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lance showing keith horror games to scare him but lance ends up being the one scared instead? :o (if its hard to work off of feel free to skip it!!)

“Trust me,” Lance says ominously, an obnoxious smirk on his face as he puts in the game, a controller clutched in his sweaty hand,  “You’re gonna have to change your pants after this.”

“I doubt that,” Keith answers, keeping his nerves out of his voice, because he doesn’t want Lance to have the satisfaction of hearing him squirm. The lights are turned off and his throat goes dry as he feels Lance’s weight settle next to him. Loud music suddenly blared from the television and before he can even jump in shock, Lance whimpers next to him. He tries to play the sound off as a cough, but it doesn’t really work. 

A few hours later, after a round of games, Lance is practically hiding behind Keith, clutching his arm, with his face buried tightly in the crook of his shoulder. 

“Do you wanna turn it off? You look pretty scared,” Keith mutters. Truthfully, the game isn’t that bad - he’s even having a little fun. 

“I’m not scared, I’m just - I’m tired. Maybe… Maybe we should go ahead and go to sleep.”

“Sure,” Keith smiles. When the game is turned off and the lights are back on, he turns to head back to his room, but Lance’s hand catches his sleeve and he stops. 

“Do… Do you think…” Lance clears his throat, and can’t meet Keith’s eyes, “Do you wanna come to my room tonight? Just - I know you’re scared, so I was gonna protect you, or-”

“Sure, Lance. Let’s go.” 

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Can you update the boarding school tag?

@thosetwocuties said:  Could you please update the boarding school tag? It’s one of my absolute favourites

awful, wonderful you by stilinskisparkles (1/1 | 16,925 | R)

Truth be told, Derek was suffering from the mild delusion he lived in all summer wherein he actually thought this year might be different, and he might, perhaps, be able to bury the hatchet with Stiles and start over.

The superglue that’s destroyed a ninety dollar pair of pants, however, says otherwise. Derek knows how this play goes down; eventually, he’s going to have to climb out of the pants and trudge back to his dorm half naked. Stiles will gloat for a damn week; Derek will have to put up with constant remarks about Stiles getting him out of his pants… Dammit, he’s actually going to get Derek out of his pants, and it’s not even close to the way he pictured it happening.

more by bibliosexual (1/1 | 3,468 | NC17)

It starts when Derek is sitting in study hall and the guy ahead of him–-Stiles something, the Polish kid with all the moles–-mutters, “Ugh, what’s sixty percent of fifty-five?”

“Thirty-three,” Derek says without having to think about it. He’s always been good at math.

“Oh, thanks, dude,” Stiles says. “I forgot my calculator, and Mr. Harris is a dick who won’t let me go get it.”

“No problem,” Derek says.

He assumes that’s it, that’s the end of the conversation, but Stiles catches up to him in the hall after class, scuffs his sneaker against the floor and says, “Hey, so, you’re really good at math. Like, you solved that in your head, right? No calculator?“

“Yeah,” Derek says, and Stiles bites his lip, asks, “Do you maybe wanna study with me later, in the library?”

Derek does.

Boarded Up by lamevolcano (1/? | 3,161 | R)

"Stiles had never been good at judging his own feelings. But one thing he was sure of: He was not excited about finishing his high school career at a boarding school. In California.”

[Loosely based on Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins]

That Went Better Than Expected by neo_trickster (1/1 | 3,420 | R)

Anon sent me a prompt on Tumblr.


“Uhm, I assume something happened? Did you try to talk to Lydia again?”

Stiles shakes his head, before lifting it slightly, “I think I just embarrassed myself on a level I’ve never reached before. I can’t leave this room again. I‘ll just become a hermit and catch rats and rainwater to live.”

