Winner Reaction to: You Wearing Their Sweatshirt/Hoodie with Knee High Socks and Nothing Else

Jinwoo: is a blushing qt. “aren’t you cold, jagi? do you want my sweatpants too?” he’s worried you’ll catch a cold and will probably turn the heating up, to make sure you don’t

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Seunghoon: looks forward to it because you look sexy af but also because it’s how you unwind. so he cuddles up to you and asks you how your day was, then tells you about his and it’s just a chill, loving time

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Mino: *cue intense lip biting* ok so he likes it because first of all, it’s sort of a masculinity thing?? like, “yes, this is mine” since you’re wearing his sweatshirt/hoodie. but he also finds it really sexy. not in a way that has to always lead to sex. it turns him on but he’s not a rabid animal lol so if you want to just relax then don’t worry about him pressuring you into doing stuff

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Seungyoon: “hey, what if I come home with the boys some day, huh? what are you gonna do if all 5 of us walk in and you’re lounged out in my sweatshirt like that?” it was a good sight to come home to, and he liked that you felt comfortable in his stuff and that his scent relaxed you. but he’s had to stop bringing the boys over, since he KNOWS they’ll enjoy the sight a little too much

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Taehyun: “ah, are you serious? my designer hoodie and you’re wearing it like a cheap pajama shirt? do you even know how much that cost?!” he pretends he’s more annoyed than he really is to mask how seeing you like that makes him shy and horny

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Extraneous Detail

Title: Extraneous Detail

Summary: The night before you’re supposed to meet up with the boys to help with a case,  Castiel, fallen angel and Lucifer’s right hand, drops in on you unannounced.

My very long and a little late entry for @ilostmyshoe-79​‘s SPN Sutra Challenge for Position: Him standing, her lying back on the edge of a table of the edge of the bed, legs wrapped around his waist.

Pairing: AU, Fallen!Cas x Reader, Castiel x Reader

Word count: 8900ish (Ha. Ha ha. What even is this)

Warnings/tropes: Smut, table sex, literary banter, shameless flirting

A/N: I was sick this past week and shit’s been going down here (as it usually is my end) and I’ve been running on very little sleep, which is why this is late. But I’ve really gotta hand it to @mamaimpala​ for being my beta through the very cringe-worthy first draft of this fic and for putting up with me while I was high out of my mind on meds but still insisted I had to write this. I owe her my soul. Anyways, I hope y’all like this and do let me know what you think :)

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“Yeah,” you said, holding Sam and Dean on loudspeaker in the palm of your hand. “I’m just gonna stop at the next town for dinner and-motherfucker!” The car swerved, tires screeching on the asphalt and Sam and Dean’s frantic shouts coming from somewhere by your feet. The car came to a wince-worthy halt and you gripped the steering wheel with heavy breaths and a hummingbird heart.

Swallowing, you whipped your head towards the passenger seat.

“What the fuck is wrong with you!”

You were greeted with a twist of lips and dark brows arched in amusement. Castiel sauntered-vaguely-downward angel and part-time demon leaned back in the previously empty seat.

“Hello, Y/N,” he greeted in his usual gravelly timbre, drawing out the syllables of your name. “Hope you don’t mind if I, uh, drop in unannounced?”

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I was watching the Dilemma concert and DONGWOO SHINES ON LIVE STAGE SO MUCH. Like, he's different. So much more energetic and happy and charismatic and attractive. Like he's really meant to be on big big stages where he feeds off the hype from the audiences and he's soooo ugh Perfect

Omg okay so Dongwoo on stage is incredible. He honestly comes alive when he’s performing and I love seeing him doing what he loves. 

He has so much charisma, like… okay so he can be energetic and cute and jumping around, see exhibit a) him performing at KCON Mexico 2017:

But then also he can be really sexy and suave, see exhibit b) the Look At Her Go INFINITE H special stage:

And then there are times he is sensual and smooth and graceful, see exhibit c) his solo dance stage at Gayo Dechukje 2014:

Dongwoo is just so versatile and incredibly talented; truly dedicated to doing what he enjoys - performing! 

I love Jang Dongwoo so much!

BTS reaction: you having a sexy body, but a squishy face

Apparently, your request has deleted itself (so I can’t reply to your ask to let you know the request is done, sorry!), but luckily I got to screenshot it before it disappeared, heh… Anyways, thank you for requesting, and sorry that it took me so long! xx

A/N: Yay, my internet got back up very quickly, so I’m now able to continue writing! 

Jin: I think he would actually like this. Like, I think he likes cute girls. But he can also really appreciate a sexy body. And a combo of the two? Absolutely amazing.

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Suga: He doesn’t care much for looks. He’s made that very clear. But I mean… Who wouldn’t like a nice body? He certainly does. But also, he’s Min Yoongi, so he will definitely find some way of teasing you for your cute face. He loves your face, but he also loves the reaction he gets when he points out how different it is from your body.

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J-Hope: He loves you for your personality. But, he’s not going to complain. Absolutely not. I think he’s like Jin, and likes cute girls. But he also really likes sexy girls. This is the ultimate combination.

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Rap Monster: I think he would prefer if you are either all cute, or all sexy (rather sexy than cute tho), and he would find this combination a bit odd at first. But he would get used to it very quickly, and then he would absolutely love it.

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Jimin: Mr. Moshisexy, anyone? He is exactly the same. Cute, squishy face, but with a killer body. So he wouldn’t have much of a reaction. If anything, he’d be happy to find someone who “looks like him”.

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V: If he had to choose, I think he would choose cute over sexy, tbh. So he would mostly be all over your face. Like, pinching your cheeks and tell you how cute you are. He still appreciates your body, but that will show mostly in bed. Or maybe if he feels like sexting or stuff like that.

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Jungkook: He is the exact opposite of Tae, and would choose sexy over cute. So, he would be all over your body. At least once he’s comfortable in the relationship. Like, telling you how good your ass looks in those jeans, and shamelessly checking you out at all times. But he likes your cute face, and will show that when he’s tired and/or feeling extra cheesy. 

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After hanging with Dark, some of his personality wears off on Damian & he tries harder to maintain his prim & proper authoritative image in front of others. Colonel doesn't really like this because he's not acting like the giddy Damian he knows, but he's also really sexy when he's calm & collective. Colonel still misses the more laid back side of him & tries to make him laugh at any given opportunity while the gang is having a little reunion


its so hard to not want to fuck drake hes a geek but hes also really sexy like i bet he has a big d*ck and doesnt know what to do with it and that really pulls on my heartstrings