vinny was talking about his stash of cinnamon roll oreos and how he has two packs in his trunk for “emergencies” and when someone asked what kind of emergency needs oreos, he answered “i dunno, depression” and that’s the realest shit i’ve ever heard him say and i feel a true sense of solidarity from that statement


  • Desperately looking for his visor 
  • He is blushing so hard it hurts 
  • Expect him to ask to hang out one on one for a while. 
  • So what its a beach day for everybody. He just wants a little quality time with you 
  • “Y/N! Would you like to sneak off and get some ice cream?” 
  • He has such a goofy smile on his face 


  • Boner city 
  • He has his hat over his crotch to hind painfully obvious erection 
  • “So darling…where did ya get that pretty…uh…hair clip” 
  • Tiny little flirts now and again. But nothing you would pick up on 
  • “Darlin. How about me and you go for a lil swim?”


  • He is trying so hard to keep his composure 
  • Thank god he has baggy swim trunks on 
  • He is a gentleman about it. Asking you if that bikini is even comfy
  • He will defiantly hang around you more today 
Littlefinger fabulousness headcanons

His wardrobe is organised by colour 

Whenever he travels he has fancy trunks which are super strong to protect their contents

He folds his clothes a fancy way so they don’t get creased

As well as stockpiling food for winter, he has also stockpiled mint and herbs so he can smell lush all winter and also herbs to keep moths away from his clothes (assuming the cold doesn’t kill the moths)

His most wholesome investment is in the King Landing’s Opera House (or equivalent…do they have one? whatever they do now) He has his own personal box w/ the best view and acoustics, naturally. 

Every morning before breakfast, he does whatever the Planetosi equivalent of yoga/Pilates is to stay graceful and limber and to energise him for the day. He doesn’t like exercise that makes him sticky and smelly

If Qyburn worked for him, he would request him to create blueprints for new weapons and poisons and nefarious devices etc but also recipes for wrinkle cream and better hand lotion and better hair conditioner. 

He has the Westerosi equivalent of Pinterest to record all his favourite new aesthetics. 

He wishes he could experiment more w/ his interior design but he has to keep track of where everything he owns is so he can check it hasn’t been moved/disturbed by intruders

He had to fight the urge to put “xxx” at the end of his “come to the godswood tonight if you want to go home” note to sansa

If he ever became king he’d have at least four different crowns so his crown wouldn’t clash with his outfit. You can’t wear a silver crown when you’re wearing cloth of gold and vice versa.

Even his dinner party seating plans are strategic

His copies of history, genealogy and strategy books are tagged w/ the westerosi equivalent of post-its

If he suspects someone will find his books he mixes up these bookmarks to trick the intruder into thinking he’s paying attention to a different fact/tactic/family tree to throw them off the scent

You know that subversive puppet show in AFFC? He sponsored it in order to cause more chaos and probably wrote the script too

Favorite Seasons!

• no class?
• hell Yeah!
• likes out door dates
• careful! He burns!
•you two can go swimming!
• I promise you he has stars on his swim trunks
•why not take night walks?
•summer antics!
•loves watermelon

- pumpkin spice anyone?
- great seasonal coffee and cakes!
- weather gets chilly?
- time to hold hands!
- reading together
-maybe go to the beach for a week?
- fresh air is a must!

~ he blends in with the snow
~ he always wanted to spend Christmas with someone
~ he reenacts elf for you
~ caroling together
~ hot coco!
~ warm snuggles
~ maybe a snowball or two?
~ cute Christmas!
~ must hold hands
~ matching scarves

+ perfect weather for Elizabeth
+ his garden tho!
+ wonderland garden
+ likes having tea outside with you!
+ he’ll try a picnic for you
+ will have driver Kim hide Easter eggs if you want

>this boi matches the leaves
> jacket weather!
> leaf pile jumping for sure
> zen raked up his leaves? Not for long
> also likes the campfires at night!
> he matches them too??? No pun intended??
> thanksgiving mess if mc is American
> you better not stuff that turkey with honey Buddha chips luciel

< Spring
< weather for picture taking!
< flowers everyday
< walks everyday
< laying in a field?
< Yes!
< field napping is a must
< will make you flower crowns

= Winter
= you better give him a good Christmas
= still wants ice cream
= likes the snuggles
= won’t admit it
= gets sooo happy when you decorate
= you can see the sparkle in his eyes
= but he’s acting tough
= Rudolf he loves!

aight fam question: what if mermaid au didn’t take place in this fantasy land with vague pirate undertones? what if mermaid au takes place in the regular ol NHL setting? The team finds out when they’re playing beach volleyball (Sidney really didn’t want to come, but it’d be weird if their Captain wasn’t here, especially when the cameras are rolling). When someone jokes about throwing Sidney in the ocean, he gets kind of panicky, which then really elicits a team response, and a bunch of players pick Sidney up and head towards the sea. 

Sidney is yelling out that he can’t swim, and Flower retorts, “Stop lying, we’ve all seen you at the pool party.” But that was pool water, but if Sidney touches salt water–

And even now, after years of not being back in the ocean, he feels the sea call to him, the voices of his brothers and sisters wailing for him to come home, he can see the disapproving expressions of the High Council, begging for their Fifth Prince and the next-in-line Commander of the Northern Seas to reconsider and give up this human sport. And oh God, his betrothed, the first son of a General from the Western Isles, will come looking for him. The waves, tame only a minute ago, is growing more turbulent in broad daylight, licking the shores and reaching out to Sidney like arms. It had taken Sidney six nights of planning to sneak out the kingdom, and multiple bribes to the Old Witch to conceal his presence from his kingdom while he was on land, so long as he never feels the cold of ocean water lapping at his skin.

“Stop, stop!” Sidney says, but his teammates are all laughing. They think he’s playing along. He turns to Geno, hanging in the back with a few players, and shouts, “Geno! Geno, help!”

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lingoarchaic  asked:

Hey, it's me Vegetastan ☺. Got a new play along for ya. Trunks: Hey Mom, can I ask you something? Mom: Sure, what is it? Trunks: How did you know you were in love with Papa?

Bulma momentarily stopped spreading the chocolate frosting over the cake she’d just baked for her husband and she looked at her son.

“Why do you ask?” She finally said, resuming her task.

“Well… Today is your wedding anniversary, right?”

“Yeah… And?”

“And… Every year I go to Goten’s place so you two can celebrate together…”

Bulma kept working on her cake, secretly wondering where her child was going with this. It was unlike Trunks to ask a lot of questions about her relationship with Vegeta, particularly about their early rocky years.


