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For the ask thing~ Klance, #8 ♡

Here ya go! I’m not even sorry that it’s a mess. I’m a mess, so ofc it shows lmao.

Hope you like it either way! :D <3 

Klance // 8; being unable to open their eyes for a few moments afterwards

He’s in love with Lance.

It’s a thought he never believed he would say at some point in his life but right now, he has never known anything more true. It’s new and foreign for Keith.

It’s not scary, per se, not really.

It’s overwhelming but in a good way. He remembers the first few times after he realized his back then ‘crush’, back when Lance would only look at him Keith would feel like when he trains or fight; chest tight, mouth dry and heart beating wildly inside him.

Then it changed. They changed and suddenly, the warm and foreign feeling inside Keith was a little scary.

But then Lance’s lips would be on his own, dancing a song Keith never knew could follow and yet he holds tight, following with ease Lance’s steps. Keith melts into it, letting himself be guided for once.

Just like this moment as Keith sighs against the kiss, sinking into his boyfriend’s hold and playing aimlessly with the few stray hairs in Lance’s nape.

It’s mindblowing but in a good way because he feels like when he first flew Red: shoulders lose, fingers twitching with adrenaline and chest warm.

It felt like home.

Keith wants more.

Lance pulls away then, slowly and careful, hand still cupping one of Keith’s cheeks while the other one never stops rubbing small soothing circles on his hip.

Keith breaths, eyes still closed as he gathers his surroundings once again and purses his lips when he feels the warmth of Lance’s chuckle on his face.

Keith opens his eyes slowly, breath hitching suddenly when his entire vision is blue. His heart skips a beat, the fondness and love dripping from Lance’s gaze making him want to drown in an ocean he has never even been to but now he aches to explore.

He can only stare, hands moving until they are cupping Lance’s face gently and he feels dizzy all of the sudden; feeling too much and yet not enough.

Keith wants to shower Lance with every single fiber he posses. He wants to kiss, love and protect him with everything that makes him Keith.

What he feels now  it’s a strong wild emotion, a different one from when he fights and rages.

“God, I love you.” He hears Lance whisper, as if it was a secret just for himself and yet here he is, telling Keith.

The feeling it’s not new or foreign anymore; instead, it’s familiar and exciting. It’s a new step into the unknown that Keith knows he doesn’t walk into it alone.

“I love you too.”

Because he has Lance, and with the way Lance holds him tight, looking at him like he’s rain itself falling from the sky back on Earth, Keith knows he got nothing to fear.

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Fuck my coworker who was complaining that he had to do training with new hires. I love training people, and as a fellow Ambassador, I offered to switch with him so that he could do something else since he obviously didn't like training. "No, I don't want to do something else, I'll deal with it." Bitch, then don't complain about it! You have no right after I offered to switch with you. 😡

This makes as much sense as a poopy flavored Lollypop! -Mandie

Voltron prompt

Lance knows that he’s not the best member on the team, he sees all the looks from Shiro and Allura. Yeah he tries his hardest but fighting has never been his thing. Back at home he would wrestle with his siblings but that was the extent of his fighting skills.

On days he would let his mind wander too far he would go to the training deck and try to fight out his anger like Keith does but that never really helped him.

One night he went into the training deck to get some extra practice when an idea came to him. He plugged in his music player into the control system and activated the training bot.

Never before had he fought with such ease. With the music playing he was able to turn it into a dance, a fast paced, dangerous, and absolutely stunning dance.

He trained like that for weeks, his skills steadily improving. But he never told the others. He’s not sure why he felt the need to keep it a secret from the rest of the team, but he did. Maybe he thought they would laugh at him for training that way, maybe he was afraid that wouldn’t let him train that way anymore cuz that’s not how soldiers fight.

Maybe it was both.

It was a day after a particularly hard mission that they found him. The missing went off, things didn’t go as planned and while no one got hurt, the mission was still a failure.

Lance had waited for everyone to go to sleep before he went to the training deck and started from level one. When the others woke up, on the way to the dining room they heard music. Not loud but definitely there. Together they followed the sound to the training deck doors, only for them to be locked. Allura then led the group to the training decks observation room.

They were all in shock to see Lance fighting. Beautiful and deadly. There were training bots scattered all across the deck, and the castle was having a hard time clearing the broken bodies with the rate Lance was dropping them. They watched for a while, totally captivated by the Lance was moving his body. Allura was the first to regain herself and ended the training session. Just before the the console shut off, it displayed the level it had ended on. Level 23.

another headcanon:

lance once lost his bayard for a few weeks, and of course they couldn’t leave him defenseless so allura gave him like a traditional altean bow

and on like the second night of this keith stumbles into the training room cause he wants to train

only to stop, freeze, and almost faint when he sees lance - a shirtless, bronze, adonis like lance - in the middle of the room shooting arrows rapidly at targets

rip keith

bonus: keith finds lance’s bayard and hides it cause lance is freaking g o od with a bow and also he likes sneaking into the training room to watch lance train and drool over him

bonus bonus: lance knows about keith’s sneaking in and always tries to show off. sad thing is it works

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(p1) whilst we're on the topic of receipts, me and my mum had coffee with her old bff the other day. he was down for the weekend & he's like, trained (he's super secretive about it idk its weird I think he's big in the security business or something), but he noticed straight away that my mum wasn't wearing her engagement ring. he also saw my rainbow direction wristband. he grinned at me and he was like 'lemme take a pic of that I wanna send it to my friends who'll appreciate it'...

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:(p2) I was shook because that was so vague wtf??? I was sat there listening to the convo all the way through the coffee but I wasn’t paying attention y’know because J (lets call him that), wtf that’s so shady!!! (made me think of you lol). His phone pinged a few times, but then again towards the end and it made him pay more attention. He had this weird lil smile on his face and he looked like he was tryna decide something for a few seconds before he just handed his phone to me.

