In the light novel Iida woke up to go to the toilet and while he is looking for his glasses he noticed got a terrible sleeping posture (especially Shouto who is upside down and Kaminari under a pile of pillows) so he just fix this as much as possible without waking anyone up… or so he tries.

He also thinks Shouto is having a nightmare about his father…

This mixed with Gintama scene makes pretty scary comic!

the bests parts (personally) of My Chemical Romance - In The Studio 2002:

  • ray bouncy leg
  • “uh, ray ray stoP!” – rays smile
  • the montages
  • the constant zooming in
  • bad cinematography
  • when ray jumps around wrapped in a blanket
  • ray blowing the camera kiss from the recording room
  • gerards chubb
  • all the hugs
  • “these are mikey’s” “that’s nice bro”
  • *zooms in on frank’s face* “this is him. our sweet baby”
  • the giggles 
  •  c o n s t a n t l y calling frank their sweet baby
  • the overexposure of the 2002 camera
  • “can you see through my clothes?” “yea dude! you’re wearin’ no underear!”
  • “did we get our forks? we can’t eat beefaroni without forks!”
  • “that’s the hot lunch.. right there”
  • gerard’s cute round face !
  • gerard’s bouncing when he sings
  • scream
  • rays glasses
  • someone opens the door while ray is playing
  • who’s this”
  • the “tower of treats”
  • *gasp* “goumet fuckin’ fruit gels, bro”
  • “mixed. nuts.”
  • frank snuggled up on the couch
  • the person filming can’t get the cap off their beer sjnfks
  • mikey’s hair
  • also his denim jacket 10/10
  • “woof. woof. woof?”
  • ray imitating the dogs panting then glancing at the camera
  • overexposure again
  • gerard singing
  • bunching up his lil’ eyebrows
  • the hand gentures????
  • ray pretending to cry over the beauty of gerard’s singing
  • gerard pulling the fingers at the camera while recording drowning lessons
  • mikey’s cute hat
  •  h a n d  g e s t u r e s
  • *talking about the “gold nugget” in gerards jaw* “that’s how we’re playin-paying for the record”
  • gerard’s ability to just pull harmonies out of his ass???
  • demolition lovers
  • the producer praising gerard
  • “mikey make him stop”
  • “you better rewind that fool”
  • gerard, mikey, ray and frank in the recording room
  • everyone in the recording room
  • “everybody closer. get in closer”
  • gerard shouting “i fucking love it!”
  • ray plucking a solo
  • the night vision photo montage with the voice overs
  • and last but not least the roses in the dirty sink (edgy)

goodnight and thank you for coming to my TED talk

My middle school went through four art teachers in three years (the most recent promised she’s stubborn and will stay but anyway) the second of which was named Mr. Fox. He came in halfway through our sixth grade year when Mrs. Bell left us to teach high schoolers. He had a glass eye and an obsession with evolution. The first class we picked spirit animals which was slightly cool, and then he made us invent a language or a code, even cooler, and me and my best friend still use ours. Then he started getting weird. He taught us human history essentially one day at a time, not one school day, one day in history. “And today we’re going to learn about this bone this dude found, tomorrow we’ll learn how he picked it up wow!” He showed us three minutes of 2001 a space odyssey and gave us a thirty page packet on ancient civilization. Again, he was an ART teacher. E was weirder with the older kids. He popped out his glass eye to show people and he cussed in front of the seventh and eighth graders until someone recorded him and he once took a child’s painting, gave it to someone else, and told them to paint over it and make a better one. He was fired that summer and moved to Virginia.

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what if the colonel now wilford stopped wearing glasses so he could keep himself blind from the truth/reality of whats around him? ignorance is bliss~~~

i actually have a headcanon that his glasses symbolize his sanity in a way, which could actually tie into your headcanon as well!! i was thinking that like when he starts losing his mind, he ends up breaking his glasses, which shows his state of a shattered mind. which could lead to yours, so that’s why he doesn’t wear them anymore or doesn’t bother to get them fixed, because he’d rather live in this blindness from reality sort of thing

wow holy fuck this got sad 

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Tbh I just want a fic of Virgil drinking Gatorade out of a wine glass because he doesn't want to admit that he doesn't like alcohol (either the taste or because he doesn't like being drunk). Just picturing him sneakily emptying out his glass and refilling it, pretending to smell it and making random wine connoisseur comments. "A little dry for my taste, but I'm loving that hint of smoke and... what year is this? Ah, '99 was a better year for that vineyard, but this is still excellent."

hahahaa!!! I’m actually fairly convinced that the liquid in that glass IS wine (gatorade is clearer than that), but that story idea is kind of adorable. Especially if he like…studies up on wines and becomes an expert just to hide the fact that he doesn’t like alcohol? Because it probably makes his anxiety worse? Omg so cute. 

Rebuild: A One Shot Bichie Fic

Thanks to @steve-hairringtwin, @pastelstanuris and @gazeboseddie for reading this and giving me their opinions. It means a lot. Also @kalidelia, who wanted a tag <3

Word Count: 3.5k

Warning: Domestic abuse mention, illness mention, cursing, kissing, LOVE

It was fall in Derry, Maine, and that meant dark and stormy nights. Bill looked out the window, seeing the rain pelting down with force. He used to like the rain, enjoy the smell, the feeling like the world was clean afterwards, like things were new again. But since the night Georgie had disappeared, the rain only brought darkness.

