Let Alone: Part 4

waiPairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word count: 1032

Warnings: very mild swearing. Mediocre writing.

A/N: Hey guys! Sorry this part came a little later than I expected, what with moving to university and getting into orientation! But it’s here now, and I tried to take a bit of a different approach – please give me feedback! <3

Summary: You go out clubbing with the Avengers, hoping to catch the eye of a certain plum-loving soldier.

Tristan smiles at you from across the table for two. It’s such an innocent gesture, but it makes you feel vaguely (and ridiculously) guilty. As far as anyone knows, you’re not leading him on. He’s a genuinely good guy, and you do like him. You find that his job as a paramedic is a very good career choice for this civilian, who is entirely sweet and devoted to the care and support of others. He is nurturing and gentle. He’s exactly who you need. Who you don’t need is…

Your mind flashes briefly to the events of the night before. Bucky and the blonde girl. Storming home. Bucky knocking on your door.

“Y/N!” Bucky’s low voice pierced your door. He punctuated (unnecessarily, since you were still awake) his call with three short knocks which sprouted from your temples as a crushing headache. You checked the time. 3:17 in the morning. “Damnit,” you muttered with an eyeroll that sent your pupils to the moon and back. Two possible courses of action presented themselves: the first, to quietly open the door and tell the blue-eyed supersoldier to leave you alone, and the second, to simply roll over and pretend like you couldn’t hear a damn thing. Still a little groggy from your short (albeit alcohol-packed) trip to the club with your team, you chose the latter, pulling fluffy pillows over your ears and squeezing your eyes shut. Your eyes burned, and you told yourself it isn’t tears. That the strange feeling you have (that you haven’t felt in years and years) isn’t that you want to cry.

After what felt like a lifetime, you heard Bucky’s light step leave your door. You roll over onto your stomach so that each breath you draw takes and effort. Good, you thought. That’s something to focus on besides that stupid soldier. Repeating that thought over and over, the gentle arms of sleep wrap around you and you let yourself sink into the darkness.

“So, Y/N,” Tristan says after licking a drip off his ice cream cone, “what do you want to do now?”

You pause. You have no idea what Tristan likes to do, and there’s nothing you’d rather do than run to your room and try not to shoot –

A smile creeps across your face, and Tristan smiles back as if your smile is the magnet that drew his to the surface. “Let’s play laser tag,” you say.

“No fair!” Tristan says. “I’m not the one trained in special weapons combat!”

You wink and stand up. Why go home and wallow in self-pity when you could go out with guns blazing?

“Morning,” Wanda moaned from the kitchen island as you walked out of your room as polished as you could manage. She waved a hand feebly in the air and dropped it with a thud on the granite counter. That was classic Wanda, you thought with a smile. Though the Scarlet Witch could be utterly terrifying in battle, the pretty redhead was one of the sweetest people you knew.

“Morning, babe,” you chirped.

“Shhhh! Not so loud!” Nat, rubbing her temples with her long fingers, was lying down on the couch in the living room.

You burst out laughing. The two women, two of your best friends in the entire world, glared at you. This could mean death, but you couldn’t stop yourself – the chuckles forced themselves out of your lips nonetheless. Nat’s and Wanda’s hangovers were funny, but you honestly didn’t find it that funny, yet you continued to double over in hysterical laughter until your were bent in half clutching the kitchen barstool for support.

By that time, the two incapacitated members were giving you strange looks.

Nat and Wanda shared a glance. “You ok, Y/N?” Natasha asked finally, as your uncontrollable laugh turned into heavy breathing and wiping a tear from your eye.

“Oh just peachy,” you said. Loud footsteps rang in the corridor behind you, and you swirled around to greet whoever it is with the cheery smile you’d practiced in the mirror before emerging from your room.

“Barnes!” Natasha bellowed from her spot on the couch. Then, noticing a slender female figure behind him, she sat up. “And…?”

Then, nightmare of nightmares, the pretty blonde girl from the night before stepped into the light the Avengers tower windows let in. “I’m Misty,” she said, twirling a lock of hair around her right index finger.

