subaru : im actually a victim.. like, im seriously scared and im seeking help.. he keeps sexually assaulting me!
hina : the crooked chin pervert is assaulting you?
subaru : yes…..
subraru : there are times where our eyes meet out of nowhere and he winks at me!! and when im like “ what? “ he shushes me… isnt that creepy??
maru : …..
subaru : even when im just… dressing up? when i have my pants down he smacks my ass and goes “ just right! “
maru : ……..
subaru : and this other time- i- wait, sorry, this is something i cant even say on TV!!!! and i wanna ask him, just what are your motives? why are you doing this?
maru: …you can say that my chin is crooked-
yoko: oh, thats the part that bothered you
maru : im not… trying? to do anything that weird? i mean it sounds like to subaru it FEELS like im assaulting him… its a misunderstanding!
subaru: i forgot about this- backstage, before we got here, we were in the restroom together, just the two of us, and i was doing my business, right? he just comes over and takes a peek at it.
maru: i dont know it just.. felt right! i just… i love him so much! i go to his solo lives at times too because i love him so much-
subaru: yeah, he does come, but he doesnt tell me about it. and when im done singing and go backstage this one time i found a red rose from him.
MC 1 : you love him so much!!

CONCEPT: North’s wife sees Jack and she’s like “what the hell? why is this boy bare foot? who the hell are you? when was the last time you brushed your hair? you’re wasting away, what have you been eating? you’re freezing cold, where are you even sleeping!?” and Jack is like “uh, in trees” and she goes into Mama Bear mode and starts shouting at North for letting Jack be homeless and not telling her about him and she storms off and no one sees her for the rest of the day. And she comes back with a knit sweater and pants and shoes for Jack and a thermos full of soup and she makes Jack sleep in the Pole and every time he’s about to leave, she makes him put on a hat and scarf and mittens because he might be Jack Frost but dammit, he can still catch cold and Jack won’t admit it, but he likes it and his sweater has a giant snowflake knit on the front of it and the sleeves are long enough that he does the little arm slap thing to piss Bunny off. And Jack is secretly happy that he has someone that so openly cares about him.

Soldier 76 Relationship Preferences

Turn Ons

  • Intelligence
  • Street smarts
  • Being a little bit of a bookworm
  • Being able to hold your own in a fight
  • He’d be even more turned on if you could kick his ass in a fight
  • Knowledge of world events
  • Knowledge of history
  • Love of older music and movies

Turn Offs

  • Rudeness to others
  • Not caring about others
  • Disapproval of his missions and the way he conducts them

His Sweet Spots

  • His neck
  • Kissing his shoulders
  • His fingers
  • Kisses all over his stomach

Sexual Preferences

  • Will throw you over his shoulder and carry you somewhere private if you’re not getting his hints
  • Prefers to be the top but can be the bottom if you really want him to be
  • Loves seeing you on your knees taking him in like the good girl/boy you are
  • But prefers intercourse over oral
  • Shower sex (especially after a good training session)
  • Loves to wind you up by placing kisses all over you actively avoiding all of your sweet spots
  • If a mission goes badly expect to have hot, angry sex anywhere the two of you can be alone for a few moments
  • Loves having you under him, moaning, panting and squirming just for him

Intimacy Preferences

  • Kissing his cheek (even when he has his visor on)
  • Laying your head in his lap (he will also play with your hair when you do this)
  • Pillow talk and after sex cuddles
  • Comforting him about his past mistakes
  • Walking beside him and placing his hand in yours
  • Morning snuggles (if he decides to stay in bed late)
  • Will give you a piggy back ride when your feet hurt because of your shoes
  • Showering together and not having sex  (especially if both of you just finished a workout)
  • He just really likes to see you naked (he’s a very visual man)

Dates/ Spending time together Preferences

  • Going on missions together
  • Cooking together
  • Helping him prep for missions
  • Reading together
  • Working out/training together
  • Spending quiet down time together
  • He loves to make you breakfast in bed

Unwilling Bride Pt1

Unwilling Bride Pt2

Unwilling Bride Pt3

Unwilling Bride Pt4

Unwilling Bride Pt5

Unwilling Bride Pt6

Unwilling Bride Pt7

Unwilling Bride Pt8

Unwilling Bride Pt9

Unwilling Bride Pt10

Unwilling Bride Pt11

Unwilling Bride Pt12

Oh no, this is not even a thing that is actually happening. You are not in your bed, fake sleep and watching Peter get undressed.

