Do you know why Daisy saw Grant in the Framework, and not Lincoln? Because the first time she was truly happy, Grant was a “nice guy”. Daisy wasn’t in love with the man Grant Ward himself, she was in love with the man she thought he was. That’s why he is in Framework, and not Lincoln. In Daisy’s deepest dreams, Grant was the guy she could love.

Not to be that sentimental but heck I am : KIM SEOKJIN graduated from university.

Let it be known to all.

And let it be known, that Jin is one hell of a hardworking guy. I do not know about you, but I admire this guy so much. Shoot, I complain about having to study for exams and getting up at 8 a.m for classes plus feeling like my world crashes down on a daily due to stress of university. And I wonder is my career path the right one. But Jin? He made it through all the odds. I know his journey was not all positive but the end goal? Wow, that is amazing. And so, I respect this man. He makes me happy in a lot of ways and he is letting a lot of people know that no matter what circumstances you have, even when all the odds are against you, and your world feels like hell - you can make it.

Kudos to him. I hope he pops bottles lol.



Fuck this guy. Trump University by way of the Electoral College? Fuck this guy. Grab women by the pussy? Fuck this guy. Black president born in Kenya? Fuck this guy. POW isn't a hero? Fuck this guy. Mocks the disabled? Fuck this guy. Wants to build a wall to keep out immigrants, who he calls rapists, and murderers? Fuck this guy. Demonizes Muslims? Fuck this guy. Picks a homophobe as veep, a bear-fearing billionaire as Education Secretary, climate change deniers to Energy, white supremacists as chief advisors? Fuck this guy. Fuck this orange flyaway haired motherfucker. Fuck. This. Guy.

Some times there are real life superheros and maybe this guy was one? Owner of Little Cesars Pizza dies and was worth billions. As a billionaire he donated to programs of his beloved city of Detroit and to a University to build a new business school and such things. This guy done to the citiy and people more that any politican.

Apparently he never spoke about it and it only comes to light after his death. I admit I got a little choked up when I heard this. Oh and side note, he was the son of immigrants.

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Duke and Kane!!!!

I called this picture “BusinessMerger.psd” and I’m really proud of myself.

I can’t imagine these guys dancing, so instead a Very Reluctant Handshake!  Which creates…

The Don of Deluxe.  

You can’t trust this man as far as he can throw you, which isn’t saying too much because he can throw you pretty damn far, but the point stands.  Backstabbing abounds. 

More concerning, though; the Duke and Kane’s combined tempers and egos make for a violent, mercurial, childish, insatiably greedy monster of a man. 

Thankfully, they would be very difficult to fuse and very easy to unfuse!  Which is a small mercy, because holy crap. 8T

Illustration of another dream I had a while back.

In the dream I was watching a movie about a dude, let’s call him Mike, who though his own stupid actions got in trouble with the owner of a bar/casino/disco place. Normally Mike would just have gotten beaten up, but unfortunately for him the bar owner had recently learned about a spell that made people property “until death”. By that I mean, a person with that spell on them would literally be considered an object not just by society, but the magical universe. He would get the same status as a chair or table.

The bar owner wanted to test the spell on Mike because he was a nobody who could just be killed if it didn’t work. It did work however, and Mike spend a while as the property of this guy. He was ill treated but never lost his upbeat personality. One day he got knocked out and when he woke up he was told that he now belonged to a guy, let’s call him Ross, who had witnessed the abuse and had won Mike in a game to get him out of that place. The spell could not be lifted so easily, but he could change hands.

It all sounds like a setup for cheesy yaoi, but it wasn’t like that at all. They were just two guys feeling kinda awkward about the whole situation. Ross didn’t want to own a human and had no intention of enforcing his owner status, but Mike was reckless, stupid and boderline self-destructive, so eventually Ross had to do it to keep him out of trouble. Mike at first wasn’t keen on it but eventually learned to appreciate it. It was after all his own stupid behavior that got him into the situation to begin with.

