He is too adorable! I cannot with my life! >.<

Credits: Stereomood852


• he originally had never considered himself perfect. it was anything but that. if anything,he had a lot of flaws. yet he had decided to hide that. he wanted to come across as flawless. he convinced himself he was flawless. if deceiving the world and himself meant establishing dominance, then so be it. yet…a certain somebody destroyed through that. they made him realize he had flaws, but they also made him accept them.

• his puns used to be unpredictable to her, but they came around. sooner or later, mc was able to predict whenever he was going to make one. it became easy to tell when you figured out his pausing and facial expressions before telling one. however, there are moments where he’ll tell the worst pun with a straight face.

• he occasionally had romantic feelings for people before, but he never desired for them to be returned. he was fine with just having them. the only time he ever wanted them to be was when they had a strong bond with them.

• tsumugu never really has a high view of most people unless he sees something they do that proves them capable.

• he absolutely loves being with mc. being with other people he’s not close with is a tire, but if mc’s going to be there, he’ll consider it. just being with her makes him happy.
he loves the way she’ll take him seriously, but be able to have fun with him at the same time. the way she’s able to have fun with him just by watching comedy, and the way she’s able to have a serious conversation about their feelings makes him go wild.

• tsumugu isn’t the particularly the best with affection. he’s fine with kisses, hugs, and flirting with puns, but when it comes to other things, he’s not exactly comfortable with them. not that mc minds of course. if he’s not comfortable with heavy kissing or subtle, sexual touches, then that’s fine with her. although, he’s absolutely fine with bare skin to skin touching. if it’s just taking a mere shower or bath together, or sleeping next to each other bare, he’s fine.

This is Perfectkit of MormonClan. He is literally perfect; a flawless being in the eyes of MormonClan. He reads the Holy Scripture™ everyday at least twice, he is an average, StarClan-fearing Straight Male™, and has done no sin. He is so perfect and amazing that StarClan granted him a pair of wings and a halo to show how angelic he is. He’s very kind to everyone and sometimes reads The Bible™ to the kits and elders.

Literally the first thing I said when I saw this boi was “..oh fuck yes” golly gee kill me please.- Mod Glitterspirit


THIS is when I fell madly in love with Rumplestiltskin. I loved him before (Apple scene anyone? Or crazy Rumple in jail? All good.) but this is when it was over for me. This episode. This scene. I had found my One True Character and that was it.