Ford is Really a Damsel in Distress

You know, for all of Ford’s awesomeness he actually hasn’t ever saved the day, not even once. Instead he usually gets himself captured or incapacitated, leaving someone else to bail him out. This is just a pattern we’ve noticed with Ford.

He got trapped in the portal, and even though he looked extremely epic coming out of the portal, 

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it never would have been possible without Stan. 

Even though Ford looked so cool in Dungeons, Dungeons and More Dungeons

 he still gets captured by the game characters, and Stan has to save the day.

Stan yet again saves the day in The Stanchurian Candidate when all Ford did was fix a light bulb and give the kids a magic tie.

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(This was like the best gif of Stan’s heroism I could find, leave me alone)

In Dipper and Mabel vs. the Future, Ford does all this awesome stuff like: 

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But in the end, he gets captured by alien drones and has to be saved by Dipper.

And the crowning moment of fail is in Weirdmegeddon Part 1.

There’s like no way he’ll be able to save himself, leaving the other characters to pick up the slack.

All in all, Ford looks capable and badasss, but he’s really just a damsel in distress.

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Michael Kagan Explores Man’s Triumph Over Nature

Michael Kagan (born 1980 in Virginia Beach, VA ) is a Brooklyn-based artist famous for his iconic imagery, big clients including Nasa and the Smithsonian.  Fascination with iconic moments from human history and, at the same time, with space, led him to a distinctive use of painting as a medium. Kagan bases his works on photographs but doesn’t paint in a photorealistic manner. On the contrary, his style is characterized by thick slabs of color. 

His paintings look realistic from far away, but as you get closer - they become more and more abstract. The energetic brushstrokes of oil on linen reinforce Kagan’s epic subjects and representative scenes, creating energy within the compositions. Currently, he exhibited his work at Joshua Liner Gallery in NYC,  the exhibition titled “Lights Out” (February 11, 2016, until March 12).

His Twitter and Facebook.

Like what you see? Follow Cross Connect for the gorgeous art!

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Lazarus Rising

Hold on to your hats, people.  If you don’t have a hat, go buy one then hold the fuck on to it, because this is going to be a huge outpouring of brotherly love appreciation. It can’t be helped. 

Yum. Anyway…

When Dean goes to that hotel to find Sam, there is a moment that I will never get over. I can’t find a screencap or gif that does it justice. It’s right when Dean sees Sam for the first time, before Sam even looks at him. Dean’s face just transforms. He lights up with joy and relief and love. Every time I watch this episode, I rewind that part & watch it about 40 times. Then Sam sees him & it looks like someone just knocked the wind out of him.

Then there’s a truly epic hug.

They’re already hugging, but Dean’s just like “nope- we’re not close enough” and pulls him in tighter. When they finally stop hugging, they refuse to break eye contact even when Bobby or Ruby talks to them. Ever hear that stupid phrase “feast your eyes on this”? Their look reminds me of that. It’s like they were starving for the sight of one another and now they can’t get enough. 

Pamela Barnes is a woman after my own heart. Within 10 minutes of meeting the Winchester brothers, she casually suggests a threesome. And holy shit, does Sam look enthusiastic about it! 

And finally, look at this…

Sam instantly wants to kill that demon for threatening Dean, but Dean gets him to calm down just by raising his hand and glancing at him. That is so damned erotic that I feel like tagging this NSFW. 

Closed RP with emillyresowe: Pawā Guriddo (Power Grid)

Nightmare groans as he lifts his head. He slowly opens his eyes to blurry vision. The floor beneath him seems to glow with a blue light. His vision corrects itself, and he gasps. The world around him has.. Changed. How did he get here? He stands up with a look of shock.

“W..Where am I?”


A testimony of love

Sam is twelve and looks at his brother with nothing short of hero worship. Dean’s tall and handsome; every teenage-girl’s dream. Light on his feet in a way that Sam will never be, his own legs, too long and lanky that won’t allow him to be anything but clumsy. Hands that he’s watched take apart and reassemble a gun in mere seconds, his movements quick and efficient.  Cocky grin and give-em-hell attitude that demands everyone’s attention; he’s everything that Sam wishes he could be.

