The more I think about it, the more I realize… McCree’s outfit probably started as a coping mechanism. Hear me out. He was still basically a babe when he was running with the Deadlock gang, going off Ana’s backstory video placing him in Overwatch around about age 17. And judging from him jumping ship right away, and never even thinking of going back to a life of crime after Overwatch disbanded… I don’t think he liked it there. I don’t know if he was literally conscripted, or got in over his head and realized it was too late to back down, or what.

But you have young Jesse living a life of crime and looking for anyway out. Before he found that way out, he had to cope with the fact that he was a criminal, and had almost certainly perpetrated violent crimes (given his competence with a gun). He’s the bad guy and he knows it.

But you know what criminals aren’t bad guys? Cowboys, or at least, Hollywood cowboys. Outlaws living by their own code on the fringes of civilization, gunslinging, getting into fights, but always knowing where to draw the line. Chivalrous, polite at times. And cool, to a teenage kid with no role models to look up to. Jesse McCree the arms dealer? The thug? The killer? Naw. Jesse McCree the cowboy. That’s something his teenage mind could wrap itself around.

And he can’t let go of that identity because that’s all he has. There was nothing to be proud of about himself before that. And besides, it’s proven him right. He is a hero – hopping trains, dodging the law, shooting first, and still saving the day. Why would he ever give that up?


He is TWENTY THREE years old and currently working as a hitman taking over the position after his older brother, ADDY, became famous.. In all honesty, this HOT HEAD is quite the manipulator, he is constantly looked down on and pushed into his brother’s shadow, but not for long. PROVING HIMSELF is his one life’s purpose. He’s here to prove that he’s worth something, and going to make something of himself. The only problem is, he hasn’t done ANYTHING…. yet.


people in his gang, best friends, people he grew up with, ex girlfriends, girls he never really got into relationships with but hecka crushes, someone he was ordered to murder!!! but cliche feelings develop!!!, people who use him to know his older brother, fwb, old friends that got out of detorit.


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Any opinion on what has happened this past week in our great country?

It’s horrifying. I don’t know what other opinion anyone can have. We have always lived in a racist, xenophobic culture. For a while people got into their heads that because we didn’t have daily riots in the streets, this meant things were post-racial. But if you are brown or the wrong kind of white, you know what bullshit that has always been. Put a black man in the White House, and boy do the casual racists stop being complacent about Those People. Suggest he’s foreign. Suggest he’s Muslim. Those are apparently the worst things you can be in this country, because people hurl those words like insults. I remember the King riots, I have looked at rows of young black men on gurneys, dead from gang violence, and let me tell you that where things are right now is a whole lot fucking worse. Now we have a wannabe fascist as a serious contender for the White House, because there are mainstream people in this country who would openly rather have a bad white man in office than a kind brown man.

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Okay but what are your headcanons about Kadota's favorite holidays and how he spends them?

ok so like

Kadota in my head doesn’t have a favorite anything really. Like I guess sometimes he does but 

No holiday particularly trumps the other? (mostly bc all of them are spent looking out for his kIDS ) 

So imma try and pick some holidays and talk about things he does bc it’s usually the same

of course what this becomes is a bunch of van gang headcanons bc kadota loves his van gang you know?

Halloween is the only time of year kadota comes remotely close to cosplaying (actually he would cosplay, since it’s less weird for halloween, so he doesn’t mind but they gotta be cool and not something involving a ship eRIKA PL EASE) BUT HE HAS FUN LETTING ERIKA AND WALKER HELP HIM GO ALL OUT FOR A COSTUME (ie please look at vampire kyo he has nails that art sharp and red like he didn’t do that on his own)  but there’s not really trick or treating in japan so they buy some candy and maybe go to a costume party or something maybe just tell ghost stories in the back of the van in some abandoned lot with a flash light (Togusa was mad when erika and walker tried to make a fire)

and he just has fun goofing around with his friends that day 

Christmas, compared to when he was a kid, has become more of a thing in Japan? so for this reason he’s getting used to but kinda diggin that spirit everyone has going on but he’s low key about it

secret gifts that people really wanted that the guys wanted (but had brought up offhand). he doesn’t tell them it’s him he kinda just drops em off and leaves but they all know it’s him (he gets some nice gifts too) they probably 

probably tries to get something nice for shizuo and celty and shinra and maybe the raijin kids cuz they hang out with them sometimes?) 

The gang who’s all on nice terms with Kyohei’s dad, go to his house for dinner (maybe invite Togusa’s family bc you know what the more the merrier) and enjoy a meal together and it’s a fun time.

this got long oh boy but!!! kadota just likes to relax and do things with his pals bc A) he has no other friends B) they’re important to him as he is to them