Before you read: this is not hate. Marianas Trench has been my favourite band since I was 12. I’m 19 now, hell, I have a tattoo dedicated to them. Anyways.

What happened to josh? Is he okay? Seriously, everyone commenting on this photo saying he’s sexy, hot, whatever, I know you guys love him unconditionally but this is not attractive. He looks sick. what happened? I remember josh with short black hair, long in the front, dress shirts and silk ties and skinny jeans. Who is this guy? I don’t want to say it but it seriously looks like he’s fallen back down the road of addiction, whatever that addiction may be. Maybe he’s depressed. I don’t know. But seeing this photo makes me so sad.. The guy in the gif below doesn’t look close to the guy in the above picture. I’m worried. :( and once again, I love them unconditionally. Just posted this for the sake of discussion.

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Hiddlesweek 2016

February 5th: Favorite Outfit/Look or Favorite Premiere/Red Carpet Event

Tom is perfect in Tux, gorgeous in a tailor suit with a tie, amazing in shirts with rolled sleeves and dangerous buttons, sexy in T-shirts - grey with V neck or white and wet, hot in leathers and most of all totally stunning with only a magazine covering him.

He is beautiful with black or natural hair - curly and messy or neatly cut, with or without a beard  and not to mention: the glasses, the hat, the teacup, the umbrella and sharpie…

So how could I choose?

For me he only needs to wear a smile, it’s enough!

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Hot Tub Time Machine

I am twelve
sneaking looks at a fuzzy-lipped kid
with trophy-lined shelves

Basketball shorts scrunching him up
so I can discover America for myself

It’s a sleepover.


I am fifteen
gliding up a stage to accept an award—
Florida’s Journalist of the Year

I move past a boy with a shaved head
and a v-neck revealing tufts of black hairs

He’s the loser.


I am nineteen
crushing beer cans with a shaky fist
and an inexplicable vitality

Two peers stumble into a bathroom
and the door clicks behind them

It stings.

Because I can travel back in time I rarely concern myself with death. This is stupid. It is stupid to assume that I can elude anything. It is stupid to run back and say to myself, I am running back just to see how much I’ve grown. That’s how I will die. I will die in 2006, in 2009, and once more near the end of the summer in 2013. I will die from always wanting to remember myself feeling desire, hot and bothered. Yes, that’s how it’s going to happen. I’ll have an brain aneurism in the tub.

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I couldn't agree more about your post on how caspar is looking really good right now! I don't know what he did, but he looks so hot in those la vlogs 😍😍

I know!! I mean Caspar has always looked good but idk I think its’s the hair and the tan? 👌🏻👌🏻 (also the leather jacket and all black ensemble from joes stuck up a tree vlog but that’s another matter entirely)

moorim school's boys are having a new haircut..

Yoon shi woo will cut his hair and dye it to black while Wang Chi ang will have a new haircut and he looks so hot..

now a new haircut means a change in personality ..i hope that both of them will mature ..and i’m hoping that when Chi ang cut his hair he left his feelings for soon duk behind..i don’t think i can see more scenes of him pining over her..

now since they cut the episodes from 20 to 16..i hope this means that they will make Chi ang and sun ah happen sooner than they have planned..i can totally see Chi ang getting over soon duk so easily because he is not really in love with her ..he is just in love with the idea of loving someone..when he sees how much sun ah cares for him and how she is being there for him always he will find himself falling for her without even realize that ..

Modern AU

Headcanon that Kylo Ren gives zero fucks about everything to do with his appearance accept his hair. Every morning he’ll pick up the first (black) item of clothing he sees and throws it on without a second thought (if he ends up wearing the same thing for more than three days Hux won’t let him leave the house until he changes. Also Hux eventually had to stop buying black clothes because Kylo would end up wearing any black clothes Hux left lying around). Some days he walks around wearing completely mismatched clothes and shoes but still somehow manages to looks hot af (not that Hux would admit that). One day he’ll put on a ton of eyeliner and will be too lazy to take it off and redo it the next morning so he just ends up sleeping in it and going out the next day with it all over his face. He doesn’t shave for days at a time until Hux finally forces him to sort his shit out.

Despite all this if his hair is even a tiny bit out of place he’ll be moody all day. He gets up early every morning and spends loads of time making sure his hair is perfect. He has a strict hair washing routine and if it’s interrupted he’ll probably break something (one time when he was younger Leia made him skip shower day because he was very ill and many things including, but not limited to, a tv, a vase and a window were smashed in his tantrum). He uses the same shampoo/conditioner every time and has done for years because “Hux look how beautiful and soft it makes my hair look”. Hux once bought a different brand of shampoo and had to sleep on the couch for a week.

