I hope this ball of sunshine has an amazing day and is feeling good and healthy. THANK YOU FOR ALWAYS TRYING TO MAKE US SMILE JACKSON WE LOVE YOUU 😄💕


Honestly I have no idea how he is ignored.

He is gorgeous.

His personality is contagious

He has phenomenal vocals

He has an excellent laugh.

He works so hard for his young age.

Haechan is our sweet savage baby.

Go and love Haechan y’ all. He deserves it.

(THANK YOU FOR THE 1000+ notes! )

Allen Walker, crouched on the ground, suffering because of his own innocence turning against him.

Allen Walker, trying not to cry out in pain because of the 14th awakening within him.

Allen Walker, smiling at a little girl who approaches him and asks if he’s an angel even though he feels like he is dying and is completely and utterly alone.