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Lord they attacked you??

Yup. I’ve made my opinion of Calvin clear in the last few weeks. There is no reason for anyone who thinks he is an innocent angel to still follow me or stalk my page, and yet..

YOU GUYS IM GONNA SCREAM OMG all I care about is DeBlanc being like “you have no idea what hell is like, trust me” like WHY,,, WHY DID HE SAY THAT. he’s def a demon. which still gives the real possibility that if Fiore is an angel, which it really looks like he is, that they could be Genesis’s parents anyway. what I actually care about tho is DeBlanc grabbing his arm and being like “no idc if we can’t pay for all of it you’re not sleeping with her you’re my bf dumbass” and Fiore giving him an apologetic look. DeBlanc calling Fiore “my dear” and comforting him when he can’t take his comics. Fiore and DeBlanc not being able to deal with the thought of being separated.


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He has been redesigned once again (I didn’t want to re-use the rainbow pebbling I did on Dipper) BUT if he’s claimed early the owner can still play with the design for the bodysuit.

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when they were standing in buckys apartment steve was just barely containing the urge to touch bucky, to take him and run before someone hurt him. he kept inching forward cautiously as if bucky were a feral cat just learning to trust humans. it’s because of this hesitation and buckys visceral reaction that steve only touches him on the shoulder later. anything else would be too much too soon. and god knows bucky has had enough people touching on him w/o his consent. steve refuses to be another name on that list and so he puts his own wants last. let me repeat that. steve spends 2yrs searching, finally corners bucky and does not take what he wants even after seeing his face in buckys journal. the most he asks for is for bucky to tell him why. “tell me you loved me and couldn’t stand to lose me. watch me do the same for you.” and this repeats in wakanda only steve holds back and stuffs his hands in his pockets instead even though he can’t even look at bucky when bucky says going back under is best. he goes right back to being brooklyn steve watching bucky ship out and feeling helpless. their love is an endless sacrifice and it keeps tearing them apart but this vicious passionate love is the only thing they know. it’s beautifully simplistic: give the other person your everything endlessly.

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even tho I love exo, luhan is doing so good rn alone ... I'm conflicted ughhhh

its ok to feel conflicted :/ but imma about to show u some pics nd u tell me which luhan u would prefer to see 

 do u want to see him like this again ????( he had a heat stroke during a concert thats y hes wearing a tank top nd a wet towel around his neck :/ he still performed bc he didnt want to disappoint  the fans )

or like this 

( Swollen eyes + bleeding from cornea + uncontrollable tearing and his left eye was so swollen) just seeing these pictures hurts my heart

 or would u rather see this luhan ?



Theme: Wanderlust Pairing: Dean x Reader

Photo Prompts 

Partners: @poemwriter98 & @hideyourdemoneyes

Warnings: Angst (it’s me…come on.), Major Character Death 

Word Count: 583 (Short I’m sorry) 

Thanks to @nichelle-my-belle for beta-ing this for me! 

“I always wanted to go to Australia.” She said, breaking Dean from his thoughts.


“What?” He questioned, resting a hand on her knee.


“I always wanted to go to Australia.” She repeated, the smile on her face taking Dean’s breath away like it always did. “There’s the Bondi to Bronte walk, all the beautiful scenery, angel place, and this cute little café that serves like the best fruit and whipped cream breakfasts.”


“You can still do that, ya know.” He moved closer to her, caressing her face. “We can still do that.”


“No.” She shook her head and put her hand on his cheek. “There’s not enough time.


“Ok, maybe not for Australia…but we can do those things here.”


He took her to a beautiful beach where they spent days just walking by the water and laying in the sand. He held her under the stars as she slept, curled up against him. They ran in the surf, laughing when the waves knocked them down. Splashing each other playfully. He loved hearing her squeal and laugh. He could never get enough.


