Day 1 of meeting Yogs has been a great one! They were all really easy to talk to and as friendly as ever :D

A S K I D A T E !!

- Own interp of Idate.

- Hes a giant asshole.

- He will answer anything you have to ask.

- Multiship account, open to chatting to fans & open for roleplay.

- Supports some canon ships you may not agree with.

L A D Y K I L L E R~

I feel like people are reading me pretty easily with the types of headcanons that have been sent to me. I love Archie and Maxie a lot, can’t hide that if I tried. I like to hear about the other bosses too. ^_^ 

I don’t have a lot of headcanons regarding Giovanni and Ghetsis actually. I can ponder for a bit with Giovanni, but Ghetsis has always been a hard one for me to think of headcanons for. I played gen 5, but it was right before gen 6 came out and well… I’m not too secret about my Lysandre love.