“So, every year Goten’s mom asks me about you two. Like… I don’t know… It’s almost like she can’t believe you guys are in love or something…”

The hidden sorrow behind her son’s voice made her heart sink a little, and her anger at her discovery of Chichi’s nosiness didn’t help either.

‘Damn, Chichi…’

She was one to talk about love and romance…  

Her husband only married her in order to keep some stupid childhood promise he’d made without even knowing what marriage was really all about. Thankfully, it’d all worked out in the end for the two of them, but it wasn’t as if it’d been the ‘Romance of the Century’ either, certainly, not at the beginning.

For Dende’s sake! Goku even thought getting married had to do with food!

“Sweetie, come here. Sit down…” Bulma said softly, encouraging the boy to sit by her side. She guessed it was as good a time as any to discuss certain things with Trunks.

She quickly finished her work and she set the finished cake aside, peeking at the large bowl on the table, which still had some melted chocolate left in it.

“Wanna dip?” Bulma offered, playfully wiggling her eyebrows.

Trunks replied enthusiastically, without hesitation. “Yeah!”

Bulma chuckled, shaking her head as she walked to Capsule Corp.’s massive fridge to fetch some fresh strawberries. Living with a couple of Saiyans wasn’t always easy, but at least it wasn’t hard to figure out how to cheer them up: with lots of delicious food.

She set the strawberries on the table, quietly offering them to Trunks, who eagerly grabbed a juicy berry and happily dipped it into the chocolate as Bulma imitated his actions.

“So… Love, uh?”


“Okay… Well…” Bulma started, taking another bite. “I’d say it wasn’t something that happened overnight, you know?”

The little boy scowled. “So, it wasn’t like in the movies?”

“In the movies?”

“Yeah…” Trunks shrugged. “Like, when the girl meets the guy and she knows she’s gonna marry him and stuff…”

The woman smiled knowingly. “You mean ‘love at first sight’, right?”

“I guess…”

“Mmm… No, Trunks. From my experience, love doesn’t really work that way.”

“It doesn’t?” Trunks asked, honestly surprised.

Bulma finished her strawberry, picking up another one and losing count of how many her son had already eaten.

“Nope. I think you have to get to know a person before you love them. I don’t believe you can really love someone you don’t know too well…”

There was a brief pause, and Trunks realized his mom was now deep in thought.

“I guess I knew I was in love with your dad sometime before I found out I was pregnant with you…” She finally concluded.

“Really?” The child enquired, raising his eyebrows. “So, you didn’t like him at first?”

“Oh, no! That’s not what I meant! If I hadn’t liked him I would have never invited him to live here! No… I guess… I guess what I mean is… You know your dad is a quiet man, right?”

“Uh-huh…” He agreed.

“So, that’s why it took longer for me to get to know him, I guess…”

Trunks swallowed a mouthful of berries before asking again.

“And why is that?”

“Why is what?”

“You know… Why is dad so quiet? Is it because he’s Saiyan?”

Bulma tilted her head to the side a little, knowing she had to be careful with how much information about Vegeta’s past she disclosed to her son. When Trunks was a baby and Vegeta finally agreed to stay on Earth and give their relationship and fatherhood a chance, she knew, even though her man had been too proud to discuss such things, that Vegeta was probably afraid of his son ending up hating him in the future, so she told him he’d only talk about his past with Trunks when the child was older and only if he felt comfortable discussing certain matters with him.

Interestingly enough, Bulma had never been truly scared of Trunks hating Vegeta when he’d finally discover his past. After all, if Mirai Trunks had ended up loving and respecting him so much without having spent a lot of time with him, she knew their Trunks, the one who’d actually been raised by a dad he fiercely admired, would undoubtedly forgive his father’s evil deeds when he was older.

“I think so, Trunks… I think a big part of it has to do with him being Saiyan. And, also… Well, your dad didn’t have a lot of friends growing up, so I guess it was hard for him at first to open up to people…”

“Papa had no friends?”

One look at Trunks’ sad frown told Bulma she’d just perhaps said too much…

“Hey! Come here!” Bulma asked invitingly, offering him a hug with open arms her son accepted greedily. She hugged him tightly and kissed his forehead, realizing that, even though Trunks wasn’t a small child anymore, he’d always be her little boy to her.

“Your dad grew up in Space, and it’s harder to make friends out there, that’s all…” She lied, after all, there’d be enough time for her son to discover how dark the Universe could be sometimes. Until then, she’d protect his innocence as much as she could, not that the child hadn’t already gone through hard times during the battle against Buu.  

“But then he came to Earth and we all welcomed him. And now he has lots of friends, right?”

Trunks smirked, so much like his father the resemblance was uncanny.

“He does…” He agreed.

Bulma held him closer, whispering in his ear. “And we all love him very much, don’t we?”

The boy blushed, embarrassed about disclosing his feelings towards his father in front of his mom.

Oh, yeah…

He was Vegeta’s child, after all…

“Moooom…” He whined as Bulma playfully ruffled his hair.

“We do love him! Now, be a good boy and bring your dad his cake, he’s been in the GR for too long and he needs to take a break anyway.”

Trunks cautiously held the massive chocolate cake his mom had baked for his dad, knowing just how much it must have meant for her since Bulma almost never cooked, always relying on their own private chefs to deal with all the cooking.

“Be careful, baby…” Bulma warned him tenderly.

“Mom?” Trunks asked again, already on his way out of the kitchen.


“Then when did you finally know you were in love with Papa?”

“Oh, right… Um… I guess I knew when I finally realized I’d be really sad if I ever had to live without him; that was also before I got pregnant with you,” she honestly replied.

It was the truth.

Despite the fact that it was their mutual physical attraction towards each other what started their sexual affair so many years ago, at some point around the time she discovered she was pregnant with Trunks, she finally had the courage to admit to herself she’d really fallen in love with the proud Saiyan Prince and, even though Vegeta was still in deep denial about their new, still very fragile relationship, she knew he’d already grown fond of her on some level even then.

All in all, Bulma liked to believe there’d been some kind of love involved during Trunks’ conception, and she unquestionably wanted her child to firmly believe that too.

“I see… Thanks Mom!”

“No problem, sweetie… Careful with that cake! And don’t drop the fork!” She cautioned as she saw the boy walking out into the garden in search of his father.

Once he reached his destination, Trunks knocked twice on the heavy gate of his dad’s beloved Gravity Room. Almost instantly, the buzzing noise ceased, signaling Vegeta had switched it off, and a very sweaty Saiyan opened the metal door.

“What is it, boy?” He asked, wiping off some of the sweat from his brow with a white towel and taking a large gulp of ice cold water with his other hand.

