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@cantpoisonitout send me a cute Klaine Valentine’s prompt, and I hope this is what you had in mind :)

Happy Valentine’s everybody!

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It’s their first Valentine’s Day as a married couple, and by God and all its saints, Blaine will make it a day to remember.

But why is he so darn tired?!

Oh right.

Adulthood? Not as fun as he thought.

Between studying, taking care of their home and working to gain some independence, Blaine doesn’t have much energy left at the end of the day.


Valentine’s Day.

Blaine is not naturally romantic, he has said it enough to make Kurt believe him, but he will do something.

Yet to be defined.

When he finally gets an idea, he slams his hand on his desk so hard that the librarian gives him a disappointed glare.

“Sorry,” he mouths as he hastily gathers his bag and notebooks and rushes out of the library.

What better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than preparing Kurt a delicious homemade dinner–something simple and revigorating, to soothe them both after a gruesome day while giving them some energy for other “activities”–, complete with slices of cheesecake from Kurt’s favorite bakery?

Cooking, now that Blaine can do.

And he has just the right recipe in mind.

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So now I am wondering if Akielons have some kinda day similar to Valentin's day and maybe Laurent doesn't know about it (it didn't seem important - he knows such a day exist, but like, it wasn't relevant to him before) and Damen decides to surprise him, so he cancels all the meetings that day and takes him to some place nice in the nature and gives him a huge boquet of flowers or something and Laurent is so surprised and flushed and Damen is like, you the most important person in my world. ;A;

this is soooo cute. i bet he packs them a picnic basket and they ride there on horseback

Late night tumblr story time

At the Romantic Times convention in Dallas last year, there was a rodeo themed night with a mechanical bull you could ride. So naturally I had to ride this mechanical bull, right? Now, if you’re unfamiliar with romance novels, cowboy/rancher/farmer/rodeo dude romances are like, a BFD. Well, there’s this cute guy with a cowboy hat and a plad shirt who works with the mechanical bull set up, and he’s laughing with the women and getting flirty with them when he’s helping them onto the bull. I get up to the front of the line, and he sees the tattoo of a beluga whale on my chest, and like, the whole flirty cowboy persona just drops, and he’s like, “I love whales.” And he rolls up his sleeve and shows me a tattoo of a whale. Not just any whale. Some specific whale who has a defect with its voice and it can’t talk to other whales, so it’s like, the loneliest whale on the planet. And as he’s telling me about it, he gets actually choked up and goes, “I’m sorry, I get real emotional over this whale.”

TL;DR: romance readers and authors who love cowboy romances go to a party and don’t realize that an actual romance novel cowboy is also at the party.

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About a week ago my lil sister saw a jackfrost thing and asked me what it was about so naturally I showed her the movie and we watched it together and that got me into a real ROTG mood so I was looking at your cosplays pics just now and as shes leaving for school she sees you and shakes me and says "HES REAL I KNEW IT!! IM GONNA GO TELL ALL MY FRIENDS AT SCHOOL" and omg just wanted to let u know a smol 5 year old legitimate believes youre jack frost


  • did u know that wonwoo’s weakness is cute things…..cute sweaters, cute people……..CUTE BABIES
  • so naturally he is v v v excited about being a dad
  • imitates various animal sounds to entertain his child
  • okay but really, imagine him roaring like a lion does and his lil bab giggling
  • one time you took a picture of him sleeping on the couch with his baby sleeping on his chest
  • this is actually a pretty common occurrence on his off days and it’s so cute
  • holds out his finger so his baby can wrap their little hand around and hold onto it for like…..an hour
  • ok usually he doesn’t like singing around other people and he gets all embarrassed abt it but sometimes he’ll rock the baby to sleep and sing softly to them
  • shows his kids all of his favorite rappers bc he’s gotta raise his kids right
  • “wonwoo are you sure you should be showing our children rap music?” “it’s not just rap music, y/n, it’s art” “wonwoo pls” 
  • the type to place his child in his lap when he wants to show them how to do something
  • always encourages his children to do what they love most and supports them 100%
  • likes to have family nights where everyone watches movies or plays games together and makes microwave popcorn for the occasion
  • he’s a low key crier
  • not that he cries a ton but sad movies and watching his children reach huge milestones gets to him sometimes and he’s not ashamed of his emotions
  • he loves to engulf you in big hugs at the end of the day when you’re both exhausted 
  • steals kisses from you frequently
  • sometimes you child catches you and they’re like DAAADD
  • but he just smiles at them, rubs their head and says “you’ll understand someday”
  • being a dad means everything to wonwoo

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I particularly think that after Luhan left EXO, he showed us more of his childish & natural cute side than manly side... C'mon just see him being manhandled in RM & other chinese variety shows!! (Pleasee make a set gif about it 🙏🙏🙏) Keep lovin' Hunhan <3

Oh my god you’re actually so right, I preach you

Allow me to introduce you to my lovely collection of Running Man Lu GIFs

OMO he’s so cute *dies*

^^The struggle is real

Like for real^^

He makes me smile XDD

^^^A wild deer appears in his natural habitat  

^^^^ 2 fab 4 U

^^ What I like to call, the “what the shit” face

^^^ ;w; LuHan you’re so cute and gullible, it makes me cry 

^^^AHHAAA LuHan, you’re adorable 

And of course, my personal favourite…




LuHan: What is this shit.

