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imagine for a moment Lestat And Friends playing d&d

THIS IS AN AMAZING IDEA and I sat on this in my inbox for a long time because I don’t know that much about D&D and I wish I had more to add to this situation. But like, YEAH like D&D Night at Trinity Gate, third Wednesday every month, sounds perfect. Everyone can come over. I’m more partial to the idea that it’s Armand & Friends and that Lestat comes over and crashes the party and acts like a douche but yeah man I think this DEFINITELY HAPPENS. 

@sheysira @justsomespacedust @saintambrose DO YALL HAVE THOUGHTS ABOUT THIS?


Blood Lose

pairing: Dean x Reader

fandom: supernatural

request: Hey 😊 Could you do a reader x Dean where the reader lets Benny drink some of her blood to help him heal after being seriously hurt and Dean gets super jealous? Thank you!! 

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When Benny came back, blood was streaming down his face, slowly trickling to the ground where it gathered in a little pool.
He was a vampire and strong but even the most powerful person couldn’t survive that much blood lose.
“Oh my god…Benny!”
You hurry over and catch him before he hits the ground full force. There wasn’t much that could help him. He wasn’t a human, simply patching him up wouldn’t work.
Blood. He needed blood.
The blade you always carry at your side slices open the inside of your arm without thinking and you press it against his mouth to let him drink.
You sat slouched against the wall with Benny in your arms, not really knowing what to do until the door finally opened and Dean walked in. His gaze quickly found yours, looking shocked for a moment before he completely took the scene in.
“What happened here?”
“I have no idea he came home like this…Dean I didn’t know what to do. Will he survive?”
“What did you…?”

He looks at your bleeding arm, an odd expression crossing his face.  
“I gave him some blood. I thought that might help.”
“He’ll live don’t worry. Go get cleaned I take care of him.”

You quickly took a shower to clean off all the blood and sat down on the couch with some bandages in hand.
“Here.” Dean holds out his hand to take the bandages from you after he joined you.
“Is he okay?”
“Yes but you aren’t, don’t be so reckless all the time. You could have bled out there too if your knife went too deep or…”

“You worry too much.” You smile at him while he cleans the wound and patches you up.
“You don’t worry enough.” He puts everything away, leans back and regards you with a strange look that you can’t place.

Dean moves fast. In one swift motion you’re pushed down with your hands above your head, unable to move.
“Don’t get me wrong, I love that you always want to help everyone but…” His mouth connects with your neck, sucking the soft skin between his teeth, “…you shouldn’t get too close to strange men.”
Benny was Dean’s friends and you highly doubted he considered him strange. Still, there was something about his gaze. He wasn’t mad more like…jealous. Was he jealous? Of Benny of all people?
You quietly laugh with amusement which earns you a faint bite mark and a soft kiss on the same place.
“Men are assholes, you should just stay away from them.” He smirks, his voice taking on a joking tone.
“Does that include you?”
“No. There always has to be one exception to the rule.”

This one was actually pretty quick. I was gonna draw Paul and Patryck, but this idea kept bugging me.

Past Tord would fuck up New Tord no problem.

And now to agonize over everyone’s heights so I can draw more than one character at a time.

Sometimes there are Wrong Opinions in the tiny fandom and sometimes there are just people WILDLY MISREADING THE TONE OF THE SERIES, but to be fair that sort of speculation re: Nightingale was way more plausible back around book one. 


Sienna went to fetch Griffin at the restaurant after the test and found him asleep on the sofa 

Sienna: You awake? 

Griffin: I am now… >_<

Sienna: You need to fire the hostess ^.^

Griffin: Miguel but why ?!? He’s great with the customers >_<

Sienna: He’s also a Vampire Griffin ?!?

Griffin: We don’t judge Sienna and did I mention he’s great with the customers >_<

Sienna: And did I mention he hisses like a cat at random intervals like GGGGG GGGGG GGGGG  i’ts disturbing and it will scare away the customers.  He also just randomly shape shifts and reappear outside, someone need to tell him his no magician !?!

Griffin: Oh babe I can’t just fire him, please can he stay !?!

Sienna: Griffin, Miguel is not our pet, I will fire him then. 

Griffin: Butttt….

Sienna: Finish.  The End.