You spun abruptly around on your heel. “Wanda! I actually gotta go right now! Could you check in with Tony for me to make sure I’m not missing any debriefings, please?”

Before she could respond, you darted back into your room (what Steve and Tony fondly referred to as your troll cave). I’m a soldier. A soldier of the Earth’s mightiest defenders, you reminded yourself as you flung yourself backwards onto your bed. I’m not afraid of a girl or Barnes. I’ve dealt with worse. And besides, I’ve got Tristan tonight. I’ve gone through worse. You thought your most stressful missions: Wakanda, a year ago, when T’Challa nearly got his left arm ripped off by a fantastically large beast with claws longer than your torso, and you had to use your powers to heal him on a snowbank in the middle of the battlefield with the sound of Cap’s vibranium shield clanging with every contact with the enemy forces. When Wanda and Nat took you to Sokovia to look for the leader of a small splinter faction of HYDRA and Nat ended up accidentally head-butting the target so hard his skull fractured into his frontal lobe and you managed to administer the proper care while Nat tried to convince you to just let the bastard die.

You smiled wanly at the memories. Strength returned to you. Besides, you were much more than Bucky could ever handle. Your smile grew wider. You were going on a date tonight, and if you were lucky, Wanda would bring you a mission for tomorrow, and you could go kick ass.

And this is how you find yourself in the midst of a battlefield, the sounds of roaring weapons around you, and – the gun, tumbling out of your hand.


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Ok other universe daughter again. Wade and Peter it was great you guys proposed at the same time. But according to dad and pops Peter proposed I only know because Natasha Clint and I stalked you guys as it happened. Dad shut it. Pops give him time he's stubborn

S: I’d wait forever.


W: I should be the one proposing!


Thank you for your ask, I took an art prompt out of this for an Olympics Au! <3 I’m not much for sports, but I’d think Dario, Mei and Gabby would be most interested in keeping up with their fave sports! And Garrett would only be interested in the swimming team, haha! 

Imagine Keith being the first to realize he is 110% gay for Lance but he doesn’t think Lance will feel the same, not to mention the fact that he’s only seen Lance flirt with girls so he just think there is no way in the universe Lance will fall for him

Then one day, maybe at dinner or somethin I dunno, Lance just makes a passing comment that he’s hella bi, just thought you guys should know and everyone’s completely chill with it, Pidge already knew because her Bi-Fi is super accurate and Keith is just sO HAPPY OMG THE LITTLE GUY IS IN SUCH A GOOD MOOD FOR THE REST OF THE WEEK

Just imagine his little gay heart going a flutter knowing he actually has a chance with Lance

It’s great

SVT as university students
  • S.Coups:His major is something super intense like Accounting but he's incredibly laid-back.
  • Jeonghan:The campus art ho that hasn't picked a major yet and gets everyone to do his work for him.
  • Joshua:The nice guy that works at the Starbucks on campus and writes cute messages on drinks for students who look tired.
  • Jun:The cool guy on campus that won't join a fraternity because none of them deserve him.
  • Hoshi:The roommate that destroys the bathroom getting ready for his first day but actually doesn't start class until next week.
  • Wonwoo:He majors in Korean Literature. There is not a cafe on campus that he hasn't been to at least once.
  • Woozi:Performance major that graduates in like three years cuz he works his ass off.
  • DK:Doesn't even show up to school all the time but when he does he has way too much enthusiasm for 8:00 AM.
  • Mingyu:The one who calls his parents to ask how to do everything, like how to use the microwave.
  • Minghao:Actually has his shit together: school supplies, job, transportation, etc. Has no idea what he wants to major in though.
  • Seungkwan:Somehow managed to disband the fraternity after finding out they didn't invite him to join.
  • Vernon:Anthropology major. Dedicated to his studies but outside of class he thinks he's a philosopher.
  • Dino:Is in high school.

