BTS on their Wedding Day (JIN)



This is M (mature)



This is the most important day in his life, he is gona marry the most beautiful girl he has ever met, before the wedding all nervous getting everything done the boys would help him to chill; people waiting for him to arrive so he was walking towards the altar to get in position, the music starts so his look is on the door, when this opens he sees you with a beautiful white dress, he bite his lips to not cry about how good you look so he bows his head to release a sigh, he take your hand and help you to be next to him.

The ceremony is beautiful you tear up a little but thats okay, he can’t stop smiling at everything, The reception was on the beach so romantic, you dance at slow old song, everybody have so much fun, after the reception was over you went to pick up your things and go straight to the airport to catch the plain. 

The Jeju Island was your destiny so you arrive at your room. You went by the door made of glass and admire the beach, he hugs you from behind and you feel his head in your shoulders. you turn to see him and place your arms around his neck to finally give him a proper kiss he grabs you from the waist to lift you and take you to the bed where he slowly unbotton his shirt without getting away from your lips.

You undress just being in your underwear, he lowers his hand up to your hips, with his unbotton shirt you trace with your fingers all the way down to his pants to quickly take the pants of, he sits in to admire you, takes of your panties you blush at him, he put you on his lap and keep kissing, you put your hands in his hair tracing to his shoulders taking the shirt off, The boxers are gone now, he take the condom and place it, his hands manage the bra situation, he stop kissing you and moving to your neck and to your breast.

You two were already heated by the moment you lift up a little and he goes in you are goint lower and lower to actually getting everything inside you, you can’t stop a small moan to leave your mouth, he kiss your neck and grabs your ass to help you to go up and down, the movements are slow by the time you two were more intense, he puts you under him and grabs one of your legs to put it in his shoulder, he keeps moving faster everytime he can, he let your leg down and start kising your thights he do an amazing job with you down there.

he leave kisses in your stomach and play with your nipples a little bit, his arms now resting  next to your head this time was a never ending, he keeps penetrating you while moans from both of you fill the room, you come after him it took him a little bit more to he actually finish.

He rest his head in your neck falling asleep in your chest… the honey moon was great♥

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IS MY FIRST TIME DOING SMUT LIKE THIS please tell me how i do it ♥T.T

JT Anon

ahahaha im happy bc is having a happy engaging comic con. gotta love that its the same PR photographer taking all these “organic selfies” but hey, ill take is hahahahahahha


I’ll take any form of HappyBatch I can get at this point JT.  I don’t even care if it’s PR driven.  

Don’t forget he’s tried to channel his old self again during the past two years (who can forget the Adobe Summit?) and has failed miserably.  If he can smile genuine smiles while interacting with fans?  Yes, I’d say he’s on the right track.  And all it took was putting an ocean between him and Weirdo.

Funny that  :o)

Ok so literally Naegi can not get a break at all like seriously

1. The whole first game he’s been accused at least once of being the murderer in every class trial and literally almost gets executed after being falsely accused of murder.
2. In Danganronpa IF he gets fucking stabbed with the spear of gungnir or whatever how you spell it and almost DIES because of it and the entire thing of him being a traitor along with Mukuro.
3. He has no idea what happened to his family and then Danganronpa Another Episode he’s left unsure of what happened to Komaru and if she’s even alright in the hands of Touko and Towa City in general.
4. Despair kids and simulations and Junko virus and body take over and all that shit from Danganronpa 2.