Sam is fourteen and still looks at his brother like he hangs the moon. Dean’s now officially an adult and filled out in ways Sam’s pretty sure he shouldn’t be noticing. Broad shoulders that make all his favorites shirts too tight so that they cling to the muscles of his back. Eyes so clover-green that when their attention is on him he wishes he could stop time and live in that moment forever. Those same hands carding through his hair in the middle of the night after a bad nightmare, climbing into his bed and pulling him close even though their father says they’re too old for it now.

Sam is sixteen and has finally come to terms with the fact that he’s in love with his brother and he doesn’t know what to do with that knowledge or himself half the time. Dean’s seemingly more beautiful everyday, so much so, that sometimes it hurts to look at him. To always have him so close and yet never close enough. That voice like liquid heat that pools inside Sam’s belly every time his brother whispers in his ear or calls him ‘Sammy’.

Sam is eighteen and afraid to reveal the sick truth of his heart, how he aches for things that he should never, ever want. So tangled up inside and he fears Dean will discover his secret, wonders how he’s gotten away with it for this long. It’s enough to keep him awake at night, staring at his brother’s sleeping figure and wondering what it would be like to kiss those soft, pink lips, to taste the inside of his mouth… It’s no surprise he ends up leaving for California, needing to put as much space between them as possible before this hunger ruins the only good thing he has.

Sam is twenty two when his brother breaks into his apartment and wrestles him to the ground. Solid weight of muscle on top of him, breath hot and heavy as it washes across his face in the dark room and it all comes rushing back. Everything he tried so desperately to bury, bubbling forth with a new and ravenous desire. “Dad’s on a hunting trip and hasn’t been home in a few days” and just like that he’s back in the game, in the passenger seat at Dean’s side; still strung out on that hundred watt smile but he’s desperate to make this work.

Sam’s twenty three when he starts having psychic visions and he’s scared even if he’ll never admit it. His brother never leaves his side though, promises that nothing bad will ever happen to him as long as he’s around and he doesn’t know what the hell he did to deserve Dean but it’s what fuels his faith and gives him reason to keep fighting.

Before he knows it he’s twenty six  and jumping into the cage with the devil. Saving the world and what he hopes is Dean’s chance at a normal life. A life with someone who can make him truly happy and fill all those spaces in his heart in a way that Sam knows he’s never meant to.

He’s twenty nine  and in an abandoned church, got the king of hell tied to a chair, and ready to, once again, sacrifice himself so he can shut the gates of hell but Dean won’t let him, begs him to stop. “There’s nothing, past or present, that I would put in front of you” and Sam has to bite back the tears that threaten to break free and he can’t help but feel unworthy of his brother’s unwavering devotion.

Then he’s thirty one  and ready to damn the whole world to rid his brother of the mark of Cain that’s branded onto his skin, slowly poisoning and changing his brother into something he doesn’t recognize but he won’t stop till he has him back. He’s fought way to hard to keep him just to lose him like this.

He turns 32 and the darkness is released onto the world and they’re caught in a war between God and his sister but it’s not the first time that heaven rains down it’s issues on them. Caught once again in the middle of an epic battle that verges on ripping the world apart and it’s just another day in the life of the Winchester’s.

Sam is 33  and it’s just him and his brother in a dusty library of an old bunker that they now call home talking about how they can’t believe that they’ve made it this far. They’ve both died more times than they care to count, fate, it seems, hell-bent on breaking them apart but not for long, because they somehow always find their way back to each other.

They’re sharing a drink, allowing the amber liquid to warm it’s way through their systems  when Dean leans close and places a gentle but all- encompassing kiss to his trembling lips, whispers all the things Sam’s so desperately wanted  but never thought he would ever hear. And It’s in that moment that he realizes that Dean has been carrying the same twisted up love in his heart, it’s roots planted just as deep.

“There’s a hushed "Love you Sammy,” that leaves his brother’s lips and it’s so quiet he barely hears it.  It’s him who leans in this time and kisses his brother with a hunger that has  Dean opening his mouth, and eagerly inviting him in.
He pulls away after a minute and rests his forehead against Dean’s and whispers just as softly,…

“Love you too Dee.”

This morning i found myself thinking about all the romantic basics D&D used to develop Jonsa relationship and be able to make it “blossoms” in the future…so i made a checking list….

