Gym with your personal trainer would be sooooo exciting but also stressing like you’re at the gym and you’re on a cyclette and you’re bit sweaty bc it’s your first day and you don’t know no one except for your personal trainer who’s a pretty hot girl really slim and then in front of her you see a tall boy who’s running on the tapis roulant all dressed good with his grey AC/DC tank top and a pair of black Adidas shorts and his blonde hair are free even if he has a hairband on his wrist and he’s running really fast so you can’t stop looking at him bc he’s really hot as fuck plus you can see his sweat on his neck and biceps bc the light is reflecting it and you’re like woah but for a moment he notices your gaze on him but he quickly turns his head on the tapis roulant’s display and you try to not look at him bc he already noticed you but fuck and you start to go on the cyclette really fast so maybe he notices you’re there for a long time and not for the first time but then you see that he stops from running and he has now a white towel in his hands and he just start to dry his face on it and you’re like oh FUCK and he notices your eyes again but you quickly look away but you just can’t stop looking at him and you see him coming to you and he’s so hot even when he’s walking with his towel on his shoulder and you just try to look good even if you have sweat all over your body and your shorts and black top are really sweaty and you try to listen to music in your headphones but there’s no sound and he just says hi to your personal trainer that now is helping other people there but the boy keeps coming at you and he just waves his hair from his face and you’re looking at him with your mouth open and he comes right now in front of you saying “hi” and you just stop to breathe bc he’S TALKING TO YOU AND OMFG HE’S REALLY HOT and you just turn around checking if he’s talking to anyone else but there’s no one behind you and he keeps saying smiling “yeah you” and your face is red bc fUCK HE PROBABLY THinks you’re an idiot and you just touch your hair in a ponytail and now you can look at him really close and he’s hotter than before bc you can see his abs through the sweaty tank top and wOW he’s really hot and his body turns you on soooo much so you smile at him with a sweet “hi” and he would put his hand in front of you and you’re like omG HE WANTS TO SAY HIS NAME AND TALK TO ME WOAH WOAHHH and your mind starts to fly and you start to imagine your life with him like running in the fields with sunflowers and kissing on the top of the tour Eiffel and you imagine a little child with you guys and he would be a mini you but with his hair and beaitiful eyes and dimples too but then you see his hand showing close to your nose bc you’re dreaming and your face is like ahhhh and his is surprised saying “helloooo are you okay?” so you turn with your feet on the ground nodding a bit and you start to blush more than before and he smiles at you saying “um, i have to ask you something” and he touch the back of his head a bit shy and god FUCK he’s sO CUTE and you’re all excited bc maybe he’s asking you to hang out after the gym and your eyes sparkle so you just smile at him so much saying a shy “yes???” and he touch the white towel and replies “um, are you done with the cyclette? Bc i’d like to use it bc i’ve finished my running session” and your dreams just broke into million pieces like a glass who falls on the floor bc he just wants to use the cyclette and nothing more so no date and no children and no kisses on the tour Eiffel and no fields with flowers and you just nod losing your hope and jump off the cyclette with your head down taking your water bottle with you and your bag so he says “thanks” and you just turn around yur head ready to go home bc you don’t want to be here anymore but a good voice you know calls you from behind like “hey you with the white tank top” so you quickly turn around thinking “oh SHIT Maybe i forgot something” but when you face him he stands there in front of you touching his blonde hair and he shows his hand to you saying with a smile “I’m Ashton” and you smile at him bc maybe he understands your thoughts but that’s so embarrassing and you just pull your hand in his all shy and reply with your name looking into his beautiful eyes and he smiles widely at you nodding and then he says “nice to meet you, see you another day. I swear i won’t take your seat next time. Bye!!!!” he says laughing a bit and his laugh is one of the most beautiful thing you’ve even seen in your whole life and you say “It’s okay i was going home btw” to him too and he keeps smiling looking at you from your head toe and you turn around still smiling to yourself bc now you know his name and you can’t really wait to see him again AWHH OKAYY I WANT ASHTON RN


Random Black/Brown haired Seungri Pic Spam ft. Primary Riri ~

Honestly his bleached hair is so damaged if you look at close ups. I’m sure it’ll make a return in the future but let’s give it some rest. Wouldn’t it be hot if he went back to it in a solo album of his though? 

