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RE: discussions: Since Victor is basically alone with no one but his dog, he is soooooo vulnerable to being attacked or mistreated in any way. Like, even minor arguments between him and Yuuri. Who is he going to talk to about his problems? Yuri is too young, Yakov is too strict, Makkachin is a dog... I mean, Chris is the only real option, but Chris doesn't get his feelings; he wanted to get Victor back on the ice and stop being Yuuri's coach. *part 1

Part 2: I could really see Victor ending up mistreating himself in trying to please Yuuri, and Yuuri not even finding out at first because he’s too fucking good of an actor. He already does a lot of things for Yuuri that he could do himself. Tying shoes, buying him stuff, trying to be anything Yuuri wants, literally giving up on everything in his life and then get back to the ice + coaching because Yuuri wants him to skate.

Part 3. So, how’s anyone seriously considering that Victor wouldn’t do the dishes for Yuuri. It’s like they completely forget that he’s loaded as fuck, so dishwasher + maid. But even if he wasn’t, he ties Yuuri’s shoes. You bet he would do the dishes ffs. But I digress. The point is that I wish everyone would show Vitya more support, pls protect my son. I’m very passionate. Tl;dr think Vitya considers himself lower than Yuuri as Yuuri does to Victor…

… then of course they figure it out, Vic finds a support system and maybe some therapy, they accept each other for who they are, flaws and all, they get married, adopt kids and more dogs, then they skated happily ever after, after Yuuri won 5 consecutive world championships. AND ALL WAS GOOD AND THEY GOT THROUGH EVERY OBSTACLE IN LIFE TOGETHER AND DIED PEACEFULLY THE SAME NIGHT, IN THEIR BED AT AGE 150 AND 154, K BYE ILY AND YOUR METAS, BLESS.

(Sorry for ramblings, I have a lot of thoughts and feels and you write metas, so I thought maybe the thoughts and feels would interest you. Sorry if it was too much, but I can’t un-send the asks. Anyway. I love ur metas they’re neat. I hope you get good grades for your homework!!)

YES. I think that Yuuri and Victor, really at the beginning of the series, have trouble seeing each other outside their own fantasies. Victor’s idea of Yuuri was the sexually active, confident, entrancing individual he encountered at the banquet. He knew Yuuri would be different sober, but he didn’t realize to what extent. Victor kept trying to get that Yuuri back (all the flirting/propositions, kind of assigning him Eros, etc), until he realized that Yuuri, like any other person, is multi-faceted. Same goes to Victor. Yuuri saw him as this untouchable god for so long that it was hard to see Victor as a flawed human being. They have their slips, but they’re getting there. 

“I could really see Victor ending up mistreating himself in trying to please Yuuri” AWESOME way of putting it! Victor totally dotes on Yuuri in such a way that suggests he’s trying to be everything Yuuri could ever want. I mean, we’ve talked about the beach scene, but I think it’s worth mentioning again. 

By offering all these options as to what Yuuri wants him to be, Victor isn’t being honest with his feelings. He’s protecting himself while also gauging how Yuuri feels about him. Victor is willing to take up any act to just be by Yuuri’s side. This poor bby is so lovesick and has no sense of self-worth. 

Although, I think that when Victor returns to skating, he’s at a point in his life where he’s ready to come back. Yeah, I think he partially does it because Yuuri wants him to, but Victor seems already have an interest in taking back his title. Yuuri and Yuri are challengers, and Victor wants to step up to that challenge. This year with Yuuri has given Victor the time he needed to start healing. It’s been beneficial to his mental–and subsequently, physical–health. But I do think that Victor is staying on as Yuuri’s coach half because he really wants to, but also half because it was Yuuri’s request. Victor’s got his work cut out for him next season, honestly. 

About the Dishcourse™, I think that’s a running joke that people starting blowing out of proportion. But yeah, Victor dotes on Yuuri hand and foot (lol) so dishcourse jokes may be a bit ooc, but it just got outta hand. That’s what jokes are, you know? Exaggerations. Everybody chill pls. 

(final note: never apologize for rambling to me, I love discussion. And thank you, I’m working hard! (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و ) 

Josh will be back, right?

Check out @Arrow_1993’s Tweet.

@almondblossomme I saw your spec. You always think of the best stuff. But I really do think Simon Morrison is dead. But maybe the real Adrian Chase isn’t. I don’t know how Prommy can still be alive since Oliver watched him kill himself (I know, it’s Arrow, I know). But he can have a twin whose name really is Adrian Chase who really is Vigilante…? I don’t know. At this point, I just want Josh back in some fashion. The convos he is having with fans seems to indicate it’s a real possibility, which is exciting. He is such a good actor and brought out the best in SA. Crossing my fingers!

Listen………. I’ve been laughing at this for 10 minutes now, okay? That time Merlin straight up murdered someone for dramatic effect. The guy wasn’t even in his way! He’s just a maniac. Running around throwing people off archways… #averagemonday 

The funniest thing is everyone around him just acts casually like this is an everyday event. there’s a pileup of bodies in the courtyard.  