“Um, Mom asked to bring you this, she made it for you…”

One look at the sweet delicacy told Vegeta all he needed to know about what day it was.

“I see…” He replied, sitting on the stairs by the door and grabbing the cake, putting it carefully on his lap and picking up the fork his woman had also placed on the large plate. When he raised his gaze, he noticed Trunks still standing right in front of him, staring at him with intrigued eyes.

“Is there anything else you need, boy?”

“Uh? Um, no, that was all… I hope you like it, Papa!”

Vegeta assented in confirmation and just as his son was about to leave, he saw him turn around, asking him one final question.



“You have a lot of friends now, right?”

The Prince stopped chewing on his mouthful of cake for a moment, wondering what the Hell was the kid talking about now. Whatever it was, the expression on his face told him it was a serious question, so he pondered his words for a minute.


What a word…

He knew just how fond those damned earthlings were of their friendships and all of those strange, sentimental attachments and, yet, hadn’t he ended up becoming one of them anyway?

The closest thing to a ‘friend’ he’d had before he landed on Earth were Nappa and Raditz, and they were more like comrades to him, subjects of the Royal Crown, and if he was honest with himself, they basically stuck together because they were the only ones from their kind left.

Then, did he have any friends?

If the definition of a friend was someone who fought by your side and that you could rely on when things got ugly, then, much to his shame, he had to admit all these bizarre, ridiculous people had become his friends, so he assented.

“I do, boy. Now, why don’t you go to the kitchen and help your mother clean up?”

Trunks offered him the brightest smile, and he looked so relieved by his answer that now Vegeta knew he’d definitely have to ask Bulma what that whole friend questioning thing was all about later. He had the feeling she’d had a hand on it.

“Sure!” He yelled, running to the kitchen. “Have fun with Mom tonight!”

Vegeta drank some more water, paying close attention to the scene taking place now in their kitchen through its large glass windows. Trunks was, indeed, helping Bulma place all the dirty dishes in the dishwasher as she sat down, distractedly rubbing her belly. He noticed his wife had been doing that a lot ever since she’d found out she was pregnant again, and even though she wasn’t showing yet, she kept caressing her still flat tummy at all times. It was a miracle no one had noted her strange behavior yet. Bulma had insisted they kept it a secret for as long as they could, concerned about something potentially going wrong during the early stages. She was older now than she was when she conceived Trunks and he’d had a hard time convincing her about having another child.

He smirked, pleased to see his son was growing up to be a responsible young man, obeying him without question, though he knew Bulma had played a big role on Trunks becoming the kind-hearted kid he was. Without his mother’s presence around him, the child would have probably become the grumpy, miserable man he himself had been before the woman came into his life, smashing his barriers down and making him see and explore life in a way he never thought possible.

The warrior savored another bite of the delicious cake, secretly trying to imagine what kind of a surprise his mischievous little minx would have prepared for him tonight, and he wiped off his brow again with the back of his hand, looking at the summer’s bright blue sky and wondering how was it possible that someone like him ended up getting so damn lucky.

Yes, life was good for the Saiyan Prince… 

There you go @lingoarchaic!

Sorry it took me so long to write this one for you!

Now I finally have more free time to write again, I hope you like it!

TF2 Merc's Bedrooms

This is my opinion on what the merc’s bedroom look like and all that so here what’s i got-

Scout - His bedroom is mainly baseball theamed with all his baseballs bats stacked on the wall, on his bed side table he has a pic of his family, his room is quite messy with clothes, bonk cans and food wrappers all over the floor, he has a bookshelf full of sports books and one of the sports books is really a diary and he has a trunk full of hats.

Soldier - He has army based stuff all over his room so his room is like a mini battlefield with a wired fence around his side of the room, he shares his room with Engineer and his room is messy but not as messy as scouts, even tho he has the wired fencing, he doesn’t use it at night since it’s just him and engie in the room and they are both asleep, his bookshelf is full of war book and he also has a trunk full of hats.

Pyro - Nobody doesn’t know what pyro’s room looks like since it’s shut all the time and they don’t really want to go in there but all they know is that on the door there are cute girly stickers on his name on the door, they think he has a bookshelf full of cookbooks and fire and the room smells burnt.

Demoman -His room has all types of alcohol bottles all over the room but he does have bookshelf full of alcohol books, a picture of his mum and his eyelander on the wall and like everyone else he has a trunk full of hats.

Heavy - His room is russian theamed, he got a fridge in there full of sandwiches and a lot of pictures all over the wall of his mum and 3 sisters, he has a bookshelf full of russia things and different kinds of sandwiches and he has a bed made for sasha right next to his bed and a trunk full of hats.

Engineer - He is sharing his room with soldier but he doesn’t mind, he has a lot of metal, scrapped projects and blueprints all around his room but in a tidy way, he has a desk near the wall so he can do his work, his bookshelf is full of engineering books and diy books, a trunk full of hats and a little sentry guard by the door.

Medic - He shares his room with Sniper and he loves his company, he has a cage with archimedes in it, a lot of medical things around the room, a bookshelf full of medical books, a violin case by the window, a trunk full of hats and under archimedes’ cage, there is his seeds, dustpan and brush and other bird caring needs.

Sniper - He shares his room with Medic and he loves his company and stays in his room because of it but he goes and sleeps in his camper van when he’s sad or it’s a really hot summer night, he has his rifle stacked on the wall behind his bed, his has sir hoots a lot in a cage by the window, a bookshelf full of australia, owls, and surviving in the wild, a trunk full of hats and a coffee machine for when he makes his coffee.

Spy - His room is all french theamed, bookshelf full of french things and other books, trunk full of hats, in his bedside table he has a draw full of cigarette, a pic of scouts mum on the bedside table and he also keeps a pic of scout behind the pic of scouts mum to remind himself that he is his father.

Other things - they all have wallpaper with their logos on it, they all have a wardrobe with their cosmetic in it, sniper and medic are the only ones to have a pet in their room and all their room on are on the same floor.

muchachadeningunaparte  asked:

Headcanons about summer! :D

- it’s summer rite and simon L O V E S summertime, while baz obviously does not

- part of the reason simon loves summer so much is because it gives basilton the excuse to wear these ~really fashionable~ dark black shades that sit perfectly on his nose

- baz being more than abnormally paler than everyone at this time since everyone is so tan ++++ he wears LOADS of sunscreen, literally SPF 119535345

- simon loves the beach. he loves swimming and always splashes baz with salt water (baz says he doesn’t swim because it’ll mess up his hair, he’s just saying that because he has an abnormal fear of the ocean)

- okay listen we all know penny isn’t victoria secret supermodel skinny, but when she wears a swimsuit she looks DAMN GOOD in it (hc that she only ever wears high waisted black and white bikinis like the retro barbies do)

- baz wears practically a suit to the beach. A SUIT. but when simon does tell him to swim with him he has cute lil swimming trunks that aren’t black because he had them before his brooding vampire “phase”

- simon orders heckin ridiculous smoothies and baz loves iced coffee, do not argue with me on that

- si is a lil kid at the beach and baz is like SAND. SAND EVERYWHERE.

