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chessy there is this couple that sits in front of me in my precalc class & they're really cute & honestly just the kind of relationship i aspire to be in. but anyway they got in an argument today & i heard the whole thing apparently he cheated on her & now they're just sitting there not talking but she's crying & making these tiny sniffles while he pretends not to notice/care & i just...want to die

this is terrible staple paper saying cheater to his back

This is just my take on things and my opinion on the time frame of all of this. you can disagree with me if you want but again, this is just my opinion.

I think Z and T dated for some time, not sure how long, but ended things around April . That is when Lemonade dropped and I think when she went on her twitter rant about cheaters. It’s obvious he cheated on her. I think Z used odell at the grammy’s to take attention off of her wig and it worked but they are really just  friends. I think she used him again at the bball game to take attention off of the tomdaya rumors. ( I don’t mean “use” in a bad way)

I think V and jj also dated for awhile. I don’t know how serious it got but it was enough that EVERYBODY could see she had feelings for him. I think he ended things with her over the summer, before s23. It seems like they’re just cordial now. 

Ik V never publicly claimed jj but Z never publicly claimed T either. T already alluded that he and Z were in a relationship on his song and Z just admitted that she was in a relationship as well. Ik some of y’all don’t like her but it’s obvious something is going on between V and AR and it’s not just friendship. I think it started off as a sexual relationship and it’s moving into something serious. 

I don’t think any romantic relationship has or is currently going on between v and Z. I think they are still just best friends/family that will always be there to support one another. Valdaya is still endgame though so I hope in the future they do become romantic

Its like cheating on someone is so strange to me…like I could never do it so I try so hard to understand why other people do it? Like why not be honest and say you’re sleeping with other people? Why should one person be faithful in the relationship?

Like Tammy Rivera said its weak of a woman to leave her man just because he’s cheating on her…like what does that shit even mean?

Cheater / Conor Maynard

“LeRequest: Hey lovely! Just wanted to say I love your imagines! Can you please do one based off The Vamps song Cheater, where Conor and y/n are close friends and he finds out that y/n’s boyfriend is cheating on her and he is the one to tell her but Conor is secretly happy because that means he has an opportunity with her? Thank you so much! xxx

“I’m going to some friend’s house, yeah?” You pecked your boyfriend’s kiss.

“When will you be back?” He asked “Are you gonna sleep here or at your friend’s” You frowned at his questions.

“I don’t know. Probably at my friend’s.” He nodded and smiled.

You walked out of his apartment and got in the Uber, which was parked outside waiting to take you the the Pieters-Maynard household. It was a quick drive there so in no time you were knocking the door, hugging Josh hello when he opened the door. You walked towards the living room where Jack and Conor were playing on the x-box, when they saw you they got up.

“Hello, loves.” You smiled hugging Jack quickly before wrapping your arms around Conor. “How are you, guys?”

“Really well, what about you?” Josh asked.

“Same as you.” You smiled and sat on the couch. You took a sip of one of the boy’s beer and laid back and put your legs on Jack’s lap. “Why are you all looking so weird?” You asked when you saw them looking at you a certain way.

“Conor’s gotta tell you something!” Jack said getting up quickly. I looked at Conor and his eyes were wide. “We’re gonna go to the store, get some ice cream for later.”

“Okay?” You were so confused.

“You guys owe me one!” Conor yelled before the two boys left.

I turned back to him with a frown and saw how he paused the game. He sighed deeply and cleaned his hands on his black jeans before he turned to you. How was he supposed to tell you this?

“Let’s talk about your boyfriend for a minute.” He said after a few seconds of silence.

“What’s up with him?” He took your hand.

Being honest, you always had a thing for Conor. You even made out quite a few times but that was before you started a relationship, but even then, you didn’t stop some things, for example cuddling him, going out with him, holding his hand and a lot more other things, but you never cheated. For a while you even thought about leaving your boyfriend and start something with Conor, but never got to it, and your feelings never really went away, you just pushed them to the back of your mind.

It’s not like you didn’t love your boyfriend, it’s just that after a few months you just got used to it. You always did the same things, over and over again, and it got a bit too boring.

“He is telling you lies.” He said “What a lovely guy!” He said sarcastically. “I- well the other boys too- wanted to tell you what he is capable of.”

“Oh, just say it!” You said impatiently, worried about what he was about to tell you.

“Yeah, okay. He’s got another girlfriend.” He said quickly, but you could understand. Your hand left his and went to your thigh.

“How do you know?” You simply asked.

