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Are you sure Reiner was crying in chapter 50-5? To me, he looks sad but idk if you can see tears.

I see a change and it looks like he’s tearing up.

Oh, man, I…

…and then, he says courage.

He… looks so sad.

Here’s the thing - Aizen’s immortal, isn’t he?

Aizen’s life is, forever, a life free from fear of death.

And if it is, as Aizen says, only through this fear of death that we humble people attain hope, and march on with courage - then -

Well. That’s pretty good reason to be sad, I figure.

Aizen Sōsuke will never know this courage he speaks of, will he?

Aizen Sōsuke will never know this hope he speaks of, will he?

“I miss you.” He said to me. “I’m right here, what do you mean you miss me?” He looked sad, as if he was grieving the loss of a person. “I just miss you.” I couldn’t understand how someone could miss you while you stood right next to them. I couldn’t understand how or why he would say that. That was until I was crying on my bathroom floor begging God even though I didn’t believe in him, begging anyone to make this pain go away. It was then that I realized I missed me too.
—  This sadness took over me and I’m sorry.