“When Kurt Cobain was alive he was known as the mysterious, quiet rocker. When he died he was known as a depressed drug addict. Kurt Cobain didn’t use drugs because the drugs used him. I don’t think anyone who knew him personally saw him the way the media portrayed him. Did the media ever mention that after a show was over he would sit in the tour bus and write back fan mail? He would try to answer at least thirty letters a night. In 1993, the media never reported the story of Kurt Cobain visiting a fan who wrote him [Kurt Cobain] a letter and asked him to come see her before she died of Cancer. They [the media] never forgot to remind everyone that he had demons though. Don’t listen to what you might have heard from the media. Kurt Cobain loved every single fan he had. He just couldn’t deal with being put on a pedestal that he was constantly afraid of falling off of.” - Danny Goldberg

“My mom committed suicide when I was ten. I’ll never forget the day we went to foster care. It was the last day of third grade. I was riding home on the bus with my brother, and I was so excited about meeting my friend later at the YMCA. But when we got home, all of our stuff was packed into boxes. My dad was sitting on the stairwell, crying. He wouldn’t tell us what was going on. He just told us that we had to leave. For the first couple years of foster care, he’d tell us every week that he was about to come get us. After awhile we stopped believing him.”

So Nick Wilde’s hand was I guess torn off this ad or something and now it looks like he’s just staring at his recently chopped off hand like
“Well fuck. I did not think today was gonna go like this. See Judy this is why I never take the bus. First you lose your seat then a coyote comes along and eats your fuckin hand. I hate Mondays.”

anonymous asked:

Give us your opinions on yeezy season 4

i just don’t get it lol

1. they had people waiting an additional 1.5 hours after they arrived (after a 1 hour bus ride) just so the kardashian women could make a grand entrance. and its like rude? it’s fashion week! people have so much stuff to do and places to be and everyone that i know that went was really frustrated that their time was so disrespected like that. its at the point where people are like ok cool you’re kanye and your the kardashians but we don’t care when you’re actually coming into our industry and not respecting our time. i really doubt he’ll have a 5th season and if he does i doubt anyone of much importance by way of editors will go.

2. why does no one ever talk about how we see the same clothes every season 

3. the poor models!! aside from the casting fiasco the girls that had to stand in the sun in leotards for close to 3 hours. one or two girls passed out and people in the audience helped- no one from yeezy/addidas camps 

amelia from mr said this and these are my overall thoughts: His show is not fashion. It’s press for his personal brand. I don’t know how much validity to this there is but when I first started in this industry I remember someone told me that Viktor & Rolf only even HAD a fashion show (which is like, unwearable couture) to sell their perfume, and their perfume is – financially – the business. That’s all this is to Kanye. A giant ass commercial for his Kanye West brand.

Here’s a thing though: what if Alison doesn’t have any issue with Tony at all? Like, what if she MOTHERS the hell out of him.

“Get your boots off the couch, Tony.”

“I was at the pharmacy so I picked up your hormones for you." 

"Tony Sawicki, if you and Oscar break one more thing wrestling in my house i swear….”

And when they get drunk together one night at Felix’s loft, she’s just like “Tony. If you hurt Felix…let’s just say I know where to hide a body.”

And just huffing at him and Sarah planning something illegal “Honestly, you two…”

And she knits him a new beanie, because he left his on the bus on the way back into town. It has a little TS on it, and he tells people it stands for “tough shit”. 

He and Donnie go out fishing one weekend, and come back filthy and she’s just scolding them both “DO NOT track that into this house, I just cleaned the floors, into the garage, both of you!”

One year ago today, I met 5 seconds of summer. My friends think it’s ridiculous that I remember the dates of
“it’s been 3 months”
“it’s been 9 months!”
but the thing is, none of them get exactly why I remember them.

July 16th 2013.
Started off as a normal day, ended as the best day of my life.

Meeting them has brought me a whole new level of happiness and self confidence to my life. When I met them, I actually met Ashton first. He came off the bus shirtless and once he saw me he was like “hey babe!” and we just talked. It was their day off, he was not forced to talk to me; nor was he forced to stay back and take a picture with me.

but he did.

When John Delf came off the bus, he walked over to us and explained that the rest of the boys would come off one by one seen as it was their day off and didn’t want to interrupt their day, especially since it was Luke’s birthday.

