One of my profs was talking about the counter cultural background of a film movement and he said “it’s because we were the freaks, we were outcasts” and I’m like…. you were a straight white man in the 1960s who just didn’t like mainstream pop culture. You chose to be punk, metal, etc, every phase you went through, you weren’t some kid whose parents rejected them bc they were gay/trans/etc. You’re not an outcast if you chose to be one, if you could safely abandon the things you think “made you different” at any time.

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having emotions about the ways in which ronan is able to offer or accept intimacy / gentleness… that he uses crutches (alcohol, substances, late nights, extremely stressful circumstances, his physical absence) to try and Get Away with it like it’s not allowed, that he shows affection in gestures and gifts but has to sneak them in under the radar, that doesn’t feel like he deserves kindness or reciprocation gosh im so SAD. 

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some nonAU drake things i've had floating around my head: drake as an "enemy" to the crew, straight up crushing robin's df limbs in his hands as she tries to contain him, he stops once he notices she can feel it, just dodges from then on. drake knocking nami out despite how easily he could kill her atm. drake and brook having an outright proper sword fight. drake confused af as chopper tries multiple forms against him to no avail. dinodrake gets shot in the ass by accident, usopp cries. (1/2)

drake getting on franky’s nerves cus he keeps utilizing his attacks and tech against the crew. drake pissing off zoro cus they were having a good sword fight but then that mace came out of nowhere and who uses their haki-covered tail like a 3rd weapon ffs. dinodrake catching sanji by the foot at the last second before getting kicked, hurls him into the distance. drake getting pushed harder and harder by a pissed off luffy who thinks he’s a bad guy until he finally cracks and fights back. (2/2)

A month later, and I’m finally answering this. I am so sorry. I read this while I was out of town and loved all of it, then forgot to post it when I got back. ><

My additions:

Drake probably starts running away from Robin because I can’t see him properly fighting her without actually hurting her quite severely. Her abilities are very adaptable, but unless she develops haki to protect her limbs from Drake’s dino form, she is very vulnerable. OH! She develops armament haki in the middle of a fight with him so she can immobilize him in dino form without as much damage, especially if she is trying to pin down his tail and lock his mouth shut. She could easily restrain him in human form, though, and just imagine Drake lunging at someone with sword and mace, but suddenly he just stops dead in his tracks and is in total shock at all these limbs blooming over him. It would probably shock him for a few seconds, then, surprisingly enough, tick him off and toy with that temper he has worked extremely hard to control. That is when he goes all dino and starts biting.

With Nami - I am borrowing a plot point from one of @eileithyia-ya‘s LawNa fics here - but imagine her getting off that Snow Tempo and drastically drops the temperature while Drake is in dino form to mess with his concentration and focus. She uses a Mirage Tempo or fog-like ability to hide herself from him while she’s doing this, but before he’s overly slowed down, he sniffs her out and smacks her with his tail to knock her out. To his annoyance, the weather does not immediately dissipate since actually altered the atmosphere, rather than using some sort of weather control devil fruit ability (which is what he originally assumed). He then has to wait for the weather to clear on its own, and switches back to human form to continue his fight with them.

Brook can also utilize cold/ freezing attacks against Drake’s dino form, another way to force him into human form should Nami’s attack not be enough. That is when the sword fight begins, and I agree, it would be a spectacular fight. To me, Drake’s swordplay is graceful and well thought out, most of the time, but he has the added brawn to land crushing blows with his mace. He has learned to utilize and combine his intellect, speed, strength, and stamina in his fights, so it could prove for a very interesting sword fight with someone like Brook whose swordplay is more of an art-form. 

Chopper goes into Monster form to take on dino Drake, and Drake’s first thought is ‘Holy shit, that is terrifying,’ and has to fight his old habit of running the fuck away. He’s fortunate that Chopper can control it now, though. If he couldn’t and just went into a mindless rampage, unable to feel pain, or is only further angered by pain, then Drake would have an extremely hard time fighting him. It’d just be a brawl where he’d be lucky to get some bites in while Chopper is wildly swinging. Drake would probably be better served in human form, then, since he can think more rationally about his attacks. But with Chopper holding onto reason, his attacks become more predictable and controlled, so Drake can figure out where/how to attack and bite without changing forms.