“The other day Jack and I went to your apartment after having lunch with you, remember?” You nodded “Well, you opened the door so we could get in and left right away saying you’d be back later because you forgot to buy something. So, we got in and we thought no one was home but then we started hearing moans and something banging against the wall. A few minutes later a girl with very little clothing and your boyfriend went to the door, we hid of course. He said that she needed to go because you’d be there any minute and then you came back. He’s a freaking cheater.” He finished. Well, that hurt. “I’m sorry, but I had to tell you.”

“Thank you.” You said and got up, going straight to the kitchen.

You got yourself a glass of water and sat down on the floor while drinking it. You knew Conor wouldn’t come because he knew exactly when you needed to be left alone to think.

That’s how you ended up thinking about Conor. You let all those thoughts that you had pushed to the back of your mind, and smiled, wiping off your tears. Maybe this wasn’t that bad, maybe this was a sign that you should listen more to your heart. Besides, you weren’t gonna let an asshole let you down, you were done crying for him even if you only cried for a few minutes, that was enough for him.

With a little smile you got up from the floor and left the glass on the sink, you took your phone and texted your oh so loved boyfriend ‘We’re over. I’m gonna pick my stuff tomorrow morning while you’re at work, cheater.’.

You walked to the living room decided to not push anything that you felt to the back, that meant that you would let Conor know that you still felt something for him, you just hoped he would feel the same. You had to figure out how because you were just a few steps from him. It was now or never. 

He was so concentrated on his phone that he didn’t realise you were there until you put your hand on his shoulder, when he looked up at you, you took the opportunity to straddle his lap, taking him by surprise. You smiled when you felt him leave his phone on his side and grab your hips as you lent down to press your lips together.

“What was that?” He asked when you broke the kiss “I thought you’d be more sad or something.”

 “Maybe this ain’t gonna be as bad as you thought.” You smiled “Maybe we won’t have to sneak around anymore like we used to.” You kissed him again but this time, he broke the kiss.

“Isn’t it too soon, though?” He asked, his arms wrapped securely around your waist.

“Never stopped liking you.” You whispered in his ear.

He smiled at your words and kissed you passionately “Now I can be your boyfriend, and you can be my world.” He said between kissed.

“That sounds perfect.”

“I knew you’d end up with me.” He smiled and kissed you once again.

there are a lot of posts going around here with a lot of notes about what’s going on with amber heard and johnny depp and i definitely support the message about how important it is that a young, less established actress is risking a lot to get out of an abusive situation with an established and loved hollywood actor. 

HOWEVER, what’s annoying to me is the fact that none of these posts are talking about the fact that she’s not only a young actress but also a bisexual actress, and the abuse she faced from depp was 100% linked to the fact she’s bisexual. he tried to control who her friends were and tried to cut her off from her “lesbian friends” which imo is pretty clearly because either a) he was afraid she’d cheat because lol bisexuals always cheat or b) he wanted to cut her off from people who are similar to her (read: lgbt identifying), and both reasons are abusive as fuck and happened because of her sexuality. not to mention the fact that the media is gonna demonize her for being bi and act as if her sexuality inherently discredits her…

her sexuality is extremely important to this and it feels like a major erasure to ignore that a lot of her abuse was likely due to her being bisexual and the way she gets treated by the media will be influenced by the fact that she’s an out bisexual woman.. don’t ignore that!! 

I don’t care how you feel about Perrie or how much you love Zayn. If Zayn did cheat on Perrie it is disgusting and disappointing and if you find it amusing or support it then you are too.

steve harrington deserves better

steve: *apologizes for his mistakes*
*tries to help*
*didnt leave nancy after sex*
*didnt tell anyone*
*got sucked into peer pressure but checked himself*
*has a horrible dad but tries not to be like him*
*cares for nancy and was hurt by the thought of her cheating/was concerned when he thought jonathan hurt her*
*backed off nancy when she said she didn’t want sex the first time*
*had no idea what was happening with the creature but still put his life at risk for his friends*
*bought jonathan a new camera but let nancy take the cred*
everyone: jonathans still better


Andy Samberg and Gigi Hadid team up for a game of Catchphrase and things get lowkey competitive. [x]


To Ash and Dust

Sterek Summer Spectacle - Week 3: Inspired By
Team: Falcon Helldiver 

Artist: @andavs

Writer: @petals42

Playlist: @troubleiwant

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Rating: T
WC: 6196

“You think he’s cheating?” Laura says, sliding up next to him. She has her eyes on the fight down below and there is no question which one she is asking about. Most people think that Red–named for his pre-fight sweatshirt, not his hair–is cheating somehow.

