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Do you think Zayn cancelled last night because of all this shit going on with Liam? My poor boys. My poor heart

I think that’s the biggest issue here, nonnie, but not the only thing. I mean, he hopefully IS actually working on Z2, but I suspect it’s way more than that. He’s very clearly going through a tough time.

Imagine how awful it is to have to listen to Liam talk about Chiam/Conchobear non-stop all of a sudden. I mean he went as far as referring to that vapid woman as his wife FFS. My heart breaks into a million pieces when I think about how Zayn must feel hearing that.

He’s looked unbelievably sad and was seen sporting a couple of injuries, too. I mean, just look at my poor baby on this Zigi pap stroll:

(This hurts my heart so bad, guys.)

On top of that, he had to endure Liam dragging him publicly for the first time ever for no other reason than to shut down any more of that pesky Ziam chatter that might poke holes into the manufactured heterosexual nightmare that is Chiam. 

With Liam busy trying to convince the world that he’s the straightest of bros and not romantically involved with his former male band member, it’s no surprise that Zayn’s in no mood to do the same with G*gi  (not that he ever was really). He swerved on stunting with her at the Met Gala and now the BBMA’s pretty much back to back so I think he’s making it clear that he needs to be left alone to deal with this mess.

I also suspect that he would’ve been encouraged to reciprocate the narrative and throw shade back at Liam/1D to reinforce Zayn vs OT4 and he’s definitely not the one right now. Plenty of reasons for him to be like

I honestly don’t blame him. I hate that he has to miss out on much-needed promo but we all know that Zayn sucks at hiding his emotions so I completely understand where he’s coming from. If I were him, I wouldn’t want to do shit either except sit on the couch with a tub of Ben & Jerry’s and my dogs, watch shit TV and give the world the finger tbh.

Sigh. All in all, this is how I’m feeling right about now, nonnie:

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Melly- if Z's anxiety prevents him from attending an awards show where he knows he has already won, how on Earth is he going to play in front of thirty thousand people in Japan in 4 weeks time? I am not blaming him of course- I just hate that his management is putting him in this position. He really needs someone strong to say take a year out, take two even and come back when you feel ready. Instead they just seem to want to make the quick buck- is tortuous to see this unfold in front of us.

To be fair, we have no idea what the reason for him not attending was, so I’m not going to ring the doomsday bell for him or say this was due to anxiety. The only pieces of the puzzle we have are that has been seen a handful of times in New York since that meet and greet for SGT on March 24, with his usual A+ hair and skincare game on point, but looking like he’s sad in his heart boob. Before March 24, he was fairly active during the month. 

Previous to that even, he has been contractually fulfilling all the Business Hoe stuff tied to Zigi and fashion icon!Zayn, which has tended to be the case for him for awhile now. 

 Zayn seems to be going through some shit. Whatever it is, I ho(e)pe he’s taking some time in a well-constructed and tastefully decorated blanket fort and that he knows we’ll be here whenever he’s ready.

Skam spoilers ahead so be careful

Sana, my girl!!! My love!!! You can’t shut yourself down so much, please, you can’t hold the weight of everything on your shoulders, you can’t fix everything that’s wrong by yourself, you can’t do this alone and isolate yourself, please… 

She was totally projecting her own loneliness on Isak. He looked so sad… And I totally get that she’s upset at Vilde (she’s got all the right to be imo) and sad about Noora, but I wished she would at least talk to Eva or Chris about what’s going on. Or Evak or her family, I don’t know… And I miss the old interactions between the girl squad, but I guess this is Sana’s pov and how she feels…

And also, I still have all the questions I did before. It’s been ten days, and you’re telling me she still doesn’t know the answers to these? What’s the actual reason for the fight? Where’s the baloon squad and how are they? What actually happened in the past? Does Isak know?? Why did Noora and Yousef kiss? What’s the deal between them now? Also, I’m sure Noora didn’t know that Sana liked Yousef. She never opens up!!! She’s bottling it all up!! I wished she had someone to talk to. 
How are we gonna solve all of this and save all the friendships?