They set out to find a way to lift the spell, but for some reason the bar owner decided that he wanted Mike back and sent a big black dog to get him. There was also something about a shy young man who could make doors appear, but I don’t remember what he had to do with anything. Also, I vividly remember Mike sitting in a Victorian style bathtub for some reason.

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could you tell me what gorilaz is.? i literally have No Idea

it’s a band! it was created by damon albarn (the guy from blur) and jamie hewlett (he made tank girl, the comic not the weird movie) to make fun of mtv but it got very out of hand very quickly. (that’s a good thing to me though jxhjsfkj) basically the whole thing is a real life band but all of the members are fictional characters. the music is REALLY good i highly recommend it 

so getting on to the actual story, in universe the whole thing started cause this one guy, murdoc niccals, (this is him)

was Up To No Good trying to steal some keyboards from this shop, uncle norman’s organ/keyboard emporium to start a band. you can probably guess what band it is. this boy stuart pot happens to be working at the shop at the time, which will be important later and by later i mean like one sentence after this. so murdoc crashes his car into the shop, but it ends up crashing straight into stuart’s eye which fills it up with blood….;_; it ends up sending him into a coma. poor guy

so murdoc has to take care of him for whatever reason because the legal system in their universe is somehow even worse than it is in real life. one day he’s doing a bunch of tricks with stuart in his car, and goes too far and knocks stu out the window. ;_; x2 …so he lands on the ground and his other eye also fills up with blood, but it ALSO sends him out of his coma. so he gets up and he looks like this. (except presumably less happy and more covered in blood)


and murdoc is like “woah this guy is hot i’m gonna make him join my band” and decides to call him 2-D cause he has 2 dents in his head. not cause he’s 2 dimensional or anything. 

the next person murdoc decides to make join the band is russel hobbs, who is pretty well known because he’s a really good musician and also because he has a bunch of ghosts possessing him. 

murdoc decides to kidnap him because he thinks that’s a good idea for whatever reason. unfortunately this is not the last time he kidnaps someone. russel actually doesn’t really care that much though and joins the band anyways. 

by now they already have a guitarist whose name i’m not going to mention because i hate her, but she gets kicked out. so they need a new guitarist, they put an ad up, and IMMEDIATELY this fedex crate shows up at their door and this girl pops out.

she calls herself noodle because it’s the only english word she knows, and then proceeds to play the best guitar riff of all time. so they’re a band now! lots of weird things happen.

russel’s ghost boyfriend del shows up to rap and terrorize the rest of the band a bunch but like, terrorizing them in a nice way. if that makes sense.

eventually they try to make a movie and Trouble Arises when it turns out the director is literally making up everything on the spot, murdoc decides they should make the movie themselves, so 2-D starts making ideas for it.

 after a really long time spent on making ideas murdoc gets really mad and tries to strangle 2-D. :,( russel and noodle start fighting him over it and he decides he doesn’t need them anymore and leaves. he goes to jail like 5 seconds after. 

so they all go out to do gorilla things. 2-D has a lot of fun ^_^ and works at an amusement park for a little bit, murdoc is still in jail, russel tries to make his own album but demons keep trying to drag him down to hell and del gets exorcised so things are not going too well for him, and noodle goes back to japan and finds out she’s actually part of a child soldier project and had her memories erases, and can speak fluent english as well as a bunch of other cool stuff. 

murdoc breaks out of jail.

so noodle starts their next album, demon days. they have fun and make a bunch of music videos but More Trouble Arises when this weird fan named jimmy manson starts trying to kill everyone in the band.

 so murdoc makes a fake deal with him to kill noodle, and a real deal with noodle so that she can temporarily leave the band. and while they’re filming the video jimmy gets locked inside of her big floating island (that’s a thing she has.) so noodle fakes her death, jimmy actually does die, everything is going well except when the video is over noodle is actually completely gone. 

everyone is freaking out about this, and it turns out she got dragged down to hell by those same demons that were trying to do that to russel earlier…probably. 

because of this, 2-D decides to quit gorillaz and make his own thing, russel goes into the ocean to find her, and murdoc goes to hell. except not really, he was just really drunk. 

