Just walking around san diego and mike the 2nd guatiarist for X saw my vest with Los Angeles patch on the back so he stopped me and asked if I was going to the X show and I said well duh, so he put me and my pops on the guest list, so we leave to get a sandwich and Exene is walking up towards us I panicked and didn’t say anything luckily my dad did! At the end of the night I was backstage having a beer with everyone and taking pictures…um my life is complete. I had to share this story I’m still shaking!

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I was wondering how Rowena could over power Castiel... it would've been understandable if Castiel was still living on a borrowed grace. But no. He has the broken wings but he is an angel. I don't know but it seemed the writers have forgotten that the angel was millenia old and even older than a witch. i dont know. Maybe im just so frustrated that Castiel might have killed Crowley. :/ Castiel seemed to be portrayed weak and helpless recently. I want the bAdass angel back! Don't you?

tbh the current writers have no idea what the fuck to do with cas and it pisses me off 

I will admit that there is a kind of narrative problem when you have an all powerful angel that could literally solve all of the problems the winchesters have at the drop of a hat (hey cas couldve resurrected all those dead friends of yours just sayin) but it really irritates me that the writers aren’t explaining the inconsistencies. perhaps theyre trying to set rowena up as the big bad for next season and having that codex makes her extremely powerful or w/e but…i dont know. seems fishy.

and i miss s4 and s5 cas so much you have no idea. bring back ben edlund and protect our precious angel

Daisies (Cas imagine)

(REQUEST: Cas meets the reader and is clumsy and all around adorable)

Dean had finally agreed to let me move into the bunker with him and the others. I have known the Winchesters for a few years now , their father john knew my father , they were hunting pals. Dean and Sam ran into my while they were moving into the bunker after a demon hunt that left my house in flames dean finally agreed to let me live with them and their angel friend. I finally got settled into the bunker when i heard a loud thump and a gasp, I turned around seeing a man with shaggy black hair and a trench coat. He stood there quite and still like maybe he was a statue.I waved my hand in front of his face but no response.

‘Dean , sam , i think i broke your pal’’

Dean came into the room bursting into laughter.

'Cas snap out of it man , don’t act like you’ve never seen a female before’’

He finally blinked his blue eyes , still staring at me.

“Hello im castiel an angel of the lord”

“ Whoa cas since when are you so formal?”

He didn’t answer he gave me a quick nod and exited the room. I’ll admit he was handsome as hell , with his ocean blue eyes and jet black hair, he truly had the looks of an angel. I went into the library were sam sat reading his book. I picked up the first book i saw which happened to be alice  in wonderland one of my person favorites.

“Do you ever think we will chase a white rabbit?”

Sam peeked his eyes over his book , staring at me trying to see if i was for real or not. Dean and Cas walked into the room , when cas rammed into the tabled causing sam water to fall to the floor.

'Damn it cas’’

“My apologies sam”

“Its cool man just watch out”

Sam went into the kitchen to grab a new water while dean , cas and i continued to try to figure out why the demons were nesting here in huge clusters. Dean must of noticed my book when he sat down.

“So did alice or the Cheshire cat explain the demons?”

“No but they taught me if you drink whiskey from a tea cup you can call it a mad tea party”

“Oh nice , anything else”

“Yea and how to not eat a mushroom”

Dean laughed at my answers , But cas just stared blankly at me like i was speaking a different language.

“Whats wrong cas?”

“I simply dont understand the book, talking cats ?, whiskey tea parties?”

“Its called alice in wonderland , its about a young girl who travels to a strange world and everything is nonsense , what should be it isnt and was it isnt it is , if that makes sense”

Cas simply stared at me blank once again. I shrugged it off and continued reading. The next few days i could help but notice that cas had gotten his own copy of alice  in wonderland and was buried deep into it. He finished around noon , must have some kind of angel reading speed anyway i was sitting on the couch flipping past channels and such when cas appeared out of nowhere with a single daisy. He stuck his arm out to me handing me the daisy , there must of been more cause once he realized he only handed me one , his whole face went red and he went to walk away but tripped over his own foot hitting the ground with a thud.

'You okay?“

I jumped up running over to cas who now laid there not moving on the floor. when my hand hit his back *POOF* he was gone like magic. I looked around the room but no one was here except me. The next day i came down stairs to a shit load of daisy’s just everywhere , on the floor and in vases everywhere. I had no idea why daisies but thats what was in front of me at the moment. After my coffee i sat on the couch weaving flower crowns and placing them everywhere.I turned to grab more flowers when my hand hit cas’s knee.