(now a little shout out to the boy squad, Magnus and Even hugging next to a very jealous Isak, Evak holding hands and the cute little flower.)

Fighting With Erik Would Include...

° He hates when you fight

° He’s usually with Charles when you fight

° He constantly have his eyes on you

°He usually huff someone in the distance when you walk down the hall

°He gets jealous when you talk with Hank and Charles

°Erik uses his powers to snatch the metal things right in front of you

°He’d be dead if looks could kill

°He’ll be yelling at you

° And you at him

°You don’t get scared though.

°He always look sad when you’re fighting

°Usually, he’s silent and tries to avoid you

°Charles always pushes the two of you to talk to each other

°Charles is like the big brother to the two of you when you’re fighting 

°Erik usually ends up breaking down 

°promise to not have any more fights

°ends up having more fights.

Bastian Schweinsteiger über Philipp Lahm und ihr 1. Spiel (Interview Teil 2/2)
Ein Weltmeister verabschiedet den anderen! Zum Karriereende von Philipp Lahm (33) spricht Kumpel Bastian Schweinsteiger (32) über ihr erstes Profi-Spiel, Gol...

Hey guys - really nice interview with Basti!

In this video he also talks about Poldi (4:00). 

He says he really wanted to be at Poldi’s farewell game but couldn’t come because he was just doing his transfer to Chicago. He looks really sad when he says it. Then he talks about his goal and that he watched it on TV and he was so happy for him to have scored such a screamer in his farewell game. ;-) Schweinski lives and all is well.

So I met this guy last night and somehow my dumb ass caught the feels. I say that because he’s moving to the east coast in a couple weeks. Just my luck…

Today we went on a coffee date then back to his place to cuddle and talk more. Aside from him being fucken gorgeous, what attracted me was his personality, how we can be weird around each other and laugh about it, and the similar video games, and anime we play and watch. What more can i ask for?!?

Before i drove back home, he wanted a picture together :) then, i told him that it was great to meet him, and good luck out east. Note: we live 2 hours away from each other, and will probably never see each other again before he flies out! After, he looked really sad, there was a pause, and a vibe of sadness from him. Like, it felt like a fucken break up!!

We both admitted to liking each other and saying how weird and fast it is to feel such emotions. I feel like I’m probably taking this harder than he is…Uugh how fucken unfortunate…fuck my life. Tbh, he will definitely be on my mind for a long time…




especially when you consider how sad he looks while skating the same program at Worlds, because although it might be an artistic choice I also think it’s meant to highlight the deep longing Viktor feels for someone to be close to 


this smile saved my life


“Hanzo -” His voice was strangled, his lips drier than the desert.

“That’s better,” Hanzo murmured as he rose up on his toes and brushed his nose against Jesse’s once, twice, three times. “Eskimo kiss,” he explained. “You looked sad and I’ve been told that kisses fix stuff.”

I’m so glad you’ve commissioned me to draw this scene, @mariejacquelyn. It’s beautiful. The whole fic is. You’re an awesome writer; please, keep gracing us with your stuff <3

Guys you can read it here!



Characters: Dean x Reader

Warnings: All the Angst, wee bit of fluff

Word Count: 1k

A/N: This is WAY different from my usual stuff. Hope you don’t hate it. I had an idea, and it wouldn’t leave me alone until this came out. Revision: You guys and your support of this story turned series absolutely BLOWS me away. THANK YOU so damn much! I’m glad you love it as much as I do.

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I mean, all his selfies already look sad AF and he’s mostly miserable in them….but the selfie tonight is next level sad. He looks so fucking unhappy. 

This is probably the worst sad selfie yet…in a sea of sad selfies. Think about that. 

In the context of him posting this while supposedly being on a romantic holiday away with his gf, this is extremely ironic and pointed. Shouldn’t he be the happiest and all loved up right now? 

I’d be laughing if I didn’t feel so heartbroken for Louis and him having to go through this stunt again. 