You had been having a hard time getting to sleep since you took a nap earlier in the day, so when Peter came in from where ever he goes you were about to get up and say hello, but when you rolled over and saw him loosening his pants you just…

You kept your eyes barely open, just enough to see Peter’s lean body become more and more exposed.

By no means was Peter an underwear model, but he did look very very nice. Had nice lean muscles, he was slender, a build he probably earned from all the flying. 

Nonetheless, you were totally creeping on Peter right now.

You tried closing your eyes, but you just couldn’t look away, you had never seen a boy so naked. Sure Peter wore boxers that you conjured for him when you learned all the boys went commando.

Peter put on his sleep clothes and got onto his side of the bed, unaware that while he slept you were going through an emotional roller coaster.

More like an emotional amusement park.

The next day you were hardly able to focus on training and you were sure the boys could tell when you completely ignored Baelfire, the new comer that the shadow dropped off. 

You needed a minute by yourself so you headed back to the tree house to think about last night and how it made you feel.

You laid on the bed and groaned tiredly, even as you were sleep deprived your mind was still filled with Peter’s lean back muscle.

‘What the hell am I even thinking?’ you sighed out loud.

You may not have had friends to talk to back home but you had a TV, and that’s basically the same thing right?

You knew what a crush was, and how it was described, but you had never actually had one. Not a real one that wasn’t an actor that was too old for your teenage self anyway.

You’d never had a crush on a boy that you saw everyday, that talked to you, lived with you.

If this is what a crush is then you felt both excited and disappointed. 

On the exciting end, you had your first crush! A boy you could fantasize about and swoon over like other girls did at lunch while you studied battle strategies. You had a cute boy that could make you feel the butterflies that other girls spoke of.

On the disappointing end, you already had him. He was your husband already, so no crazy antics to get him to notice you. No mean head cheerleader ex of his and no tomboy to prom queen makeover.

Oh well though, at least you can skip the angst, and just tell him that you were ready to see him as more than just a friend that you were married to.

You two could take it slow and eventually have true loves kiss fill up the hour glass and you’d live happily ever after.

With your mind made you decided you’d tell him when he got back, in the mean time you’d catch up on some sleep.

Just as you were dozing off a knock came from the door.

Only, Felix had the balls to come near the tree house so you knew who it was before he called from the other side of the door.

‘Mother, Pan is back and he wants you to meet the new uh…lost people.’ Felix said.

You sat up and sighed in annoyance, of course Pan shows up now. After you have a emotional breakthrough, but before your nap.

You headed back to camp behind Felix who seemed to be walking faster than usual for some reason, but your mind was more focused on what exactly you would say to Peter.

You had a pretty OK idea in your mind of what to say, but as you entered the camp your mind went blank. 

You saw two boys dressed in old English nightwear, but you paid them no mind. Your eyes were focused on the girl.

That’s right, another girl.

A girl with long golden and flawless hair, a cute button nose, and while her nightgown wasn’t revealing it was obvious she had a nice shape underneath it.

‘(Y/N) meet our new comers, this John, Micheal and their sister…Wendy.’ Peter said, appearing beside Wendy.

You couldn’t speak, you could barely breath. Your body had never been under this sort of internal strain, your heart stopped and quickened all at once, your stomach had dropped your toes.

Just as you were sure you could have it all the clouds opened up and God dropped a golden haired turd named Wendy into your life.

‘Well aren’t you gonna say hello to a new family members?’ Pan smiled.