He took her to beautiful cities where they sat at the highest points and looked down, seeing the skyline. They walked together, hand in hand, through the streets, basking in the various cultures around them. He stood back, finding himself lost in the way her hair blew around her face in the breeze and the way she smiled. The way she giggled. He wanted to memorize every single thing. He never wanted to lose it.


They laid together in the bed of a 5 star hotel overlooking the beach, just the two of them. He fed her strawberries and whipped cream, giggling when he ‘accidentally’ got it on her nose or the side of her lips and kissed it off for her, watching her scrunch her face in a giggle.


Tonight, they laid on a blanket in the sand underneath the stars. The sound of the waves the only thing around for miles. “Dean.” She muttered, curling up into him as tight as she could. “It’s time.”

“No.” He choked out, the tears falling from his eyes. “Please…it doesn’t have to be like this…”

“You heard the doctors.” She whispered. “Hearts aren’t meant to withstand that much electricity. You know that.”

“We found a faith healer for me, we can find one for you.” He tried one last time to bargain with her, to get her to hold on until they found a cure. She shook her head with a smile on her face.

“Dean…it’s my time to go.” She smiled up at him, cupping his face in her hands. “Promise me you won’t do something stupid to bring me back.”


“Promise me. Please.” A tear slid down her face and Dean nodded his head, utterly defeated.

“I promise.” He whispered and pulled her against his chest, laying back down and running his hands over every inch of skin. He had to memorize her now. He could hear how shallow her breaths were, each breath more shallow than the last.

“I love you.” He pulled her into a kiss and crushed her against his chest.

“I love you too.” She whispered.

It was quiet after that, the two of them cuddled together against the world. “Y/N?” Dean whispered into her ear. When he got no response he swallowed thickly and looked down. Her eyes were closed and a small smile was on her face, but she was pale. She was gone.

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About Yuzuki as a kid


One thing that Gabriel became very good at during his time on earth as “The Trickster” was hiding himself in plain site. Though he never imagined that he would have to hide himself from the very person he had grown to love. But he had no other choice, not if it meant keeping you safe.

Sighing to himself, he watched your sleeping face, still stained with the tears you had wept for him. He gently tucked a stray strand of your hair behind your ear before giving your forehead a gentle kiss.

“Forgive me Y/N,” he said softly, so as not to wake you. “This is one trick I wish I didn’t have to play, especially on you.”

“Gabe…” you muttered in your sleep, causing the angels heart to skip a beat. Fresh tears started to stream down your face as you dreamt of what you believed to be Gabriel’s last moments.

“Shh…Y/N,” he gently wiped away a tear. “I’ll come back to you, I promise.”

With that he kissed your lips gently, and long enough for you to register the feeling. You awoke, startled, looking around the room for a sign of who had kissed you, but it was empty. Except for a single feather that lay on your nightstand.


*gifs and pics not mine, credit goes to the owners*

Part 1

Part 2

Lifted -Castiel Imagine

Castiel x reader

Summary: You meet up with Rowena to get the spell reversed and Cas back to normal, only you’re not happy with the results.

The next morning you woke up and Castiel’s arms were still around you. You smiled a little and then felt a little guilty. ‘Hey Cas’ You muttered and heard him humm above you. ‘Me, you, and the boys are going out today, promise me you’ll behave yourself’ Castiel chuckled. ‘If you want me to be polite I shall but not if someone is inappropriate around you. Then I can not promise you my actions will be polite’ You rolled your eyes and sat up looking down at the angel beneath you. God he looked good like this.

You felt your heart swell, this was the last time you were ever going to see him like this. You stared at him for a moment trying to engrave this image to your memory. The way he laid with his arm behind his head. The muscles in his arm prominent. A soft smile on his face as he watched you. His dark hair sticking up and looked like someone had ran their hand through it again and again. The covers lay around his hips. Your eyes followed the muscled expanse that was his chest and torso. You were going to miss this. ‘How about breakfast?’ You smiled down at him and he sat up. ‘What would you like me to make you?’ You shrugged.