'Oh hey cas”

I smiled at him causing his cheeks to go red and his speech started to stutter.
“Hello y\n”

“So tell me cas , do you know anything about the daisy infestation?”

He looked around the room so innocent’’

“No clue”

“Really so dean or sam went and picked every single one of these?”

I placed a flower crown on top of is head.

'I now name you flower child’’

He smiled and grabbed the crown next to him , placing it on my head.

“And i name you beautiful”

I felt my cheeks go red , no one had ever been this adorable to me.

“You know cas being surround by all the flowers makes me feel like im in a world of my own”

'I would take you to wonderland if i could y\n , i would do anything for you’’

It was like he just bit his tongue extremely hard , His eyes got wide , his face went flush and with a blink of an eyes he was gone and i was alone once again. The next few days anytime cas appeared he would bumping into something , hit his head or knock something onto the floor. I leaned over to dean when we sat on the couch and cas appeared hitting his head of the door frame and leaving before we could ask him anything.

“So dean i thought angels were like graceful”

“I thought so too.”

“Then explain why cas is a human caution sign”

Dean just shrugged his shoulders , but it was bugging me , i mean i thought angels were majestic and graceful but cas was like a wrecking ball, knocking drinks , books and even people when he appeared. Finally i caught him when he appeared and asked if we could talk.

“Cas we need to talk , why have you been so clumsy lastly?”

“I dont know what you’re talking about y/n”

“Yes you do cas , or you just hit your head to many times today.”

He rested his hand on the back of his neck , which clearly was a trait he picked up from dean.

“You can tell me cas”

He took a deep breath , he leaned in and grabbed my hand.I felt this rush of wind around me the next thing i knew i was in a forest sitting at a huge table that look just like the one from the mad hatters tea party. I sat at one end while cas was at the other.

“Where are we cas?”

“A mad tea party”

He stood up waking over to me right before he could speak , he tripped over a chair leg causing himself to spill tea all over the table and himself. He stayed sitting on the ground his head hanging low. Looking on the table i noticed the flower crowns i made , grabbing them i sat across from him placing one on each of our heads.

“Tell me whats wrong my flower child?”

I Smiled at him , he smiled back finally he spoke.

“I…..I….I like you y\n , i have never had this feeling for anyone. You make my wings shudder when your near. I feel a great urge to protect you and to see you smile.  When i saw your face i couldn’t look at anything else causing me to bump and knock into things , making me look like a fool.”

“Why the daisies thou?”

“Because alice in wonderland was your favorite and the daisies reminded me of you , Pure and beautiful but also innocent”

“Im anything but innocent cas , ive killed things and people”

“I know but you never mean to arm those who arnt monsters and that keeps you pure”

His face was bright red now , he poured his heart out to me and i just stared at him , without thinking i grabbed  his collar pulling him close till our lips touched. He caught on quick pushing back opening his mouth just enough to make the kiss passionate. After fighting the urge to breath for so long i realized we were back in the bunker still wearing the flower crowns. Cas helped me off the floor brushing my hair out of my face he leaned in and kissed me once more. He pulled his hand out of his pocket handing me a single daisy. 

We have been together for almost 6 months now and every day i always randomly find single daisies everywhere and by the end of the day the flowers lead me to my flower child , my castiel , my angel

Who says a boy has to have a deep voice? So what if a dude’s voice is in the higher range. There are so many amazing dudes out there with high range voices.

Kellin Quinn

Vic Fuentes

Patrick Stump can get into that high range

Brendon as well

Heck even Gerard

But then there’s Andy

Anyway, if a dude has a high voice, so what. He’s still a dude.
If I have a high voice, don’t automatically assume I’m female. If I identify as a male, I am a male. People need to stop stereotyping things.
Now excuse me while I go enjoy the angelic sounds of perfectly amazing higher ranged voices. Also Andy.

“Do you ever regret it, Cas? Saving me, I mean…”

Dean chances a look at Castiel who’s on the other side of the bed. Their bed. The former angel is engrossed in a book, reading a few pages like he usually does before they either go to sleep or move on to other activities. Cas doesn’t look up from said book as he answers Dean.

“Which time?” He deadpans.

