An Explanation of Dan’s Favorite

So apparently this is what happened:

You know when you see a tweet and it said RT for this and fav for that? Well Dan saw one of those and, since he thought the tweet was hilarious, mindlessly favorited it. His friend pointed out the fact that favoriting it classified him as a bottom, to which his response was “oh fuck”.


I’ve only seen very few episodes of Steven Universe and really need to catch up but I came across this cover of Stronger Than You/Do it for Him/Her and was blown away. I’ve grown to really like the song Stronger Than You (though I haven’t seen the episode yet). =D

Hello Whovians! Last week we held a #ScienceofDW contest and the entries that we got were so science-y that we found ourselves consulting old textbooks for the first time since leaving school. 

We read about the growth cycle of Silurians, how Adipose are formed (and how we got our name), why regeneration is a thing, how reversing the polarity of the neutron flow is paradoxical, and so much more. You Whovians are a pretty smart bunch!

Thanks everyone SO much for participating, Whovians are some of the most creative fans in all of time and space! As always, we’ve randomly selected 10 entrants to win, and here they are:


Congrats to the winners and thanks again to everyone who participated!

My dad at breakfast
  • Dad:*is watching a weird Mexican cartoon*
  • Me:dad what are you watching
  • Dad:leave me alone I'm watching inuyasha
  • Me:...that's...that's not inuyasha
  • Dad:of course it is don't you see
  • My sister:what are you talking about seriously what are you watching
  • Dad:I already told you IM WATCHING INUYASHA!
  • Me:but that's not...
  • Dad:yes it is!
  • My sister:
  • Me:
  • Me:...okay then...

so I just woke up and made my way to the kitchen were I met my mom. She asked me if I had seen what she has on the balcony and I just ??? What do you have on the balcony I just woke up im v very confused. And then I walk towards the balcony and see tHIS VERY DEAD HUGE BIRD AND WOW THATS A GREAT WAY OF STARTING THE DAY, HELLO WORLD TIME TO WAKE UP WITH DEATH

may you rest in bird heaven oh you majestic bird. May you find lots of good food