t o g e t h e r   w e ’ l l   d e c i d e   w h a t   i s   r i g h t .

"that was amazing. i never — in france, the queen is the person who is married to the king. but, to those men you their liege lord […] mary, your people have been ruled by a reagent for too long. they are ready to give their hearts to you.
t h e  t r u e  q u e e n.


PGSM Tribute 1/?: Miracle Romance


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        day three: favorite quote (1x10)


"What pure genius, Charlotte. Pretending you could summon the Clave on the spot, just to frighten that man!"


FANGIRL CHALLENGE [1/10] pairings
↳ Grayson x Mina (Dracula)


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(mainly) Katee Sackhoff and Michael Trucco at LF&CC


You’re probably confused right now, but don’t worry. I’ll protect you. Because Takamiya-kun is my princess.


Charlie + Tom (feat. Jason) Vs. Miles (feat. Chair Jenga) | 2.19

"You are the worst thing that ever happened to him."

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haha! whenever you hear Sam talk about Cait (he brings her up even if not asked) or see him looking at her you can actually see the hearts in his eyes like a anime character. What I love about Sam and Cait is that they have such expressive faces and it makes them fantastic actors. Also they're very genuine, if they're not on camera, what you see is what you get. No one stays 'on the clock' all the time, it's not possible to keep up a fake romance as much as they do. It wouldn't convince anyone!

Haha right?! He can’t hide it and it’s adorable. He literally worships her in the cutest possible way. Exactly! The BTS pictures pretty much say everything.

Fuck everything. More specifically, fuck ABC’s Baby Daddy/GH cross promotion because it totally worked.

I watched the episode that Kelly Monaco guest starred on, intending to watch that episode and that episode alone. And then I fell into a vortex of Danny (aka hot Dr. Derek on GH) and Riley ~feelings~.



"If he did love me, he’d be here right now. I mean, he’d fight for me, right?"



I am emotionally compromised by this stupid adorable sitcom.


My friend and I were similar in a sense. We were both insecure to the same degree and both got easily jealous with our previous partners. And now she’s dating someone who literally adores her in the most loyal way. He shows her off and introduces her, but the most important part that stood out to me was that she told me that she doesn’t get jealous. She never had the insecurity that he was flirting with other girls behind her back, she never felt the need or want to check his phone and she doesn’t worry about other girls. And honestly when I heard that, I was so happy for her. It helped me so much, it made me realize that my past relationship was genuinely so toxic. N.H was that kind of relationship where when we’re together, it can be the most amazing thing, but when we’re apart and fighting, it can be the most heart wrenching feeling I’ve ever felt in my life. That’s how I knew to let you go once and for all. I need someone who’s gonna make me happy, not intentionally hurt me. In complete honestly, we have a such a strong attraction to each other, and maybe it’ll always be there, but chemistry alone isn’t enough, what we had was insufficient, we lacked support from each other. I’m finally realizing things and I’m so glad I’m progressing. I know I’ll be okay.