As we’re talking Fiennes mentions that he often gets mistaken for good friend, Liam Neeson. Having interviewed both actors, I don’t see much similarity beyond their good cheekbones and piercing blue eyes: Neeson is huge, sits with his legs wide apart and oozes testosterone; Fiennes is thin, hunches over his knees and exudes an almost ascetic intellectual intensity. “Well Liam’s theory is that we have similar profiles. I don’t mind really. But what did bug me is that he told an interviewer we did yoga together and got that story started. Now people assume we are yoga buddies.”

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How do you feel about an actor/actress taking a role that is of a character who is non-white? I saw a post that was saying how they lost respect over an actor because he 'disrespects' culture by taking a role that was originally a character of different race. I'm not white... And I don't really care who plays what unless its a HUGE change. What do you think? Is it more of the fault of the casting directors? Sorry, I'm not good at wording things.

I think we need to pick one idea. When a non white actor plays a white character people argue you should “choose the best actor” (it happens in theater quite alot) but when it’s the opposite, it’s racist. Personally, unless you’re portraying a real person, I think you should pick the best actor, but that’s just me. either way, we need to pick one.

-the Polish one

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I think the biggest part of the interview is how detached the boys were as soon as it came up. Like harry said hes always liked kids but remained silent and the other two look like they wanted to be anywhere else. Thoughts?

iT IS SO FAKE the boys have never been good actors i s2g

Sorry for venting…..but for once I’m venting instead of bottling everything up and being afraid to analyize a shitty relationship. Making up for whole year lol So thankful to have a friend who GETS IT. Other than my ramblings here, I save shit talk for her. WITH POPCORN AND DRINKS xD

I’d focus so much on the “good things” because I was so afraid to think he wasn’t who I thought he was. He seemed awesome in high school band and church…but… People change I guess…..and/or are good actors. I would lie by omission when talking to some of y'all. I knew deep down my friends would verify how crappy everything was……I fucking convinced myself it was all good tho. I feel so bad for this. I’m sorry ;w;

You add in the whole, “I’m p sure I’m straight up gay but I don’t want to face it so I’m gonna cling to him I don’t care I mean I love him right soo I’m totally Bi….even tho I’ve only been attracted to him….maybe…” shit and ugh. Still processing this btw

I prayed about it. What do I do about him? About me? Etc. I got my answer. I have a friend who’s shown me how busy isn’t always an excuse. Not when it keeps happening. She makes time for me. He could have…but he didn’t. God’s like “No honey not this jerk. Trust me. I got the girl just for you just wait”. xD;;;

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Is it wrong that I'm taking Paul Lee's declining to comment on Castle's future as a potential sign that S8 is the end? I, like you, think that this season will be the last, but I'd mostly love it if cast and crew also knew that it was the last, and could structure it accordingly.

Yep. Because it’s far too early for anyone to know anything. Season eight hasn’t premiered yet and, even if the actors want to continue, the network doesn’t have a clue if its going to maintain a profit and, therefore, be a cost effective decision to make a season nine. Going on record and saying there will be one is a good way for Paul Lee to shoot himself in the foot if, a few months from now, the ratings don’t hold or the actors decide they don’t want to talk about going forward with a season nine. 

He’s toeing a line in being noncommittal, and I honestly don’t blame him. This fanbase is intense at the best of times; so you can imagine how they’d throw that back in his face if things didn’t work out, nevermind the plethora of reasons why. 

I do still think season eight will be it for the show, which is just my own personal assumption and not based on all that much, but there’s really no way for anyone working on the show or the network to know that with any sort of certainty. If they had began production on season eight and knew it would be the last, they’d definitely have announced it as such because that’s its own sort of marketing ploy and a good way to generate a little more interest from casual viewers or people who maybe used to watch the show but have stopped. 

The most likely scenario is that somewhere along the winter hiatus you’ll get an official announcement if the show is going to end in May. That’s about the time they’ll float a discussion towards Nathan and Stana if the network is interested in continuing with the show. And, if the actors aren’t interested, you’d know where things stand. ABC has no reason not to announce it once they know because, honestly, you’d get more out of milking the remaining episodes as the final ones than sitting on the information and telling people after the fact.

Dinklebot is Dead – Nolan North Takes Over as Destiny’s Ghost

In the oddest bit of news to ever come out of Bungie’s co-op space-gun opera, the role of your floating AI companion Ghost, voiced by Game of Throne’s Peter Dinklage since the game’s launch last year, has been recast.