If Prayer Were the Answer I’d Fall on My Knees by IAmAVeronica (18/18 | 70,311 | NC17)

“Shit, Der.” Stiles shivers. “You promise when we get to the room—”
“I’m going to lock the door, undress you, and make up for every minute of the past six weeks.” Derek grins when Stiles’s pupils blow wide with lust. “And we’re in the chapel, so you know I’m not lying.”
“Forgive us, Father,” Stiles mutters, and grabs Derek’s hand. “For we are about to sin so hard.”
For the past four years Derek and Stiles have been roommates at St. Cecilia’s Catholic Boarding School. For the past two years, they have been secret lovers. Now, as senior year dawns, one boy begins to seriously consider coming out, while the other feels pressured by church and family to deny his identity.
There’s also some Romeo and Juliet, a lot of fluff, a heap of angst, and Jeff Davis as a priest, because… reasons.
In short, it’s the bare: the rock opera/Teen Wolf mashup that just wouldn’t get out of my head.

B.A.P as Neighbours

Yongguk- that neighbour where you don’t know if they’re an angel or the devil himself. Everything about their house is perfect; too perfect. Always smiling and waving at people, even if they’re strangers. Also loves to give out cookies that he’s baked to little kids. In other words, he’s soooo nice to the point that you question it.

Himchan- the old lady of the neighbourhood. Knows about EVERYTHING that happens, and knows EVERYONE. Gossips with the woman in the neighbourhood, and is already a part of the “wine moms” club. He also goes with the moms on the afternoon strolls, flower pants and the hip sway walk. Will pinch your cheeks and look better than you no matter what he is wearing.

Daehyun- the kid who blares music 24/7, whether it be from his garage or when he’s driving with the windows down. He’s never seen alone, and is basically the life of the party when it comes to neighbourhood celebrations. Adults either love him or hate him, really he just wants to be friends with everyone. Already egged Himchans house twice, and is seen constantly bickering with him.

Youngjae- the person that every mom loves. Respectable and always knows what to do in case of an emergency. Leaky faucet? Flat tire? Don’t worry, he’ll fix it. Makes all the men in the neighbourhood look bad. In reality, has dirt on everyone because he’s been in everyones house. Will secretly judge every time someone asks for help. “Again? What is wrong with these people?”

Jongup- the kid that is a legend in the neighbourhood. He might as well be a legendary Pokemon because you don’t know if he’s real or not. Almost never seen in the day, you only see him at night. Probably seen exercising on his front lawn shirtless at 1 o clock in the morning. Will try to imitate every animal sound he hears. Is actually really nice. Could come into your house and spend the whole day playing video games and eat dinner with your family before anyone notices him.

Zelo- that nerdy/geeky kid that for some reason all the grandmas love. Never seen without his skateboard. Probably goes to the skate park and hogs it all to himself and doesn’t let the little kids play. Also the giant that looks awkward in any situation. Makes you feel like you have to protect him because he is a smol child. Until one day he goes to get the newspaper in nothing but his pajama pants and geeky boy isn’t so geeky anymore.

-Admin Artemis 

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Actually, to add on to the one ask you got about Paul not knowing the difference between Pay and Pat: Paul's *this* close to accidentally fucking Pay but he sees Pay's dick and just goes "get the fuck out of here".

I love the fact that Paul can’t even tell the differences between Pat and Pay by looking at their faces but he immediately K N O W once they take their pants off.

#diccin #coccblockdatboi #nosexytimeforyou

Forest Encounter (Haldir X Reader) (Drabble Request)

Requested by  thealbersclan

Gif Credit: Goes to the original creators

Request -  Imagine: Haldir finds you lost in the woods and offers to help you get home but you have nowhere to go-and he decides to keep you as kind of a pet, and actually takes good care of you

You panted and dragged yourself forward, even as your body protested. As your leg hit a tree root, you let out a cry of pain as you fell to the forest floor.

You didn’t know if you could last any longer. You had been wandering through this forest for days and days on end, and all you’d accomplished was twisting your ankle and getting yourself even further lost.

What had started as a simple, innocent walk had turned into a nightmare.