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:(p3) long story short the bastard texted the picture of my fucking rainbow wristband to louis. The first reply text was like… ‘wait a sec, mate, H is working. it’s really busy here’. The second one looked like he’d gotten two minutes to send back a proper text. Well, actually, when I say proper text, he’d sent three in a row ‘wtf mate’, ‘that is sick!’. ‘one sec I’ll show H.’ then a longer one ‘just got him out of rehearsals, he said its just like his! Love it. Tell her thanks. Means a lot x’

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:(P4) anyways he referenced rehearsals and harry working so I’m assuming he means snl rehearsals which kind of works with the pizza guy rumour and the timing of lou’s voice at the end of that clip. I almost cried I swear it which obviously l was like… lol we’re always right everything is so predictable. Never really liked J all that much, but when I got home I had a whole new respect for him! <3

I can’t know if it’s legit or not but it’s cute so…. Thanks x 

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So... you have any soft Keith headcanons? Like, him interacting with the rest of the team in cute ways... Keith is my weakness. ❤

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 

  • when Hunk learns no one taught Keith to cook, he kindly starts asking Keith to come help him with dinners
    • he starts with just having him chop things, letting him use knives, the things Hunk knows he likes, and waits til he finds interest in the rest
    • it happens quicker than he thought it would, in just two weeks, Keith comes to him asking for lessons on how to cook
    • Hunk is careful not to try him on the harder stuff too quickly, knowing that if Keith gets upset, he’ll either quit or get himself hurt. Keith really apprectiates that Hunk tries so hard to make sure he enjoys himself
  • Shiro likes to train with him, guising it under “helping him work on his form”
    • in reality, it’s to keep an eye over Keith, and with Keith’s mind focused on the battle, the wall between his mind and his mouth crumbles
    • Keith will just spill without even realizing it, and when he has nothing to talk about, he makes little quips about how old Shiro is getting
    • it’s refreshing to see him open up, but to see him smile, to act so freely and naturally, no guard or weariness stopping him from connecting with his teammates
  • it takes everyone a long time to realize this, but Keith is very protective of Pidge
    • he shields her when she’s thrown, attacks Allura with food when Pidge is hit with the goo in the food fight, but everyone thought it was Keith just being Keith
    • he sees some of himself in her, whether he knows it or not
    • she’s got a fire in her, determination, fear, and duty powering her, for her biological family, for her new space one, for her new job as a Paladin of Voltron
    • he doesn’t want her to become as angry as he did, as impulsive and reckless, so he protects her, shields her and fights back so she doesn’t have to
  • he and Lance have an odd friendship, to say the least
    • they’re absolute frenemies, with a stronger accent on friends. they’d never hurt each other, but they don’t tend to agree either
    • but Lance knows to go comfort him when Keith’s upset, to ramble about anything and everything to take Keith’s mind off of everything else
    • and Keith doesn’t always know what to do for Lance, his bluntness to the situation never seems to help, but Lance deeply cares about the sentiment, that Keith actually tried, whether it worked or not
    • they protect each other, have each other’s backs, always, they just also tend to turn around and slap each other as hard as they can on the neck as they do so

The sun is setting.

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Companions, advisors, and romances react to an inquisitor who has absolutely no aptitude for battle (no hand-eye coordination, most fights involve a lot of running away) but is basically a walking encyclopedia of knowledge both useful and not so much. (Can't remember if I sent this already or not)

…So if Mod Sarah was Inquisitor, then?

Cassandra: She quickly keys in to the fact that they’re a civilian non-combatant following their complete lack of skill in defending themselves from demons. She takes the lead and tells them to stay behind during fights, not wanting them to get injured or in the way. Following stabilizing the Breach, she tells them bluntly that they MUST learn to fight, and that either she or Varric or Solas can start teaching them, depending on what class they want.

If she is the one chosen to teach them warrior skills, she and the other warriors in the Inner Circle work them to the bone for weeks, months on end of sparring and hours of working out, but they’re capable of defending themselves, even fighting when they’re done with them. As for their knowledge, she sometimes finds it useful, asking for their thoughts on unknown things they find in the wild, sometimes aggravated if they act like a know-it-all. “Clearly, you were a scholar before all this happened, but now you must be a fighter as well.”

Blackwall: Cassandra, Solas, or Varric have already started teaching them to fight, but they’re still pretty sloppy when they meet him, to the point at which he just tells them to stand aside during the initial fight. If they’re learning to fight like a warrior, he joins Cassandra, Cullen, and Iron Bull in training them, sometimes acting as something like a drill sergeant. “You’ll thank me when you can keep yourself from getting decapitated!” he tells them. He does compliment their intelligence and knowledge, however, and finds it useful when they’re out in the field, or if he just wants to know something he’s curious about.

Iron Bull: He basically punts them out of the battlefield the minute he sees them for the first time and tells them to stay put. When they get to talking, he can figure out a lot about them– scholar, never fought a day in their life until the Breach. He agrees with the others that they have to learn to defend themselves, and if they go for a warrior class, he’s right there working them to the bone like the other warriors. He even has Krem help him teach. If they complain, he grins toothily. “You’ll thank us when you can go close a rift without getting eviscerated by a demon.” He quizzes them a few times on their knowledge, to gauge what and how much they know, and finds himself impressed. “Once you learn how to fight… you could have been a great Ben-Hassrath.” he compliments.

Varric: He’s really patient with them– not everyone can fight, or should fight, and he’s sympathetic to them. He likes to ask them for information all the time when he doesn’t feel like doing hard research when writing his book. If they choose a rogue class, he suggests they just learn how to use a crossbow– it’s relatively easy. That doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot of training involved, but he also teaches them to identify traps and how to make traps– “Given the fact you’re a walking encyclopedia, Brainy, this should be a piece of cake for you.”

Sera: She’s baffled when Cassandra pushes them out of the way during the fight in which she first meets them, and is told they have no fighting prowess. “Ooooh.” she remarks. “Well, we’re gonna have to fix that, yeah? You can’t go around… not being able to fight when there’s demons everywhere and you’re the only one who can fix it.” If they choose a rogue class, she agrees with Varric that they should, initially, learn to use a crossbow for sake of simplicity, but states they should also learn to use a longbow. “Crossbows are good and easy for beginners, but longbows ‘re better by a lot. Come on, I’ll teach you.” Well, she and Leliana teach them, at any rate. Unlike Leliana and the warriors, she’s much less of a workhorse, and just has them come and practice when she’s shooting arrows for shits and giggles. Leliana’s the one working them, but she’s the one who teaches them tricks and fun stuff, which actually helps them learn a lot. She also remarks that they have to learn to be sneaky, which she teaches by having them accompany her during pranks. 