Bill’s parents were out of town. His mother had come down with something, talking of pain, nausea, heart palpitations. She had even collapsed a few times. Mr. Denbrough had taken her to a facility a few towns over and taken a few days off, leaving Bill alone in the house. He was a teenager, and pretty capable of taking care of himself, so he wasn’t worried. And Bill had seen his father’s fear written all over his face. He couldn’t lose another person he loved, another member of his family.

His parents had never recovered from losing Georgie. Bill hadn’t either, but it seemed to have drained his parents of any remaining happiness. He wondered if his mother’s sickness had to do with Georgie too, but Bill’s father wasn’t telling him much.

Bill was closing all the curtains and blinds, making sure the windows were shut, looking for leaks, and locking the door to the basement. Just in case. Once he had finished making sure everything was secure, Bill went where he did whenever he was alone in the house. He went to sit in Georgie’s room.

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16 for Saeran?

16. Anger headcanon

He always loses control so quickly, it’s so frustrating.

It’s so easy to make him clench his fists and it’s already close to him bursting out, and at times like this it doesn’t matter who or what he damages, either be it himself, people around or things that are just in a wrong place at a wrong time.

The urge to destroy is too powerful.

“Count, Saeran. From ten to one. Look at me and let’s count together. Ten…”

She’s so patient. How can she do this? He just destroyed that glass vase she liked, the glass pieces scattered on the floor. And she seems to not mind it at all.

“Nine. Eight.”

He tries to follow and imitate her slow breathing, but it’s hard, his lungs burn before he’s able to take another breath.


His jaw clenches for a short while, but he quickly brushes it off.

“Six. Five.”

She looks beautiful when she’s concerned like this, he just realizes. He stares at her, almost intimidated by her calm, but confident composure. There’s a little frown on her forehead, almost invisible, but he just knows it’s there because he knows how her face looks like without it.

“You’re doing great, Saeran. Four. Three. Two.”

His arms hang loose on his both sides, the tension almost completely gone. He’s too distracted by her aura to think about anything else.


Headcanon meme

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Hi! I'm not sure if you're still accepting prompts but if ever, I would like to request, kolivance modern au where Kolivan has a kid? Your preference on what kind of setting it would be for the both of Lance and Kolivan.

Hi there Nonnie! I’m sorry I took longer than usual to get to your prompt OTL

I posted the drabble on AO3! Here’s the > LINK <


  “Do you like my dad?”

  The question makes Lance choke on his soda.  He sets the glass down on the counter a bit too hard and some of the sticky liquid spills over, coating his fingers and forming a small pool around the base of the glass.

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How about some force sensitive!Hux who has been taking drugs since childhood bc brendol didn't want his "son" to be like that. Then one night Kylo finds out about it by accident???

Hux has a really terrible nightmare one night–about his powers being forcibly stopped whilst his mother is tortured in front of him and he’s powerless to stop it–and the drugs aren’t enough to keep his Force powers under control, and Kylo senses a terrible disturbance.

He follows the disruption to Hux’s quarters where he finds everything levitating, glass smashed and Hux tossing and turning in his bed, forehead gleaming with sweat. He groans and begs for something to stop but Kylo can’t think about anything but how Hux has managed to keep his Force sensitivity hidden all this time.

He sits down beside Hux and used the Force to calm him and calm Hux’s nightmare so he wakes up naturally and not suddenly.

Does Kylo leave before Hux wakes up so Hux still has the illusion that his secret is safe? Or does he lay down beside him and stroke his hair until Hux wakes so he can tell him that everything is okay? 💛


Pairing: Merlin x Reader


Request: Anon “Can you do a MerlinxReader where the reader is a kingsman agent and in one of the missions she rescues a 3y/o girl and they tried finding the girl’s family but they can’t. The reader has grown attached to the girl so they decided to adopt the girl. Give me all the daddy!Merlin fluff please!!! Thank you 💖💖💖”

“Merlin, I have to get her out of here, I can’t leave her.” you mumbled over the comms as you scooped the small girl into your arms and started to run out of the building. You was in an extremely war-torn country, you’d just took down a ring of violent criminals and liberated all of those held captive, but this little girl had no mother to be found. 

“Try and find her family, Y/N. They must be close by.” Merlin replied, sighing as he watched through your glasses. Your maternal instinct made his heart feel ten times bigger. You both had spoken about potentially having a family before, but lately work has been hectic, so you haven’t had the chance to properly discuss it.

Holding the girl close, who was obviously terrified, you checked every single local house in the small village, and every single orphanage to see if she was from there, and you couldn’t find a thing about her. “Merlin, I cant find anything, or anyone. What do I do? I’m not leaving her. I can’t.”

“Bring her to the plane. We’ll figure something out.” he said, with a small sigh. “I’ll get everything ready. Is she injured?”

