Even though Riker did not win DWTS. I am so proud of him and I am 100% sure the rest of us fans are as well. Him and Allison gave it their all, all of the whole season. Even though they didn’t win first they won in our eyes. That is all that matters. We are so proud of you rikerr5

ok but you know what really gets to me
my sister who I’d lived with up until a few years ago says horribly offensive things, but when I mention how they’re fucked up, her response is “if it doesn’t effect you then why should it offend you”
she gave me an anxiety attack because I didn’t know how I was feeling but she wouldn’t take “I don’t know” for an answer
she asked if she was “cool enough” to use my name and pronouns, instead of just doing it like a decent fucking human being
but then my brother who I hadn’t seen since I was 5 up until my dad died in February is supportive of me 100% when I didn’t even fucking recognize him when I saw him
he doesn’t make a huge fucking deal when I start crying
he probably hadn’t even heard of genders other than male or female, but he is okay with using the name Orion and gender neutral language towards me
he didn’t make some sort of huge fucking deal when I showed him that I wanted to cosplay male characters and that I don’t feel very feminine
he actually listens to me and I don’t feel patronized when I talk to him like I do with my sister
I just get a gross feeling from her now idfk
I don’t feel comfortable around her anymore, because she’s kind of changed into a shitty person
maybe she just always was but I never noticed it until recently

Sorry I've been MIA.. again haha

I’ve been in kind of a sad mood for the last few days, but also I started back at school this week. So I’ve been busy with that also.

And one of my baby kittens had been vomiting yesterday so much we needed to take him to the vet… which were closed so I’ve been watching over him like a worried mama.

He’s fine now. Just got back from the vet, she said the momma had worms, which tainted the milk a bit (it’d not as bad as it sounds though) which gave him a little virus. So we gave her medicine and gave him and the other babies medicine

(which I actually tasted! Our vet makes sure she Yates everything she gives the animals. And she told us it was 100% safe. It tasted like butterscotch!)

Anyways its the “weekend” now so hopefully I’ll be able to play and post some pictures :)


I gave Stella a bit of a makeover when she got home from the hospital nothing extreme just a new dress and a hairstyle change much more flattering but kept her strawberry milkshake colored hair 


She’s such an amzing mother<3 she loves all her babies so much it’s adorable <3 

And this is little Duckie all grown up <3 I used the random trait generator and he got artistic prodigy an aspiration and he’s cheerful just like his mommy I tried to take a picture of  aging up but he walked away immeaditly so I took a picture of him doing his homework instead.

He’s such a cutie<3

I can already tell he’s going to be a little trouble maker though hehe

But for now he’s being a little sweetheart and doing his homework so I can’t complain c:

I just wanted to see if it gave meter on variation specific stuff and EX specials. If you throw Kung Lao away/end a combo with a special that knocks them away and you don’t have immediate pressure, he WILL gain 1 meter. That’s half a burst, or an armored special into like 33%. The entire character is going to be banned 100% unless they hotfix it, and then Xbox One and PC will be two patches behind PS4.

I’m going to use Con te Partiro for every one of these fucking glitches.

lol at my life

lol my sneaky parents “help” me with taxes by having my return deposited to their account and then spent all of it

and at christmas, my grandma gave me $100 and a gift. my dad took the gift to “return to her” (he doesn’t want us associating with her), but, as I just discovered, actually hid the gifts in our house and pocketed the cash

so there is like nearly $500 they have stolen from me meanwhile I am trying to pay off $1500 from my spring semester of college so that I can schedule for classes in the fall

brb still feelin feels


As we grow older, many of us believe that our physical appearance is not good enough.We tend to turn to plastic surgery to fit society. We want to become the standard beauty that our society has imaged. For example, in America it is ideal for women to become slender and men to be masculine. 

But….when we were kids, we had lots of imagination and were careless about others judging our physical appearance. We just wanted to be happy and play. I don’t think a first grader would go up to their parents to ask for plastic surgery to have bigger eyes. It is more likely they could come up with a mermaid tail or shark teeth.
The biggest question though is: would you still be happy after you changed yourself? When you get surgery, your losing a part of you. You are no longer 100% yourself but maybe 80%. 
God created each one of us himself. He gave us different looks, so why are we trying to destroy parts of ourselves that may things that make us special or different? You may have small eyes or a big head, but your not necessarily ugly. Many studies have also shown that people who have a low self-esteem in appearance are more likely to go into depression or have health problems. You should be proud of who you are!

Update on my pot date today

I had an okay time with this pot I met today. I don’t see anything progressing tbh. He was nice and normal though, we just didn’t click (in my opinion). He gave me $40 for gas money, which was fair. My car has really high MPG so at least I made something off the date lol I hate how hard it is to get anything on a first meet with a pot. Like, you’re still using my time…please pay me.

I was supposed to meet a guy from wyp ($100) but I had a family emergency come up. Maybe another time.

Guest Speaker - Simon Roberts

Simon Roberts is a British photographer his work looks at our relationship to landscapes and identity and belonging. He uses a large format camera to take his images and often uses elevated positions to take his photographs from.  

I liked Simons work especially We English (2009) where he goes to places like landmarks or beautiful landscapes places where people congregate to look at something and he photographs the people with his back to the landscape. 

His use of a 5x4 camera sets him apart from other photographers who are just using digital I think this is because he really has to think about what he is shooting where as people who are using digital call snap away and have 100 images with 1 that they will use. 5x4 film is expensive so every time Simon choses to take a photograph that is an investment. 

I found Simons talk interesting there was a project coming up where I had to use a 5x4 camera so that gave me interested to look into them more and I went away and watched one of his video’s learn more about why he uses a 5x4 camera.  

Last night I experienced the beauty of humanity.

I invited a homeless man to the final session of the Landmark Forum I was attending.

Some people were shocked when he came but I was not.

This man had a beautiful soul and was kind.

He saw possibility for himself, a chance to transform his life, and choose to come.

I asked him what breakthroughs he would get from attending the forum and he responded, “I could use a breakthrough in everything.” And laughed a bit.

I asked him if he wanted to attend and he said “yes.” There was just one thing in his way… the tuition of $625. (more money than he had seen in years)

What happened next was remarkable.

In less than 30 minutes the money was donated by more than 30 people that had never met the man.

People gave anything they had; from $1 to $100.

They believed in him and the power of the human spirit.

That is connection. That is acting as one.

It showed me that if you are clear on your cause, you can achieve anything.

So I’d like to pose a challenge that I will do with you. Lets share with 5 strangers what you are struggling in life, what is holding you back from getting to your dreams.

Maybe you will find common ground, maybe you will find a partner that will help you to your goal, maybe you’ll get shut down, but at the end of the day you did it, and that is one step closer to you attaining your goals.

I look forward to sharing my results with you and hope to hear some stories from you too. :)