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Lol, Gaster with that badass quote before getting his ass whooped lol. I actually feel bad for him. He's 0-3 when it comes to Glitchtale fights

He used to be a great fighter tho… even if he’s lacking one of his abilities he’s still pretty powerful.

He certainly feels bad, having all that power but not being able to win a fight

Bound to Lose

Part Two

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Pairing: Peter x reader

Summary: Peter and (Y/N) have broken up, and (Y/N) wants nothing to do with her ex-boyfriend. Peter respects her wishes, until he stumbles across her one day — as Spider-Man.

Warnings: more angsttt, the reader is angry and says some things 

A/N: this fic is still inspired by Lose My Mind by Dean Lewis. Huge s/o to @thekillingquill for her expert advice for this chapter <3

Part One

“I only lose my mind when I ain’t got you

and how can I win when I’m always bound to lose”

Peter watched (Y/N) from across the cafeteria. She sat with Michelle, but her mind was somewhere else. She pushed her food around her plate with a fork, staring through the table, jolting when Michelle nudged her out of her stupor and placed a comforting hand on her arm. When (Y/N) wasn’t looking, Michelle shot Peter a glance so vicious he finally understood the phrase “if looks could kill”.

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Uno, Ouriashev prove to be winning combination

Japanese prodigy has sought out coach last two years for jump expertise

Posted 8/22/17 by Philip Hersh, special to icenetwork

Since bringing Alex Ouriashev into his corner, Shoma Uno has become a masterful jumper – and a true contender for the Olympic gold medal. -Philip Hersh

It was a perfect mid-August morning, sunny and dry with a temperature in the low 80s. On such a summer day, most people would do anything to get outdoors.

That is where field hockey player Itsuki Uno, 15, and his father, Hiroki, were going to be. They were headed for the golf course, just as they had almost every day during the Uno family’s three-week stay in the Chicago suburbs.

Itsuki’s older brother, Shoma, 19, would not be in the golfing party.“I don’t particularly like being outdoors,” Uno said through an interpreter, with a sly grin that needed no translation.

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“why do you love lance so much?” why do you NOT?! look at him! this boy can light up any room he enters




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