Throwing the covers off you and getting out of the bed you stretched. ‘Pancakes. Dean should be up by now, will you make them with him while I shower?’ You turned looking down at him. He nodded standing walking around to you. He placed his hand on your cheek and smiled. ‘You do not need to shower now. You are clean’ You rolled your eyes. ‘I would have only been 10 minutes’ You smiled amused but went to your drawers to pick out clothes anyway. ‘I did not like when you showered yesterday, I would rather not be without you again’ You heard him say.

You turned and looked at him. He just stood beside your bed in his underwear. In that moment you would have given anything to be able to kiss him. To have this as a thing where he wasn’t acting because of a spell. You sighed and motioned for Castiel to turn around. He did so and your eyes ran over his back.

Shaking yourself out of your trance and you began to dress yourself. When you were finished you laid your hand on Castiel’s back. You felt the muscle ripple underneath your hand and he turned making you drop it. ‘You should put on your clothes’  You held out his shirt. ‘But, you prefer me like this’ Your mouth fell open and your eyes widened. ‘And I want to make you happy’ You just stood frozen your mouth opening and closing like a fish as your grasped for the words you needed to reply. ‘How? What? Where did you hear that?’ You stuttered

Cas smiled. ‘I can feel it off you’ You gulped and looked down a blush on your cheeks. ‘Well, eh-I-no one else should see you like this-so-eh you should put them on’ You shoved the shirt into his chest not making eye contact with him. ‘Please’ He nodded and slipped it on. You tried to calm yourself as he got dressed.

All breakfast Castiel sat by you. He was closer than normal, his hand planted firmly on your knee. He kept asking you of you were alright. Apparently he could feel the anxiety rolling off you. You couldn’t exactly disagree, you were anxious. You were wondering if Rowena would know what was going on, or f she would betray you and cast some crazy spell. You also wanted the old Castiel back, you loved this affectionate side of him, yes but you were growing to miss the sarcastic angel he was before. Not this mindless puppy. You were terrified that after the spell was reversed he wouldn’t want to see you again. In fact it was definitely your greatest fear. This would all go away and Cas would be so awkward about it he would just avoid you.

You didn’t know if you could deal with that.

You all clambered into the Impala. You had just finished breakfast and were on your way to meet Rowena. Sam and Dean sat in the front as Dean started the car. The familiar hum of the Impala was something you hadn’t heard since Cas was under this spell and you only realised now. Cas reached over and put his hand on your thigh. You smiled softly at him and placed your hand over his.

Cas smiled back at you. ‘Why are you sad?’ He slid closer to you across the back seat. ‘I’m not sad Castiel’ You furrowed your eyebrows. You heard Dean chuckle from the front. ‘Cos she’s going to miss ye Cas’ You seen Dean smirk looking back at you. Sam nudged Dean giving him a glare. Cas’ eyes widened and he looked at you. ‘Why will you miss me? I am not leaving you Y/n’ He reached out and placed his hand on your cheek.

You smiled at him covering your emotions just taking in this moment. You leaned into his hand. ‘Dean’s being an ass, don’t mind him I’m happy. You’re here how could I not be?’ The horror faded from Castiel’s face and was replaced with a wide smile. He tugged you closer to him wrapping his arms around you. ‘That had to be the worst chick flick moment ever’ Dean groaned from the front. ‘I think I’m going to be sick’ You glared at him through the rear view window as Sam snapped at him. You wrapped your arms back around Cas leaning into him.

You got to the large warehouse that you were meeting Rowena at. ‘May I ask what we are doing here?’ Castiel held out his hand and you grabbed it. Cas helped you out of the car as Dean grabbed a gun and the iron cuffs from the boot. ‘No’ You shook your head. ‘No, cuffs’ Dean opened his mouth but you glared at him. ‘Is this a hunt? I will not permit Y/n to be on a hunt. She may get hurt, I will not allow her to be hurt’ Castiel pulled you behind him his hand gripping your arm. ‘It’s not a hunt, Dean’s being stupid’ You ran your hand over Cas’ back

Dean rolled his eyes. ‘Dean, put away the cuffs’ You snapped as Sam handed you a gun. Cas raised his hand and snapped his fingers. The cuffs disappeared from Dean’s hand and you smirked. ‘Just you wait’ He narrowed his eyes closing the trunk of the car and making his way towards the warehouse.

