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707 x MC

  • insists that they are an awesome dancer even though they’re terrible
    No doubt.
    He’s just as bad as CN when it comes to dancing.
  • likes to watch reality tv
    She finds it funny because Seven was watching real reality TV while the camera was still in the apartment.
  • refuses to wear pants when they’re home alone
    You can’t pay this man to put on pants
    except when MC is home
    but they come right back off anyway
  • is the jealous / protective one
    He’d risk his fucking life for MC
  • goes all out on the holidays
    She knows how much Seven stays on the computer and works
    So she tries to make it a bit better for him by decorating after he crashes~
  • cries over books
  • is terrible with kids
    Seven would be the best babysitter tbh
    and MC likes playing with kids
    but it makes her husband jealous
  • drinks too much caffeine
    PhD Pepper is full of caffeine

    “wtf Saeyoung you can’t just drink that all the time”
  • could sleep for twenty-four hours straight
    He stays up for 72+, man
  • never wears matching socks
    He wears
    long cat on the left
    and custom-made sports car, Honey Buddah, PhD Pepper, and MC print socks.
  • punches a tree when they’re angry
    She pretends it’s Saeran sometimes
  • gets scared by the toaster
    MC yelps
    and Seven kinda


send me a ship and I’ll tell you who…

I just really need to talk about Michael..           


Okay lets start with fetus mikey

I think this was a special time for us

he has  FUCking SwEaTER PAws

dat fringe tho

Okay now lets talk about silly michael

Michael u okay?




Okay.. moving on.. now lets go onto wow just bang me michael

just look at those eyes

i can’t even

there goes my pants

Now lets just look at michael in general



look he’s being punk rock

Okay I need to go now before I give myself a heart attack over him OKAY BYE


Garrison AU:

• the group all goes out to a dive bar the week before school starts up again
• Lance tries hitting on one of the cuties and he’s rejected pretty badly
• Keith makes fun of his awful flirting
• Lance will prove to Keith that he will fall under his superb flirtation skills
• they bet on it
• he’ll try again and again to use these awful lines on Keith
• sometimes he doesn’t even get to finish his line
• “Are those space pants because your a-”
“you know these are space pants, you have them, too. We all do. We’re studying to be space explorers, we’re obviously going to have space pants, Lance”
• Lance uses everything as an opportunity
• “are you today’s date because you’re 10/10”
“Lance, it’s October 9th”
• “do you sit on a pile of sugar? Because you have a pretty sweet ass”
“Lance, that’s extremely unhygienic… And a waste of sugar”
• eventually it becomes so common that the others don’t even question it anymore
• they just watch
• “I’m not a photographer, but I can picture you and me together”
“you and I”
“It’s you and I, not you and me”
• Christmas rolls around and
• “That is not a candy cane in my pocket”
• “shouldn’t you be sitting on top of the Christmas tree, angel?”
• and if they get caught under the mistletoe, who has to know
• “my doctor says I’m lacking Vitamin U”
• Lance’s little lines turn into little touches and butt grabs
• and they’re not sure when they crossed that line but neither are complaining
• “I don’t have a library card but I hope you don’t mind if I check you out”
• they do it in public so often people just kinda assume
• Lance comes in a little tipsy on New Years and Keith calls him out on it
• “I’m not drunk, I’m just intoxicated by you”
• they’re both extremely defensive about the other whenever someone flirts with them or vice versa
• but they’re not a couple
• “you know what my shirt is made of? Boy friend material”
• nope. definitely not a couple
• “are you religious? Because you’re the answer to all my prayers”
• Keith won’t admit it but he looks forward to Lance’s goofy lines
• “do you have a band-aid? Because I just scraped my knee falling for you”
• and if they sneak in a kiss here and there, who has to know
• “forget about Superman and Batman, I’ll be your man”
• he slips the ring onto Keith’s finger
• “I wanna live in your socks so I can be with you every step of the way”
• he’s won the little bet but he’s also won so much more

