This is ridiculous: Deadlock teasing Wing

So this is OOC and would never happen but it makes me laugh and I love the idea. :D

Imagine Wing is out doing Knightly duties and Deadlock is bored out of his mind in the hab suite. He puts on some holo vids for a while and when he gets bored with that he puts on some music. Imagine the song has a really good rhythm or bass and Deadlock starts out bobbin his head to the beat. Then he starts moving his shoulders, then arms and hands. He really starts getting into it.

After a minute Deadlock looks around and he says to himself ‘Frag it, no one’s here.’ And he starts dancing. He gets a little bit of a rush from it because in his head this kind of entertainment/act would be considered unthinkable among the Decepticons. He either would have been mocked, or some unwanted advance would have been made. Either way it would have effected his reputation and probably his livelihood.

Deadlock’s dancing is very sensual (sexual?). His hands are moving above his head as his hips sway, rolling to the beat and making perfect figure eights, his hands running down his chassis every once in a while. His optics are closed the entire time as he’s just enjoying the beat moving to the music.

With the music playing and Deadlock being distracted, he doesn’t hear Wing enter the hab suite. Wing is shocked. He just stares with wide optics and a gaping mouth as Deadlock continues to sway his hip, oblivious to his presence. Wing does a systems check. Nope, he’s still online, and he hasn’t suddenly gone into recharge.

Wing is starting to get revved up watching Deadlock move his body like that. He’s so beautiful lost in the music, and let’s face it, it’s sexy too. Deadlock opens his optics when the song ends and notices Wing there staring at him.

Wing gives him a sheepish look and rubs the back of his neck cables apologising, saying he didn’t want to interrupt him because he looked so relaxed and into it.

Deadlock just stares at Wing for a moment as a new song comes on. This one has a very slow sensuous rhythm. Deadlock decides ‘What the hell, he already saw me, why not have fun with it?’

Deadlock begins to dance again, but this time he keeps his optics locked on the jet’s, sultry smile on his face as he slowly makes his way over to him. Wing just stands there transfixed as Deadlock dances right in front of him.

Deadlock dances as close to Wing as he can without touching him, slowly undulating his body in perfect sync. Deadlock is so close to the jet that Wing can hear when his cooling fans kick up a notch, he can feel the heat coming from Deadlock’s frame, he can feel the amusement and arousal in the ex Decepticon’s field.

Wing wants so desperately to touch the bot in front if him. He holds back a whine of need as Deadlock dances all way to the floor, his face inches away from Wing’s panel, he can feel Deadlock’s breathe on it before he slowly makes his way back up.

The song finally stops and so does Deadlock. Wing is sad and relieved all at the same time. Deadlock’s cooling fans aren’t the only ones on full blast.

“Drift that was…that was…” Wing can’t even form coherent sentences at this point. His pretty sure his circuits are fried with how hot his frame is running after that display.

“Shut up and get over here” Deadlock growls as he pulls the jet into a deep kiss.

The jet moans as his mouth is relentlessly plundered, and they proceed to move to the berth so that they may partake in a different kind of dance.

The no pants dance

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At least tiarawhy moved on to do other things besides mlp

Okay, so I hit my fuckin’ “back” button on accident while typing up a reply to this so uh, I’m gonna summarize what I said lol. 

Everyone can’t stay super dedicated to one thing forever! TIarawhy’s animations have really improved! I think its always really cool to see animators grow over time. <3 Thinking about it, a lot of “pony” creators have been making things for RnM. I for one, welcome more content to the Rick and Morty fandom!

JanAnimations has one planned! And his animations are REALLY good. Like damn REALLY GOOD. 

TheLivingTombstone has a song planned! He said its quite the challenge to make a song for RnM. He said that we should expect it by the start of Season 3. ((Source is me asking him at JapanPonyCon. Lol I guess this drawing I gave him shows his like for RnM?? idk lol.))

EileMonty has already made two covers for Goodbye Moonmen and Tiny Rick’s song! <3

ShadyVox has voiced 3 separate little spoofs! 