You opened the door looking around. The red haired witch stood looking out a window a long purple dress hugging her figure. ‘Rowena’ You called. She turned and looked at the four of you. ‘Hello Deary’ She greeted with a smile. You walked over to her and she opened her arms. You smiled and wrapped your arms around her. ‘What seems to be the problem?’ She asked when you pulled away. You nodded towards Cas.

She glanced at the Angel. ‘Ah, the pretty Angel’s been hit with some magic then’ You nodded. ‘Something old’ She stopped standing in front of him. ‘Pre-celt’ You told her and she nodded. ‘You knew?’ Dean’s mouth opened. ‘I had a week off when I was younger and studied witchcraft’ You shrugged. ‘How did you think I knew which books to give you, but I only studied the Latin, nothing older’ His eyes narrowed. Rowena reached out and Cas jerked away. ‘Cas, please?’ You walked over to him taking his hand. He looked at the witch hesitantly but nodded. She reached up and placed her hand on his cheek.

Sam and Dean shifted uncomfortably behind you both. Dean’s hand went to his gun as Rowena closed her eyes. Sam put his hand on Dean’s arm shaking his head nodding to you where your hand rested on your own ready to jump in if she did anything to the Angel. You may have brought her in and trusted her but you only did it out of necessity, you would never willingly let her meddle with your angel. ‘You killed the witch that cast it?’ She opened her eyes looking at you.

You nodded. ‘Do you know what it is?’ You asked and she nodded. ‘Some kind of puppy dog spell, makes him do your bidding, protect you, do whatever you need him to do’ She smirked looking at you. ‘I believe the spell was so heightened because of his previous affection for you’ You felt the blush creep up your neck and you scoffed. ‘I’m not lying. Usually they do not crave contact, or so much approval, none actually’ You turned your eyes away from her and looked at Cas to find him already looking at you

You turned your head down staring at your feet. ‘They will do what needs to be done to protect you without regard to your feeling’s or your approval’ She reached out and tilted your head up. ‘Can you fix it?’ You grunted trying to move on from her reading of the situation. ‘Fix what?’ Cas looked between you. ‘Is this what Dean was talking about in the car? Are you sending me away? Is that what she is here for’ He turned to Rowena and raised his hand.

You jumped between them wrapping your fingers around his wrist. ‘Cas, woah stop’ You soothed him. You put your other hand on his chest pushing him back a little. ‘You want me to leave?’ His anger fading and only a heartbroken look on his face. You shook your head. ‘No, no. The witch we hunted she did something to you, something your grace can’t heal. I just want you healed’ You smiled up at him. ‘There is nothing wrong, I can not feel anything wrong’ You bit your bottom lip. ‘That’s part of the spell, it’s stopping you from using your grace properly. Please Cas, just do this for me. Please’ Your hand ran up his chest and came to rest on his cheek.

Cas sighed closing his eyes. ‘I promise this isn’t because I want you to leave’ Cas leaned into your palm and nodded slightly. You looked over your shoulder at Rowena ‘I will need some ingredients’ She said turning and walked over to her bag pulling a pen and paper out. ‘Get me these’ She scribbled down a fe things and held the paper out to you. You turned to Cas with a smile and he nodded before disappearing. ‘Don’t say anything’ You growled. ‘Any of you’ You turned stalking over to the window

It took Cas less than half an hour to find what you needed. In the meantime Rowena had gotten everything else, which also included some of your blood. Cas popped back in with his arms full. He stood beside you as the witch added them to the bowl. ‘I need some of your blood’ Cas squinted his eyes at her but you gave him a small nudge and he held out his hand. He winced a little as she dragged the blade across his palm and his blood dripped into the bowl below his hand.