( i got a little carried away haha i hope you liked it )


In the lulls between tracks

1k // ao3

Dean buys it, the house and the land where Cas dies. He uses the cash he has squirreled away for emergencies: the wad he has hidden in Baby’s trunk, in her upholstery, the bonds he has slipped in a couple lore books in the library, the ones tucked in that other pair of boots he never opts for. He even takes what he has stashed in three of his strategically placed Go-bags. The rest he makes up for with a couple cautious scams and he doesn’t even feel a little bad about it.

Once the property is in his name, well, not his name of course, but once the property is his he doesn’t go back to it for weeks. He spends a whole day fixing the hole he made in Baby’s front bench even though it’s a job that should only take a few hours, tops, but it’s hard for him to be meticulous (and Baby deserves meticulous) with his vision blurring like it is. He keeps busy after that, doing what he can to shake the images the plagues him. The bunker has never been cleaner and its refrigerator so well stocked.

When Dean does finally go, it’s after hours of aimless driving that hadn’t actually been as aimless as he’d thought consciously. Dean’s already pulled up next to Cas’ truck by the time his whereabouts register. He hadn’t thought about the truck at all. He should probably do something about it. It’s a bit of an eyesore in this place. Leave it to Cas to pick a location as breathtaking as this one to bring Lucifer’s child into the world. He thinks he should take the time to take it in. Cas would. Dean is willing to bet that Cas has. Despite all the doom that had been pending, Dean knows Cas wouldn’t have been able to help himself but to appreciate the view.

Dean goes into the house and he cleans all of it as though, big as it is, the bunker hasn’t satiated him. When he goes back outside, it’s nightfall and it’s dark enough that he can’t see the wing shapes singed into the grass. Dean doesn’t look, but he wouldn’t see them if he did.

It becomes a regular thing, daily at first and then when he and Sam start hunting again, daily between cases. He drives up to the house, walks past the truck, avoids looking at anything, goes in and gets to work. When he runs out of things to clean he starts fixing the place up. Refurbishing the wood that’s there, getting new wood to build furniture. He uses the scraps to build a bee hotel that he never takes outside. Cas is the one who would have known how to take care of it anyway. Maybe he’ll pick up a book about it sometime. Sometime when the thought of Cas’ approving smile, small at first and then wide and gummy, doesn’t make Dean want to break everything in sight.

One day, one of those good days where Dean doesn’t feel like there’s a tear in his chest the way there was a tear in the fabric of space-time that night, as he’s about to leave, Baby does something she’s never done before: she fails him. The engine doesn’t start and after some cursing and then some soothing words and fond patting Dean realises that he’s out of gas and that he’s the one who failed her. He feels as guilty about this as the time he took a crowbar to her hood.

He knows what the solution is and he’s on autopilot when he makes his way out of the Impala and into Cas’ truck. He’ll leave it in the bunker garage, he tells himself trying not to breathe in the scent that is all Cas and that is all over the interior. He’ll take another car on his next drive up. He’ll buy a gas can, then too, and everything will be okay.

Only, Dean turns the key that’s still in the ignition and number five on the top thirteen Led Zeppelin tracks tape he gifted Cas picks up at the second verse. Absolutely nothing is okay.

Sam has to bring him the gas, days later, because Dean can’t drive the truck and if he could Dean can’t leave this place. Sam doesn’t think Dean really sees him when he comes, kind of like how Dean didn’t seem to be seeing anything when he was fixing Baby up. Sam doesn’t think Dean really sees him when he goes, either.

Dean ends up on his back, laying in the grass, the wings he hasn’t let himself acknowledge until now splayed on either side of him. “This’ll fade too,” Dean thinks. Or maybe he says it. “The grass will grow back and then there won’t be nothing left.”

The sun is low, glimmering off the nearby lake and it’s enough to blind Dean but he glares up at the sky anyway. “You’re leaving nothing behind. You’re leaving me behind, Cas.” The accusation is sharp and angry and desperate. It’s a voice cracking in the non-silence you only find in the kind of nowhere that has trees all around it. And it’s not untrue.

Years later, by the time Dean has worked past denial and anger and all the other stages of grief, the grass will grow back but a little greener than the rest, angled differently, and Dean will still make out the shape of Cas. He’ll lay there, every now and then, often enough, when he can make it up to the house. He’ll listen to the bees buzz yards away in the lulls between tracks wafting over from the truck. And he’ll smile fondly up at the sky, his vision blurring only once in a while.

ao3 // Thank you @casloveshisfreckles for being v nice

Supreme Kai of Time is a fangirl !! X’D

Trunks: “Bardock looked identical to Goku.”

SKoT: “But Bardock had that bad boy kind of attitude, didn’t he?”

SKoT: “He’s so dreamy, I wonder if he has a girlfriend.”

Trunks: “he has a wife…”

So the first time i saw this cutscene i laughed my ass off and said I have to put Gine in this X’D  

crystallized-iron  asked:

Steve and Sam for the shipping meme

my precious patriotic dorks

  • I think they both fall asleep on the couch sometimes, but Steve more often. Whenever they find each other that way, they just tuck the other in a blanket and give them a kiss on the forehead
  • Sam makes friends with the neighbors, he’s a lot more outgoing
  • Steve is definitely the adventurous eater because he was so poor before he went in the ice
  • Steve hogs the covers at night. Sam doesn’t mind, he thinks it’s cute. He just has a trunk full of blankets at the foot of the bed 
  • Steve forgets to do the dishes and it drives Sam up the wall
  • Sam tries to surprise Steve more often. Steve runs himself into the ground and Sam does his best to distract him with spontaneous couple-y things
  • Sam leaves dirty laundry on the floor and it drives Steve up the wall
  • Steve stays up til 2 AM reading, he loses track of time really easily
  • They both sing in the shower, but Sam denies that he does vehemently
  • Sam takes the selfies, mostly to tease Steve about being “old” and “not with the times”, even thought he knows damn well that Steve is probably more technologically savvy than he is
  • They take turns planning date night and they’re both super romantic saps  💙

Send me a pairing!