Dean groans; some things would never change, and secretly, he is thankful that human Cas is still the same Castiel he knows and, dare he use the word, loves. He scoots closer to Cas, longing for some physical contact, resting his head against Cas’ shoulder and breathing in his clean scent.

“Aren’t you hilarious.” Dean grumbles indignantly, glaring up at Castiel who still isn’t looking at him, blue eyes darting across the pages of the book. “But yeah… I meant all of them.”

Castiel laughs, the sound quiet yet incredulous. He puts the book down before draping his arm around Dean’s shoulder and pulling him in. He presses a light kiss to the top of Dean’s head before whispering into Dean’s hair.

“I’m not sure how this is even a question, but no, I don’t regret saving you, Dean.”

Two arms wrap themselves tightly around Dean, and Dean inhales deeply, Cas’ answer allowing him to breathe again. He nuzzles Castiel’s neck as he mockingly repeats Cas’ words. “Which time?”

Dean can’t see Cas’ face while in this position, but he knows Cas well enough to know that the fallen angel is smiling when he answers.

“All of them.”

What kills me here is that Cas so obviously ISN’T pleading for his life. The angel who risked EVERYTHING for one human, who turned his back on his own brothers and sisters, knowing perfectly well he would be hunted for it, and possibly killed, pleading to the one person he loves the most for his life? No, I can’t even begin to describe how out of character that would be.

No, he’s pleading for Dean. For Dean not to go on down this path, not to become the monster he would hate to be. It’s not too late, Cas is saying, please realise that even if you kill me, it’s not too late and it’s not your fault.

The even if you kill me, I’ll still love you is so obvious here, it’s in the way Cas doesn’t fight back, not to even to just stop Dean long enough to get somewhere safe, it’s in the way he’s willing to die by the hand of the person he loves, and yet the only thing he cares about is pleading for Dean. Not for himself, but for Dean to know he can still fight it.

It’s not please don’t kill me. 

It’s please don’t let the mark turn you into someone you would not recognize. It’s not too late. I love you.

naruto 700+2 thoughts:

- sasukes still got it

- also needs to stop looking like madara

- boy with the sharingan needs to stop thinking he can beat sasuke

- sarada is a precious angel that needs to be protected from kishimoto

- chouchou is steadily making her way into my favorites

- naruto still hot as ever

- sasuke is that parent who knows shit about technology okay?? let me have this

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I'm curious as to your opinion (and others') about the reason behind the state of Castiel's wings. I had thought, based on how it was presented, that other angels' wings got all singed and bare because of the fall from heaven, since it showed them burning while falling, and in one case, burning wings literally detached from an angel. Plus, the next title card was the bare wings that were still burning/smouldering, ... (1/5)

(2/5)which to me, emphasized that this damage had been caused by the fall, not the spell, as some kind of physical side effect of being kicked out of heaven. But, at the time of the fall, Cas was already human, so he was unaffected by the fall (and insulated from the spell). Then, I could see how, with stolen grace he might have taken on the wings of the angel whose grace he took, or somehow had lesser wings because he wasn’t at full power (which was why he couldn’t fly, even if we …

(3/5) never saw his wings then), but I kind of thought it was a possibility that when he got his own grace back, he’d get his full wings back, since he never had them burned off in the fall. It seemed like a cool possibility that he could be the only angel who still had wings/could fly. I kind of miss the angels (especially Cas) randomly flapping in, or responding whenever Dean prayed. Don’t get me wrong, I love Cas driving too, but still. So is it supposed to be that …

(Four got eaten somewhere!!!!)

(5/5)Also, I’m a few episodes behind (although I generally know what’s going on and don’t mind spoilers), so if this was addressed, don’t mind my rambling! But anyway, I felt like asking someone. So, thoughts? (PS How does the rest of the world coherently fit their headcannons into only 500 characters???)

Wow, first of all, hot damn you put a lot of thought into this. Has it kept you awake at night? Sometimes plot holes will do this to me too. 

The way I saw it, and this is just me brainstorming here, is that Cas is kind of like Gadreel in this way. Remember when Gadreel was occupying Sam and he stood up and his wings were all shot to hell? 

I would even say that Gadreel’s wings looked worse than Castiel’s. 

Never mind, I take that back. Neither one of their wings are looking all that great. 

And it might be your theory (the part that I got, anyway fuck tumblr’s messaging system). It might be when they fell their wings got all jacked up. 


