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Mont doesn't like surprises. he just can't deal with them and gets very aggressive when things are sprung up on him even if it is a nice thing. so Ferre takes it into account with pretty much everything, always making sure Montknows what he is walking into. And three months before Ferre proposes he warns Mont gently like "hey just a heads up I am probably going to ask you to marry me soon" and mont is like "hey just a heads up in probably going to say yes". And they both just go about their day

Oh my goodness thats adorable. Like Montparnasse knows in the back of his head that there’s a proposal probably on the horizon, but when it happens it’s still like ‘oh my god, he actually did it, he actually proposed’, and he’s super happy and says yes and then has to smooch Combeferre lots because of how happy he is.

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Tomorrow is my last official day of school. For 1 year off and on (mostly lingering on) I've had a crush on a boy that lives 10 doors down from me. We occasionally message and he waits for me or I wait for him so we can walk home together. He's in the year below me, so he will be in school, I don't want to tell him how I feel because it might make things awkward between us but I can't forget the way he looks at me when I'm talking and the way his hair is always perfectly messy. What can I do ?😔

first of all THATS ADORABLE
but now let’s get down the business:
grow your friendship. if you’re scared of how he feels that’s the #1 way to see where things could potentially go. once good friends DO NOT pull the whole oh I don’t want the ruin the friendship move. that’s bullshit. if you don’t take risks you’ll never know, ya know?
best of luck to you my little sunflower

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What do you think is their most relationship-y interaction? I loved during the Argentine tango rehearsal when Robert was getting excited and started talking over Kym and she just put her hand on his arm and he immediately became quiet. The best!

That was adorable! I’m gonna say my favorite relationship-y thing they do is the little things: holding hands, Robert opening door for Kym, arriving together, having coordinated outfits (thats just cute), and then I think whenever they’re around each other they both glow and look so happy :)

okay so he’s at his caravan meaning i dont get to speak to him much because its got shitty signal up there and he’s always with his friends and shit but he’s just messaged me now while he’s out with his friends. in my opinion i think thats kinda cute because he’s out with his friends and he’s having a laugh but even if it was for just a second he though “y’know what, im gonna message her”

he thought about me. while he’s out having fun. thats awesome.