Cole: “Blood dripping, heart racing, I’m going to die, they’re going to die, I shouldn’t be here. You’re learning, but you still don’t know how.” If they choose to be a rogue, he smiles. “It’s okay. Sometimes people have to die. I can help. I can teach you.”

Vivienne: She’s sympathetic, but states they must learn to fight. “Knowledge is well and good, my dear, but in your new role, you must adapt. A healthy dose of fear keeps you alive.” If they’re a mage, she completely understands– not all Circle mages learn useful offensive magic. Many specialize in healing and other fields. “With how smart you are, learning offensive spells should be a non-issue. Learning how to react in a proper fight is another story…” She’s remarkably patient with them if she has to teach them.

Dorian: He’s a little envious of the idea of being allowed to learn and study in peace for so long into life without the barest concern for combat, but that time is long past gone for them, and he pities their loss. They get along as academic sparring partners, and often bounce ideas off each other. If they’re a mage, he offers to teach them practical offensive magic. “Fortunately for you, you now have a charming and talented tutor in the art of combat magic.”

Solas: He finds it a little aggravating, how they trail behind the party during Haven, and how often he finds himself throwing barriers and telling them to stay put. When he actually gets to talk to them, though, he finds himself very pleased and enthralled with the intellectual sparring partner he’s befriended. If they’re a mage, he insists on teaching them himself. “While you have spent your years thus far studying non-combat magic, it’s time for something new,” he says cheerfully, “I believe it will be both a learning experience for you and necessary for future endeavors.”

Leliana: At first, she wonders if they’re faking, but watching them for a little while makes her realize they sincerely have no idea what to do in a fight. She’s nicer to them after realizing they’re a scholar, and admires their intelligence. “Nevertheless, your life has significantly changed in a short period of time. You must learn to defend yourself.” she says. If they choose to be a rogue, she works them to the bone, but they’re perhaps the most prepared for a fight when she’s done with them as compared to other rogue teachers.

Cullen: He voices concern immediately over their incapability in a fight. “Your knowledge is good, but the reality of it is you must learn to defend yourself. I’m afraid your life as a sedentary scholar is over.” He ensures someone’s teaching them to fight in their chosen class. If they choose to be a warrior and have him teach them, like Leliana, he trains them and works them to near-collapse, forcing them to drill with the soldiers, but they come out fully prepared for a fight.

Josephine: She sympathizes with them so much. In many ways, she’s a lot like them, and offers her apologies for what they must endure. Whenever they’re done with a particularly heavy training regimen, she makes sure they at least have a comfortable room to return to with plenty of books to relax with. They become book buddies.

I have a cellphone for one reason only

So… okay. Just because you all need to see it, I’ll leave you here this fanart because it caused me to start shipping this and so far I’m liking it.

Thank you @burythekidd for giving me this beautiful ship, I love it, I don’t care about anything else.

As a reference, this is set on a day-to-day AU. Akande is a martial artist, so he needs to train everyday as a job. I want to apologize if it’s not the best, it’s 1:40 in the morning and I just googled the info I needed.

Title: I have a cellphone for one reason only
Fandom: Overwatch
Pairing: Lúcio Correia dos Santos/Doomfist: The Successor | Akande Ogundimu
Rating: G.
Word Count: 1124
Brief tags: Fluff, Texting, Selfies, Alternate Universe - Modern Setting

Summary: Akande wouldn’t really need a cellphone if it wasn’t because Lúcio always sends him cute messages.

You can read it under the cut or in AO3!

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"Yuuri, when he means business, is almost frightening to be around" - about Yuuri skating.

When Katsuki comes to St Petersburg, Yakov doesn’t think much of it.

He screams at Vitya, nonetheless, because he must be out of his mind to think he can coach and compete at the same time. He doesn’t tell him that in the privacy of his head, he thinks that if someone could do it, it would be him. That’s not necessary. Vitya already knows.

He prepares himself to coach another head, either way, and gazes seriously at Katsuki’s movements, evaluating.

The boy is undeniably good. A little rough at the edges, nerves frazzled, but good.

With a little regret, Yakov thinks he’ll have to start polishing his english again. But Katsuki speaks russian. Accented, but precise, he addresses the world with concentrated eyes and a blush on the bridge of his nose. (When asked, he tells him nervously that he’s taken online classes to learn russian since he was fourteen, and glances at Vitya like that’s something to do with him. Vitya smiles, squeals and tackles him to the ground, like that’s the most heartfelt love declaration he could receive. Later, Yakov learns that it is.)


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4 Lessons From “The Greatest”

On 3 June 2016 one of the greatest and most inspirational sportsmen in history died.

For years I have read and watched everything I could find about him.

These are the four most powerful lessons and thoughts I learned from “The Greatest”…   

First of all YOU have to see it.. 

“Champions aren’t made in gyms. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them - a desire, a dream, a vision.“

Ali knew that he is made for greatness. He deeply believed that he is (going to be) the best there is in his sport - and he was never shy to let the world know… But apart from all the rhymes and jabs - he was a master of the inner dialog, the maestro of his own mind. 

He saw greatness when nobody else saw him at all. 

We are all salesmen

Ali was a sales genius marketing his own brand - long before the word personal brand was even invented. You wanna know what that looked like: 

But don’t get that wrong: all the bragging would not have had the effect that it had, hadn’t his actions followed his words! But it started with the show and the marketing. He managed to become a famous person, a hero, a media phenomenon and a sports brand respected and admired for decades - to the very last day of his life and beyond.

(His worlds would not have been enough to do so - that is for sure. But his boxing wouldn’t have either.)

Preparation is everything

"The fight is won or lost far away from witnesses - behind the lines, in the gym, and out there on the road, long before I dance under those lights.”

He trained like a machine (hating every minute of it). He was disciplined and mentally strong. Not just a showman. He delivered. And he only could because of his relentless preparation regime.

An example:

Once asked for the number of situps he does in a normal workoput he replied: “I have no idea. I start when it starts hurting.”

Being great inspires greatness in others 

Ali became more than a boxer. He became a legend, a world known brand and an icon. 

Because of his success, his personality and his courage…

I have no idea if Ali knew what we do today - but in retroperspective he managed to inspire athletes all around the plantet across all kinds of sports and over decades. He ispired sports brands, managers as well es school kids to believe in their their goals and to work hard.