for real this time, murdoc goes to the place where noodle kind of died and made a robot out of her dna, cyborg noodle. she’s scary. 

then he gets chased away by these pirates he scammed created by someone called the boogieman who you’ll see again soon.

 while he’s trying to hide he finds this big island in the middle of the ocean away from all humanity called point nemo. he does the logical thing and spray paints it all pink, builds a really weird house (if you can call it that) on top, and calls it plastic beach.

he calls 2-D to come work on the album, but 2-D really doesn’t want to. so since murdoc is not a very good person, he…gets the boogieman to drug 2-D, put him in a suitcase and send him to plastic beach. this whole phase is really not good for 2-D.

so in case that wasn’t enough, murdoc finds out 2-D is super afraid of whales and to keep him from escaping he looks him in a room where a whale is right outside and there’s a view of said whale. ;;;_;;;

eventually, murdoc finds footage of noodle and takes 2-D and cyborg to go find her. the boogieman has started chasing murdoc to take his soul since murdoc hasn’t fulfilled his part of any of the deals he made with them. 

so after some stuff with bruce willis attempting to murder them happens, they go to the ocean and seem pretty close to finding noodle. noodle herself is now super cool looking and has a nice cat mask, and has also reunited with russel, who is now a giant after eating a bunch of toxic waste in the ocean.

unfortunately, 2-D and murdoc don’t find noodle, but they do find the boogieman killing a manatee for no good reason. so they head back to plastic beach, and the boogieman’s pirates have found it and started trying to destroy it.

somewhere inbetween all this, the evangelist who’s kinda like the boogieman’s opposite appears on the island delivering mail and being kind of a protective force. hopefully they’re being one over 2-D because he needs it.

SOOOO the real noodle and russel arrive at the plastic beach, boogieman and murdoc meet up and have a weird fight, boogieman summons more pirates, and cyborg noodle gets really messed up and starts trying to kill everyone. the whale outside 2-D’s room tries to eat him, but russel is able to get rid of it for a little bit. noodle meets cyborg noodle and it’s kinda awkward.

the whole island collapses and noodle and russel get separated. murdoc goes into a submarine and fakes his death, taking cyborg with him, and the whale gets back to 2-D and does what it would be expected to do. so things aren’t going very well. ;_;

noodle wakes up in a fishing village in japan and accidentally releases a demon, so she has an adventure chasing it until she freaken decapitates it. 

russel gets captured by people thinking he’s a monster because he’s 50 feet tall and has completely white eyes. after a while, the effects of the toxic waste wear off and he shrinks back to his normal size.

murdoc goes to jail again. cyborg noodle dies, probably.

the whale who ate 2-D dies, and 2-D wakes up on an island he thinks is deserted and has to live off of whale meat. :,( after a few months, he sees a plane and follows it, hoping it can get him off the island. he discovers there’s a beach rave going on a while from his side, and decides to take a year to find himself, which is pretty easy cause he was right there. also he really needed a break from everything that happened. he got a job making friendship bracelets.

after murdoc got out of jail again, he called all of the members back to england, and they all reunited. gorillaz are BACK BABEY

then they released their first song in 5 years and it was about donald trump and it was freaken GOOD

anyways i’m not sure if you were expecting such an in depth explanation but i hope this helps! this is actually even barely getting into it, there’s a lot more but i didn’t want this to be TOO long

anyways That’z Gorillaz

No but like. I dare you to find me such a genuinely good natured, kind character that isn’t a child, a comic relief, or portrayed as naive by their writers
Wander is the kind of refreshing protagonist we needed and i just. Love him a lot.


Summary:  Dan gets Phil Lester’s number off of the back of a bathroom stall door and drunk sexts him.  One big problem, Phil Lester is the most famous guy at his university.  

Word Count:  2,220

Tags:  16 year old Dan, 18 year old Phil, jock Phil, awkward nerd Dan, fluff, smut, and a little angst (somewhere probably).

T.W.:  Alcohol, swearing, and mentions of vomiting.  

