Can you do an imagine where one of the boys,(whoever you want) finds like a secret stash of pictures or like a photo album dedicated to the accomplishments of them as their superhero identity? Does this make sense? 

@batman-robin I hope this is what you meant by your request. I did it based on my Jay-Bear and  I tried really hard on this at 12:16 in the morning. I hope you like it!! 


“Hey Y/N. Have you seen my black boots anywhere?”

You were too busy in the shower to actually look for his boots for him so you went ahead and yelled back at him. “They’re under the bed Jason.”

“I already looked under the bed hun.” he replied, looking under the bed again.

“Well maybe you didn’t look hard enough…” you mumbled under your breath.

“What was that sweet cheeks?”

“Uhh…I said I’ll be out in a minute to help you look for them.”

“Yea. That’s what I thought you said.”

You rolled your eyes as you rinsed the rest of the soap off of your body. You and Jason have been dating for over a year now and you guys have been living together for over 3 months. It’s been pretty good, considering the fact that Jason has been working night shifts from his job. You never noticed how many times he gets hurts on his job, with the amount of times he comes home bruised and bloody. You are concerned. Hell, you were just flat out worried. You don’t say anything though.If he’s happy, then you are happy. Besides, you have your own little hobby after he leaves for work.

You grab your (f/c) towel and wrap it around you. You then walk into the bedroom to help Jason look for his shoes. “Alright Jason. Last time I saw them, they were under the bed. So unless they got up and walked themselves straight out of that door, they have to be under the bed.”

Jason didn’t say anything to you when you walked in. You thought it was strange because Jason is NEVER quiet. EVER.

“Jason? Are you alright?”

That is when you saw it. Your little “hobby” that you have worked hard on for almost a year. It was your box. And inside that box, there were photos. Not just any photos. Photos of the vigilante himself, Red Hood. Every night, you would go out and look for the Red Hood. where ever he was, just to snap a photo of him. Whether it was fighting a bad guy or protecting a citizen, you were there with your camera getting every heroic deed. And now your boyfriend has found your little secret.

He looked at you with questioning eyes and all you could do was shrug. “You mind explaining these?”

You walked over your drawer and pulled out some underwear. “Where should I begin?”

“The beginning would be fine.”

You sighed as you looked for your favorite pair of underwear. “I’ve been taking pictures of the Red Hood.”

“For how long?”

“A little over a year.” You found your underwear and pajamas and motioned with your finger to tell Jason to turn around. When he did, you proceeded dressing. “It was a little bit before we were dating.”

“I can see that.” He sat on the bed and looked at some more photos. When you were done dressing, you came to sit next to him and looked at the picture he was looking at.

“This one was one of my favorites.” You said, grabbing the picture from him. “He was saving a little girl from a burning building on this date. I think it was April 23rd.”

“Do you have a crush on the Red Hood or something?” he asked, getting tense.

You looked at him questioningly. “It’s not like I have a crush on him. I admire him. He does a lot of good for the city.”

“But you know he is a bad guy right?” he said, “He killed a lot of people, ruled over crime bosses. Hell, even almost killed Batman. How could you admire him.”

You shrugged again. “Yeah well, I only get the good shots of him. He still does good deeds. He’s like Batman, but not in way. Batman puts fear into his enemies but Red Hood does things that Batman won’t do. He also does some heroic stuff of his own, Jason. Sure he’s done a lot of wrong but…” You took another picture out of the box and showed it to Jason. It was a picture of him hugging the little girl. “…he does a lot of good for the city too. I admire him Jason. I really do. I hope one day I could meet hi-.”

Jason interrupted you with a kiss. It wasn’t his usual kiss that he gave you. This one was like a sigh of relief kind of kiss. You didn’t know why he would feel that way but you gladly took the kiss anyway and holding him tight.

“You know I think you are crazy right?” he replied after the kiss.

“You’re the crazy one if it gets you hot and bothered from me talking about another man.” you replied. You got up from the bed and headed towards the living room. “I’m gonna order a pizza for dinner and put Netflix on. That cool?”

