“Would you still choose me even if I am no longer the Oracle of Heaven, no longer an angel, no longer Princess Azriel Morningstar and just an ordinary human female?” Unsure if he heard her correctly, he stopped short of kissing her. Tilting his head to the right, he studied her before responding. Give up being an angel? Become human? Give up her birthright to ascend to the Throne of the Sun? It was unheard of, unprecedented, and then the meaning of this act dawned on him. She would make this sacrifice for him so they could be together. What had he done to deserve such love, such devotion? He cupped her face in his hands. Resting his forehead against hers, he fought back tears. So many thoughts and questions ran rampant through his mind, but all he could manage was a hoarse whisper in answer to her question. “Aye, though I seriously doubt you could ever be just an ordinary human female. Are you certain of this choice, Azriel because if we choose this path, everything will change?”

Mrs. Styles

So this is my first one shot and it’s about you being Harry’s on contract wife. Let me know if you want more! Please don’t send hate, I myself am still learning how to write. 


“Harry Styles bought a new house for Kendall Jenner.”
“Harry Styles not only bought a house for Kendall, but also renovate it with luxurious items. Rumour has it, he made specific pricey requests to fulfil Kenny’s wants.”
“Harry Styles reportedly bought a Los Angeles castle for Kendall that has two pools!”
“Hendall is going strong with the rumour of them moving in together, not in a usual cottage like us peasants but rather in a lavish mansion in California.”

“I can’t stand this anymore, Harry. How many times do I have to tell you that I do not want you to be affiliated with any of those girls? You know the Kardashians have this certain reputation that will make serious labels and production houses reject you instantly if they smell anything related to them. Why are you doing this?”

Harry looked blankly to the wall in front of him, ignoring Claire’s rant.

“You are building a movie star image. A solo artist image. Kendall is fun and nice, I know. But her mother? The more you get involved with her, the easier they’ll get you to star in an episode. Next thing we know, your name will be on the opening credit.”

“You know that won’t happen, Claire.”

“Harry, I’ve been in this business longer than you. I know how it will all end. Yes, you need this sweet, loving boyfriend image but not with one of the Kardashians. All you need right now is to be with someone off the spotlight to show the world the not-so-glamorous version of you. To show them how wonderfully humble you are.”

Harry stood up and left the room. His face was stern and sharp as he knew he had to once again choose. He knew he’d choose his career over any girl. This wasn’t a fairy tale where he would leave anything behind to be with the woman of his dreams. No, this is Hollywood and this is harder than he thought. So he drove quietly with the hurtful look in his eyes towards Kendall’s place. He got in, talked, cried, had a breakup sex, and off he went.

Where? Where would he go now? His whole heart sank but he drove and drove and before he knew it, he reached the house he bought for him and Kendall. It was already dark so he decided to maybe just sleep in, to feel the life as he imagined it would be inside the warm white house.

He stepped in and saw the half furnished living room. The whole room is white because he loves the tabula rasa vibes. A composition of plants hung around every corner to create a fresh nuance. He walked further into the house to find the furnished kitchen and family room. He kept walking towards the swimming pool and he startled as he saw a woman by the pool.

“Who are you?!” He said half screaming, still not recovered from the shock.

“I-I’m sorry, Mr. Styles! I’m Y/N, your architect…?” You said as you walked backwards further from Harry.

“Jeez, you scared me. What are you doing here?”

“I-I…” before you could answer your heart skipped a beat as you fell down the pool. You screamed and were sure you wouldn’t come back to this house ever again.

Harry immediately grabbed you by your hand and pulled you up as he laughed a little.

“I-I’m sorry, Mr. Styles, I was just…”

“Just explain later. We have to get you inside now, aight? Or else you’d catch a cold.”

A cup of tea later, towel lingered on your hair, and his t-shirt kept you warm. He was there shirtless while drinking a bottle of beer and your clothes were hanging by the terrace chair to get them dry faster. You two sat face to face in the family room as you felt really ashamed to be in the situation.

“I was just checking the renovation progress since this is my department and I’m the head of this project. I usually do this at noon but I was really busy today so I did it tonight. I’m so sorry I don’t mean to barge in or anything.”