“Yeah you’re right its been a while, ever since the end of the streak against the Undertaker at WrestleMania. Everyone knows that Lesnar’s not around a lot and I don’t think thats fair to the WWE universe. He comes and goes as he pleases and kinda runs things while he’s there and I don’t like it. I’m there every week, I will be from here on out. So what would a win mean for me? I think for me it’s what I need to cement myself as the guy right now with all these new guys coming up, to lead as an example for everyone else, it’s like the one thing i need, to be who I need to be, to be who i am to be the best ,when i’m in the ring wrestling the top guys. Brock’s a top guy and we’re gonna tear down the main event at SummerSlam.”

So, about knuckles...

This guy is a moron

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He can’t read, he doesn’t know his left from his right, he can’t tell sarcasm, he falls for the tiniest of lies, he’s a meathead, he needs to be taught something multiple times, has a hard time with math and he’s so much of a moron that his alternate universe self happens to be a genious that talks like a fotune cookie.

But…you gotta give him props. Somehow, the guy is an artistic genious.

It just goes to show that there’s different kinds of talents, eh?


Here are some of the pictures I took @ sdcc 2016
If you find yourself here pls let me know!

Awesome thing that happened, iwent alone just to check around then a guy recognize the breackfast gems t shirt @yamino made, but turns out I was wearing that same t shirt during a caravan palace concert were I meet a guy wearing steven t shirt, he was the same guy!!! we hang around all day, he and his friends were found by @egomatter and she gave them her zine (so jealous! !!) I had a lot of fun

Tango the Metaphysical Tadpole

While I love the thought that Tango is kind of the new Johnson, I feel like he’s more like Johnson’s inverse. Like, he does break the fourth wall and will likely speed along the plot (he’s unusually perceptive) and those are Johnson-esque qualities but!! If Johnson is the guy with all the answers then Tango is the guy with all the questions. Johnson saw big picture, Tango catches all the little details that other character neglect to see. Johnson’s actions brought Jack and Bitty together, but Tango’s questions might expose them and make their relationship more difficult. (Not that Tango is a villain!! But between him and Whiskey I feel like the Tadpoles are gonna cause some Trouble™)

Nonetheless, I’d like to think that Johnson and Tango end up being friends. It starts with Johnson just randomly calling Tango to answer the questions he can’t ask the other boys without upsetting the narrative status quo (thus preventing the Trouble I’m worried about). Like, on a whim Tango picks up a call from an unknown number just as he is about to ask an incredibly incisive question about Bitty’s secret boyfriend and and it’s just… it’s like Johnson knew he had to save the scripted storyline. He gets a little exasperated at first because he’s worried that Tango will mess with “the Creator’s” plan but eventually they form a weird kind of sibling/apprentice/”I really like this kid” bond and Johnson is kind of relieved he has somebody to talk about this kind of stuff with. Example: 

  • Tango: So Jack and Bitty have been in love for a really long time? 
  • Johnson: Yes.
  • Tango: And no one else knows? 
  • Johnson: Not yet.
  • Tango: But it’s so obvious???
  • Johnson: I know! I know! Listen, I k n o w, like I understand for narrative purposes why the rest of the characters have to be obtuse but I was suffering for the entirety of my senior year because!! I knew exactly what the plot was building towards and I had to act like I didn’t know that all of our actions would be crucial to bringing together two characters in True Love and! The pressure was so real to keep it to  myself and to ensure that everything went according to plan!!! And to be aware that we’re not even real at the same time is just!!
  • Tango: What do you mean we’re not real? 
  • Johnson: Dude, at our current levels of characterization we’re barely plot devices. We only perceive ourselves as real. 
  • Tango: But doesn’t reality consist of only what we perceive? It can’t consist of what we don’t, so doesn’t the fact that we perceive ourselves as real people make us real people???
  • Johnson: …
  • Tango: …
  • Johnson: I like you. 

damn do I love Nikolai Lantsov

You know what really upsets me about Finn’s injury?