You glared at him then you turned your hard gaze back to Wendy, without saying a word you flicked your wrist and disappeared in a cloud of (Y/F/C) colored smoke.

You and Hanbin on Roommate would be like

• there being a mini competition between you and him when you first meet the family because the two of you are idols and you have a dance competition

• he slips while dancing to Apology and covers it up with “i let you win” and that being he spark to your friendship

• that “friendship” didnt last long because next thing you knew there were a bouquet of roses on your bed with a cd taped to it and it was a song he wrote to confess to you

• you accept him and hes like shitting his pants

• HANBIN MOTHER MODE : ON and he makes you breakfast before your schedule every morning and gukju is just like “where tf is mine”

• sometimes he goes grocery shopping with you for the family even though its not his duty but he just wants to spend time with you

• that big goofy smile of his when you kiss him and the cameras arent looking

• him whispering sweet nothings into your ear while you cook for the family

•two of you having to bail out of an outing because yall had a steamy night and you couldnt even walk because… hanbin. just. hanbin.

• him staying back to chill with you (( or just make sure you couldnt walk at all 😉 ))

• yeah yall just get it on in the toilet bc the
family is out and yall rarely have no schedule on the same day

• you catching him calling bobby for relationship advice

• bobby shouting “OH MY GOD YOU HAD SEX WITH HER” so loud on the phone you could hear it

• he just smiles awkwardly at you trying to cover it up

• the next morning you wake up by a bunch of screaming noises and you open your eyes and just see the whole of ikon jumping around your room shouting “ WAKE UP NOONAAAAA” and you cover your face while glaring at a guilty looking hanbin

• he says he invited them over to meet the family but only they know theyre here just to meet their leaders new girl

• you getting asked “is he good in bed ” all day

furiosaredeemed  asked:

"You look really tired" + Kylux? :)

(Anon asked for this as well! Hope y’all enjoy! Canon verse.)

“You look really tired, General,” Ren says as he enters Hux’s quarters–uninvited, as usual. He’s here for one reason and one reason only, to get fucked. Usually, despite Hux’s poisonous tongue, he’s just as eager to get into Ren’s pants and there’s no problem, everything goes as smoothly behind the General’s closed doors as they do on the rest of the Finalizer. Today is not a usual day.

“I’ve been up,” Hux sniffs, already sounding loathe to admit what has kept him up. When Ren prods at him with the Force, so lightly that Hux doesn’t even notice, he finds a strange, misplaced well of tenderness. Towards what?

Before Ren can ask, there’s a tiny sound, so soft that Ren might not have noticed it if he were walking or speaking. Something from under the bed. Ren feels like he’s inspecting for contraband, so quickly does he go to his hands and needs to see what’s under there.

It’s Millicent, her eyes shining opal-green in the dim light, and four other little shapes surrounding her, squeaking and squealing. When Ren shifts to get a closer look, she hisses, tightening around the kittens protectively. Ren figures it out–Millie must have given birth the night before, and Hux must have stayed up worrying about her.

“All right, all right,” Ren whispers, getting up to address Hux again. “General, I have to ask–was this some kind of miraculous conception? Or are there other cats on board that I don’t know about?”

Hux rolls his eyes. “As much as the former would satisfy your love of the mystical, it’s the latter. Several other officers keep cats in their private quarters with special permission, though it’s been a bit bewildering figuring out whose is the father. I suppose when I get a better look at the kittens I’ll be able to figure it out, unless they all take after their mother.”

“Anybody else have a ginger cat?”

“I don’t believe so.”

“It would probably remind them too much of their superior.”

“You’re hilarious,” Hux says dryly. “Remind me that only fixed animals are permitted from now on.”

“So what are you going to do with the litter?” 

Hux considers this. “Perhaps officers who show some measure of worth can get them as rewards. Those who demonstrate the correct level of responsibility.”

“You trust them to die for you, I think they can manage to feed a cat.”

“You’d be surprised.” Hux peeks down under the bed to check on Millicent. She doesn’t hiss at him, Ren doesn’t fail to notice. “Anyway. It will be some time before that’s even an option.”