Harry chuckled at your frequent sorry, “And how is it?”

“How is what?”

“The checking. What do you say about my place?”

“Well, it all goes according to plan and you actually can start living here by next week.”

Harry just looked down.

“I can make some more room for the closet as you requested. But it can be done in about two weeks I think.”

“I don’t think that will be necessary.”

You went silent for awhile. You knew that look in his face. You knew something must be happening between your client and his beloved girlfriend. You remembered he requested so many specific requirements, most of them are unrealistic and cost a lot but you had to put your clients’ requests on top. It wasn’t an easy project and you actually lost almost a month of sleep just to design a bathroom. And now he sat in front of you, eyes staring blankly into the beer bottle.

“Well, I think I’m going to head home. My clothes are dry I suppose. Thank you and sorry, Mr. Styles.”

“Just call me Harry,” he drank another gulp.

“Yeah… Harry. Thank you.”

“Stay with me tonight?” the question popped just right away. It was unexpected considering you didn’t really know this guy. A part of you felt sorry for him but another part of you felt awkward since the most interaction with him just happened today and he spontaneously asked you to stay with him.

“C’mon! I’m not living in this house ’til next week so I’m basically still your client and clients’ request is the most important thing, yea? I’m not dangerous I swear. I just need some friend to talk to.” He laughed and you grinned a little.

“I guess I can stay.”

“So, what’s your name?”

You giggled because you had been working with him for almost a year now and went to at least fourteen meetings with him. “It’s Y/N Y/L/N.”

“Yea, I know. I was just messing with you s’all. What do you do for a living?”

You giggled harder. The whole night was spent talking about Harry’s messy relationship, his childhood in Holmes’ Chapel, his band, and his solo career. You promised to keep all of this a secret because you now considered Harry a friend but he said the media would find out anyway. It was nothing more than talking until the next day you woke up. Harry was sleeping on the floor with some furniture plastic as a sleeping bag. Your body ached from sleeping in a fetal position the whole night on the couch so you decided to get some stretch before you headed to the office. You went to the backyard and started cracking your knuckles.

You finished and went inside, said goodbye to half-awake Harry and went back to work. It wasn’t something special you thought, just another friendly talk that you knew probably wouldn’t happen ever again. Harry sure was really funny and warm and you were sure everyone who knew him would definitely fall for him but you kept in your mind that this was nothing but a client’s request.

So you spent the whole day being the busy bee that you were until the whole office went noisy and your phone started buzzing. You ignored them all to focus on your work but then you heard a rather loud knock on the door. You knew something went wrong.

A couple of bodyguards, a blonde middle-aged woman, and Harry Styles soon entered your room. You knew the woman was his manager, Claire, since you saw her on TV a lot. The bodyguards then left the room and Claire started clearing her throat.

“Y/N Y/L/N, yeah?”

You nodded not knowing this unscheduled meeting. “Is there anything wrong with the house? Am I forgetting a meeting?”

“No, Y/N!” She squealed. “You are my saviour!”

“I’m sorry I… don’t understand.”

She handed you an iPad with a Cosmopolitan article on it.

“Mysterious girl in Harry’s t-shirt stretching at the supposedly ‘Hendall’ house. Guess it wasn’t for Kendall after all…”

“No no no no no no no….” you said instantly with a little horror in your face since you got exposed for something you didn’t do, “It was a mistake. I didn’t do anything with Harry… Harry will you explain to her and your paparazzi friends?”

Harry took a deep breath as Claire just smiled.

“Y/N honey, I know nothing happened last night between you and Harry but you cleared up the whole Hendall thing! Now, dear, Harry agreed to do this so I will just let him ask you now.”

You looked at Harry in confusion as he licked his lips.

“Well… Y/N… I think we should get married.”

“WHAT?!” you were shocked. No, you were drop-dead horrified. Yesterday you were just this junior architect in this firm, trying to stay alive with so much sleep deprivation and suddenly today a superstar asked you to be his spouse?! What the hell was happening?!

