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Holy shit Paul's feet are so big! And then there's Robert looking tiny and adorable

Look Im a Pisces… Im naturally geared toward feet (believes in mumbo jumbo when it takes the blame off me) so I dont need this. I dont need to be called out for this.

Pauls a huge gangly giraffe person so of course hes got huge feet…. im just surprised that Bobs feet look smaller than Dons TBH…. Don is a bit smaller in general than Bob(which is cute thinking about the Iron boys meeting in collage and Rhodey being taller at some point and then being annoyed that Tony grew just a bit bigger) so…. tiny feet.

Maybe its just the shoe…. type. IDK I dont need this. I dont need to be staring at peoples feet like a huge freak. Have a shitty comic.

A Wonderful Moment of Distraction

You were stirring the contents inside the pan when you felt two arms wrap around you from behind. You smiled when you felt someone nuzzle into your neck. “Morning.” All Neymar did was grunt, his words would have been muffled by your neck either way. You turned away slightly, forcing him to take his face from out your neck, something he did not seem to like, if the frown on his face was any give away. “You don’t have training today, what are you doing up so early?”

Glancing at the clock, you noticed it was six o’clock in the morning. Being an early riser, it was natural for you to be up so early. Neymar, however, on his days off, liked to sleep in. “I didn’t feel like sleeping anymore. I rolled over to hold you only to find you gone.” You couldn’t help but smile. That’s cute. “Well, I came down to make breakfast. We got to eat right and god knows that if I left this job to you, that wouldn’t ever happen.” Neymar squeezed you tight. “I resent that. I’m not that bad of a cook.”

You raised your eyebrow at him in question. “Ney, you can’t even boil water correctly.” He pouted. “I resent that.” You laughed. “Well, too bad, that’s the truth.” To add more effect to your statement, you stuck your tongue out at him. This time it was Neymar’s turn to raise one eyebrow in your direction. “Really? Okay, fine, let’s have a little competition then.” This definitely peaked your interest.

“Competition?” You, by nature were quite a competitive person, so you definitely wouldn’t pass up a chance to beat Neymar at something. “Yes, a competition.”

“Okay, what do we have to do?” Neymar smirked, an evil smirk which you really just wanted to wipe off his face. You were definitely in competition mode. Neymar then explained what you would have to do. It was pretty simple really. The two of you would each have to create a breakfast big enough for two people. After trying both of the breakfasts, whichever was better would win. “Bring it on.”

As soon as you said those words, the both of you were off. The first thing to do would be to decide what you wanted to make. You figured a Spanish omelet would be a nice breakfast, with coffee of course, as was reminded by your caffeine loving self. You had gotten all of the ingredients and were about to set the thing on the stove, when you were stopped by someone, more like something.

Someone, most likely Neymar since he was the only one besides you in the house, had thrown flour in your face. Because your mouth had been open, a bit of it had gotten into your mouth. Flour, definitely not a good taste. After blowing out a bit of it, you cleared your eyes so you would be able to see again. As soon as you could see, the first thing you noticed was Neymar, writhing around on the floor, laughing so hard, there were tears coming out of his eyes.

Using his momentary distraction to your benefit, you grabbed the flour which was placed on the countertop and flung it in his direction. This time it was your turn to laugh. His entire face was white, covered in the substance and because his mouth had been open from laughing, you knew for a fact that some of it got into his mouth. Not so nice now, huh Neymar?

Seeing his stunned look, you knew that you had entered into a war zone. You don’t remember who moved first but the both of you lunged for the flour bag and after that it was all a smoke of white. Both of you flung flour in the direction of the other, sometimes hitting your target and sometimes missing. The whole time, the both of you were laughing. This was the most fun you had had in a while and seeing Neymar, covered, head to toe in flour was hilarious to you.

Once the flour had ran out, you and Neymar both collapsed onto the kitchen flour, not even caring that it was covered in flour. In fact, you could barely even see the floor. Your stomach hurt from laughing so much, however, seeing Neymar’s face, made another bought of laughter rise up in your throat.

“So, I don’t think any of us won.” You had completely forgotten about the competition until just then. This time you narrowed your eyes at him, a suspicion crawling up inside of you. “You did this to distract me from the competition didn’t you? Because you knew that you wouldn’t win.” The guilty look on Neymar’s face gave it all away. What you had suspected was true. However, you couldn’t find it in yourself to be mad at him. That didn’t mean, though, that you wouldn’t get back at him. And you knew exactly how to do that.

“And just for that, you’re going to clean up the kitchen.” Neymar definitely hadn’t been expecting that. “Wait, what.” Flashing him and innocent smile, you stood up. “I’m going to go take a shower now. Have fun with the cleaning.” With that, you walked out of the kitchen, with Neymar staring after you still slightly in shock.

- I hope you like it Anon. Sorry if it’s not really the kind of funny you wanted. I have a bit of a dry humor and so…yeah. 

you know what I really want to see from season 6? I want to see Lydia realizing her feelings for Stiles and becoming over come with emotion at how much she loves him. I want to see her trying (and failing) to contain a smile whenever he walks into a room, and her eyes sparkling when she looks at him. I want to see her hold his hand just because she can and lean her head on his shoulder after a long day. 

