Chapter 4

Henry and I slowly walk back to his house as we try to figure out a plan.

“You can’t tell them about Peter.” I say to Henry.

“I know. I’ll make sure my mom will do it for you.”

“He won’t have magic, not here in Storybrooke.”

“That will help. They won’t see him as a threat, at least not as much.” Henry says.

We walk into his house to find Regina and Mary Margaret waiting for us.

“There you two are!” Regina exclaims as we walk in.

“Sorry. I went to make sure Nellie was okay. We had no cell reception.” Henry explained.

“It’s okay. Do you think I can talk to you for a minute alone?” Regina asks Henry. I nod to say I’m okay and Henry follows his mom into another room.

“Are you alright Nellie?” Mary Margaret asks.

“Yes I’m fine. I’m sorry about running off earlier.”

“You can trust us here. I won’t judge you for who you love.”

“I can’t tell you.” i mutter.

“But we could help you if we knew more.”

“I know.It’s just too risky. You would never listen.” 

Regina and Henry walk back in and Henry nods to me.

“You’re going to do it?” I ask Regina.

“Yes, although Henry still won’t tell me much.”

“What do you need? When can it be done?” 

“I’m going to go get ingredients I’ll need for the spell, but I should be able to do it in about one hour.”

I watch Regina set everything up on the table. 

“When the spell is complete, where will I find him?” I ask Regina.

“He should show up here. Unless he died here in town. Then he’ll show up where he died” she answers as she finishes preparation.

I pull Henry to the side.

“When she starts the spell, you need to leave. Make sure no one hurts him.” 

“I’ll make sure he’ll be safe with me.” Henry assures me.

“Okay Nellie, I’m ready.” Regina says.

“I’m going to need your necklace now. I won’t know who he is until the spell is complete. Henry trusts you so I’m doing this for him.”  I hand her my necklace.

Regina starts chanting and Henry silently slips out of the house. As soon as its done I know I’m going to have to run. I shift my weight on my balls of my feet.

“It’s done. He should be here.” Regina opens her eyes and looks around. Confused to why he isn’t in her home, Regina turns to me.

“I’m sorry.” I say before I sprint out of the house. 

It felt like everything went into slow motion. I could hear some towns people shouting and I knew they’ve seen Peter. I will my legs to go faster and pray I don’t trip and fall. I hear my pulse pounding in my ears. I run the corner to see David, Robin, and Hook trying to get by Henry who is protecting Peter.

I skid to a halt. “Don’t shoot!” I yell at David.

I start running again. Robin grabs me trying to tell me Peter is dangerous. Henry is yelling at Hook and David to wait. I break out of Robin’s grip and run for Peter.

My heart leaps with joy as I collide into Peter’s arms. I wrap my arms around his neck. I can feel tears running down my face.

I pull away slightly to look at Peter. He wipes the tears from my face. I don’t hesitate, I kiss him. 

ok but can we talk about how theo raeken is the ultimate crazed fanboy? that heard all these awesome stories about the pack and decided he wanted to do the biggest self-insert of all time by replacing scott? that’s literally what he’s doing. he’s insinuating himself into canon, and re-writing it so he is the pack leader, that magically gets everyone to love and trust him. tHEO IS MARY SUE COME TO LIFE. HE EVEN USES FANNISH LANGUAGE LIKE ‘VOID STILES’ AINT NOBODY EVER CALLED STILES THAT ON THE SHOW. LIKE. OH MY GOD GUYS. OHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGOD.

Fandom: [can’t find Dan Slott at a party]

Fandom: [uses hands as a microphone] I SHIP PETER/MJ

Dan Slott: [stops talking mid-sentence] But marriage ages Peter and he has to be relatable and that’s just not dating a supermodel and being married limits the stories we can tell about Peter being a swinging bachelor who dates a hot chick for a while before the relationship fails and–

Fandom: why were we looking for him again?

They held hands on the high seas, the Jolly Roger rocking back and forth as they sailed deeper into the ocean blue, right off the coast of their small town- their home. Henry and David were at the wheel, Mary Margret below deck. There was silence apart from the sound of waves crashing against them.