“I think you’d better sit down.” You did as Claire requested as she continued, “Paparazzi caught you at Harry’s backyard yesterday and it was not your fault. That’s the first thing. Secondly, well… after this you won’t be the same person. I can guarantee you, honey. Girls will stalk you both in real life and in social media. The paps will find you and try to make as many articles as they can because you’re not just another fling. Apparently you were caught in Harry Styles’ new house which he bought for his supposedly girlfriend to move in with him. You’re the girlfriend. Even if you explain what happened last night they won’t believe you because Harry dating someone off the spotlight and getting serious with her is definitely much juicier.”

“Okay, that I can accept. But…”

“Now the problem is… Do you know what happened with Zayn and Perrie? They never attacked Zayn after the breakup. They attacked Perrie. Perrie dressed up to impress Zayn, Perrie did that to make Zayn jealous, Perrie dated this to blah blah blah. I don’t think that would be fair to you, dear.”

“So marrying Harry would be fair to me?!”

“Calm down, will you sweetheart?” Claire smiled. “We want you to marry him for five years to build Harry his Matt Damon image. After that we will file a divorce but you two will still appear together as best friends because, well you two are never involved anyway so that won’t be awkward. Naturally best friends even after marriage, all that Celeste-Jesse vibe. Such a good publicity for both of you. That way you two will still be Hollywood’s best couple and people will love you both.”

“We can do that with a fake girlfriend scenario, it doesn’t have to involve marriage! Besides, what’s in it for me?! I will spend the next five years being someone-I-don’t-know’s wife, having paps chasing after me, and lots of explaining to do to people.”

“No, we can’t do the girlfriend thing. This guy has his name bad already with the whole womanizer stigma. I can’t stand another interviewer asking him about his dates anymore. And your label as Harry Styles’ ex girlfriend will make you look as if you were just another number for him. No, I can’t deal with that anymore.” Harry still remained silent and Claire still tried to push you even harder by handing you a piece of paper with lots of numbers on it, “And what’s in it for you? First thing first, celeb friends will automatically go to this firm to have their properties taken care of. Guess who they’ll look for? Harry Styles’ wife. Isn’t it a great exposure, honey? Also, we will also give you some incentive as detailed on the paper.”

You read the paper carefully. That was really a lot of money. Much more than you can earn in a month working your ass off. Also the exposure really sounded promising. But still, being married to someone? Being married to a superstar you barely knew?

“I don’t know… I can’t do this. I’m sorry. Please just leave.” You handed the paper back to Claire.

Harry moved forward towards you and spoke softly. “Look, Y/N. I know I need this more than you and what I told you last night was all true so you don’t basically not know me at all. I’m sorry I put you in this situation, it’s honestly my fault. But if you please consider this, as a friend helping a friend, I would really appreciate it.”

Your mind raced remembering last night’s conversation. How awfully helpless he sounded when he told you what was on his mind this whole time.

“Yea, I have to choose this. This fame is like a double-eyed sword you know? I’m really grateful, I am. But… Can’t ever choose anything on my own for God knows how long. Can’t do this can’t do that… Management is one huge media controller, just didn’t know how much it controlled until now.”

“You can always… you know, back away? Or go without management? If that’s possible…”

“It’s not that simple… And what Claire said was true, with or without management meddling, it’s true. The effect of being involved with Kendall. All of ‘em. I know it is. Guess I just fell for the wrong person in the first place. People always see the glamorous side of the business. Yea, sure it was fun. They forget that we can get stressed too.”

You sighed and looked at Harry Styles. You sure knew who he was although you weren’t an avid huge fan of his. You saw him so bubbly and all smiley all over news, you never realised that he was also this vulnerable Harry that needed your help in front of you.

You took one deep breath. You knew you would regret this, you weren’t even sure if you did the right thing or not. You just wanted to help the helpless guy in front you. Besides, you really had nothing to lose since your name was already out there.

“Okay.” You looked down and signed the contract paper in front of you.

Claire cheered and Harry smiled from cheek to cheek as his famous dimples showed themselves.

“Thank you very much, Y/N. I owe you so so much.”

