Namjoon walking in the park and having a bunch of little duckings following him. Namjoon gets freaked out and starts to run but the wee little duckings are still chasing him.

So I saw this today and it gave me an idea

Shhhhhhhh, he’s okay now…….

Dino/Chan being a cutiewink + kiss: a compilation

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Earlier today bf and I planned on doing the stairs but it was so warm today we put it off and actually got to do some fun afternoon things. Now he is ready to do the stairs and I do t want to. I just want us to hang out in the backyard with the dog and relax. damn, I hate evening workouts.

chocolates-and-spencer-reid asked:

(if you're still doing the band rate thing) panic! at the disco?

do i like them?: they are the reason i am emo trash

favorite song: i have no idea???? hurricane mayb??

favorite album: v&v 

favorite member: brendon is my problematic fave

got any merch?: i had a shirt then i gave it to chemicalcaffeineaddict bc he looked so cute in it ^-^

seen them live?: yass

overall: 11100202039493585979/10

url: ? | okay | cool | hell yes | DEAD

icon: okay | nice | prettyyy | omg yesss | WHYYYYYYY

theme: not awful | pretty cool | aesthetically pleasing | oh mY | PERFECT?!?!!?!!??

posts: pretty problematic dude | nice | entertaining | awesome | I WILL NEVER LEAVE MUAHAHAHAHAHAA

overall: meh | good job buddy | you rule | how?? | OMFG WHAT EVEN

following?: no sorry | hell yeah | now I am! | BAAAABE OFC

send me a band

Okay earlier today my step brothers friend left his guitar and guitar case on the road because I guess he forgot to put it into his car and he just left it there so me and my sister brought it inside AND HE JUST KNOCKED ON MY DOOR AND I SAID COME IN BECUASE I THIUGHT IT WOULD BE NY MOM AND HE THANKED US AND SAID THAT IT WIULDVE BEEN REALLY BAD IF I DIDNT MOVE IT AND I JUST AWKWARDLY LIKE ACKNOWLEDGED IT THEN HE LEFT. THAT WAS SO AWKWARD

Punch Line 12 [END]


Okay he/she just looks so…not cute as a girl.

It’s like the show suddenly remembered it was supposed to be about pantsu.

Lots of fanservice in the ending credits.

After all is said and done, Punch Line was a bitter disappointment. Random twists, ridiculously convoluted ‘plot’, annoying flashbacks, underused characters. Blah. So glad it’s over, whoopee!

My MAL Rating: 5 (+1 mark for the nice ending credits)
Best thing about the show: The cast
Worst thing about the show: Everything else
My favourite character: Chira-chan
Would I Rewatch?: I’d rather keep dying
Would I recommend to my normalfag friends?: LOL

warriorflesh asked:

I know how it feels to be nervous about posting your work, but I'm so glad you did. For never having drawn Levi before, you did such a good job. He looks so cute. So does Eren. The whole thing is adorable, okay? :D

Thank you :3 I tried to make it fluffy like Chasing Summer haha

literarywarrior asked:

Once you get this, list ten things that make you happy. Then send this to the ask of the last ten people who reblogged from you :)

ooh this looks fun okay :)

1. my dog bc he’s so cute n cuddly n fluffy

2. food especially sushi

3. memes (my personal favourite is doge but pepe is starting to grow on me)

4. being in forests

5. buying new shoes

6. finally being able to take a nap after a long day

7. helping other people out

8. getting good grades back

9. making eye contact with a cute boy

10. telling a joke and having other people laugh at it