Well, that happened...

So… returning from Korean BBQ, me and my friend were a bit… giddy. And we started to discussing the boys’ junk, and we came up with the following list for EXO at least. From biggest to smallest, not considering circumference… This is based on pictures we saw in the past, and just our feeling… don’t judge! We know you have thought about it as well

1) Kai

2) Lay

3) Sehun

4) Chanyeol

5) Baekhyun

6) Suho

7) Chen

8) Kris

9) D.O.

10) Xiumin

11) Tao

12) Luhan

Yeah that was our list… Obviously we made some ‘mistakes’. Here’s some material to prove my point. -all material © by respectful owners-

As for Kai… Just saying, he has some junk in the trunk, da’s all!

Our number 2: Lay

Number 1 in many ladies’ heart but 3 on our list: Sehun - just saying he appears to be… let’s say HORMONAL to put it politely-

Number four for us, with no proof whatsoever… to our 'average’ we guessed; Chanyeol

Our five, close call to Chanyeol: Baekhyun, and I must say in jeans it always looks smaller!

Suho as our number 6 because… just because

Chen as our 7th; still no prove whatsoever, let me tell you even if he wasn’t here or lower or higher. Size DOES NOT matter when there’s a hot guy like him attached! Unless… you know *raises pinky*

On our 8th place; Kris. Because we THOUGHT he was compensating with his 'cool guy image’ well… we were wrong!

D.O. as his runner up because we thought all those left would not have much to show but for the lovely personality and looks!

10th to our list: Xiumin… Because well, he’s Xiumin

Secondlast: one of our biggest, if not the biggest mistakes: Tao

And last, best right: Luhan

Considering the new 'developments’ here’s my new list:

1) Sehun +2

2) Lay 

3) Kai -2

4) Tao +7

5) Kris +3

6) Baekhyun -1

7) Xiumin +3

8) Luhan +4

9) Chen -2

10) Chanyeol -5

11) Suho -5

12) D.O. -3

Please remember, the first list is just my friend and I, and this second list. Is MY opinion! So well.. hope you enjoyed our boys :) I’m all for D.O., Luhan… so (:

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FAHC!Raywood First kiss? (If you're still doing prompts?)

Okay, so I had a hard time trying to figure out how to approach this one but I think I’ve figured got it now. Thank you for the prompt:

Gavin has a firework guy. He won’t tell anyone in the crew who it is, doesn’t have the guy’s name or number in his phone, and won’t let anyone go with him when he goes to get them, but sure enough, every holiday, like clock work, he has some in the trunk of his car, waiting to be set off. It drives Geoff crazy, and he even tried following Gavin once to find out who this guy is, but Gavin caught on too quickly and led Geoff on a wild goose chase right back to the penthouse. The crew still laughs about it to this day.

Ray never bothers asking because a) he thinks he already knows who it is and b) even if he’s wrong he trusts Gavin’s judgment (usually) and figures if this guy starts giving him any trouble he can take care of himself. That doesn’t stop him from swiping a couple when Gavin isn’t looking and smuggling them out of the penthouse.

He makes a pit stop before heading out to the desert, knowing he won’t make it there first. Ray’s too much of an ‘enjoy the ride’ type of person; a bonafide believer of all that life moves too fast bullshit. He’d rather be perpetually late and see the scenery than exceptionally early and miss out on life’s little moments.

Sure enough, when he gets there Ryan is sitting on the hood of his Zentoro smoking a cigarette. He looks up when he hears Ray’s vehicle approaching, sliding off his car. 

“Those things’ll kill you,” Ray says getting out of his Panto and heading towards the back.

Ryan huffs, but he still takes the cigarette out of his mouth, flicking it somewhere out into the sand, and blows out a puff of smoke. He heads towards Ray, watching as he takes a bag full of fireworks out of the trunk.

“Those Gavin’s?”

“Like you have to ask.”

Ryan smiles, taking the fireworks from Ray, and the two start walking into the desert. They don’t go far, Ryan would never go far from his Zentoro, but they’re far enough away that a stray firework is less likely to crash land into one of their vehicles.

Ray takes the bag back, and Ryan heads towards a rock, sinking down onto it, watching as Ray slowly sets up the fireworks. He’s nowhere near as good at it as Gavin, he’s also never almost blown his foot off either, but he manages just fine, lighting the fuse with no problem.

He rushes back towards the rock Ryan is sitting on, taking a seat next to him, and the two watch as the first firework flies up into the air, exploding into a ball of color. The second one joins it a moment later, and that’s when Ray remembers what else he had bought.

“Fuck. I’ll be right back.” He gets up, jogging back towards his car, returning a few minutes later. “I brought a twelve pack,” he says, holding up a case of Capri Sun.

“I expected nothing less,” Ryan retorts grinning and Ray snorts, sitting back down, opening the box of juice. He offers one to Ryan, but he shakes his head, watching as another firework explodes in the air.

Ray shrugs, helping himself to a juice pouch, jabbing the straw into the little hole. He takes a long drink, watching the fireworks for a few seconds, but his attention strays to Ryan.

Ray’s not sure what comes over him; maybe it’s the fireworks, maybe he finally found that LSD laced Capri Sun he knows exists out there, maybe it’s the company he’s keeping tonight; but for some reason he leans forward to do… something. He’s not sure what exactly.

He’s not counting on Ryan turning at the same time or their heads colliding or spilling Capri Sun all over the place. He swears, jumping to his feet, apologizing when he sees the blood dribbling down Ryan’s lip.

“Shit, dude, that’s, shit…” he shakes his hands, trying to get the juice off of them, but they’re already getting sticky (and there’s probably a masturbation joke that can be made from this situation). “Are you okay?”

“Yeah,” Ryan replies nodding, watching Ray warily. “What were you-?” he trails off, furrowing his eyebrows. “What were you trying to do?”

Ray shrugs, not really knowing himself. He runs his sweaty palms down his thighs, swallowing past the weird lump in his throat. He nods behind him, voice cracking when he says, “We should probably go.”


“It’s fine.” He turns, nearly trips over his feet, and practically runs back towards his car. He’s had enough embarrassment for a life time.

Three days later, and some major avoiding on Ray’s part, he and Ryan are on a helicopter, heading towards their next heist. Neither one have said much to each other, Jack trying a few times to start a conversation but getting nowhere, and it’s weird. It’s really weird. They’re not exactly the most vocal members of the crew, but Ray’s never felt awkward around Ryan. That’s never been a thing they’ve had to go through. Even when Ryan first joined FAH and wouldn’t say much to anyone, they’d still sit with a comfortable silence between them.