Ahhh, Thanks Anon, I really enjoyed that XDD

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I want the k

Stomach Kiss for the kiss meme


“So you’re telling me,” Will was looking at me doubtfully, arms crossed and eyes narrowed, as I lounged smugly across my bed in the Hades cabin, “that you’re not ticklish. At all.”

“By golly, I think he’s got it.”

“I don’t believe you.”

I just tucked my hands behind my head, closing my eyes, “Suit yourself.”

There was a silence too long to be trusted, so I cracked one of my eyes open warily just in time to see Will lunging forward. I let out a very undignified yelping noise, tried to roll out of the way, and failed as he was now pinning me down with a wicked smile on his face.

“Will!” I pushed against his chest, but it did nothing.

His fingers brushed over the bare skin of my stomach under my shirt, making me shiver, “Admit that you’re ticklish and I won’t test it.”

“I’m not tickli–” My sentence ended in a startled gasp and then a bout of laughter followed by me angrily trying to shove Will off of me, to no avail.

“Admit that you’re ticklish!” he yelled.

“I’M–” I gasped between giggling fits, “I’M NOT– WILL!– USUALLY–”

He grinned down at me mischievously, only tightening his hold on me when I attempted to punch and kick him. “Stay it and I’ll stop!”

“OKAY, OKAY!” I wheezed, “I’M TICKLISH!”

He stopped tickling me, laughing down at me, “I know.”

I hit him in the chest, “Dickhead!”

He bent down and pressed his lips softly to my stomach, “You don’t mean that.”

I snorted, combing my fingers through his hair and trying not to smile, “Yes, I do.”

He kissed a little bit to the left and then started downwards, making my cheeks heat up “No, you don’t.”

“Okay… maybe not.”

I’m so sorry that this took so long. If you sent me a prompt or a request for “the K, it’s coming, I’m just really busy and I have like 12 requests to finish so it might take a while, but I will get it done!



So my first up is my personal favorite Skelly bro Papyrus! Seriously this little biscuit had me calling him EVERY room I could! I was laughing all the way and his “Cool Guy” outfit was just gold. XD So naturally I had to try my hand on drawing this guy. Some of these are mixed with my first attempts at drawing him so the style is a bit varied.

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KC + human AU + tinder app + smut

Swipe Right

Swipe. Swipe. Swipe.

It had been a steady 10 minutes of swiping and she was beginning to swipe left without thinking. He’s too short, his pictures are all group shots… which one are you? He’s got a kid, who are all the girls in his pictures? He hikes, he bikes, he climbs, he dives, why is every guy suddenly outdoorsy?

All Caroline wanted was a cute guy who wanted to see a movie or get coffee, not jump out of a plane or do extreme sports. She was definitely not an outdoors person, so naturally shied away from those, plus the guys who were “looking for a gym partner”. She hated the gym. She was more of a Netflix and pizza type of girl and wasn’t planning on changing that any time soon.

Swipe. Swipe. Swi…

Her eyes lit up as they focused in on the next picture. She liked what she saw: dirty blonde hair, short sexy facial hair, and full kissable lips.

Klaus, 25

British. I don’t have children or flatmates. Take a chance, get to know me ;)

“There’s a whole world out there waiting for you, great cities and art and music, genuine beauty, and you can have all of it.” - anonymous

She bit her lip trying to imagine what his accent sounded like. Immediately she swiped right, hoping they would match. She’d worked hard on her profile, making sure to include a headshot, a full body shot, a goofy happy picture, and a sexy come-hither shot to round it out.

Caroline, 21

Public Relations major, girly girl, former Miss Mystic Falls, former head cheerleader. If you’re looking for your next side chick just keep swiping.

You have a new match!

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Seventeen as animals


Is a Black Lab, they are both handsome and adorable. Not to mention the playful attitudes and similar mindsets about family and loyalty.


Is a Fox, cute and angelic, plus a bit sexy if animals can be sexy lol. As far as personality goes they are both playful and reserved at the same time, a curious nature.


Hoshi gets two, why? Cause he has two modes, cute and silly then sexy and intense. So he is sometimes a silly Cockatoo and sometimes a handsome Tiger.


Joshua is this kitten, why? Cause they both look like sweet little innocent gentleman, but we know how bad he can be just like we know this kitten is probably a little shit sometimes.


Is a Gecko, not just cause his nickname is Dino, but also cause he is just as adorable and cool as e Gecko. 