Haunting Me: Chapter 1

A/N; Eeeeek! Here it is guys, chapter 1! This story has me so pumped and i’m so happy you guys liked the intro. I hope you guys like this chappie, cuz it’s a bit of a giant relief haha. ENJOY! - Delilah ❤️

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x POC Reader

Haunting Me: Y/N is a normal young adult living in New York, but little does she know that she’s a reincarnation of the long lost Bucky Barnes’ fiance from the 1940′s. What happens when she runs into Steve in 2012? Most importantly, what happens when she runs into The Winter Soldier?

Warnings: Swearing. Slight angst. Mild violence. Hella feels. 


You focused on the pencil in your hand, shading the paper as carefully as possible.

New York was beautiful in the summer time, especially once the sun hit the right spot in the sky. It wasn’t a cloudy day by any chance; in fact, there wasn’t a single cloud in sight. You sat in the metal chair, your legs crossed beneath you as you focused on the sketch in front of you. You reached for the pastry on the plate next to it and took a small bite out of it, chewing slowly.

You enjoyed your time alone, as you always did, especially when you got to sketch the totally gorgeous Calvin Klein model sitting two seats down from you.

Okay, he probably wasn’t a model, but he sure as hell looked like one.  He was built like a brick house and those eyes. Jesus –you could get lost in those ocean blue orbs of his. From what it looked like, he was drawing as well. He could draw and look super-hot while doing it? He was a rare gem. However, as you cocked your head to the side, curiously studying his features, you couldn’t help but notice how sad he looked. It made your chest ache just seeing him brood like that.

“Another brownie ma’am?” the waitress asked with a smile. And by the grace of god, the total hottie looked over at you. You blushed, looking up at the waitress with a timid smile.

“Um. No thank you.” She gave you a quick nod before walking away.

When you looked back over at the mysterious blond, you expected him to give you a small smile and continue throughout his day, but boy were you wrong. You looked back over and to your surprise, he was openly staring at you, his blue eyes widened with an odd mixture of fear and shock. He blinked rapidly, his eyes focusing on your face shamelessly.

Immediately you felt so self-conscious. Was there something on your face? Did you creep him out?  Oh god, did your eyeliner smudge. You had a habit of rubbing your face whilst drawing and you did forget you were wearing makeup sometimes.

After a few minutes of being stared down by the man, you had quite enough. You hastily packed your sketch book into your bag and placed a few dollar bills onto the table before standing. You swore you could feel the burning of eyes on your back as you stealthy maneuvered around the sea of people.

Before you could take another step, you felt a tight grip on your arm stop you.

“What are you doing?” you exclaimed, turning around with a scowl. You reached in your pocket for your pepper spray.

“I-I’m sorry!” The man sputtered, his eyes softened once he peered around at the many people watching the two of you. There was a small crowd surrounding you now and you felt so embarrassed, yet relieved. He wouldn’t dare try anything in public.  

You yanked your arm back, holding it in your wrist. “Why are you following me? Do I know you or something?” your last question caused him to frown. You could practically see the wheels turning in the man’s head as he chose his words carefully. He sighed heavily, before his eyes travelled down to the bag in your hand.  

“I uh…noticed you drawing earlier and I wanted to say how nice your shading technique was. That’s all.”

You blinked, your eyes widening. He did all that for a damn compliment? Who was this guy?

“Thank you,” you replied, which came out more as a question. Soon, the people around you began going about their day once they realized there was no harm being done to you. Leaving the two of you standing in the middle of the busy sidewalk.

“My name is Steve,” he smiled, holding out his hand for you. “Steve Rogers.” You raised your eyebrows. That was a bit of an older fashioned name, but you weren’t complaining. Your mom tried to name you Jane once before your birth.

“I’m Y/N,” you replied, gently taking his hand and shaking it.  

“Y/N Y/L/N.”

As the next couple years went by, you and Steve became two peas in a pod.  

