Percy’s accent is probably all over the place omg


>> What if Jack was helping Hiccup put on race paint in httyd 2 and they kiss a little and Hiccup goes to the race and gets off Toothless when he wins and Astrid’s like “What’s that?” And it ends up Hiccup has a paint hand print on his ass.


>>>Happy early Booty Day, Hijackers

So I saw this and couldn’t stop myself from drawing it. I’ve always wanted to do some Hijack race painting stuff.~
Viking!AU Hijack.

Thanks to those who stopped by the Join.Me!!~

Art by me


yall ever think about how shiro escaped from a year of captivity only to immediately end up captured and strapped down to a table the moment he made it back home


What item in your wardrobe does your girlfriend steal?
- Cristiano Ronaldo for the #CR7 shirts collection (X)


*I didn’t know english dogs bark, so I asked a friend how russian dogs sound
*now toby dogfox barks russian
*It’s not wrong, it’s just my headcanon!

*(also everyone send me dogpuns for the next chapter pls)

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*This is a fancomic of @tratserenoyreve webcomic THE THOUGHT. You should probably check it out since this comic continues from page 40 of theirs!. And also Trat is awesome.  

*(Undertale and sprites belong to Toby Fox!
Also thanks to @eagleofmars for advice he!)

Punkcup (<3) belongs to @oh–you–pretty–things

forgive me for I have sinned

now to go dig myself a grave of shame

tfw your apprentice doesn’t have a father and you’re the closest thing to it

pls full view!!

Scourge: the guy who kicks a Metal Sonic in the nuts and expects it to work


zoro as a yakuza boss and usopp as his personally discovered/trained and very dangerous right hand au

usopp is zoro’s only lieutenant and is the single person zoro trusts completely. zoro’s directly responsible for saving usopp and making him everything he is currently, and the two of them flipping run shit