I want to see Stiles smiling like a madman whenever she does something (anything) because he can’t believe that he finally gets to call her his girlfriend. I want to see Stiles getting protective and jealous whenever anyone looks at Lydia and her laughing but kissing him on the cheek anyway because he’s so cute. 

I want to see them both sitting on Stiles bed studying for Chemistry but they keep stealing glances at each other over the pages, smiling shyly the whole time. I want to see them fighting some super natural monster together and for Stiles to finally see Lydia use her powers and look at her the same way he looked at her in season 1 when she was figure skating (also getting a bit turned on). 

Most of all, I want to see them being happy and in love because after years of turmoil they deserve at least that. 

a little while ago someone asked me on a scale from 1 to 10 how gay I was and like today I was thinking about that cute boy in my italian class while leaving university and then a girl held the door open for me and smiled at me and 10/10 I’m gay

ok but tonights fitzsimmons scene was perfect
- the kiss was just so natural (if yall dont think kisses doesnt go down that awkward youre wrong)

OK BUT CAN WE TALK ABOUT THAT LAST SCENE??? rob telling aaron that he’ll get through it, that he deserves to be happy. the way he put his arm around aaron and pulled him in, and he just let himself fit, like it’s natural and normal. and they just stayed like that in public. because they’re boyfriends now and they want to so they can. rob looked directly at him, telling him he can have happiness in his life, in that cute light-hearted way that translates so well between them. and then they just stood together, their bodies together, aaron’s head on rob’s shoulder ready to begin their lives together

My review of Jimmy Kimmel Live:

-so so nice to fans I love him
-is hilarious
-is RDJ
-talks about Chris Evans (very honest about him)
-lots of facial expressions
-shares experiences he’s had in life
-shares how he started in the MCU
-great fashion taste
-great ass, hopefully y'all get to see that
-shows his cute little daughter
-lots of Tom Holland talk as Spider-Man
-Emily VanCamp
-cinnamon roll who is tiny and cute
-hints at double agent, sort of
-naturally takes charge
-Marvel’s most trusted member
-Don Cheadle
-has the funniest stories
-really close to RDJ
-Paul Bettany
-always really fashionable
-shares how he became Jarvis/Vision

All was really fun. No trash talk about ships or teams. So watch tonight! Enjoy guys!

Gray-sama and Juvia’s New York Adventure Day 5!

Gray-sama and Juvia found a fun place called the Nintendo store! Gray-sama, Juvia chooses you!

Look Gray-sama! Juvia is positive this must be the Statue of Liberty! It has the same hat!

Gray: … You’re doing this to purposely annoy me, aren’t you?

Juvia and Gray-sama found these cute creatures to hitch a ride on. They were so nice, and they matched Juvia’s hair!

Oh no! Juvia was attacked while we browsed the store!!! Gray-sama defended her. He is so brave!!!

Gray-sama, is this the Statue Of Liberty? It looks like it!

Gray: First of all, it’s too flat, and second of all you’re not supposed to be able to eat off of the Statue Of Liberty, so no. 

Juvia is getting vexed!!!

Gray: That makes two of us.

Gray-sama and Juvia next headed for the Museum Of Natural History, where they found a monster called the Titanosaur! It was so big it couldn’t even fit inside this huge room! But it makes no difference how large it was. Juvia and Gray-sama could surely have beaten it with their combined strength. Lucky for you, Titanosaur, that you are just bone now, or you would have faced the might of our love!!!

We next found this ship that we boarded. It took Juvia and Gray-sama into the past! It was such a romantic voyage! Past or present, it makes no difference, Gray-sama and Juvia stick side by side!

Juvia and Gray-sama next found this amazing whale! Juvia loves sea creatures! Juvia had watched a movie once which taught her a few words in whale language, but no matter how slowly and loudly Juvia shouted, the whale would not reply. :(  Perhaps it was a foreign whale.

Juvia did not like the way this penguin was eying Gray-sama. Get your own ice mage, Penguin! Gray-sama belongs with Juvia!!! Come, Gray-sama!

After leaving the museum Juvia stumbled upon a place called Victoria’s Secret. Juvia was very hesitant to go inside at first, because Juvia did not want Gray-sama meeting this Victoria, for her clothes seemed very skimpy indeed, and Juvia would not let her share any secrets with Gray-sama!!! However, Juvia quickly realized this place was a store. So, Juvia dragged Gray-sama inside with her in the hopes of finding something he might like to see Juvia wear!

Juvia showed Gray-sama many different pieces of lingerie.

Which one of these things do you think Juvia would look best in, Gray-sama?

Gray:… Well, if I have to choose, I guess that last netted, blue one. But I don’t really see the point, you might as well wear nothing.

Nothing at all?!!! Gray-sama, that’s so scandalous!!! *blushes*

Gray-sama! This beast has the Statue Of Liberty in it’s clutches!!! Drop it, you mongrel!!!! 