And he can’t help thinking that he caused this; he caused this with his weird whatever in the desert a few nights ago. If he had just watched the fireworks like a normal person none of this would be happening right now. Probably.

“Alright, we’re approaching the drop point,” Jack says and both nod in understanding. “Don’t die, guys, okay?”

“Way to lighten the mood, Jack,” Ray says sarcastically and he hears Ryan snort. It’s the most normal thing they’ve done since the desert, and Ray craves for more of it. He wishes he could shazaam himself back in time and delete the part of his brain that decided to headbutt Ryan while trying to do… whatever he had been trying to do.

“Okay, jump in three, two…”

“Hey, Ray,” Ryan says from behind him and Ray turns, confused, only to rear back when Ryan leans into him, falling backwards out of the helicopter. Needless to say, it is not a smooth landing.

Two weeks later, Ryan and Ray are pinned down behind a dumpster in an alleyway. They have about two more minutes before anyone can get to them, too many gang members to ensure a bloodless escape, and Ray’s running out of bullets. The odds are not in their favor and he really has to pee.

“If we die…” Ryan starts and Ray nudges him, shaking his head. “No, listen, if we die, I need you to know one thing.”

Ray wants to argue, but instead he goes for humor. “If you decided to sell my organs to the black market at least make sure you get a good price.”

“Look, I’m trying to have a moment here.”

“Yeah, and it’s stupid because we’re gonna be fine. You, me, that stray cat we saw run out into the street when the shit hit the fan. All of us. Completely fine.”

“But if we’re not…”

“Oh, shut up.”

“But if we’re not…” Ryan leans forward, pressing his lips to Ray’s, and time stands still for that moment. Only to speed back up when Ryan pulls away, grinning. He shoves his mask back over his face, checks the clips on his guns, and jumps up, firing in the direction of the gang members, helicopter blades overhead telling them the cavalry has arrived.

Ray sits there, stunned for a good three seconds, but the situation catches up to him and he mutters, “Crazy bastard.” He then jumps up, firing at a random guy, yelling, “YOLO.”

And yeah, maybe he’s a crazy bastard, too.

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Ben absolutely loves face masks, he will sit with a face mask on, some relaxing music, some herbal tea and just relax. One time Jeff walked in, Ben craned his neck, let out an unholy screech and screamed: "TELL NOBODY". Jeff hasn't told a soul.

He has a whole trunk filled with face masks and bags of lemon, peach, and herbal teas

[Mark] Teacher’s Pet (Chapter Eleven)

All Chapters 

“Abby, wake up.” Mark whispers into my ear, gently shaking me. My eyelids are too heavy, and my body is still asleep.

“Baby, wake up.” He says. I turn my head away from his voice.

“No.” I groan.

“Come on, get up.” He says. I don’t know which day it is, or who I am. I think if he’s up then it would mean it’s quite late in the morning, but then I feel too sleepy, it must be dawn.

“What time is it?” I ask, my eyes still closed.

“Quarter to eight.” What the fuck? My subconscious, puts a sleeping mask on.

“Why are you waking me up?” I ask.

“I have a surprise for you. Get dressed, you don’t have to shower.” He says. A surprise? So soon in the morning? My eyes flutter open as I stretch.

“Come on.” He kisses my cheek, and as I close my eyes again, I hear him leave. Eventually I get up and brush my teeth, but my mind is still blurry, and my eyes threaten to close themselves. I wander in the living room of his flat, and he is on his phone, drinking a cup of coffee. He sees me and smiles.

“Morning Abby is quite a show.” He says, and I smile sleepily. I’m not that tired in the morning usually, I don’t know what’s happening to me. I sit on his lap, and he wraps his arms around me. I love sitting on his lap, he’s so strong and muscular, I feel cherished when he randomly kisses my cheek as we talk.

“I’m tired.” I moan, burying my face in his neck. Hmmm… he smells good. “You’ll sleep in the car.” He replies.

“Where are we going?” I ask.

“It’s a secret.” He says.

“Why do we have to be up so soon?”

“Because. Get dressed, now.” He kisses my hair. Oh, bossy Tuan.


It’s quarter to nine when Mark drives off to the unknown destination. I’m really excited to see where he’s taking me too. It’s still a little bit cold in the morning, but Mark Turned the air con on. Since I don’t want to bother him, I take his hoodie and use it as a blanket. It smells like him, and it’s warm.

“Can you, please, tell me where we’re going?” I ask him for what seems to be the millionth time. He simply shakes his head, tired to repeat the same thing each time I ask him. I yawn in response.

“Sleep, now. You’re tired.” He says. He’s right. I hum incoherently and before I know it, I’m drifting away.

We’re still moving as I wake. The sun is shining bright and we’re on the highway. I lift my arms and stretch, my eyes fluttering open.

“We’re almost there.” Mark says next to me. I glance at the clock, it’s half past ten. I look out the window, and we speed by a sign.

“San Diego?” I frown.

“Where are you taking me?” I look up at Mark, and he winks at me. I understand he’s not going to tell me. He turns to the left, and after a moment, he parks near a beach. It’s quite empty for a beach. I get out of his Mini Cooper and take a look at the landscape. Mark walks around the car and stands behind me, his arms wrapped around me.

“You wanted to go to beach, there it is.” He says into my ear. Holy shit! he drove all the way to San Diego just to take me to the beach?

“Mark!” I whirl around, wrapping my arms around his neck. He smiles down at me, proud and boyish.

“You’re the best, thank you.” I beam at him. Oh, this man is so caring. I kiss him on the lips.

“You’re welcome.” He replies. I let go of him and turn around. Am I dreaming?

“I can’t believe you did this.” I say appreciatively as he wraps his arms around me.

“We aim to please, miss Kraige.” He says, and I giggle. Suddenly, it occurs me.

“But I didn’t bring my swim suit.” I gasp in horror.  

“Your bag is in the car. I packed everything.” He says.

“You did?” I ask, and he winks playfully.

“I have towels, sun cream, and I packed lunch.” He says. He’s so thoughtful.

We quickly change so we can go in the water. I’m wearing my white trikini and he has red swim trunks. His chest is bare, tantalizing. After a moment of bronzing, more people start to walk onto the beach, and we decide to bathe before there is no place in the water. I take slow steps into the cool water, feeling it on my feet, then I sink in, to my knees, and when I glance behind me, Mark is just entering the water, his eyes on him. He gives me a wicked smile and a light flashes in his eyes, I squeal. I try to run away, but running in the water isn’t easy. I hear Mark taking big and rushed steps towards me, the water roar at each of his steps, and in spite of my desperate attempt to avid him, he reaches me and wraps his arms around me, making me laugh.