Soon enough, Liz walked off the bus followed by three cuddly looking tired boys. They walked over to me and told me hi and asked how I was doing. The first thing I did was tell luke happy birthday and gave him $11.00. He smiled and gave me the biggest, tightest hug I have ever received. I told them that I thought they were coming off one by one and they all shook their heads and said “that’s what they told us to do, but we wanted to come out and say “hi” and so they did. We talked for a while, calum told a joke that he thought was hilarious but I was the only one laughing besides him (because let’s face it, how could I not laugh)

After quite some time, Calum asked if I wanted to sing happy birthday to Luke with them, to which I said yes, and after singing, he hugged me again. (hug count. 3)

“soooo babe. Do you wanna take a picture?”

That was the best thing Michael Clifford has ever asked me.

After taking pictures, Luke and Michael asked how we knew it was them.

“eh. Something in my heart told me”
aka my bestfriend but hey… It was cute.

Meeting them was so amazing. They made me realize that they love the family so much and that they are really just normal boys that are living an amazing dream.

July 16th, 2013.

It started as a normal day.

It ended like a dream.

And no matter what, I’ll always know them as the band brought to me by fate and a wish.

Part of my job is to make vinyl graphics for cars and trucks, like company logos and so on.

This particular client called me and asked about our prices and where we’re located. We discussed a bit back and forth about what he’d want to get and I made some suggestions about colours for the vinyl lettering.

A week later he storms in, absolutely furious.

Client: This is taking FOREVER. This is unacceptable how unprofessional you’re being!

It seems this “client” drove his car to our shop the very same day he had called, left it in the parking lot amongst many, many other cars that are parked there pretty much 24/7, left his keys in it, and then took the bus home.

It never crossed his mind to give us a heads up that he was actually coming by, either by calling or walking into the shop.  

Client: You should just know these things; it’s your job!



Okay, technically, in the episode, Tuxedo Mask is interested in the hat that Luna dropped (which belonged to Usagi in her bus attendant disguise), but I can’t stop thinking that Mamoru is just SO UPSET that Luna freaked out and didn’t let him hold her for long and it’s making me laugh so hard.

We all know that Mamoru fucking loves cats, so having one run away from him is a crushing blow. I love how, when Luna runs away, he slightly holds out his arm in a futile “WAIT, COME BACK” gesture.

Dorkoru Mamoru is just so fantastic. I’m already in love with his Crystal incarnation!

living with calum would include
  • constant stream of uptown funk & various r&b songs
  • whenever someone comes over, he switches to green day
  • surprise hugs when you get home from work
  • “send nudes” “i’m literally right next to you”
  • you know that scene from parks & rec where leslie adopts a bunch of animals? that would be calum. he would literally adopt an entire animal shelter.
  • him trying to get you to dance with him but he’s doing some really weird “sexy” dance so  all you can do is laugh
  • “i’m about to take a shower…. would you like to join me ;)”
  • whenever you start getting mad at him, he just gives you puppy dog eyes and begs you to forgive him
  • “living with you is so great… i can’t believe i spent so many months living on a tour bus with 3 idiots”
  • coming home to a beautiful dinner with candles & calum looks so proud so you just smile & thank him, ignoring the takeout boxes that you saw in the kitchen
  • calum leaving for work but 5 minutes later he runs back inside because he forgot to say he loves you
  • “no offense but you’re really hot”
  • petty little arguments that end with you standing in a chair so you can be taller & intimidate him, but it’s such a ridiculous sight that he starts laughing & soon you’re both laughing, completely over what you were arguing about
  • “i love you”
  • “i love you more”
  • “NO I DO”

ashton // luke // michael

imagine stealing calum’s hoodie on tour because the air conditioning on the tour bus was too chilly for you, and his sweatshirt was just casually laying around so you’d pull the soft material over your head while letting the sleeves cover your hands as you curled up on the couch and watched the world go by outside the window. calum would come in a few minutes later looking for his favorite hoodie, smirking when he saw you wearing it as he walked over to you and gently pulled you up off the couch so you were pressed firmly against his chest. “I believe that’s my hoodie, y/n,” he’d whisper as his hands slip underneath the fabric and onto your skin, his cold fingers making you jump a little as he laughed and started kissing along your neck. you’d pull away from him and raise your eyebrows at your boyfriend, refusing to give him his sweatshirt back because you were just way too comfy to give it up. calum would confidently smirk at your little challenge, crashing his lips onto yours as your mouths feverishly moved together in sync, his large hands cupping your ass before slowly dragging themselves up your body until they were tangled in your hair. you were so entranced by the euphoric feeling of calum’s lips on yours that you didn’t even notice your half naked body as calum successfully slid his hoodie off of you, clinging onto him for warmth as he smiled into the kiss and carried you to his bunk because “I think that sweatshirt looks better on the floor, darling.”