“Will you name them?”

“Do you have suggestions? Besides Vader?”

It’s not often that Ren has his mind read instead. “Well. I’ll think of something,” he says finally, taking another look at the cat, who is grooming her babies with a strange combination of serenity and vigilance.

BTS Reaction to you cooking breakfast in just their shirt and pants

Rap Monster

He’d just stand there watching you waiting for you to notice him. Dancing away in the kitchen you are shocked and come to a sudden halt when you realise you’re not alone. “Nice dance moves” he says. “I suppose you can do better” you tease, to which he goes into dance monster mode

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Jin would find the whole situation very romantic and would help with the cooking even though you tell him to go back to bed and relax because you’re trying to do something for him for once. “Fine… But did you get the right amount of oil in the pan? How many eggs have you used?…” and so on

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“Who’s shirt is that?”


He gently pushes you against the counter and kisses you on the lips

“Looks good”

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You’d be dancing in the kitchen whilst cooking and he’d simply join in as soon as he sees what you’re doing, eventually stopping to hug you from behind “Ah, smells good, what you making?”

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Jimin wouldn’t care about the food, more the amazing view before him. He sweeps you up off your feet and takes you to the bedroom “I’m gonna have to take that shirt of you jagi, it’s mine…” “But it’s comfy!” you groan. “So are those sheets.” he replies.

Warning @kimlisamarie you’re gonna go weak

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Of course the shirt of his that you’re wearing is cut up with holes in. He’d walk up behind you to give you a back hug, putting his fingers into the holes of the shirt to feel how warm you are. “Hey! That tickles!” you say “Shouldn’t have stolen my shirt then” he grins, now purposely tickling you

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He’d enter the kitchen quietly, without you hearing him coming through because you’re too busy dancing to a song on the radio at the same time as making breakfast so he’d leave you to it and go back up to the bedroom. You bring him up the food and he says “Thank you… Now where’s the entertainment you were practicing for me back there in the kitchen?…”

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  • insists that they are an awesome dancer even though they’re terrible

They’re both pretty good at dancing.

  • likes to watch reality tv

Romano. Spain joins in from time to time but only finds it enjoyable because of Romano’s ranting

  • refuses to wear pants when they’re home alone


  • is the jealous / protective one

Romano, but Spain can get pretty protective, too

  • goes all out on the holidays

Spain. He tries to persuade Romano to join in on the decorating and it works sometimes.

  • cries over books

They both get emotional when they finish a really good series, but Romano cries more than Spain when it comes to books.

  • is terrible with kids

They’re both amazing with kids

  • drinks too much caffeine

Romano. Spain knows exactly how he likes his coffee so he usually fixes it for him on the mornings when Romano is just too exhausted to do it himself.

  • could sleep for twenty-four hours straight


  • never wears matching socks

Spain does it sometimes. It agitates Romano

  • punches a tree when they’re angry


  • gets scared by the toaster

Romano. Spain finds it hilarious

Plus size s/o (Jason Todd headcanon)

Requested: Yes
Request: Jason with a Plus size s/o?

  • Jason knows what it’s like to feel insecure about appearance
  • So he can easily tell when you’re doubting yourself
  • He’ll make sure you know how hot and sexy you look to him
  • Kisses you all over
  • Lets you wear his shirts and hoodies
  • They usually fit well
  • The sleeves are just a bit long though
  • #SweaterPaws
  • Oh bless the souls of anyone that has the nerve to say something rude to you
  • he doesn’t usually hit women
  • But if some Bitch has the nerve to fuck with you
  • He might get physical…even though it usually only goes as far as a verbal takedown
  • We all know Jason can say some savage shit
  • During sex he lets you be as undressed as you’re comfortable with
  • Wanna wear everything besides your pants?
  • Go ahead
  • He loves you anyway and doesn’t give a fuck
  • He’s willing to help you work out if you ever feel like it
  • But makes sure you know that it doesn’t matter to him
  • He makes a lot of healthy homecooked meals
  • Just because he wants you to be healthy
  • you’re a goddess to him no matter your weight