It had been a month since the deal was sealed. You still lived separately from Harry but when the management called you to make an appearance you drove to Harry’s. You two rarely met and when you did, it was really awkward and just filled with small talks. Management already talked to Harry’s family about the whole deal and since you had only your little sister left, you just kinda explained to her without the help of the management. Eliza thought it was a terrible idea.

The first official public appearance you made with Harry after the news broke was Gemma’s birthday brunch in London. She was warm and surprisingly welcoming. It was no doubt that the two of you became good friends instantly, better friends than you and Harry were. Anne was like the older version of Gemma. She’s full of love and she baked you cookies when you got a horrible jet lag as soon as you arrived. You thought that maybe this was all for publicity but the kindness continued even when cameras weren’t around.

“After all, you will take care of Harry for the next five years,” Anne said with a weak smile, “I know it’s not ideal. You don’t meet someone, fall in love, and get married but Harry has worked really hard to be where he is right now and I just want what’s best for his career. He agreed to this so I have to support him no matter what.”

You just nodded and looked at Harry chatting with his old friends. He wore his trademark floral suits and let his flock messy but clean. He laughed nonchalantly and seemed really outgoing. You just smiled without you knowing thinking that in less than two weeks this handsome man will be your husband.

“Thank you for having us,” you said politely to Harry’s family before you two headed out to the airport. Harry had to be back to LA to continue his recording and you had to go back working. The whole office didn’t know about the deal, of course, so they were just amused with the fact that a person like you could hit it off with a celebrity. But that didn’t mean you had any privilege, you still had to go to work as usual.

“So, do you like London?” Harry asked on the plane to break the ice.

The first plane ride was filled with silence. You were busy catching up your work and Harry was busy watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S. because he wanted to give you space. After all, you were the first one to take out a laptop as if you didn’t want to communicate with him. The whole plane ride from LA to London was really quiet with casual ‘are you awake’s or small comments every time the captain announced something. It was as if you two were strangers, accidentally sat together on a first class flight. You still felt awkward around him so when you slept you put the divider up. Harry didn’t mind, but one thing for sure was that it was never him who put it up. He clearly showed he was really fine with having you around. But you promised yourself to actually get to know him this time. You had to, considering you two would get married in the count of days.

“Yea, it was really pretty,” you smiled. Silence. You two were really awful at this. It wasn’t like this the night you two spent at his house. Maybe it was the pressure from the deal that got to both of you.

“It’s your first time, yea?”

“Yea. When I was a kid, my parents would say one day we’ll go traveling. My mother was a history teacher so the Great Britain fascinated her a lot. She went there once and wanted to go there again but with her family.”

“Did you go together?”

“No, we didn’t. My parents passed away before it could happen.”

“I’m so sorry, Y/N.”

“Ah, it’s alright. It was a car accident so yea, it happened. But I always got my sister with me so everything’s good I guess. Anyway, do you always travel on first class?”

Harry giggled, “Of course not. I take the private jet most of the time.”

“Yea, of course you do,” you laughed and took a sip of the inflight champagne.

“Oh, I want to show you something. I brought this from home.” Harry put out a little walkman and handed it to you.

“Cool! I have this too when I was a kid. I loved going to music store and picking up tapes with my dad.” You grabbed the walkman and you heard little ‘cling’ from inside the walkman. “Did i just break your walkman?! Oh my God, I’m so sorry!”

Harry chuckled, “No, Y/N, just open it.”

You opened the walkman and you heart flung as you saw a beautiful silvery circle with elegant diamond in the middle of it. The design was simple and elegant as if Harry put a lot of thought in picking it.


“Y/N Y/L/N,” he said with louder voice making all the passengers stared at you two, “Will you make me the happiest man alive?”

You heard ‘aw’s and the sound of camera shutters. This wasn’t the plan. You were supposed to be proposed in a candlelight dinner when you’re back in Los Angeles. You looked at Harry as he got down on his knee and waited for your answer. This wasn’t the plan. Did they change it without your knowledge? Did they do this on purpose because of your terrible acting? Were you really that bad at acting? You weren’t an actor so it’s not a surprise. But sneaking a plan behind your back? Management must be really really sly. You couldn’t think straight.

