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Keith Theory

Keith’s mother is Zarkon’s sister, so that would make Keith Zarkon’s nephew and also Lotor’s cousin.

So not only was he born the enemy but he is also related to the greatest enemy.

NCT Horoscopes: Johnny confessing

How Johnny would confess to you based off your horoscope.


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Aries -  Johnny is confident and flirty, but he would want to ask you out in a romantic and old fashioned way. On a piece of paper, he’d confess how beautiful you are to him and how much he likes you. He’d ask one of the minis (probably Chenle) to give you an envelope with the note inside.

Taurus - Thinking that he was texting one of his members, he’d message you saying:                                                                                                            “y/n is so pretty”                                                                                          You’d be flustered, but would reply:                                                        “Thanks Johnny! You’re cute too”                                                                    He would realize then that he texted you. He’d be embarrassed but would take advantage of this moment to ask you on a date. 

Gemini - He would compliment you a lot to try to get you to realize that he has feelings for you. But being the naive (or not), you wouldn’t notice his efforts because you’d think he was just being nice. So in the end, he would confess by accident because he’d be frustrated that his efforts are being ignored. “Goddammit y/n, why can’t you see that I like you?”

Cancer - As you, Johnny, and the other members are watching movies, Johnny would use this to his advantage. Out of nowhere, Johnny would lean over to you and whisper in your ear:                                                                    “Wanna go out on a date tomorrow?”                                                          You’d be shocked and flustered but you would definitely agree. 

Leo - You, some of your girl friends and the NCT members were playing truth or dare. It’s Johnny’s turn and he chooses truth. Jaehyun, who knows about his little crush, asks Johnny if he likes anybody in the room and if so who. Johnny,without hesitation, answered: “Yes, y/n!”

Virgo - Haechan would accidentally spilled the beans about Johnny liking you. So you, being curious as to if this was true or not, would go directly to Johnny and asked him. Johnny would decide to tell you the truth by simply asking you out on a date.

Libra - Johnny would be a little jealous about you and Yuta since the two of you seemed to be close and hang out a lot. His jealousy would trigger him to confess his feelings.                                                                                      “Hey, y/n, even though I know you have a thing for Yuta, I just wanna let you know that I really like you”                                                                            You’d laugh and assure him he’s the one you have a thing for and that Yuta is just a close friend. 

ScorpioJohnny, being the confident type of guy he is, would interrupt you mid-sentence by kissing you because he just couldn’t hold back anymore. He’d straight up tell you that he likes you and ask you on a date. But as your relationship progresses, there wouldn’t be a day when he doesn’t remind you of how beautiful you are to him. 

Sagittarius - Jisung had overhear you talking to Taeyong about your big crush on Johnny, so he would be the one to tell Johnny about it. This would encourage Johnny to make the move. So on a random day, as you are working on something, he appears in front of you with a cup of Starbucks and a rose. He’d ask you to go on a date with him, which you definitely would agree to.

Capricorn - Both of you are already close, and he’s able to read you easily meaning he knows you having feelings for him. Since he shares mutual feelings, he wants to move out of the friend zone. With the help of his members, he is able to set up a nice romantic dinner for you. When you walk into the room you are staring at Johnny all dressed up hold a a bouquet of roses:          “So y/n, I like you”

Aquarius - Johnny knows that you have a strong liking for books, so for your birthday, he buys you a book. It takes you a week to finally get to the last paper. On the last page of the book, he had left a note stating all the things he likes about you as well as a note asking you out. You happily run to him and hug him telling him that you would love to go on a date with him. 

Pisces - You and Johnny are hanging out in the streets of Seoul. He takes you to buy some ice cream at a small shop owned by a cute old lady. As he is paying for your ice cream, the little lady compliments you guys for being such a cute couple. You blush and correct her, but Johnny just says:                       “She doesn’t like me back, so we can’t be a couple”                                             You stare at him flustered but manage to tell him you like him too by replying:   “Maybe because I didn’t know you liked me back!”

(sorry this isn’t that good but I hope you liked it. Coming up with twelve different ways to confess isn’t that easy lol)

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Two separate love headcanons one for curly shepard and one for Steve randle please?


When they discover they’re got a crush: “FUCK”
How they confess/hint: He is a big flirt anyways but like if he’s actually into you he’ll get red in the cheeks but deny it
Big gestures of love: Letting you wear his leather
Little gestures of love: Hand holding, cheek kisses, just being a big fucking nerd
How to win their heart: Give him roses
How to break their heart: I don’t think there’s anything that could deeply upset him romance-wise? Like, if there is anything it would definitely be leading him on and stuff
Tiny little turn-ons: bright red lipstick, slightly messy buns, shirts that are too big
Big turn-ons: Hickeys, confidence, boobs
Things that make their heart flutter: His Heart Doesn’t Flutter
Their type: I don’t feel he has a real ‘type’?? Idk
Ideal date: Bowling or just bumming around Tulsa
Past relationships: He would never admit to any of his relationships
How they might affect current relationships: I’m dumb and don’t understand this one so I’mma skip it
‘Goals’ in a relationship (marriage, kids, a house, etc): Just to find a best friend who he can also fuck
Any other love headcanons: He likes to play the guitar so he WILL write a stupid and cheesy love song about his crush that NO ONE knows about


