[161023]Busan Fansign~Namjoon

Q:What have you broke recently?Please tell me how you did break it too

NAMJOON:Coffee pot

[The conversation with the fan]

Namjoon(sees post-it):Ah coffee pot


Namjoon:I just boiled water


Namjoon:Did that not happen to (fan’s name) before?

Fan:Ah.. Nope??


Fan:I think that only happens to hyung ㅎㅎㅎ

Namjoon:Thank you

source Peachsung/jeongmilk


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I'M SCREAMING. Chance is once my fav rappers and he's practically 23 years old without a record label and he earns his money from appearances in music festivals or concerts, not album sales. HE'S AMAZING. and its so funny how liam tweeted the video of him getting fucked over by record labels who just want money and kdkkfjk its so shady.


Shouting “Good ‘fart’!!!” to your Polish classmate and suddenly the whole university is looking at you like: “What is this crazy bitch saying??? (O.o)”

This happened to me last friday. I laughed so hard, and my poor cutie polish candy boy was: “Lilith, you’re embarrassing me. But God, that was funny!!”

so i was having a bit of a bad day and my mom suggested to watch spn to cheer me up

so she asked me which episode was my favourite and i said the french mistake.
so we watched the french mistake.
remember my mom has never seen any spn at all.
this was the first episode she saw, ever.
can you imagine the horror and confusion on her face?

theres a lot of gay shit in the tags bc i have no one to talk to

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can I request headcanons for what the ADA members would do for Atsushi's bday? since he probably didn't get to celebrate it at the orphanage :c

ADA + Nakajima Atsushi

  • It’ll definitely be a surprise held at the office! Haha!! 
  • Dazai and Doppo are definitely the ones in charge of it~ Dazai will think of the themes and things to get Atsushi while Doppo plans for the preparation and gets everyone to co-operate.
  • Ranpo buys the decorations!
  • Fuku(zawa) will try to keep Atsushi busy with task and make sure Kenji is always with him~
  • Junichiro and Naomi will get the gifts!! Because after going through the list of things Dazai came up with (also together with Kyouka and Kenji), they think that maybe there are some questionable items on it.
  • YASANO WILL GET AN ACTUAL WHITE TIGER FOR ATSUSHI SECRETLY! Because she thought it was funny…  and he could get hurt so… why not.
  • They will just buy a big matcha (green TEA and my favourite flavour) cake enough for everyone~
  • Each of them will make their own cards!
30 day mfu challenge

Day 16 – Episode you’ve most recently watched

Hadn’t watched it in a couple of months, but last night I watched this:

That story was so clever, and Napoleon and Illya’s plan was so diabolical.

I loved Leonard Nimoy in this too.

William Shatner was so funny and I loved Mike Donfield - he was funny as shit and amazingly competent.

You can’t beat Mister Waverly being a bamf either. xD

And of course, THESE clowns. :D

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Choose between Marvin!Christian and Shakespeare!Christian

omg whyyy

this is like. you can’t even compare. sexy, iconic, william shakespeare, or neurotic, sweet but also mean marvin?

as characters, well, they’re both p problematic. but shakes is a lil more lovable maybe just bc he’s such a goof.

as christian’s performance…i mean, he won the tony for shakes and his shakes was SO funny and amazing and i’ve only seen him as marvin 3 times while i’ve seen his shakespeare 18 times. however, his marvin is incredible and so moving and physically and emotionally breaks me. so idk man i love em both!!!