“For Christ’s sake, missy! Just say yes already! It’s Harry freakin’ Styles!” A passenger screamed and was immediately shushed by other passengers.

You couldn’t ask Harry at that moment. If you said no, Harry would be embarrassed and the news would be horrible. You didn’t have any choice here, might as well get along with it. You would have to say yes too, sooner or later.

“Yes,” you said with a huge smile on your face as the whole plane cheered. The flight attendants announced your engagement via the intercom, people took pictures of you, even the captain left the pit and personally congratulated both of you.

As everyone went calm you finally got the chance to talk to Harry privately.

“Am I really a bad actor that you guys changed the plan so my reaction would be genuine?” You asked while pressing one hand on the pillow.

“No,” Harry giggled, “Management doesn’t know about this either. I just thought it would be fun.”

“You did not.”

“I did, too. Was it fun?”

“It was. Thank you, Mr. Harry Styles, I’m the luckiest woman alive. Million girls will now officially have a reason to stalk me and dig up my dirt. I’m forever grateful,” you said jokingly with a huge grin.

“You’re welcome, Mrs. Styles.”

So recently I've seen a lot of jimin ship hate, and I'm laughing because people who hate on idols for "getting in the way of their ship" are pathetic, how dare you hate on Park Jimin and still call yourself an army, you disgust me in every way with your death threats to him, you don't think do you? That he could read that and it could hurt him, make him cry even, that's because all you care about is your stupid little ship well you've got another thing coming people, because he's up there doing what he loves with people he loves, and you're not gonna change that. Have a nice day send love not hate.

This applies to all members, just recently I’ve seen a lot of hate centring jimin.


Thirsty Thursday - Steve Rogers / Captain America

Because even when he looks pissed as hell, he’s still hawt AF

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  • I'm stoked about the fact that the same God who created heavens and earth, who put every star into its place, who exactely knows how many blades of grass and grains of sand are on earth - yeah that same God who created majestic angels, who called prophets, who still works wonders and moves mountains, the God who is love - love that is willing to be crucified - this God calls me beloved and beautiful one.

I’m so glad that everyone is finally showing Nathan Adrian, the most pure and happy angel of sunshine, all the love he deserves. I remember back in 2012, and even before that, no one even gave him a second glance or passing thought. I was so upset about that. But it’s changed now and everyone sees what I did, and still do, in my sunshine angel. It makes me very happy.


Don’t you hate when you’re writing and can’t think of a specific term?!?!?!

Like right now I’m trying to end this sentence: “He knew he had you under his _____.”????

I can’t think of the word! So in this specific fic Rob really likes the reader. He knows about her past with her ex and wants to treat her the way she deserves. He knows she likes him and knows that even if another guy came along, she’d still stick with Rob. I just can’t think of the term for that one sentence.. Help!!??

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I know at least one of you will possibly know the term. Plleeeaaase help! I really want to get this fic posted tonight! Lol.


Best Friend

Summary: You and Klaus were basically family but things changed between the two of you and you parted ways. Recently you moved to New Orleans, staying with your good friend Marcel, only to have a jealous Klaus Mikaelson return.

Requested? Yes by most-angels-are-dicks

Klaus and I have been friends since 1543. He and I met while I was still human. He is also the one who turned me. At first, I have to admit, I was pretty pissed at him. It was selfish of him to turn me. The only reason he had done it was because he was afraid of being alone.

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No but really- look at him.

Look at the second picture, how happy does he look? He’s so smiley and I—

You can’t help but love this man. He’s an actual angel and a genius. Also, He’s so fucking adorable, I know it yet, still shocks me. Kim Namjoon is such a blessing, brb I’m emotional all of a sudden

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Matt was a hunter, and spent a lot of his time working on monsters, rather than ghosts, demons, or angels. He wasn't a fan of the concept that they could be invisible, or possess someone. But he wouldnt tell anyone that, he was on the strong and silent spectrum, and if anyone knew that they freaked him out... He started to research his new case, and let out an angry groan. "Angels?! Are you fucking kidding me?!" He snapped, before making a quick prayer that he'd survive this hunt. -matthewdoesrp


Dean hadn’t been an angel for very long, but he had gotten the hang of it thanks to Cas. Only thing he was still trying to figure out was the whole praying thing. It was hard to learn. He was still learning. He chose to stay on Earth like Cas. It was just easier pretending to be human. He heard the prayer and furrowed his eye brows. Deciding to check out what or who had prayed. 

