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🐷 (14thmucisian) ((Allen))

Send “🐷” for my muse to give yours a piggyback ride.

Lavi grinned as he lifted Allen onto his back, his arms wrapping around the smaller boys legs as he steadied him, 

“Here ya go, Beansprout, this is what it looks like ta be at a normal height!” He teased.


• Nico and Frank become really close and they play Mythomagic with each-other 24/7

• They visit ancient ruins together (because they’re both mythology nerds)

• Frank always gives Nico piggyback rides when he gets tired of walking

• Frank becomes the true brother that Nico never had

• Nico summons Frank’s mother and Frank finally gets closure and moves on with Nico’s help

• When Frank finds out that Nico can talk to literally every dead Greek & Roman philosopher in existence he dies of excitement (what a dumb nerd)

• Frank begs Nico to let him talk to some of them and nags him until he agrees (what a dumb nerd)

• They have sleepovers where they literally just play Mythomagic and watch Disney movies

• One of the only times Nico laughs is when Frank turns into some kind of small (preferably slimy) animal and crawls into Leo’s shirt or pants to mess with him

• Every time they play Monopoly it ends with Frank winning and Nico’s hands around his neck throttling him (he’s v competitive)

• Nico secretly loves animals but they hate his death-smelling ass so sometimes Frank turns into an adorable animal (pup, kitty, bun, etcetera) and they just cuddle


• Hazel knows, though ^^

• Their bromance is legendary and powerful

EXO comes to your ethnic family function

Lol i’m doing this reaction post with a few tweaks. I hope u don’t mind ^^ i’ll probz do a separate post on the ”treat u right” part.

This is what happens when you bring OT12 to your family bbq/picnic/gathering:

You: hey guys so I brought EXO here and they’re a really popular kpop grou–

Everyone else: *blank stare* there she go with that kpop mess again

*everyone could care less and goes back to whatever they were doing*


will probably be introducing himself to all the adults and your aunties will be whispering to themselves about what a nice boy he is


The younger kids will be treating him like he’s a jungle gym. He’ll be busy giving piggyback rides and pretending he’s an airplane. Also everyone will probably mispronounce his name and call him “Bacon”


He’ll be fawning over your cousins tattoos and excitedly listening to them explain what they mean. He’ll also probably show his own tattoo off. One of your cousins will try to recruit him to join his team in a game of 5 on 5 basketball.


He’ll be throwing down on the grill with your dad. He’ll probably get an honorary bbq apron and your dad will teach him his secret recipe. After he’s done he’ll proudly present you with a burger he made himself.


Will be staring at the buffet of foreign food for a long time, wondering what to eat. Once he does eat something, he’ll end up really liking it and eating alot of it. 

D.O: “This is really good, what do you call it??”

and u just like : “Umm thats a taco…”

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One of your ignorant cousins will come up to him asking if he’s mixed and subsequently induct him as an honorary light-skinned brother. You can also catch Kai closely watching everyone doing the Electric Slide/Cupid Shuffle/Wobble…etc and will immediately learn it and join in.


Will probably be getting hit on by all of your aunties, but he doesn’t want to be rude and turn them down so he just goes with it. Later on, he’ll be forced to slow dance with one of them. He’ll send you a discreet SOS for help from the dance floor.

Him: *mouthes* SAVE ME


He’ll be playing poker with your uncles in one of the rooms of the house. You see that he’s about to win but he loses on purpose. And then he acts like he shocked that he lost in front of the old folks.

Him: I can’t believe I lost.. How did that happen?


He’ll be putting on one of your brother’s old pair of soccer cleats and going with the rest of your cousins and brothers to the park to play a pick up game of soccer. 

You: Where are you going?

Him: “to play some soccer. save me a burger!”

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All the children would be following him around like ducklings. You’ll find him crouched behind a tree during a game of hide and seek.

“Shh, don’t blow my cover, the kids will find me”


When you open the door to another room of the house, you’ll see Tao joining in on a tea party with a bunch of little girls. It’s funny to see because he’s so tall, but he would be sitting in a really small chair. 

You: “And who are you supposed to be?”

Tao: “I’m the prince–”

Little Girl : “No he’s the panda!”

Tao: “What, I thought I was a prince?”

Little Girl “only a princess can turn a panda into a prince” *gives a tao a kiss on the cheek* “ok, now you’re a prince”

Tao: *stunned for a second, but then laughs to himself because he’s strangely satisfied with the fact that he’s a prince now*


He’ll be sitting on the living room couch with your mom, and she would be showing him all of your baby pictures. And when he sees you walk in, he just laughs to himself because of the blackmail goldmine your mom just provided him with.