“Great, this is just my luck…” You grumbled as you pulled yourself up to rest against the tree behind you. You slowly bent your knee and pulled off your boot to examine your ankle.

It was swollen and had turned a rather nasty shade of purple. You tried to touch it gently but regretted it immediately as a wave of pain shot through your leg, causing you to wince.

“That’s not good…” You thought out loud and felt your brow furrow in annoyance. You reached your hand over to your pack, hoping that you had some herbs that might help ease the swelling but you were halted in your movement by the arrival of a stranger. Not just any stranger either.

From what you could tell your stranger appeared to be an Elven warrior, and a handsome at that. You felt yourself blush slightly as you realised you’d just been staring at him for what was probably longer than what was acceptable.

And from the looks of his expectant and slightly annoyed expression, he had asked you a question and you hadn’t hear him at all. You cleared your throat in embarrassment and smiled apologetically “I-I’m sorry, what did you say?”

The elf sighed and narrowed his eyes at you, “Who are you, and what are you doing in our forest?”

You gulped nervously at his tone and glanced down at your ankle “I… got lost while taking a walk and I hurt my ankle trying find my way out of here…”

He stared at you for a moment, then walked over to the spot you sitting in and crouched down so he could get a better look at your ankle. You watched him closely as he raised a hand and applied a small amount of pressure to the swollen, purple area. You cried out in pain almost immediately and he took in your response with a blank expression, slowly nodding to himself as if deciding that what you told him may hold some truth after all.

“Would you like me to help you return home?” He offered in a much softer tone, obviously deciding that you weren’t a threat to him. Especially not in your current state.

You shook your head “I appreciate the offer but, I don’t have a home to return to…”

He didn’t respond to your answer. He simple sat there in silence and stared at your ankle. After a while, you grew a bit concerned for him and were about to ask him if he was ok. Instead, you felt a high-pitched squeak escape you as he picked you up bridal style.

“Until you have fully recovered, I wish graciously allow you to stay with me mortal” He said.

“I have a name you know…” You mumbled under your breath as a red blush stained your cheeks. He didn’t respond. He just carried you all the way back through the forest to his home of Lothlórien.


You awoke the next day to find yourself lying in a heavenly soft bed. Well, anything would be considered heavenly after having lie on the cold hard ground for nights on end.

You looked around the room and noticed a cup of water, a plate of assorted fruits and a piece of paper. Curious, you picked up the paper to find that it was actually a list of instructions on what you should do before he got back.

“Make sure you drink and eat plenty… Don’t move around too much, get plenty of rest…” You murmured as you read it out loud to yourself.

‘He didn’t have to go to so much trouble…’ You thought but you couldn’t help a small smile that came to your face at his concern for you. You travelled around a lot by yourself, never really staying in one place too long. So, you never really had anyone who would care about you or take care of you when you’re sick or hurt.

It was a nice feeling. One that you enjoyed quite a bit over the next few days as Haldir, as you learnt his name was, took care of you and helped reduce the pain in your ankle to a dull ache. Though at times it seemed like he was treating you like a pet, he did take good care of you and by the time your ankle had healed, you didn’t want to leave.

And he didn’t want you to either.

Ashton Blurb #1


so imagine you’re out at a big group dinner with all of your college friends and you’re sitting next to Ashton and you’re talking to some of your sorority mates and Ashton is blushing and stuttering while he talks to his frat mates around him because you look beautiful when you’re engrossed in a conversation topic and as the waiter comes with your drinks he slips and a glass goes clattering on the floor and breaks and you go to help clean it up even though everyone else is laughing at the waiter’s clumsiness and when you bend down Ashton sucks in a breath and his friends laugh at his crush on you and you sit back down and when your food comes you moan because it’s so good and Ashton sucks in a breath again and his knuckles whiten as he grips the table and he tenses up as he feels his pants tighten and his friends laugh as his face reddens

Funny story time with Ennun ʕ◉ᴥ◉ʔ

Around, like, 10 years ago, y brother opened a can of peanuts (cuz we’re trash) and under the plastic lid, is one of those metal ones every other can has, with a loop you can pull to release it. So we do that, I take the metal lid and absentmindedly fiddle with it while chatting with my bro. 

