i feel like there needs to be more appreciation for just how much of a weird character skye is despite being a garden-variety white haired pretty boy because like

  • he’s a phantom thief and although he obviously does it for the attention (calling card, uses his real name, etc) keeps saying he’ll tell you one day the deep reason ~why he steals~
  • yet never actually does
  • inexplicably has magical powers yet is a normal human being in every other way as far as we know??
  • these powers somehow only affect beautiful woman but like who even judges who is beautiful enough to be immobilized by the chick beam. is it skye
  • that seems really inconvenient if you can only freeze a very small amount of people consisting just of whom you find personally attractive
  • you can literally just seduce him with curry
  • cannot however be seduced by your dog and in fact thinks it’s kind of gross
  • clearly cares a lot about his personal appearance and hygiene, probably has an exhaustive self-care routine and would be better at applying eyeliner than you or i
  • yet exclusively wears tacky leopard-print shirts in various different colors
  • is completely and utterly nocturnal but is forced to be awake during the day post-marriage
  • acts like a suave playboy but apparently has low enough self esteem that he in no way considers that the blue feather that you have shoved in his face might possibly be for him