So I was on WeeMee (available on App Store) and tried to capture everything we love about Tom Hiddleston in one.

From his black Loki hair

To Steve/Wendy ( his moustache to any new Hiddlestoners)

His green, sometime blue eyes (it was one or the other there was no in the middles)

His cap wearing

His love of tee

His guitar

When he wears dark clothing, there was no three piece suits, cus come on he does look hot wearing them.

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Luke Hemmings- Blindfolds and Rides

Request: you should totally do a thigh riding Luke imagine just saying :)

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while :( I hope this makes up for it! Enjoy!


Dates with Luke are always fun. Whether we’re just sitting at home watching a movie or if we go out to the park to just sit and talk. Every moment spent with him his perfect. Tonight, we’re eating dinner at an Italian restaurant. I felt a little girly, so I put a dress on for the occasion, which Luke greatly appreciated. He was wearing black jeans and a simple button up shirt. But, my God, he still looks hot. His hair is perfectly quaffed, his lip ring between his teeth as he looked at me. I smiled him and then looked down at my plate of food.

“So, how was the studio?” I asked, breaking the silence.

“Good, we recorded a new song.”

“Oh, what’s it called?”


“I can’t wait to hear it.” I forked a bite of pasta into my mouth.

He smiled at me and then looked down at his plate of food. Usually things haven’t been this distant with Luke. We’d be nonstop talking about random stuff, laughing until we had tears in our eyes. But something just seemed off tonight. Actually, not just tonight. It’s been happening a lot lately. We haven’t had sex in months which isn’t normal for us. Usually at night, we sleep close to each other. His arms would be wrapped around me and my head on his chest. But lately, we’ve been sleeping on different sides of the bed. It breaks my heart.

But tonight, that’s going to change. I’m going to spark up our relationship again. Dinner ended quickly and we made our way back to our house in silence. I reached over and intertwined our fingers, but it didn’t seem to faze him. I sighed and put my head on the window, looking at the houses we passed by. We pulled into our driveway and I got out of the car quickly and headed up to the bedroom. I shut and locked the door and prepared for my plan. I stripped down and put on the new set of red lingerie I bought a couple of months ago. I didn’t have a reason to wear it before; but now I do. I put it on before I heard the bedroom door knob turn, but he couldn’t get in because I locked the door. Luke knocked softly on the door, “Y/N?”

“Just a second.” I said and grabbed the blind fold and put it behind my back. I unlocked the door and Luke walked in and then stopped in his tracks. He looked at me up and down, his mouth agape. He stuttered to get words out and I smirked. I griped onto the zipper of his jacket and forced him to sit down on the bed. His eye locked with mine, “Strip.”

“What?” He asked.

“You heard me. Take your clothes off, Luke.” I twirled the blindfold in my hand.

“What’s that?” He pointed to it.

I hid it behind my back, “You’ll find out when you take your clothes off.”

He swallowed hard and stood up, taking his jacket off his body. Next was his shirt, then his pants, and then finally his boxers. I smirked and pushed his shoulder to make him sit back down on the bed. I crawled onto his lap and then placed the blindfold over his eyes.

“What the fuck, Y/N? No, take this off.” He reached up to take it off.

“Take it off and I won’t let you cum.” I said.

He stopped moving and groaned, leaving the blindfold on. I smirked and placed my lips on his and I felt the spark. The spark that I’ve missed. I gripped my fingers into his hair and Luke placed his hands on my hips, squeezing them softly. But then he did something he’s never done before. He started moving my hips against his thigh. I whimpered at the feeling that coursed through my body. I started to move to a rhythm and his hands guided me. My throbbing heat rubbed against his bare thigh, making me even wetter than I already am. I shuddered and gripped my hands tighter in his hair as the pleasure rose from inside my core. I don’t want to cum like this, so I reluctantly pulled myself off him. I pushed him back and climbed high up him. I placed small kisses on his collar bone and trailed my lips further and further down. I reached his member and I licked up his shaft. He hissed, “Don’t. I won’t last.”

I mentally frowned and crawled up him. I took off the remainder of my “clothes” and threw them somewhere on the ground. I grinded myself down against his thigh and moaned loudly. I’m so turned on by the series of events that I could cum in seconds if I wanted to. But Luke had other plans. He ripped the blindfold off and flipped us over. He pinned my arms above my head and forced my legs to spread apart.

“Don’t move your arms or I won’t let you cum.”

