Please excuse me for klancing

Karazhan is just so fucking huge

I have this headcanon that after TBC a whole bunch of different mages and warlocks started squatting there and drew gang territory lines and everything 

and the tower is still empty enough you could drop a herd of elekks in there and nobody’d notice


7/29 Paulie had a bad day. I think this bad day stemmed from him putting himself on the block and people in his ear making it seem like Zakiyah is playing him, by not volunteering to put herself on the block. I really believe he had stressful day and instead of venting it to her, he chose to distance himself from her and get all sensitive over the shit she was saying and play it off like it was all her fault they were tripping.

I’m not mad that they keep being on this rollercoaster. I honestly feel like I have no right to be. I’m not in the relationship and I don’t fully understand their circumstances. Under such circumstances, I could only imagine myself reacting the same way or worse if I was as immature as them.They’re still learning each other. Zakiyah learned from them talking he is distant when he is focused, not mad, which I already figured.Those the times when he probably need her to pull him in, not just be distant back.

One of the real reason’s Paulie is probably so quick to throw Zakiyah name out there to be on the block when he mad is probably because the affect she has on him. I think she the only one who can make him react completely off emotions in the house, though he tries to deny this and act like he’s being all logical.He could possibly throw his whole game fucking around with her.

Ol’ boy was clearly in his feelings today,face all screwed up and talking shit left to right.😂😂.I mean literally when he was venting to Paul and Victor he was like “I’m not tripping/mad”(don’t remember the exact words but it something like that) and his face screamed “I AM DEFINITELY TRIPPING/MAD” .

He’s a fucking liar who hates the affect she has on him.He rather her just leave than deal with them emotions. The jealousy,frustration,fear,insecurity,
hurt feelings etc

I hate that he made her cry. I hate that he could not just be honest about what was really bothering him in the beginning of the conversation, instead of trying to put the fault of their differences on her, with shit that was already squashed. Luckily, his ass wised up but still….

I think Paulie is a good dude at heart but this house I think definitely bring out the side of him I don’t think he likes;The asshole. I DON’T LIKE ASSHOLE PAULIE EITHER.