winter shizaya headcanons
  1. shizuo hugs izaya gently from behind when he sees izaya shaking because he gets cold so easily and izaya’s so surprised and he’s like ‘shizu-chan?’ and shizuo just ignores him and rests his chin on his shoulder and watches izaya work and keeps holding him well after izaya’s warm
  2. and if he did try to move, izaya would stop him
  3. izaya presses his freezing feet to shizuo’s calves when they’re sleeping and shizuo always gets so pissed but as revenge he just rolls over to hug izaya
  4. izaya has to layer up in a scarf and hat and coat and sweater and boots and sometimes even leggings under his pants because he gets so cold but shizuo just throws on a hoodie and he’s like 'all right let’s get some ice cream’
  5. izaya bought a kotatsu but ever since shizuo moved in he just goes to lay with shizuo instead of using it
  6. izaya gets sick so often and shizuo always nurses him back to heal with medicine and chicken noodle soup and making sure izaya’s hydrated and fed
  7. once shizuo had to go on a business trip with tom so izaya was home alone for the weekend. then when he came back, he didn’t see izaya so he thought he was out and began singing really off key as he made breakfast and izaya poked his head out from under the kotatsu to say 'shizu-chan your singing is awful’ and shizuo nearly broke the wall by throwing the bowl at it out of surprise
  8. shizuo thinks it’s cute how cold izaya gets because he shivers and looks angry and is huddled up in a blanket and glares at shizuo when he walks around in a t shirt and shorts
  9. shizuo gets a lot more kisses in the winter time because apparently the help izaya to “warm up”
  10. winter is the only time shizuo can get izaya to drink anything sweet because when coffee runs out, hot chocolate is the next best thing for izaya. once shizuo even got him to have some marshmallows in his too

my dream is for nash grier to find his dream girl. she’s entertaining, shaves her arms (legs too!), and even isn’t better than video games than him. he will eventually fall for her and want to go all the way. everything goes swell but when he pulls off her pants, giant bush.

okay but let’s talk stalia headcanons

  • malia starts every night out in her own bed but then the nightmares start and there’s too many memories of her mother and sister in the house so she climbs out of her window and goes to stiles’s house
  • when stiles hears the tick tick tick of little pebbles hitting his window, he rolls out of bed with his hair an absolute mess and his pajama pants slightly crooked and slides the window open 
  • and there’s malia wearing one of stiles’s hoodies and an almost shy expression 
  • and stiles automatically reaches out a hand and pulls her into his room
  • malia starts to apologize for waking him up, but the right side of stiles’s mouth is tugging up and he looks tired, worried, and just a little bit amused 
  • stiles just shakes his head a bit to the right and tugs malia onto his bed
  • and before he can move just an inch to the left, malia already has her arms wrapped around him and her face buried in his hair and her breath is steady and warm against his scalp
  • and on his way to the station, the sheriff pokes his head into stiles’s room (a habit he’d picked up in the aftermath of the nogitsune incident) and sees malia and stiles curled up together, limbs tangled, faces close, and hands intertwined
The Inquisition Does Holiday Spirit

Can you just imagine it, though …

… Leliana singing hymns to herself while she goes through paperwork

… Dorian spiking the punch and having a drunken heart to heart with Scout Harding

… Sera adhering tinsel to her pants

… The Iron Bull and Blackwall debating where to put trees and lights

… Cole following them around

… Cullen and Josephine tipsily trading stories of siblings and court functions

… Solas sitting in the corner and pretending he’s far too serious for this nonsense while Dagna chatters his ear off about artifacts and the Fade

… Cassandra sitting by herself in the corner, trying not to show how warm and fuzzy she feels towards all of them, even maybe Varric, because that’s probably just the punch

… Varric watching the debauchery going on in the corners and composing his next novel

… Vivienne also pretending to be too cool for it all and secretly stealing a strand of lights to go in her room

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Enjoltaire for the ships thing

aa thank u!! and lets fuckin do this

  • insists that they are an awesome dancer even though they’re terrible: i mean neither of them?? enjolras sucks and he knows it, whereas grantaire totally doesnt suck and he’s kinda on the down low about it
  • likes to watch reality tv: grantaire probably, he likes to make fun of the idiocy and yell at the TV that “HES NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR U U FIND URSELF A BETTER MAN”
  • refuses to wear pants when they’re home alone: definitely grantaire.  probably not even just when they’re home alone.  if he’s in the apartment, off go the pants
  • is the jealous / protective one: enjolras probably?  enjolras knows that sometimes people don’t treat grantaire very well and he’s very protective of him and will not let people treat him like shit.  plus enjolras has never really dated before and its his first time and its all new for him
  • goes all out on the holidays: GRANTAIRE
  • cries over books: ….enjolras
  • is terrible with kids: fuckin enjolras man have you seen him tiny children would like tackle him and he’d be SCREAMING while grantaire just laughs at him
  • drinks too much caffeine: both of them, god, have u seen these boys
  • could sleep for twenty-four hours straight: grantaire probably has
  • never wears matching socks: grantaire definitely, its his Aesthetic
  • punches a tree when they’re angry: grantaire, and then he’s gotta nurse his fist while bahorel laughs at him probably
  • gets scared by the toaster: im gonna say enjolras when he’s in a coffee-induced dream state while studying for the BAR exam