He smirked. “Sounds like a perfect Netflix and Chill night.”

“Say that again and you won’t get any “chill” tonight.” you said, smacking your ass as you walked away towards the living room.

He looked at all the photos again as he put them all back into the box. He would tell you that he was Red Hood eventually, but right now he just wants you to be able to live a normal life. Though hearing you say all that stuff about him and how you admire him, makes him feel a little more better about himself.

“Damn I’m so photogenic. I beat Dick by a mile. Can’t wait to tell him this.” He put the box under the bed and headed towards the living room with you.

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Positive Character traits of luca's I want to like him but he just seems rude

YES. YES!! You win!! Out of all the ?s I’ve gotten on Luca, he would like you the most because this is exactly what he wants. He doesn’t want anyone to like him. He pulls the stoic asshole personality to keep people away from him and it seems like it works on you. 

BUT. If you really want positive Luca traits, it’s that he is actually very caring, hence the reason he wants to keep people away since he doesn’t want to have to worry about anyone else. If he was you friend IRL you can guarantee he will FIGHT!! for you. I mean he will get into a physical fight for you. He would kill a man for you…idk if that’s positive actually….   

don’t fall for it

be careful of Shaytaan’s trap of being able to target the worst sin with the best of people; be careful when he attacks the Sunni with an act of shirk, that you do not even realize; remember why you bought those books; remember why you stacked those bookshelves; remember why you built your library; remember why you read those books; to get closer to Allah عز و جل; this is your act of worship; be careful when shaytaan fools you into committing shirk by way of it; why did you buy those books? why did you read them? was it not to please Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَتَعَالَىٰ‎ by way of it? why do you pray? why did you learn how to pray? is it not your act of worship you do to obey your Lord by way of it? would you post a picture of you praying on social media? yet you post your library on it…books you bought and collected over the years to get closer to your Lord, now up for display for the world to see your piety; fear Allah; don’t let the Shaytaan destroy the one upon Tawheed with the opposite of Tawheed; don’t let your enemy get the best of you by way of your good deeds.

Abu Hurairah (May Allah be pleased with him) said: The Messenger of Allah (sallallaahu ’alayhi wa sallam) said, “Almighty Allah says, `I am the One Who is most free from want of partners. He who does a thing for the sake of someone else beside Me, I discard him and his polytheism..”
[Muslim] [Riyad as-Saliheen #1616]

Abu Hurairah (May Allah be pleased with him) said: I heard the Messenger of Allah (sallallaahu ’alayhi wa sallam) saying, “The first to be judged on the Day of Resurrection will be a man who had died as a martyr. He will be brought forward. Allah will remind him of the favours He had bestowed upon him and the man will acknowledge them. Then He will ask him: `What did you do to express gratitude for it?’ The man will reply: `I fought for Your Cause till I was martyred.’ Allah will say: `You have lied. You fought so that people might call you courageous; and they have done so.’ Command will then be issued about him and he will be dragged on his face and thrown into Hell. Next a man who had acquired and imparted knowledge and read the Qur’an will be brought forward, Allah will remind him of the favours He had bestowed upon him and the man will acknowledge them. Then He will ask him: `What did you do to express gratitude for it?’ The man will reply: `I acquired knowledge and taught it, and read the Qur’an for Your sake.’ Allah will say to him: `You have lied. You acquired knowledge so that people might call you a learned (man), and you read the Qur’an so that they might call you a reciter, and they have done so.’ Command will then be issued about him, and he will be dragged on his face and thrown into Hell. Next a man whom Allah had made affluent and to whom Allah had given plenty of wealth, will be brought forward, Allah will remind him of the favours He had bestowed upon him and the man will acknowledge them. He will ask him: `What did you do to express gratitude for it?’ The man will reply: `I did not neglect any of the ways You liked wealth to be spend liberally for Your sake’. Allah will say to him: `You have lied. You did it so that people might call you generous, and they have done so.’ Command will then be issued about him and he will be dragged on his face and thrown into Hell.”
[Muslim]. [Riyad as-Saliheen #1617]

