This is me and my best friend who I miss so much. The night was Christmas of 2013 and our girlfriends at the time had other plans. So naturally we strip down and put some herbs or some shit in our mouths that he cooks with(wish it were weed) but it was supposed to seem Christmassy(yah that’s a word I think maybe).
We then proceeded to start drinking and go see disneys Frozen in the theatre. We obviously brought flasks into the theatre. Got ourselves a huge bucket of popcorn. A cherry and coke icee combo. And a soda as a mixer for all our rum. Our little heaven. Well there were two other people in the theatre with us. And I can’t tell you but a few things I remember from the movie and things I picked up from people who actually watched the movie. Arik and I were so busy goofing off, getting refills on our drink and adding more and more butter to the popcorn, and also I’m sure annoying the hell out of the people in front of us with our outbursts of laughter at the movie or something else we may be talking about. That was the best Christmas I have ever had in my life. While not remembering the movie or specifics per se it is one of the most memorable nights of my life.
I love Arik and this and all our other adventures. I love you broski you my boo! 😝