He stepped back as Rowena started chanting some words. ‘Cas’ You breathed out. He looked down at you. ‘Promise me you won’t run after this?’ Castiel reached out and took your hand. ‘I would never run from yo-’ Castiel doubled over grunting in pain. His hand slipped from yours and he clutched his head. The bowl erupted into flames.

He stumbled back a few steps. Sam and Dean started shouting. Dean pulled out his gun pointing it at Rowena. ‘Dean stop’ You snapped at him holding out your hand. Cas groaned and his legs gave out from underneath him. You dove forwards dropping to your knees. You slipped under him before he fell forwards. You wrapped your arms around him grunting under his weight.

Dean stood behind you looking between Cas and Rowena. She threw something small and purple into the flaming bowl. You felt a searing pain through your chest but you gritted your teeth focusing on holding Cas up. His hand clutched at you as he grunted and jerked in pain.

Then he stopped and just kept panting trying to catch his breath. Rowena stopped chanting. The pain left your chest. The whole warehouse was quiet apart from Castiel’s harsh breathing. ‘Cas?’ You breathed out. He took a few deep breaths before looking up at you from under his lashes. ‘Are you okay?’ You asked reaching out to him.

Castiel cleared his throat and pulled away from you. He stood looking around the warehouse. His eyes fell on Rowena, then they moved to the brothers. Sam had his hand on Dean’s shoulder who still had his gun pointed at Rowena

Castiel’s eyes landed on you last. You looked up at him from your knees as he stood a few feet from you. His eyes were wide. ‘Y/n’ He breathed and then cleared his throat. He straightened his back holding his shoulders. ‘I apologise for my behaviour these past few days’ You pushed yourself up onto your feet. ‘Cas, it wasn’t you it was the spell’ You seen Dean lowering his gun from the corner of your eye.

You reached your hand out to Cas but he took a step back from you. You felt a pain in your chest, no this couldn’t be happening. ‘I have been away from Heaven too long, I need to get back’ Your mouth fell open and you froze. ‘Cas, we should talk about this first’ Cas stealed himself his impassive look that you hadn’t seen on his face for days, and a coldness in his eyes you hadn’t seen in longer. ‘We do not have anything to speak about Y/n’ Cas’ deep voice grumbled. You felt your heart break in a million pieces, it was happening. ‘I apologise for being a bother, I should go’ You lurked forwards. ‘Cas’ You called out but with a flutter of wings he was gone.

You stopped in the spot Castiel had just stood. You closed your eyes. Damn it. Of course he would run off the second the spell wore off. Castiel wasn’t an affectionate person. The thought of the last few days probably made him so awkward he wouldn’t even look at you for a good year. The pain that thought caused was almost worse than the one that had ripped through you a few moments earlier.

You turned back to the others. ‘I think it worked’ You choked out. You cleared your throat and turned to Rowena. ‘Thank you’ She just stared at you for a long moment and you began to feel uncomfortable. ‘I’m beginning to think I shouldn’t have removed it’ With that she turned and picked up her bag. ‘I’ll see you later Deary’ With that she pressed a kiss to your forehead and strode towards the door.

Her heels on concrete was the only sound in the warehouse. Sam waited a whole minute after she had shut the door before speaking. ‘I’m sorry he just left like that’ He sent you a soft smile. You just shrugged. ‘Probably needed time to figure things out’ You looked down at your feet as you started to follow Rowena. ‘How about we catch that new movie you wanted to see?’ Dean threw his arm around your shoulder as you walked by. ‘Dean’ You groaned. ‘I’ll be fine, he’ll come round’ He just grunted and you seen him cast Sam a look

You did in fact go to watch the movie after. For a whole week none of you heard anything from the Angel. You tried to call him but it always went to voicemail. You had heard both Dean and Sam praying to him more than once but still nothing. It was 10 days until Dean got a call from Cas and another 18 on that until he actually showed his face.

