No but really. My group spent our whole month working on this, me & one girl working on the actual tower & our 3rd companion working on the light grid thingie that was going to light up the rooms (which were Ops, Robin & Raven’s rooms respectively. see my projects have robrae in them too and also we had to add a super tiny hallway, but it was just ehhhh)

But for something that we kept procrastinating till the last possible minute… it turned out pretty cool. And a lot of kids recognized it & liked it :)

I keep sitting here thinking about it. Thinking about how I gave my all. How I put 100% into that relationship and how I don’t even get a fucking explanation of why it ended. He just fucking stopped talking to me after lying to me about missing me.

If you’re reading this, I was a fucking idiot to forgive you. I put my everything into that relationship. I forgave you time after time and you drop me like an old, used toy. You played with my emotions as if they were another one of your fucking video games. I put my life on hold for you. I put EVERYTHING on hold for you because you asked me to. Remember how you begged me to move in with you? How you lied and told me multiple times that you loved me?

Your brother tells me that your ex messed you up. Your brother told me to have patience with you. I did. I had all the patience in the world. You fucked me up emotionally with your fucking silent treatment bullshit. You know that I have anxiety. You know that I need to have that constant interaction just to know that you’re not mad at me. You told me that you would always be there for me, even at my worst.

You fucking used me. You fucking used me and you know it. I loved you with my everything. I am fucking done with being sad. I am fucking done with crying over you because I know you didn’t fucking cry over me. I am fucking done with sitting here thinking that you’re going to call me again and repeat some fake fucking lines.

You said that you didn’t want me to deal with what was going on with you. What do you think a fucking relationship is? I’m there for you, always. I always have been.

OH and update on tip stealing situation : my boss told the new manager that he keeps all our tips and then gives us all a $100 gift card at the end of the year but we could easily make $50 a week in tips and also i was working here at the end of last year and he just gave us all a 10 cent coin from india

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Yesss equally in love kuroken because really, no one can convince me that Kenma would have stuck around if he didn't genuinely care about Kuroo? Like, there is no way that Kenma would have stayed in volleyball during high school if he didn't trust Kuroo a lot. idk, it just seems like a lot of ships in this fandom are portrayed as really uneven, especially kuroken iwaoi and tsukkiyama. I just need so many hurt/comfort fics with the typical dynamics flipped tbh

yes, totally. and like I said, kuroo can’t be that perfect. he might have shitty days too, and I’m a 100% sure kenma will be there for him then. he complains a lot about kuroo, but it’s clear he equally cares about him. he probably just has different ways of showing it.

but yeah I get what you mean. I’m so thankful furudate gave us canon material in which the dynamics of the relationship between oikawa and iwa are flipped. this was such an important moment. I need more of these moments to happen betwen tsukki and yamaguchi too, yes. because yeah, we got some hints that tsukki equally cares about yamaguchi, but for me it’s still… relatively little compared to all the support yamaguchi gives him. 

So I'm sitting in math class and my teacher is teaching us probability... One situation he gave us was you're at Applebee's and you can choose from five appetizers, five meals, and four deserts. He then asked what are all the possible combinations, which he came up with 100 (which is right) but I then asked what about all the sauces and different ways to make each item and favors, it opens up so many different options. He then gave me a look and told me to shut up... I just wanted to know ALL the different combinations...


weedman just left

came over with one of our other friends and we smoked a joint in my backyard and ate banana bread. And he gave me a half o for 100! my friends are awesome <3. I also gave him a couple seeds I found that I wasn’t going to make use of. Sharing is caring people.

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Where in Cornwall do you go? I've been around Bodmin moor near camelford/boscastle/tintagel about 12 times (I'm an 18 year old from Scotland so that's a fair amount ;)) and I LOVE Cornwall like I'm borderline obsessed with it, I feel so at home there because it's so familiar to me now. Anyway that was just a little passionate rant, have an amazing time! Xxx

Hello (: We are going to a little place called Praze an Beeble which is between Helston and Camborne. We have been going there nearly every year since before I was born as my dad used to work at a country estate there and when he left they gave him 100 years of a time share - so he got to choose a specific week and lodge and well, its been a destination for our family ever since! 

I do love Cornwall - a few years ago I found a little place called Kynance Cove and honestly, you HAVE to go! It is so beautiful, just by Lizzard’s point. breathtaking in fact! 