Dan walks in a circle for the fifth time while biting his thumb.  He was about to have a coffee date with Phil Lester.  The same Phil Lester that was practically the Brad Pitt of his University’s campus.  Phil Lester, the number one goalie for their football team and the same guy who made every girl’s panties drop.  

Dan never did things like this, but then again Dan had been doing things he usually never did recently.  He leans against the bathroom wall and slides down it, resting his head in his hands.  

You’re just psyching yourself out, Howell.  You’re awkward, but you’re not so awkward that you can’t have one fucking conversation with Phil Lester.  The same Phil Lester that you sent a sext to, you’ve already done the most socially unexceptionable thing to do to a complete stranger.  It can’t get any worse, right?  If only I could go back to that night and I wouldn’t even be in this situation. 

“Jesus christ,” Dan mutters as he hits his head against the wall behind him.  Why the hell has he been acting like this lately?

*One week before*

“Come on, Dan!  Live a little!  Get out of that big brain of yours for one night!”  His best friend, Lincoln, had said to him excitedly before smacking his back emanating a loud noise in the quiet library making people turn around and stare.

“No, I already told you.  I’m not going to some stupid club with you and a bunch of our peers, that I don’t even like, with the possibility of getting caught with a fake ID and drinking underage which could very well lead to a shit ton of legal trouble just to live a little.”  Dan crosses his arms after his rant and huffs at Lincoln who rolls his eyes dramatically at Dan.

“Dude, you are such a bummer sometimes.  I get it.  You’re smart. You’re responsible.  You’re 16 and you’re already in university.  Big deal, you’re still a human being, so I firmly believe that you should still get out and party like the rest of us.  Maybe you’ll even meet a guy.”  Lincoln wiggles his eyebrows and elbows Dan in the ribs as Dan perks up a little.  "Did I catch your attention?“  

Dan lets out a long sigh before rubbing his face.  "Fine,” he says still with his hands covering his face.  "You’ll come?!“  His friend asks enthusiastically.  Dan just grunts as a response, but that’s all Lincoln needs.  "Mate, it’s going to be so sick!  You’ll love it, I promise!”  Dan hums miserably before going back to reading out of the textbook in front of him.  

The night that Dan had been dreading all week finally comes and he could not be less excited.  "I don’t want to go.  It’s going to be hot and there will be so many people.“  He whines while watching Lincoln scroll through his computer on the bed.  

Secretly, Dan isn’t more annoyed as he is scared.  Truth be told he had never had alcohol before and he was afraid of the effects it could have on him.

“You’ll be fine.  Now put something decent on so we can leave.”  Dan rolls his eyes and throws on one of his button downs before grabbing his keys and slumping out of his dorm with a very excited Lincoln following close behind.

Dan groans immediately when he sees the club.  "Nope, I’m not doing this.“  He mumbles as he goes to start his car again.  "Hey, c'mon, you haven’t even given it a chance yet.”  Lincoln encourages and grabs Dan’s keys which results in very loud protests.  "You won’t need to be driving after all of the drinking you’ll be doing tonight, anyways.“  Dan flings open his door and drags himself up to the front of the club before tensely presenting his fake ID.  The bouncer barely even glances at the ID before letting them in making Dan sigh in relief.  

“See, that wasn’t that hard, was it?”  Lincoln teases Dan and before he can throw back a sarcastic remark at him, he’s disappeared into the crowd.  "Lincoln!“  Dan shouts with wide eyes, trying to find his friend again.  

"Shit, I should’ve known this was going to happen.”  Dan runs his hand through his hair and lets out a shaky breath as he feel the room starting to close in on him.  He’s always hated crowded places and this is already really pushing him.

“Hey, are you alright?”  A friendly and concerned voice asks behind him.  He turns around and almost faints.  The blue eyes of the one and only, Phil Lester, are staring at him.  He feels like he’s meeting a celebrity.  He had heard many stories about the man and seen pictures, but he had never actually seen him in real life, nonetheless talked to him.  