Even then he refused to look you in the eye. His answers when you asked him a question were always short and curt and it hurt you more than you would like to admit.

Over the next week he had showed up 3 more times, each time as awkward as the first. You felt the hurt turning to anger. You knew he was awkward about it all but damn it he didn’t need to give you the cold shoulder. One time he had came in and you didn’t even notice. When you walked into the library he had made some excuse to leave in a hurry.

You had tried to talk to him on multiple occasions about it but he had told you he was busy and at this stage you were just about ready to give up. If Castiel didn’t want to talk to you then fine. You didn’t need him to, you had gotten along before perfectly fine without. You could get along perfect fine without him now.

And you would.

The one thing you had feared the most had happened.

Cas was gone.

I’m sorry it’s a little short….

Part 4 Here

Preacher -“He Gone”

So just to recap: 

  • Eugene is still in hell 
  • Root has no idea where his son is 
  • The angels are still agonizing over getting Genesis back 
  • That poor girl was shot by Eugene 
  • Baby!Tulip was carted away 
  • Baby!Jesse watched his dad die and thought it was his fault 
  • Tulip’s love is seriously being tested
  • Emily put her trust in Jesse and had it thrown back in her face
  • Cass burned for Jesse and where the fuck is he now???
  • Jesse HATES himself 

Literally no one is happy right now.  

Honestly though, what just guts me is how much faith everyone has in Jesse. Obviously he’s the protagonist, but “He Gone” really showcases how much everything revolves around him, not just in the rippling consequences of his actions, but in everyone’s love

Tulip - in her fantastic characterization - has turned the “waiting for your husband” trope on its head, where she’s waiting for Jesse to turn back into the man she once knew, the one that ONLY had her, the two of them “until the end of the world.” Yet Jesse has other people now, and he’s given Tulip every reason to abandon him… but she’s still there

Emily continues to love Jesse, though at the dinner table she says straight out for the first time that she simply believes in him. She might want his love, but she doesn’t need it to support him (which is frankly a HUGE and important thing), despite how much Jesse might not deserve that support right now. 

And Cass (god Cass) freaking laid himself out at Jesse’s feet this episode. His dialogue wasn’t just telling, it was a FREAKING NEON SIGN. Every couple lines it’s, “Jesse is my friend,” “we’re best mates,” “let me help you,” “how can I help?”, “I’m not judging you” - Jesse literally sent a boy to hell and Cass is just there, solid as a rock, ready to help him pick up the pieces. Sure, no doubt a lot of that non-judgment stems from the hypocrisy of his own problems (neatly laid out in a self-criticizing speech), but the rest reads as pure devotion. Cass is standing by Jesse to an astonishing degree, to the point where he steps into the sun and let’s him decide his FATE. Cass won’t judge Jesse, but he’s very willing to let Jesse judge him. 

As much as this still hurts (I’m very attached to fictional characters, okay lol) we can really see the foundation being built here. The one that’s going to bring them all together for a religious road trip of massive proportions. Jesse finally starts showing the remorse that I honestly think was always there. “God’s will”? Bullshit. Jesse looked horrified after Eugene fell, before he forced himself to rein it all in. We see him not only asking for help (THIS. This is fucking progress for this boy!) from the two he told to stay away (Fiore and DeBlanc), but also pulling up the floorboards to try and reach Eugene, an achingly illogical action that just screams desperation. Regret. Here Odin is, trying to knock down the church, and Jesse is pulling up the floorboards himself for Eugene. His actions are speaking louder than his words, and it’s about damn time. Tulip and Cass will eventually see that - get the proof that they, like the viewer, need: that Jesse does care, that he’s trying, that all of this is stemming from an abusive childhood and an very warped perception of how to be “good.” Once Tulip realizes that it’s not just the two of them anymore, when Emily accepts the man that’s been thrown off his pedestal, when Cass is both accepted by Jesse and realizes that he’s worth something all on his own… things will come together. They’re all going to see what we’re just seeing now and they’ll continue to help him, because this whole damn group is devoted to Jesse Custer. 