Jundub (May Allah be pleased with him) said: The Prophet (sallallaahu ’alayhi wa sallam) said, “He who so acts to show off, Allah will disgrace him on the Day of Resurrection, and he who does good deeds so that people (may hold him in high esteem), Allah will expose his hidden evil intentions before the people on the Day of Resurrection.” [Al-Bukhari and Muslim]. Riyad as-Saliheen #1619]

Abu Hurairah (May Allah be pleased with him) said: The Messenger of Allah (sallallaahu ’alayhi wa sallam) said, “A person who acquires (religious) knowledge, which is (normally) acquired to gain the Pleasure of Allah, (for the sole reason) to secure worldly comforts will not even smell the fragrance of Jannah on the Day of Resurrection (i.e., will not enter Jannah).” [Abu Dawud]. Riyad as-Saliheen #1620]

Thoughts on ACOWAR/the fandom

Feeling like I’m part of the minority that overall, looking at the book holistically actually loved ACOWAR? Kinda disappointed in the overwhelming negativity in the fandom tbh, I regret opening the tag, thank god I wasn’t spoilt and deleted tumblr, or that would have ruined my experience.

I personally feel like so many people over hyped themselves towards certain headcanons that were prevalent in fanfics, particularly if you’re active on the community. It’s understandable that you’d be slightly disappointed given your expectations, but I don’t think attacking SJM for content from your NON CANON FANFICS/HEADCANONS is valid (not talking about moriel here btw bc moriel did seem 100% a valid ship in acomaf that at the time seemed canon and I personally will never ship Az or Mor wit anyone else but hey that’s me)

There is a lot of bitterness surrounding fan theories that people believed in so ardently that they were shocked when they didn’t happen, but if they did happen, people would then criticise SJM for predictability? A theory popularised among the fandom is still, most importantly - a THEORY, so it’s kind of an invalid criticism to be bitter when your personal theory isn’t fulfilled.

I knew there was a stigma surrounding SJM on YouTube in particular, but tumblr was the opposite for me, until ACOWAR. I wish we could go back to the acomaf era where the tag was just pure fluff and genuinely made my day to scroll through.

Regarding OOC behaviour - personally I saw feyre and Rhys as completely in character. Acomaf is much more character driven by nature, whereas it’s a given that this will revolve more around battle/war (hence the title lol.) Wouldn’t it have been kinda incongruous for Rhys to be all seductive snarky ACOMAF Rhys LITERALLY DURING A WAR? They were a firm, established (not to mention mated) couple so I really don’t understand the criticism regarding this.

Having said this, the redemption arcs of Eris and the mistreatment of Mor/the messy way the whole Mor outburst was dealt with imo is a valid criticism, but personally I feel based on my personal criteria and most of my ships, I felt fulfilled? This review seems overtly defensive of the book, and yes has few negatives, as the myriad of problematic aspects found within this book have already been outlined several times, so frankly there’s no need for me to repeat it.

Overall, to name a few faves: feysand and nessian mostly made this book for me, along with Az and feyre’s friendship and seeing all the other courts/high lords together. Regarding the Tamlin alleged ‘redemption’ I don’t think she’s trying to make us empathise or even redeem him, his actions towards Feyre in the meeting are childish, deplorable and vulgar. Yes, he does a good deed for Feyre at the end because he loves her more than his spite for Rhysand, but imo she isn’t suddenly glorifying Tamlin and erasing the problematic aspects we all despised, she just gave him one-two acts of humanity towards the end. That doesn’t scream REDEMPTION to me, but more, this character is not one dimensional and has SOME humanity (even tho he’s still a prick) but also I think people are forgetting that Tamlin isn’t the main “villain” in Feyre’s narrative (maybe in ACOMAF but the underlying villain here is hybern). Yes imo he’s an ass but misconstruing Tamlin as the main villain of the series and being angry that he’s not just a one dimensional ball of hatred? Really?