“I like your swimsuit.” He purrs into my ear.

I giggle and press myself against his chest, and he kisses my temple. I turn to him and kiss him, wrapping myself around him. I nibble at his bottom lips, and his tongue meet mine in a passionate dance. I devour his mouth, my fingers curling in his hair. He sucks on my bottom lip and runs his tongue across it, and my libido explode, I want him, now. I fist my hand and tug at his hair, tilting his head backwards, and I trail light kisses on his neck, and I feel him tense up under my touch.

“Stop. Not here.” He breathes, tearing himself away from me, leaving me hanging. I sigh and connect our foreheads.

“You have no idea what you do to me.” I whisper.

“I could say the same thing.” He replies, and I look up at him. “I could show you.” I tease.

“By letting me show you how I feel about you.” He replies, and I want to scowl at him.

“Why can’t you just let me be on top?” I ask.

“Because we’re talking about your first time. I want you to show you trust me, and I want to show you how good love can feel.”

“Love?” I tilt my head to the side.

“My love. For you.” He says. Is it a confession? The thought warms up my heart. I look in his tender eyes.

“Say it.” I curl my fingers in his wet hair.

“I love you.” He breathes. His words travel straight to my heart. He loves me, and it make me happy. He’s the only man whose attention is important for me, and more than attention I get love from him.

“Say it again.” I breathe against his lips.

“I love you.” He repeats. Oh, it’s so exhilarating.

“I love you too.” I reply, and before I know it, his lips are on me. And as he kisses me, embraces me, loves me, a single tear rolls down my face.


Mark and I sit at the picnic area near the bitch, and I watch as he pulls one, two, three, five Tupperware boxes out of his bag.

“When did you plan all of this?” I ask. “During the night.” He opens one Tupperware box, and there is a salad inside.

“You’re crazy.” I say, more to myself than to him. In another Tupperware, there are watermelon squares. Hmmm… that’s perfect for the beach, he’s so thoughtful.

“Christian Grey would probably have rented the whole beach, I’m not a man of many resources.” He says, pulling out a bottle of apple juice for me, and tap water for him.

“This is much better.” I reply. The watermelon is so red, it looks juicy.  

“Is it, now? Rich guys get all the girls.” Mark says, giving me a fork and a knife. I reach out for the watermelon but he slaps my hand away.

“That’s the desert.” He scolds me playfully.

“Ana was first attracted to him because of his face and his money, clearly. I’m not like that. Not with you.” I say. The salad looks good too.

“You don’t like my face?” He asks, opening his Tupperware boxes with the same content as mine.

“I do, Mark, a lot. That’s just not what attracted me first.” I reply.

“What attracted you?” He asks.

“The way you dealt with me. You just wouldn’t stop calling me Abby, it was infuriating.” I reply. Oh, cherry tomatoes! When I think that I couldn’t bare someone calling me Abby for mouth ago, and that now a man gave me my firsts orgasm and makes me say I love him, the word ‘progress’ comes to my mind.

“You’ve come such a long way.” Mark says, his eyes admiring.

“I’m proud of you.” He adds, and I fight back a blush.

“It’s because of you, Mark. You changed me.” I murmur.

“I think you were already like this.” He replies, and I snort.

“Constantly horny? I don’t think so. It’s definitely your fault.” I say. Mark laughs loudly, running a hand through his hair unconsciously, making me want to kiss the life out of him, tugging at his hair myself.

“You’re horny?” He asks.

“I’ll be if you don’t stop doing this.” I breathe.

“Doing what?” He asks.

“Running your hand in your hair like this.” I can feel a strong blush creeping on my cheeks. Marks smile fades a little, and his eyes light up with mischievousness.

“You find it hot?” He smirks, his hot stare making me uncomfortable. I’m almost squirming.

“Yes.” I blush, and he gives me a wicked smile. He knows what he’s doing to me. We can’t do this now, I change subjects.

“How long have you been living in your apart?” I ask. Mark leans back in his chair, smiling smugly, bemused by my poor attempt to hide my embarrassment. Yet, he plays along.

“Five months, why?” He asks.

“It’s pretty big.” I reply. His apartment has three room, and he uses one as a study, his has a huge living room with an open kitchen, one bathroom in his bedroom and another one near the guestroom.

“I saved some money.” He says.

“You bought it?” My mouth is full of salad, and he snorts.

“My parents helped me a lot, my unused college founds also helped.” He says.

“Unused college founds?” I ask.

“I got a scholarship, I didn’t pay for anything.” He explains. Oh, I had almost forgot, my boyfriend is genius. I nod silently.

“I’m a clean person.” He says. I didn’t accuse him of anything, I know he’s not into illegal business, he almost screamed at me for not correctly walking on the zebra crossing marks.

“With dirty thoughts.” I tease, and he smirks. We sit there, looking at each other for a moment. Me, leaning towards him, and him leaning towards me, his chin resting on his hand and his head tilted to the side. He looks like teenager, so young and carefree.

“You have beautiful eyes, Abby. Have I told you that already?” Mark says quietly.

“A couple of times, yes.” I reply. Silence takes place between us again. Mark reaches out and brush my hair out of my face, his knuckles tracing a line down my temple, past my jaw and down my neck. His eyes leave mine and he looks down, his gaze changing, turning more melancholic.

“What?” I ask, and he looks back at me.

“I’ve never seen your scars.” He says, his thumb caressing the material of my choker, threatening to hitch it down at any moment.

“Mr. Tuan, you sure know how to choose your moments.” I lean back, away from his touch.

“You never choose one.” He replies. Why does he have to bring this up now? We were having a fucking good day.

“You’re ruining the moment; you realize that?” I mumble angrily, getting up from my seat. Mark leans back and watches as I stomp away from him.


I stand on a dune that watches over the beach near the picnicking area. There is no wind, there are no waves, but the water is loud and animated by the thousands of people playing and swimming. I’m glad we came sooner. Mark comes up to me, standing behind me and he wraps his arms around me. I don’t want to get mad at him, after what he’s done for me, I should make an effort. Mark kisses my cheek.

“You’re the most frustrating girl I’ve ever met, Abby.” He says into my ear, his voice soft.

“Why does it sound like a compliment?” I arch my brow.

“Because I like it.” He replies. He like me making him mad?

“You do?” I ask.

“To some degree.” He kisses my hair. I don’t really want to test his limits.

“Have you been here before?” I ask, and he hums negatively.

“Not even with Mrs. Cooper?” I turn my head to him.