Au Home

Claudius had decided that he needed to break away from his family for a while, to see beyond his little home, and to gain friends. So for months he had searched for a place to stay. Every apartment and house was just too expense, as his job did not pay that much yet. However it was very welcome when he was saw an ad for a cheap room in a house. Sure, he had to spend his time with two other people but he’d have his own room and rent wasn’t terrible, so he took up the offer.

Now was the day of coming over to see everyone. Most of their correspondence had been over the internet and so he was reasonably apprehensive about meeting these people. But of course, what other choice did he have? So he took the bus there, one suitcase in hand and first months rent in his wallet. He didn’t have much either. All of his belongings fit in his suitcase: a few outfits, a small pillow, a thin blanket and a refillable journal. Beyond that he had nothing. So it was odd as he walked up to the house and gently knocked on the door despite the soft pain in his knuckles from it.


I am mildly obsessed with the appearance of Señor Bunny while Skyping with Jack…

Eric knows that the team would chirp him to Canada and back if he admitted what his stuffed rabbit meant to him but he still sneaks Señor Bunny onto the bus for away trips. He also leaves him on his bed because there is the sad realisation that the only person who would actually see him would be Eric as there was zero possibility of anyone else being anywhere near Eric’s bed. Sadly.

When Jack had come to visit him for the Fourth of July, Señor Bunny had been safely tucked at the back of Eric’s closet, which made Eric giggle as he hid him in the place where Eric had kept his porn secret from his mom.

Jack was polite – extra polite, not just normal Canadian polite – to everyone, even Aunt Margaret who was perhaps hitting the mimosas a bit too hard at brunch. He did make sure he stood with his back to the wall whenever she came near, though. He dropped the persona when he slipped into Eric’s room, cupped his cheeks and kissed him until they were both trembling. If it hadn’t been for the fact Eric knew his mother had hearing like a bat, he would have started stripping Jack then and there.

So Eric stepped back to allow himself to breathe and get himself a little more under control. Jack couldn’t look at him, glancing around the room. Then he frowned.

“Where’s your rabbit?” Jack lifted Eric’s pillow to check if there was anything hidden underneath.

“My…what?” Eric tried to not let his voice squeak but it was basically impossible.

Jack sat on the bed. “Your rabbit. The soft one?” Jack didn’t look like he was winding up to a chirp or even gentle teasing. “The one that’s always on your bed.”

“Señor Bunny? He’s…” Eric stuffed his hands in his mouth.

“You always vlog with him in the background.” Jack shrugged before looking around again. “He’s cute.”

“Cute!” Eric muttered as he slipped open his closet door and hauled out the battered rabbit. “I’ll have you know this is a very fierce rabbit.”

“Like you,” Jack said, smiling softly. And, well, Eric just had to kiss that smile off Jack’s face. Because of reasons, like science. That took up some more time.


Later, in the truck, recovering from what they’d done in the back of the truck (which Eric was going to rope Jack into washing in the morning), Eric leaned back against Jack’s chest and enjoyed his arms around him.

“I’m going to miss this,” Eric said, running his hands over Jack’s bare forearm. “Snuggles.”

“That’s why you have Señor Bunny, eh?” Jack pressed his cheek into Eric’s hair. “You should hug him while we Skype. When I have to go home. And to Providence.”

Eric enjoyed thinking about how quickly he could get to Providence for Samwell for a moment and remembering the pictures Jack had sent him of his new apartment and his unchristened oven and bed. Then he worked out what Jack was saying. “But, why?”

“Because if I can’t be there to hug you, the only other person in your bed should be your bunny.” Jack maintained his serious face for all of three seconds before his grin started to curve the side of his mouth.

Eric hit at him. “Of course there wouldn’t be anyone else in my bed, honey.” But he resolved to always make sure he kept Señor Bunny in frame. Just to remind Jack what he was missing. And to try and pretend Eric wasn’t missing him just as much.

Secret Skookum


On his way back from getting milk at the corner store, Aatto got caught in the rain, so he took shelter at a covered bus stop. He sat down on the bench and was about to take out his phone, when he heard a soft meow come from his feet. He looked down to see a little mud cover kitten playing with his shoelaces. Aatto chuckled and played with the kitten for a bit, then one thing lead to another and soon enough, he was at home giving the orange, brown, white, every color Skookum kitty a bath in the sink.

