Steven Universe Episode 1: Steven defeats monster of the week using the power of ice cream.

Steven Universe Episode 100:
Yo Steven Universe he was just 14
When his mother(’s blacksmith) gave him a very strange machine.
It was designed to kill his foes unseen.
(He’s gonna befriend them all, cuz he’s Steven Universe)

When Steven said no, Bismuth she insists
But Steven wasn’t having none of it
There was a great big fight, everything crumbled
Eventually he poofed Bismuth and got her bubbled

You know, sometimes I think about things in Shippuden.

Like, if Obito had taken Itachi’s eyes and gave them to Sasuke, and if Obito had taken the rinnegan back from Nagato, then how tf did Edo Tensei Itachi and Nagato still have their eyes?????

And, what was Obito’s plan for war if Kabuto hadn’t shown up??? Was he just going to use 100,000 useless white zetsu???

I need answers.

I skyped Giancarlo last night and as soon I saw him, we both started crying. It’s been 3 months since I last skyped him and I wish I never had to log on to skype again. But my boss gave me $100 for taking care of her flowers, so I’m gonna use that money to drive up to his college soon. He bought me a nice camera lens before he left so that I can take beautiful photos in the Dominican and he said to make the first photo a good one.. Upstate is a pretty good place to take photos. We’ll see.. I just don’t want to say goodbye again :/

bigbang199  asked:

Do you believe it's because Kubo trolled sj over arguments. Because urahara said I leave it up to you kurosaki kuchaki and wtf ichigo didn't even see rukias bankai

Everything right now is hearsay. I’ve heard it’s spiteshipping due to SJW and issues there, I’ve heard he was fired, I’ve heard that he used Ichiruki as nothing more than shipping bait because that’s what the females who read this manga wanted, so he gave it to them, gave them some romance, I’ve also heard that Kubo changed his mind once this last arc started etc… Just alot of shit floating around right now. We may never know the 100% real reason.

Personally, I think we were shipping bait and maybe he was a bit miffed at SJW for something. Nobody drops a cliffhanger like that in a 15 year manga with a very small cliff to fall from i.e. the battle with yawach ending so easily.