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uwuwuwu so your biker au is precious and adorable and i love every single thing about it and i was wondering if you could say how jinki and taemin knew each other??? like before taemin joined the biker gang?? because their relationship is super cute and taemin is such an adorable lil shit and i'm so curious about this au because i really love it so much thank you for writing it!! uwuwuwu

i haven actually figured the specifics out yet lmao but basically the group would always go to this lil motel/diner/gas station across the street from taems foster home nd taem would always noot over there bc reasons

nd i think tbh he knew the group a year or two before jinki even got in lmao so like the first time jinkis there all hot nd young nd aesthetic there was just ??? this like ten year old nerd peepin at him like ‘’’’ur new’’’’

but then also thats like less than six years for jinki to go from the new kid to the leader of the group which isnt rly that long at all relatively so idk how that would work out so i mean maybe taem was the new foster kid across the street instead who the fuck knows

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Ok but... Punk!Vic stealing pastel!Kellins sweaters when he's cold and doesn't have a jacket and Kellin teasing him like 'Awhe you look so cuuuuttteeee' and Vic is like 'shut up it's called pastel goth and you can suck my dick' and Kellin would be like 'I don't have a problem with this?¿' and then Vic would get ll flustered and pls

this is 100% what would happen tho and vic would make sure to do it when they’re not in public bc he doesn’t wanna wreck his Punk Cred and kellin just keeps gushing about how adorable he is bc thats what kellin does and this whole thing is just so cute wtf

i remember the first time karybdis danced vwith me. id been getting lessons beforehand so i knewv howv, and then he just svwept right up to me one night in his formalvwear and took my hand. kissed my knuckles and asked me for a dance and i told him i vwould be delighted to, and vwe just. it vwas beautiful. ivwe nevwer been able to recreate the adoration i feel for him outside of a dance, just gazing up at him as he smiles dowvn at me and feeling so vwery special.

thats just. one thing. there are so many more. you vwouldnt believwe.

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I love it when my crush smiles because his eyes get all crinkly and its just so adorable! His laugh is heaven to my ears. He always finds an excuse to talk to me in one of our classes and idk I feel like thats a sign he likes me right? I'm trying to get to to be a cheerleader at the powderpuff game and honestly I think he's going to do it. So I'll be playing football and he'll be cheering me on and wow I just can't wait!

that sounds like the best thing ever omfg i hope u get him to do it