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Really good chapter. I really loved it. But I kind of have a lake of imagination so maybe this is a stupid question but do you have a picture or something for me to picture cas outfit ????








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You like got7?

i dont like or dislike them, they have some good songs!

Anonymous said: q: napping between hoseok and yoongi

i like how u think bc this was exactly how i wrote the new tag for my queue yesterday omfg are u creepin on me

Anonymous said: Jin’s hair in Boy In Luv is one of my favorites tbh, I really liked how it looked on him, it fits him so much. IMO, guys in general look more handsome with that type of hair cut

yeah it looked really good on him tho i think he looks even better with black hair! but generally guys looks mega hot with their hair styled up ghjhgfj

Anonymous said: I follow you but I reblog your giveaway using my secondary account. Is that ok? (Since you’ll only see my primary blog name as the one following you) my primary isn’t a bts blog so I can’t reblog it there…

yeah just write your main blog in the tags when reblogging so i’ll know!

Anonymous said: jimin is most definitely my fave but all the members have creeped into my heart…but lately because of you yoongi & hobi have slowly creeping in hahaha…just to let you know ~

lolol welcome to the club make sure to bring water bc you’ll get thirsty :’)

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Oh come on, you look cute

A Special Outfit


Iio sat back with nothing but his glasses on, his legs spread ever so slightly. Ugh… it was too hot out for any clothing, so, nude it was. A measure more defined than his physique led on, musculature stood out upon a thin abdomen as he leaned forwards to grab a container water to drink from. The deity’s skin was so pale and vibrantly white it seemed nearly translucent; showing off more than a few veins and proving all the more that he was ‘modeled’ after a chess board’s color scheme. Black hair, startlingly white skin – dark chestnut hues acting as the only break of the black and white color ‘palette’ the god had picked.



My name is Dirk and I guess I’ll say what my friends and I looked like.

I had orange eyes that’d switch from light to dark daily. My skin was sickly pale, I had too many freckles, and I wanted to cover up my ugly ass face with pointy shades. My hair was jet black, so I basically looked like a ghost. I was 5'4 and I was really fucking skinny.

Jake was beautiful. He had tan skin, lightly dusted freckles, piercing green eyes, and long lashes. His hair was dark red and his body hair never seemed to fucking end. He was 5'8, I think. He was a bit chubby because he wanted to catch up on all of the junk food he missed out on as a kid.

Roxy was fit. Like holy shit. She had muscles. She had hot pink hair, her eyes were bright pink, and her skin was pale for someone who was outside a lot. She was a fucking giant, standing at 6'3. She had a bit of acne because she never washed her face and she kind of overdid the eye makeup. Her hair was shoulder length and really curly.

Jane was chubby and just a bit taller than me. Like two centimeters taller. She had deep blue eyes, long, blonde hair, and dark skin. She always smiled and she always wore red lipstick. I don’t remember much about her.

Please shoot me a message if these sound familiar.

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Delaney blushed lightly and went and got ready, getting into a black dress with a slit in it and having her hair curled just the slightest so it cascaded down her back just right. She then applied her own cherry red lipstick and mascara and stepped into a pair of black heels. When she was finished she stepped out and walked back out to get Edward. "How do I look?" She asked with a shy smile, biting her lip.

When she came out, Edward looked up to her with wide eyes, plump lips parted slightly, mouth going dry as he took her in. Suddenly feeling extremely hot, Edward rubbed a hand on the back of his neck, tongue also coming out to swipe over his bottom lip. “Great, you look amazing,” he croaked out before clearing his throat with a cough. “’M sorry,” he chuckled awkwardly, standing up and wiping his sweaty palms on his jeans. “You look, wow.” he was at a loss for words. 

