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Could we have some Percabeth hc where Percy gets his wisdom teeth removed and is on pain medication and saying weird things to the seven+Nico??? Plz???

he would just keep telling Annabeth how pretty she is and he would look at Jason and be like “your jawline was carved by Michelangelo himself” and just awkwardly complimenting every single person he comes in contact with and then he sees Sally and starts crying like “I just love you so much mommy” and she’s rubs arm and kisses him on the head “i love you too sweetheart” lol shenanigans 


sloppy sketches of kana (also this is her as 12-13ish ppllbbhhtt)

yeh so i really like the whole ‘sasuke cuts kana’s hair’ thing i had in mind but i also wanted to expand it a bit so the actual real reason he cut it was because the uzumaki child said he liked girls with long hair and sasuke DOESNT WANT UZUMAKI IDIOCY NEAR HIS PRINCESS so he cuts it mmhm

of course kana hates him at first after he does the deed cuz she thinks her mother hinata is the most beautiful woman shes ever seen and naturally she wants to be like her so she grows her hair out even if it was a bit unruly and the strands stuck out everywhere no matter how much she tried to tame them lol

but then she gets over it soon and deals with it and besides the nara child did say it looked good on her (and she blushed and sasuke saw and he twitched in pain while he was hiding behind a tree)