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Sometimes when I read the ff of the next generation. All those humors actually make me like hohoho that’s what you get when you put them as canon. Otherwise, we may have more responsible and wiser kiddos for the future of Konoha, okay? Not my fault.

cara delevigne wpuld be a good victoire actually, she has that "serious-yet-daydreamy french model with hundreds of followers on wizard instagram” look

i just picture her with lighter hair, dom & louis have sort of strawberry blonde and they look like models also, all the rest of the cousins hate them lol

Signs of maturity growth in me: I am capable of helping a man I really admire and potentially like work through issues that are cropping up in his relationship with his potential significant other without being jaded, selfish, or hurt at all.

it’s come to the point where if I see a picture of a boy on my dash and discover that he’s in a relationship (with a woman), I spiral into a jealous, depressive hole
I can hear a guy’s voice in a video, have no idea what he looks like or how old he is, and go through an entire romantic/jealous fallout regarding this mystery man in my head within 25 seconds

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*highly inappropriate statement ahead* if that's what he look like normally, assuming he's a grower, i am kinda jealous of merlin. *i am so so sorry i just couldn't help myself and it's so bad and wrong i'm bad sorry*

GOSH! That’s probably what Arthur told Merlin & that’s why Merlin’s terrified, hahaa! 

Wow so this guy i had a crush on who has flirted with me and then stopped when i discovered that he has a girlfriend, now is giving me those ‘heart eyes’?? I walk past him and he looks at me as if i was a beautiful galaxy like i know i am pretty and thank you for noticing BUT STOP DOING THAT WHEN YOUR GIRLFRIEND IS TALKING TO YOU WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU

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I'm friends w a cap guy&I told him I loved him then all of asudden he brings up a random girl a few days later&everything doesn't add up. It seems like he's lying. He's brought up 2 other girls. I feel like he's trying to get me jealous. Plus he looks like a famous guy&I always talk about how hot the famous guy is and he randomly cut his hair just like the famous guy I compared him to. It also seems like I have to text him first for an actual conversation 😒 wtf is wrong him.

A lot seems wrong with him tbh How long had you guys been friends before you said I love you because that can sometimes scare people off. If he’s bringing up other girls he probably isn’t trying to make you jealous becuase he already knows that you like him. I’m sorry dear, he sounds like a jerk though. Find a better man :)




Hi, my name’s JEM, I’m 19 and my timezone is EST. I’ll be playing TINKERBELL (Peter Pan), but will be known as TEO BELL. He is 23 and is JEALOUS, STUBBORN and PROTECTIVE. He’s packing 7.5 INCHES and he’s CUT. The guy’s into SPANKING, BONDAGE and BODY WORSHIP, and claims himself as a VERS. Around the studios, he’s known as THE JEALOUS ONE. Everyone tells him he looks like EVAN PETERS.

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she doesnt like me much. anyways, when he saw me he screamed my name and said hello, he looked like he was just tryin to make his ex jealous or something. when i was coming home she asked me for him and i answered i didnt know were he was

Strange. But if he’s in a relationship I wouldn’t show interest. It’s not going to be fair to the girl he’s dating or even to yourself. Tell the boys he’s friends with that he has a girlfriend and you don’t want to give him the wrong idea. See what happens.

it’s never ok to try something with a boy who is in a relationship.