When they discover they’re got a crush: He gets a big rush of “!!!!”
How they confess/hint: He just starts to get really touchy and intimate 
Big gestures of love: Spending all his time with you
Little gestures of love: Forehead kisses, braiding your hair, cutesy stuff
How to win their heart: Let him rant to you about anything and everything
How to break their heart: Betray his trust
Tiny little turn-ons: When your hair is a lil ruffed up after a rumble
Big turn-ons: Smeared lipstick after a heavy makeout session
Things that make their heart flutter: Sappy shit
Their type: He doesn’t really have one either, he does have a slight liking to blondes more than anything else tho
Ideal date: Driving out to a lake and fishing and/or camping
Past relationships: When he was really young he dated this cute greaser girl in like 5th grade
How they might affect current relationships: still dont understand this question rip
‘Goals’ in a relationship (marriage, kids, a house, etc): He is all about finding “the one”
Any other love headcanons: He likes to cuddle a lot

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Hi! so I'm a new listener of the bright sessions (I absolutely ADORE this podcast with all my heart btw) but i was wondering something about Damian's ability, Would Damien be able to manipulate a person who couldn’t understand or hear him? Like would a deaf person or a person who speaks a different language not be affected by Damien’s ability or is it purely a mental influence and a verbal command from Damien wouldn’t be necessary?

It is purely a mental influence. Damien doesn’t need to express a want verbally to impose it on someone else - he just has to feel it strongly enough. 

(thanks for listening!) 

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favourite producer and his best movies ? :3


for me his best movies are 

- Indiana Jones  (1,2,3)

- Saving private Ryan ( you wanna make me cry show me that one )

- E.T ( cause who doesn’t love E.T )

- Jurrasic Park ( only the first one though )

- Schindler’s list ( a movie that people just have to watch ) 

he’s an amazing producer but i feel he has lost a bit of his touch in the last years, his movies aren’t what they used to be :(

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hello, i've just recently found out that i'm actually an empath, and have high possibility to be a clairsentient. i've had a lot of gut feelings revolving around someone from the past and whether he still has any feelings for me or not, and the answers would always be yes. also when it hits me the feeling was unbelievably strong. i've tried meditation as well. i'm truly confused and scared that i would be wrong because honestly i still care for him. i wonder if (c)

you know some ways to learn to trust the intuition or develop my abilities? i’m sorry if this is too long i don’t know where else to go & google can only do so much. thank you

there are fun exercises i used to do a while back! draw a star, a heart, a tree and a flower on individual pieces of paper (you can also do this with numbers, colors, words, whatever works the best for you, i’ve found that shapes do the trick for me)

put the pieces of papers in a way you can only see the white side. now you can either think and try to sense a specific shape and pick up that piece of paper or you can pick up a random paper and try to guess what shape it is!

this is the only “formal” like exercise i can think of at the moment, but psychic exercises can be included daily and they’re fun to do! like you can guess what you’re having for lunch if other people prepare your meals, you can guess what song comes next while you’re listening to music, you can pick up older objects and try to sense something about them (best done if you have persons you can ask questions about the object then to see if you were right) - or you can have some friends help you with this, i used to have a friend and she’d bring old jewelry from her family and me and another friend tried to guess what the person was like that was wearing it, guess how long it takes for the traffic light to change, try to guess who’s calling you before you pick up the phone, grab a handful of rocks and try to guess how many there are before counting them, try to guess who wrote you a message on facebook before you open them, literally anything where you have some space to try to sense what’s going to happen before it does, do it! you can even google random quizzes you know nothing about and try to guess the answers. the shape and quiz exercise will help you fully distinguish if it’s your intuition or your rational mind. 

and i know it sounds boring when i say meditation but meditation is the key to everything!! also work on your chakras and spend more time on your third eye. there are great guided meditations on youtube to help with this.

he lost the game but he won something better (❁´▽`❁)

happy birthday @kisecchinosedai!!!!!! i hope you have a wonderful day filled with lots of happiness and loveeee ♥ ♥ ♥

Bob shut down b.echo, explained why o.ctavia’s anger at bellamy for “killing lincoln” was irrational and hypocritical, and basically confirmed that we’re getting canon bellarke all in one day. He literally saved us in one. day. 

Bob Morley is literally a fucking icon in case yall forgot.  

  • me normally: the curtains were blue because it was his favourite colour
  • me in English Major Mode: the curtains were blue because blue symbolizes his sadness and the author specifies the curtains because he is fearful of going outside. however, his agoraphobia is only a mask for his unconscious desire to fuck his mom and kill his dad as per the "oedipus complex" (freud 420). furthermore, the blue curtains are a materialist commodity; he has curtains because he feels objectified by bourgeoisie society, and the curtains are there to protect him from hegel's dialectic. he is a slave to society, and,

 NCT’s reaction to one of the hardest/fastest girlgroup choreography😂😂