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i was listening to the whole album and i swear i heard minghao singing twice in the same music and it was in more than one music i am so happy for him???? he’s not even one of my bias or something but i am speacially happy for him because he’s used to sing just a few words in every music. i am really really glad i heard his voice and it’s so sweet!!! i hope he gets more and more the opportunity to sing and show his improvement <3 


the get down character posters
↳ napoleon

You guys know what really bothers me about the ‘I refuse to bow down any longer’ quote? That it appears to get constantly applied to Graves as a character. Don’t get me wrong, I love the quote. It’s great and delivered chillingly by Farrell, but it is 100% Grindelwald. Grindelwald, trying to sway American aurors with his gift for speeches and a face they trust. I would have lapped up morally grey Grindelwald supporter Graves, I really would have. But as far as we know we have been denied that chance, so it feels really really wrong for me to apply Grindelwald’s beliefs to him.