Right now there are legit people working in the industry convinced that the WWE should’ve never invested in these smaller, cruiserweight-style indie wrestlers as main eventers. They’re gonna fixate on Daniel Bryan retiring at 35, Sami Zayn injuring his shoulder on his Raw debut, Neville hurting his ankle on a baseball slide weeks before Wrestlemania, and now Finn relinquishing the Universal Championship the night after he freaking won the thing.

They’re gonna take it as a sign that these guys are damaged goods, that they’re fragile and unusable and not cut out for the WWE’s ridiculous 300-day touring schedule. That they should just keep doing what they’d been doing for years and focus on finding the next Brock Lesnar, the next John Cena. Guys who are bigger and stronger and more “durable” in the long term.

And the worst part is that there are fans, casual viewers who will buy into this line of thinking hook, line and sinker because that’s what they’ve been conditioned to watch for years. They’re not gonna see somebody stuffed to the gills with heart, talent or world-class experience. They’re gonna see some skinny vanilla midget the Big Show can snap like a twig.

Never mind that these “vanilla midgets” are probably a big reason why wrestling is still relevant at all these days. When all the macho douchebros have given up their fantasies of being the next Batista or moved on from following some fake-ass sport, it’s the sheer passion of guys like Bryan, Zayn and Balor that have kept the art of wrestling alive after all these years.

And because of the WWE’s virtual monopoly on the industry, their only shot at giving their trade the widest audience possible is through a company that might not even give them a chance if it wasn’t for Triple H or NXT.

You guys couldn’t stop being assholes for one second of your life. 

Lauren Zuke had EVERY right to delete her twitter. You get a show that represents homosexuality, diverse body types, in-depth character development, and an interesting plot line yet for some reason you will never be satisfied. Go get triggered on a different cartoon and leave the crewniverse the hell alone. 

You guys call Matt an asshole because he absolutely refuses to put up with your shit. I can’t blame Lauren for leaving a platform that gave fans a way to directly contact her ‘cause seriously some of you are complete fucking assholes. The shit I would see you tweet to her was ridiculous. 

Why are some people acting as if Finn Balor woke up yesterday and decided, “You know what, I’m gonna go work for the WWE and I’m gonna be the first WWE Universal Champion all because I say so.” 

I’m reading things like, “He got this opportunity too soon.” “They’re shoving him down our throats.” I’m going to have to respectfully disagree. He worked his ass off to get to where he is now….just like your fave and that other guy, and this other guy, and that guy back there in the corner, etc. He didn’t just quit his day job last week and decide that this was his new calling. Too soon? No, it didn’t happen soon enough.


Konchan (Kondou Shouri, Kuroo Tetsurou’s stage actor) was having a Twitter reply session, so I asked him if he can understand English since he has a lot of foreign fans. He said that he can probably understand Chinese and English because he studied them in university!! *\(^o^)/*

I JUST DIED GUYS. It took me a few minutes to recover and reply back to him lmao

P.S. Since he can understand those languages, please always be polite and respectful when you tweet to him, or I will personally confront you >:(

College AU

Inspired by the start of the school year for all those poor souls.

New student orientation was to start at eight but eager participants were already lining up. The group of new students, along with their guardians, took in their surroundings. They walked towards the entrance of a large red building where a pair of current Konoha students stood.

“Welcome to Konoha University!” Naruto bellowed, followed with a grin. “My name is Naruto and this guy next to me is Sasuke. We’ll be your orientation guides today. Are you guys ready to get this show underway?” He was met with an enthusiastic greeting, aside from the grumpy junior wearing a KU shirt. “After we get everyone checked in, we’ll get started.”

Sasuke handed him the clipboard. “Perk up, Sasuke. We need to show how awesome this place is,” he whispered. “Don’t scare them away.”

Sasuke merely grunted. He was originally paired off with Ino but managed to manipulate the lists a bit. As annoying as Naruto could be at times, he was the only person Sasuke could tolerate. After constant pestering from Itachi, Sasuke was forced to join a student organization. It wasn’t as bad as he thought; being a part of the first year success program, you rarely had to do much. The only busy time they had was the beginning of each term and Iruka was adamant about everyone pitching in. But he could deal with a week or so of these orientations in exchange for a mellow rest of the semester. Besides, Naruto did most of the talking. He just trailed behind, keeping an eye on them and making sure no one got lost.