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Personally, I think no one, not even Yakov, Yuri or Chris understood how depressed Vitenka is. I think they read it as him being without inspiration for choreography, which is bad, but I think it still sticks much deeper than that. I don't think being with Yuuri "fixed it" either. In the later episodes he still sometimes has this... melancholic expression. He's a good actor. Yuuri picks it up sometimes, but not all the time. I think not even the closest to him really understand. ;-;

Yes!! I feel the exact same way!!!

‘man she’s been different since you left.’ he said putting out his cigarette on the wall.
'what do you mean different ?’ he asked, he looked concerned-but after all he was a damn good actor.
'well, she’s been more confident. she’s started wearing clothes that hug her curves in just the right ways. it’s almost as if she’s fearless, she talks in class now. she’s always been like, super smart but like no one really knew -she was always so damn quiet. she’s been going out a lot. I think she’s a bit reckless as well. getting drunk on the weekends, kissing boys she doesn’t care about. she punches shit, her right hand is almost always bruised. I think it’s a wall she put up, so nothing like—this ever happens again. actually she almost told me herself.. she uh. she said she was proving to herself that she could actually live with herself. but god she’s fierce, like more than before. it’s like she’s Selina Kyle, a lone girl who’s smile would get away with murder. she’s also colder, she doesn’t get her hopes up anymore, says it’s pointless, that she’s the only one who will stay. that she picked up the pieces and became her own hero. what I’m getting at here… is how in the hell could you let someone like that go?’
—  be like catwoman (a.j.)
Actor!AU Headcanons

I mentioned in the tags of this post that I had an actor!AU for ffxv… and I wish to share my headcanons with you.

  • Ardyn is nothing like the character he portrays. He’s a really good actor, the rest of the cast really likes him because he’s actually a really cool guy when he’s not The Accursed.
  • @oceanicchimera yes, King!Noctis and Ardyn do dance sometimes off-set. But it’s more along the lines of the dance competition from Guardians of the Galaxy because they’re both dorks who can’t dance.
  • Ravus is the one who messes up his lines the most, with Noctis at a close second. 
  • See, Ravus is also nothing like the character he portrays. Ravus is really chill. Ravus really hates wearing that singular colored contact. Makes his eye itch.
  • Ravus and Luna are still related, but they’re cousins instead of brother and sister. (Gladio and Iris are still bro and sis)
  • Ignis is the biggest prankster on set. As in, Prompto walked into his trailer at one point and it was just completely filled with balloons. There must have been a hundred of them. He’s very exasperated.
  • Gladio’s tattoo is just stage makeup, but after the movie he considers getting the tattoo for real. It’s badass.
  • Ignis: “What do you mean I go blind offscreen?”
  • King!Noct always trips over something because the shoes on his outfit have no traction whatsoever.
  • Everyone on set jokingly calls the movie “Bachelor Party Gone Wrong”
  • The cup noodle thing with Gladio was a complete accident. There was a scene where he was asked what his favorite food is, and instead of saying something along the lines of “a hearty steak, medium well,” he forgot and said “a hearty bowl of cup noodles, boiled to perfection, with the absolute best ingredients” and everyone else stayed in character for the scene. It was so hilarious that the producers decided to leave it in. Edits to the script were made. 
  • ^^The stage direction “angrily eat cup noodles” was created from this. 
  • Noctis had a lot of trouble during the Leviathan fight because something was always wrong with the robotic rig and it would randomly lock up and stop. There’s one take in particular that’s going very well until Noctis abruptly gets out of shot. The camera moves back to him hanging there, slowly zooming in on the betrayed look on his face.
  • Whenever Prompto messes up his lines, he either continues in whatever tone he was carrying while saying increasingly hilarious things or slaps a hand to his forehead and lets out a very soft scream (anguished noise)
  • Ignis, right before Noctis comes on set for the reunion scene: “Ten years ago I lost my dear friend Noctis” / “Quit telling everyone I’m dead!” / “Sometimes I can still hear his voice.”
  • Gladio was swinging his sword for a fight scene, but he swung it too hard and it literally just snapped in half. He stopped for a second, then turned and looked directly at the camera, mouthing the words “I’m so sorry”
  • Prompto goes “pew pew” and “bang bang” whenever he shoots his gun (like Harrison Ford and Han Solo)
  • Regis reads the script and he’s like, “Oh… I die… what…. what a surprise………” (Regis is like the Sean Bean of our world, his character always dies)
  • The bros are exactly like their real-life VAs on social media. They answer all kinds of questions and it’s great.
  • Ravus has a tumblr account, but there’s only one post, and it’s this one. There are no tags. The title of the blog is, simply, “Sycophancy.” (He was very amused with Ardyn’s line.) There’s no description. His url is akin to those of the bots that wander the site. He follows several blogs, but does not interact with any posts. No likes, no reblogs. He’s the fandom phantom.
  • Ardyn is like the Sebastian Stan in the social media. He provides the fandom with his own sad headcanons about his character like Seb does with Bucky. (Except Ardyn is very avid on the fact that he is the villain)
  • Sometimes the cast will get together post-movie premiere and do dramatic readings of fanfiction they found
All the broken hearts in the world still beat

Summary: Stiles totally needs to make Lydia Martin jealous. Yeah. And his best chance is to convince star lacrosse player Derek Hale to (fake) date him.