Gray: *sigh*

After a long day, Juvia convinced Gray-sama to get dressed up for a date night! Juvia was so excited! We ended up sharing some delicious desserts at this cute French tea room. It was so lovely! Juvia treasures every bit of time spent with Gray-sama! <3

Prompt; You fainted…straight into my arms. You know, if you wanted my attention you didn’t have to go to such extremes.
Steve x reader
Request my friends

Your POV

You had been feeling ill all day. It just came out of the blue, and you had no idea what had caused it. Nausea, light-headedness, fever, and body pains led you to believe you had caught the flu, so naturally, when Steve, your best friend found out, he wanted to make you as comfortable as possible.

He brought in all the pillows and blankets from his room, some Advil, and just a few of your favourite movies to spend the day with you. He propped all the pillows and blankets into a little mountain and the two of you laid in the middle of it, enjoying each other’s presence.

You laid with your head buried in the crook of his neck, and his arms wrapped around you protectively. You were exactly between the state of sleep and consciousness, when your stomach began to hate you.

You jumped up, and ran to the bathroom, emptying your stomach into the toilet, not very discreetly, may I add.

“Y/N?” Steve asked, and you heard his footsteps on the cold, hardwood floor. “Jesus Christ,” he whispered more to himself and walked over, pulling your hair away from your face. Sure, you weren’t throwing up right at that moment, but it was bound to happen again, and he was prepared.

“You’re okay, don’t worry, you’re fine.” He hummed, rubbing your back gently. Once you were absolutely sure nothing else was going to come up, he helped you stand. “You good?” He asked, and with a brief nod, he let go of you.

Your head was swimming and you felt weak. A high pitched ringing in your ears distracted you from whatever Steve was saying, and before you knew it, you had fainted.

About a minute later, you regained consciousness, and you were laying in your bed. Steve was standing beside you. “What happened?” You rubbed your eyes, looking up at your best friend.

“You fainted…straight into my arms. You know, if you wanted my attention you didn’t have to go to such extremes.” He grinned, cockily.

“Oh shut up,” you managed a small smile.

“I’ll go get you something to drink, I’ll be right back.” He leaned down and kissed your forehead. “Don’t move.” He rushed off. You felt a slight pink colour tint your cheeks as he ran out of the room.

He returned within a minute, and laid beside you after you drank the glass of water. “Maybe I should get sick more often,” you reached your hand out and intertwined your fingers, hesitantly. He squeezed your hand in reassurance, and you smiled.

“Why is that?” He questioned.

“Cause I like you taking care of me.” You laughed.

“Well, you don’t have to get sick for me to take care of you, you know. All you have to do is ask.”

On camp, all the kids wanted to try and ride bareback, and I was leading this little boy called CJ, and he was talking to me about the most random horse things. Then he looks at me and goes, “You know we don’t actually need bits and saddles to ride horses, we just need to use our bodies. Because the horses, they know what we want them to do. We don’t have to be mean to them.”
HE’S 6! And he knows we don’t have to be harsh to horses!

Are Eric Nam and Solar the perfect “We Got Married” couple?

Since its first broadcast over eight years ago, reality show We Got Married has featured many legendary virtual couples.

However, after watching the interactions between new couple Eric Nam and MAMAMOO‘s Solar, netizens are suggesting that they could already be considered one of the top couples of all time already. With their likeable personalities and outgoing natures, netizens are quickly falling in love with the two singers as a couple.

[+ 2238, – 44] They’re not fake, they’ve got good personality ㅋㅋㅋ and Eric said he was not a fun person..so modest. He’s so sweet

[+ 1827 , – 44] I realized how good Eric is at making conversation. Solar’s great personality is starting to show too ㅋㅋㅋ

[+ 1520, – 45] Eric Nam’s ability to relate to people is so amazing ㅋㅋㅋ Solar is so cute the more I look at her.

Source: Sports Chosun

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Small things Laxus does

- Even though he’s not a long sleeper, he never was and never will be, he’d stay as long in bed as it takes for his s/o to wake up naturally, so he doesn’t accidentally wake them up. And he’d watch them sleep for hours without getting bored.

- When he has to get up early to go on a mission, he’d be as quiet as possible and always leave a little note on the table, saying where he goes, when he will be back and that he already misses them. 

- He isn’t a man of great words but he shows his love instead. Buying his s/os favourite cake from the bakery at the other part of the city or planning a nice shopping trip in an other town because his s/o said something about needing new boots, are his ways to show love.

- Doing something he usually hates like watching a horror movie or meeting with people he doesn’t really like just because his s/o wants to, is a big freaking deal for him and a sign of true love.

- When they are separated because of a mission or something, he’d always text his s/o a good night message, telling them to sleep well, dream about their next trip together and that he can’t wait to come back.

- He notices every little change in his s/os behavior and mood, so when they are stressed and in a bad mood, he’d cook something really nice for them and make a long relaxing bubble bath after it. And a long massage to top that.

- Every time he leaves, doesn’t matter for how long, he always gives them a kiss on the forehead and saying “I love you”. And this little gesture means soo damn much.