I gasped at his threat, but quickly let out a moan and he forcefully thrust into me. He didn’t give me time to adjust, he just kept slamming into me. I opened my mouth, but no words came out. Just small whimpers and squeaks. One of his hands slowly traced my silhouette, forcing goosebumps to rise. Once he reached my waist, he began to rub circle onto my clit. I arched my back off the bed and Luke reached behind me and held me up off the bed. He held me a few inches above the bed, still pounding in and out of me. He rested our foreheads together and didn’t break eye contact with me.

“I love you.” He whispered.

“I love you, Luke.” I responded.

Then, simultaneously, we both reached our highs. I cried out which Luke quickly stopped by pressing his lips to mine. He rolled his hips into mine, riding out each of our highs. After the pleasure faded, he pulled out of me and dropped me onto the bed. He laid down next to me and intertwined our fingers, “I promise to try harder. I love you, don’t ever forget that.”

“It’s a two way street, Luke. I’m going to try harder as well. And you know that I love you so much.”

He smiled and pecked my lips quickly, “Round 2?”

- Brooke XD

Ok literally their performance is the greatest thing I ever saw! 😍
Michael: his hair was so fucking straight I died
Calum: his fucking tattoos were showing so much and the whole front of his hair is blonde
Luke: he literally wore his black and white shirt and looked like a sexy limp noodle
Ashton:a sexy motherfuxker who played the shit out of the drums and was hot af




goddddd john looks so fucking hot when he goes to see sherlock god he’s in his sexy black jacket and his hair’s all spiky and perfect and i bet he’s wearing like some really subtle cologne and it’s all for sherlock i mean do you even understand he got dressed up to see sherlock he wanted to impress him he wanted to look good for him

i wanna cry

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"Bastard!" I shouted angrily. I regretted saying it when I looked up cause I was looking into the pale white face of a gothic boy with long black hair with red streaks in it (it used to be blonde but he died it). He was wearing so much eyeliner that I was going down his face and he was wearing black lipstick. He was wearing red contact lenses just like Kirin's and blood makeup dripped from his eyes. He had a really cute but gothic fox ears. He had a sexy English accent. (1/2)

(2/2) He looked exactly like Joel Madden. He was so sexy that my body went all hot when I saw him kind of like an erection only I’m a girl so I didn’t get one you sicko.” (I’m so sorry)

Totes not sorry, also a lot of these seem to be My Immortal-inspired XD

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Your icon is so fucking hot btw. So based from that, Bruce likes combing through Clark's bedhead and finds his mop of hair really nice. Sweet Kryptonian boyfie says Bruce's hair is just as nice, ADORES the way his hair is pushed far back. How it's all slick and so pure black. When Clark stumbled upon Bruce's picture from his college days sporting a buzz cut of sorts (Greg Capullo's design of young Bruce in Zero Year), he found it really sexy. Fuck.


Who can blame him. Bruce looks hot as shit!

But yeah, Bruce just sitting there in bed, combing through Clark messy hair while the mid morning cuddles are still in effect. After a half an hour has gone by, Clark has to stop Bruce before he combs his hair out. And Clark jut likes to touch it and rub it back to see Bruce’s beautiful face and kiss his nose.

ok friends so in 2010 i was a wreck that was right out of middleschool and i was still in my scene phase, i just moved to washington and i thought i was sick as fuck with my emo hair and my rave beads so there was this black guy like 4 years older(but i didn’t care) and he was one of those emo black guys and he had snakebites and straightened his shirt hair it was a mess but i thought that was hot as shit, so facebook was the cool thing and i wasn’t racially aware nor did i love myself or my color, so i editied my photos non stop like to the point in which i looked insanely lightskinned (which im obviously not) because i didn’t like my skin or how i looked, so the guy found me via facebook and we started talking he thought i was beautiful and such which made me excited because like the attention (even though i didn’t look that light or anything) so we met like probably a week afterschool for the first time and it was pretty awkward, he looked and acted pretty disappointed and i could tell he wasn’t into me, after i met him he never talked to me again in that way like never showed romantic interest in me at all and probably like a few weeks ater that happened i realized how fucked that editing shit was and i stopped which was such a big deal because it was stage one that built me to the confident person i am right now that guy is dating a white girl now and he’s not racially aware at all and i feel amazing about myself i’ve lost hella weight since then and i have a pretty great racially aware boyfriend so it’s all good but yeah that happened 

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what will ten do when his girlfriend got sick? ; u ; thank you so much!