“I-I-I, uh,” Dan stutters in a pathetic attempt at talking.  "You look like you’re about to pass out hold on, there’s a corner of the club that’s less crowded.“  And with that said, Phil grabs Dan’s arm before weaving them through the crowd.  

They finally arrive in a quieter and less crowded part of the club.  Dan’s breath seems to finally enter his lungs again and he takes in a big gulp of air.  "First time in a club?”  Phil asks empathetically.  Dan nods, “Yeah, how could you tell.”  Phil chuckles slightly.  

“Well, first of all, you look like a freaking fetus.”  Dan blushes in embarrassment and looks down at his shoes.  The most beautiful man he had ever met just called him a fetus.  "And second of all,“ Phil continues, "I did the same thing at my first club.”  

Dan’s eyes widen at that and he looks up at Phil.  "What happened?“  Phil bites his lip and looks around.  "Promise you won’t tell anyone?”  Phil whispers and Dan nods quickly.  "I fainted and an ambulance had to come pick me up and I got busted by the cops for being underage.“  Dan covers his mouth to keep from laughing.  Phil pouts, "Don’t laugh.  It was really scary for me.”  Dan giggles, “I’m sure, Mr. big football player fainting at his first club.  Must have been traumatizing.”  

“It was.”  Phil whines out and pouts even more making Dan giggle louder.  He stops as a drunken man stumbles up to Phil and slings his arm over his shoulder.  "Philllllll, mate you gotta come look at this chick.  She’s sooo hot.“  Phil momentarily looks disappointed before smiling.  "Yeah, I’ll be there in a second.”  The man shakes his head quickly and pulls Phil quickly away.  "I’ll talk to you later.“  Phil calls out to Dan as he’s being pulled away.  

Dan sighs to himself as he watches Phil leave.  I guess the only thing to do now is get drunk.

Four beers, five shots, and one mixed drink later and Dan was completely shit faced.  He stumbles into the bathroom while laughing about god knows what before shutting himself inside a stall.  He sits down on the toilet and just sits there staring at all of the writings on the stall wall.  He snorts as he reads a particularly interesting scribble.  

Phil Lester’s number > 07700 900778

Dan pulls out his phone from his pocket before typing the number into a new text thread.

‘I’d love to see what those pretty blue eyes of yours look like while sucking my dick. xoxo -Dan’

Dan hums while typing the message and sends it before laughing loudly at himself.  He stands up and wobbles for a second until he sturdys himself.  He walks out of the stall and slinks back to the bar before ordering another beer without a second thought to Phil Lester.

Dan wakes up the next morning in the backseat of his car with an enormous headache.  "Holy fucking hell.”  He groans to himself and doesn’t even recognize his own voice due to the harsh scratch of it.  He moans while massaging his temples until a thought pops into his head.  

“No,no,no,no,no.  Dear god, no.”  He says over and over again while pulling out his phone and scrolling through his messages.  He reads the drunken text and instantly becomes nauseous.  He opens the car door and throws up for an entire five minutes and begins crying afterwards.  What was I thinking.  Am I actually fucking crazy?  I texted the university’s superstar a fucking sext.  That morning Dan wishes and prays that Phil doesn’t answer, nor remember who Dan even is.  

Sadly, not everyone gets what they wish for because that following day Dan receives the text he had been dreading. 

07700 900778:  Who is this?

Dan covers his face and feels like crying until he shrivels up from embarrassment and dies.  He rolls his lips together debating if he should text back or not.  And like the idiot he is, he does.  

‘I’m so sorry.  I sent that last night while I was drunk and I was thinking about you after you practically saved my ass and yeah… sorry.’

Dan smacks himself after sending the text.  I was thinking about you, how desperate is that?  Jesus, he was hopeless.  Truly hopeless.

07700 900778:  Ohhh, the beautiful boy with sparkling eyes?  The one I told about my first time at a club?

Dan drops his phone from shock as he reads the text.  Beautiful boy?  Phil fucking Lester just called him beautiful.  Was Phil drunk?

