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★–You’re a worthless waste of space, Lieutenant. I think they just gave you
      your position out of pity. The words kept repeating in his head, but Mitaka
      didn’t intend to let that stop him from doing his job properly. Worthless 
      omega. You should be in the household, not on the bridge of a Resurgent-
      class Star Destroyer.
He held his position on the bridge, his posture normal,
      his uniform up to regulation - as far as he knew, everything was flawless,
      not a single regulation broken. Then again, though, he wasn’t exactly in the
      right mind - he could have messed something up before going to shift and
      not even realized it. His fingers rested lightly on his console, staring down
      at it. You’re fine, Dopheld. Perfectly fine.


THIS is when I fell madly in love with Rumplestiltskin. I loved him before (Apple scene anyone? Or crazy Rumple in jail? All good.) but this is when it was over for me. This episode. This scene. I had found my One True Character and that was it.