I am glad you enjoy going down there so much, I hope you get to go again soon (: xxxx


A while back, in an attempt to figure out art, AlphaChimaera gave me some direction on that whole drawing thing. Seeing that I had difficulty with torsos, he ordered me to draw 100 of them, and to check in with him periodically. The first part are some of the references he gave me, telling me to break a torso into chest cavity, core, and hips. A few parts are missing, but it’s still substantial

1-6: Working with no refs. Just using whatever I knew about chests at the time

7-11: Given bare basics on structure, attempting to build a body on top of shapes

12-17: Beginning to reference a variety of artists to understand how they might attach a body to such shapes

18-23: Continued reference, mainly of Alpha’s own art, trying to break down how he saw what he drew

24: Honest-to-goodness copying. Trying to figure out how all the pieces fit together by drawing verbatim

25: More refs of other artists, trying to explore the variety of how muscles can shape and sit on a torso

31-36: Attempting to create original torsos with minimal reference, trying to figure out how to place abs on the core muscles without etching each one out

37-42: Got caught doing too much reffing, was told to work without any references, attempting to explore the spine’s relation to the front

43-48: Alpha personally re-drew 37-42 and told me to sight-copy as best as I could

49-54: Was told to re-draw them again with minimal referencing of my own work

55-60: Was told to re-draw them AGAIN with only being able to glance at my work to understand torso direction

61-66: Ugh…was told to stop having such fuzzy lines, misinterpreted that to mean drawing with a single line. Rather confused at what I was supposed to learn

67-72: Yup, still lost and confused

73-76: Found blue pencil, clean lines started to happen

77-82: Starting to build bodies without outside refs

91-96: Second part of an attempt to ref actual bodybuilders to see if I could locate core lines

97-100: Final attempts to ref other artists. By now it was much easier to do, as any failings in copying were boosted by my own understanding of the body shape

All in all, a painful, long experience, but definitely something that combated my idea that every art attempt must be a success. Repetition with intent to learn is all it takes to grow.

In 2004 Peter König made a special belt: one that always vibrated on the side of it facing north. Put on the belt and face north, and it would vibrate in the front; turn to face west and it vibrated on the right side. König, a cognitive scientist at the University Osnabrück, Germany, gave it to a man named Udo Wächter to wear as part of a pilot study. After just six weeks, Wächter had developed an amazing and much-improved sense of direction. Even in a town 100 miles away, he could immediately point to his home.
Someone please explain.

This guy from two of my film classes, and my capstone, just texted me. I have a feeling as to how he got my number ((I never gave it to him/he never asked for it)) (but not 100%) but, I am extremely confused as to whyyyyyy he’s texting me when the semester is almost over?


What is with all the attention I have been getting from guys lately?! I am not used to this so, I don’t know what to do/handle it. lmao.


him: “Hii Emily its ____”

me: “Hahah, heyy ____”

him: “lmao your always laughing at me. how those finals coming along?”

me: “hahahah, sorry! good, can’t wait to do the lighting one tomorrow cause then I am done!! How about you?”

him: Hahaha no it’s fine its hilarious cause we always laugh every time we see each other. that’s good and i knoww i’m kinda dreading this one and it the last one I have too and I’m done!”

So. I am thinking that he just wants to be friends/is being nice and all that.

Journal entry

Chapter 4 page 21

Holy shit it’s almost May

School is almost over

Holy shit

Today in choir we had a sub, Mr. BK, and he had us sing Sing Me To Heaven and then we split up into groups. He gave us 20 minutes to learn a song and then we’d have to perform it in front of the class. I was with Hayley, Maddie, and Taylor. And we picked to sing I Will Follow You Into The Dark since me, Hayley, and Maddie already knew it, so we just taught it to Taylor. And we sang it a capella and it sounded really good tbh. I’m proud of how we did.

We got grade reports in biology and I have a 100 in class (:

I also got my transcript, and I’m 12 out it 354 and my GPA is 4.21. Heaven told me I shouldn’t show that around Bryce or he’d say how he is higher than me. And Sierra is ranked 5 I think, and she told me Bryce said he was 1, but he’s only taken 2 honors classes this year? And I’ve taken 3 honors and a pre Ap class. And Sierra has taken 5 honors classes. She said she thinks he’s lying about his rank or something.

Oh and Sierra and Heaven said they wanted to move tables really bad, because he’s so annoying and he always talks about politics at EVERY SINGLE LUNCH which is soo annoying. We need to find a table tomorrow.


There I go again giving a girl all of my heart.

What am I to do now

Should I give up or just keep giving my all

100 like he gave to all. 

I am broken

Hes going to pick me up

I dont know how my body will like that.

He has an answer for every thing.

But why not this?

The love. the trials, he wants us together.

I just don’t get it..

my dad gave me one of his rewards from work because he keeps winning awards and it’s a 100$ gift card that i can’t use to put the money in my account for anything useful so I’m just gonna blow all of it on the tea set I want