‘Uh, yeah.  Sorry again.  I won’t bother you anymore.' 

07700 900778:  Would you maybe want to get coffee with me Tuesday afternoon?

Dan gulps and impulsively texts back a quick 'yes.’

Why did he just agree to have coffee with Phil Lester after sending him a sext.  He really was an idiot.

So here he is having a panic attack on the bathroom floor like an idiot.  Debating if he should crawl out of the small window above the toilet.  He snorts lightly at the irony.  The last time he was in a compromising situation with Phil, he was also in a bathroom.

“Dan, are you alright?  You’ve been in here a while.”  Phil’s voice bounces off of the bathroom walls making it all too loud for Dan.  He cringes and takes a large breath before standing up, brushing himself off, and flushing the toilet (to give the illusion that he was actually using the restroom rather than over thinking all of his life decisions).

He opens the stall door and clears his throat.  "Er, yeah.  I’m ok, just using the bathroom.“  He awkwardly gestures to the toilet and rolls his eyes at himself.  Idiot.

Phil raises his eyebrows, "Right.  You want to come have coffee with me or stay in here?”  Phil asks sarcastically before smirking slightly.  Dan chuckles, “Lemme’ just wash my hands, geez.  Stop rushing me.”  Dan walks around Phil to get to the sink and begins scrubbing his hands before looking in the mirror.  He notices Phil’s intense stare and coughs before blushing and drying his hands still facing the sink and staring at Phil in the mirror.  

He opens his mouth to speak, but Phil begins moving toward him making him gulp.  Phil places his hands on Dan’s hips and pushes his crotch into Dan’s ass.  Dan gasps slightly at the noticeable bulge before moaning under his breath.  "P-Phil?“  He stutters out as Phil begins to kiss up his neck and suck marks onto his tanned skin.  Deep purple marks soon begin to flourish on his skin and his eyes become heavy with lust, but he continues to stare at his and Phil’s reflection in the mirror.

One of Phil’s hands slowly migrates from it’s place on Dan’s hip to his crotch and massages it.  Dan’s breath hitches as his head finally lulls back onto Phil’s shoulder behind him.  "I know you said you wanted to see what my eyes looked like while I’m blowing you, but I also want to see how beautiful you look while I suck you off.”  Phil whispers into Dan’s ear and kisses it before turning Dan around and leaning him against the sink.  

“Wh-What if someone walks in?”  Dan asks as Phil pulls his pants down quickly.  "Then let them.“  Dan moans at that as he becomes even more aroused.  Phil kisses around Dan’s clothed erection before finally pulling down Dan’s underwear and taking him into his mouth.  

"Fuck-Phil.”  He breathes and looks down at Phil seeing a pair of gorgeous blue eyes staring back up at him.  "Jesus, you’re even prettier than I imagined.“  Dan breathes out and combs his hand through Phil’s hair before tugging it making Phil moan around him.  "P-Phil, I’m close.”  Phil begins bobbing his head faster as Dan’s grip on his hair tightens until finally Dan throws his head back whilst moaning out Phil’s name.  He covers his mouth to try to damper the volume of his moans from the aftershock of his orgasm.  Phil cleans him off and Dan fixes himself before letting his head fall against the mirror behind him.  

“Holy fuck,”  Dan says slightly out of breath while Phil kisses along his jawline.  "Phil Lester just blew me, oh my fucking god.“  Phil laughs against Dan’s skin making him shudder.  "You can blow Phil Lester, if you’ll come home with me.”  Dan nods, “Fuck yes.”     

i feel like someone else has already said stuff about this but i seriously hope that benjamin alire sáenz has a say in how the movie goes because ari and dante are his boys, he loves them so much and he cares about them and i just really hope he plays a big part in the making of the movie so that it can be something made with love and care.

