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Xena comes out, finally: The rebooted “Warrior Princess” won’t just wink at her romantic relationship
”For almost anyone who watched the iconic “Xena: Warrior Princess” during its late Nineties-era run, the idea that Xena and her young comrade Gabrielle were more than buddies registers mostly as a big fat “no kidding.”
By Mary Elizabeth Williams

“But while the original series got by for years on its sly — and much-loved — subtext, a new reboot leaves no room for doubt. We had to go two decades into the future from where we started, but we’ve finally got a mythological ancient world with gay people.

Last year NBC gave the go-ahead for a pilot for a new “Xena” from Javier Grillo-Marxuach, the writer and producer behind “The 100.” And just to make things clear from the outset, during a recent Q&A on Tumblr, he promised, “There is no reason to bring back Xena if it is not there for the purpose of fully exploring a relationship that could only be shown subtextually in first-run syndication in the 1990s.”  To which many of us can only reply, whoo hoo! 

In an interview with Lesbian News in 2003, Lucy Lawless said of Xena’s relationship with Gabrielle, “It wasn’t just that Xena was bisexual and kinda like her gal pal and they kind of fooled around sometimes, it was “Nope, they’re married, man.” And speaking with After Ellen eight years ago, actress Renee O’Connor, who played Gabrielle, said that “It was very clear that we were together. They are so in love with each other, they love each other so dearly; there’s no way you can say that’s not true. Anyone can see that from watching the show.”

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Update: A few commentors have made the accurate point that we shouldn’t replace lesbian erasure with bi dismissal.

Thanks to @killingchivalry and everyone who called that out!

Steven Universe Episode 1: Steven defeats monster of the week using the power of ice cream.

Steven Universe Episode 100:
Yo Steven Universe he was just 14
When his mother(’s blacksmith) gave him a very strange machine.
It was designed to kill his foes unseen.
(He’s gonna befriend them all, cuz he’s Steven Universe)

When Steven said no, Bismuth she insists
But Steven wasn’t having none of it
There was a great big fight, everything crumbled
Eventually he poofed Bismuth and got her bubbled

I’m really glad they gave us that Cle/xa scene and I’ll tell you why. A few things I noticed

1. Le/xa holding Clarke captive against her will for A WEEK vs. Bellamy letting Clarke leave when her needed her most because he knew that was what she needed. 

also 1. Le/xa holding Clarke captive against her will for A WEEK vs. Bellamy’s “I’ll get you out of here” wow CONTRAST

2. Le/xa reminding Clarke she killed all those people and did just fine on her own (wow thanks not like she has PTSD or anything) vs. Bellamy reminding Clarke “WE did it.” and “You don’t have to go through this alone.” and “together.” 

3. Le/xa asking Clarke to bow before her vs. Bellamy and Clarke working together as equals.

4. Le/xa pretending it’s all to keep her safe when it’s really because the ice nation (L’s biggest enemy) see’s her as weak and she needs Clarke on her side before the ice nation captures Clarke uses her (power) against them. vs. 4. Bellamy going after Clarke after he got injured because he genuinely wanted to keep her safe. 


You know what so great about this? Not only that Reigen gave Mob a cellphone so that he can use, when Mob didn’t show up for work, and he didn’t answer his call,

Reigen immediately got his arse up to track down the boy’s location and took a cab to the middle of nowhere, late at night just to check up on him. I mean, Mob doesn’t have to show up for work, nor answer his call, and he could just shrug it off and scold Mob later, but since Reigen is such a guardian, he went to check up on Mob to see what’s he doing. Like Reigen isn’t dumb, a shady organization in the middle of the woods, as he expected to be nothing but espers, there is no way he can win against them, but he went to retrieve Mob anyway, because he’s an adult and feels responsible to Mob. If Reigen didn’t show up when he did, the three would have been in so much trouble.

Haikyuu!! Chapter 190

Things that gave me life in this chapter:

  • Drunk Takeda
  • Ushijima knowing absolutely everything about every single member of his team concerning volleyball
  • Despite retiring, Ushijima and the third years joining the team for their 100 serves punishment
  • Kuroo holding back Yamamoto from a fight
  • Kuroo fighting instead
  • Kuroo fighting with emotional blackmail, using personal information that he should have no way of knowing
  • Yaku knowing how long Lev usually takes to poop
  • “See ya in the finals, scrub!”
  • Bokuto dramatically tossing off his jacket
  • Akaashi catching said jacket and looking completely resigned to his fate
we have not touched the stars (which brings us back to the hero’s shoulders)