I don’t even know what we were talking about, but he suddenly stops and goes “You’re bleeding”

I look at him and then I look down and there’s blood all over my hands and it’s gotten on my pants and I just look at it for 2 seconds until it registers to me and I fucking screamed. My mom rushed in to see her son staring and he daughter crying and holing her hand and COVERED IN BLOOD so she’s probably thinking “what the flying fuck” but she takes me to the bathroom while my bro pics the metal lid and yells after her “I think she cut herself in this!”

So we’re in the sink and water BURNS so I cry, still, but sure enough, there it is, on my index finger, a gash friggin 2 cm deep like how the fuck did I not feel that holy shit. After a while I calm down, my finger’s all bandaged up. Everything calms down.

I still have that scar (It’s literally the only scar I have) and it’s annoying as hell, cuz 10 years later, it still does things? like the skin on the scar itself dries out and it gets uncomfortable and I have the urge to just, rip it off, but then it hurts and faigdkhdgjf

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So I read somewhere that Jk thinks Sailer Moon is really sexy so imagine Jm dressed up in a similar outfit with his panties showing waiting for kook to get home so he can do a little strip tease which results in Jk nearly creaming his pants lol

Bruuuuuuuuuuh!!!! Jimin also wears small pig tails too! The skirt doesn’t even cover the blue panties  while to top shows off his stomach. Fuck, Jungkook would almost burst just seeing Jimin! Imagine Jimin being like “Onii-chan” while he addresses Jungkook and Jungkook is leaking so hard cause fuck he is so turn on. Jimin only gets his shirt off, the rest stays on while Jungkook goes to town on him and they go multiple rounds cause Jungkook gets hornier as they go.

No one else in the dorm can watch Sailor Moon the same again lol

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Platonic/familial Usnavi and Sonny 13, 19 and 20?

13. Who secretly admires the hell out of the other and thinks they’re the bravest person they’ve ever met?

I think that Sonny is really appreciative of Usnavi and loves everything he’s done for him and thinks he’s so strong and just his big cousin who is half-way between a father figure and a big brother, you know? But also Usnavi secretly admires the fuck out of everything Sonny does, at all. Later on, when Sonny organizes protests and does all these amazing things and goes places, Usnavi keeps every single article on the news, even when it’s negative, because his little cousin has been on the news and is changing the world and the barrio.

19. Who is majorly ticklish and who is the tickle-attacker?

Ever since The Incident where Sonny peed his pants when he was 5 and Usnavi was tickling him, tickling is no longer allowed between the De la Vega boys.

20. Who greatly exaggerates being sick every time they feel even a little poorly just so the other will take care of them?

DEFINITELY Sonny, like no questions asked. Usnavi is getting good at spotting when Sonny is faking or exaggerating but often he doesn’t want to take the risk and just dotes on him and forces him to stay in bed with ten blankets and eat a gallon of soup every hour of the day and takes his temperature every half an hour just to be sure.