1 | Save Me

word count: 

series warnings: violence, gore, probably smut at some point I mean it’s me we’re talking about, this chapter has mention of non-con

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Another gloomy day, another substitute teacher. You looked up at the elderly man who stood at the front of the classroom, he was wearing brown slacks and a messily ironed green plaid shirt, no wedding ring, no signs of any life beyond being a substitute teacher at the university. Pity dawned on you when you noticed his face burning with embarrassment when the wave of realisation that he had no idea what he was doing washed over him. Not being able to watch the old man struggle any longer you raised your hand, to the surprise of everybody in the room, 

“Yes Y/N?" 

"Sir would you like me to help? I still have some of Mr Lee’s lesson plans in my bag I could-" 

"That won’t be necessary Y/N. I’m perfectly capable of doing things myself.” The man scolded before he turned around to write some equations on the board, he was much harsher than you anticipated. 

Exhaling deeply you slouched back into your chair, you missed your old professor, Mr Lee. He was a much nicer man. Though he was younger than most professors, he was always very friendly, smart and helpful, everything a professor should be. And being a high achiever in his class didn’t go unnoticed, once a week he would let you teach your group, and with you being president of the student union it meant that nobody could argue with his decision either. Other students had their theories, that you and he were secretly hooking up on late night study sessions, either that or the only reason he was so nice to you was because his younger brother was your flat mate. However none of the rumours were true, except from you living with his brother who was also a student. But that all changed two weeks ago, nobody knows exactly what happened but Mr Lee just vanished out of nowhere, completely disappeared off the face of the Earth. Of course there were varying theories, but nobody saw anything, nobody heard anything, nobody knew anything. And so your fate of having to face substitute teacher after substitute teacher day after day was sealed. 

“She’s feisty today.” The orange haired boy sat next to you muttered, loud enough for you to hear, 

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Enjoltaire night shift headcanons

For @revenjolras

-Grantaire works the night shift at the university library 

-He honestly hates it, but there is one good thing about the night shift: the cute blond guy who’s in some of his classes that always comes in to work on homework until ungodly hours of the morning

-Grantaire might have a slight crush on the blond dude with messy curly hair and bright fiery blue eyes with bags under them from lack of sleep

-He soon learns that the guy’s name is Enjolras and Enj has probably checked out every book on the French Revolution in the entire library at some point or another

-Grantaire totally starts debates with Enjolras over everything (it’s the best part of his shift, watching Enjolras fired up, because he’s learned that it takes a decent amount to get Enj started, but once he starts you can’t get him to shut up and R just loves watching Enj go on long rants)

-Enjolras keeps trying to get him to come to his activist group meetings

-One night Grantaire and Enj are having a debate, and R can see that Enjolras doesn’t look that great, but brushes it aside because surely Enj is smart enough to take care of himself…

-Enjolras is not.

-Next thing R knows, Enjolras is holding onto him whispering “help, I think the room’s spinning”

-When R figures out this is because Enj had the brilliant idea to not sleep for three days straight, he gets someone to cover the rest of his shift and walks Enjolras home

-R makes a deal with Enjolras: he’ll go to Les Amis meetings if Enjolras promises to get some sleep

-R always checks out new books on the French Revolution the second they show up at the library because he knows it will get Enjolras so excited he won’t stop talking for at least an hour

-Enjolras checks out books on Greek mythology because he knows they are R’s favorite, and when the library isn’t busy, he’ll read the out loud to Grantaire

-I’m not saying Grantaire asked Enjolras out in puns and mythology/French Rev references, but he totally asked Enj out with puns and mythology/French Rev references 

-on weekends Grantaire forces Enjolras to rest and take a break from everything, so they have days where they just stay in and watch movies together or lie on the couch together reading

-they both struggle getting to sleep early (Grantaire because his body is used to night shifts, and Enjolras because his first instinct is to work through the tired until he literally almost passes out), so when Enjolras has been working himself too hard and Grantaire isn’t on night shift, Grantaire forces Enjolras to sleep over at his place because he knows all he has to do to get Enj to sleep is lie in bed and cuddle with him and bam sleeping Enj

-whenever Grantaire gets back from the night shift, there’s usually a hot chocolate waiting for him, and when he gets up the next morning (or, well, later that morning?) there’s a coffee waiting for him along with a quick note from Enjolras. Sometimes the note is a quote, a reference, a badly draw doodle, or just some words of encouragement to get Grantaire through the day

U know who in the west wing universe would be a r good president? That’s never really talked about regarding presidents? 