With love,

“mistakes” made in SKAM

halla, these r some “mistakes” that were made during the filming of SKAM, love ya’ll

- when the boys introduce themselves to even jonas actually greets him with his real name, marlon 

- when the girls r standing by sanas locker when someone wrote “sharmuta” on her locker you can actually see a microphone in the bottom left corner

- when isak is walking across the schoolyard listening to NAS hes wearing dark pants but when he goes to his locker i guess he decided to change cuz now hes wearing light blue jeans

thx to feudly on yt for making two videos on this, some of these i’ve noticed earlier, some i haven’t just thought i’d share it !! 

iamanappletree  asked:

What gif? Maybe they clicked the wrong link. Papaya in an apron is adorable~

Maybe? Idk some people click the link and it goes to my comic and other people are being redirected to a gif of a handsome anime guy sucking on a bottle of mayonnaise 

But like…not much diff from my comic anyways, right??

YOOO I LOVED DRAWING THAT PANEL!!! Paps in an apron is what I live for honestly!! I was super tempted to make him shirtless under his apron too but decided only Luca needed to be shirtless today. 

BUT. idk if you noticed but even tho Paps is wearing a shirt, he’s not wearing pants, only his boxers. Did you catch it??? 

Tol Dami

Bruce is so used to having his kids begging him to pick them up that before Damian can even open his mouth, Bruce just picks him up and takes him around the manor. D doesn’t even say anything, just kinda awkwardly sits on his shoulders and wonders if he’s gonna be that tall one day. When Bruce finally understand his discomfort, he puts him down and lets Damian say what he wanted in the first place.
Bruce goes to get it, but D tugs on his pants leg, being even more awkward and a little… shy? Bruce takes him to the kitchen, reaches the high shelves and gets his bat toy that Jason put up there. Damian is on his shoulders, smiling triumphantly as they pass the small peasants.
Damian does get to be that tall one day, maybe even a bit taller, and he uses his tallness and weight for the forces of good AND evil, scaring the heck out of villains and relentlessly sitting on Stephanie, Jason never stood a chance against him.

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  • insists that they are an awesome dancer even though they’re terrible

America claims he can dance but really all he can do is dab and whip. He can do American dances from to 70′s and 80′s and all those kinds of dances back then. He can’t ballroom dance though. Russia can do ballet

  • likes to watch reality tv

America lives on reality tv

  • refuses to wear pants when they’re home alone

America hates pants with the passion of 5,000 suns.

  • is the jealous / protective one

Russia can get pretty jealous

  • goes all out on the holidays

America does for sure

  • cries over books

Russia gets pretty emotional when a good book series ends

  • is terrible with kids

They’re both great with kids

  • drinks too much caffeine

America’s bloodstream is practically full of Starbucks

  • could sleep for twenty-four hours straight

America. He hibernates basically

  • never wears matching socks

America but Russia does it occasionally, too

  • punches a tree when they’re angry

I think they both would

  • gets scared by the toaster

tbh Russia does then he accidentally punches it and breaks it

Title: Blunts and blowies

Pairing: DeanxAaronxCas

Rating: Explicit

Wordcount: 1,280

Notes: @pecanpiedean


Dean is the kind of guy that goes out on the weekends regularly. He’s young, he can appreciate a good hook up. There’s nothing wrong with having a few drinks and not making it past the Impala in the parking lot before you find yourself pants-less with a stranger who’s name you won’t remember in the morning.

Even shit faced, Dean remembers condoms.

So he’s not new to this exactly. But Dean is of a more classical bent. Rock music out of a jukebox, a pretty apple shaped ass bent over a pool table, shots of whiskey. That’s more to his taste.

Maybe Dean is getting a little old, but he’s seriously starting to question the taste of ‘these kids’.

The club is so dark the main source of light is the glow sticks hanging around everyone’s necks and their wrists, being twirled around with dance moves that look more like having seizures. The music - if you can call it that - is so loud it shakes his bones and Dean’s starting to get a tension headache from all of it.