Andy and Juliet appreciation post: Andy and Juliet are so adorable. I mean look at them. Look at Andy’s little face. He’s so happy with her. And she’s adorable with him. I can see them getting married any day now. Andiet/Jandy haters: Stop. They are adorable together. Most people that hate Juliet are 11-16 year old girls who think Andy is hot. He’s not going to date, marry, etc you. Get over it and just support love. THIS ALSO GOES FOR HOLI (Hannah & Oli Sykes) HATERS.

‘Special pizza delivery’ - Michael Clifford Imagine

Imagine number three for irishangelniall, Mikey is here to share a pizza! (Idk.. I hope you like it!)

Word count: 984
Warning: None (though you would want him to show up with a pizza!)
Michael is the hot pizza guy, and he had been flirting with you, and for once you took the chance to invite him in. Was it the right choice?

          Never had you felt this much attraction, such chemical reaction, he had you ordering pizza every day just so you would have an excuse to see him, to talk to him. You thought he was cute, Michael that was, his black hair with strands of blue and fuchsia, his soft green eyes that captivated you whenever you looked at them, and his pink lips that you wanted to feel against yours, those lips that made every word he spoke sound magical.

          And tonight was no exception, you had put money aside for it, and put on your nicest clothes just to gather some courage to actually ask for his number this time. Even though you practiced what to say, your mouth felt dry, and your legs wobbled underneath you the moment you heard the front door bell ring.

          “Someone ordered up some pizza.. again” Michael’ s voice while laughing made your insides feel like they could burn up any second, your hands taking over the pizza from his. “I guess I am just too lazy to cook”, You could facepalm yourself the moment you had said that, the nerves took control over your brain, his eyes were on you, almost burning a hole in your skin. “Do you, ehm” You coughed, trying to get your voice to sound less hoarse, “Do you want something to drink?”, “Sure, it’s the end of my shift anyway”, He smiled at you, like he always did while you were talking.

          As you closed the door behind him the moment he walked in, you tried hard not to just pull him aside and kiss him. “What do you want?” You asked, pulling at the door of the old beaten up fridge. “A beer would be nice, or else just water.” Grabbing two beers and the pizza you propped yourself on the couch, ordering him to do the same.

          After 5 beers and a whole pizza you both were laughing about some strange comedy movie and each other trying to impersonate the people in it. “Wow, seriously, why did we even think it was a good movie to watch?” You chuckle, as you tried to stand from the couch, your stomach hurting from all the laughing.

          There it was, that smirk, the one he always gave you at some point. “I never told you, but you look really beautiful” The moment those words reached your ears, you felt your chest and cheeks burn, anticipation running through your veins as you hoped he would stand up and kiss you, but instead he just turned his head back to the tv, returning his attention to the movie.

          Trying to regulate your breathing, you made your way to the bathroom, intoxicated and slighty overwhelmed you looked at yourself in the mirror. “Come on, Y/N, ask him, ask his number, you can do it!”, Pouting at yourself for minutes, you heard his voice outside the bathroom, “Y/N, are you alright?”

          Slowly, you unlocked the door, his smile welcoming you. “Something wrong?” Eyebrows fumbled together as he saw you weren’t smiling back, you shook your head, passing him to get back to the couch. Here you were, tipsy, and nervous to ask his number, while you actually just could’ve kissed him if you wanted. He took his place next to you, his hand on your knee, his other hand pulling on your chin just slightly to make you look at him.

          “Really, what is wrong? did I do something wrong?” He sounded so desperate to find out what was wrong, that you felt the knot inside of you tighten. “Nothing is wrong, and you didn’t do something wrong either,” You sighed trying to get him to let go of you, only resulting in him pulling you closer to his face, his breath tickling your cheek. “You are a very bad liar, you know that don’t you? you have been lying to me for a few weeks now.” Biting your bottom lip, you closed your eyes as you weren’t able to look at his. “You are the first girl that ever made me want to fight for her so bad, you don’t even know how much I enjoy talking to you, how much my heart was aching when I had to leave you again” His lips were brushing your cheek, while he still held your chin between his fingers.

          “Michael,” You whispered as you remembered the first time you had met him, how he had openly flirted with you and you still hadn’t caught on by the time he had left, “If you aren’t going to kiss me, I’m going to cr-” Even though you hadn’t finished your sentence, he pressed his lips against yours, you could feel his teeth bite your bottom lip, his hand moving to your neck just to pull you closer in a kiss you wanted to last forever. It ended when you both needed to take a breath, his laughter filled the air and for once you felt less nervous. “I always wanted to do that, Y/N, but I didn’t know you wanted me to, ” His smirk came back, and you felt a big grin form on your face, knowing the night would get more fun than you had expected, “Now I had a taste, I have to be honest, I never want to stop.”