What I think it was was that Gadreel had been in prison for so long and he had grieved for so long, that he had lost so much and he was so alone that his wings were a manifestation of his emotional/mental state. 

And you might be saying to yourself, “Whoa, Melissa. Cas wasn’t locked away forever in some angel prison. Why are his wings just as worse off?” 


Cas is alone. Cas has been alone. Except for seasons four and five (and really I could be persuaded on season 5) the writers have often had Cas alone. We, as a fandom, know this. Yeah, he’s a critical part of Team Free Will, but that doesn’t mean that we get him in there as much as we want him to be. 

So, like, ok. You still with me?

Pre-pulling-Dean-from-Hell, Cas was a Captain of his garrison, which if we are going by human terms can be anywhere between 5,000-5,500 angels strong. Dude, that’s a lot of freaking angels to be in charge of. But he was with his family, his friends, he had a job, a clear mission, a defined position in his life.

Then along comes Dean-freaking-Winchester and Cas “gives up an army” for the guy. 


He gets torn from everything he’s know for all eternity and now… here we are. Going by my guess, if his wings are a manifestation of what he has felt, is still feeling, is it any wonder they are torn and broken?

(As for how everyone gets their head canons in less than 500 characters, it takes practice to break down the most painful parts of what you think is going on. Or the fluffiest parts. Depends on who you are asking.)  

Don’t you realize that I could ask my Father for thousands of angels to protect us, and he would send them out instantly?

Matthew 26:54

These are the words Jesus said when he was being arrested. It still amazes me how He had the power to save Himself, but He choose to save us instead by sacrificing his life.

Also, Cas’ speach to Dean? It is a declaration of love.

Metatron asked Cas what was his mission now. And Cas, truly, chose to stay by Dean’s side no matter what happens.

Even if he has to see him burn the world, he still chooses to stay by his side. Killing Dean is not even a possibility for him.

Come and tell me that the angel Castiel is not in love with Dean Winchester. :)

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I'm still pretty :((( about the episode but the only thing that's getting me by is when Cas said "Because I'm your /friend/" with such emphasis like he was proud he didn't say boyfriend by accident. Just a tidbit I thought I'd share with you.

but what if Cas did yell “Because I’m your boyfriend!”

and Dean’s about to retort or hit him or something but then he just kind of stops

and stares

and all the rage just goes out of him and he blinks


Cas is still in Intense Angel Mode so he bites out, “Well, of course I am, Dean. What did you think I’m still doing here? Why would I still be here if I didn’t love you? I care about what happens to you, like any good friend.”

Dean waggles a finger, making a rewinding motion. “Wait. No. You said boyfriend.” One eye narrows, and his lips round into an unsure, unformed word. “Like… a romantic… thing?”

Cas blinks a few times, and then he melts a little bit. “You didn’t know?”

Dean’s mouth slides open. He breathes out slowly. “No.”

Castiel’s doing that dewy-eyed puppydog thing by this point. “Oh.”

Dean swallows hard, and every ounce of anger and hurt, everything that made him want to destroy the world around him, it all simply evaporates out of his skin. He takes a breath - and while the air smells like blood, it fills him with a sense of relief. “Oh,” he says too. He can’t think of anything else to say. “Cool.”

Castiel almost smiles, but it never reaches his eyes. “You’ve done some bad things today, Dean. I think we need to… talk about what you’ve done.”

Dean takes another breath, and it feels normal. “Talk. Like… boyfriends?”

“Like boyfriends,” Castiel says. He beckons Dean towards the map room, away from the bodies in the library. Dean goes willingly, eyes on Castiel the whole time, utterly dazed at how things have progressed.

It’s only as Dean reaches the marble steps that Castiel takes his hand. “We’ll figure this out, Dean,” Castiel says gently, lacing his fingers between Dean’s. “As far as I’m concerned, we have our entire lives to make this relationship work. And we can start right now.”

Dean turns to meet his calm blue gaze, and despite the heartache that weighs heavy on them both, Dean sees the truth in Castiel’s eyes. He believes him.

Irish Independent: “I’ll just avoid happiness at all costs and then I’ll still have material” - Hozier talks writing, Taylor Swift, and success

13 May, 2015

With his hit song Take Me To Church still being played around the world, Hozier is riding high. But, as Andy Welch discovers, the Irish singer-songwriter may need to put a stop to any upcoming happiness in order to write more songs… 

If you want a small indication just how much Andrew Hozier-Byrne’s life has changed in the last year, simply glance across the pond to America.