By the time Ice came home, Aatto had made a little bed and litter box for the kitty to put in the spare room. He didn’t know how his fiancé would react, so he tried to keep the kitten hidden for as long as he could.

5-seconds-of-solitude :: MASTERLIST (up to date)

This is only temporary until I can figure something a little more efficientout

Smutty = ♬ // Italics = my favourites



The way he kisses you

How you met/How he asks you out

At the concert




Pool Party ♬

He hits you


Comfort when your best friend dies

Daylight (song preference)



A girl hits on you

She looks so perfect



He comes home early

High School Boyfriends

You surprise them on tour (Text message au)

You have a kid together (Text message au)

He asks you out (Text message au)

Shower/Pool/Bat/Hot tub ♬

You turn him on in public (Text message au)

You have a house together (Text message au)

They text you while they’re sick (Text message au)

All of them:

Deaf (part one) // (part two)-preference

Beside You


Tour bus period

“It’s just a crush” (Luke and Ashton)

10 Things I Hate About You (mostly Calum and Michael)

Luke // ONE SHOTS:

Best Friends

My brother’s bandmate

The break up (part one) // (part two)

Leave it on (fratboy Luke) ♬

Good Girl ♬

Loser ♬

Show me your moves ♬

Mute (part one) // (part two) // (part three) // (part four) // (part five) //
(part six) // (part seven) // (part eight) // (part nine) // (part ten) (the fanfic)

At Last ♬

Thinking of you

Complicated (part one) // (part two)

I’ll stay (part one) // (part two)

I miss you (part one) // (part two)

I’d never hurt you

Drunk Love (part one) // (part two)

Late night drive ♬


Finishing Quickly ♬

Age Gap

Stomach Flu

Questions and Slow dancing

Small Bump

I hate you (part one) // (part two) ♬

Virgin ♬

The Best Birthday

All Yours ♬

I just do

Subway Girl ♬

Wait and See ♬


Lazy ♬

The red dress ♬

Couldn’t hold up ♬

Disconnected ♬


Piano ♬


First Dance

Perfect ♬

Snapback ♬

“I don’t even like Christmas”

Only if you want to ♬

Kindergarten (part one) // (part two) // (part three)

Michael’s Sister (part one) // (part two) // (part three) // (part four) // (part five) ♬

Tent Romance ♬

If You Don’t Know (part one) // (part two)

Goldie Locks


Unfamiliar ♬

Lifts and Falls

Bus Bunks ♬

Wildest Dreams

Wasted Time ♬

You deserve better ♬

Easy ♬

The Roaring Twenties

Get out

Cold Feet  ♬

Let me teach you a thing or two

Stress Release ♬

1st base, 2nd base, 3rd base, HOME RUN ♬

Take a Break ♬

Roommates ♬

Calum // ONE SHOTS:

The delivery girl

Valentines Day

Hung up (sort of fratboy Calum) (part one) // (part two) ♬

The Storm

“She means business” (part one) // (part two)

'It’s good to be back’ ♬

The Girlfriend

Happy Birthday ♬

Meet the Parents


That’s enough


So what ♬

Fingers Crossed ♬

The Dynamic Duo ♬

Scratches and Bruises (part one) // (part two)

Sex ♬

Mister Quiet and the Roller Skates

I didn’t mean to scare you

Band class ♬

Relapse (trigger warning)

If theses sheets were the states

Territory ♬

Muscle Memory ♬

Close as Strangers ♬

Cuddles and Pouting

Stranger ♬

Voodoo Doll ♬

Good Job

Inexperienced ♬

Lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off ♬

Just one chance

Desk Writer

Soulmates // the fanfic

Roadtrip ♬

The fidgety gamer ♬


Young and Beautiful

The one before the one

Michael // ONE SHOTS:

The dinner

The reunion tour

Pick up lines and condoms (part one) // (part two) // (part three) // (part four)


20 questions (fratboy Michael) (part one) // (part two) ♬


Friends with Benefits (part one) // (part two) // (part three) // (part four) // (part five) ♬

“Hold tight, princess” (part one) // (part two) ♬

Carnival (part one) // (part two)


Forced Friendship ♬

Lessons ♬

Scum of the earth

Feisty Fans

The Stairs

Youtuber of the year

Good Girls are Bad Girls ♬

Guitars and Tears

Not a size zero ♬




“He’s a dick” ♬

Concert (part one) // (part two)

Sleepover ♬


Secret Softie ♬

You Suck

A little hot for teacher thing ♬

Unfair Dare ♬

No1 Fan

Colour Blind


Far Above Average

She Will Be Loved

Fumbling Buffoon

“Kiss me”

Surprises ♬

Help ♬

Ashton // ONE SHOTS:

The Test

What about your mother?