Tyler sat in his bedroom, sniffling and hugging his pillow. He watched a few of Josh’s videos earlier, but the sight of him fucking somebody else hurt him even more. Tyler understands why Josh said they couldn’t be together. It would be toxic. He’s jealous over Josh’s old porn videos , from before he even knew Tyler, and he isn’t even Josh’s boyfriend.
Tyler sits up and decides to shower. He has a shoot today, and he needs to look decent. He does his usual routine to get ready, before grabbing his keys and walking out the door. He heads to the studio, walking to the set he’s working in today. Mark looks up, smiling at the small brunet. “ just get naked and lay on the bed. You know how it goes.”
Tylers about to pull down his pants, but tears up and shakes his head. “ I can’t do this anymore, Mark.”
Mark looks at Tyler, confused and worried. “ okay.. You know you don’t have to.” He says softly, and Tyler nods as he wipes his eyes. “ I’m sorry Mark, I quit.” He says, walking out with his head hung low.
Tyler works hard at finding a new job. Rent would be due soon. He gets a job at a Starbucks. It doesn’t pay as well as porn, but it pays.
Josh wasn’t doing so well. He’d been screwed over by many ex boyfriends in the past. Nobody ever trusted him because he was a pornstar. They called him a whore, told him he was a cheater. He didn’t want to be in a relationship again, he didn’t want the harassment. But, Tyler did the same thing as him. Tyler wouldn’t judge him like the other boys did. Tyler would understand.
Josh was sitting at home, when he called his boss, “ Brad, look. I just can’t to it anymore. I’m not happy. I want to be happy and porn isn’t doing it for me anymore.”
After a long conversation of Brad trying to convince Josh to stay, they hang up. Josh sighs as he grabs his keys, jobless and tired. He needs to go get applications, search for a new job.
After a long day of searching, Josh decides to stop at Starbucks to get a frappé. He walks into the small building and stands in the short line, keeping his head down. When he looks up to order, his eyes meet Tyler’s.
“ h-how may I help you, s-sir?” Tyler stutters, eyes watering as he tries to busy himself with fixing the straws while he waits for Josh to order.
“ I’d like a salted caramel frappe, and a date with you.” Josh says, looking at the fragile boy behind the counter. Tyler blushes, looking at Josh with wide eyes. “ no, don’t say that.” Tyler whispers, thinking of the earlier conversation with Josh the other day.
Josh bites his lip sadly, “ baby..”
Tyler sighs, starting to make Josh’s drink. “ fine. Fine, one date. But if you are just looking for sex, please don’t waste my time.”


Tyler nervously got ready for the date, hands shaking as he waits for Josh to come by to pick him up. He hears the doorbell, and opens his front door. Josh stands in front of him, flowers in hand. “ hello, beautiful..”
Tyler smiles, letting Josh in. He takes the flowers, thanking Josh and putting them in a vase.
He wipes his eyes before grabbing Josh’s hand, and they leave. Josh opens the car door for Tyler. Tyler thanks him and sits in the seat, and waits for Josh to get into the car. They go to a restaurant. It’s a four star place, and they have a table in the back. They hold hands from across the table as they gaze into each others eyes.
“ I quit making videos.” Tyler admits.
Josh nods, biting his lip, “ me too.”
“ love really fucks you up, doesn’t it?” Tyler laughs dryly.
Josh nods, smiling at Tyler lovingly, “ yeah.. But I think we’ll both be happier now. We can be together without worrying about the poem drama.”
Tyler nods, leaning across the table and pecking Josh’s lips. “ so, we’re dating now?”
“ yeah , Tyler. It’s you and me against this fucked up world.”

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Now imagine it's after a big basketball game that Tyler's team just won. He's sweaty and high on adrenaline, and while the other guys head off to the showers Tyler meets Josh in the tunnels. It's mostly just frantic, exhilarated rubbing off against each other because Tyler is too worked up to take it slow and Josh is eager & goes with the flow. And when they're done, panting and sliding down the wall bc its too hard to stand after that, Josh grabs his Gatorade and dumps it over Tyler. Good game.

oh my god

Droog: I don’t fucking believe it you can actually dance. There goes fifty bucks.

Slick: Pay up feather-pants you can’t handle my talents. >:)

Droog: Would the peppermint prick make the room smell minty fresh if I cracked his head open on the floor… Hmm I wonder. *grip loosens*

Slick: *grip tightens* Fuck you! Hand over the money.