this was so fun tbh

(send me a ship and I’ll answer these questions!)

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McHanzo ;) *finger guns and a smooch*

  • insists that they are an awesome dancer even though they’re terrible
    • Goddamn Hanzo boy can’t dance for shit but he doesn’t play it off he knows he’s horrible it’s a good thing McCree can lead
  • likes to watch reality tv
    • It’s.. that’s like a date night when they don’t wanna go out, let’s watch the worst TV entertainment there is
  • refuses to wear pants when they’re home alone
    • McCree the man has no shame
  • is the jealous / protective one
    • Hanzo……he loves his bf and wants his dumb cowboy to b safe
  • goes all out on the holidays
    • McCree, he can get Hanzo to come along w him usually unless he’s just not up for that and that’s okay
  • cries over books
    • They both do bc Hanzo reads outloud usually and b o y things can get sad
  • is terrible with kids
    • Hanzo……..they scream and he is a tired man dont do this to him
  • drinks too much caffeine
    • McCree lay off the coffee boy pls
  • could sleep for twenty-four hours straight
    • HANZO, McCree yea but Hanzo is tired and his bf his warm and having that much heat would make anyone not want to move for eternity
  • never wears matching socks
    • McCree, he argues no one sees bc of his boots 
  • punches a tree when they’re angry
    • Both of em man do not make them angry
  • gets scared by the toaster
    • Hanzo, he punched it once and that’s why they need a new toaster still

It started out so sweet…

Then of course he decided to use his sultriest voice so it got a little hotter. But the focus wasn’t on his face so it was still sweet even if you could hear the sexual undertones.

And then bam, wiggling eyebrows, confident smirk, and that thing he does with his nose??? And I’m just sat there like “pls keep it in your pants there are other people around this table”

How to go from “sweet” to “horny” in a half second, an essay by Sheldon Cooper.

A lazy day with him

Justin Bieber

Wake up the morning to wet kissed being placed on your face, you open your eyes to meet his hazel ones and his sweet smile. He pecks your lips and ask you if you could call in sick because he wanted to spend the day wit you. You call in sick after a long argument with him that you couldn’t but finally agreed when he press you down on the bed and start kissing your neck saying “we will have so much fun if you stay.”

You couldn’t resist this playful side of Justin and finally called in sick. The rest of the day goes really well even though you know he has been really impatient and turned on the whole day but you rejected him every time.

At night, you take off your pants because you can’t sleep in pants and lay in bed waiting for him to join you after brushing his teeth. When he did, you smiled and told him to join you in bed. Instead of laying next to you, he hovered you and leaned closer kissing your neck. Feeling his warm breathe hitting your neck, you ask “w-what are you doing?” but he just hushed you by kissing you lips. The kiss turned to a hot make out sensation and lead to your clothes to form to a pool next to the bed. Then the rest of the night was full of love just like he wanted the whole day and you of course couldn’t resist it.

B.A.P as Neighbours

Yongguk- that neighbour where you don’t know if they’re an angel or the devil himself. Everything about their house is perfect; too perfect. Always smiling and waving at people, even if they’re strangers. Also loves to give out cookies that he’s baked to little kids. In other words, he’s soooo nice to the point that you question it.

Himchan- the old lady of the neighbourhood. Knows about EVERYTHING that happens, and knows EVERYONE. Gossips with the woman in the neighbourhood, and is already a part of the “wine moms” club. He also goes with the moms on the afternoon strolls, flower pants and the hip sway walk. Will pinch your cheeks and look better than you no matter what he is wearing.

