hunk and lance friendship hcs
  • Hunk and Lance knew each other before the Garrison and have been bffs since childhood
  • Hunk and Lance didn’t meet in the same preschool nor did they ever go to the same school (until the garrison) but met each other in a nearby playground where they continued to meet up for the next 8-11 years of their life, they usually let off steam about the shit that goes down in their schools.
  • “Like, if you’re going to steal something from the mall -” “Don’t wear your uniform?” “EXACTLY. God, that guy was so stupid.” “Agreed.”
  • “Then… then he KICKED the guy’s nose!!! He was bleeding, Lance! He needed to be taken to the hospital!!” “Oh my God, and then what?” “A girl was crying the whole entire time and -” the stories they share go on and on.
  • Lance’s mom and Hunk’s mom are interested in the same things so their sons r bffs and so r they and their moms drag them off sometimes to do grocery shopping but Hunk and Lance are aways ‘can’t we just stay at hoooommmmeeee?’ ‘no you’re going to help me and hunk’s mom buy groceries for our party’ ‘what party????’ ‘a joint family party!!!!’ ‘??????? !!!! A JOINT FAMILY PARTY ????’
  • Hunk’s family and Lance’s family are really close buds now
  • It’s almost surreal how much the two families are alike to interests???
  • Hunk and Lance meet up after graduating middle school and decide to finally enrol in the same school. Both of them couldn’t have been anymore excited and happy.
  • Hunk is Lance’s only tether to Earth because Hunk is childhood and playground days, fighting off bullies and staying up at night under covers and pillow forts, charting stars while laying on muddy grass after rain, stealing cookies when their mothers aren’t looking, and making stupid jokes together as the sun went down – all of their world, quiet and soft and sound.
  • Lance loves Hunk and Hunk loves Lance. They’re best friends, because water breathes life on Earth and what is water without it’s Earth?

welcome to the space parade

(keith made them do it)

pet daycare worker!mingyu

not sure if im gonna make this a series bc it just suddenly pops into my head and i feel the need to make it so:

  • mingyu loves his job i mean who wouldnt maybe someone who doesnt like animals
  • he got the money and an adavantage of playing with these cute little creatures
  • the daycare actually accept almost all pets but the place is full of mostly dogs and cats and honestLY mingyu couldnt be happier
  • and it seems like this daycare is getting known more bc you know what theres this boy greeting everyone with that world winning smile
  • and he’s cute af so thats a bonus, lot of girls come by to get their pet washed/or to drop them here for a while + theyre here to watch this cute guy named mingyu based on his nametag
  • he’s basically popular, everyone address him as the tall boy bc duh
  • “wheres the tall boy who usually arranged the snacks over there?”
  • customers like giving him tip bc have u seen him he’s glowing and he looks like he enjoys this so much
  • likes to play with the dog more
  • he likes to wash them as well
  • “ok no saddie, thats soap you cant eat that”
  • “noooooo my clothes are all wet now thanks to u”
  • probably brought extra clothes with him
  • “i love u tho dont worry come lets dry you up”
  • when its play time lots of dogs want to play with him and some even climb up to lick his face and he cant stop smiling basically
  • and when he’s tired he’d go to check on the cats bc everyone there is basically chill and quiet, perfect when u want to take a break
  • when he lay on his back, small cats would climb up and just sleep there on his stomach and mingyu wants to cry bc cuteness
  • “omg nora dont eat my socks!!!”
  • he loves talking to them duh
  • “have u eat yet??? no??? ok lets go get u some nutrition so u can play with me”
  • “you think you can catch this???”
  • “ok dont eat that”
  • once somene dropped their goldfish here and he doesnt know how to play with it, he feels bad bc it doesnt have friends 
  • protecting the goldfish from the hungry cats like he went into panic mode when he sees a cat approaching him and the goldfish
  • “STAY BACK!!!!”
  • lowkey loves looking at the hamster when they run on the thing i dont know what its called in english but you know what i mean!!!
  • the daycare rarely get any bunnies to take care of but then ba bam one day you came in with your cute bunny and mingyu felt like he couldnt breathe was it bc of u or the bunny?
  • “um hey so do you take - “
  • “YEAH YEAH WE TAKE CARE OF ANYTHING HONESTLY” he said a bit more enthuasiatic than he should have he felt embarrassed after that
  • and youre like ah ok and told him youre going somewhere and want to drop him here
  • “oh great” and youd smile bc this guy is super cute and u stole a glance at his nametag and smiled wider bc the name suits him very well u dont even know why
  • you pay and all that and introduce ur bunny to him “his name’s bambi he might be a bit annoying to new people sometimes so.. .. .. “
  • “OH ITS OK IVE HAD WORSE HELLO THERE LITTLE GUY” mingyu doesnt know why he is too hype whenever he talks
  • “uh so…..ok? i hope u take good care of him”
  • “DONT WORRY ….?”
  • u told him your name and he repeats it bc he thinks its so pretty
  • “ill see you soon mingyu! and hey you be nice to him” he saw u kissing bambi and feel a little jealousy as you waved him goodbye
  • “u lucky guy!!!!! i cant believe im jealous over a rabbit”
  • he would scoop bambi in his hands and stare at it
  • “i hope we can get along and u can tell me more about ur owner”
  • u know what he’s gonna be with bambi for days and talk to him to the point he realizes he’s not gonna answer
  • “do u like carrot or this canned food oh wait she said u like carrot more so im gonna pick it up ok”
  • “im so nice to u now tell me something abt her”
  • “im more a dog kind of guy but youre cute and ur owner is cuter tbh”
  • “ok lets shower”
  • “you have long ears man”
  • when u come back 4 days later to pick bambi up he turned all sad and gloomy, like he’s not glowing anymore he’s SAD UR LEAVING AND MGIHT NEVER COMING BACK which is false
  • “please comeback soon”
  • and you only giggled at that this boy is finally calm
  • “ill see u soon mingyu” u hand him a tip and wave at him, forcing bambi to wave at him too and he smiled bc ill see u soon HECK YES
  • and he noticed there was a paper along with the money he wants to burst bc your number was written on it with a cute little bunny doodle AND HE SQUEALES THE WHOLE DAY AND TALK ABOUT IT TO EVERYONE (read: the animals)

When he stepped out, Tobias immediately called the same acquaintance he’d requested help from earlier in that day to ensure his husband’s safety until he returned. 

I am going to send you a picture along with the address of where he stays when he is usually in town. I was supposed to be gone all weekend so I doubt he’s already left. 
If you’re able to confirm his location, text me & we’ll make arrangements for me to meet you there tonight. 

Will do, chief. You’ll bring the cash?

Of course. I am nothing if not a man of my word.

Reasons Ishida-sensei might be team Instinct:

Pokémon are creatures with excellent intuition. I bet the secret to their intuition is related to how they’re hatched. Come on and join my team! You never lose when you trust your instincts!

TG character that is definitly on Team Instinct: Mado Akira

Reasons Ishida-Sensei might be team Valor:

Pokémon are stronger than humans, and they’re warmhearted too! I’m researching ways to enhance Pokémon’s natural power in the pursuit of true strength. There’s no doubt that the Pokémon our team have trained are the strongest in battle! Are you ready?

TG character that is definitly on Team Valor: Kirishima Ayato

Reasons Ishida-Sensei might be team Mystic:

The wisdom of Pokémon is immeasurably deep. I am researching why it is that they evolve. My team? With our calm analysis of every situation, we can’t lose!

TG character that is definitly on Team Mystic: Kanou Akihiro (shut up he totally plays Pokemon Go)

707? more like 404 because there’s something wrong with my computer and he needs to come fix it ;)

I won a $10 credit to Freedom Teller through a Twitter RT event recently, so of course Sally got some goods. XD Lots of reds & pinks to clash with his pretty red hair. :’) (Also, isn’t that watch the cutest? I might have to buy more…some day!)

Sally - Volks SD17 Williams

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His abs are literally pushing through his shirt, what the fuck. He looks so broad and fit and strong, I'm possibly dying. And he's still wearing his rings on the hand that's all bandaged up, I'm so in love


thanks to @starlinedfate and @toxicstarlet i have decided that kit’s spirit animal is an otter tbh