Oh yeah: ELRIEL (fuck that.) Initially, I read this assuming it was trying to convey some sort of Romantic interest, so understandably was irritated. However, I saw a post recently that outlined why it seemed much more platonic, with Az recognising the needs of another individual who is suffering, as he suffered. Even sjm wouldn’t’ suddenly throw him out of his 500 year love (that feels too small a word) for Mor for Elain. I’m choosing to read (and hope) that the spin off series will have Elucien as canon, so I can appreciate Elriel as merely platonic.

Whoah this was super long and rant-y and tbh no one will even read this but just needed to vent lol. Feel like I’m about 8 saying ‘no offence’ but well… yeah, pls don’t hate me lmao

Sam, Dean, and ‘Purity.’

I just saw this gifset highlighting two instances in season eight where Sam and Dean used some form of the word ‘pure.’ I sort of wanted to respond on the gifset, but I think that’s a Tumblr etiquette no-no (?).

I found the two quotes the creator chose to be interesting. I wouldn’t quite call them parallels, since Sam and Dean used “pure” in completely different contexts. See for yourself:

DEAN: [8.01] There was something about being [in Purgatory]. It felt pure.

SAM: [8.21] Because these trials… they’re purifying me.

On a very basic level, there’s a slight difference in use. Dean uses ‘pure’ in an attributive, descriptive way. Sam uses ‘purifying’ to refer to an ongoing process. Sam is talking about his body; Dean is talking about a place and an experience. 

On an entirely different level, though, the sense in which both are using the word is not only entirely different, but very revealing about each character in ways that go all the way back to their respective childhoods.

Rambling under the cut. Character analysis and rampant speculation abound.

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one of my favorite things about harry is that he does all these good deeds silently like we hear about all these kind actions he does, but never from himself. For example the jeans he autographed for #jeansforrefugees at nyfw could’ve easily been promoted on his twitter or he could have talked about all the times he’s met fans with the make a wish foundation or how he’s given food to paps and fans etc but he’s not that type of person who goes around and boasts. Rather we get to hear what a kind person he is from other people which is cool bc it’s not only fans that think Harry Styles is the most kind person in the world but other celebrities as well who have nothing but kind things to say about him. And that’s just who he is, someone who minds his own business and lets his good actions speak for himself

Shaykh ul Islam Ibn Taymiyyah, may Allah have mercy on him, said:

The punishment for a sin committed by a believer is removed in ten ways:

He repents to Allah (taubah), so Allah accepts his repentance, for the one who repents from sin is like the one who has no sin.

He seeks forgiveness from Allah (istighfar), so Allah forgives him.

He does good deeds that erase his sin for good deeds erase bad ones.

His believing brethren pray for him or seek forgiveness for his sins during his life or death.

Or they [ask Allah] to bestow on him as gift from the reward for their deeds, with which Allah benefits him.

His Prophet Muhammad, عليه السلام, intercedes for him.

Allah tests him with trials in this world which expiate his sin.

Allah tests him in al-Barzakh (the intermediate life in the grave, between the death and the Day of Judgment) which expiates his sin.

Allah tests him in the various stages of the Day of Judgment which expiates his sins.

Or the Most Merciful of those who have mercy has mercy on him.
Whoever, then, is missed by these ten cannot blame anyone but himself.


[Majmoo` al-Fatawa 1:45, 7:487]

People demanding on Jensen’s twitter that he extend his campaign to cover both Florida and other places worldwide, and saying they won’t donate unless he does.

So apparently one good deed does not count unless you help everyone in the world who may be suffering. If you only help one place you’re obviously an uncaring selfish monster.

He who so acts to show off, Allah will disgrace him on the Day of Resurrection, and he who does good deeds so that people (may hold him in high esteem), Allah will expose his hidden evil intentions before the people on the Day of Resurrection.

The Prophet Muḥammad ﷺ

Reported by Jundub
(Radi allāhu’ anhū)

[Bukhari & Muslim - Riyad us Saliheen Chapter 288, 1619]