“It’s time,” Emma murmured, rubbing his wrist with her thumb. He only stiffened his grip, staring down at the deck of his ship. Liam’s ship.

They dropped anchor and everyone came to surround Killian as Mary Margret handed him the basket. He let it dangle from his hook, unsure what to say.

“Talk about him,” Emma prodded, her arm around Henry. Killian cleared his throat and put his gaze back down to the ground.

“Liam…” he began, but his thoughts trailed off before he could finish. It had been so long since he lost his brother, and today had always been a day where he buried himself into a bottle of rum at the nearest and dirtiest pub. But this year he had Emma, his true love, the savior of everyone in town but especially him. Liam would have loved her. He would have loved her so much, he’d have clapped Killian on the back and told him not to mess this up. He would have insisted to be the one to teach Henry to sword fight, would have said that Killian had taught the boy to sail the Jolly all wrong and would have had an entire day out at sea with him. He would have charmed Mary Margret with his chivalry, would have impressed David with his knowledge and adventure. He should be here.

“He is,” Emma spoke, stepping towards him, and Killian realized that he’d said the last part out loud. He nodded, appreciative when Emma curled her arms around him, the rest waiting patiently with solemn expressions. And she was right. Liam had never left Killian alone, the stubborn bastard wouldn’t have let death come in the way of old protective habits.

“Liam saved me from loneliness and loss and sorrow,” Killian continued, holding onto Emma a bit tighter. “He was the only family I had and without him I’m afraid I fell into… well, you’re all aware of the man I was. He gave me so much- love and laughter and… and he would be happy to know that I’ve found love and laughter without him,” he smiled softly, gazing at Emma. Slowly he let her go and dug his hand into the basket, grabbing a fist full of white flower petals, and released them onto the waves. Mary Margret followed suit, then David, then Henry.

When Emma was taking her turn, he felt a hand on his shoulder- David.

“You know,” he began, watching his daughter thoughtfully. “I didn’t know your brother. But I think he’d be proud of who you’ve become, and happy that you’ve found a new family.”

A new family. Killian didn’t know what to say, though before he could even try to open his mouth, Emma had come up to him, her father now walking away towards his grandson and wife.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” she frowned. But Killian smiled, staring down into her sea green eyes.

“Nothing, love. Just happy that I can spend today with family.”

It was Emma’s turn to smile. She brought her lips up to his, and he breathed in her scent and warmth- it wrapped around him like an embrace, like a ray of light in a dark tunnel.

Yes. Liam would have certainly liked her very much.

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What kind of girl do you think would work best in a relationship with the different gladers? Like personality wise :)

Hmm. Okay, I talked about Minho, Newt, Gally and Thomas here~ if you want me to talk about anyone else just drop me an ask! ^^

  • For Minho, I think he’d go for a feisty, firecracker type? Someone who can hold her own and banter with him. Someone who can outwit him. She’d probably have to be able to roll with what he thinks is fun and put up with him being sulky when he loses at video games. Maybe someone fairly sporty? (This is because I usually headcanon Minho is pretty into sports and running, you feel?) I think having cooking skills would be a plus because Minho would be SO shitty in the kitchen oh man. Pretty sure I just described sarcasminho like this ship is legit, people.
  • Newt… Idk I think he’d be into someone who is fairly snarky but is still kind of sweet? In the books I think I remember a scene where Newt was disgusted at Thomas and Minho’s lack of care for when people died, so I think he’d want someone who showed compassion and empathy. I think he’d be a good match with someone positive, someone patient, who doesn’t push him to always tell her what he’s feeling if he’s down, but to just be there, y'know?
  • For Gally, I have them impression he’d like someone who wouldn’t mind being taken care of? A girl who can take care of herself, but still would be okay with him taking care of her. Y'know? I also think he’d be pretty impressed by a girl who could throw a solid punch. OKAY I THINK maybe his type would be: I can punch someone but I’d be down for you punching someone for me.
  • THOMAS oh man he’d need someone who could help him with impulse control? The boy thinks 0.02 seconds (on average) before doing things? Maybe he could do well with someone who knows when to be like, “THOMAS NO.” But also someone who believes in him, and, when stuff isn’t dangerous, grins at him and is like, “Thomas yes.”

