue cos he says i dont need one ANYWAY i love you all so much and ill miss you all so yeah see ya in August 2017 my lovelies

The thing that saddens me about the first two the mummy movies is that Imhotep literally died for the love of his life (twice) and when he needed her most, she fucking dipped on him like “bye bitch, I know you’ve loved me for thousands of years and died twice for me, I don’t love you enough”. That shit right there was rough af. 


Early morning after sleeping over at the Y. We got some egg and cheese wraps and had breakfast in the park.

Ellie had fun with late-night swimming, playing games, watching movies and sleeping in his sleeping bag. He does a horrible job of thanking and saying hi/bye to the camp counsellors, though. Definitely need to work on improving being polite, thankful and thoughtful.