Criticisms of Dinklage’s half-awake delivery date all the way back to Destiny’s Alpha. The (usually very good) actor puts as much emotion into the role as a 60-year-old high school teacher puts into roll call. His Ben Stein impression can be heard across every single on-disc mission. It wasn’t much of a surprise that Bungie deliberately forgot to write any dialogue for the Dinkster in either of the game’s expansions.

But Ghost is back for September’s massive expansion, The Taken King, but this time he’ll have the pipes of Mr. Nolan North (Uncharted, Assassin’s Creed) to voice him to life. North was initially brought in to lay vocals down for only the third expansion, but Bungie fell in love with the veteran’s performance, going as far as to re-record every line with him.

“They really wanted me to put my stamp on it. They let me bring what I wanted to the role,” North said to Game Informer. “You have to give it your own spin.” North isn’t kidding when he says he aims to make the character his own. The actor refused to hear anything his predecessor had already recorded to avoid affecting his take on Ghost.

And Nolan apparently hopes to take ownership over the character for a long time to come. “I’m hoping we’re doing this for years. If I get a chance to continue with the role, I think we can evolve Ghost as we move forward over the years. In the same way that the player learns about the game and the world, maybe the Ghost grows with them.”

Maybe, Nolanbot. Maybe.

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#13 co-stars au Dick/Dami please *hugs*

“Please-” Damian’s eyes were glazed over with the threat of tears. Dick was resting in his arms - except it wasn’t Dick, he reminded himself, the character’s name was Marcus - and his head was tilted at an angle, lips parted and painted with fake blood.

The man was a damn good actor. His eyes almost looked lifeless, but there was a sparkle of hope that had Damian’s heart racing as he cupped the side of his boyfriend’s face. He leaned in slow, eyes drifting shut before their lips brushed together. He let Dick’s breath fan across his lips before he was leaning in for another kiss, this one lingering long enough for the fake blood to stain his own face.

“I love you, Marcus-” Damian shuddered, forcing the tears to roll as he pulled Dick against his chest.

“Cut!” The director’s voice cut through him, making his tears stop and his entire demeanor change. Life seemed to be breathed back into Dick as the set came to life, the sounds of the crew filling the air.

Damian smiled as he looked down at Dick. “Hey, beautiful. You did good,” the man murmured, lifting a hand and wiping the fake blood from Damian’s lips.

“Of course I did. I’m aiming for an award,” Damian teased.

Drew Sam from the Seduce me Otome game! Its a wonderfully made game filled with wonderful voice actors, and a lovely plot! It does contain several triggers and sexual content is hinted at as well. This character is Sam, he’s supposedly the canon plot line (I’m not too sure on it.) He is the best, in my opinion. He is voiced by alejandrosaabva and did a play through of the route himself. It is hilarious and I recommend watching it! You can Get Seduce Me on Steam for free! And there will be a second game Mainly continuing the story of the protagonist. But Anyway Fanart! 

My goodness i need to fix the shading a bit.. then again.. meehhhh

Vulcan Lyric/Summer Festival


The unprofessional and ignorant anchors of Fox News never cease to amaze me. This aired yesterday in the Philadelphia area advertising the regional premier of Heathers: The Musical, and while the two young actors sang, the anchors of the Good Day segment Alex Holley and Mike Jerrick added rude, distracting, childish, and racist commentary. 

Fast forward to 2:22 where the male anchor calls the Italian female actor “spray tanned,” states that he hopes they kiss so “this gets better,” and both anchors start yelling about the actors getting close to each other to kiss then laugh through the rest of the segment.


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This is the first time I ever noticed any of this Cast Of Legends stuff (Due to that angry sounding Anon [chill!]), and I have an idea for Olaf's actor: He is originally from Norway, and barely speaks English (which is why he grunts instead of proper dialogue alot), but he is a damned good actor and has even made some of the more timid actors break into tears during action scenes due to how convincing he is, which immediately makes him start freaking out, crying, and trying to calm them down.

((OHHHH NOOOOOOOOOOOOO All the poor babies that got the poo scared out of them.))

millin21 replied to your photosetAlrighty, Mikey gets into the pizza shop bu acting…

Someone had said that the voice of Pizza Face was Ciros dad, who owned a pizza place when he was a kid/teen. (I think it was either you or lilithemarie who mentioned this.)

He wan’t voiced by Ciro’s dad, the voice was done by professional voice actor John DiMaggio. But Antonio is named after and based on Ciro’s father who owned a pizzeria named Antonio’s and he himself has said this. It’s why Pizza Boy s based on/voiced by Ciro himself, it’s him as a teenager. In other words, Ciro allowed the writers to mutate the expy of his dad, SUCH A GOOD SON, RIGHT?!