Suddenly he was surrounded by doe eyed girls.

“Do you have a girlfriend?”

“Are you single?”

“I’m much more mature than I look!”

Sasuke groaned. “Not interested. I have a girlfriend,” he lied. His eyes scanned the group, already weary of the flirty looks he was receiving. “Let’s just get this over with already,” he muttered. Naruto led the group towards the student union building when a voice shouted out.

“Sorry we’re late!”

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When I seek Him, when I put Him first, my heart becomes full with love for Him. I see strength, I see growth, I see peace. I have the freedom to love people with all that I have because He has loved me freely with all that He has and He fills me with so much of His love that it. just. overflows. It is His delight to love me. It is His joy to show me the depths of His grace. Every part of my heart, my life, my soul is His. I will pour it all out for His cause because I am so thankful, I am so thankful, I am so thankful for Jesus.

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How would Gus feel if he heard about how many people donated money to see his world fleshed out and see his story unfold? That so many people cared so much about him? what would he think if he heard about you guys and how much love you've put into making the game and making sure you guys can complete it and make it the absolute best it can be? it'd be cool to let gus know that even if he's just pixels he means alot to alotta people. y'know. if he starts getting glum over the whole thing.

We think at first it would be difficult to handle. Himself and his world teetering on something so seemingly inconsequential to him as the number raised in a crowdfunding website in a foreign universe. If you were in his shoes it would be pretty shattering, no?

But maybe after thinking, he could find the beauty of it. Everyone, even those giving a dollar or hitting the like button, have helped make sure his world comes to life. Many people sometimes wonder if anyONE cares about them in the first place. Gus can always know that there are at least over 2,000 people who care (not including the friends he will make in Soren). That is very special in a lot of ways.

Now there is still an issue to deal with for him- the fact that his world is only a tiny speck inside a tiny speck of a world (Earth) in another universe. This begins to address some of the core queries that will arise as you play through GLITCHED:

Does his existence as a video game character hold less significance than our own? Are his experiences a shallower form of our own, because ultimately his are scripted?…Well when one suggests that our own existence could be considered a tiny speck among the sea of stars, time, and everything beyond, it puts some things into perspective. His journey is scripted yes, but is that so different than some of our own beliefs surrounding fate or destiny? Gus and his world are made of pixels, yes, but could pixels to him be like atoms to us?

It is also important to remember that Gus’s world is not simply a bunch of ones and zeros. It is a bunch of ones and zeroes that a player from our world has some direct influence over. But does the player’s presence in Soren really give the game new meaning? It certainly differs from a movie or book which remains the same throughout, but what really does matter? The role of the player is something to explore in GLITCHED. You may even find that the world of Soren and its characters have a bigger impact on your/our world than you think. 

 These are all issues that Gus will tackle, and if you play then so will you.

- Nikko & Justin

Dimension Jump - Red Dwarf blog

(SPOILER WARNING: The following is an in-depth critical analysis. If you haven’t seen this episode yet, you may want to before reading this review)

What a truly special episode this is.

Inspired by Chris Barrie’s requests to play a character that isn’t a total bastard, Grant Naylor created the character of Ace Rimmer. A devilishly handsome space adventurer and all round great guy from an alternative dimension. Whilst test piloting an experimental spacecraft that can cross dimensions, he enters the Red Dwarf universe only to collide with Starbug and causing the Dwarfers to make a crash landing on an ocean world. Can he save the day? Of course he can! He’s Ace Rimmer goddam it! What a guy!