[or: costia falls in lexa for a very long time. lexa always loves her back. costia/lexa from costia’s point of view. // ao3.]


we have not touched the stars (which brings us back to the hero’s shoulders)
and a gentleness that comes, / not from the absence of violence, but despite / the abundance of it. / i’ll give you my heart to make a place / for it to happen, evidence of a love that transcends hunger. / we’ve read the back of the book, we know what’s going to happen. / the fields burned, the land destroyed, the lovers left / broken in the brown dirt.
—richard siken, ‘snow and dirty rain’


You meet Lexa because she pushes down a boy who was trying to take the ball you were playing with; she steps in front of you between the boy—who is much taller than her—and just shoves him aside.

You smile a little, because then she turns to you. Her eyes are green and grey like the forest, and she’s missing her front top teeth, and she has a smattering of freckles across her nose.

“Are you unharmed?” she asks; you’re to speak only English at school, and her accent is terrible, her words clunky. She’s shorter than you, slight; her clothes are a little dirty and ripped.

“Yes,” you say. “Thank you.”

She offers her hand. “I am Lexa.”

You take it; her small palm is soft and her skin is light against yours. “I’m Costia.”

She grabs the ball out of your hands with a smile that crinkles around her eyes and then races off teasingly. You laugh and run after her.

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Remember that time in Chapters and Choices, Ally demonstrated not waiting around for a guy 

remember that time as soon as Mama Dawson came home she immediately noticed the thing between austin and ally

remember that time austin showed another instance where he cares so much about ally that he didn’t want to sing without her when lester asked him to to distract the crowd

remember them flirting right before and after penny walked in

remember that time these babies just found out their feelings and didn’t want to mess up their friendship 

remember when right before ally sang, austin gave her just one encouraging smile and nod for the last push for her to sing

remember when we got this hug

remember when Dez was 100% Us #Team Ally 

and lastly do you remember THIS

k just wondering

I was really angry with Mario when he left to Bayern and I do hate him now.

But I can’t say the same for Robert now. It’s just not the same.
I hate the fact that he’s going and that he’s going to Bayern but at least he announced that at the beginning of the season giving us time to prepare and he gave 100% for the team and everything.
While Mario just dropped a fucking bombshell and then was “injured” for those last few matches.

Jason Todd Headcanon 7

Jason has a pit bull. She’s missing an ear and can’t use one of her legs so she just kinda limps everywhere. She hates being touched by anyone other than Jason, and Damien on occasion. He rescued her from a dog fighting ring and just sorta fell in love with her. Naturally he took her home, gave her a bath, and healed her wounds. Once he was done she looked like a new dog so he gave her the symbolic name of Phoenix. It was definitely not an excuse to call her Fifi.
When Jason has a nightmare she crawls into the bed with him and keeps watch so he knows he’s safe.

Jason was doubting why he took her in until a clown came on the TV and she immediately started barking at it until he changed the channel. He’d simply scratched her head and called her a good dog. Right then he knew, this dog was amazing and she was his.

Five of us travelled to California for a week in the sun, Jon, myself, his girlfriend and 2 other
guys.  The twist of fate started when we arrived and Jon's luggage failed to
turn up.  The airline gave him $100 to buy some stuff until it was due to
arrive on the next flight.  We checked into a motel.  After the first night,
Jon said he would meet us at the beach while he went to buy some clothes.  I
went with him to pick up a newspaper.  In the beach store Jon was gutted to
find that they had no swimshorts, only speedos!  I tried not to laugh when I
saw his discomfort - it just wasn't what real men wore according to Jon.  I
couldn't wait to see him in them - I had never seen him wear anything tight
fitting.  He went off looking for an alternative while I returned to the

I met the other guys at the beach where I, like the other guys was wearing
some knee length shorts.  I was reading when Jon turned up at the beach and,
knowing what he had to show, I couldn't wait for him to remove his baggy
cargo shorts. His beefy rump really pushed out the back of the blue speedos, and he
clearly revealed his full package out the front.  I couldn't take my eyes
off him, thank god for my shades which hid what I was looking at.  Jon took
a lot of ribbing from the group (including his girlfriend).  We all went
into the water and Jon's mate Mark really started ribbing him, including
swimming underwater and trying to pull down the speedos, but they were too
tight fitting to just be pulled down.