This time last year, he was playing his first US shows, to small-capacity crowds in cultural capitals New York and Los Angeles.

Today, after 12 months touring the world, and the global success of THAT song, Take Me To Church, he can play sold-out halls all over the country.

“I’m in Jacksonville, Florida,” he says. “I think we’re the youngest people here!” he adds, referencing Florida’s status as the retirement home of the US. “I haven’t seen any young people yet, anyway.”

Rest assured, there are adolescents in that region - and many of them were at Hozier’s show that night, after our conversation wrapped.

He’s been on tour in the US, with a leg in Australia, since the end of January, and can’t remember when he last slept in a bed that wasn’t in a hotel or on his tour bus. Aside from a couple of weeks off over Christmas, it’ll be March next year before he returns home to County Wicklow in Ireland.

“Part of me is eager to work on new music and find some open space, but this is the dream, really, and the album has taken off in a way that I could never have dreamed of. It’s still a big rush,” says the 25-year-old, who dropped out during his first year studying for a music degree to record demos.

That album, released in October last year, has so far sold more than a million copies around the world, and more than half of those were snapped up in the States.

Its success is partly down to the ubiquity of hit single Take Me To Church. Unusual for a song so critical of religion, Catholicism in particular, accompanied by a video depicting a brutal homophobic beating, it’s been a mainstay on US radio and TV stations for months.

He performed it with Annie Lennox at the Grammys in February, to a crazed reaction from some of music’s biggest names watching from the crowd.

He’s going to be headlining Austin City Limits festival in Texas later this year. Other names at the top of the bill include Foo Fighters, Drake and The Strokes. Last year, Hozier had to pull out of the festival due to illness, and fewer than 30 people commented on the Facebook post announcing the cancellation.

Talking of social media, that has had a huge role in his success too. When Stephen Fry saw the video for Take Me To Church, he posted a link to the song on his Twitter feed, and tens of thousands of his 9.6 million-odd followers watched it.

That pales into insignificance compared to Taylor Swift’s endorsement. The 1989 star tweeted links to Hozier’s songs and told her fans they should check him out, before taking some equally starry friends to one of his shows. The 6ft 5in Irishman and Swift were seen together on a number of occasions too, sparking rumours of romance.

Both were adamant they were just friends, but whatever, there are definitely worse people to be pals with.

“Taylor’s support was great,” he says. “I really did see a crossover of fans from that moment on. She has more followers than God, and you will see them go where she says, you see it on Twitter. My phone went crazy the first time she tweeted a link to one of my songs. It’s really something, and I was very grateful. Word of mouth is still very important.”

He says it was hard to keep track of his success when Take Me To Church was blowing up last year, although now things have calmed down a little, he’s had some time for reflection.

“Good news hits you - it can take a while to sink in. ‘I’ve been nominated for a Grammy? Great!’” he reasons. “You have to allow yourself a moment to enjoy it, but it’s not good to pat yourself on the back when everyone else is doing that.

"Of course, the great fear is getting too happy and never being able to write another song. I suppose I’ll just avoid happiness at all costs and then I’ll still have material to work from.”

New songs are few and far between at the moment, and what Hozier does manage to write at the back of the tour bus doesn’t really fit with what he’s doing right now. He’s planning several side-projects, however, so he can release different types of music under different names, and he’s itching to get cracking.

“The longer you’ve been away from making music, [the more] you’re bursting to make something new, to get some tracks down. That’s a great feeling, to know that you still might have something up your sleeve, that you haven’t already used up your best ideas.”

For now, he’ll have to make do with thousands of people singing his songs back to him each night.

“That feeling doesn’t get any less special,” he says. “I love hearing people singing Take Me To Church when I play it, but I’m more baffled when they know the words to other songs of mine.

"Most people at the gigs, it’s their first time seeing me perform, and I can feel their excitement and energy.

"I feed off that when I’m performing, and it’s an incredible feeling.”