Daehyun- the kid who blares music 24/7, whether it be from his garage or when he’s driving with the windows down. He’s never seen alone, and is basically the life of the party when it comes to neighbourhood celebrations. Adults either love him or hate him, really he just wants to be friends with everyone. Already egged Himchans house twice, and is seen constantly bickering with him.

Youngjae- the person that every mom loves. Respectable and always knows what to do in case of an emergency. Leaky faucet? Flat tire? Don’t worry, he’ll fix it. Makes all the men in the neighbourhood look bad. In reality, has dirt on everyone because he’s been in everyones house. Will secretly judge every time someone asks for help. “Again? What is wrong with these people?”

Jongup- the kid that is a legend in the neighbourhood. He might as well be a legendary Pokemon because you don’t know if he’s real or not. Almost never seen in the day, you only see him at night. Probably seen exercising on his front lawn shirtless at 1 o clock in the morning. Will try to imitate every animal sound he hears. Is actually really nice. Could come into your house and spend the whole day playing video games and eat dinner with your family before anyone notices him.

Zelo- that nerdy/geeky kid that for some reason all the grandmas love. Never seen without his skateboard. Probably goes to the skate park and hogs it all to himself and doesn’t let the little kids play. Also the giant that looks awkward in any situation. Makes you feel like you have to protect him because he is a smol child. Until one day he goes to get the newspaper in nothing but his pajama pants and geeky boy isn’t so geeky anymore.

-Admin Artemis 

Fave Hamilton Moments
  • Isn’t THIS enough
  • Oui oui mon ami je m’appelle lafayette
  • Lord, he’s been off in paris for so long
  • God I hope you’re satisfied
  • Head! first! into the abyss
  • Don’t be surprised you guys cause I wrote ‘em
  • doing whatever the hell it is you do in Monticello
  • The fact that you can hear Burrs facial expression when he says “Honestly it’s kinda draining”
  • I have to resign
  • You can’t put it out from inside the house
  • Why he even brings the thunder
  • Most disputes die and no one shoots
  • How proud and happy Hamilton and Phillip sound when Phillip is rapping
  • I think your pants look hot
  • John Adams doesn’t have a real job anyway
  • The repeated melody that goes with “we are waiting in the wings for you”
  • Pour me another brew son TO THE REVOLUTION
  • Diametrically opposed foes
  • A bunch of revolutionary manumission abolitionists? Give me a position, show me where the ammunition is!
  • How much The Story of Tonight sounds like Drink With Me
  • She’s looking for ME!
  • Is it a question of if burr, or which one?
  • Dark as a tomb where it happens
  • he looked at me like I was stupid, I’m not stupid
  • since being one put me on the up and up again
  • Oceans rise, empires fall
  • Do whatever you want IM SUPER DEAD
  • Follow the money and see where it goes

A quick summary of things because thanks to liar liar pants on fire the stuff that matters – wedding rings being dropped – has been overlooked.

1) Tony has never, EVER gone around without his wedding ring in public, be it the gym, a restaurant or public events.

This is the original. The ring that props tweeted, saying that Tony used HIS OWN WEDDING RING even on set when filming (THAT is how much he never takes it off)

This is THAT summer in 2013 when he briefly came back from the Caribbean… and went to do a completely pointless 5-minute interview on Kimmel. The  ring is different, slimmer, and much shinier it looks brand new.

THEN there was the complete ring change in March 2014. Engraved, totally different:

This is the ring that remained.

Up until nights out singing karaoke in LA, he DID have his ring on, at all times. He also had it on in the video he filmed telling Donald Trump he is an asshole… a video that was posted WHILE he was doing the event in NYC on Sunday. That video was filmed while he was ALREADY filming his film with Sharon Stone. He had his ring on (this is yet again for the LIAR making stories up about Tony ditching the ring because he is filming. PLEASE stop the BS.)

And guess what??

2) Tony for the very first time EVER, ditched his wedding ring on Sunday, at the NYC TV presidents event.

Confirmed by my friends who were there who gave me the photo. No ring. Nada. Rien. Niente!

3) We sip tea. Because this is a BIG thing… big turning point. That people have been trying to see for what… 3 years now? 😂😂😂

Oh and because repetita iuvant: AT NO POINT EVER DURING THE EVENT ANYONE ASKED TONY ABOUT THE MISSING RING, AND AT NO POINT EVER HE HAD A CONVERSATION WITH ANYONE ABOUT IT, LET ALONE ANSWERED REMARKS ABOUT IT BY CLAIMING IT WAS BECAUSE OF FILMING. I’ve said enough about the woman who put out this ridiculous lie AND insisted on it AND tried to blame others, too. She did NOT talk to Tony about his missing wedding ring AT ALL, and NEITHER did anyone else.