Here you go!! Sorry for the long wait dear ;; 


You heard the door to your flat unlock as someone came in and closed the door again. You heard a familiar voice call out your name a couple times as your boyfriend Ten walked into your room. He was dressed extremely handsome today, wearing fitted black pants with a white button up top. His hair was styled up perfectly and his ear piercings made his cute face look sexy and edgy. However, a worried expression was etched on his face. You tried to get up from your bed and greet him but he quickly went to your side and tucked you back in again. You felt his hand graze your forehead as his expression turned serious. He chided you for not calling him and you apologized. When you first woke up you didn’t think your fever was that bad. You were only going to rest for an hour or two more and then get ready for the event you were going to attend with Ten tonight. He had gotten tickets in advance for the evening party and was excited to introduce you to his friends. However, hours passed by and it was now evening, time to go to the party but here you were stuck in bed. You hadn’t even realized you had slept that long and that your fever had worsened. You apologized to Ten for ruining the date but you were cut off when you felt his warm hands cup your face. He then looked into your eyes and reassured you that your health was much more important. You then mentioned about how he already got the tickets to which he cut you off again, “Hey hey hey. I don’t want you to worry about anything except for getting better.” He then grabbed his jacket and told you that he would be back. He came back with some cold medicine and grabbed a glass of water from the kitchen. He then slowly lifted you to an upright position and fed you the medicine carefully. After tucking you back into bed, he noticed that you probably didn’t eat anything for the whole day. As he was about to go out again to grab some food for you, you held onto his arm, telling him that you just wanted him to stay beside you. He insisted on going out to get some food but gave in when you pouted. He then sighed, and climbed under the covers with you and carefully lifted your head to lay softly on his arm. You laughed at the scene, you with bedhead and in your pyjamas while he was in his classy clothes and styled hair. He propped himself up with his elbow and admired you, combing through your hair and caressing your cheek with the palm of his hand. When his gaze met your eyes, he quickly leaned in for a quick peck on your lips. You gasped and hit him on his arm slightly, telling him that he might get sick too. He broke out into cute laughter and pinched your cheek lightly. You smiled and leaned over to hug him, adjusting yourself until you were comfortable in his embrace. Although the night didn’t go as planned, getting sick wasn’t bad at all, with Ten by your side caring for you.

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14 year old mickey going through a punk phase. patched jean jackets, coloured hair /fuck/


mickey thinks hes SUCH hot shit until mandy comes home and says “you look like a fucking idiot” and hes like “i look fucking badass” and crosses his arms and glares at her and she goes “yeah okay joan jett” and walks away

mickeys so upset he buys a whole new closet and dyes his hair back to black the next day

he gets the knuckle tats as compensation. mandy says it’s much more macho and mickey says he didn’t do it bc of her, but he still calls her joan jett when she starts streaking her hair (somehow, mandy isn’t nearly as offended)

Game of One Direction:

In the game of One Direction, you live or you die. Or rather, you love and you cry. 

Let’s start in the North and work our way down south (that’s not meant to be sexual; we’re starting at The Wall and ending in Dorne, with an added treat at the end). Just who in the Seven Kingdoms are they? I’m SO glad you asked. 

Liam Payne = Jon Snow

First off, the physical similarities are uncanny; they both look like pouty neglected puppies with beautiful deep chocolate eyes and scruffy facial hair. Their faces just SCREAM love me, and I do boys, I love you more than Arya loves revenge. Deeper than that though is that they also have that quality that says,”I’ll make a life long vow to protect your kingdom, babe, but I’ll also have hot forbidden cave sex with you.”

Like Jon Snow, Liam would fight a giant for you; he looks amazing in midnight black threads; and is a natural born leader. The people he surrounds look to him for answers, guidance, and approval, a position he fills with natural ease. Liam wields his pen to write love songs that slay a young girl’s heart like Jon wields his sword to slay the White Walkers. Excuse me while I swoon!

It took both Liam and Jon a couple hundred thousand words to find their niche, but once they did they became warrior poets. I love you my brave boys. 

Also, Liam’s last name is an homonym for “pain”, which is what Jon Snow is in all the time. 

Laim, you can be the watcher on my wall, the sword in my darkness. Please be my fire that burns against the cold, my light that burns the dawn… 

Louis Tomlinson = Tyrion Lannister  

Ok, before everyone goes all Red Wedding on me, HEAR ME OUT. 

Like Tyrion, no one gives Louis enough damn credit. He’s the type of person with whom you’d get sloppy wine drunk and giggle like a pair of jesters till the sun comes up, all while bearing his soul to you bit by bit. By the dawn, he’s your new obsession. The minute someone pointed a cross bow at you, Louis would rush to your defense armed with only his acerbic wit. He can insult you to your face so cleverly that you won’t realize he’s done it till he’s sauntering away, but it’s so charming, you ain’t even mad. Louis and Tyrion are always five steps ahead of everyone else in the room, a constant reminder that you’ll never be as badass as they are. 

