The Foxes and Beaches

It’s the summer holidays so I thought lets do a summer themed HC for ya’ll!

• Its Allison’s idea, she just really wanted to head to the beach
• Renee has to convince Kevin by saying he could do cardio whilst everyone else is tanning
• Neil is sorta against it but Dan looks so excited so he just sighs and starts convincing the twins
• When they get there it’s Kevin who is the most excited bc there’s hardly anyone there and ‘yasssss I get to swwiiim!’
• Allison immediately gets down to tanning(ain’t no way she going back with out a tan)
• Matt-bless him- goes around everyone making sure they all have sun cream on and are wearing hats and drinking a lot of water because he’s the mum friendTM
• Nicky, Dan and Kevin are all in the water playing with a ball
• Renees sat next to Allison with her phone recording it because seeing those three together is v v odd and they look so happy and uggghh
• The twins brought a beach umbrella because they burn easily(I’ll fight you) and whilst Aaron adventure out with Matt to get more drinks and ice cream, Andrew stays routed in his spot
• Andrew doesn’t know how to feel about beaches bc the sand get everywhere but the scenery is so beautiful
• And then there’s Neil, he’s never been to a beach and just relaxed or played games
• Last time he was at one he watched him mum die and buried her under the sand
• But he doesn’t see focus on that instead he focuses on everyone’s laughter and happiness and it’s just…peaceful and right
• Neil spends the day going between group. He joined the water game but left when Kevin got to serious. He sat with Allison and Renee but he started to get really bad tan lines from his shirt sleeves. He chilled out with Matt and Aaron for a little bit but there only so much someone can take from being glared at by a smol angry child. Then he comes back to Andrew.
• Andrews been keeping an eye on him and he had a fluttery feeling in his stomach when ever he seen Neil laugh or smile (it’s cause he hates Neil obv (no he love Neil so much))
• And the two just stay with one another until the sun starts setting and Neil asks 'yes or no’
• Andrew says yes and Neil just takes his hand and they just watch the others
• Then Nicky decides to make a camp fire so they can stay longer. Once it’s made all the foxes just huddle together not really caring who they sit beside
• Allison and Renee are resting quietly against Kevin who is slowly dropping of to sleep with a small smile
• Nicky has his head on Matts lap whilst Dan is with her shoulder pressed against Aarons
• It’s just all happy

Browsing tumblr after Dark Water, and I realised something about the kiss scene.

Now this is hardly the first time the Doctor’s been ambush-snogged by somebody (not something you can lay wholly at Moffat’s door, either, this goes right back to series 2 of the RTD era, or possibly earlier depending on what you take as canon), but have a look at how this one plays out afterwards.

The Doctor is clearly very uncomfortable and distressed, whereas Ten would probably have just brushed it off. And Clara, knowing how uncomfortable he is with intimacy in this incarnation (forced or otherwise), offers him her hand. She doesn’t take his hand, she lets him decide, lets it happen on his own terms. Lets him know he’s safe. It’s very small, basically blink and you’ll miss it, but I actually found it really, really important.

I mean I don’t even ship Twelve and Clara, but never mind the “do you think betraying me would make a difference” stuff, this was the moment in the episode that showed me how important and solid, for all the bickering, their relationship actually is.

thesaviorjones  asked:

Congrats on 2k! I have alittle prompt; the first time Killian holds baby Neal?

He was never comfortable around babies. Their tiny, fragile bodies. The crying and the squirming.  

That’s why it catches him by surprise when Emma decides to babysit for her parents one night. 

“It will be fun, besides I’ve hardly spent any time at all with my little brother,” she argues. And he doesn’t have the heart to tell her differently.  

The night goes smoothly. Neal is willing to be calmed by Emma and she seems to enjoy doing it.  He helps prepare the bottles and folds laundry. He turns on the water for Neal’s bath. He feels sort of useless, but does what he’s asked.

It’s bedtime when Emma curses under her breath.  “I have to go get his blanket. I left it in the living room. Will you hold him for just a second?”

He doesn’t have time to answer before she places the boy in his arms. He looks up at her, his heart is racing. She just grins. “I’ll be right back.”

The little lad is fast asleep. His chest rises and falls softly. The skin of his neck is soft against Killian’s hand.  After a moment, he releases a breath he didn’t even know he was holding.

“You’re a natural,” Emma comments as she comes back into the nursery. Her eyes are glittering in the evening light. She’s proud and it makes him proud too.

He glances down at the dreaming little boy in his arms and he smiles. “Aye, I guess I am.”