By the way: the directly interested person, TONY… KNOWS you are lying, woman. He knows, because he knows he didn’t speak to you or anyone else that night about anything even vaguely related to his missing ring. And if you think he can’t have people monitor social media, including that FB group seen as it is about Scandal, think again.

So he can just shake his head, or laugh at someone who’s so desperate as to make that stuff up and who then also tries to blame others who never spoke with him about any ring. So… at least have the intelligence to make up something that excuses your lie, and tell the truth and admit you lied about that. Apologize and move on. The rest you’re doing will keep on haunting you, but that’s your problem.

Anyway, here’s to us real VIP passengers of the S.S. Terry… and here’s a cheers to plans NOT being thwarted!

Full confession: “People aren’t going to like this. The issues with Roman Reigns, extend beyond his abysmal promo skills (his skill level is about Dana Brooke), the fact that Vince is DESPERATELY trying to shove him down our throats, it goes beyond all that. Hell, it even goes beyond the dreaded flying dap and running hug. Roman Reigns AS A CHARACTER has shown ZERO growth since the shield breakup. Ambrose, completely different. Rollins, completely different. Literally by the next week they were both COMPLETELY repackaged, and they’ve grown to become two top guys. Roman Reigns, still wears the cargo pants and vest (they can stylize it all they want, still the same tired crap). Still uses the Shield music. Still comes down through the crowd (I promise there have been people who’ve weighed the consequences of tripping him on the way down). He STILL uses the shield catchphrase. Remember? “Believe that! Believe in the Shield”. The best thing for Roman Reigns would be a kayfabe injury to get him off of TV for a few months to completely repackage him. The gimmick isn’t working. Think on this,  he won the Royal Rumble and even THE ROCK couldn’t get the crowd to pop for him. The sad facts are that, Roman is going to be champion, and it’s going to be the most BORING reign in history….. Believe, That”

I want a fic where the Avengers always joke about how Steve and Bucky are like Sandy & Danny from Grease, since Steve dresses all clean-cut while Bucky still wears his darks & leather even after his recovery. So on Bucky’s birthday half of the avengers are with Bucky preparing for the birthday party like cooking & decorating and etc and Steve’s late but when he finally shows up with all the girls behind him (the girls are the ones that helped him with his look) he’s dressed all bad-boy leather tight pants and etc with a lil’ eyeliner and Bucky goes weak at the knees!

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inspired by another ask you answered: What would sonny's kinks be?

Warning: NSFW, language, kinks that some may be uncomfortable with(?)

  • Dominick, not surprisingly, is a kinky little thing
  • (The Catholic boys always are)
  • To a degree, Sonny’s kinks are tame (compared to golden showers or furryism—but more power to you if you like that!)
  • Huge, teenage-boy-like affinity for making out
  • Watching his partner masturbate
  • Dry humping/thigh-riding
  • Finger sucking
  • Public sex (Car sex and work sex are big here)
  • Coming on his partner’s chest
  • Thinks hand jobs are severely underrated 
  • Partner coming without being touched
  • Hot tub sex (even though it’s a rare occurrence) 
  • When he goes down on his partner and they wrap their legs around his head/upper back
  • Dirty talk
  • Hickeys (giving or receiving)
  • Praise kink 
  • Occasionally being blindfolded or restrained
  • Fingering (or fisting, depending on the mood)
  • Spanking 
  • Fucking against a wall
  • Accidental stimulation
  • Begging, asking, and demanding
  • Coming in his pants
  • His partner coming in their pants

Thorin screaming for Bilbo, thinking he’s been swept away, but then he spots him while he tries to prop himself on the other side of the shore, all shaky limbs and panting, and with a huge sigh of relief he goes to help him.
There are so many thoughts swirling in his mind that he doesn’t even realize when he murmurs “oh mahal, I thought I’d lost you”
Bilbo chuckles weakly and goes “I don’t get lost, you’re always the one losing his way”
And then he slumps bonelessy on the rocks, marveling at the solid ground