We need SOMETHING as we wait for OUR BOI to be released from prison. ;-; Lol sorry for the long post! Got a bit carried away. Uhhh well here’s possible things that could happen in the future!

*Mod PonyRick

pop song of frustration

[AO3] [FFnet]

Characters: Ryouga, Vector, IV

Warnings: Swears.

- for zexal month week 2 day 6; no prompt, there’s no actual ship because the topic of the fic itself is shipping, indirectly  -

Summary: Ryouga hates his fellow idols, but he has to keep up his good public persona. (Song.)

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Pikmin Headcanons: Karaoke Night Edition

- Going out for karaoke is one of Olimar’s favorite pastimes, and just being there fills him with energy. His excitement leads him to take on a bit more than he can handle–juggling the main vocals, background vocals, and humming the instrumental parts tends to leave him out of breath–but he has fun doing it. He never stands still on stage, and is usually bouncing up and down.
- Louie never participates. Ever. Olimar bribed him countless times, but nothing worked. Louie isn’t a particularly lively guest, and he spends most of the time shoving food in his mouth, but Olimar always invites him. Everyone else Olimar invites is always “too busy,” but Louie doesn’t seem to have anything better to do. Whether or not Louie actually enjoys being there is a mystery.
- Olimar considers himself a Hocotatian of great musical taste, and he sings songs from many different genres. As long as a song has a good beat, he likes it… though he does feel VERY conflicted when it contains explicit/controversial lyrics. If a clean version exists, he’ll always opt for that one.
- The workers and patrons at the karaoke place fall under two categories: those who think Olimar is lame, and those who think his enthusiasm is contagious. Those in the second category tend to be around Olimar’s age; he’s on a first-name basis with them, and frequently asks about their families. Those who aren’t as fond of Olimar tend to be younger, and make fun of him behind his back. One time, Louie overheard someone mutter some pretty harsh things about Olimar, and he gave them his infamous death glare until they stopped snickering and moved on. Louie never mentioned the incident.

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why are you worried?

Iono it’s just a bad thought. I noticed cjamm got some new tattoos/ones that have healed not long ago and one of them says “Good Morning” and is near his collarbone. If you listened to his Good Boy Doing Bad Things album you know that he has a song called “Good Morning” which he made for his girlfriend. Cjamm never really did any love songs but this song is the closest thing to a love song he has ever gotten to. He made that song because his mom had him worried about getting married and the girl he is (or was) seeing is/was the best out of all to him. (She didn’t like his song to her tho 🎈📍)
Right now “Puzzle” came out and I heard him say “"Good Night", man, every night” and “Good Night" is another song from his GBDBT album, it’s more just about drinking and partying and all that. So putting all those things together I’m lowkey a little worried since people are still talking about how they broke up and if they really did then him getting the title of the song he dedicated to his ex girlfriend tattooed on his body is kind of worrying just like him talking about how he’s now just drinking and clubbing every night [bc they broke up]. I’m probably just giving it too much thought, at least I hope so. It would be easier to put all those thoughts aside if I actually knew if they really broke up or not ah

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wich voice do youpreffer? Martin or Dave? and why?


Ok, so I think Martin’s voice is technically better and it is seriously one of the most beautiful voices in the world, but to me I like Dave’s more. I can’t really explain why, it’s just special. It’s not perfect and it can break and he can go flat, but I just feel every word he sings and it’s just so unique. Depeche Mode wouldn’t be Depeche Mode without that voice and the emotion he can give to Martin’s writing. I also really believe Dave’s voice has matured amazingly over the years. In the early years it was pretty one note, but now he has such a good range and can nail the high notes in songs like Should Be Higher. 

Also, I love Martin doing the harmonies in the background, because it gives him much more freedom to show off and adds a really special element of why DM are so good.

I could go on all night haha, thank you so much for asking!


Chicago-born producer Kaskade has been a part of the EDM scene since 2003. He is no stranger to good sounds as almost every song has outstanding vocals and melodies that just give you the feels. “Disarm You” is a perfect example and is one of his more popular songs. You can almost always catch him at EDC Las Vegas with the crowd of thousands who are die hard fans. Enjoy this special one:)