When the dance portion of the party starts they’ll be going down the soul train line like:

Suho: *moving his hips to the beat*

Baekhyun: *shimmying* 

Chanyeol: …………………

Everybody@ Chanyeol like:

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Chen: *shufflin like the chensing machine he is*

Kyungsoo: If its an R&B song he recognizes he’ll probably do a small sidestep while singing the song softly to himself

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Kai: *acting like this is his performance stage*

Kris: *doing whatever this is lol*

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Lay: *popping and locking perfectly*

Luhan: *shaking his booty*

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Xiumin: dancing like nobody’s watching


Sehun: doing the dougie of course

Then everyone’s looking at them like:

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At the end, they would all probably help you clean up, because they want to stay just a bit longer. ^^

if Mingyu was your boyfriend....
  • you’d ask for lots of piggyback rides i mean why would you pass up the opportunity to use his height to your advantage
  • he’d pepper kisses all over your face omg
  • he’d be that giggly type of boyfriend like he’d giggle all of a sudden and when you’d ask him why he was giggling he’d be like, “nothing you just look really adorable right now”
  • “mingyu i can’t reach it”
  • “give me a kiss and i’ll get it for you”
  • he’d easily pick you up and spin you around while he showered your face with kisses
  • he’d take lots of sneaky selfies with you while you weren’t looking and when you’d go through his phone you’re like, “when and wHEre did you even take these oh my god mingyu my hair was a mess i hope no one else sees this”
  • he’d be that boyfriend that loves to tease and poke fun at you
  • there’d be a lot of skinship with him, even in public, and he wouldn’t even realize that he was holding on to your hand like affection is just so natural for him 
  • since he used to work at a coffee shop, he’d make you coffee every morning and when you’d ask him what he put in it to make it taste so good, he’d just smile mischievously and be like, “i didn’t put anything special in it. what you’re tasting is my love.”
  • “mingyu that is so cheesy i actually hate you right now”
  • he’d actually be quite insecure in the sense that he needs you to tell him that you love him all the time because you’re so important to him and he’s afraid of losing you
  • his kisses would be so loving like it wouldn’t be too eager or too gentle, it’s the right amount of pressure and tongue and he’d gently suck on your bottom lip and he’s just a rEALLY good kisser ok
  • he’d pull you into his lap while the two of you were kissing so you were straddling him and his thumbs would rub at your hipbones in circles 
  • he likes to keep a hand at the back of your neck to keep your lips in place
  • you’d enlist the help of wonwoo in planning a surprise birthday party for mingyu
  • “you’re the most important thing to me……after wonwoo.”

you, your best friend and luke on a roadtrip would involve:

  • singing so loudly in the car that the cars passing you on the highway give you some serious side-eye
  • your roadtrip playlist includes hollaback girl, burnin’ up and mr brightside
  • referring to yourselves as the ot3
  • “what about the holy trinity”
  • “you mean the unholy trinity”
  • “ok true”
  • stopping at every starbucks you see “cause hipster as fuck, son”
  • feeling really proud when fans approach him as you’re all sat drinking your coffee and seeing how invested and generous he is with them
  • making decisions on the flip of a coin
  • going through a car wash and purposely screaming the whole time
  • laughing until you’re breathless
  • wearing his snapbacks
  • piggyback rides
  • one of which is luke in the middle and you and your best friend kissing his cheeks ):)
  • “guys, when can we get food” luke every hour
  • noticing luke checking out a girl and you both wiggling your eyebrows at him until his cheeks flush
  • laughing when you check into a hotel and the reception guy is giving luke a questionable stare cause he’s sharing with two women
  • “WAIT-NO I’M NOT A PIMP ohfnfbjsa my god dhgt they’re my best frieinds pleas enos ajdj”
  • pizza and how i met your mother marathon parties in your hotel room while you look online and decide where to adventure to next
  • “vegas?” “[quotes the hangover from start to finish]” “luke, chill”
  • posting twitter videos of him signing while he drives
  • “i don’t actually know what i’m doing, i’m just pretending to look like i know.. can we call someone?” luke when ur car breaks down
  • being so sad when it’s all over but promising to make it a regular thing

okay but pros/cons of a kira + boyd friendship


  • adorkable warrior princess kira yukimura and percieved-as-mighty-but-really-just-a-sweetheart gentle giant vernon boyd
  • poc friendship!!!
  • him eating lunch with her and immediately befriending her when she first gets there bc he remembers what it was like being alone
  • piggyback rides from boyd (and also kira will insist she can give him piggyback rides too but boyd flat out refuses)
  • badass and fiercely competitive lacrosse games
  • she would def listen to him about alicia and erica and isaac and derek and the alpha pack
  • sighing and shaking their heads at the other pack members
  • boyd being into history and ken yukimura enthusiastically attacking him with random information while boyd just sits there with wide eyes and kira snickers in the background
  • kira coming to his defense whenever anyone brings up the time when he was under influence of being taken captive by the alpha pack
  • boyd trying to teach clumsy, awkward kira how to skate (joke’s on him she’s really good at it)
  • probably baking cupcakes
  • both of them finally having someone who totally and completely cares for them


