I don’t really have any complaints to this week’s episode of attack on titan. I admit it’s just a plain episode. Not as exciting as the previous ones but the thing is I’ve got to see Eren’s handsome face and his expressions and his damn beautiful green eyes multiple times so that’s more than enough. 😂Couldn’t really blame Mikasa if she falls for him. I mean, who could resist that charm? 😍❤️😉

Tomoki Kyoda Panel Highlights at Otakon (SPOILER FREE)

As I said earlier, I had the good fortune of sitting in on the focus panel of Tomoki Kyoda who had flown to Washington DC for the first time. Being from Japan, he doesn’t get to visit the East Coast too often, but he said that he made a point to stop at some landmarks from one of his favorite films, Independence Day. He seemed to really enjoy being in D.C. and hopefully this means that we get to see some more of him in the coming years at Otakon. (It turns out Otakon will be hosted in DC for the next five years.)

The panel opened with some general info about Kyoda’s background in animation. I learned that he originally wanted to be a live action director, but it was not easy to make inroads into feature films, so he looked to anime as an alternative. Kyoda later expounded on what goes into being an animation director and some of the duties he has when overseeing a production. 

REGARDING EUREKA 7: HI-EVOLUTION: Kyoda did not give much away when it comes to the film, but we did pry a few things out of him. Firstly, he said that part of the reason for doing this was to retrace the steps of the TV series with the original staff, since they have all aged 10 years since its first airing. Kyoda made a point how they are different people now and they want to reflect some of what they have learned in the last 10 years into their work.

The core staff of the film are from the original production (Tomoki Kyoda as project director, Dai Sato as chief scriptwriter, and Kenichi Yoshida as chief animation director) but there is some new blood within the studio that helped complete the film. And yes, the film is ready for launch. According to Kyoda, Movie 1 was completed three days ago, and only was subject to what he called an “industry screening,” which I assume means clearing the final cut of the movie with the production team, as well as running it by the association in charge of age-rating. The screening at Otakon IS the first public screening of the film. No word yet as to precise Western release dates: we have to go to Funimation for that info.

About the film: Kyoda refused to spoil the film (obviously) but he did say there are some differences in the how the film plays out compared to the series. Firstly, the relationship between Adrock Thurston and his son Renton plays a much more central role in the films than it was in the series. Without giving too much away, part of Renton’s journey is trying to uncover what exactly happened to his father with Eureka. The story is ultimately about Renton’s transition to manhood, similar to the first TV series, but the relationship of father and son is much more prevalent.

The father-son relationship is something that influenced much of the decision-making that went into the film. The theme song, Glory Days, is sung by Hiroya Ozaki, whose father was also a pop singer in Japan, which overlaps with Renton and his father. Hardfloor was also chosen by Dai Sato and Kyoda for the same reason, since they were influenced by the band when they were young. Kyoda noted how the TV series had techno music as a big influence, but they wanted to be more original with Hi-Evo. 

Kyoda closed the panel with a message to the fans: He was very happy to screen the movie with everyone, and he hoped that we would be able to overcome the nuances of the Japanese language, since they can be hard to understand.

The film will be screened tomorrow night from 6:30pm to 8:30pm and as an added bonus, since there will be three films overall, the trailer for the second film will be showcased at the end of the credits. A nice treat for anyone who sticks around.


Varrick, Zhu Li and Varrick’s creations. 
From the Book 2: Spirits and Book 3: Change art books.

The art books arrived last night and I spent hours flipping through the pages. I was absolutely delighted to see these illustrations! It’s the first time I see that the Varricakes have the Varrick Industries logo on them.