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1. Aurytė, that’s how my parents and closest friends call me ;*

2. Brown. Not very dark nor very light.

3. Light brown.

4. I have braces. (hopefully soon I’ll get them off)

5. Pink <33 (green and blue aswell)

6. Monaco. That city is like a little wonderland and I want to visit it again and again and again <3

7. Tom Hiddleston. For many reasons. C’mon, he’s british, good looking and an amazing actor!!

8. Cat. *meow*

9. All Time Low - Edge Of Tonight. This song is just magical and amazing. The lyrics, the melody, Alex’s voice <33

10.  Delirium by Lauren Oliver. Simpy because this was the first book that ever made my cry like a little baby at the end.

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A thought about them that they’d never share:  “Whenever he thinks no one is looking, he just looks so sad.  I wonder why.”
First impression of them:  “He looks super cool in his costume! but he’s got white hair.  Like white as snow.  He must be super older, like land before time old.” 
Favorite thing about them: “His smile! When he smiles he lights up the room and that’s just something really special.”
Least favorite thing about them: “I don’t really have a least favorite thing okay except for the fact he lived so far away.” 
Hopes for their future relationship:  “Being on an epic crime fighting team together!”