  • ?????
  • ?????????
  • no??????? not a one?????????
  • none
  • there literally are none bye

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headcanon that thorin loves giving young frodo piggyback rides. imagine him loving it bc he misses when he did it for fili and kil when they were younger.

YELLS yes omg i cry so much about thorin being so excited to be silly uncle thorin and i mean children in general are so rare to dwarves since it’s such a slow growing population TO HAVE ANOTHER LITTLE BBY HE CAN SPOIL 

and like fili and kili probably had to grow up fairly fast because they’re heirs and i mean growing up in ered luin (i hate to say a ‘rough upbringing’ but i mean it wasn’t as glorious as growing up in erebor that’s for sure so they probably had to assume responsibilities and stuff fairly young?? idk??)


tbh fili and kili probably like to spoil frodo just as much and give him rides around just like how thorin would do with them when they were really young dhfsdjfsdf

Niner and Caboose Headcanons Incoming:
  • Niner and Caboose used to give each other piggyback rides. On the day of Niner leaving for basic, Caboose gave her one from him.
  • Legos were her and Michael’s thing when he was growing up and at the end of every creation, he’d smash it saying ‘I AM CABOOSE, THE VEHICLE DESTROYER’
  • Niner tried to teach Caboose how to drive. It didn’t pan out
  • Most of what Caboose says when he gets Donut’s name wrong (Admiral Pop’n Fresh, Sargent McMuffin) comes from back when Niner used to take him out for a treat.
  • When Caboose was sick and couldn’t talk, Niner would get all his favorite toys for him and tell him stories.

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Can you do dino as a boyfriend?

Sure! Dino as your boyfriend would include:

  • you walking in on him practicing a dance by himself, then him getting embarrassed for no reason
  • him picking you up and giving you piggyback rides frequently
  • finding out there’s a candid picture of you as his phone lockscreen
  • you’d catch him staring at you every so often, when you ask “what?” he’d blush and say, “you’re just… perfect” 
  • him sending you selcas of him and his food at every meal you don’t eat together
  • be prepared for him to turn into a big baby whenever he gets sick, he’ll need you to take care of him completely
  • curling up in a big blanket together watching scary movies, with him burying his hand into your shoulder if when he gets scared
  • he’d 100% cry when he had to say goodbye and leave you for a long time to do touring/promotions
  • asking if it’s okay to kiss you the first time
  • pulling you onto his lap when you’re hanging out with people and drawing shapes and words on your back as you both talk to people
T.O.P being your big brother would include:
  • Annoying eachother in public 
  • Dancing horribly to songs
  • Stealing food when the other isn’t looking
  • Him waking you up by jumping on your bed when he comes to visit
  • Him threatening any guy who asks you out
  • Telling his friend you’re off limits but secretly praying you would date on of them because he trusts them more 
  • Taking awkward selcas with eachother
  • Helping him dye his hair when he asks 
  • Asking eachother for advice 
  • Giving eachother piggyback ride (even though he’s a giant)
  • Him pulling you into a hug when you have a breakdown 
  • Embarrassing childhood videos of the two of you and one of you posts it online
  • Facing off on a game show and end up in a play fight 
  • Giggling all the time when one of you makes a joke
The Rap Monster Series #03

-Please let me do it-

You shook your head with a wide smile on your face. –No way Namjoon-

He mimicked your smile and stepped in front of you, his dimples making him look so handsome and cute at the same time. –Please jagi, I want to do it-

You were on your way back home and somehow you had twisted an ankle. It didn’t hurt or anything but Namjoon insisted in giving you a piggyback ride to your house.

-Why do you want to carry me? I’m too heavy! -

Namjoon snorted. –I’m strong jagi, I can carry my girl to wherever she likes-

You giggled. –You just want to hold my thighs-

Namjoon laughed and you could swear you saw a little blush on his cheeks; but he turned around and bent his knees a little. You attached your arms to his neck trying not to do it too hard to not choke him; he grabbed your legs pulling them closer to his body. –Everything fine back there? Do you feel secure? -

Stretching your neck a little you kissed his cheek. –Everything is perfect captain Kim, now let’s go home-


  • Since he likes sweets, I can picture Juuzou asking Hanbee to take him to a candy store or a bakery regularly.
  • He would most likely teach his friends or s/o cross stitching if they were up for it.
  • Suzuya would be easily entertained with anything.
  • He likes to play board games and to solve puzzles, especially those animal picture ones.
  • He likes giving and receiving piggyback rides.