MY LOVE {part 4; Hobi}

Hobi and I sat in the same room. He quickly realized that I was going to try and escape to my office any chance I got, so now I was stuck on lockdown. You have to try and relax. He gestured to the bed as I rolled my eyes and walked over. It was a stand-off of sorts and I was losing. 

Giving up, I sat in bed and looked out the window. Hobi opened a book and rapidly became immersed in the content, while I observed. He looked tired now, older, his angelic cheekbones and calm features always astonished me. There was still a boyishness about him, but also a complete mature and manly setback to him now. I realized just how different we had both become. Looking down at my own body, I saw a more refined and worldly woman sitting before me. However, I wanted to believe that Hobi and I could continue to be friends, but I still felt the barrier of what had happened standing in my way. 

Years ago when I was in university, I had come home on break. It was like any other holiday getaway, the guys were excited I was home, my dad cooked dinner, we all sat around. It was perfect. Then someone broke into the house. We were all put into our defense modes. Hobi automatically guarding me. 

Everything happened quickly. The punches, the kicks, the subsequent groans, but then Hobi stood stock still. All the color drained from his face. His once lively eyes began to fade, as he fell forward. The enemy had stabbed him in-between the shoulders and he was fading fast. Grabbing my gun, I shot the opponent and knelt in front of Hobi. Cradling his head as chaos ensued around us, I felt tears brim my eyes. You can’t die on me. C’mon, bee. I whispered as he groaned. I could feel everything draining out of him, the laughter, the happiness, the life. Putting pressure on the exposed wound, I tried to contain my sobs. You have to stay with me okay. Stay awake. His eyes were barely open and his head kept lobbing to the side. 

I can’t live without you, Hobi. I can’t think of being away from you. I felt all of my emotions, years of pent up feelings and affections came spilling out of my mouth. Hobi, I love you. I remember seeing a faint smile as his head grew heavy, his body grew limp, and I thought I had lost him forever. 

He was cared for by our doctors and they were able to save him. Excitedly, I ran to his hospital bed, only to find another girl there. She was one of the newer recruits, cute and athletic, she was perfect for him. I heard her confess to him and the smile he dawned was almost angelic. It was blinding as he wrapped her up in his arms. I scurried away from the infirmary as I tried to hide my tears. 

I went back to university that day. No goodbyes. No hugs. Nothing. I confided in my father and he made sure that I stayed away from Hobi, for my own sake. I would get updates about everything in the club, soon my trips home became almost non-existent. Hobi’s girlfriend died in a gunfight during my last year at university. I flew back for her funeral to see Hobi in shambles. I could remember walking up to him, giving my condolences. You truly loved her. I’m so sorry. My voice was a bit cold and lacked empathy as Hobi slightly nodded. Hugging me tightly, I felt my heart yearn for him to not be so hurt by her death. 

Neither of us made no mention of my confession. Neither of us spoke about that day. When my father died, I focused on becoming a strong leader. My father would always tell me that I was to show no emotion in the workplace. Our work is dangerous, we don’t want to fall apart because of some feelings. Stay impassive, it will save your life. I could hear my dad saying that in my ear every time I looked at Hobi, but my heart still ached for something more. 

As I came back to reality, I realized just how much I needed Hobi in my life, but how I couldn’t have him there without getting hurt. He looked up from his book. Our eyes met. I couldn’t look into those eyes without my heart pounding. I couldn’t think straight with him around. I needed to be impassive for both of our sakes. With my unwavering gaze upon him, I spoke in a clear voice. I want someone else to stay here from now on. 

Imagine comforting Warren.