Underneath Louis’ sarcasm lies a heart that’s literally made of gold. The heart of a warrior, a lover, a true prince. Louis is a precious gift from the seven gods, AND WE NEED TO TREASURE HIM. 

You light a wildfire in me that burns bright and cannot be quenched. The world is in your debt, Louis, we’ll try to be more like a Lannister and always pay you back.

P.S. - It should be noted that Louis has the regal cheekbones of Cersei and is as handsome as Jamie. 

Harry Styles = Margery Tyrell

If I could describe Margaery Tyrell in one word it would be charming. Has anyone ever been more charming than she? There wasn’t one. Not one, that is, until Harry Styles climbed out of the primordial ooze of X factor. 

Think about it: Margaery is so beautiful, so sweet, so charming that she had Joffrey (noted psychopath and sadist) wrapped around her perfect finger. Margaery had Joffrey turn from screaming for the head of every peasant who side-eyed him to giving them free food. Remind you of anyone?

Harry is the type of person you could walk through a garden with while casually discussing sexual preference, a man who would glide into an orphanage handing out toys and love. A man with dimples the size of craters, and hair as majestic as a peacock’s tail. And no one, I repeat no one can pull off wearing the deepest of V-cut clothing like these two. 

Oh Harry, you’re a queen. Not just A queen, the queen. 

P.S. - Come 2020, I predict Harry will reach Margaery levels of hair majesty. 

Zayn Malik = The Red Viper Himself, Oberyn Martell

Once upon a time there was a Sun Prince. A Sun Prince so sexual, so captivating, so dazzling it felt as though all light and warmth came from his being and not the sun. That man was Oberyn Martell Zayn Malik. 

When Oberyn Martell glides into a room, all objects and persons slowly begin to revolve around him like the planets circle the sun. Zayn is no different. Zayn is a god, an enigma. Zayn just might be the same sun that’s affixed on the Martell banner. 

Oberyn and Zayn share a love of the beautiful things in life: art, music, his lady love. Don’t be fooled by his calm and charming exterior; Zayn is fierce. Zayn can seduce you with a look, wears the hell out of a dress coat, and would avenge your death twenty years after your murder. Others throw themselves at his feet, but he remains loyal only to you. 

Also, lets not forget when Niall got pulled down by paps at the airport and Zayn was all:

Most importantly, Oberyn’s fluid skillful twirl fighting is the physical representation of Zayn’s vocal riffing. 

No one has ever been as alluring as Oberyn Martell Zayn Malik 

Niall Horan = Hot Pie

Don’t be fooled by  his Targaryen good looks. Niall is Hot Pie through and through

Hot Pie may just be the best character in the whole series. Niall may just be the best person on the whole planet. 

When you’re sad and full of despair because you failed your test or perhaps because your whole family has been violently murdered, Niall is always there to make you smile. 

Like Hot Pie, Niall doesn’t get caught up in the tedious drama of everyday life. Sure, he supports you in your never-ending quest for violent revenge, but he doesn’t play the politics game himself. His carefree spirit and absentminded musings always bring a smile to your face and make him universally loved. It’s impossible not to adore these two. 

Remember the time that Hot Pie baked Arya bread in the shape of a direwolf like a motherfucking gentleman? Who else would do this for you but Niall? He might take a bite or six out of it before gifting it to you, but it’s the thought that counts. 

You bet your bottom gold dragon that this boy would shower you with love, humor, and loyalty. 

P. S. I had a sheer moment of panic this morning of “wait, is Harry ‘I used to be a baker’ Styles Hot Pie?”. But I feel my gut was right.

P.P.S. -.  My favorite sentence in ASOIAF is “Hot Pie looked like Hot Pie” and my favorite member of 1D is Niall Horan. What do these two facts have to do with each other? Nothing at all. I just wanted to write “Hot Pie looked like Hot Pie.” Now I’ve done it twice. 

P.P.P.S. - If you disagree with me, I would love to hear your thoughts. Please let me know your opinions. I’d love to gently correct you on them. 

To Forever

Request: Could you do some Logan Lerman fluff? Maybe a Proposal type thing? Idk just something really cute if you want? :)


I looked at my reflection in the mirror and smiled, I was wearing a black dress that reached the top of my knees, my hair was curled and styled. I wore light make-up because he doesn’t like my face to be covered so much with it. 

I was wearing the necklace and earrings that he had given me during Christmas because they matched my favorite silver heels, which I was also wearing. I heard the doorbell rang so I quickly grabbed my coat and my purse and opened the door. 