1) Make sure that one of the people close to the person A tells her to get to the person B so that he can help or protect her…. ✅

2) Make them reunite in an epic and heartbreaking way, with the two looking at each other dumbfounded from afar and slowly approach WITHOUT LOSING SIGHT OF THE OTHER, and then culminate the scene in a moving embrace between the two… ✅

3) Put them alone in a room with no other light font if not candles or fire (sometimes moonlight but this not the case),make them drink, speak about their memories and try to bury their past mistakes , while flirting and smiling and joking….. ✅

4) Give them a common purpose like taking their home back so they can go on an adventure and join their forces together…. ✅

5) Make the person A do little things for person B (like sew a new coat for him ) and make him react like she gave him the world….. ✅

6) Make person B complimenting something on or about person A in a VERY AKWARD WAY… ✅

7) Make them arguing every 2 seconds like a married couple and put as much sexual tension between them as you can… ✅

8) Make person A tell person B that if the battle goes down she will not going back alive and make him answer her that he will not let anything happen to her because he will protect her. Then proceed to show him say that if he loses he doesn’t wanna come back from the dead ( cause she will be not there with him )….. ✅

9) Make person A save person B life in a very surprisingly and smart way…. ✅

10) Put a third person between them who is gonna create tensions and problems in their relationship…. ✅

11) Make person B touch,kiss,stare and speak to person A in a sweet and tenderly way…and make him staring at her lips for a long time after a very important scene or moment between the two… ✅

So…after this list of romantic basics that they clearly used in their relationship, if their intent was not making them become something more, it means that they have a huge problem…

Egwene glanced at the collected Seanchan nobility. Fortuona seemed to be addressing one man in particular, a man in rich black and golden clothing, trimmed with white lace. He had an eyepatch over one eye, black to match, and the fingernails on both hands were lacquered to a dark—

“Mat?” Egwene sputtered.

He gave a kind of half-wave, looking embarrassed.

Oh, Light, she thought. What has he thrown himself into? She galloped through plans in her mind. Mat was imitating a Seanchan nobleman. They must not know who he really was. Could she trade something to save him?

“Approach,” Fortuona said.

“This man is not— ” Egwene began, but Fortuona spoke over her.

“Knotai,” she said, “did you know that this woman was an escaped damane? You knew her as a child, I believe.”

“You know who he is?” Egwene asked.

Of course I do,” Fortuona said. “He is named Knotai, but once was called Matrim Cauthon. Do not think he will serve you, marath’damane, though you did grow up together. He is the Prince of the Ravens now, a position he earned by his marriage to me. He serves the Seanchan, the Crystal Throne, and the Empress.”

“May she live forever,” Mat noted. “Hello, Egwene. Glad to hear you escaped those Sharans. How’s the White Tower? Still … white, I guess?”

Egwene looked from Mat to the Seanchan Empress, then back at him again. Finally, unable to do anything else, she burst out laughing. “You married Matrim Cauthon?”


Brandon Sanderson, A Memory of Light: Chapter 26 - Considerations 

Outlander 107 PART ZWEI

Continued from PART EINS

Claire can’t believe it. But Jamie insists that that was exactly how Ned described it and didn’t she see the “strumpet” at the wedding?

I love Old Timey words for stuff.

JAMMF is curious about what Claire was doing just before the wedding. She was getting crunk, of course!

I love this. How many of us haven’t woken from a hard night of drinking with an epic hangover looking like a hedgehog who stuck its finger in a light socket? 

In college, that was what was called “Wednesday”. 

She remembers the wedding but it’s a bit foggy, she admits, because she was drunk off her pretty butt the whole time. She did, however, have a monstrous hangover for her trouble.

Jamie remembers their wedding day perfectly.

The first time he saw her, dressed in her wedding finery, it was “like the sun came out”. And then the earth shook with the force of millions of women swooning into a dead faint at the same time.

The dress is GORGEOUS, and I really must give props to Terry Dresbach and Co. for the exquisite attention to detail. I couldn’t get a good screencap of The Dress, but this is it in the promotional picture:

DOWANT! I must have this. I’d rock that bitch to get gas.

Even Ned Gowan and his s+trumpet are impressed:

Sorry, Makayla Maroney. 

In the flashback, a gobsmacked Jamie crosses to his bride and bows. “Your servant, Madam.” Claire, in a panic, says that she can’t marry Jamie because she doesn’t know his real last name. 

Even though it was plastered across the wedding contract she signed last episode. Weird.

JAMMF fully introduces his JAMMF self. 