“No, she seems fine, just petrified.” You replied, making your way to the Kingsman plane. The girl held onto you, curling into your arms as you carried her. Minutes later you arrived at the plane and Merlin was waiting at the door for you, as you climbed the stairs. You gave him a quick peck on the cheek before sitting down in a chair, the girl on your lap. “What are we going to do, Hamish?”

Merlin sighed, sitting himself down next to you and smiling softly at the little girl who seemed to have taken a shine to you. “There was nothing on her family? Nothing at all?”

You shook your head, smiling at the toddler who was playing with the lapels of your jacket. “Nothing at all. I checked everywhere.” you sighed, turning your attention to Merlin. “I mean, I do have an idea, but I don’t know if you’re going to like it.”

Merlin nodded at you to go on, the toddler now crawling into his lap. He couldn’t help but smile, helping her onto his lap and making sure she didn’t fall off in the process. 

“We could adopt her?” you suggested, your heart melting as you watched your husband with the child. “We can’t just let her go to an orphanage. Plus, she seems to have taken a shine to us, already.” 

Nodding, Merlin smiled at you, and then the girl in his lap. “I completely agree.” he said, unable to keep the smile off his face. “Contact Harry, tell him what’s happened.”

You leaned over and got Merlin’s clipboard to contact Harry through. Your stomach was doing butterflies at the sight of Merlin playing with the little girl, chatting at her, just like she was his own. Well, now, she was your own. You was parents.

Merlin could tell you both was attached to her already, and you couldn’t let her go. You would give her the best life possible. He held the girl once she was getting tired as you still tried to get through to Harry, smiling as she looked in your direction. Cooing, he smiled and kissed the girl’s head softly as he watched you. “That’s your mum.”

Already Know the Answer - Robin Hood (kjack89) - Law & Order: SVU [Archive of Our Own]
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“I read something interesting in the case file today,” Barba said, deliberately casual as he carried both glasses of wine over to the couch and handed one to Carisi, who accepted it gratefully. “Something you said.”

Carisi groaned before taking a quick sip of wine. “If I said something stupid—” he started, but Barba shook his head and laughed as he settled down next to Carisi on the couch.

“For once, no, you didn’t say anything stupid.” He paused before adding, “Well, not too stupid anyway.” Carisi elbowed him sharply and Barba smirked before finally getting to the point. “You told the perp that you don’t ask questions that you don’t already know the answers to.”

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why do fic writers, especially smut writers, always leave out phil's bad eyesight? like surely that must be a factor.

sometimes reminding that phil wears glasses isn’t important to the story. but especially in smut i think it’s important to 1) point out if he’s wearing glasses or contact lenses; 4) if he’s wearing glasses this is a open invitation for comic relief, make the glass fall out of his face or get smudgy, etc; 3) if he’s wearing contact lenses make him take them off before going to sleep; 4) if he’s not wearing EITHER make it a mess.

contact lenses seems easier to write into a story though, so just make sure he takes them out before going to sleep

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if they can change james's entire face they can fix the rest of the crew's god awful haircuts @ pixelberry pLEASE

truly i will never be over #jamesgate like this is the most egregious stunt they’ve pulled yet,, i am so offended honestly like???? zig is the only one left how are they gonna fuck him up like is he gonna get braces or something im HIGHLY concerned

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Can I have a match up? I'm 5'4, I have black shoulder length hair, green eyes and pale skin. I love My Chemical Romance and all that emo shit, I wear a lot of black (including make up) and I sometimes have to wear glasses for reading. I love fanfics, I'm pansexual and I sing and play trumpet. I'm really into history, especially the holocaust and poisonous bombs and gasses. Idk what you can do with that and I'm sorry for requesting while the box is closed, thanks!

I think you would go well with Hugo or Damien!

The “emo shit” might throw Hugo off a little, but hey, Ernest might find you cool. He might find your style of dressing a little strange but that’s alright. He finds your glasses absolutely adorable, and you might even catch him trying them on in the bathroom secretly. Hugo is extremely impressed you can play the trumpet (his fingers don’t work on instruments. :00) and asks if you could play for him sometime! Once he finds out you’re into history he won’t stop recommending books and showing up at your doorstep at 10PM with an exciting new discovery on some part of history (Hugo could you not have just texted me,,,).

Damien recognises you at the barbeque immediately as one of those “emos” and once he sees that Lucien is checking you out for the coolness factor, he’s talking to you about every. Single. Thing. Once both of you form a stronger relationship he confessed to you he doesn’t know much about MCR despite him looking like he might, but urges you to introduce him to their music. Damien always requests for you to sing for him after the first time he hears you by accident and probably sends you too many Victorian era band music scores for the trumpet. He finds your interest in history curious, and afterwards tries his best to engulf you in Victorian history.

- mod rae

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How come glasses can make you look 65 haha shit

It’s not even that, they make him look like a totally different person. It’s just not Jamie to be in glasses. And yes, I know he gets glasses in the books, but that’s in book 7. He’s still young. Claire does her hair and then Jamie’s like “let me put on my old man glasses, get my cane and drop my dentures in cleaner and then hot sexy times little lady.” Sorry, end of rant.