Donnatella Moss

Josh wants to be the guy the guy counts on–Well hello DC power couple. Donna, who absorbs info like a sponge, is just so damn competent and brilliant and smart and can grasp difficult concepts v easily and translate them into things that the average American can understand without losing the nuance of policy, like the cats and the Supreme Court.

And CJ said it herself :“Josh isn’t ever going to find an assistant better than you” CJ has worked in a myriad professional industries and made over 500k a year and is the goddamn US Press Secretary and for the fact that the deputy chief of staff will never find a better assistant than donna

Like……this isn’t some podunk law firm in the middle of nowhere this is the white house. A West Wing job. To say no one would be better means out of tens of thousands of people who would kill for that job would not be better than donna (honestly there’s even an episode addressing it being Josh Lyman’s assistant is better than getting a Master’s and Donna’s starting salary at that website was what she assumed the total budget would be. That’s how valuable pre-Santos era Donna is considered to be). She hears and she absorbs and she retains and she’s able to apply that information–remember when she knew the exact filibuster rule, with the Stackhouse ep?

And Donna can publicly speak–we’ve established with Leo (and plenty of other people) that some people just forget almost everything in front of a camera or a crowd, or in a debate type of setting, or just look bulldogish and antagonistic(can you say the plot of the pilot?). It just isn’t for everyone. But this is what Donna did, for two campaigns and even as Josh’s assistant. Remember when he sent her to North Dakota to deal with people who wanted to eliminate ‘north’ in ‘north dakota?’

Once she quits she gets almost as good as Josh in like a year and sure, there’s few complications, yeah. But hey Bartlet had his riding into a tree affair. Donna has her yelling at a chicken debacle.

And also the trip abroad. Like she doesn’t like to politicize it. But people who are like “oh she hasn’t served in combat” well she was injured in a war zone. Annabeth mentions how the people fell in love with her, wanted to make her story into a movie. There’s name recognition early on right there, something that would make it a lot easier to campaign on as a Senator or a Representative than the average person, get her foot in the door.

And listen people would be much more afraid of pissing off donna than Josh because Josh is always pissed but donnais the one person who can sometimes reel him in. No one is there to reel in donna. She’s charismatic, much more than josh, and people like her. Maybe after shes served a term as the first ladys chief of staff, helen more at ease with being first lady and more of an idea of what she’s doing, she’d run. She’d totally get elected as a Representative with her resume, then maybe serve two or 3 terms, then after possibly run for governor. And then start her election campaign. CHARLIE AS VP LBR CHARLIE IS TOTALLY GONNA GO BACK INTO POLITICS, HE’S TOO GOOD AT IT AND HAS SO MANY CONNECTIONS AND HIS WORK AT THE TAIL END OF THE BARTLET PRESIDENCY HAD HIM HOOKED HE TOTALLY WOULD BE DONNA’S VP.


Let’s recap Steven’s afternoon:
  • Visits his friends in the country
  • Tours facility where alien invaders sucked the life out of the planet to mass-produce soldiers
  • Encounters incredibly dangerous foe who wants both him and Amethyst dead
  • Bares soul about feelings of isolation and inferiority in order to convince Amethyst to let him protect her from near-certain death
  • Forms new and really cute fusion
  • Sees Jasper corrupted and impaled right before his eyes
  • Returns to barn to find platoon of alien hostiles who can only be placated by Amethyst enduring extreme physical duress
  • Takes a field trip to the moon
  • Sends aforesaid alien platoon hurtling into the vacuum of space
  • Also gets sucked into space WHOOPS
  • Floats aimlessly for thousands of miles through the void with little hope of rescue
  • Narrowly avoids being stabbed to death by someone whose life he just saved
  • Hugs and background music
  • Yeah your mum still killed ye olde space president sorry bud