Claire is “Claire Elizabeth Beachamp”, and they lightly grasp hands, then start to walk into the church. While everyone is behind her and can’t see her actions, she subtly removes the gold wedding band from Frank and puts it in her cleavage, that being generous because corsets are the worst.

They recite their vows before the priest, then Dougal cuts both of their wrists and bounds them together. Claire is told to repeat after Jamie’s Gaelic, and we are informed that said Gaelic translates to this:

You are the blood of my blood,

and the bone of my bone.

I give you my body,

that we two may be one.

I give you my spirit,

Til our lives shall be done.

They kiss, and she’s reluctant at first but totally gets into it because JAMMF is a fantastic kisser.

This reminder of their wedding apparently makes Claire super horny because:

And Jamie’s like:


Claire moves away and orders Jamie to take off his shirt. She wants to see him. Jamie is all too happy to comply. 

Claire encircles him, checking out his nekkid self, including his ass:


“Fair is fair” he says, demanding that she remove her shift as well. She is naked and he is naked, and she wonders if he has ever seen a bare lady before. He concurs that he has, but not one so close. And–

Jamie sweeps her up into a kiss, lifts her up, and they tumble to the bed together. And we know that TEH SECKS is a lot better than the first time because she arches her back and moans in ecstasy. 

JAMMF is concerned that he hurt her. He didn’t realize that women “could”. Yes, Jamie. They indeed CAN “could”. And you just made Claire “could” after only a couple of thrusts. You are a good student, Jamie-san.

He grins like the cat that ate the canary and muses:


Oh sweet naive JAMMF.

Claire: “Only if the man is a very good lover.”

And even then, Claire. Even then.

Then, Claire gets hungry.

Congrats, JAMMF! You just had your first Big O.

Claire pops up from JAMMF Land just as he’s coming down (ha! I punned) from his Orgasm High. When he catches his breath, he mutters something in Gaelic. When she queries him about the translation, he clarifies:

Yeah. Heart. JAMMF Junior. Both are interchangeable at the moment.

Jamie drifts off to sleep the sleep of the just blown to high heaven.

Claire smiles with affection, walks across the room, and wraps herself in his plaid. She goes downstairs sans any other clothes, and once more, we meet another pussy.

In the common room, she runs into Dougal. Remember how last episode we forgave him for his previous asshatery? Yeah, it’s back. 

As he walks through the front door, Claire remarks that he was out late. Dougal clarifies that he was visiting their friend BJR to tell him the “bad news” that she is no longer an Englishwoman. BJR is not thrilled.

Then, Dougal “thanks” her for “doing her duty” and adds:

You are unforgiven, Dougal.

Claire’s like “Nah, I’m JAMIE’s wife” and leaves, but not before thanking a just arrived Rupert for the ring. He offers his congratulations as she disappears up the stairs. 

Dougal, frustrated at his inability to grind that corn, straight up punches Rupert in the face.

Back up in the bedchamber, JAMMF is just rising (this time, pun definitely intended) from the marriage bed, gloriously nekkid, and crosses to the armoire. He takes out a strand of pearls and, coming up behind Claire, drops it over her head.

There. There are his mother’s pearls. Happy now, Poutlanders?

For those who don’t know, in the book, Jamie gives Claire these pearls before the wedding ceremony, not after. So, in the previews, Claire is not shown wearing the pearls, and everyone went batshit bananas thinking that TPTB were going to leave them out. 

Well now here they are. 

JAMMF explains that these belonged to his mother, they’re real Scotch pearls, and they’re very precious to him.

Damn. I know a perfect person is only a myth, but Jamie is pretty frigging close.

Claire kisses his shoulder, touched, and they do the horizontal mambo again, this time wrapped in his plaid. She caresses his face, and she looks at him like she can’t believe how, in just one night, she fell in love with him.

The next morning, our two post-coital lovers are acting just like newlyweds in love. Which is, really, now what they are.

They’re joking and kissing, and Jamie leaves to get food. Claire, deliriously happy, stands up to air out her gown. And that’s when Frank’s wedding band that she stuck inside her cleavage falls out.

Props to the director for this shot:

Claire plucks the ring from the floorboard, puts it on her other hand, and stares at them both.

Her old life or her new? Her first love or her second?

Book fans know the answer. The rest of you guys will just have to keep tuning in to find out!