To take away:
You may not box like Ali, you may not float like a butterfly or dance like the heavy-weight champ…

… but you can believe in yourself, market your band, prepare and perform like him!

And you can inspire those around you - by being The Greatest version of you!

Your m - dancing, floating, stinging…

Domestic life requests leave lots of room for imagination, so I hope I got this right and that’s what you wanted, honey!

Domestic life with RFA + Saeran


  • Before you were his manager, he used to protect you from the spotlight
  • Now that you are his manager, he wants the whole world to acknowledge you as a power couple
  • You lived together at that apartment for 2 years and a half before moving to a bigger apartment with an amazing balcony so you can stargaze like you used to do at the old apartment.
  • Marriage happened a few months later and it was a smaller event than people were expecting it, just family (yes, his too) friends and a few acquaintances.
  • Although both of you are way busier these days, having at least one meal together per day is essential.
  • Usually, it’s the breakfast, that he makes sure to cook and bring in bed for you.
  • Or sometimes it’s dinner, when he agrees on inviting a chef Jumin recommended.
  • Actually, Jumin has been making plenty of recommendations ever since they started being friends for real. His last one was on where you guys should go on vacation once the tour to promoting his new movie is over.


  •  Marriage had to wait until he got his degree and finished building his vet clinic.
  •  But you started living together a few months after the RFA party, he moved in to your apartment because it was bigger and more comfortable not only for him, but also for Lisa.
  • His mom adores you and makes sure to leave some pre cooked food for you guys every Sunday, she knows her son can be quite inventive in kitchen and mess things up from time to time.
  • He wants to celebrate every single event in your relationship. Three months of dating? Dinner celebration.
  • First household object you bought together? It was a fondue maker and you invited the RFA (yes, including V) to have fondue. When he got to raise money and buy his first car? Roadtrip!
  • He keeps bringing the idea of having kids up, but agreed when you said you guys should wait until he would do his surgery on the eye.
  • You both tend to sleep late, but not that late as he was used to and it’s not to play LOLOL.
  • It’s just a habit and he likes, he says it’s training for when you have kids.


  • Lady finally gets to be a little lazy in her life, bless.
  • Lazy mornings when you just roll in bed, lazy cuddling sessions watching some Zen’s DVD and laying on the couch, lazily snuggling while reading a book or just chatting about whatever.
  • But when you two are feeling active, you’ll stroll around the whole town, looking for sales, visiting cafes (gotta keep an eye in the competition) and going to the movies
  •  You started living as roommates since sharing the bills would be better now that you were opening the café together
  • I personally don’t think she would want a traditional marriage, just you wearing the same rings would be the symbol of your union.
  • You are planning to adopt a pet one day.
  • She wants a dog, preferably a female of medium size.
  • But deep inside, both of you know she’ll end up liking to have a cat, it’s completely different to take care of one when it’s not out of obligation.


  • Married in less than a year FOR SURE
  • Of course he wants kids, but agrees it’s better to wait a little and enjoy married life just the two of you for a year or two.
  • Like Zen, would want the whole world to acknowledge you as a couple.
  • But not too much, he doesn’t like to expose you so you won’t feel like a trophy or something. This is more about him and not wanting to make the same mistakes from his father, tbh.
  • Won’t lie, you guys would probably have to go through couple’s therapy.
  • But overall, you’re a very happy couple with a solid routine of waking up and going to sleep together
  • He has chefs to cook and maids to do the daily chores, but once in a while, you dismiss their services and you both take care of the house.
  •  This is one of the ways of enjoying his day off, the other one is travelling to wherever you want.


  • You moved in to his place right after the engagement party
  • You guys stayed engaged for years, it wasn’t ideal for him, but it had to wait until making sure Saeran was fine.
  • Wants to do everything together. Waking up, having all the three meals of the day, doing the chores and going to bed.
  • Loves to invite Yoosung, Tom, Vanderwood, everybody over to have dinner, his place used to be so lonely, now he loves when it’s crowded like he has a big happy family.
  • Another candidate to couple’s therapy tbh
  • But  he does his best to balance his attention between you and Saeran, usually going with him to therapy and then picking you up so you guys can lunch at a place  of your choice.
  • Not sure if you guys should have kids, he likes hanging with the kids in the neighborhood or with the ones to whom he teaches computing as a volunteer at a school, but having your own? Hmm… we’ll think about this later…
  • But if he’s sure about having cats? Just suggest and he’ll pull out the list of names he has in mind, just go to the shelter and let the name find the cat.


  • Couple’s therapy too and it was his idea
  • Would get engaged right away, but marriage would wait a few years
  •  Maybe you would even have a kid in the meantime.
  • But before that, you would travel a lot. He asks you to close your eyes as he spins the globe and tells you to point a country, you’ll be there next week.
  • When you’re home, he loves to cook meals together.
  • But also likes to taking you to dinner, there’s always some place he heard about from someone that you guys must try,  and then you’ll go to some art exhibition or even to dance
  • You guys would totally have a big clumsy dog named Spike.
  • You always let Spike climb up to the bed and you three cuddle on rainy nights.



  • No marriage and no kids. I don’t see it happening.
  • You just found a place to live together and went for it.
  • It’s probably a house a little more secluded, closer to the nature and a  little far from all the agitation of the city.
  • Big windows and DEFINITELY a garden where he works on every morning after stalling a lot to get out of bed after some clingy cuddling session.
  • But it also has a lot of technology around like a big TV (courtesy of Jumin) and the most modern kitchen to make your lives easier (thanks, Saeyoung
  • His brother, as well as the RFA comes to visit often, and everybody understands when he excuses himself. Sometimes too many people around are hard for him to handle.
  • You always make company to him in his sessions with the therapist.
  • Matter of fact, it was on the way back home from therapy that he got the idea of planting vegetables to sell it, maybe even some flowers to sell to flower shops… what are your thoughts on an orchard and a greenhouse?