Wherever you went, he went. At first, you found it sort of creepy that your best friend was following you around town all the time, showing up at your apartment in the middle of the night when the Stark tower got too much for him and he needed a place to sleep properly. After a while, you just assumed the man was a bit lonely, which was fine by you considering you were, too.

There were times where you two would just stay up all night watching old movies from his time. His favorite was My Darling Clementine, which you had seen so many times that you now knew the entire film’s script by memory. 

Soon, Steve began accompanying you on your trips to art galleries for school. It was a win/win for you as he always attracted so much attention being the hot shot Captain America he was, also, he eased the storm of anxiety that you struggled with your entire life. Steve was your wing man.  

But there were some times when you felt that maybe Steve wanted to be more than friends. 

You always thought of him as a brother figure, but the way he would look at you whenever he thought you weren’t noticing, it had you a bit confused. It happened when you were watching the old movies. He would look at you from out the corner of his eye, watching your reactions closely. You figured it was because he had a thing for you, which you didn’t return. 

You had a couple boyfriends here and there, but nothing special. And Steve, bless his heart, had completely unapproved of them all. 

But whenever you would sing along to your favorite song, Over the Rainbow by Judy Garland, you would see the look even more. You couldn’t put your finger on it, but something about that song probably caused unpleasant memories for him. You wondered why. 

Another time you got The Look, was when you smoked. It was a habit, yeah, one that you’ve had for far too long. Every time you would be out and about with him -which was always- and you lit up a cigarette, he would immediately scold you until you put it out. You loved Stevie, but you were a big girl. You could make your own decisions. 

You were lounging on your couch, watching old reruns of Seinfeld, when a loud banging on your front door causing you to nearly jump out of your skin. You looked over at your phone. 

Five O’clock. 

Steve was currently on a mission, or so you thought. Who on earth could it be? 

You sighed, standing up from the couch and made your way towards the front door. You flung the door open, expecting to see Steve standing there with a box of pizza like always, but instead you got something way, way more complicated. 

“W-What is going on?” you asked, eyeing the two other Avengers beside your best friend. 

Steve let out a sigh, giving you a guilty smile. “These are my uh…coworkers.” 

You blinked, staring at him with wide eyes. Coworkers? Really?

“May we come inside?” Natasha asked as she clutched her shoulder tightly. Her face was twisted into a grimace as she tried to cover the obvious gunshot wound in her shoulder. Your eyes widened. 

“Of course!” you jumped, reaching forward and gently placing your hand on her back, and guiding her into your apartment. She let out a groan when you touched her shoulder. 

“I think I’m gonna need a new shoulder.” she said. 

You placed the cotton swab on Natasha’s shoulder, gently dabbing the fresh stitches you had applied. She was lucky to be alive, the bullet barely missed a major artery. A couple more centimeters and she would’ve bled out in seconds. 

“So are you guys gonna tell me what the hell happened?” you asked, turning around in your chair to face Steve, who was seated on your couch, his body bruised and battered from the obvious fight. 

Whoever they ran into managed to put up on hell of a fight. 

“His name is The Winter Soldier,” Natasha chimed from behind you. She avoided your eyes as she spoke “He’s Hydra’s top assassin. He’s killed over a dozen elected officials and other people as well. We ran into him earlier.” 

Steve continued to stare down at the floor, his face in a distant frown. 

“What does that have to do with Steve? What happened?” you asked eagerly. 

“We just found out that this so called Winter Soldier is actually Steve’s best friend, Bucky Barnes.” 

Your eyes widened. You were so confused. Steve never mentioned anyone else in his life except for his mother and father. He always told you he was on the lonely side, but…he had a best friend apparently. An old best friend from over seventy years ago. 

“Who the hell is Bucky?” you chided, furrowing your brows at Steve. How could he have not told you? You and he told each other everything. 

“Bucky Barnes was considered KIA in 1942 when he fell off a locomotive during a mission to capture the evil scientist Arnim Zola.” Sam informed as he reloaded his pistol. 