Is a Capuchin Monkey. They are both silly and like acting tough, even though these monkeys are super tough, like don’t piss off a Capuchin Monkey they will bite your face off haha.


He is totally a Black Panther, not only do they both have that stare down pat, they are also in reality super playful and silly and loners.


Nothing says handsome and sweet like a Wolf and mingyu, both being loyal pack animals and very attractive.


You saw this coming so don’t act surprised, Dk is totally a Horse, probably a Stallion, but this picture was just too funny and reminded me of his laughing. Like both are social, silly and just happy.


Totally a Red Panda, like they are both soft, squishy, adorable little balls of fluff and sassy as fuck. There is no way he isn’t a Red Panda, I put a lot of thought into this.

The8/ Minghao

He’s a little Mouse, you may have expected a puppy which i understand. but he is a mouse. They are both one adorable as shit and have the biggest dark eyes, two silly little balls of fluff and three, they are both sneaky little shits who scoot into your heart without you realizing it.

Jun/ Junhui

I’m not sure why, but it just fits, he is a Meerkat. Like they are both greasy as fuck, just think of Timon. Like tall, slender, sneaky, snarky, sociable, funny/ He just seems like a Meerkat.


Is a Cat, like not just this one, he is just a cat. Both love sleeping, they are silly, sweet, grumbly bugs, social and anti-social at the same time. Unintentionally adorable and get super embarrassed when they do something stupid (aegyo). Woozi is just a Cat.

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How would Eric act if he had crush on you?


  • ngl he’d probably pick on u a bit
  • like he’d call u a few names but all in good nature
  • he’d literally do anything to be near u omg
  • like he’d always try to stand beside u
  • he’d sneek glances @ u when he thinks u aren’t looking
  • he’d be loud around you
  • omg so he’d like revolve whole conversations around you
  • trust me he’d have written like 80 pages about u in his journal
  • he’d get kinda flustered when u talk to him first
  • !!!!!!!!!!!!
  • he’s so cute kill me 

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I'm a black girl and I was dating a white guy for a year and a half and it wash great. yeah we got the occasional stares and the questions but it was so worth it to be able to be with him. One cute thing that he did was try to keep up with my bairstyles 😂 with my braids, weave, natural hair and each and every time I got my hair done he always said that he loved it and I look beautiful. so for black girls out there, there is hope!!!! cute white guys are out there you just have to look real hard

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When I was watching the gaming documentary, I couldn't help but notice how Dan looked. Like yeah, I got really pumped with all the esports but dan just looks so... Soft (?) in that video. Kind of like glowing. You know what I mean??? He's just so naturally pretty. Phil has more of a ... scrunched up face when he smiles/laughs and it's really cute and everything, but when dan smiles his cheeks do squish and he's so cute. (It's almost 11:30pm and yes, I'm obsessing over how pretty dan is)

Part 2 of 11:30 pm obsessing) moving onto phil, he seems more angular, I guess. Like more prominent cheekbones, less squishy cheeks (which make him look extra sexy lemme just say) but for some reason he doesn’t seem as soft/squishy as dan does???? With dan, I just want to squish his cheeks whenever he does something cute/looks cute but with phil, when he does those things, I kinda just “he’s adorable I want to hug him”. This probably doesn’t make much sense, sorry. I think it’s the cheeks.


I really get you- like dan is cute and fluffy and you wanna squish him in your palms and phil is like…this beautifully crafted sculpture in a museum you wanna just stare at. The contrast is really apparent for some reason.

“You’re like the sand.”

He looks at me quizzically. “The sand?”

“Yeah.” I look at him and smile softly.
“…The sand.”

Grinning, he draws closer to me, his face inches away from mine. “How so?” he asks me, voice low.

“On a beach, the first thing I notice is the water but the first experience I get is through the sand. The sand is not one big thing, but a ton of little things.“ The compassionate look on his face intensifies and the tiniest smile tugs one side of his mouth as I continue.

“Sand on the beach can stretch for a while and it can be a long walk, but I feel small portions at a time, and I enjoy it… all the little bits and pieces of it. Because enjoying the small pieces is appreciating what it makes up as a whole. I enjoy you like I enjoy the sand, Matt.”

I see his eyes sparkle despite the dim light of the candle. “Does the sand make you feel better than the ocean?”

I gaze at him wondrously. I nod and after a moment of silence, I speak, “The sand… the sand makes up the ocean too. Though I can’t always see it, through all the happiness and joy I get in the waters, I get to feel the sand at some point. Or the sadness and stress I might feel in the waters… in the back of my head, I know that the sand is always waiting to support me.”

He narrows his eyes and the sparkles in them disappear, replacing with passion. Wrapping me in his arms, he instantly pulls me under the covers with him and begins covering me in kisses.
I slowly felt myself begin to crumble in his arms and I became one with him; I became the sand.