God I hate it when people diminish Johnnys training time. Like he trained for 10 whole years!!! And hes what?? Like 23/24??? Thats almost half his life rn. And people are always like “Well he went to school back in Chicago at the time” And????? The others went to school too. Like do you not think he probably practiced at home when he could after exams and studying??? Also he went back on like any long break he could. Like flying back and forth probably made it harder on him than just being able to live there but he still made it through!! And to get what??? Like 2 lines, and 30 seconds of front time when dancing, and getting told to talk less on his own radio show. But hes still happy and working hard. Johnny is so fucking amazing and talented!!! He deserves the world and those who cant see that are really missing out.

The Adventures of Spidey-Prom!

Seriously it’s probably not healthy how much I love Spiderman!Prompto! I didn’t know I needed it until @destiny-islanders drew the freaking CUTEST art for it. Please check it out. It’s good for the soul, trust me.

Anyway, enjoy this little bit inspired by their art! :D HOPE YOU ENJOY!

This is your costume?”

Ignis’ voice rang almost shrilly in the small apartment complex, but Prompto was far too busy checking out the newest wounds to his body to pay much attention to what the man was saying - instead, he puffed out his chest and propped his hands on his hips, admiring the new slim and toned muscles that stood out starkly in the bad lighting.

“It sure is!” Prompto replied boldly, eyes squinting as pride welled in his chest.

So what if those thugs had landed a few hits and made him look like a bruised potato - he’d totally won in the end.

“It’s a cotton sweatshirt.” Ignis replied flatly, his widened eyes were evidence of his complete horror of the aspect as he held up the tattered garment of clothing.

“It’s not just a sweatshirt,” The blond replied, a small pout forming on his face as spun on his feet to swipe away the bloody clothes. “It’s my identity. Every superhero needs one.” He explained readily, ruffling out the sweater to examine the newest tears and ruffles. “It’s a part of me now.” He dramatically hugged the cloth to his chest, a small smirk forming on the edge of his lips as he thought about his most recent venture -

…that…hadn’t gone…exactly as planned…

But he’d still won!

Prompto could visibly see Ignis roll his eyes from the side, the older man reaching up a hand to adjust his glasses in an exasperated show of exhaustion. “Prompto, do you believe the police simply roll out of bed in the morning and seek out the local gangs in a pair of joggers and a sweatshirt? Their attire consists of at least some sort of protection - a bullet proof vest -”

“Pah -” Prompto interrupted with a scoff, waving a hand in front of him. “Last time I checked, cops can’t climb up freaking walls and lift a car without breakin’ a sweat.” The blond propped his hands on his hips and shot Ignis a wink, which the man returned with a twitch of his eyebrow that Prompto had quickly come to realize was onset to a migraine. “‘Sides,” he waved a hand as he tossed back the article of clothing, “I need my costume to be flexible, ya know - gotta make way for these babies.”

Another eye twitch followed when Prompto flexed his arms in the white tank top he was now donning, though he let out a sharp hiss of pain as he grabbed at his newly bandaged arm.

“How formidable.” Ignis replied dully, shaking his head as he stared down at the sweater.

“So are ya gonna sew it or not? I’m probably gonna need it by tomorrow. Duty calls, ya know.”

Ignis’s hands flopped down in front of him as he stared deadpan at the younger man. “You’re not seriously going to do this again -” Ignis cut himself off as he slapped a hand to his forehead before scrubbing it dramatically down his face. “Prompto - you’ve barely a grasp on your abilities, why on earth you are so eager to get yourself killed!?”

“‘Cause a superhero’s work is never done! It’s like Cor said -” He cleared his throat and straightened up to mimic the man, “With great power comes great responsibility. And uh - I’ve got great power now - so might as well be greatly responsible with it and kick some bad guy butt!”

The sound of the buzzing cars outside the tiny apartment complex was the only sound audible as Ignis’s green eyes bore holes into Prompto’s own, and the young man couldn’t help but fidget nervously under the gaze.

After a moment a long, very Ignis-y sigh escaped from the older man’s mouth, the glasses on his face sliding down slightly as he once again stared at the sweater that might as well have been a piece of trash for all the way that he regarded it.

“I cannot believe you’ve worn this for the last three months and survived.” Green-eyes flashed up to Prompto as he held up the sweater. “You’re either brilliant and sufficient, or incredibly stupid and lucky. My bet is on the ladder.” Almond lips pressed together as he made his way over to the small dresser drawer that held various needles and thread.

“Orrr - just super awesome -”

“Or perhaps an utter moron -”

“Could a moron do this!?

“Do - WHA -”

Ignis’s voice was immediately cut off when Prompto skipped over to where he was and effortlessly braced a hand under his back and on his thighs, effortlessly pushing against them to  lift the man above his head with a loud laugh.

“Howd’ya like that - eh, Ignis!?”

PROMPTO! Put me down this INSTANT!” Was his friend’s immediate retort, the struggle that he was giving against him making Prompto’s arms quiver slightly - but not nearly enough to undo his hold.

Prompto barked out another laugh, keeping his arms locked even as Ignis squirmed above him. “Not such a moron now, huh?”

“Prompto Argentum, I swear to the Astrals if you do not set me down in two seconds -!”

“Alright, alright -”

Prompto heard Ignis yelp slightly when the younger man released his grip entirely, stepping back just enough so that he could catch Ignis in his waiting arms, dodging a swipe to his head before he set the man back down on his feet.

“You ever do such a thing again…” Ignis huffed, shooting him a vicious glare as he straightened out his ruffled sleeves.

The blond chuckled, stepping his way back over to the mirror, “So how’s about it - gonna help me? Wanna be my sidekick?” Prompto chippered as if he hadn’t just lifted the taller, more muscular man like a dumbbell. He rubbed his arm slightly as the slight strain had flared the ache in his bruised muscles.

A scoff followed the remark, “I’ll have to pass, thank you.” Ignis replied with a knowing glare in his direction, but, regardless, proceeded to pick up the needle and thread that was situated on the dresser.

“Whelp - position is open if you ever wanna apply!” Prompto replied with a happy smile, turning back to face the mirror.

He wish he could say that the muscles that he now admired in the mirror before him were from the months of hard work, and to be honest, he had been working hard to improve himself for a while now, but this type of improvement wasn’t exactly his doing.

Three months ago was when everything changed. Everything.