“No, I think he’s just better,” Derek says.

“Better than you?” Laura asks.

Or, a post-apocalyptic, cage-fighter AU inspired by Imagine Dragon’s Radioactive.

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#i dare anyone to try to tell me that caleb is better for spencer than toby #or that caleb is still a better guy than toby #because i’m so tired of caleb getting away with everything #he literally cheats on spencer and then hes the one treating her like shit #while toby is doing everything he can to help her and the girls #when they aren’t even in a relationship anymore #and yet somehow toby still gets more hate #protect toby cavanaugh

spencer is gonna wake up to find out that her parents lied to her for 20+ years, the first love of her life could be dead, the second love of her life who just broke her heart is back together with the girl he cheated on her with, and they’re still be stalked by some asshole who is trying to ruin their lives. like jfc somebody pROTECT SPENCER HASTINGS AT ALL COSTS


before the revival aired i was going to make a post talking about the last time we ever saw Jess in the original series, how before Rory leaves, after she apologizes for almost using him to get back at Logan for cheating on her, he tells her that she can lie and tell Logan that they “did something”, how he tells this to her with a slight smile but the moment the door closes that smile fucking drops and the last frame of the show we ever see Jess in is him looking terribly heartbroken, staring at the space Rory just occupied and how i was so happy and so looking forward to the fact that now that the revival was happening, this wouldn’t be the case, that, after 10 long years, Jess staring sadly and longingly and still very much in love with Rory without any hope of reciprocation wouldn’t be the last image we had of him anymore and now that i’ve seen the revival i just…i can’t believe Amy played me like this


Paul Dierden Appreciation Week: day 4 » best quote
“I see where Sarah gets it. Her knack for burning things down.”

A closed down monastery nearby was open for people to come take a look, and I quietly joined a guided tour. Between stops the guide would tell stories about all the trouble the monks kept getting themselves into. These were my two favorites.

At one point a monk and a lay Brother (Men who had taken some vows but not all, and spent more time doing manual work than reading and writing. They dressed in brown robes, weren’t expected to join in all the prayers and some orders allowed them to marry and have kids) were caught having an affair. They were both sentenced to get one whip lash from each monk and lay Brother, but oddly enough they weren’t separated. The abbot just told them “Stop that” and that was it. The guide said it suggested the abbot had probably known about their relationship for a while but a cardinal might have found out about it so the abbot was forced to dish out some sort of punishment. As he said “They probably just continued their affair but got better at hiding it”

Another time a lord had a mistress he was very fond of, but he was terribly worried she might cheat on him, so he sent her to the monastery, thinking the chaste monks would never touch her. But the lord didn’t visit her much so of course she got bored, and eventually started an affair with a young handsome monk. When the lord found out, people where whipped left and right, and the woman was sent off to live in the country.

Everyone, please, they’ve already told us what’s going to happen to the Watson marriage. They even told us what was going to happen to Sherlock on the day of the Watson wedding right at the beginning of TSOT. The Watson marriage is going to follow the same path of the Hudson marriage. After all, their weddings were importantly similar. The Hudson marriage was a whirlwind thing, admittedly not the love between soulmates. She didn’t know what he was up to. He was running a criminal organization. He was cheating on her with more than one other woman. She was helping his criminal organization the whole time without knowing it. She was relieved when he finally snapped and killed two people, knowing her connection to him wasn’t going to be forced anymore. She was finally freed from that abusive relationship that she was too afraid to leave - her spouse was violent she feared what he was capable of. She speaks of knowing what it’s like to have found “the person you click with” and she knows the feeling is “the best in the world”. But she admitted that wasn’t the person she married. So there was someone else along the way that made her feel whole. Someone she would rather be with, someone that wasn’t just a whirlwind thing. But she would never have had that chance at freedom had it not been for that one special person, our own Reichenbach hero. He gave her her life back. He helped her even though she was just an ordinary woman working for a drug cartel and exotic dancing on the side. His damsel in distress.

How can anyone possibly worry about the show deviating from its pattern? This show - of all shows - never deviates from the patterns the writers work so hard to interweave.

Mary is leading a double life. Mary is not faithful to John. Mary is working for a criminal organization and John’s been unknowingly helping her. Mary and John’s romance was a whirlwind thing. She is not the person he clicks with. They do not raise children together. Mary will kill, or attempt to kill, two people and she will be imprisoned or executed. John will be relieved when the chaos finally settles. He’ll have no one to thank but Sherlock for his life back. He’ll happily move back to Baker St where he belongs.