Hozier’s self-titled debut is out now. His UK tour begins on May 22 and he plays Slane on May 30

I feel like I was one of the few people who noticed this parallel. The first scene is from Dark Angel, a television show Jensen played on from 2000-2001. His character was made as a love interest to the woman he is about to murder here, and I adore the characters’ chemistry. They banter back and forth like an old married couple, and flirt constantly. So, this scene proved to be very emotional and powerful to me as Jensen’s character, Alec, showed her that he wouldn’t hurt her like that, even if being controlled by some other force. Now, the second scene, as us Supernatural fans know, is from the most recently aired episode. The scene shows that even if Dean is being controlled by the Mark of Cain and on his vengeful wrath of murder, he still found himself unable to murder Castiel. It parallels the scene from Dark Angel, showing both Dean and Alec can’t truly kill the ones they love. I view both scenes as very moving, showing that true love seems to prevail in the end.


“Why’re you so sweet on me, Clarence?” she’d asked through bloody lips

She’d asked it, even though she thought she knew the answer-

The Winchesters were contagious.

All that love and desperation and will

They should come with a Surgeon General Warning:

“Danger- Long term exposure to the Winchesters may be hazardous for your health”

They’d corrupted their pet angel

Not much, just enough for it to show

He’d caught their brand of rebellion, their flavor of willful madness

And then she’d caught it too

The Winchesters, they fought for each other,

Castiel fought for them, for humanity

And Meg, well, she’d always fought for herself

Looked out for number one

Guarded her own- quite fine- ass

But now here she was, mooning over an angel

Caught in the Winchester’s wake, adrift in the current

And maybe it made sense, in some cosmic way

He was a little bad, 

And she was a little good

But they were both anomalies, freaks, apart from their own kind

And in a way, that made them the same. 

She was drawn to the purity of him; the hope and faith

A girl with impossible dreams of mythical creatures

Of angels and unicorns

And he was drawn to her earthiness, her reality, her fire

A supplicant willing to risk the burns

In the moment that hell and heaven collided-

That long, adrenaline fueled moment-

It was only with violent lips, desperate breaths, hands pulling, not pushing

And then it was over

The unicorn gone

The fire snuffed out.

kinggalbatorix asked:

How can you tell if you/somebody is using high Si(SJ)?

Let’s use Phantom of the Opera for reference, since Christine and Raoul are both high Si users. (If you haven’t seen it, why are you still here? GO.)

Christine, as all SJs do, approaches each situation based on what she knows about it. She is delighted to be reunited with Raoul, because they were childhood friends – and she expects him to be heroic, because he was when she knew him before (”You ran into the sea to fetch my scarf!”). She believes in the concept of the Angel of Music, when Erik enters her world, because her father “promised [me] to send [me] the angel of music!” She is fearful of what Erik might do when she disobeys him and courts Raoul, because of what he has done in the past when she has upset him (”He’ll find me, I know it … and it won’t ever end…” because it hasn’t ended THUS FAR).

High Si is an immediate sourcing for information whenever it sees an object, hears a concept, etc. The brain flips back through everything this person knows about this particular topic, based in literature, entertainment, archetypes, personal experiences, etc. If there is no previous exposure to the thing, it does not yet exist – and Si has no frame of reference for it. For example, if someone said “Phantom of the Opera” to me – my brain would quickly shuffle through everything I know about the musical, the play, the movies, the characters, the costumes, the production values, the related literature, my own experiences seeing the show live, etc. I would know exactly what they were talking about. But if you mentioned a brand new musical to me that I’ve never seen nor heard of before, I would have no expectations, no form of referencing, nothing. The best I could do would be to hear a bit about it, and then try connecting it to other similar things I have encountered in the past.

This is why SJs are sometimes reluctant to try out new things – because they have no former basis of comparison for them, until they do try it. They want to know what they’re in for, before they do it. Paint ball gun? What’s that?! Let’s see… referencing guns … not a nice picture at all… and balls of paint… and what they come up with, depending on what they’ve been exposed to, may or may not resemble the reality, but at least they feel semi-comfortable going into it, since they’ve seen paint, can imagine paint balls, and know what a gun looks like. (I should also add, I always imagine anything I have no form of reference for as being much, much grander than it turns out to be in reality. It’s sad. Hence why half the time I say, “screw this, it’s better in my head.”)

But then too, you have lower Ne in play – excited about new possibilities, but somewhat inclined to trepidation about them too. Again, Christine. It is suggested that she do a thing, to help them all out and trap Erik. Her brain flips through all their previous experiences and screams FAILURE. I WILL FAIL. HE WILL TAKE ME, I KNOW IT! YOU’LL NEVER FIND ME! I’LL BE ALL ALONE, IN THE DARKNESS!