He’d been a scrawny kid three months ago - lacking confidence to approach anyone…especially a certain prince-like classmate of his that he’d admired since grade school. It’s not as though they hadn’t known about each other, and Prompto had managed to muster the courage to say hello and introduce himself on the first day of high school, but it was only recently that he’d felt that they’d made significant strides in their relationship when Prompto finally gained the confidence to make it a point to become his friend - and it was going very well.

Prompto was suddenly very glad that Ignis was focused on sewing the sweatshirt as a noticeable flush crawled up the blond’s neck and face - no wait - his entire body.

He’d decided to return the favor the gods had, for some reason, chosen to give him and fight evil in the world in repayment for this new life he was living - and well…yeah that part needed some work, but he was doing his best! Just tonight he’d managed to stop a robbery of a sweet older lady. The thugs hadn’t seen him coming at all - but, unfortunately, Prompto was still a bit shabby when it came to the fighting…so he’d taken home a few bruises and cuts as souvenirs, but he’d still beat their asses, called the cops, and saved the day.

Though, if it wasn’t for Ignis he probably would be in way worse shape - the man was pretty good at dressing his wounds. Ignis had found out about a week ago who he truly was…how the man was able to see through him he’d never know. Prompto still wasn’t sure he believed Ignis’s reasoning of “you’ve been behaving oddly. It seemed the most likely conclusion” - it was like he just knew. Maybe Ignis had his own spidey-sense - either way, despite that, tonight was the first night that Ignis had seen his outfit -

Psh. Who cared what he thought. His outfit was awesome. And…yeah no one would know that was him…right?

If he kept up like this, trained himself a bit - he was certain he’d become an awesome comic book superhero in no time - how hard could it be?

He shook his head, smiling to himself.

He couldn’t believe he was actually having these thoughts.

Three months ago…yeah - everything had changed.


Three months ago:

Prompto’s hands clasped behind his back as he stared at the large city around him, eyes squinting slightly at the morning sun that shone brightly down upon the research facility. The group of his high school classmates milled around the entrance to the building, waiting for instruction from their teacher, Mr. Weskham, to allow them in to begin the tour of the arachnid center they were about to visit.

To be honest, he didn’t really care too much about that, he was just hoping that a certain friend of his didn’t over sleep the field trip today.

He adjusted his glasses with his hand as he looked around, bouncing excitedly on his feet as the anticipation to get inside chewed at him.

He loved this stuff. He didn’t like spiders too much…but the tech inside was going to blow his mind - he could feel it. Maybe he’d even get a chance to browse one of their computers - maybe log away a few notes for the one that he was currently building himself.

Psh. Noct was right. He really was a technophile.

Ah, speak of the devil.

Prompto chuckled to himself as he briefly saw what must have been a knowing exchange between him and his father as they talked behind the windows of the flashy car, and a second later the door opened and out stepped Noct - also known as the Prince of Insomnia Inc. He saw the young man toss his dad a look over his shoulder as he straightened out his backpack, and it was with a roll of his eyes that he turned back to make his way up the stairs and away from the car.

Prompto was satisfied to see Noct’s face noticeably morph into something softer and - well - less annoyed as he trotted up the stairs. Prompto tossed him a happy wave which Noct returned with a nod.

“Heyaz!” The blond piped cheerily, his heart thudding in a familiar sense of excitement at the sight of the handsome face.

“Hey.” Noct responded with an easy smile, the typical mellowness of his tone somehow sending another spike of adrenaline through his heart.

“Ready to check out some creepy crawlies?” Prompto wiggled his fingers at the dark-haired teen’s face before he adjusted the camera strap around his neck, falling into a steady pace beside Noct as they walked up the stairs.

“I’m more ready to take a nap.”

“Dude, the lecture hasn’t even started yet.”

Noct let out a loud yawn, stretching his arms out on either side of him. “Exactly.”

Prompto chuckled, pausing slightly as he lifted the camera up to his face to snap a picture of the large building.

Field trip day was always interesting, especially when it involved checking out the nastiest things on earth - Prompto hated bugs, hated them. But he couldn’t deny that he was somewhat fascinated by them as well. Just because they were ugly didn’t mean they couldn’t be interesting, and besides, he was more interested in the technology they were bound to see in the research facility.


“Dude…this is the most advanced electron microscope on the Eastern Seaboard…” Prompto’s voice dripped with awe as he stared wide-eyed at the giant device in front of him, his hands fumbling with the camera to snap a few pictures.

“Wow.” Noct mumbled from beside him, clearly disinterested as they followed the voice of the woman ahead of them.

“For example, the delena spider, family sparassidae, has the ability to jump to catch its prey.”

“Eww…” Noct whispered, though his disgust clearly gave way to his curiosity as he leaned forward to observe the spider that the woman was talking about, head tilting as he noticed the little bug do exactly what she described as it jumped from one small twig to the next in its cage.

Prompto chuckled, though he stepped up next to Noct and lifted his camera to his face.

“For the school paper?” Prompto asked, eyes questioning as he looked up at the lecturer.

She offered him a side smile and nodded in permission.

He angled the camera so that he was able to zoom in on the little arachnid - but he grunted when he felt himself shoved from behind, the picture he was about to take snapped a lovely, blurry picture of the small hide instead of the spider.

Prompto furrowed his brows as he looked behind him, noting the obviously satisfied sneer of the blond that stood behind him.


“Leave him alone.” Noct snarled, glaring vehemently at the other blond.

“Or what?” One of Loqi’s lackeys lip curled in challenge.

“Or his father will fire your father.” Loqi sneered, shoving Noct slightly as he got into his face. “What’s daddy gonna do - sue me?”

Prompto almost jumped forward when he noticed Noct’s fist twitch at his side - but he was saved the trouble of holding him back when the dirty-blond was suddenly grabbed by the arm as Mr. Weskham pulled him back, shooting the both of them a harsh glare.

What is going on?” He hissed, glaring at all four of them. When no one answered, his voice darkened in seriousness. “The next person who talks will fail this course. Understood?”  

The four remained silent, but Prompto’s heart skipped a beat when Noct reached behind him and grabbed his arm, pulling him forward and away from the small scene.

“Tsch.” The dark-haired teen scoffed, releasing Prompto’s arm as they made their way around the shelves.

“Those guys are jerks.” Prompto mumbled from beside him, earning a very Noct-like smile in return.

He loved those smiles.

