they have a birthday party for both the lalondes and striders starting the night of the 3rd and carrying on in the morning of the 4th

Happy birthday to my kids

(i didnt have time to draw dirk but he’s there roxy wouldnt let him celebrate alone)

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What if Hanzo did kill Genji in this dragon age AU, but mercy saved him and he has to use blood magic to stay alive? Better yet, what if he has a spirit like grandma healer mage that keeps him alive and he knows him as zenyatta?

Angie and Torb turning him into ?? some kind of ?? lyrium golem ??? 

So in the preview we see that Viktor and Yuri will be staying at a Resort, not a Hotel. The difference between those two is that Resorts usually offer more Entertainment and Service right? And viktor discribes it as finally being on vacation so basically they are going to spend a romantic Holiday in Barcelona before the GPF and they are 100% gonna share a bed.

I hope we get to see their room..

ch. 186 highlights!

  • this is probably the first time He Tian has friends over and he looks so happy and relaxed. his apartment is no longer empty. the parallel is beautiful.
  • basically the first thing Jian Yi does is to push Zhengxi down on He Tian’s bed and tell him they should “sleep here tonight” aka together aka just the two of them ok Jian Yi alright [coughs] dropping hints, I see.
  • and He Tian kicks them the way he always does because he’s just so tired of their gayness [lowkey no.1 shipper]
  • Guan Shan threatens them with a green onion like ‘I’m not afraid to use it’ HOW’S THAT NOT ADORABLE
  • Zhengxi is #done with this shit like ‘why am I here help’ [he looks grumpier this time? hmm maybe not]
  • He Tian asks Guan Shan to teach him how to chop an onion, in the cutest way possible “how should I know if you don’t teach me..” [internal screaming]. and I bet his wound still hurts, but even so, he sits there beside him, smug and shit and they’re newlyweds af. 
  • Jian Yi asks He Tian if he has ever kissed someone before, which is a great thing because it means he will no longer avoid what happened. maybe? are they finally going to discuss about it, on their way back home or? the timing is interesting, too. he didn’t want Zhengxi to hear him. so maybe he’s still afraid to have a conversation with him, right now he’s probably looking for some sort of advice. for how long has he been thinking about this? hmm. good. 
  • of course He Tian proudly says yes and Guan Shan glares at him and… HE’S SO FLUSTERED!! cute lil precious bean. for the first time he’s blushing so so bad because of him. the things He Tian does and says used to annoy him, mostly, but this, /this/ is different. this means a lot. his reaction might suggest that he… is slowly falling for He Tian. that he isn’t “disgusted” at all [well, we didn’t really believe that, did we]. I mean, why so conscious if you don’t care? …. tbh I don’t even know why I’m saying this, we’ve seen how much he cares for him, especially in the previous chapter, and this confirms further that there’s a change [excited? well, I fucking am]
  • “That feeling was very intense/deep.” — idk about you, but for me, this sounds like a well-wrapped love confession! teasingly, of course, he wants Guan Shan to hear it. and Guan Shan’s reaction is probably the kind of reaction He Tian secretly wished for. underneath his teasing attitude, maybe He Tian simply wants Guan Shan to.. understand that this is actually serious. that the kiss meant something for him. we’ll see.