  • He has a small garden of flowers, preserving them well by watering them each day and gently taking care of them.
  • A surprisingly good swordsman if motivated enough.
  • Hanbee is one to shy away from other people, and isn’t one to start a conversation.
  • He would be very fond of animals, especially the ones that are too small or too large.
  • Though somewhat cowardly, he would stand up for his comrades or his s/o.


  • Would be the kind of person that would purposely make you jealous.
  • He’s a total bird lover and has memorized hundreds of different bird species. If someone asks him what’s his favorite, he would start monologuing and wouldn’t allow the interrogator to leave until he is finished. 
  • He’s a somewhat blunt person, but can be seen making a few snarky comments here and there.
  • His hair takes less than a minute to fix.
  • He’s an agile person, and would tease his friends or s/o if they’re slower than he is.


  • Although he likes to spend money mostly on himself, he wouldn’t mind buying something for his friends or s/o occasionally.
  • His hair is unsurprisingly hard to maintain, as Tamaki has to style it up to perfection in around fifteen minutes, using a generous amount of hairspray.
  • He is one prone to ironic humor.
  • Despite what most would assume at first, Mizurou is a surprisingly honest person.
  • He likes to play videogames in his free time.


  • He’s often seen spacing out, either focusing on his constant daydreams or simply having a blank mind.
  • If anyone asked him about astrology, he’d start ranting on how irrational outer space was and how it made him feel constipated even though he was clearly interested the cosmos.
  • He makes beautiful origami crafts, though it’s not a hobby he shares openly.
  • Probably has piercings in other parts of his body, where they’re not visible.
  • He’s probably an avid sleeper, as if persistent daydreaming wasn’t enough.

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Agent Washington headcanons?

-Wash is a sap. A massive sap. Take him to the Notebook? He will cry. Like a baby. It is his weakness. That and cats. 

-Once, while very drunk, Wash convinced Maine to give him a piggyback ride. They ran down the hall and crashed into South’s door while Wash yelled “ADVENTURE”

-Wash is an only child and isn’t very close to his parents who disapproved of his decision to join the military. 

-Wash often spends his bad nights hanging out with Caboose who rarely sleeps. They swap stories while Caboose fiddles with electronics. It’s actually a great outlet. 

-Connie taught Wash how to throw knives. They were great friends in the early days of PFL. Wash took her death hard. 

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I wanna see a fan comic where someone is beating up Dipper and Robbie happens to be passing by and sees whats happening and he jumps in and wallops the guy beating up Dipper and gives him a piggyback ride home and they become best bros. How cute would that be?

Well I’d hope after fighting and bearing a total smack down by a video game character that Dipper would be willing to fight back now or at the very least not give the bullies the satisfaction of intimidating him so Dip wouldn’t really be getting beat up, like what happened at the end of Fight Fighters when Dipper was gonna stand there and let Robbie hit him and the fact that he was not giving Robbie the satisfaction of seeing him afraid is what made Robbie back off.

Plus at this point man look at all the shit Dipper’s faced he’s dove off a cliff and fought zombies and been possessed by a demon plus a bunch of other horrifying stuff and survived it all to tell the tale like idiot bullies are a negative 10 threat compared to everything else he deals with nowadays

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(Yugyeom got7 cont) since you say everybody is taller than me... *smirk* I think you should give me a piggyback ride! *once on his back gives him a surprise peck on cheek and blushes right away* I'm sorry... its because of thinner air so hight up.. I'm not used to that *nervous laugh*

YuGyeom: *after being surprised by the sudden kiss on his cheel he laughs at you* If you say so… *starts walking* If you want to you can just kiss me again, I’m just saying.

- Seung

End Of Days | Chapter 5 | Investigation Over

After a time, Tallsan came by to each of you, softly speaking up to get your attention.

“It is time. Prepare yourself, for if all goes well, we won’t be coming back here for a long while.”

Looking the tired tall man over, you couldn’t help but notice the groggy form of Smallchan, clinging to him from behind. He was giving her a piggyback ride. And what did he mean, you wouldn’t be coming back?

“The end is near. I will explain once we’re there. Come, meet me in the mausoleum.”

With that, he walked off, seeking out the next of the surviving students.