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You would think mutants would be above bullying due to all the harassment they get for being what they are. Well you thought wrong. And as nice as Xavier’s School is, it is still a school. Walking through the vast hallways you could still see hear the horrible comments. Today was no different. You were walking calmly to your next class with your boyfriend Warren. It had been rocky since he had joined the X-men, but you stuck by his side the whole time. No matter what anyone had said to or about him, you defended him. Which is why when you heard the words ‘monster’ and ‘Warren’ in the same sentence you saw red. Just before you turned around to give someone a piece of your mind, Warren grabbed your hand and held tight. “Come on babe it’s not worth it.” Warren said sadly as he started to pull both of you away out of the crowded halls. He looked at him in shock, “Not worth it?” You pulled him to a sudden stop, turning him to look at you. Gently taking a hold of his face you said, “Warren you will always be worth it.”  Warren looked at you in shock, before letting a smile grace his features. “Thank you.” You smiled, “Of course.”

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Joseph waiting patiently for Carter to fall asleep then texted Alli, thinking she'd see the message when she woke, 'I took Carter home. He's sleeping. Give me an update on Will and Nico when you're up' he hit send and sat beside Carter.

It didn’t take long until Carter was asleep. Joe stared at his face for a few minutes, watching how tired he looked. Usually, Carters face was calmed and angelic when he was sleeping, but now it was as if he was still carrying the weight of Nicos condition in his dreams. This realisation made Joes heart sink.
Carter struggled against the power of Nico’s pills for all of twenty seconds. As soon as his chin hit his chest Joseph smiled triumphantly. He picked up his sleeping boyfriend, careful not to jostle him awake. Joseph figured he would sleep better in an actual bed as he carried Carter to his bedroom. He lay Carter down on his bed and shifted the blankets from under him until they rest on him comfortably. He moved the stuffed whale from the other side of the bed, till it lay under Carters arm.

Alli texted him back relatively quick. ‘How the hell did you get him to sleep? Nico’s awake, but he’s not very… with it. At least Will seems better now that he’s actually awake.’
Joseph smiled and ran his fingers through Carter’s hair before laying down next to him. He figured the pills would have Carter out for at least eight hours, and it would be best if he got some rest too.

help me i’m still ??? so? confused ?? with how black sails gets away with existing?? no reason only it follows a ginger murder pirate kitten whose armour is a low simmering rage while he lures a  - okay, never an angel but a wise-cracking puppy into the dark unholy voidyness. 

it’s a villain origin story where nobody is straight and there are silly wigs and a freckles and percival from merlin is there and he’s all about the importance of narrative in dictating the social, economical, and political terms of the world. this is, after all, a story about a story, and the story in question here is treasure island. yah know - in which percival [he’s called billy now aw that’s nice] dies at the mere thought of that wise-cracking puppy hunting him down… 

‘cause it’s almost - almost - as if that wise-cracking puppy is destined to become the most feared pirate on the seven seas, a one legged man with a parrot on his shoulder named after his deceased ginger-murder-pirate-kitten-husband. wait. shit. shit shit shit.  

can we pretend that treasure island is not a thing? 

and this show is not a thing about this thing? 

It’s A Date

Today for you, tomorrow for me! Today for you, tomorrow for me!

Lestat had given quite the performance that night, especially with spotting both Amduscias and Armand together on the front row. He always gave his best on stage but tonight was something else. As his castmates expected of nights Lestat had his turbulent beau present, his energy levels sky rocketed and his style became impossibly more provocative. There had never been an Angel that made the audience blush and raise their brows as Lestat did when he did showed off how flexible and talented of a dancer he was while still running and jumping onto furniture props.

Then, of course, his moments of dying were even more heartwrenching than usual. Lestat had never had to imagine what it felt like to be sure you were going to die. Others chalked it up to his raw skill to be dramatic but, he knew they wouldn’t understand how accurate he was. It was fine for everyone to just be entertained.

However, unlike every other night, he was much more excited about after the show. He had already decided tonight was the night. Armand was going to ask Amduscias out with him and the musician surely wouldn’t reject them. This wasn’t a one or two sided deal after all. They were all pretty clearly into each other.

Not bothering to wash his makeup off (and still wearing the little panties under his normal clothes), Lestat came around into the lobby to sign a few autographs and bat his eyes at people who couldn’t keep a straight face near him.