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Kyungsoo have you seen Jisoo before? What do you think of him?

> Kyungsoo is extricating the kitchen knife from the wall.
> [Kyungsoo] “You mean that tall guy I’ve seen with Junmyeon lately? Junmyeon’s introduced us, but I haven’t really talked to him. He and Chen don’t look like they get along… He’s probably jealous of Chen or something. Now what did I say about getting out of my house?”
> He turns the knife in his hands experimentally.

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Hey! I have this character whos trained to be invisible since birth. How do you think (in small or big ways watever) would it affect him to now be seen by people who are trained to see people like him?

  • He’d be way more self conscious. If he’s used to not been seen by anyone then he probably wouldn’t worry about his image right?
  • Can he see himself? Is he jealous that others know what he looks like and he doesn’t?
  • Maybe it makes him regret having learned to be invisible in the first place. Now that it seems almost irrelevant if some people can see him he’d gathered be seen by all.
  • He could feel anger or maybe betrayal. He’d wonder why he wasn’t trained to avoid these people and search out who has given those people this power to see him.
  • He’d be more fearful. Being invisible made him feel invincible, now he feels incredibly vulnerable.

I had a dream last night…

My thoughts on GMU

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Okay, so lot’s of people are saying that right after Maya tells Lucas to pick Riley, he doesn’t make any facial expressions so nobody gets hurt. That might be true, but we can all se he wants to pick Maya, but right after Riley got so happy, it would be bitchy for him not to say no. He might be waiting. Who knows. But he’s not smiling, that’s for sure. And he doesn’t smile until Maya says something. And, he wants to do what Maya wants.

He calls Maya beautiful on the inside in next weeks episode, and means it because he see’s through Maya like she does for him. He looks jealous or something when Farkle kisses Maya’s nose, and grabs his shirt. AND in Ski lodge, Maya keeps pushing Lucas to tell Riley that he loves her, and he responds with, “Love her?” Like it was exaggerated and shouldn’t have been thought of. Second, i’m pretty sure someone asks Lucas if he was going to pick Maya, and he makes this awkward noise and gets all embarrassed or some shit. Most people would say he said that because he didn’t want to hurt Maya, but he did it because he was nervous or didn’t want to say it in front of Riley. 

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The one on one video interview of Jacob fuck me up , Jacob is so gorgeous his skin his smile his laugh ! I always wondered how he looked like when he smiled and laugh ... My heart wasn't ready I probably rewatched 10 time in à row bc damn why is everything about him cute and sexy and the way he dance he look like a good dancer too I'm jealous of Troye how does he get them 😔

My heart is never ready tbh, but I kNoW TROYE HOW YOU DO DAT