I smiled when I saw my boyfriend, Logan, behind it. He was wearing a black and white tux, which made him look absolutely hot in. I noticed that his eyes were still wide, “Logan?” I called out to him, his eyes met mine and broke into a smile 

"You’re beautiful" I immediately blushed, for the year’s that I’ve known him, he always knew how to make me melt. "Thanks," I kissed him "You don’t look so bad yourself" we both laughed and we made our way to the car "No seriously though, you’re beautiful"

We drove to our favorite restaurant, the manager quickly came up to us as we entered, “Sir Logan and Miss Y/N, welcome back!” We greeted him with a smile, Logan gave him a handshake “How’s business?” The manager smiled “Booming as usual!” he looked at me and gasped “You look stunning! My, what event are we celebrating today?”

I laughed “It’s our 4 year anniversary” The manager’s smile widened “Well for the special occasion, the regular seat shall be prepared immediately!” the two other waiters behind him started fixing up our regular seat as we walked towards it.

“Oh, I’ve missed coming here” Logan smiled as we sat down, “Sorry it’s been so long” I shook my head timidly “We’ve both been busy, Logan. For now, let’s enjoy the night”

With that said, the waiters brought in our usual food, the one thing that caught my eye was the bottle of champagne being served last, we didn’t order any though. “Logan, did you order champagne?” He eyed the bottle before smiling “Yeah, I thought that we could try something new”

I smiled at him “That’s sounds just like you” The waiter came with two glasses and started pouring the champagne, I wasn’t paying attention because Logan was playing with my hand.

“I can’t believe it’s been 4 years, I still remember the day I first met you” Logan kissed my knuckles “I remember that we became very close friends, that we were there for each other when one would have a break-up, I remember the first time I asked you out”

I smiled and cut him off “I told you that you were crazy” he laughed “And I replied that I was crazily in love with you, and that I promised that I would never leave you” The waiter handed us the glasses, our eyes never leaving one another’s. Logan smiled, not the usual celebrity smile, but the smile that would make me melt.

He raised his glass “Cheers” “Cheers” we toasted and drank from our glasses, I soon stopped after I felt something hit my lips other than the taste of champagne. Confused, I looked into my glass and gasped. “Will you marry me Y/N?”

I looked up and noticed that he was now kneeling beside me, “I promise that I would never leave you, even if you’ve come to hate me or fall out of love for me. I want you in my life until the very end, I want to grow old with you. I love you Y/N.. Will you marry me?”

I was tearing up, I placed down the glass and nodded “Yes! Yes!” Logan smiled, he got up and twirled me around “I love you so much!” we kissed each other before sitting back down, I could see the manager and the rest of the customers of the restaurant clapping their hands.

Logan took out the ring using a fork and wiped it in a handkerchief, he slid the ring around my ring finger, we both grabbed our glasses as he said “To forever”

“To forever”

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he looked 15 hahahaah

but yes he looked good!!!!! that hair is giving him too much powerrrrr

but he was drunk AF!! he couldn’t even walk a straight line and bumped into a black kid. I thought the kid was going to punch him or something.. and I bet the kid they got to appear for like 2sec is probably 12 and Minseok looked younger

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mlt to do drunk karaoke with you?? pls write me a blurb where we're besties but he loves me pLS

I think Calum or Ashton.

I ship you with Michael.

you’re hot I’m thoroughly jealous.

band bestfriend: calum

gif of mikey:

cute couple gif:

Blurb(if a prompt is given):

You had a date with a boy that you met at the coffee shop the other day, so you asked your bestfriend Michael to comeover and give you a pep talk before it. You put on a little black dress and some red heels, curled your hair and greeted him at the door. His jaw practically dropped at the sight of you but then he snapped himself out of it. “You look..beautiful.” He stuttered and you blushed. “Thanks mikey.” Now secretly, you had a massive crush on your bestfriend, but no one knew. You figured he wouldn’t like you back so you decided dating would be a good way to get over him. “I don’t even know why you’re going out with this guy. He could be a serial killer.” Michael said, following you up to your bedroom. “He’s nice.” You shrugged. “Nice? That’s all? He’s probably a fucking loser.” He said harshly. 

“You don’t have to be mean.”

“Well you keep going out with these jackasses..so.”

“Are you jealous or something?” You laughed but his face stayed serious.. “Michael…” He stepped towards you and grabbed your cheeks, crashing his lips down onto yours. “I-I’ll take that as a yes..” You said quietly, you could feel his heart beating quickly, almost as fast as yours was. 

“Please don’t go out on that date..” 

“Give me a good reason not to.” 

“I love you.” He said and before he could say anything again you kissed him, he immediately picked you up and you wrapped your legs around him after kicking your heels off. He definitely gave you a good reason not to have gone out on that date that night (wink wink). 

hope you like it, xx

(if you want this)