But then there’s Cas. Quiet, stick up his ass, perma-accountant Cas. With black eyeliner on and Dean didn’t even notice the hole for the guy’s lip piercing under his usual workday stubble. In tight skinny jeans and a ribbed tank top, Dean is a-ok with following him into this neon-bass -hump-hell-hole of sweaty bodies.

They’ve maybe fucked a few times.

They’re not in a relationship.

But hanging out on the weekends is ok?

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okay let’s break this down:

  • lukas decides to make a sex tape with rose to prove that he’s not having a gay affair with philip (something that no one has accused him of)
  • lukas enrolls philip to be the cameraman for said sex tape, because who has the time to set up a tripod?
  • PHILIP AGREES!!?!?!? he literally goes from “why should i help you?” to “sure i’ll hide in the bushes and film you banging your girlfriend, that’s a great idea! this is perfectly rational!”
  • it’s not even a sex tape though they both keep their pants on and lukas can’t get it up
  • philip leaks lukas and rose’s not-a-sex tape to all their peers (who for some reason are spending their free time standing around watching lukas ride around in circles on his bike)
  • rose’s reaction to discovering that she was filmed making out with her boyfriend by a stranger without her consent, only to have the footage leaked online? “told ya we did it”

anonymous asked:


  • insists that they are an awesome dancer even though they’re terrible

Prussia. He thinks he can dance wonderfully but it honestly just looks like he’s trying to swat a bug out of the air.

  • likes to watch reality tv

Prussia thinks reality t.v. shows are funny.

  • refuses to wear pants when they’re home alone


  • is the jealous / protective one

Prussia. He’ll fight anyone who refuses to acknowledge Canada’s existence.

  • goes all out on the holidays

Prussia gets really festive, but Canada is also pretty festive as well, so they both do.

  • cries over books

They both have to comfort each other after they finish a book series.

  • is terrible with kids

Both are pretty good with kids.

  • drinks too much caffeine


  • could sleep for twenty-four hours straight

i think Prussia would

  • never wears matching socks

Both of them think it’s a cool fashion trend.

  • punches a tree when they’re angry

Prussia punches the tree, then feels bad and hugs the tree.

  • gets scared by the toaster

Prussia tbh

Exo reaction to you accidentally calling them daddy.

Xiumin: Very shocked but turned on at the same time.

“How did you know I liked that Jagyia?”

Originally posted by xiuxiubaby

Luhan: You would’ve ‘let out the beast’ or his manly side.

“Oh you’re in for one fun ride baby girl.”

Originally posted by ballaydeer

Kris: He’d try to keep his cool but then he’d lose it almost instantly.

“Wha- Well there goes my pants.”

Originally posted by finnodair

Suho: Completely turned on and doesn’t even hide it.

“Oh kitten, look what you started.”

Originally posted by kingjunmyeonn

Lay: Extremely confused and probably  high as you let it slip out.

“I’m not your dad Y/N. What are you talking about?”

Originally posted by secrethideoutme

Baekhyun: You accidentally sang ‘Call me Baby’ wrong in front of him. so he decided to hold that against you.

Y/N: “Call me daddy.”

Baekhyun: You’re not my daddy but I could be yours.

Originally posted by exoturnback

Chen: He’d decide to play stupid with you.

*looks around* “Babe I don’t see you dad anywhere.”

Originally posted by exoxoolf

Chanyeol: He wouldn’t of been into it until you said it out loud.

“Well damn, I see how you like it babe.”

D.O: He wouldn’t think much of it before, but is always up for it.

“I don’t mind experimenting.”

Originally posted by bitchanyeoll

Tao: He’d act casual about it and be all shy and giggling.

Kai: You’d accidentally slip it out when you were at a coffee shop.

“Oh baby, I told you save that for the sheets and not the streets.”

Sehun: He would be into it once the words left your mouth.