When Jon came out of the water it was even better, the trunks glistened in
the sun and had shrunk in the water to fit his tidy package and squeeze
those butt cheeks.  I could tell he was embarrassed as he lay face down for
most of the time outside.
On Clarke, and choosing to believe in Bellamy Blake

Can I just say how much love and respect and pride I have for Clarke right now?! She demonstrates such human goodness, and insight, and emotional intelligence towards Bellamy; effortlessly offering him exactly what he needs to curb the destructive path he has set himself upon.

Let us all remember that Bellamy’s detour into darkness developed across a matter of days. Commander Shumway gave him the gun mere hours (maybe minutes) before the dropship containing the 100 was launched. The kids have been on Earth for less than a fortnight. Yet up until the moment that gun met his palm, Bellamy had never done anything like this. He was a loving son and brother - naïve, innocent, and young. Even when his family was ripped brutally from him he didn’t seek to blow up the Ark or kill the Chancellor on his own initiative. This dark character that we met in the pilot, and who has developed ever since, is a new Bellamy Blake. He hasn’t always been this way, in fact, he’s hardly ever been this way. And yet the path backwards from the deeds that he’s done these last days is so much more difficult than the alternative path of continued non-redemption. It’s hard to go back to who we once were after we’ve done such terrible things and shattered the principles we once stood for. Redemption requires admitting that what we’ve done is horribly wrong, and that takes guts, and perseverance, and pain, and time. Or at least it should take time (as in seasons worth of time). Unless you have someone like Clarke.

What Clarke is achieving with Bellamy is incredibly precious. She defends him against himself. She tells him that he’s got goodness in him; that he’s trustworthy, and necessary, and a protector more than he is a killer. She encourages him to do the difficult things, because they are also right. But she doesn’t just take him to the communications tent and leave him on the line with Jaha. She sits there with him - in a united front. She stands up for him. And praises him. And ensures that doing the right thing is a positive, reinforcing experience. This girl knows exactly what she’s doing - what she’s creating here.

Clarke has chosen, consciously and determinedly, to believe in Bellamy Blake.

(Which, in a way, was the first ‘grey move’ we saw Clarke’s strictly 'black and white’ character make…)

And Clarke’s not some blind, naiive, idealistic idiot for doing this either. Bellamy is incredibly charismatic. He understands people and how to make them follow him; just look at how skilfully he manipulated the 100 in the earliest episodes, he knew exactly what emotions and themes to tap into to ensure they were on his side. So by seeking to sway Bellamy’s nature, Clarke is simultaneously (and I believe intentionally) trying to restrain the very nature of their budding society… By saving him, Clarke will very likely save them all.

And because of that choice, Bellamy will not be dragged out as the antagonistic villain for season upon season.

Because of Clarke Griffin, it looks like Bellamy will be redeemed and allowed to develop in innumerable fascinating and compelling ways (although anti-hero he will remain!), before the first season is even out.

And I will love Clarke eternally for this.


So this is it! 

We’re just a couple of days away from the 1989 Tour Dallas and I still can feel the butterflies in my stomach from the day my brother gave me the tickets as a birthday present, in January.

This will be the first time I see Taylor live and I’m 100% sure it’ll be an out of this world experience. My brother and I worked on the design for the shirts based in the official picture of the tour. The back of our shirts are different because he was born 7 days after Taylor, so he could have the “BORN IN 1989″. 

We’re flying to Dallas for the show, just the two of us, so the whole thing will be one of the best adventures of our existence. @taylorswift I hope you know how much I love you and how excited we both are to see you!! THANKS FOR GIVING US A REASON TO DO THESE TYPE OF THINGS TOGETHER!


P.S. For anyone who’s attending to the show, if you see us please come and say hi!!! And also if you’re close, we’ll be on section 318, row 5, seats 13-14. We all know who’s taking number 13 ;)

My brother and I watching The 100:
  • My Brother: I'm pretty sure Bellamy just died.
  • My Brother: I can't. My ship has already sunk. Now I'm the kracken and I pull other ships down with me.

Gronk answering Brady’s call to the receivers is just perfect. Using his own name in thrid person upon arrival? Yes. A week in on InstaGronk and he’s killing it. Brady’s already the king of the facebook posts in Foxboro, but now that Gronk is staking a claim on the social media game (and Edelmania already rocks it with the YouTube hype vids and more)…these guys just get it. Not surprising really that they’re as good off the field at what they do as they are on it.

Oh, and @PatsPropaganda gave Brady guff about the socks and sandals look. That’s 100% challaxtastic. Pure Dad move there. And hey, better than UGGs! People always hatin’ on Tommy’s footwear…

It seems impossible, but one team is totally winning the offseason both on and off the field. I love being a Pats fan.