Droog: Okay, I’ll even get it right now. *lets go completely*

Slick: *Screams in indignation as he falls on the floor*

(The pajamas they’re wearing are a result of Droog’s inability to say no to an earnest Aradia in the middle of an clothing store)

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Here is how I see it, Tom needs to take a stance with his obsessive fan girls, which I think he has started doing by being so "out there" with Taylor. I mean, the I ❤️ Taylor shirt was a huge statement! He needs to put on his big-boy pants and bring his damn girlfriend to the Emmy's!! If he doesn't, it will become an even worse obsession with these fans. I, for one, will be extremely disappointed if she isn't there with him. And for the record, I am a fan of both!!

September will only be 3+ months of them being together so it might be too soon for a red carpet together but I’m hoping she goes with him.

i hc that lucio uses all pronouns!!!!! he loves eyeliner and thinks skirts and dresses are pretty but rarely wears them bc she also loves to jump around and climb stuff randomly so pants are more reasonable!!! also he is best friends w junkrat and dva and they are Supportive and Happy. even when in civvies he never goes anywhere w out their headphones and gets sort of anxious if he cant listen to music for too long.

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Releases your lip, going for that teasing tongue instead, not even caring if it ends with a kiss or a bite or something in between, so long as he's touching and tasting you. Gives a harsh pant against your mouth when your hand finds him through his clothes, pushing close enough to feel your body flush against his from chest to thigh. At least until he grabs one of those thighs and hauls it up to pin you more thoroughly, tilting your head back further to bite at your jawline.

Grunts a short wound when you release his lip to go for his tongue, unbothered by the rushed feel of it and even happier when there’s teeth too. Winces a little when you press harder against him, hiking his leg up, and the back of his head finds the alley wall but it’s fine, that roughness is exactly what he likes. Breathes a moaning growl against your lips and grabs at your waist, trying to pull your lower half tighter against his with dragging nails. Goes for your pants again almost instantly though, fervently pushing his fingers between warm skin and tight cloth as he tries to tug them lower over your hips.

keep refrigerated

Kay tosses over his bed, finding tonight extra hot than any other day (and he’s even sleeping naked most of the time). He mumbles and sighs, flopping over like a little kid just because he can’t sleep. At times like this, he’d usually make a snowball out of his hands, but he doesn’t want his bed getting wet or whatsoever, and ice isn’t just enough.

So, he pushes himself up, slipping a plain shirt and jogger pants as he goes to take his neck pillow. Half-lidded eyes try to help him follow the route to the small high end coffee shop cafeteria in the lower floor– the usual place he goes whenever it gets too warm for him at night. 

Pale blue eyes search the room once he arrives, smiling in content when he sees the big fridge. Having observed that the students usually drink so much bottled coffee, the fridge is usually empty at the end of the day. 

He walks idly to it, pulling it open for him to settle in. He smiles again, finding himself doing a good job as he falls fast asleep. 

LSPD cops Miles and Kerry, both working for gangs of Los Santos.

Kerry mostly deals with the fakes, they’re merciless to him, but he finds that running around with no pants for a while is worth the fun.

Miles enjoys the deeper underground workings of a crew that has faded to only legends, cockbite. In truth, they still operate, but lay very low. Miles usually goes through chief Gray though, he’s much better connected to the old gang.

Both of them know that their loyalties don’t solely lie within the LSPD, or even the gangs they sometimes hang with. They’re cool with that though, and just enjoy the time spent chilling in the cruiser.

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☼ ❤️ ♦️

☼ - appearance headcanon : Dylan dresses like a slacker. Everything he wears seems to big for him, the sleeves are too long, the pants roll up at his feet, he has an odd assortment of hoodies at his disposal. He just doesn’t care to look too good seeing as he has other things to do.

♥ - family headcanon : Dylan’s family means everything to him, even at the state they’re in now which is complete shit. However much arguing goes on though he still cares deeply and truly. Family is everything to him now more then its ever been.

♦ - quirks/hobbies headcanon : Dylan talks to himself when no ones around to listen, the guy has a lot going on in his head and he just wants someone to listen to him. Even if its himself.