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I have to talk about this because I feel like it's not been mentioned enough. I'm sooooo amazed by Niall's voice lately. He's always sounded good but lately he's just freaking smashing it!!! Just look what a cool thing he did during No Control in Denmark www(.)youtube(.)com/watch?v=ZNXaJibxnm8 at around 2:43. He's amazing! Go Niall!!!

I’m so impressed with Niall lately! He’s really giving it his all and he sounds so great. Good things happen when you give the boys with the least amount of solos a chance ;) I love this part where he sings part of the chorus over everyone else. I hope they keep doing that. Get it Niall!

Help my mom, if you can.

Sooooo i dont ever do this kind of thing but at the moment me and my family are kinda struggling. At the end of last year my dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer. His operation was scheduled for February with him having a few week recovery afterwards. It looked good a simple snip and stitch back up and he should be fine. He was out of work for a few weeks and during that time my mothers right arm became absolutely useless to her, to the point it wouldn’t move at all unless it was moved by someone. We decided to take her in to get a cat scan and an mri to see just what was going on. Well we found out that she had a cancerous tumor on her brain about the size of a walnut that was cutting off all use to her right side. We did a few tests and found that the tumor was completely inoperable, and the only thing we could do was chemo and radiation treatments to stop it from spreading and hopefully save my moms life. Well she went through the radiation and it seemed to “kill” the cancer but the tumor was still there. She went through her first bought of chemo relatively alright but she is getting weaker and weaker. The doc said there was a 20% chance she would make it another five years. Now she is on her second bought of chemo, a triple dose, and steroid pills to help so she can move her arm, but she was forced into retirement because she cannot work. We are seriously hurting for money, with around a hundred thousand dollars in medical bills to pay off we could use some help. I cannot tell you how much i royally despise having to ask this of anyone but if you could take a look at this website and possibly donate something, even a few bucks helps, i would be forever grateful. Please though, don’t put yourself into a bad money situation to help us! If you cant donate could you please signal boost this? Itd also mean a lot. Thank You to anyone who actually takes the time to read this, i know its long, but with no read more option on my phone its not compact :/


Definitely applied at a Sonic for assistant manager because the GM there is the same GM I worked for at a different Sonic and like she fired me but I was also 18 and stupid but she knows I work hard and I’m good at my job so there’s no way she’ll just look over my application and say no, right? She was like… still is today one of my favorite people I’ve ever worked for. 

She knows why I got fired and she knows it was stupid so…. 

I need some glimmer of hope here.. I will actually take working in fast food again over what I’m doing if it means working for someone I know I like. 

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my crush is a capricorn and hes sooo sooooo hot. hes got really nice eyes and he got a haircut but somehow he still looks so good. he's 22 years old and he used to be in a popular british boyband. zayn malik. my crush is zayn malik

…u got me

Just finished s1 of broadchurch - really really good, want to watch s2 now but it isn’t on Netflix so I’m gonna have to track that down…

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It irks me when people say "Kylie deserves better than Tyga". Or they'll question why she's with him because to them he's not successful or good looking enough. That's not all a relationship is based on, why don't people understand that.

He’s adorable and he clearly does well for himself and his family.  But really gets me is those same people are wearing a rat hair sew in, are missing half their damn teeth, don’t have a dollar to their name, and can’t find a partner to save their lives but feel sooooo equipped to judge Kylie and Tyga.  Like girl if you don’t get.

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If a Leo says multiple times he doesn't like someone, should you believe them? My Leo guy friend says he doesn't like this Sag and when I confronted him he looked me right in the eyes and said "NOOOOOO not that way just friends" BUT they're always talking and their Twitter icons are each other but I know he loves the attention she gives him sooooo what do u think? We're all trying to figure it out

Eh Leo’s do love their attention, but beware Leo guys are EXTREMELY good at lying. So watch out

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*Whispers* ♡


[Kira and Domitius would most likely end up with a son that has a 50/50 mix of both parents stats and traits, and personality. Sooooo quiet but bad tempered. Neutral, but spiteful as fuck. XD

Assuming he gets his parents two highest stats he’d end up with high INT and STR making him the human embodiment of Nerd Rage in many ways. Visually, said child would have an odd mixture of blonde hair and cognac (amber) eyes (he ends up with a lot of gold/yellow hues in his aesthetic features basically). The only thing that can be drawn from any of this is that these two would actually make a good looking little brat if they had the chance.]


“Hey - you look kinda familiar.”

Hwoarang was pretty good at remembering faces, so he was always keen to figure out whether or not he really did know an individual when this feeling of familiarity struck. He looked the young woman up and down, and - no, he didn’t know her. He hadn’t met this girl before; but there was definitely something about the colour scheme of her outfit, that white dress with the red inner collar, that had his memory whirring -

“Oh, wait! I got it! You look like whatshername from the tournaments! Lili, that’s the one! The rich chick with the butler and the dad who’s loaded. Are you, like, a relation of hers or somethin’?”

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Could you describe those 3 friends briefly? x3

Im not good with words but here u go:

The first one is a girl (my best friend) she has a brain tumor and survived cancer - shes a fighter :3 - Shes just a really funny, amazing and beautiful Person
The second one is a boy who amazes my everyday by being himself :3 his life is not easy at all but hes so incredibly strong. I can just be myself when im with him, u know? He just makes me and others really happy, is an amazing artist and has a great taste in music (and he looks sooooo good haha ^~^“)
The third one is like a brother to me. He was struggling with self harm and depression. Hes one of the most warm hearted and smartest people i know. Hes always there for me and i wuv him soo much :3

Every single one of them is perfect in my eyes and i dont think would still be there without them. Two of them are following me on tumblr so…hi i guess \^~^” thanks for standing me haha x3


I’m about to get my period so that’s probably why I’m in my feelings rn but this boy is sooooo fine pray for me in college yall I lowkey get flustered snap chatting him idk how I’m gonna talk to him in person like here’s how you know he fine like he was in the background of somebody else’s story chilling and just looking good I swear I’m so 😍

Just got back from a short camping trip, and maaaaaan it was awesome, besides getting attacked by black flies on my neck and currently looking like the victim of a hungry vampire. As soon as my husband saw me, he said “Oh my god were you mauled by something?!” XD

Today is definitely a rest day, though. I ran for 40 minutes on hilly back country roads, swam for hours, walked for several hours, carried my niece around, so my body feels like it’s been put through the ringer. But in a good way!

I have sooooo many photos to go through, too. But I gotta get out of bed, first.

Ugh. How 2 walk plz?!

hi all i’m saying on the calvin matter of today: his wording was -10. it was bad. “she cooks too” doesnt give a name and implies he’s like keeping a tally of “good wife-ing qualities” 

there’s a difference between kaylors complaining privately and yall finding said complaints and getting mad at us for complaining. like jesus i would be annoyed without shipping kaylor. the wording is sooooo bad but yeah maybe he didnt mean it like that. we can still complain

okay that is all im gonna go back to looking @ how pretty she is in the pic and looking at pretty ppl and reading.