“Yeah.” He mumbled, taking a breath as he looked around them.

Prompto watched as Noct milled around in front of him, bending slightly to look at the small collection of spiders that were neatly stacked in the plastic caging. “Yuuuucckkk…”

Prompto chuckled at the noise, but lifted his camera regardless. “Hey -”

Noct turned to face him, eyebrow quirking when he noticed the camera.

“I need one with a student in it.” Violet-blue eyes sparkled when Noct smiled, making a show of adjusting his tie.

“Don’t make me look ugly.” Noct said, eyes half-lidded with a small smirk as he propped an arm up on the small shelf.

Prompto could feel the heat bloom in his cheeks as he chuckled smally, looking shyly down at his camera as he readied it. “Oh, that’s impossible.” He almost hoped Noct hadn’t heard him, but the smile that his friend gave was evidence enough that he had. “Alrighty…” The blond stepped back slightly, angling the camera by his blushing face so that he captured a good view of the microscope and various arachnids with Noct by the side.

Prompto chuckled as Noct smiled easily for the shot, and he clicked the camera several times to snap the picture. “Alriiigghhhttt -” The blond’s face lit up in another bright smile as Noct posed again, pointing to the various spiders next to him. He knew the pictures he was taking now weren’t necessarily of the spiders or microscope…

Heh. These ones didn’t necessarily have to be in the school paper…

“Argentum! Caelum!”

Prompto and Noct’s head whipped over to where Weshkham stood, arms folded against his chest. They could see the rest of the class a good distance ahead of them.

Noct shot Prompto a look before he reluctantly moved ahead, and Prompto rapidly scrambled to put the cover back on the lens before he made to follow -


The liquid fire pain that shot through Prompto’s hand in that instant was enough to send him stumbling back as his hand whipped back from the sudden, intense pain that tore through it. His face contorted into shock as he grasped at his hand, looking down to see a red circle surrounding white, blotchy skin - with two small dots in the center. His heart beat rapidly as he looked down at the ground - just in time to see a tiny spot of an oddly colored spider scramble away underneath a nearby shelf.

“Shit…” He breathed, brows pinching as the pain circling the bite mark dulled to something hot and numb.

“Chop, chop, Prompto!”

The blond’s head whipped up as he saw Noct a small ways away from him, waving him over with a patient smile.

He waved his hand once, hoping that it would alleviate some of the pain, but Noct’s smile was drawing him forward, and he donned an easy smile as he skipped his way towards his friend -

Doing his very best to ignore the sickening feeling pooling in his stomach and the small pain that was trickling up his arm.

Little did he know that from that moment on, his destiny had completely changed.

Hope you guys enjoyed! I LOVED WRITING THIS! SO MUCH FUN - thank you again to @destiny-islanders for making such awesome art - really made my day. :D

Stay tuned for more adventures with Spidey-Prom! :D

Avengers, Assemble!

Pairings- Damian Wayne x Sister!Reader

Word Count- 1556

Hopefully, this will be fluffy. I got the idea when a kid in my skating class made me promise to go over to her house and play with her.

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anonymous asked:

Dating Katsuki would be like: headacanons

Hi dear!! Ehm, since your request was very, very, very general I don’t know if they’re good. I believe that every person/character shows different sides and act differently based on who they are interacting with. That said, I’ve tried to be as general as I could, but I don’t know if I’ve done a good job. He could result slightly contradictory in some points too. I hope you can still enjoy it!

Have a nice day!



  • The first problem is getting Bakugou to date you. Not gonna lie, it is very difficult, since he’s generally uninterested in sexual and romantic relationships. So first, you have to make him recognize you as a follow, existent human being. Secondo, you have to gain his friendship and trust (it’s gonna take long). Third, make him fell in love with you, and it’s gonna be hard so you need a lot of patience.


  • Once you’re dating, don’t expect him to change dramatically. He’ s the usual swearing, rough, confident and blunt guy.
  • He’s the type to use pet names with you, but he often alternates or mixes insults with them. “Stop being so retarded babe.” “Stupide babe.”


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Sherlock Holmes is such a smug bastard in TEH

So, when he and Molly get done with the skeleton, and continue the London case, there’s the bit where Molly questions “Car?” and Shilcott replies with “They’re cars, not carriages.” She gives Sherlock a ‘look’ and Sherlock responds rather wittily “He said he liked trains…”

Molly stifles a laugh -

The scene then cuts back to Mr. Holmes for no good reason other than  to show how pleased he is with himself for LITERALLY less than 2 seconds.

He is extremely pleased with himself, knowing that she actually found him amusing.. And he was trying!!

Mind you, this scene is followed by “The one person who mattered the most”



“did you get him off a murder charge” “No, helped him put up some shelves.”



A/N: This was not planned and I should totally be studying now but I’m fed up with stuff I’m reading these days , coming from the inside of the fandom mostly and these type of situations just trigger my inner crazy EXO-L so I’M GONNA SPREAD LOVE TO ALL THE MEMBERS I DON’T CARE.

Originally posted by nikaiv

->Kim Junmyeon (Suho):

Originally posted by suhomysuho

-this boy trained for 7 years ok?

-i’m obv biased but one of the best kpop group leaders out there

-actually is thinking about EXO all the time

-sincere eyesmile

-takes care of all members

-big sense of responsibility

-probably blames himself if anything bad happens to EXO

-is prob very pressured by the company

-LOVES all the members, i’m sure of it

-also loves fans with all his being

-never dissapointed us

-defends EXO all the time


-learned to be more himself on camera

-is always improving

-one of the most handsome guys out there

-doesn’t care about fanwars

-carries everything on his shoulders

-tries to make EXO-L happy all the time

-comforts members  

-underrated talent

-dad jokes 

-but it comes from his heart

-is always teased af but everyone loves him too much

->Kim Minseok (Xiumin):

-has always been amazingly precious

-works hard

-cute af

-sexy af


-amazing laugh

-great vocals

-everyone respects him

-is always teased by baek but secretly loves it

-Suho’s partner for dad jokes

-can have a lot of facial expressions

-is always the one chosen to talk by the other members

-is much more popular than SM expected him to be (suck it losers)

-looks good all the time

-is much more than just looks though

-performs af

-simple with a touch of too much

-mature guy with a fun side

->Zhang Yixing (Lay):

-someone hold me up while talking about this boy


-cutie pie sweetie

-so talented

-underrated vocals

-cares SO much about EXO 

-works too hard 

-like all the time

-has an amazing soul

-look at this smile

-puts too much pressure on himself

-is the link between present ot9 and old ot12

-broke a bunch of records with his solo

-feels comfy around the members

-sometimes is shy

-can be straighforward

-is always trying to contact fans

-reads fan letters at airports

-husband material

-also sexy af

-look at those hips ok?