“And now, he’s alive. And brainwashed, completely wiped of his memories of Steve.” Natasha finished, taking a sip of the glass of orange juice you poured her a few minutes ago. 

You felt your chest ache. 

Why couldn’t Steve feel like he could tell you about Barnes? You guys were so much closer than the average friends. 

You turned back to Steve, only to find him on the couch with his face buried in his hands. His breaths coming out in short huffs. 

You made your way over to the blond, bending down until you were eye level with him. He looked so broken, yet you had no idea what he was going through. You’ve never lost anyone before. You had no idea who this Winter Soldier was, but if it meant reconnecting two old friends, you were more than wiling to help Steve. 

You gently pulled Steve’s hands from his hair and brought them down, revealing his tear stained face. You smiled up at him, hope shining in your eyes. 

“Whoever this Bucky guy is,” you began, looking down at your entwined hands. “He must be a special kind of man for you to go these lengths. We’ll get your friend back, Steve. If it’s the last thing we do.” 

Steve felt his heart shattering even more as you spoke. Nevertheless, he offered you a false smile, hoping to distract you from the internal pain he was facing. To his relief, you bought it. 

He watched as you went back to Natasha and began placing the bandages onto her wound, your face set in a concerned frown. 

‘Oh, Y/N’ he thought to himself. 

‘If you only knew the truth.’ 

- Fin!  ❤️

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pairing: jung hoseok x reader
genre/warnings: smut, fluff, slight angst (this is low-key cute and sad at the same time, my heart)
words: 5,959
summary: you’ve been in a long-distance friendship with Hoseok for a couple of years, hiding feelings that you think he may also reciprocate. What happens when you finally cross paths with him again…
note. based on a request. Named after this song here. Also, periods of italics indicate the characters are speaking English!

a/n: by the way, who’s shocked I managed to write something under 6k…Has this ever happened before?! Also, this is really different for me because I don’t usually like writing so close to reality, but I loved the idea so much, I had to write it!

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2 | You’ll Never Walk Alone



series warnings: mature themes, strong language, violence, substance abuse, eventual smut

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“Give me your phone.” Jin held out his large palm expectantly as he escorted you back inside the manor house, Taehyung in tow with your bags.

“Y/N I mean it, hand it over.”

Thankfully you’d all made it back from the hotel in one piece, nobody was hurt but nobody was telling you anything either.

“Not until you tell me what’s going on…” You retorted nervously, your voice no louder than a broken whisper.

Taehyung slipped past you and made his way to the back of the building with your suitcases, Jin took you into an eccentric looking dining room, the air lightly tainted with the lingering stench of kimchi. The room was beautifully decorated, the walls were pale lilac, complimented by the soft rose curtains that covered the large windows. Huge luxury paintings clung to the walls as they fought for attention, each one more lavish than the last. But despite the bright colours and fluorescence of the big chandeliers, the room felt dark and cold as though it was rarely, if ever used. Jin pulled a chair out and gestured for you to sit down at the huge dining table, a deep sigh falling from his plump lips.

“Please give me your phone. Jimin will explain everything I promise, but that’s a conversation you need to have with him… Not me.” Jin explained, his chocolate brown orbs glazed with sympathy. You took your phone from your leather jacket, placing it directly into his palm. Jin was like a brother to you and you trusted him with your life, you couldn’t start questioning his integrity now.

“Thank you. Now it’s been a long day, you should rest. I’ll show you to one of the spare rooms-“

“Nonsense. She’ll stay in the back house.” Jimin appeared in the doorway, trying his best to smile despite his face being blanketed in concern. “Come on, I’ll take you.” He took your wrist in his grip and pulled you outside, his strides almost too wide for you to keep up with.

At the back of the darkened gardens there was a small house, resembling that of a white cottage or bungalow. Just from looking at it you could tell there was only one floor, and that it wasn’t very spacious. Taehyung exited the building and nodded once at your brother, who gave him a small smile and muttered something that sounded like ‘thank you.’

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