This is a standout episode for Chris Barrie, who’s clearly relishing the chance to play a character as awesome as Ace. It honestly staggers me that the same guy that played the neurotic, cowardly and pathetic as Rimmer can also play someone as brave, cool and charismatic as Ace. He’s just so captivating to watch. I’m amazed Barrie was never offered any leading man roles in films and stuff after this. He’s got that star quality and he’s really good looking. That wig in particular made the character. It just completely changes the structure of his face. Suddenly he’s more butch and suave.

Red Dwarf has always been great when it comes to parallel universe stories because they always take the opportunity to use these alternative dimensions to explore the characters further. Dimension Jump is no exception as it gives us a greater insight into Rimmer.

The idea that these two drastically different Rimmers came from one pivotal moment in their history is a really good one. Whereas our Rimmer proceeded through school and became bitter and resentful of his more capable peers, Ace was kept back a year, resulting in him knuckling down and working harder so as not to be humiliated further. Being kept back a year gave Ace motivation to improve himself, whereas our Rimmer was left to wallow in self pity, believing himself inferior to his classmates.

I thought Rimmer’s reaction to Ace was totally understandable. Lister tries to convince Rimmer that he should be happy that there’s a version of him doing really well for himself, but to Rimmer Ace is just a reminder of all of his own failings. Every opportunity he had ever squandered. Likewise Ace too is troubled by Rimmer, shocked to see just how incompetent, bitter and resentful his alternative self is and gains a new found appreciation for the way his own life went.

But the irony is I don’t think there’s much difference between Ace and Rimmer. I’m pretty sure Ace is into things like morris dancing and hammond organ music and 20th century telegraph poles too. They’re both the same person after all. The difference between them is merely their attitude. Rimmer is more inwardly focused and expects the world to accommodate him. Ace on the other hand is far more open and accepting of others. Both even exhibit signs of an inferiority complex, but again the difference is that of attitude. Rimmer wallows and moans, taking his self loathing out on others, whereas Ace channels it into something more positive. He downplays his own talents in order to make others look good, most notably Spanners (the alternative Lister). And let’s not forget the first thing he says to our Rimmer is:

“Oh my God! it’s me only much more handsome!”

It just goes to show that as awesome and charismatic and brave and handsome as Ace is, he’s nothing special or unique. Our Rimmer has the potential to be like that too. If he would just let go of his angst and his ego, there’s no reason why Rimmer can’t be like Ace. In fact everyone has that potential within them. I mean look at Lister. Can you honestly see Series 2 Lister helping Ace out?

Dimension Jump is a wonderful episode both for Rimmer and for Chris Barrie. There is however one minor discrepancy. Technically there’s no way that Ace could possibly have met this Rimmer unless his spaceship can travel in time as well as between dimensions, considering that Red Dwarf takes place 3 million years in the future. But if you’re going to let a silly little thing like that spoil the fun, why bother?

Slash Watch: Let’s talk about Rimmer. He says a lot of mean things about Ace, most of which regarding his sexuality. Why is this? Challenging Ace’s masculinity perhaps? Well here’s my theory.

I’ve long maintained the theory that Rimmer is in fact a closet bisexual, forced to suppress his sexuality in order to appease his father. (See I was going somewhere with the girdle and the suspenders in Series 3). This ties into the character’s self loathing and there is some evidence to corroborate my theory, mostly in Series 5. I believe that what Rimmer is doing is projecting his own insecurities onto Ace, believing that Ace doesn’t conform to what he believes is a Space Corps officer.

I also happen to think that Ace has an unrequited love for Spanners, judging by the almost wistful way he says his name when he meets our Lister. See @allsortsofsmeg and @janamelie, while I don’t ship Rimmer and Lister, I absolutely ship Ace and Spanners (Loopholes. Don’t you just love them). But I know what you’re thinking. Didn’t Ace say to Bongo that he’s ‘strictly butter side up’? Well I have a theory about that too… but I think I’ll save that for Stoke Me A Clipper.

Oh one last thing. Holly is canonically pansexual… What? She is! He fell in love with Hilly, she fainted when Ace complimented her. She may have had a sex change, but she’s still the same character. I don’t care if she’s a computer. She clearly swings both ways thank you very much.


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