The Process of Dying.
At the moment of death the following things take place. If the person is impious and quite sinful, the messengers of Yamaraja, called the Yamadutas, fierce, horrible looking persons with twisted features, copper red flaming hairs that stand on end, black in complexion and frightening to behold, appear at the deathbed of the person in question and drag him forcibly from his body with ropes and chains. This scene so frightens the person that he literally dies of fright. They then pack up the subtle body of the person in a bag, where they take the soul, now covered only by the subtle body of mind, intelligence and false ego, to the abode of Yamaraja for judgement. He is taken over long stretches of hot, dry sands, and along the way he is insulted in various ways by other horrible creatures and bitten by dogs. He is suffering terribly on this journey and he wishes it would end. (The movie “Ghost” presented a world that included ghosts, psychic powers, Yamaduta-like evil spirits, and an effulgent heavenly realm. See also the real-life stories below.) However, when it does end he is taken before Yamaraja, the fierce demigod in charge of death and punishing the sinful. He is forced to accept a position of suffering according to his sins in one of the hells which exist at the bottom of the universe, just above the Garbhodaka Ocean. In this hellish region called the Naraka, there are approximately 27 hellish places. As an example of this a person who has engaged in the slaughter and eating of other innocent animals will enter into Krimibhojana, wherein he will exist as a worm who is eating the tail of another worm as that worm is eating his tail. There are many such hells just according to the crimes committed. One may find the complete description in the last chapters of the 5th canto of the SB. After such intense and horrible forms of suffering the living being is thrown again into the lower species of life just suited according to his sinful desires in his human life. However, most persons are not quite that sinful and therefore they may expect a more normal departure from the body. At the time of death, death is denoted as the moment when the spirit soul departs from the material gross body. At that time the soul, covered by the subtle body of mind, intelligence and false ego, leaves the body. The subtle body always travels with the soul wherever he goes within this material world and therefore the living entity has a continuity of material experience throughout his different lifetimes. Death may come from a variety of causes, but when it actually happens the first thing that a person experiences is total blackness. All is dark, but this lasts only for a moment. The Supersoul, situated right next to the soul, illuminates a hole which appears to the soul to be a light at the end of a tunnel. In fact the darkness which appears is the body but now that it is dead it is devoid of consciousness and now we are seeing it from the inside for the first time. There are some 118 different passageways through which one might depart from the body. One may only go through one of these at the time of death. These passageways are called nadis, or channels of consciousness. According to Garuda Purana 1.67 death occurs when both main (spine) nadis, Ida and Pingala, are at work. Under normal conditions they switch. One might understand them to be the major nerve channels of channels of energy flow within the body, but the exact medical synonym is not available to us at this time. In any case one will depart from one of these nadis to his next destination. We do know that one who departs from the anus or genital goes to the lower regions, wherein one who departs from the upper portion of the body goes to the higher regions. Those who depart from the top of their skulls, from the hole known as the brahma randhra, the place where the three bones in the skull meet, will attain the regions of Brahman. The Supersoul illuminates only one of these passageways according to the karma of the soul. He selects the passageway just according to the previous activities of the living entity and as soon as it is illuminated the soul naturally wants to move towards the light. As soon as he is out of the body, he feels relieved of the burden of the material frame and starts to move, naturally drawn towards his next form. At that time he will experience the world from the point of view of the subtle body and will see things much clearer than they are seen through the present body. Just try to imagine how much more beautiful the world must be when seen through spiritual eyes! He then enters into the womb of a new mother as it is being impregnated by the father and awaits the time until the new body develops itself sufficiently to maintain consciousness. When the embryo is about seven months of age it is sufficiently developed to support consciousness and the baby awakens in his new body and immediately moves, sometimes kicking the mother from within in a vain attempt to get out of the horrible entanglement that he has found himself in. If he is pious, this horrible condition of having the arms and legs jammed into the chest as one is bent over in the foetal position, causes the soul to pray to the Lord as follows, “O Lord, this condition is terrible. Please save me from this situation and get me out of this womb immediately and I promise to serve You in this lifetime for sure.” However, as soon as he takes his birth he becomes too much attached to all the attention and service being rendered him by mother and family members and he forgets all about serving the Lord and falls totally into maya again. Avoid the process of rebirth, it is not auspicious in any way.

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Yes, it was my first time! But I plan to come back, maybe even this year to do high school. Ah, the people told me that traveling inside Canada is expensive and it's cheaper to go to the USA. I wanted to go to exoluxion so badly 😩😩 but they won't come to Brazil. Winter there is reaaally cold but I don't like hot weather 😁 yes, I like the song too and the only mv's I watch more frequently is T.A.O and Reluctantly (so pretty). I personally love him with black hair, it's my death - Zitao

Well right now the Canadian dollar is really bad so it’s pretty expensive for us to travel in the states right now x.x

I hope exo can go to Brazil in the future so you can see them! I’m the opposite, I love hot weather and hate the cold lol. The Reluctantly mv is so beautiful but it gives me a lot of feels so I don’t watch it that often xD He looks amazing with black hair but I prefer him with blond hair. So gorgeous!