          “Then don’t stop!”

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haha i actually like mino with that color but with black hair is so hot

more than the colour not looking good on him, i think we were just surprised that he would bleach it because he already changed his hairstyle (he actually shaved it) prior to auditioning for smtm4. but you couldn’t really blame the fans for wanting him to dye his hair back to black bc i mean WE HAD THESE

Cirdan by kimberly80

Wait … Noooo, wait!  What’s going on here?! 

Oh Círdan, why are you hot?!  No way, Nowë! You’re not supposed to be hot!  You’re supposed to be the bearded grandpa Elf of the Havens. 

Instead you have silver-blue and black hair and cute freckles.  Even his beard looks kinda cute in a New England seaport kinda way. But I keep imagining how staggeringly handsome he’d be without the beard… oh my word.

OMG this feeling… it’s not right!  I feel dirty… I want to snog with Círdan; someone make it stop!  >_<  

((btw, No one ever called Círdan, Nowë.  Everyone called him Círdan, which is Sindarin for ‘shipwright’.  So, in true Elven fashion he got called Shipwright the Shipwright.  :P ))

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Izzy I've had a rough week and like just talk to me about Brad please. Why do you like him so much (personality, looks, etc). Fuck me up in a text post about Brad please

do you ever just look at brad and go WHAT THE FUCK? how are you like this? not only does your hair looked fluffed to perfection and makes me want to run my hands through it… but his eyes SPARKLE too. LIKE THEY FUCKIN SPARKLE. Who’s eyes actually sparkle? Brad’s!!!! ALSO look at them moobs. Brad’s trademark look is a pair of black skinny jeans, docs, a random ass shirt unbuttoned to his belly button with his moobs hanging out and I LOVE IT. He’s so hot!!! He’s like WHAT THE FUCK hot. Like I’d see him walking down the street and stop drop and roll that’s how hot he is. Honestly I want him to wreck me. And he’s so sweet like?? what?? he’s so kind and generous and HE CAMPED OUT WITH HIS MUM. Thx. He’s feminist af and he tries so hard to be funny that is what makes him funny. And whenever he gets on stage… bloody hell he explodes. Literally he explodes. He’s flying all over the place like he’s just had 8 bottles of lucozade and smirnoff. And his voice is magic. If I could wrap it up I’d sleep on it everyday it’s that wonderful. It’s like a mixture between “hey I just woke up nd I’m sexy af” and “hey I’ve been up for 80 hours nd I’m so excited” and I LOVE him. Nd he doesn’t give a shit about dramz… juan? yes brad I’m sure he is a lovely guy. Nd he’s sexual and loves us fans obvs bc we’re so funny nd amazing to him. He didn’t get pissed at my signs but he went along with them because he’s AMAZING nd loves me lots. And he looks like a wanker with his friends from home. And he wanks a lot. Why is brad like this? He’s so cute but so hot I love him I hate him.

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My crush is tall, black hair, half asian, gorgeous brown eyes, dimples even deeper than Dan Howell's they're fucking craters, his face in general is so cute and hot at the same time, looks similar to Calum Hood tbh. He's so sweet and so funny, such a nice guy. Oh yeah and we're sending nudes lmao

omg that’s so naughty!!! just be sure you’re safe and he won’t send your nudes to other people as well xx

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yixing and I, 22, pretty please. I'm going to a wedding in September. omg

a/n: its a bit longer so i put in a cut :)

22. “I’ve seen the way you look at me when you think I don’t notice.”


Haley was bored. It was a nice ceremony and all that but it was going on and on and it was longer than ever necessary. With a sigh, she looked around. If anyone asked who she was looking for, she’d say no one- (she’s lying).

She spots him one two rows ahead of her, three seats to the right. His black hair is styled up, even though he didn’t like to exposed his forehead, and he’s in the same suit as every other guy but, wow, he slayed that look.

So hot. Haley sighs as she stares at him for a while but his head turns and she freaks out, quickly adverting her eyes. She side eyes him and his head is forward again.

Course he isn’t looking at you. She thinks to herself and she blows the strand of hair out of her eyes.