So Tom’s statement on his relationship with Taylor Swift today gave nothing beyond what people already knew.

You want to think they are oh so in love and that the rest of us are just spiteful hags 

But don’t call us delusional when Tom answered the question in an interview 100% arranged by his team when he should have been talking about his Emmy nomination. He could have given that answer when he was accousted while going for a run, but he didn’t. Mr. “Some things are sacred” and I’d prefer to talk about my work approved them asking about his relationship so he could give the bland PR answer that his and her team worked up since the for-mentioned incident. 

Weird how they’re suddenly comfortable talking about their relationship after Taylor got dragged (and is still getting trashed) all over Twitter, Instagram, and legitimate news sites like Huffington Post and The Guardian. If you think this wasn’t an active decision they made then 

Most of us who don’t like HiddleSwift don’t think the relationship is fake, we just think she is and we’re disappointed that Tom either is too or is interested in someone like that. Someone that so heavily controls every aspect of her public persona that we see a fun house mirror distortion of reality through her “my life is a fairy-tale lens.”

Taylor Swift is the Hilary Clinton of the entertainment business: at one time I might have believed she cared about developing as a musician or women/children/health care/etc. respectively, but now I see two ladies who have been in their industries so long that they’ve become narcissistic, crafted for consumption plastic models who orchestrate everything so they never look like a normal human being. 

I’m not going to be told I’m a sexist for disagreeing with them and I’m not going to be told “there’s a special place in hell” for me for not supporting them and I’m not going to be told I’m a shitty ass Tom Hiddleston fan for not praising everything he touches with his undeniably sexily large hands.

I guess what I’m trying to say is 

So many people keep saying that Zayn’s behaviour lately has been questionable.  WHAT?

Have y’all forgotten that Louis got some girl THAT HE’S ONLY KNOWN FOR A MINUTE pregnant? 

Of course this whole pregnancy story is suspicious as hell and more than likely a stupid stunt, but why isn’t Louis viewed as behaving questionable and reckless?  Why is only Zayn’s actions scrutinized so harshly?

Is it because Louis gave a faux-excited utterance on live TV that he is happy about the “baby” so that means that he is taking responsibility, therefore a better human-being than Zayn?? PLEASE!

Why is this sudden pregnancy a possible stunt but Zayn’s twitter foolishness is 100 % legit?

In REAL life, if some guy you knew just suddenly breaks up with his long-time girlfriend, starts going out clubbing and smoking,  sleeps with some random ass girl, didn’t use protection (in this diseased-filled day-and-age) and knocked her up, y’all would be like

Imagine Dragons bass player’s road from Forestville to BottleRock

From pressdemocrat.com:

Imagine Dragons bass player Ben McKee still remembers his second-grade assignment at Forestville Elementary School. His teacher, “Mrs. C,” asked the class to “write a letter to our adult selves about what we would be doing with our lives when we were all grown up.”

But that wasn’t the end of it, he said. More than a decade later, “She came to our high school graduation and gave the letter to us. Mine said that ‘I was going to be a musician traveling the world.’ ”

Another decade later, and he wasn’t that far off. Just look at the first four months of 2015: After releasing the No. 1 album on the Billboard Top 200 charts in February, Imagine Dragons has played Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Puerto Rico.  

“Although I thought I was going to be a classical pianist,” he said. “So I wasn’t 100 percent spot on.”

These days McKee, 30, lives in Oakland. He’s gearing up for the Imagine Dragons North American tour that kicks off with a performance at the BottleRock Napa Valley festival Friday, opening night. Since the band formed in Las Vegas in 2008, they’ve won a Grammy and Rolling Stone magazine named the single “Radioactive” the biggest rock hit of 2013.

So whatever happened to Mrs. C? Well, these days he knows her as Sue Christiansen. She’s retired and living in Healdsburg and “she’s already confirmed she’s coming to the show at BottleRock,” McKee said.

Before Imagine Dragons kicks off the festival tonight, McKee took a break to talk about learning to play bass from KRSH radio, the Santa Rosa Junior College music program and his secret Brazilian wife.

Q: Take me back to some of your earliest musical memories growing up in Forestville.

A: I remember my dad playing Beatles and Grateful Dead albums. KRSH was the radio station that was always on and I remember going to the KRSH Backyard Concerts there. I spent a lot of time just sitting around listening to the radio. That’s kind of how I learned to play popular music, just sitting there listening to songs repeated on the radio and trying to learn the bass lines.

Q: Were you in band as a kid?

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