-literally never stops practicing

-because he always thinks he is not doing good enough

-musically gifted

-how can someone not like him??????????? i’ll never understand

->Byun Baekhyun (Baekhyun):

-popular line

-extra af


-vocals that make me cry

-for real

-always tries to lighten up the mood

-can get angry

-it’s a light

-king of dance improvement

-knows what EXO-L think

-lowkey everyone’s bias

-don’t deny it


-after you are too into EXO, you can just know what he’s thinking by observing his facial expressions

-little shit

-in a good way

-Yixing protection squad president

-doesn’t deserve all the shit he gets

-laughs and smiles 


-so talented

-he literally trained for like 6 months

-somehow still manages to always surprise us

->Kim Jongdae (Chen):

Originally posted by overnightprincess


-prob one of the best vocalists out there

-king of dance improvement part 2

-where’s his solo?

-admits to have a dirty mind

-and knows we all do too

-laughs a lot

-screams a lot

-whines a lot

-passes a lot of emotion through singing

-i don’t think i’ve ever seen this boy sad

-sometimes underrated talent

-has a good relationship with all members

-gets awkward sometimes

-gets annoyed 


-mature guy with a fun side part 2

-always gives his all


-high notes

-knows the limits when teasing

-helps others

-defends his members

-> Park Chanyeol (Chanyeol):

Originally posted by ohhsenshine

-musically gifted 

-can do anything basically

-works so hard

-is always putting pressure on himself

-but it is silent about it

-popular line 

-goes with the mood 

-best rapper of SM (sorry not sorry)

-appreciates everything fans do

-wants to be loved

-loves back

-can be really really cute

-even if he is a giant

-gets stressed easily


-underrated vocals


-family oriented

-still reaction king

-supports everyone



-very handsome

-is prob making music rn

-sleeps late

->Do Kyungsoo (D.O.):

Originally posted by tokyo-inn

-hold me up when talking about this boy part 2

-one of my favorite voices for real

-you can swim at his vocals

-is so genuine

-is friends’ with all the members

-very gifted actor

-maybe doesn’t express that much but you can see he appreciates everything fans do with all his heart



-wants to murder Chanyeol and Baekhyun

-but actually loves them too much to do so

-his smile>>>>>>>>>

-and laugh

-everyone loves him

-is actually really fun

-is naturally cute

-even if he doesn’t accept it


-cute eyes thing

-really really handsome

-generally doesn’t die his hair

-because he is superior


-actually loves being EXO

-RnB/Soul king

->Kim Jongin (Kai) :

Originally posted by death-by-jongin

-I might get a little too ahead of myself rn so i’m sorry in advance

-overworks himself all the time

-is literally always practicing

-cries when he doesn’t get to perform

-literally just wants to dance and sing 

-is thankful

-is a baby 

-family oriented

-puppy lover

-underrated vocals

-genious dancer


-best laugh ever

-looks good all the time

-really really cute

-king of facial expressions on stage

-has two personalities

-hip thrusts generally on point

-looks great in suits

-has the kindest soul


-observes a lot

-can be quiet

-thinks a lot

-gets nervous before performing

-puts too much pressure on himself

-100% potential to be sexy at any time

-king of smirks

-is always dramatic when dancing

-can be deep if you understand what he is saying

-boyfriend material

-is very soft 

-kim kai


-> Oh Sehun (Sehun):

Originally posted by channieschubbycake

-do i even have to do this? everyone knows i love him

-is always improving

-underrated actor

-honestly i laugh at all interviews he is in because he is so random i luv him

-is also a baby

-popular line

-needs company

-gets lonely

-loves Suho

-most loyal of them all


-unique in his own way

-really good laugh

-has died his hair of every color ever

-likes to comunicate with fans

-is very fun when not on awkward interviews

-loves EXO

-lowkey king

-can be shy

-sometimes doesn’t know how to speak what he’s thinking

-ocassionally writes cute letters

-really really really handsome

-we all get proud when he gets his solo dancing shots

-sleeps late along with Chanyeol

-has a really soft heart

-lowkey makes fun of himself

-all the members are his brothers

-is precious af

BONUS: (i’m a hardcore ot12 stan, what did you expect?)

->Wu Yifan (Kris):

Originally posted by vvu-yi-fan

-very talented

-obv underrated

-looks cold

-is actually kind

-loves his mom

-hard worker


-very very handsome

-doesn’t regret his time with EXO

-has a lot of opinions

-is a really nice guy for real

-appreciates his fans so much

-really great smile


-says he gets all the girls

-is actually a dork


-speaks a bunch of languages

-boy is smart


-> Luhan:

Originally posted by morningsdeer

-is an actual prince

-i’m not even kidding


-is shy on camera

-has been much more natural nowadays though

-is conquering the world

-defends himself

-loves soccer

-family oriented

-extroverted + introverted

-really shiny eyes

-great smile

-is awkward

-gets anxious while doing interviews

-is constantly improving

-underrated dancer

-probably the only one that still contacts every EXO member ever

-mature but fun guy part 3

-is willing to give his all

-has something to say to the paparazzi and stalkers

-still gets shy often

-you cannot not like him

-i’ll say it again, actual prince

-> Huang Zitao (Tao):

Originally posted by zitao-vevo

-is also a baby

-has grown up a lot though

-really sincere with the fans

-wants to tell us everything

-admits his mistakes

-wants to be loved

-appreciates the fans too much

-loves the members

-specially close to Sehun and Suho

-very talented



-martial arts king

-is happy now and that’s all that matters

-loves to perform

-has a burning passion for it

-is also always improving

-easy to know when he is tired or annoyed

-great laugh

-works hard

-precious part12

-is heartbreaking to watch him cry

-overcomes obstacles

-lowkey diva

-in a good way

-protect him