IE, imagined catastrophic consequences, before she’s even taken a single step. Granted, this particular FREAK OUT is more common in ISXJ types, but it even turns up in some ESXJs from time to time. I once saw an ESFJ go off into freak-out-land, with all the negative possible repercussions of a choice she made, until she was literally not even in reality anymore, and freaking out on such a meta level I just backed away slowly and… left. Ain’t no way I was taking THAT crazy train. (Could she have been an ISFJ? Nah. Total Fe-dom. All the feels. Constantly.)

Even, look at Raoul. Pretty sure he’s an ESTJ. He has no frame of reference for the opera ghost, or for the angel of music, so he doubts he exists … but once he DOES get some experience, he becomes aware of the threat and in true Te fashion, wants to exterminate it so he goes charging in. Still, his picture of Erik is reinforced by what he has seen, what she has told him, and what he imagines Erik to truly be like, as a villain. Bad guys must be exterminated! His motives are all, what? To recapture his childhood love, to be her heroic knight, to defend the damsel in distress from the looming villain … all archetypes, in which he is situating himself as the protector, the white knight. Remember the scarf, Christine? I saved it for you then, and I’ll save you now, even if it means heroically dying so that you can be free of this… monster.


Does this interview creep anyone else out just a bit, or is it just me? I’m talking about the questions that the interviewer poses towards Anna. He just gives me a bad vibe, as if all his questions were trying to get some sort of point across or dig something personal out of her.

or maybe I’m just paranoid idk this angel must be protected from harmful people at all costs

(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XOUtLCQur4g)


k so i’ve been noticing some shit going down with my fave angel aka daesung from big bang

yep this angel right here. this angel muffin-cake. yes. that’s him. that’s him back at least 7 years or so, isn’t he just the cutest ever?

oh this is cute too, maybe a year or two into big bang’s debut. cute hair. eyebrows are still visible.

oh still v cute. only one eyebrow visible now but it’s ok…

ok no eyebrows anymore. eyes are slightly obscured, that’d annoy the hell out of me tbh (i’ve had bangs before) but to each his own

uhhh ok no more right eye that’s ok we still got the left one i guess?




s/o to the youth of yesterday for being so dissatisfied with the world their parents gave them they were driven to change it.

It’s still not perfect, but every time i get too down from the news i think about how there were people in the past who were disgusted with the past too, so they upped their game and so here we are.

Sleepy Luke

Imagine (Luke Hemmings fluff)

Requested: no

A/n: Little pup is the cutest when he’s sleepy okay

I shifted awkwardly in the large office chair that was slowly getting less comfortable the more I sat in it. The clock at the bottom of the computer screen taunting me with its ‘3:03 pm’ as I was still studying. I has spend the past nine or so hours in front of the computer screen trying to get as much as I could last minute. Muttering softly to myself as I jot down another few notes from the website, only stopping when I hear a little whine from behind me.

Luke’s face hidden by the blanket he had tightly wrapped around his body. A soft smile forming on my lips when he pulled it down enough to blink up at me. “Angel,” His voice rough with sleep and hoarse from the recent over use. “What time is it?”

I let out a soft hum as I turn once again to check the time as if the time would have changed majorly since the last time I had looked. “It’s 3:05 in the afternoon,” his eyebrows knotting together in confusion as he starting to push himself up to a sitting position with the blankets still wrapped around his shoulder. “Why don’t you go get ready for bed and sleep? You’ve got to be tired baby. I know you’re trying to beat jet-lag but you need to sleep.” I coo softly, leaning over my crossed legs as he jutted out his bottom lip.

“I’m up now kitten, I promise to stay awake with you this time.” A puppy-like yawn escaping his lips as he pulled one of his hands up to rub the sleep out of his eyes. Even after the long nap the bags under his eyes were still extremely noticeable. “Why don’t you take a break and come lay with me?” He offers opening up the blanket to let me in. His shirt lifting up to show the lower part of his stomach as he stretched his arms up over his head. The scene more inviting then trying to reteach myself lessons I had forgotten. “Please?”

That was enough for me to push myself out the chair I had been in for the last several hours, taking the few steps between the office chair and the sofa so I could curl up in his lap. Resting my head against his chest over his heart as he wrapped us both up in the blanket and me in his arms. Sitting in silence for a while until his soft humming fills the empty space.