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Can you talk about falling in love with Minho?

Oh man I don’t really know how to answer this? I mean like. sarcasminho pls help me out here do you know how to answer this I KNOW UR MINHO TRASH JAZ help me

Okay okay let me see what I can come up with?

  • Okay, so, I’m going to go with college AU Minho bc I live for college AU Minho. Right okay.
  • Let’s give him an athletic scholarship, because he’s Minho, and I can’t think of a single AU where he’s not sporty af. And he’s got a smug smile and too-gelled hair and he’s always holding a cup of coffee and showing up to places late. Maybe his go-to coffee order is a dark chocolate frappe with extra whipped cream and two pumps of caramel. You know his order because you work part time at the campus cafe.
  • That’s right, this is a coffee shop AU and a college AU lumped into one. So he always orders that. And he pays with Starbucks cards all the time. “I’ve got this aunt, she sends me one every month in the mail? She thinks I live off Starbucks.” “You kind of do,” you reply. “That’s your second cup today.” He grins at you. “Making note of when I come in? D’you miss me when I’m not here?” You roll your eyes.
  • So that night you go to a frat party with your friend, Thomas, who ends up dancing with a blonde boy who has a huge grin and fluffy hair, and someone taps you on the shoulder. “Stalking me or something, sweetheart?” You turn around and Minho’s there, grinning at you. “Or you’re stalking me,” you counter, raising an eyebrow at him. He laughs and offers you a drink, and you take it.
  • Somehow you end up making the two of you milkshakes in the kitchen later, and Minho’s a little tipsy and so are you, and you’re both laughing and the milkshakes are really good you’re grabbing whipped cream and cherries from the fridge. And so you show Minho that you can tie a cherry stem into a knot with your tongue and he’s like, “Dude, that’s so fucking cool. That’s the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. Do it again.” And so you do, and he accuses you of cheating because he can’t do it and when his milkshake runs out he pokes you again and again until you make him another one.
  • After that night, the two of you become friends and he’s constantly at your dorm watching movies with you on your laptop and stealing your cookies and bugging you to make him Starbucks “secret menu” drinks without knowing what ingredients go inside because he thinks you’re supposed to know that and when you tell him you don’t, he throws his hands up and is like, “That’s a fucking conspiracy. I want to see the manager!” “We’re in my dorm, Min, I’m the manager.”
  • And you two fall into a pattern. You’re together a lot, and gradually, you two start being really physically affectionate with each other. Leaning on each other, brushing your knees together when you’re out for dinner with friends. When you’re sad he kisses your forehead and offers to punch whoever made you upset.
  • And, yeah, he’s not perfect, he’s snarky and pretty insensitive sometimes. He’s fucking stubborn, never thinks he’s wrong. Sometimes he makes you want to shake some sense into him. But he’s loyal to a fault and he’s funny and, God, that smile.
  • You realise you’re in love with him one day when he looks over at you when you’re both tucked into his comforter while watching the sixth Harry Potter movie. His eyes are crinkled at the corner because he’s grinning, and you smile back immediately. “You’re one of my best friends,” he says suddenly. And you feel yourself blush because Minho doesn’t usually say things like that. Ever. “Yeah, you’re one of mine too,” you nudge his shoulder with your head, and he laughs. “You’re a fucking sap,” he declares, as if he’s not the one that brought it up in the first place. When he turns back to the screen, that’s when it hits you. That you’re in love with this stubborn, snarky boy with a heart of gold. That he snuck up on you, and you have no idea how.
  • He laughs at something on the screen, and you know. You know you’re fucked.

IS THIS WHAT YOU MEANT WHEN YOU ASKED oh my God I’m sorry if it wasn’t! (can you tell i’ve thought about this too many times)

Cumbernews for Tuesday 25th August 2015

Last preview for Hamlet in the can (so to speak).  Press Night next.  What WILL Benedict be wearing at Stage Door tonight?   A Tux?

Reads GoogleTeaLeaves: 

Sees yas!