Now I’m off to take a cold shower. 

Very cold.

150 Million Power Warrior

Just finished up a new piece this one of Goku as Super Saiyan ( as imagined form first time he went super fighting Freiza ) in the most epic way. By ©2015 Barrett Biggers.

Looks sick on my metallic paper as premium quality prints on my Etsy shop.

turn and face the strange

by: paynegerous (tumblr)

words: 26k

“Yeah okay, look, um. I’m in a relationship now, mum. And it’s pretty serious and I’m very much in love with him.” Louis’ mum’s face lights up at that.

“Well why didn’t you say?! Can we meet him?! Is he here today?”

“This is the catch. He’s kind of, well, he’s incredibly famous. So he couldn’t be at the ceremony but he’s in the car and we’re going to go back to his home for some lunch, is that okay?”

“Famous?! Louis, if this is some sort of joke…”

“It’s not, mum, I promise. Please can you just get in the car? He’s in this one, I want you three to meet him first, just don’t freak out, please,” he says, gesturing at Harry’s traditional black car.

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100 Theme Drabble Challenge featuring HopeLight

previous themes

mirror; post-LR
this is basically a continuation/companion piece to finalfantasyandnerdiness’s lovely fic!

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Haunted House 47 - Trigger

Title: Trigger

Chapter: 47

Fandom: FF7 Compilation

Rating: Teen and up

Links: You can read it on AO3 or Fanfiction.net. I also have a WordPress account.

Summary: In which there is an epic screw-up.
Communication is important, kids. Always read the directions, and remember to use your Words.

As with so many characters in this fic, this is not your standard Fuhito.
Which is kind of a shame, really.

Vincent watched calmly, almost detached, as if witnessing the scene from afar as Fuhito fell, a look of surprise lingering on his face. No sooner had he hit the floor than his body began to dissolve into mist and light, pyreflies spiraling up toward the ceiling before they too disappeared. All that was left was a blood spatter where he’d fallen, a spent shell casing, and the slug embedded in the far wall. His pen knife long gone, Vincent extended the claw of his metal hand’s index finger and crossed the floor to dig the bullet out of the wall. It would not take much to mop up the small puddle of blood. He had just pocketed the shell casing when Felicia burst through the door.

It took only one glance for her to figure out what had happened. Her tense, alert expression morphed into something infinitely more horrible. Her lips parted, jaw hanging, as her eyes went to the bloodstain, the hole in the wall, and then fell on him.

“You shot him.” It was not a question.

“He was going to hurt you,” Vincent said simply.

Confusion cut through the hurt for a moment, and she just stared at him. He watched as perplexity burned away into anger, fierce and hot. She lifted her right hand, and Vincent instinctively reached beneath his jacket for his gun, but got no farther. He stumbled back a step, a half-swallowed grunt escaping as she grabbed him by the throat.

“You killed him,” she whispered, fingers digging into his neck. “For no reason, you killed him.”

She was shorter than him by a full head; the whole of her hand barely as large as his palm, but her grip was vice-like. Had he not known better, he would have sworn she was the one with the metal hand.

“Was this Sephiroth’s idea?” she hissed. “Did he order you to do this? Is that why he was sucking up to me?”

Vincent looked at her, utterly lost. Lungs beginning to burn, he could not answer, but managed to shake his head. With a snarl, Felicia dropped him, and he crumbled to his knees, gasping for air.

Do you usually execute the beloveds of your partner’s children? Chaos asked, sounding strangely taken aback.

Shut up, Vincent thought back at him, still coughing. Felicia stood over him, expression a painful mix of anger, grief, and betrayal.

“I should kill you,” she whispered, fists balled so tightly that her hands shook. “I should have let Chaos tear your heart out when I had the chance…”

The woman in front of him was oddly foreshortened from his vantage. For a moment, he fancied not an adult but a small girl of no more than three or four stood in front of him. Hojo’s protegee was gone, and with him the knowledge of how to perform the ritual that would summon Zirconiade. It was profoundly unlikely anyone else had even half an idea as to what Grimoire and Lucrecia had discovered. Felicia would be safe, and that was all that mattered. If she wanted to cut his head off and end this mad dream, so be it. Even Chaos was unlikely to survive that.

“Do it,” he croaked. Planting his metal hand on the floor for support, he leaned forward, offering his neck to her. Felicia just stared at him.

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