“Why do you say that?” He says dryly, his brow furrowed, his face impassive. I roll my eyes and look back in front of me.

“It’s a joke, Mark.” I inform him.

“It wasn’t very funny.” He says.

“That’s because you have no humor.” I reply.

“No humor, eh?” He nudges me.

“Who almost made you pee in your pants yesterday?” He asks, and yesterday night’s memories come back to me. I see him telling me all kind of stories, from the one with the pumpkin to the one where he ended up naked in his neighbor’s house. I can’t help a giggle.

“You miss my impersonation of De Nero?” He asks, making me crack up. Oh, that was the best.

“No, no, please.” I reply, my laugh fading away.

“I love to hear your laugh.” Mark says after a moment of silence. I sigh inwardly. This man is my only weakness. It’s hard to refuse him further access to myself. I turn to face him, wrapping my arms around his neck.

“I love you, Mark. I just need time.” I murmur, my eyes pleading.

“Okay. I love you too.” He says, and his lips are on mine, kissing me tenderly, his fingers curling into my hair.

“Come. It’s time to go.” He says, taking my hand in his. As we walk back to his car, today’s event come back to me like a movie. I’ve spent one of the most amazing day of my life. We took awesome pictures, but then I realize I have no one to share them with.

“What are you thinking about?” Mark asks, tearing me away from my reverie. How does he know I’m thinking?

“I want to tell Bea.” I reply. I think I’m saying this for the hundredth time, and his answer is always the same, but it gets harder for me to lie to her.

“Abby…” He whines in his usual disapproving tone.

“I know her; she won’t tell anyone.” I add, he shakes his head.

“You don’t know that.”

“Yes, I do. She’s my best friend, she’s like a sister to me.” I outdo, taking him by the feelings.

“I understand what you feel, but you can’t do that.” He says. I give up the sweet talk card. Nothing works with him. Why am I crushed by the simple fact that he says no? What kind of authority does he have on me ?

“See, you’re always controlling me.” I say. 'Abby don’t do this’ 'Abby you can’t do that’, 'No, Abby.’ Can’t he let me take my own decisions?  

“And you know how mad I can get.” He replies. Is that a threat? I’ve seen a glimpse of mad Tuan one time, only one time, and I don’t ever want to see it again, god it was chilling.

“I can get mad too.” I murmur.

“That would be quite a show actually.” He replies. Does he not care about me getting mad? It’s always about what he doesn’t want me to do, but he doesn’t care about being the one who makes me mad.

“Now you’re making fun of me.” I let his hand go, and he pulls me by the waist.

“No, I’m not.” He says. We reach his car, and as I make a move to climb in and giving him the silent treatment, he kisses my lips, taking my face in his hands. Hmmm… his lips are delicious. He pulls away, and I bite my lip to prevent myself from giving in.

“Listen, let’s just wait a little bit, okay?” He tilts his head to the side cutely; but it doesn’t work.

“She’ll get mad at me.” I say quietly, and he frowns.

“Why would she?” He asks.

“Because I’ve been lying to her for months.” I explain. From the moment Mark caught my eye, to his proposition, to Dallas, to why I stay with him after class, to what I did this weekend, I’ve been hiding all of this from her. The later I’ll tell her, the bigger will be her anger. Mark seems to realize I’m right and lets my face go, sighing loudly.

“Please, Mark.” I murmur, and he purses his lips.

“Fine.” He finally says. Thank god!

“Thank you.” I kiss him tenderly.

“Today was awesome. You sure know how to show a girl a good time.” I purr, gently combing his hair. God, I love this man, and he loves me too. “We aim to please, miss Kraige.” He boops my nose and I crinkle it, making him smile.

“That you do, Mr. Tuan, in many ways.”

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Facts about Joey

- His full name is Joseph Marcicano Armstrong
- He’s born on February 28, 1995
- He’s been drumming since he was 4 and wants to play the drums for the rest of his life.
- He can also play guitar and a bit of piano
- He went to Millenium high school in Piedmont
- He was in the school’s marching band and a jazz band with seb (DDG quartet)
- He also played soccer in high school
- He graduated in 2013 and went to San Diego State University for 1 year where he studied classic jazz.
- The year after he went to New York to take drum lessons
- He’s in love with the rock ;)
- He really loves his family
- He texts with his dad all the time
- When he was 18, he broke his wrist because he fell during skateboarding
- He’s a surf instructor at Newport Surf Camp
- He played drums on Jakob’s first EP
- He loves Adidas
- His first concert was Green Day
- He can solve a rubic cube in about 20 seconds
- He was on stage with Green Day 2 or 3 times
- He has 6 tattoos (1 on his ankle, 1 on his leg and 4 on his left arm)
- He played drums on Kate Nash’s new record
- He supports Bernie Sanders
- He loves the sport teams Raiders, Athletics and Warriors
- Last year he has shut his car trunk on his iPhone
- He loves to eat sushi

I probably told you nothing new :p

Seven in the circus AU;

Vin makes friends with all the animals and bribes them to do things. Ends up with a bear cub following him around like a puppy. Has been known to nap with lions. Always covered in fur.

Ezra terrifies no matter what he’s doing, and he can do a lot of things. Juggling things that are on fire? No problem. Trapeze crap that is unwatchable if you know him because you’re convinced he’s going to die at any moment? Does it every night.

Josiah is the elephant keeper and they love him. He usually has a trunk draped over his shoulder because someone’s always following him around everywhere and he doesn’t even notice any more. Also the strongman. People are starting to think he’s part elephant.

JD would honestly be happy mucking out the elephant enclosures but turns out he’s a daredevil on a motorcycle and whelp guess we’re going to have to build one of those terrifying balls he can drive upside down in.

Chris does a quickdraw/trickshot/card splitting show and honestly he doesn’t even think it’s all that special anymore, he just does his job and ignores everyone else.

Nathan is the knife guy, juggling them, throwing them, occasionally producing them out of thin air, everything. They are usually not on fire.

Buck’s the ringmaster, because originally Ezra wasn’t trusted to not pass a hat around and run a gigantic con every night, but also because Buck’s just so charismatic and the people love him and he’s so good at directing attention and making it sound like he’s made everything up off the top of his head.

Ezra teaches Vin and Chris trapeze stuff and eventually they start doing things together, they also end up doing trick riding stuff. Josiah sometimes carries Vin around on his shoulders so he can hold a hoop for one of the big cats to jump through. JD has been known to try and race the animals on his bike, and has been asking for lessons doing basically everything since he first started with the circus. The boys are convinced he’ll take all their jobs one day.