When Jesse actually accepts that help, they’re gonna be unstoppable


Who has ever seen a pouting angel? His expansive wings lie flat and limp against his back as he lies face down on a pillow. Looking at them up close as you sit next to Luhan on the bed, you realize, they’re not completely white, but have little blonde freckles spotted all over them, especially closer to the top. His voice comes out muffled against the pillow, but when he raises his head, you can hear him more clearly. “They’re going to send me to someone new, soon. I should have known it was going to happen, but I liked being here with you.”
The news was harsh to hear, but you still managed to smile, though it was tinged with sadness at the corners. “Aren’t you the one who’s supposed to comfort me? I’m the one losing my guardian angel.” You fingers trailed wistfully over the strong feathers which adorned his back like a cape to protect him from the world. ‘I’m going to miss you. But you helped me to get away from that darkness I was in. I’m happy now, and stable, with good friends.”
When he flipped over and sat up to look at you, his expression was more hopeful. “I know. They wouldn’t reassign me if they didn’t know you were going to be okay on your own.” He leans over to hug you tightly. “You’re going to be amazing.”

- Admin J

an angel in a leather jacket leans against the rough brick side of a building / he’s only there when i look at him from the corner of my eye / maybe he doesn’t actually exist / i left a bouquet of plastic flowers at my sister’s grave / took a picture because it looked kind of pretty / i haven’t cried in months / a pair of gods lives in the gutter / coming out only at night / to wander the city under colorful neon lights / forgotten by civilization / maybe they’re still holy / maybe i can be holy too / if you tell me i’m pretty / and gorgeous / and your entire world / if i make love to you / without making my heart bleed / maybe i’m not cut out for an angelic life
—  NEON WORSHIP, a nbc prompt || l.s.

I am dying for more complex Lúcio representation. Like, I know Blizzard is giving us scraps compared to other characters but we do still have somethings!

Give me a Lúcio who sees his fallen revolutionary comrades every time he sees an allied Symmetra kill some one. Give me a Lúcio who positions himself juuust far enough away from where his allied Symmetra is set up so that she isn’t in his friend zone. 

Give me a Lúcio who takes time off every Sunday, no exception, because he’s gotta Skype his family.

Let Lúcio be a complex, 3D character with feelings and emotions!!!!

Open Arms

(gif credit to the creator)

Pairing: Castiel x Reader
Word Count: 624
Warnings: none
Song: Open Arms - Journey
A/N: Here’s my entry for @blacktithe7 1500 follower celebration challenge. I used the song to inspire the plot, hope you guys like it! Also, italics are a flashback! Anyway, feedback is cool :)

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For the Otp question meme can you do 2, 3, 15, 17, and 23 for Warren from xma?

2. Big spoon/Little spoon?
Warren is the big spoon because it’s kinda hard for you to be the big spoon because he have a huge wings on his back.

3. Most common argument?
It would be either because jealously or because you/Warren is so reckless during mission.

15. Who wakes up first?
Warren wakes up like really early in the morning so he can fly when the air is still fresh and nobody could see him. He said the view is amazing, but you are not going to wake up really early for amazing view.

17. Who says I love you first?
Warren did, one day he just blurt it out that he loves you.

23. Who comes up with cheesy pick up lines?
You do. The angel pick up line is really over used in your relationship.

Send me a character(s) + number(s)

JaeBum baby smiles

Can I tell y'all how happy it made me to just watch JB sit down from time to time during the concert (NYC) and smile as he looked over the crowd? I watched him do it a few times and The pure happiness he had on his face, IN his smile made me cry. He was literally just enjoying fans singing to him and I felt the warmth in those small baby smiles in my soul. Nothing made me happier than just watching him smile throughout the concert.