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what is jolto and how is it canon

jolto is john/major sholto and it’s canon basically because in every instance regarding major sholto, he is referred to in language that suggests he and john were previously in a romantic relationship. sherlock calls him his “ex” commander and asks why he doesn’t “see him anymore.” sherlock looking jealously at john and sholto during the wedding party and mary saying unequivocally one of the most revealing and analyzed lines of the show: “Neither of us were the first, you know.” this implies that sherlock, sholto, and mary all have something in common when it comes to john (and on the wedding day, is it EVER appropriate to put ANYONE on the level of the bride?) not to mention sholto’s line, “i do for old friends, watson…john.” (and the fact that john “never shuts up” about sholto when he’s around mary but around sherlock he never even mentioned him. and later on in hlv, john talked so much about sherlock after being away from him for one single month that mary expressed irritation oops lmao)

and how in the world could i forget this post which shows the original script from the sign of three wherein sherlock and john are talking about sholto and sherlock calls him john’s “previous best friend…ex-best friend. Whatever he was…” and later on, when sholto is in the hotel room, he says, “Mr. Holmes, you and I are very similar, I think.” “Yes, I think we are.” …. and when talking about his death he says he must embrace it “like a soldier” and sherlock quickly replies, “But not at John’s wedding! We wouldn’t do that, would we? You and me? We would never do that to John Watson.” and there’s a shot of sholto looking like he’s been stabbed (well…….okay)

so yeah jolto is canon and it serves to express john’s bisexuality in canon ways and it is what is going to pave the staircase to johnlock heaven

Francis & Bash

I can’t help but laugh at people who talk shit about Francis because of him telling Bash not to get between him and Mary after Mary chose to marry him.

Yes, how dare he tell his brother to stay away from his Fiance/Wife that his brother kissed, fell in love with, and almost married after she gave Francis’s entire life to him. It’s almost like he wants his brother to act like his brother and not a backstabbing jerk. It’s almost like Francis actually wants to be able to live his life without having to worry that his own brother will break up his marriage. How dare he. What a horrible horrible person he is.

Senpai rescue mission: rescue from hell ( chapter 3 part 3 )

Cupcake sighed sitting by his desk, reading, as usual. He still could not forgive Toy about their argument and they haven’t talked since. But he had to admit… He did miss hanging out with his brother.
He sighed and put his book down. He sat and thought about how he could find Savannah. Then it hit him!
He ran into Toys room, bursting through the door. “ What do YOU want?! ”
“ I found out how to find Mari, and Savannah too! ”
“ Really, how? ”
“ You still have that tracking chip hooked up to Mari right, Toy? ”
“ Yeah…? ”
“ WELL TRACK HER! Find where she is. ”
“ It doesn’t work Cupcake… I tried it already… ”
“ Please just try… ”
Toy sighed and grabbed his laptop. “ It’s not gonna- ”
A blue dot appeared on the screen. “ NO WAY! WE FOUND HER! ”
“ Maybe Mari can lead us to Savannah! ”
“ Great idea! ”
They went out, following the dot.
It led them to a gate. A garden was on the other side.
“ It says this is where she is… ” Toy pointed out.
Cupcake tried to open the door. “ Locked. ”
“ MARI! MARI! ” Toy called through the gate.
No answer until a few minutes later when a faint voice said “ Toy? Is that you? ”
“ Mari!? I’m right here! ”
They heard footsteps, sort of like running and see Mari come over from a hillside.
She unlocked the gate and as soon as she did, Toy pounced on her, hugging her.
“ D-do you know where Savannah is? ” Cupcake mumbled, breaking the silence.
“ No… I don’t… Sorry Cupcake… ” Mari seen tears start to well up in Cupcakes eyes.
“ How did you get here? ” Toy asked her suspiciously.
She told them about the killer and Goldie. “ Then I wake up, and I’m here. It’s beautiful, isn’t it? ”
Mari stopped, looking at Cupcake, who was crying.
“ Oh cupcake, ” she said placing a hand on his shoulder, “ We’ll find her, I promise. ”
“ I hope we do. ”