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Have u ever thought of Marx doing the don't judge challenge? I think he will still look handsome after all

// Hmmmm :\ I personally don’t see him doing challenges like that- any at all hes to much of s tick in the mud-…or he has a broom up his ass all the time. Like Leo or Camilla would have to firmly black mail him into doing something like that. 

But if he did?

Oh god it would be aWESOME LIKE– I head canons Marx as being a late bloomer, that he looked really awkward and lanky as a late teen. So, he’d look like that in the beginning. Hair messy, not really ina  good place. Thick glasses, kinda creepy peach fuzz going on, no like jawline or anything. 


He would send this Vine to Ryouma no doubt with the captain “2 hot 4 u” And just fucking be a dick about it b/c he knows he’s hot. Marx knows he looks fucking sexy as hell

Will I ever get over how hot Tom Riddle was in Chamber of Secrets?
Probably not

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hey, i hope you're feeling better. anxiety attacks can be awful, and all that other stuff sounded pretty bummer (aside from the hot guy part haha). i hope the rest of the day treats you well!! and i look forward to seeing more art from you, you're really inspiring and i quite adore your pixel art. have a good day!

yeah it sucked so much, like it hurt so bad



And thank you so, so much <333 You too!<3 

So this is really inappropriate but my friends dad is so hot. I mean he’s like 50 but he always wears these grayish dark blue jeans and this really tight black tshirt. His hair is black and messy an he’s fit. Like wow. He’s really pale but his skin is a bit pink looking on his elbows and knuckles. And his arms are super veiny (dribble) that shift in blue. Always his hands in pockets.

had some. interesting dreams??? naturally I forget most of them but
one was about kingdom hearts (which I’ve never played) and it I was in the basement of this one level to fight the boss or w/e but then mr lannister (or whatever the teacher from Danny phantom is called) showed up so I ran up stairs and just sprinted around for like twenty minutes jfc and then I came back downstairs to help him fight the boss (and passed some random lady with black hair on the way down) and honestly it looked like I was gonna lose but by some miracle I WON hot damn and then I had to stitch up my roommate’s boyfriend for some reason??? yeah
then I was luigi. idk man. I was running again (why so much running) and I was following Mario (who may have been roommate’s boyfriend again????) and the road was being painted yellow and he ran into this building so I went in through another entrance and then he found these giant bags that looked like they were full of dirt and I fucked up because I somehow broke a pipe AND managed to open the one bag which was ACTUALLY leftover from some bad guy we’d fought a long time ago so the “dirt” then began turning into this weird monster and Mario told me to run next door to the UN and bring back help so I ran!! but the un was not in fact next door and then idk what happened but I brought back a shit ton of people but by the time I got back he had the situation under control and everyone went home the end
then there was something with a goat???
then I was in this underground labyrinth and it was like this facility to train people or something so I was in a group and we were like hunting treasure and shit and I remember we spilt up because we only had two fucking minutes and I bolted and found a painting and was like “oh maybe there’s a cubby behind it!!” and I took down the painting which revealed a handle and I was like “damn just a safe” and then realized how dumb I was and opened it and then my teammates came and I handed the first something idk what it was and I handed the second a chandelier ??? and so on and so on and then we tried to hurry back but the route had changed and we were trapped by these weird green laser fields and strangers with green bracelets were during ridiculous flips and shit as they passed through the fields (as long as their bracelets went through first) and laughing at us and mocking us but then one guy failed and the field like shut down so we went after him and one of my teammates tackled him and I have no idea what happened then the end
and there were other insignificant dreams about mundane things like browsing fucking tumblr of all things but whatever
dreams are weird and I slept for like 10 hours

Some news

I’ve started a job since monday and it feel like I am going to fail it cause I am not an artist and I can mess up so bad !
My ass hurts so bad from driving on a bike !
I love going to trainings with my mom and try to have limits in eating ! :-D
I got under the rain and I felt so damn good cause I love rain but I was wet as fuck like my jeans were washed in the rain lolz !
I saw a boy two days ago who literally looked like Mikey. He was pretty skinny but close to normal body type, skinny jeans with vans shoes and black shirt with number 79 and coco on it like those tumblr style shirts, his hair was terquise color and volume was a little bit less than Michael’s with the same hairstyle, he smooked a cigarette. But from the back it looked so damn hot even I did not see his face ! GOSH I WANT TO KNOW THAT BOY !
And I live by myself at mom’s friend apartement cause she’s away !
That’s the whole shit !