Notes: Just a silly high school AU! (On AO3)

Even though he was expecting the answer, it still hurts. He guesses that somewhere, deep down, he was still holding on to hope. But it hadn’t even been Lydia’s zero-hesitation no that had really been painful. It was what she’d said next.

“You’re just not desirable at all. If you can’t get anybody else in this school, what makes you think you can get me?” she’d said, flipping her hair over her shoulder. “And I have a boyfriend, anyway.”

Then she’d walked away, leaving Stiles staring after her, feeling like he’d been stepped on. But little did she know: adversity just made him more determined. He was going to prove her wrong.

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endless list of people + characters i adore (6/??) - lee jong suk 

“I don’t think about ‘how’. I just act. It would be nice to do work that’s always a great hit but that wouldn’t help me at all”.

Analysis of Romeo Jimin (Season’s Greeting 2016)

Okay, so I know 2015 was a long time ago. However, for me it’s the year when JiKook somehow sorted things out, or at least admitted the amount of feels they have for each other (like, you know, after Jimin fainted in Japan and we saw how scared and hurt Jungkook was.) Anyway I was binge-watching BTS videos and I came across this. (If someone talked about it before, sorry for being repetitive -.-)

So. Everyone knows about JiKook moments from Seasons Greeting, like Jimin claiming that “the concept for today is to match with Jungkook” and that “we’re a couple”; also how cute Jungkook thinks Jimin’s toes are, even this Romeo and Juliet thing I’m gonna talk about.

Jimin’s concept is someone who lost his love/waits for the love who never comes - just like Romeo. However Jimin is struggling with this concept a little (also because he’s not a good actor, at least he claims so…)

He rants about how love is not for everyone in devilishly good mood… Rly Jimin? Anyway then he prepares for the shoot. He explains that in his mind, he changed the concept.

His lover is not separated from him. They just play hide and seek.

…seems familiar? Like, idk, hide-and-seeking with Jungkook all those years? Both from one another and the world. Anyway here comes my favourite thing about this:

He looks straight TOWARDS JUNGKOOK WHO’S THERE. Also… let’s  just consider the fact that Jimin thinks he’s not a good actor, so he CAN’T imagine being a Romeo because he never lost someone. YET he can easily imagine his hide-n-seek with Juliet. Like… ???

These last words killed me. Seriously. A little too specific investment in the concept that originally was “waiting for lover that never comes”. Jimin made it in “hiding his feelings while playing hide and seek”. All while looking at Jungkook as he was saying this, then he threw himself onto the bed and laughed.
Ok, someone says that wtf is this, JK maybe wasn’t even there? He was.

(Ok, maybe Jimin is dating RapMon, both of them are there.) (Hahahahaha, no.)

Then we also have the well-known cute moment of:

Both of them whipped much? No?
Finally, they end it in a “joking” way.

…like it was just a fun. But if you look at Jimin and the way he explained the hide’n’seek, and the fact he just made himself new concept he could relate to… just… no joke in that. This just made me a bigger fan of the 2015. K, bye.

Title: Newlyweds
Pairing: Cassian Andor x Reader
Genre: Fluff, some angst
Warnings: Some nudity
A/N: Inspire by The Coat™ tbh. That’s the only excuse I have for this nonsense. I regret nothing

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“Remind me why we couldn’t just stay in the ship?” you asked, pulling your coat tighter around your body. Dark clouds loomed above, threatening to dump a blanket of snow right on top of you at any second.

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BTS REACTION: Their best friend suddenly grabbing his arm and pretending he's her boyfriend to make a guy stop flirting with her

Jungkook: He would be a good actor, immediately holding you and telling this guy to back off, trying his best to look scary.

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Namjoon: Namjoon made a badass pose, staring at the boy with a intimidating look. If that guy still bothering you, he will talk to him.

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Jin: He’ll be shy at first but will try to kiss your cheek or hug you from time to time just to prove the guy that he is your boyfriend, even if he is not.

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Suga: The most aggressive. Not into a fighting way, but with the look in his eyes. With his arm around your shoulder, Suga will stare the guy using his neutral face and killer eyes, making him go away. “Now, you owe me”, Suga whispers to you.

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J-Hope: At first, he doesn’t understand anything. He smiles at you and wait for an explanation. When you start calling him boyfriend, Hoseok keeps smiling but with a confused expression. When he finally notices the guy, he starts calling you “jagi” and holds your hand.

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V: Like a lovely fake boyfriend, V will hug you at the same time and kiss your cheek. When the guy goes away, he says “skinship … people always get embarrassed by it.”

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Jimin: Will ask you if everything is ok. When you tell him that a guy is flirting with you and you want Jimin to be your fake boyfriend for a moment, then he will hold your hand and, with a pretty little smile on his face, will pretend that he is your boyfriend until you get out from the party.

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