- Hope u guys liked the last part of Chapter 3-
Toy/Cupcake/Nightmare: ask-shotacupcake
Mari: marionetto-Senpai
Savannah/Goldie/Trap: askfreddybear

Dancing in the dark || Mary + Reginald

After saying goodbye to Reg, Mary aparated to her father’s apartment, telling her father about how her day went as she helped him prepare dinner. As expected, he was happy to hear that Reg was joining them for dinner, Mary missed the smile he had on his lips that indicated that he most certainly did noticed the blush on his daughter’s face. Mr. Macdonald never expected that he’d be the one talking to his daughter about boys, but seeing as his late wife never had the opportunity to meet their daughter the duties of both parents fell onto him-not that he minded. Seeing as the table was set and the dinner was almost ready, Mary went into her room to shower and change, so that she wouldn’t have to do that after dinner. She opted for a simple dress that would be both fitting for dinner and for going out to a bar later on. Make up wasn’t her strong suit, so she kept that to a minimum and kept her long hair in her natural waves. A few minutes after she finished getting ready Reg arrived, exactly on time.

Dinner was fun, having both her dad and Reg there made the usually shy girl talk more than normally, proud smile on her face as she explained to her father what her new job entailed exactly. 

Mary hugged her father goodbye, leaving the apartment with Reg shortly after. “Are we going to a muggle bar or a wizarding one?”

Remember when at Comic-Con, Marie said that Lincoln was going to wear a certain item that Octavia wouldn’t approve of? And that they were going to be at odds and that she was going to have to remind him where he came from?… Well, at first, I thought the item would be clothing, like maybe he was dressing like a Sky Person and that it bothered her, but that doesn’t make sense because he already dressed like an Arker in 2x09 and it was fine. So, recently, I was looking at some BTS photos from season 3 and came across this:

Look at Ricky.

Is that a leg holster? Lincoln is going to be shooting guns?

I think that was the item Marie was talking about. Now it makes sense!

What's A King Without His Queen? Chapter 13: Pre-Wedding Glow

PLOT: *Sequel to Blissful Desires* Klaus Mikaelson finds himself in another traumatizing situation when his daughter’s life is at risk due to Dahlia’s threatening hunger for power. With Hayley slowly breaking the cold walls around his heart, how will Klaus manage to protect his Queen and his Princess from the threat, as Elijah puts Camille in danger, following his Red Door nightmares?

Chapter 13, Pre-Wedding Glow: Klaus and Elijah discuss the wedding plans, and the reasons why Klaus agreed to have it at the compound. Hayley shares a pre-wedding moment with Mary and Eve in the bayou, thinking about her kiss with Klaus at the ball. Kol comes up with a proposition for Davina, in order for him to accept a serious relationship with her. After a fight between Mikael and his wife, he ends up in the bayou to have a talk with Hayley. Before the wedding, Hayley makes a last minute confession to Rebekah, surprised when Klaus shows up to see her. Finally, the ceremony does not go as expected, as Klaus learns some interesting request from Marcel.

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sorry for the questions, but i'm curious. do you know german or do you use a website to translate? also, when do you headcanon link to switch to german? only when he's angry / exasperated, or on other occasions, too? additionally, does he speak german with miranda and marie for example? or do they stick to english due to the people around them?

Fun fact about me. I used to know it.
But Now I use Goggle for it. Though if anyone is really German and wants to re teach me it would be great.
I have him switch to German when he is angry. Just because he’s been so used to speaking English for so long. So, Having it once in a while helps? I think. 
And for the people around him. Link barely talks to anyone as is. so if he was able to speak to anyone in German it would be a shock. He would just stick to English or mutter some things when he is mad at Allen. BUT if someone talks to him in German he’ll know. So Um. Yeah? 


Ok so this is Lewis, my favourite little man in the world. He has hemiplegia which is a form of cerebral palsy and affects him down his left side. Little things that we take for granted like clapping, moving and communicating can sometimes be really hard for him, but he is such a happy little boy with a cracking personality. In a little over two weeks his Mum is jumping out of a plane to raise money for Hemichat, an organisation that allows families and children affected by Hemiplegia to get together and talk about their experiences. This is really important to me so if you want to donate her Just Giving page is here https://www.justgiving.com/Marie-Baines1/ or if you can’t afford to donate just please reblog this to give someone who can donate the chance to. Thank you so much for reading!