“That’s not my name but I don’t mind jagyia.”

type of dunk person the boys are
  • Darry: the sentimental drunk, tells everyone how much he loves them and how much they mean to him and telling childhood stories abt "the good old days"
  • Sodapop: the happy drunk, literally so happy and excited about everything, even the fact that he just spilled his drink on himself and it looks like he peed in his pants
  • Ponyboy: he manages to be all of them throughout the night, he goes from happy to sad to lovey to mad he's a mess when drunk
  • Steve: he is an angry drunk he is ready to fight u, turn u location on bub he's coming for you, but then he also gets giggly too ok
  • Two Bit: the professional drunk ok, u literally cannot tell the difference when he's drunk and when he's not
  • Dallas: the sloppy drunk, he's like stumbling around and running into tables and peeing in your closet
  • Johnny: philosphical drunk, he usually holds his alcohol pretty well but when he gets drunk enough he's wanting to talk abt the meaning of life
  • Tim: the "broken" drunk, he gets in his feelings and is sad and mopey and talks abt how he does everything wrong until he passes out
  • Curly: the reckless drunk, he's running around the front yard saying "hold my beer and watch this" every 5 minutes
B.A.P as Neighbours

Yongguk- that neighbour where you don’t know if they’re an angel or the devil himself. Everything about their house is perfect; too perfect. Always smiling and waving at people, even if they’re strangers. Also loves to give out cookies that he’s baked to little kids. In other words, he’s soooo nice to the point that you question it.

Himchan- the old lady of the neighbourhood. Knows about EVERYTHING that happens, and knows EVERYONE. Gossips with the woman in the neighbourhood, and is already a part of the “wine moms” club. He also goes with the moms on the afternoon strolls, flower pants and the hip sway walk. Will pinch your cheeks and look better than you no matter what he is wearing.

Daehyun- the kid who blares music 24/7, whether it be from his garage or when he’s driving with the windows down. He’s never seen alone, and is basically the life of the party when it comes to neighbourhood celebrations. Adults either love him or hate him, really he just wants to be friends with everyone. Already egged Himchans house twice, and is seen constantly bickering with him.

Youngjae- the person that every mom loves. Respectable and always knows what to do in case of an emergency. Leaky faucet? Flat tire? Don’t worry, he’ll fix it. Makes all the men in the neighbourhood look bad. In reality, has dirt on everyone because he’s been in everyones house. Will secretly judge every time someone asks for help. “Again? What is wrong with these people?”

Jongup- the kid that is a legend in the neighbourhood. He might as well be a legendary Pokemon because you don’t know if he’s real or not. Almost never seen in the day, you only see him at night. Probably seen exercising on his front lawn shirtless at 1 o clock in the morning. Will try to imitate every animal sound he hears. Is actually really nice. Could come into your house and spend the whole day playing video games and eat dinner with your family before anyone notices him.

Zelo- that nerdy/geeky kid that for some reason all the grandmas love. Never seen without his skateboard. Probably goes to the skate park and hogs it all to himself and doesn’t let the little kids play. Also the giant that looks awkward in any situation. Makes you feel like you have to protect him because he is a smol child. Until one day he goes to get the newspaper in nothing but his pajama pants and geeky boy isn’t so geeky anymore.

-Admin Artemis 

anonymous asked:


  • insists that they are an awesome dancer even though they’re terrible

England is only good at ballroom dancing, but he brags that he’s been known to “bust a move”. he cannot bust a move.

  • likes to watch reality tv

England watches them occasionally but only to judge them critically.

  • refuses to wear pants when they’re home alone

Both of them prefer to keep their pants on

  • is the jealous / protective one

England gets pretty jealous tbh

  • goes all out on the holidays


  • cries over books


  • is terrible with kids

England. kids just dislike him for some reason

  • drinks too much caffeine

France tends to drink coffee more than England but only once in a while

  • could sleep for twenty-four hours straight

France. he needs his beauty sleep after all

  • never wears matching socks

England. France is absolutely appalled.

  • punches a tree when they’re angry


  • gets scared by the toaster