Usopp…. poor Usoop, lol. That’s all I can say on him. He’ll be wishing his 8000 worshipers were there to summon, especially the giant.

Zoro would probably LOVE fighting Drake like that. It would be a real challenge, even if Drake is not strictly a swordsman, and utilizes more striker-style attacks with his mace. It’ll throw Zoro off at first, and piss him off, but when Zoro gets pissed in a fight, he becomes extremely focused and bloodthirsty. He’d become pretty damn terrifying. And I can see his blood lust sparking Drake’s (because I feel that he has some latent aggression issues he does a good job controlling most of the time). These two might actually have fun fighting each other, surprisingly enough.

Sanji… also poor Sanji. He could probably stand pretty well against Drake, actually. They’re both very intelligent, quick, and tactical. I think Drake would have the edge, though, if only because of his wide-range of abilities, knowledge, and experience. Drake’s fighting style is also very adaptable. He does not rely on his devil fruit unless he knows he needs to, or that it will be quicker and he doesn’t have a lot of time. He would probably fight Sanji as a human first, then go part-dino to catch him off guard, then switch back to human to strike Sanji while he was down/ too stunned and injure him enough to keep him out of the fight. Drake is a very brutal and methodical fighter in my mind.

Luffy’s initial reaction to dinoDrake is “SO COOL!” until he remembers that this is supposed to be an enemy and fights him seriously. Luffy, out of everyone, is the one most capable of overwhelming Drake. Luffy can be very unpredictable in a fight and thinks up new attacks and strategies in the middle of a battle. He has a lot of endurance, too, and his brute strength is likely greater than Drake’s, even in his dino form, now that he knows haki. As long as Luffy is fighting Drake seriously, it would be a fight similar to Luffy/Arlong, in my opinion, but on a greater scale since Drake is better, tactically, in a fight than Arlong is (I say this because Drake is capable of controlling his temper most of the time, or at least utilizing his anger to his advantage, rather than letting his anger drive him into a blind rage)… Actually it would probably be somewhat similar in nature to Luffy/Crocodile’s fight.

I saved the best for last - Franky would totally go to Franky Shogun for this fight (the images from Burning Blood fuel this idea for me). All the Straw Hats would probably stop fighting at the sight of giant dinosaur fighting giant robot. The boys (minus Zoro) would be freaking out about how cool it is. The girls would just sigh (if Drake gets flustered by the sudden attention, they might make a remark about him being cute, then, and fluster him more - Can you guys tell that I need the girls, especially Robin, to call dinoDrake cute?). And yes, Drake would recognize all of Franky’s tech and fight ways to work around it, turn it against him, etc. After the fight, they would sit and chat about Vegapunk and become best buds, probably.

And I’m gonna add an extra character, even if he’s not a Straw Hat, I feel that he would not miss this for the world. Law - dude would be sitting nearby with a tub of popcorn, grinning at this battle going on. He would probably be the one to enjoy it the most, even if he doesn’t fight once. I can’t even imagine Law and Drake fighting, though I feel something might happen between them on Wano considering the history between them. When Drake was reading the article on Doffy, he was actually looking in the direction of Law’s picture, and then there’s the run in on Saboady with all the underlying tension. Drake might not hold a grudge against Doffy, but I can see him having a grudge against Law since he does have the Ope-Ope no Mi and is likely the reason his father was killed in the first place. Drake is very intelligent and probably did his own investigation into what happened that day, so he might have a grudge against Law. Or maybe there’s more bad blood between them from Drake’s time as a marine, too. Or maybe there’s no bad blood and they’re secretly allies, and thus Law’s just watching the fight with the Straw Hats because he knows it’ll be fine in the end and just loves to watch Drake suffer, even if they’re sort-of friends, but not really.


I know it’s probably hard to quantify these things but since being in Star Wars, what has been the biggest change to your life do you think? I think, for me, it’s scheduling.  I think when you’re involved in a school curriculum, education, you kind of know how your whole year is going to go in terms of a term.