Photos ♬

The Waiter ♬


New Glasses ♬

Not good enough

Babysitting ♬

Off Limits

Crash (part one) // (part two) // (part three)

Blind Date (part one) // (part two) // (part three)

“You’re an angel” ♬

Best. Night. Ever ♬

Cheater (part one) // (part two)


Medical Student ♬


Players (part one) // (part two) ♬

Punishments ♬


Robbers (part one)♬ // (part two)

Drummer, not a kidnapper

Too Late ♬

Competition ♬

Trying something new ♬

Be careful what you (don’t) say

Drugs and Alcohol

Sigma Phi Epsilon ♬

Princess Protection Program


Surfing the Sunrise

Beginners Badluck ♬

Thinking Out Loud

Beside You

5 stars ♬


Luke ‘I never really liked him’ [completed] // Sequel ‘Let’s start over’

Calum ‘Beauty and the bass player’ [completed]

Calum ‘First’ [completed]

Calum ‘KitKat’ [completed]

Calum ‘false exterior.’

Ashton ‘Paper Aeroplanes’ [completed]

Calum 'Frat Wars’

Luke 'Mute’

Calum Soulmates

The Bucket List (coming soon)

Disney!5sos series:

Cinderella (Michael)

Beauty and the Beast (Luke)

Aladdin (Calum)

Peter pan (Ashton)

Aristocats (Michael)

Sleeping Beauty (Luke)

Non-romantic bromance-y thing:


“We made it”


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“When Kurt Cobain was alive he was known as the mysterious, quiet rocker. When he died he was known as a depressed drug addict. Kurt Cobain didn’t use drugs because the drugs used him. I don’t think anyone who knew him personally saw him the way the media portrayed him. Did the media ever mention that after a show was over he would sit in the tour bus and write back fan mail? He would try to answer at least thirty letters a night. In 1993, the media never reported the story of Kurt Cobain visiting a fan who wrote him [Kurt Cobain] a letter and asked him to come see her before she died of Cancer. They [the media] never forgot to remind everyone that he had demons though. Don’t listen to what you might have heard from the media. Kurt Cobain loved every single fan he had. He just couldn’t deal with being put on a pedestal that he was constantly afraid of falling off of.”

-Danny Goldberg


but poor lil sicky-poo luke waking up feeling even worse than the day before and it doesn’t take a trained eye to tell he’s under the weather. he’s much quieter than usual, isn’t eating very much, and is caught with his eyes closed more than once at breakfast. “luke, come on, let’s go back to bed,” you urge as everyone starts dispersing from the meal. “it’s okay, i’m fine,” he shakes his head, rubbing his eyes in an attempt to make himself more alert. “baby. you have a couple hours until soundcheck. come on, you look like crap.” your intention isn’t to insult him, and he’s too tired to fire back at you anyway, so he finally just sighs and nods at you. as the two of you walk back out to the bus, luke shivers, despite the rather mild temperature outside, and you quickly return his grey hoodie that you’d put on when you woke up. luke graciously takes the warm garment and puts it on, tugging the hood up, before taking your hand. you two pile onto the quiet bus and luke heads straight back to his bunk and toes off his boots before climbing up. you can hear him coughing a bit as you make your way back and a part of you wonders how he’s even going to do the show tonight. “baby?” he calls out, his voice small and desperate, and you follow it until you reach his bunk. “are you coming up?” he’s laying on his side, his colourless face buried into a pillow, and his eyelids droop so he can just see a fraction of you. you give him a sympathetic smile and wipe his hair from his balmy forehead before climbing up yourself. you don’t make him move, just crawl overtop of him to the other side until you’re laying comfortably behind him. he reaches back to take hold of your arm, pulling it him around him tightly and he scoots back enough until you’re both fit together like a puzzle. “wake me up in a couple hours, baby?” he mutters, but he’s out almost before the sentence is complete with soft snores filling the bunk. 

Bus AU (@themidnightwitch)

Peter sighed as he leaned his head against the cool glass of the Gotham city bus. It had been a month since the new school year had started but he still wasn’t used to it. Especially when he had to wear this goofy uniform. Honestly it was probably one of the most uncomfortable things he’s ever had to wear. As he played with the tie around his neck, he played little attention to the bus coming to a stop. Nothing out of the ordinary just probably picking more people up.