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Different anon here. Maybe Mary Sues and Gary Stus should be judged more for whether they suck out the story's quality or ultimately don't develop? Trunks may have all those traits, but he is an interesting character in itself *and* in his role. Contrast Omega Shenron [from Ultimate Tenkaichi] who forces you to fight him twice and the first fight doesn't count. Even in GT he wasn't so bad [yes, awful, but not THAT bad].

I actually looked it up, because I wanted to be sure I knew what I was talking about if we’re going to get into this.

“Mary Sue” originated in the Star Trek fandom when a lot of fanfic authors kept writing stories about teenage prodigies who breezed through Starfleet Academy and got assigned to the Enterprise. They would have absurd numbers of skills and talents, win over the entire crew, and form deep, lasting friendships with the main cast. The term comes from a character created in a parody of this sort of story.

Basically, a Mary Sue represents a wish-fulfillment proxy for the author. This is not the same as a self-insertion, i.e. the author falls into a time portal and lands on the bridge of the Enterprise. I think the idea of a Mary Sue is to have the author invent a custom character who can say and do the things they’d most want to see done with the cast of the source material.

But this is sort of an egotistical road to go down, and it also demands some contrivances to make it work. I’m assuming it was always a teenage character in the Trek fics because the authors were teenagers themselves. The genius intellect was just a way to explain how anyone that young could become an officer. The multiple talents were a way to justify getting so much attention from the senior staff so early into their tour of duty.

To use DBZ as an example, if I wanted to create a character who could quickly enter Goku’s circle of friends, I’d almost have to make that character very, very strong, because that’s the simplest way to get Goku’s attention. Alternately, I could make that character a cook, but Goku’s never been a picky eater. It’d have to be a cook whose meals are so delicious that Goku forswears all other nourishment. And so you see how easy it is to cross into hyperbole.

Now to be fair, the fans who create Mary Sues are typically inexperienced writers. They’re trying to invent a compelling fantasy scenario in order to enjoy the experience of writing about it. But the flipside is that their audience is more interested in the source material. If I’m reading a Star Trek story, I want to see Jim Kirk, not some brand new character I’ve never heard of acting like she’s always been there. The trick to creating an OC is to respect the audience’s unfamiliarity with the OC. You have to introduce the OC in a natural and unforced way, and make sure the main cast is properly respected as well, because they’re the main draw of your fic.

Trunks doesn’t fit into any of this because he’s as much a canon character as anyone else in Dragon Ball. He has a wish-fulfillment aspect to him, but so does Goku. In the strictest sense, I don’t know that it’s possible for the original author to insert a Mary Sue in his own work.

I think this is where the idea of a Mary Sue trope ran off the rails. People are so in love with terminology that they want to apply it to everything. Omega Shenron isn’t a Mary Sue, he’s just a shitty villain. Just because a character sucks doesn’t mean it’s automatically a Mary Sue. I would futher suggest that it’s possible for someone to write a Mary Sue that *doesn’t* suck. The criticism would still be valid, but the character might still be enjoyable in spite of it.

But how is Omega supposed to be a Mary Sue? Because of the way he’s used in videogames? The only reason you have to fight a guy twice in a game is because they didn’t have time to design enough final boss characters. That’s bad game design, not bad writing.

It’s not like Omega *intrudes* upon any story he’s in. He’s a plot twist more than anything else. The Dragon Balls were used for good, but then suddenly they spawn an evil monster! The only wish fulfillment aspect of Omega was Toei’s wish to churn out a final antagonist for Dragon Ball GT. No one loves or admires Omega Shenron. His only skills or talents involve the combined powers of the Shadow Dragons whose powers he absorbed, and they all sucked. He’s incredibly strong, but that’s kind of how bad guys work in this franchise.

As a character, he leaves much to be desired, but he’s not a Mary Sue by any stretch of the imagination. If you dislike something, call it out for what it is. Omega is insipid, formulaic, and inconsistent, but he’s not a Mary Sue.